WOW! The Truth About My Son Mark Rober Backlash, DEREK CHAUVIN FOUND GUILTY, & More News

20. april. 2021
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00:00 - Fat Boy Summer
00:54 - Mark Rober Backlash
06:07 - Sponsor
06:57 - Tesla Crash Being Investigated
09:34 - Chauvin Verdict and Maxine Waters
11:54 - Florida Governor Enacts New Anti-Protest Bill
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Mark Rober Faces Backlash Over NEXT For Autism Fundraiser:
Federal Officials Investigating Tesla Crash:
Judge in Chauvin Trial Says Maxine Waters’ Remarks Could Be Cause for Retrial:
Florida Enacts Nation’s Strictest Anti-Protest Law:
Netanyahu Loses Key Vote in Knesset and First Step in Losing Power:
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  • This guy is such a fake tool

    Random DudeRandom DudeDag siden
  • Mark I support your every move

    Mr BeastMr BeastDag siden
  • Trump can't say "Peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard" but Maxine waters can say "Get more confrontational" this is so hypocritical, and people who are claiming that she has free speech than why did trump get impeached for saying "Peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard"? more hypocrites. And the fact of the matter is that no main stream media goes over exactly what Former President Donald Trump said because they don't want to have to worry about the backlash proving that he is innocent. Refute me, I dare you.

    NOTfakenewsNOTfakenewsDag siden
  • Well one problem with the "helping them transition" is that, what I have heard, they are giving the money to the company so that they can afford to hire them. For me that sounds like the money more goes into helping companies show pity. Instead of actually help people get a normal job and change people into acceptance. Because that is the biggest problem all over the world: They struggle with work because of their social skills making them "odd" and therefore not being able to work somewhere. They are not stupid.

    Jonas BobjörkJonas BobjörkDag siden
  • Wow, whiny twitter people whining over something, how fucking rare...

    Kevin GarduñoKevin GarduñoDag siden
  • What the heck?! But we do need to cure autism! It’s a birth defect that, if it can be avoided, should be avoided. If it can be corrected, it should be corrected.

    Gam3rSheepGam3rSheep2 dager siden
  • My respect for Rhet and Link just keeps growing

    Please ElaboratePlease Elaborate3 dager siden
  • What will people think when an appeals court overturn the trial based on events and comments prior to the verdict? There is a fair chance that this could be overturned due to the comments of jurors saying they were scared of protests.

    Mike SamuelsonMike Samuelson3 dager siden
  • Politicians are making a mockery of the law and peoples' actual lives!

    MatshadiMatshadi4 dager siden
  • you knew twitter would find something to get mad at when someone dares to host a charity event for autism

    BliotsBliots4 dager siden
  • I always pretend i have a chance to win when creators promote chances to win something ,then i scroll down to 10k comments and realize, i don't got a chance in hell. shit, im homeless right now, survival is extreme struggle rn. I know alot of people are struggling rn too, i hope someone who really really needs it Wins. and Mark Rober's video was 1 of his best. if that charity is genuinely trying to help, people should stop dissecting the negative.

    hukt on fonix werx fer mehukt on fonix werx fer me5 dager siden
  • I believe there is need to be a retrial because I do not believe that that cop intentionally killed George Floyd, I just can't on a legal standpoint agree with the charges except second degree manslaughter, i mean negligence would be a good one, there's human rights violations, and a ton more. But i think if that douche bag decides to appeal it, he could very well when.

    JJ FrostJJ Frost5 dager siden
  • Can you please do an update vid of #ActuallyAutistic voices & their reactions from the video, announcements, and reaction to the live stream? There isn’t any real representation from us speaking out and you have a huge platform we don’t. It ended up having a v minimal change and broke so many of our hearts

    Chelsea MeChelsea Me5 dager siden
    • Also, let’s note the the positive feedback was an extreme majority if non-autistics, not OUR pain

      Chelsea MeChelsea Me5 dager siden
    • NEXT and Mark did more painful damage by their statements. Their live was changed only by the push by autistic voices speaking out and pushing for representation. But they took credit for it and gaslighted us

      Chelsea MeChelsea Me5 dager siden
  • I think Rober is well meaning, but I'm tired of the objectifying of neurodiverse people.

