WOW! YouTube Is Killing My Channel, Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Pause Explained, & More News

13. april. 2021
942 552 Ganger

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00:00 - A Message To NOtown
04:56 - Sponsor
05:49 - Officer and Police Chief Resign
06:25 - Bitcoin Hits New High
08:11 - Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Paused Due To Rare Blood Clots
11:02 - Number of Child Immigrants Slow and FEMA Helps House Them
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Check Out the Show NOtown Suppressed Yesterday:
Officer in Daunte Wright Case Resigns:
Bitcoin Soars Ahead of Coinbase Debut:
CDC and FDA Recommend Pausing Johnson & Johnson Rollout:
Number of Unaccompanied Migrant Children in CBP Custody Falls:
Durte Dom Returns to Internet:
Nike To Clean and Resell Used Sneakers at a Discounted Price:
Treated Radioactive Water From Japanese Power Plant Will Be Released Into Ocean:
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg, Maxx Enright
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Brian Espinoza
Production Team: Zack Taylor
#DeFranco #NOtown #DaunteWright

  • I just want to report the news, NOtown. Just let me report the news without you knee-capping these videos. When you cut my reach by 80-90% because a story was "mature" thats insane. Thats the world we're talking about and living in.

    Philip DeFrancoPhilip DeFranco23 dager siden
    • @Chris H Who are you talking like that I'm not doing this for money ,this Corndog Philip Defranco will pay one way or another for Going on Former Daddyofive NOtown invading the privacy Of The Martin Family and putting them in Danger besides Philip Defranco, s face and his Family 's face are viral

      Sergio TovarSergio Tovar13 dager siden
    • Dude, go somewhere else. So sick of the complaining about NOtown and yet you love the money so much but refuse to go to other platforms. If people want change then MAKE THE CHANGE HAPPEN and LEAVE.

      Chris HChris H15 dager siden
    • @Jason Barry Why be Friends with this Liar

      Sergio TovarSergio Tovar17 dager siden
    • @Dante's Inferno we,ll see about that, Philip Defranco is a target and will fucken pay hard for Going on Former Daddyofive youtube channel ,lying about Him and his wife being bad parents and Causing Mrs Martin almost getting ran off the road with her kids .Philip Defranco will get it bad

      Sergio TovarSergio Tovar17 dager siden
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      Farman HaiderFarman Haider18 dager siden
  • 🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀 for your whine....

    Rusty ShacklefordRusty Shackleford16 timer siden
  • Suppression blows

    M GladheimM Gladheim4 dager siden
  • just feeding the algorithm

    Dylan DNDylan DN5 dager siden
  • Well if you move your channel let us know where you're going cuz I'll definitely follow. I love your show

    Tpc CourtneyTpc Courtney6 dager siden
  • Stings when it hits ur side huh? 0 pity. Never seen u pity concervatives shutdowned on twitter.

    Hug0ProHug0Pro6 dager siden
  • Other channels get banned for no good reason and we're supposed to give af about your channel losing views? Lol

    Nytro-NickNytro-Nick8 dager siden
  • Leaving a comment because NOtown is disgustingly broken

    christian powellchristian powell8 dager siden
  • You tube wowwway to go

    Nicolas EtienneNicolas Etienne9 dager siden
  • Hey Phil, FYI. I see the ads at the start of each of your vids and then only get a solid black screen. Signed in from Syd Aust.

    ChocolateMudCakeChocolateMudCake9 dager siden
  • The more and more I learn about NOtown, the less I want to watch.... and that’s from someone who’s been watching NOtown since it started up lol

    Claire OClaire O9 dager siden
  • It’s so weird to hear about suppression because I watch almost exclusively on my iPad and use the subscription page to watch videos so I never miss videos.

    Frankie CedenoFrankie Cedeno9 dager siden

    Carl SilverbergCarl Silverberg10 dager siden
  • That's what happens to useful idiots. At some point, their usefulness runs out and they are dumped.

    TrioxinTrioxin10 dager siden
  • I literally can't find this channel unless I look it up

    LACHA_ LAWDLACHA_ LAWD11 dager siden
  • been watching phill for YEARS hes the only place where i get information on whats going on in the world at a non bias side and information that i know has been looked up into and when he fucks up hes open about it and tells everyone that the information he reported may or may not be true ... he doesnt promote violence but acts correctly on serious matters and situations that we shouldnt just overlook or not take seriously ..... Defranco your the man ill be watching your videos till you stop making them or move to a different platform hope youtube stop killing the channels of real NEws reporting channels instead of the bias miss information telling ones like some mainstream media

    Victor GarciaVictor Garcia11 dager siden
  • NOtown needs to fix their algorithm

    Scott RhodieScott Rhodie12 dager siden
  • I know I've just lost interest in the Woke youtubers who pretend to be unbiased, then are clearly biased. I used to like this channel because of how he seemed unbiased. But his coverage and spin of stories is just...clearly biased...which is fine, but not why I liked it in the first place. His whole coverage of how Orange Man Bad, but completely silent when democrat party starts inciting rhetoric. Or the Hypocrisy of their movement. It has nothing to do with NOtown, it has everything to do with people who went Social Justice Warrior to gain views and say that they are good people because x,y, and z, and unless you say those things everyone else is's just virtue signaling and old. Then when he isn't doing that, he just talks about celebrity gossip So I mean...Are the subscribers dropping and just overall viewership dropping?