    The Accidental VikingThe Accidental Viking5 dager siden
  • knew I would the video as soon as I heard fat boy summer

    Blair WilcoxBlair Wilcox6 dager siden
  • Excuse my ignorance, but why would people have a problem with research to prevent autism? No one actually wants to have autism right?

    Ulliquara HyugaUlliquara Hyuga6 dager siden
  • So, any place that is ruled by Republicans is now a fascist dream land. They don't even fake now.

    LithladLithlad6 dager siden
    • Nope. You have no clue what you are talking about.

      ÇerastesÇerastes5 dager siden
  • Mark has done an amazing job to raise awareness - good on everyone who didn’t judge before they have seen his content.

    JulzMusicJulzMusic6 dager siden
    • Mark is probably on my top 3 favorite people and still, he is definitely on the wrong side with this one... literally every austistic person I’ve seen talking about it confirms it

      misMEGAVIDEOSmisMEGAVIDEOS6 dager siden
  • people even getting triggered about giving to charity .

    XcalXcal6 dager siden
  • Growing up with a very close family member with autism, who helped run drives with various charities, like Autism Speaks, I do find the backlash against Mark himself as rather silly. While I cannot speak on behalf of members of society with autism, I do feel Mark has his heart in the right place. In a world where many charities are just a front to collect money while pretending to serve people who need it the most, the choice of which charity to choose can be both overwhelming, and terrifying. I am curious to see where Mark is going to take this charity event with the responses being received. He is not one to back down from a challenge, I feel more education and historical research will be taking place in the immediate future for him. Autism is a very sensitive subject, and coming out with the charity plan could not have been easy for Mark, as it puts a large spotlight into the one corner of his life that he felt was very private and special for himself. Seeing this opposition and this resistance cannot be any easier to receive either. Many of the people who have "dropped" the event seem to do so either dismissively or even defensively, saving face or reputation. They are dodging the problems rather than fighting them. While I don't have online status to really put any group of "my followers" into an event like Color the Spectrum, I feel like there should have been a (socially distanced) meeting called of the participating attendees to address the public concerns. From there, once a group consensus has been reached of the further direction of the event, the ones who no longer wish to support it can drop out without any hard feelings. People hear "associated with _____" and immediately light up the person without any second thought, because they associate ____ with "bad", without taking into consideration that, Mark may have had personally good dealings with the organization "Next for Autism", just like my family had positive experiences with Autism Speaks, despite the whole public's opinions about either organization.

    Devin HuieDevin Huie7 dager siden
  • Same people complaining are the ones who get legal advise on reddit

    Juan AlvaradoJuan Alvarado7 dager siden
  • As someone with autism. I want a cute for it. People who dont think autism needs cured doesnt understand the weight of having it Or dealing with a lifetime of behavioural and mental outbursts from servealy autistic people from something as simple as touching a texture they dont like. It needs cured

    Aging Casually Late GamerAging Casually Late Gamer7 dager siden
  • Re the Rober video it’s important to remember that ever autistic person is different. There are a lot of verbal autistic people who are raising their voices and doing great work to educate. But they don’t speak for every autistic, and different autistics prefer different language to describe themselves, and need different supports. There are a lot of autistic pls who love ABA, who prefer person first language and who have good relations with large charities like Next and Autism Speaks. There is no consensus, no one speaks for the whole spectrum. Just because someone is autistic doesn’t mean they have insight into the needs of someone with a very different presentation of ASD.

    Brooke HumphreyBrooke Humphrey7 dager siden
  • We've been trying to get ahold of you about your cars extended warranty 😁

    Mad MunchiesMad Munchies7 dager siden
  • It’s pretty simple. There are idiots all over internet who think that only they count. They are an truly insignificant minions, in number, IQ as well as their opinions. Just ignore them and they will go away or fall prey to Darwinism.

    Gregii fliegerGregii flieger7 dager siden
  • Ask him how many people with autism keep stable job 80% are unemployed

    Matthew ConlanMatthew Conlan7 dager siden
  • Holy shit man I swear to god if I see some people saying cures for cancer is discriminatory and ableist I wouldn't even be surprised at this point.

    FrosteaFrostea8 dager siden
  • Twitter is the living hell

    DreamDream8 dager siden
  • ummm the no cure thing is stupid, its a genetic issue if that could be changed then that would be amazing? anyone with autism would rather not be autistic i know i would take a 'cure' anyday

    Alexander BarrettAlexander Barrett8 dager siden
  • As someone with autism and who got bullied for not fitting in and being a little different but also someone who would help people in learning skills classes who had severe autism or down syndrome, someone who's seen people on the very severe end of the spectrum I think it is so incredibly selfish to not want people to find a possible cure for the disorder, just because you're high functioning or functioning highly enough to write shit on twitter doesn't mean everyone with autism is and this is more evidence that people will whine about literally anything and everything. We get it you think different and you're proud of it, I'm proud of my asperger's now too that I've grown up but you can't seriously be against an organization that is saying that they want to find a cure for people when there's people so severe they can hardly communicate and that will cause absolute misery for them when their parents are gone. The people who whine the loudest on twitter can because they never have their time occupied doing anything so if you think they get the bigger picture you are sorely mistaken. Fyi I'm against conversion therapy but I'm not against people having free will to try and find solutions to problems they have so if someone on the severe spectrum wants to be able to be non autistic by some medical procedure if possible I don't think being against that is being reasonable or "progressive" as they say

  • I subscribed

    SAM SAMSAM SAM9 dager siden
  • Tesla is killing rich fucks who can afford their cars. Hahaha

    JanetJanet9 dager siden
  • I swear people frustrate me to no end. Especially when it comes to, and I'm going to say it defective genetic disorder. I don't know how strong people want their children to be. It is not the goal to have a child with autism. It's not the end of the world. But if you could give them a normal life. Without all the hassle, social confusion, and alienation. What is the problem with that. Autism isn't a disease, but that doesn't mean you should stop looking for a cure. If there is a way to stop children from getting autism, yes they should look for it. If not, then why are people so upset that they 'believe" vaccinations cause autism. If there's nothing wrong with autism what's the problem with vaccinations causing autism.(there is no proof vaccines cause autism.) Dwarfism, if we could eradicate that in the population. We should it comes with a whole host of issues. It's not just a look. There are medical issues behind it as well. Something as simple as eczema, if we could eradicate it we absolutely should. Disorders are not identities. It's a disorder, that you cope with. That you learn to adopt into the world with. But it's not the goal. I say this knowing, that I have an autistic cousin, autistic nephew, I myself am on the spectrum. And I have been put in classes, to teach me how to socialize, which they are equating with gay brainwashing camps. There is no equivalent. One teaches you how to navigate the world, how not to offend every single person. How to show that you have empathy for others.

    Shyrees LShyrees L9 dager siden
    • Amazing take: thanks for being reasonable from an aspi

  • UPDATE: The group who made a complained about Mark, and made a counter-event to block his have canceled. They canceled because the group the backed had a history of plagiarism. I think that the aggressive need to prove people are wrong is harming the people who are trying to do good, and this is a hilarious (but sad) but hilarious example of how challenging it is to be perfect. Please do not expect anyone to be perfect, it is literally impossible. If you see someone genuinely trying to do the right thing, take your desire to shit all over them, and try shitting on someone who is actually doing bad things. I know you don't want to hear this, but in your teens and twenties.. you just have no fucking clue how complicated earth is, and your ideas of right and wrong are still half-baked and insanely naive.