    Who Is John GaltWho Is John Galt12 dager siden
  • This is a form of control, it's not government that will control the people.

    Christian Pirate RadioChristian Pirate Radio12 dager siden
  • NOtown is slowly killing itself

    SublimeSparoSublimeSparo12 dager siden
  • S'up, Phil?! I'm Natalie and my birthday just passed on Earthday! 🥳🎉 I've been a subscriber for years. I've watched you and your channel evolve and grow. I'm a true long-time subscriber and lurker, as I often don't comment but I watch and follow discussions! Grade A content! As I enter my 25th year, I am saving to apply to and attend Physician Assistant (PA) school, which you can imaging is very expensive. I am building my way to a career and saving every penny I earn to pay off applications and eventually school. I know everyone can use $5,000 but, in lieu of your giveaway announcements, I just want to say that I'm here. To be honest, I am really only commenting now because I like to plant hope in my brain--this is invigorating, just like that feeling you get when you buy a lotto ticket! Above anything else, I'm grateful that dreaming is free. I don't expect anything but hello, if you read this! Thanks for giving me newsy-type stuff that matters not only to you but me, and for loving my face without ever having seen it. Really, that's always enough. I'll enjoy the little spark of hope ignited by this comment. I'll keep on dreaming about making a difference as a PA. And, of course, I'll keep on watching your show! I'm happy to be here.

    Natalie GuerraNatalie Guerra12 dager siden
  • New hair, New Tan, New teeth, I think your channel will survive dude. Yea, information suppression is horrible, but NOtown has shown they will continue to do it until competition forces them to... compete. I say just shut up and let them do it. Eventually they'll delete all their old videos and then they'll lose the foundation that kept NOtown up and constantly relevant. There are plenty of internet archives, a NOtown Copycat is not impossible. No one just wants to put in the work.

    Torquosis LivingManPersonTorquosis LivingManPerson12 dager siden
  • I think it's still effecting I've barely seen you on my home page all week as in seen once. I usually have you at the top of home page as soon as you come out with a new video because your the only creator I watch every video of

    lulusinnerlulusinner12 dager siden
  • Yeah I just check my subscriptions. YOutube is bad about doing this!

    Jewel PearlJewel Pearl13 dager siden
  • Kids parents that watch the news are subjected to hearing it, watching it, so how is this any different? A 9 yo WATCHED the death of George Floyd right on the street! Are we supposed to dig up the sidewalks in order that the people can’t stand & watch these things happening? The word is going downhill!

    Celestial DragonCelestial Dragon13 dager siden
  • NOtown definitely has it’s favorites and I don’t necessarily think it’s “favoritism” it’s just NOtown not wanting to look like hypocrites for suggesting this guy to preteens and children while suppressing other peoples videos for the most minuscule things

    NIA LoveNIA Love14 dager siden
  • lol janet woodcock

    D AD A14 dager siden
  • This is why i don't support censorship.

    Buttered LumpsButtered Lumps14 dager siden
  • I just don't care about celeb news Phil. Love you and what you do, been subscribed for years. But beyond real world events, i don't care. So huge images of logan paul, trisha peytas or whoever is trending this month deters me honestly.

    Cameron HitchcockCameron Hitchcock14 dager siden
  • Again i saw your videos without subscribing and i don't get any in my recomendations

    budaroddybudaroddy15 dager siden
  • Umm yeah they aren’t giving people tools to report abuse of minors - amtgard should be a flagged word because it’s a group that endangers and exploits young people victims as young as 3 1/2 I know of Facebook protects them too actually banning victims for the platform. Tweet* - I sometimes can’t see your videos here like at all if you share a link that would help.

    Essy ChilcutteEssy Chilcutte16 dager siden
  • If anything's killing PDS, it's the constant focus on YT/Celebrity crap that frankly, nobody cares about. I care about the news of the world, ecology, environment, science, space, medicine, y'know.. Important things. What two YT's got their jammies in a bunch and are bickering over is so unimportant it's not even at the bottom of my shitlist.