    Joe DiazJoe Diaz10 dager siden
  • I wonder in regards to the Tesla crash snd since it never had auto pilot purchased. Would it not be reasonable to assume that if you were trying to show a buddy launch control and hit it tree, You would try all doors to get out of a burning car.

    Anthony DanforthAnthony Danforth10 dager siden
  • Glitter Bombs are just cruel

    Joshua Adam Stith AKA YouTube LibrarianJoshua Adam Stith AKA YouTube Librarian10 dager siden
  • WHAT?! .... yes we absolutely SHOULD be working towards ridding autism from our genetics. Are you joking me?? Just because you fall somewhere on the spectrum that allows you to function does not mean that's the case for everyone. There are ppl & families out there absolutely suffering because their autism is truly debilitating. I am genuinely baffled by this take. Edit - If everyone on the planet suddenly had severe autism, humanity as a species would be in serious trouble. & I'm in NO WAY saying ppl with autism are any less loveable or valuable, I'm just speaking from a big picture pov here. If we can find the gene(s) that lead to autism (along with all of the other debilitating disorders, ie cerebral paulsy), that would be a remarkable achievement for the human race.

    bnenomorebnenomore10 dager siden
  • As usual a bunch of neurotypical people with no family members with autism is causing a stir being loudmouths and destroying a great opportunity for those who really need it. To be against help toward social interaction is just idiotic as it will hinder autistic people in their interaction with society more than anything else. These are probably the same people who hate proper upbringing of children such as making them say please and thank you after someone does something for them. Great work by Mark Rober and I hope his mission will be a great success. I also hope Rhett and Link come to their senses and not just bend the knee to whomever is the loudest as is all too common in this day and age.

    Johan T. LindgrenJohan T. Lindgren10 dager siden
    • It’s literally only autistic adults speaking against that charity

      Jess WestJess West8 dager siden
  • That violates the first amendment. Not cool. Also, protest peaceful or not, we have the right to protest period.

    KatKat10 dager siden
  • I am kind of offended that so many people, especially ones with autism, that are I guess on the "high functioning" side of the spectrum, seem like they dont want more help with getting help for autism all around. They are luckier than my sister because they at least can type words and can speak full sentences. One of my sisters is almost a teen and can barely communicate. She will need someone to take care of her day and night for the rest of her life, and with the look of the health of my family, my little sister is thinking about doing it and I'm not saying that's super bad but she won't be able to have a job, go on dates, do basically anything because she will be caring for our sister 24/7 and I don't know how she will make money to do that. I have told my family that I want my own life. It doesn't mean I don't love or care about her, but for someone to have to completely give their life up to care for someone else is such a big commitment and it's not just like caring for a baby- she has the mentality of a 3 or 4 year old in a teenage body. She is strong and loud and when she has tantrums, she doesn't know how harmful she can be to others. She still acts like a toddler but now is tall and big enough to open drawers, get into things that she shouldn't be and ripping/destroying things that cost money. She screams and cries unless she gets her way- watching a certain movie at 3am, taking a 2 hour shower whenever she wants, she won't eat anything of nutritional value. And I feel really bad because she can only say like a word or 2 of the movie or food she wants and stuff and it pains me to watch. Our family can't afford help and have barely gotten her any help at all. They ended up after a year or 2 not making her go to school because she threw such big fits, so for years she just sits at home with an iPad, watching who knows what, not developing or really learning or getting to any sort of normalcy. If there was some kind of more universal and FREE therapy, not necessarily "cure" or whatever, but kind of- things that could help her have somewhat more of a normal life, I think that would not only make everyone around her happier and have a better quality of life, but her too. I get so sad seeing her or thinking about her because it seems like she is trapped in her own mind and can't really communicate it. I wish there was a lot more effort going into helping people with autism, rather than just saying "well they are who they are, just accept it". They deserve a better quality of life