    Mash RienMash Rien16 dager siden
  •'re losing viewers because your previous content was quite pandering. You actually came off as a terrible news source. I came on today to give you a chance, and so far, you're just not cutting it. Are you TMZ, or current world events? Make a choice, because you're not good enough to cover both.

    Marco ParadaMarco Parada16 dager siden
  • wake up sheeple

    Merlin kimMerlin kim17 dager siden
  • NOtown. Stop being buttholes.

    XanderXander17 dager siden
  • video engagement!

    thepersonwhohasnovideosthepersonwhohasnovideos17 dager siden
  • Thank you for reporting important news Phil

    K OK O17 dager siden
  • "they won't come for me." "I lick the boot." -Phil Defranco

    Knife TeethKnife Teeth17 dager siden
  • Phil you're giving NOtown way too much credit. Establishment news is the mouth piece of the establishment and they're suppressing independent news bc they can't control NOtown news.

    K TK T17 dager siden
  • Or.. people just didn't want to see that content my dude

    OG HamburgerOG Hamburger17 dager siden
  • The into shares a great message, I feel like more should see it

    DeclineDecline17 dager siden
  • Totally not cool NOtown... They’re damaging entire communities here, and its bs

    Suhere GSuhere G17 dager siden

    TheThe17 dager siden
  • Thanks Phil

    RyanRyan18 dager siden
  • Ridiculous

    alicia mervynalicia mervyn18 dager siden
  • Its so weird how as I user you can do everything to TELL youtube you want to watch these videos and they still hide it..

    Tyler PistachioTyler Pistachio18 dager siden
  • NOtown! Censorship is lying! Miss you Phil.

    g mumperg mumper18 dager siden
  • This is superbad. Automatic censoring... They should focus on managing actual factual misinformation, ie flat-earth, anti-vaxxers etc... Not censoring actual news coverage.

    Izaac BrånnIzaac Brånn18 dager siden
  • I'm just leaving a comment to feed the algorithm. Stop being a d*ick NOtown. I'm also leaving a like just because I actually liked the video

    Anthony CarusoAnthony Caruso18 dager siden
  • You remained silent when they came for others, now its your turn.

    MrScootmcgMrScootmcg18 dager siden
  • I actively look up your account almost everyday to make sure to see your videos.

    Sheltie SongsSheltie Songs18 dager siden
  • Jones and Crowder: face palming in Shadow Bans. 🤣🤣

    theOnly RossBosstheOnly RossBoss18 dager siden
  • Commenting because youtube...

    ChristinChristin18 dager siden
  • I use to not believe this was true, until my girlfriend would tell me "so and so" has a new video. I'd trying going to their channel, and it simply wouldn't be there for my account. The suppression is real in so many ways.

    Austin RayAustin Ray18 dager siden
  • Oh please, try being a conservative... Even our comments get deleted...

    Michael BolchunasMichael Bolchunas18 dager siden
  • Phil why do I get the vibe that you're the captain of the titanic 👀👀

    Gavin DoddGavin Dodd18 dager siden
  • Let Phil report the news!!

    Abi DuffanyAbi Duffany18 dager siden
  • NOtown tends to embolden bigots and censors those who challenge intolerance in a direct way. My contention is that they realized over the years that there tends to be more social power and currency to be made siding with corrupt and powerful interests over standing by those with smaller voices that are more easily silenced without meaningful consequences. Capitalist greed is one of the many birth parents of cowardice as well and arrogance to defend it.

    Mr BrightonMr Brighton18 dager siden
  • So now the guy who constantly shills for NOtown and cancel culture is sounding the alarm because it has effected him. People with functioning brain stems seen this coming a long time ago but you defended it so have fun shill.

    Jacob MurphyJacob Murphy18 dager siden
  • That's so annoying!

    MM18 dager siden
  • You support killing everyone else's channel.

    Me Hungy!Me Hungy!18 dager siden
  • Speaking truth !!!

    Ashley OsorioAshley Osorio18 dager siden
  • I genuinely just didn't want to watch that particular video. It didn't look interesting to me. And you put 2 ads in this video. Wow. 😕

    issaciamsissaciams18 dager siden
  • oh wait. liberals being cencored...... uh oh

    jef reyjef rey18 dager siden
  • wow youtube is the douchebag of the day

    Rafael MurtaRafael Murta18 dager siden
  • I am sure you’ll be fine with your patron money

    Infinity Nexus ReviewsInfinity Nexus Reviews18 dager siden
  • NOtown take note if you suppress Philip Defranco we will move to what ever platform he moves to !!

    Kara DonnellyKara Donnelly18 dager siden
  • But Phil, you’re a lefty. Thought they only hated the right.

    Cole TrainCole Train19 dager siden
  • But if keeps doesn’t work imma take it personally Phil

    James GrahamJames Graham19 dager siden
  • Phil rules! don’t take my man down!

    James GrahamJames Graham19 dager siden
  • I started watching you when I started NOtown. NOtown needs to stop

    James GrahamJames Graham19 dager siden
  • It's funny how many people here think all this suppression and censorship on this site is a new thing.

    Every Single Average DayEvery Single Average Day19 dager siden
  • its not youtube its because you didn't put on a clean shirt

    Tony LehyTony Lehy19 dager siden
  • I subscribed and joined your videos didn't appear in my main page that much as far as I remembered

    Melki HassaMelki Hassa19 dager siden
  • Comment

    Ethan SchneiderEthan Schneider19 dager siden
  • Here is my comment to help. lol Keep up the great work

    Johanna NicoleJohanna Nicole19 dager siden
  • NOtown is suppressing buuuut buuuut jake Paul as much as I dislike him is innocent until proven guilty so calling him an abuser is uh a little quick on the draw

    Mr mvp SimpMr mvp Simp19 dager siden
  • kinda like you purposely did not give the ENTIRE story for your better help scheme.... well well well....

    lancer4224130lancer422413019 dager siden
  • yeah youtube really needs to step it up in keeping those who have done bad crap accountable

    iluminaeriiluminaeri19 dager siden
  • Sooooo...the high and mighty defranco finally speaks up about this crap(when it affects his own channel.) All I can say to that is...We have a president in exile, a media that is no better than pravda, and the chyneeze present has been used as a cover to expand tyrannical power all over the country, and world. So ya...f u defranco, you could have stood on the right side of things a long time ago, better late than never though right!? Pretty soon, even your 6mil subs and views won't matter. How many times have you stood up for someone like crowder eh???

    ChiefToadChiefToad19 dager siden
  • Wow that is messed up...

    DarandsergeDarandserge19 dager siden
  • NOtown is not the future. I'm a heavy user but I'm keenly awaiting a replacement.

    Gavin MorrisGavin Morris19 dager siden
  • NOtown advertised Jake Paul's upcoming fight to me on your video Phil. That's just taking the piss...

    Liz JoyceLiz Joyce19 dager siden
  • Not a doctor, don't have a lot of info on this. BUT, the blood clots seem to be mainly occurring in women. My assumption is that the vaccine is having a negative reaction to birth control. Just do what they did with AstraZeneca and have only older people take J&J for now.

    Steph WillerSteph Willer19 dager siden
  • Vaccine shot ended up being a a blood clottt and deathhh shot. Why they saved a bat quarter to come out in 2020 and it did. You know🤫🤔 it's awfully funny how they were saying a scientist was messing around with bats and the vaccine and this is how the epidemic all started .

    Erica BreezeErica Breeze19 dager siden
  • If it wasn't for the text updates, I'd see may one of your videos every two weeks because that's all youtube shows me unless I go to your actual channel.

    Dotchi LathamDotchi Latham19 dager siden
  • YT this a no no budzzzz

    Purple GrimacePurple Grimace19 dager siden
  • FWIW, I don't watch videos that look like they're going to be about drama. Any time I see you sandwiched between two celebrities in a thumbnail, I pass it by.

    kakarroto007kakarroto00719 dager siden
  • 👍👍👍👍👍

    Enrique RuizEnrique Ruiz19 dager siden
  • Phil you should consider a Whats App Newsletter for international viewers

    Sofia VarelaSofia Varela19 dager siden
  • NOtown sucks

    Sofia VarelaSofia Varela19 dager siden
  • NOtown is garbage. I will follow you wherever you post content Phil. Been with you since 2008-2009, I’m not going anywhere as a fan. Sharing with everyone I know. Keep holding them accountable !

    Cactus KawaseeCactus Kawasee19 dager siden
  • Am I the only one that actually goes onto NOtown specifically to check his channel for a new video and watch his content and not just wait for a sub notification 😂

    Tanaya FTanaya F19 dager siden
  • Let DeFranco report the news!

    Gabriella SaporitoGabriella Saporito19 dager siden
  • They're not killing your channel, mate, they're just promoting stuff that makes them the most money, sooooo... y'know. o.o Welcome to being LGBTQ+ on this shitsack of a platform. ^^

    Benjamin NolanBenjamin Nolan19 dager siden
  • Algorithm gods.

    Ksenia PanovskaKsenia Panovska19 dager siden
  • NOtown has been doing this for years. You had a video of “wrong think” and it will not be tolerated. Welcome to the club

    cid facetiouscid facetious19 dager siden
  • This video is tagged with a warning that it contains misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines.

    ziros22ziros2219 dager siden
  • Thats BS Phil. YT need to reassess how to handle this because so far this aint it

    LisaLisa20 dager siden
  • Been subscribed for years but resubscribed to try and win this money :) would really help phill

    David RiversDavid Rivers20 dager siden