    Aja KAja K10 dager siden
  • hmmm needing an unusual amount of water to put out the fire because of the electric car battery. I wonder why... Phil I think it would be important to talk about why this is important. this could be an eye opening statement that many people need to see in regards to electric cars versus regular cars atm.(not saying that transitioning to electric cars shouldn't happen. Im saying that theyre still not where they need to be and that the government forcing it upon us to transition could be more problematic to the environment than the motor vehicle companies let on. ) ((keep in mind Im making this statement 6 days after this is posted because I havent had a chance to watch, but if it hasnt been brought up again I hope you read this and think about it Phil))

    James MatthewsJames Matthews10 dager siden
  • I know someone who has an autistic kid and a cure for them would mean the world their son in non verbal and distant does not like to do much the dad told me once he would give the world to play catch with his kid like how the fuck can you get mad at people wanting that cure

    Robert McloudRobert Mcloud10 dager siden
  • I spent mine working out because that’s the only fucking thing to do where there are cute girls.

    Carl SilverbergCarl Silverberg10 dager siden
  • BUILT LIKE A SQUISHMALLOW TSHIRT I NEED ONE FOR MY HUBS. He gained pandemic weight and I just keep falling in love with him more :D

    SkissoredSkissored10 dager siden
  • Next: We never said blah blah blah Everyone with a brain: Ah yes, our many screenshots about cures and what not never existed!

    SmergalSmergal10 dager siden
  • There is no consensus on which way to refer to autistic individuals. There are valid reasons to prefer either one. That being said, people are forgetting that intent matters and we need to stop focusing on that and pay attention to what people are actually SAYING and DOING. There is nothing wrong with wanting a cure for autism. Much like cosmetic procedures, it should be about preference. Some of the best people I know have autism and I would never change a thing about them. But there are many people who have autism that feel frustrated and unhappy living that way. They should have the right to decide to seek treatment if it were to become available. This idea that treatment and acceptance are mutually exclusive is evil and toxic.

    BabiiGoatBabiiGoat10 dager siden
  • Someone runs over a group of police officers: "I thought they were protesters!" We don't want to have cars becoming legal weapons of murder. That might lead to other weapons of murder having to be licensed or even ensured. /s

    Bliffle SplickBliffle Splick10 dager siden

    AsomiAsomi10 dager siden
  • A "once in a lifetime" pandemic? You, sir, are a true optimist. :)

    MrBigdrewbowskiMrBigdrewbowski10 dager siden
  • Nope. NfA's response was pure gaslighting. They JUST changed their websites after the backlash. If he actually gives a fuck, he'd listen to #ActuallyAutistic voices.

    DorothyDorothy10 dager siden
  • Goddamn, people can't fucking donate to a charity that they believe in without the entire fucking internet losing their minds.

    Random Internet CommenterRandom Internet Commenter11 dager siden
  • Any comments left by autistics on platforms outside of Twitter, which allow the OP to screen/delete comments, have been proven to be removed from Marc’s posts/video. The reason you can still see all the Twitter backlash is because it can not be controlled in the same way. This has blown up a LOT in the autistic community, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that even if initial intentions were pure but ignorant and misguided, there is now a conscious effort to ignore, gaslight, and sweep under the rug anything to do with this conflict. Including that statement the charity made, after intentionally editing their website to eliminate problematic portions, and the follow-up statement from Marc wherein he insists that he’ll be able to guarantee no money raised will go to the harmful parts of a harmful charity. (Regardless of whether he truly, naively believes this or not is besides the point.) The charity, as well as the charity event, is speaking over and excluding autistic voices. There is literally not a single autistic person in the lineup of guests (with the POSSIBLE exception of Chris Rock, whose lack of diagnosis is relevant but for another day and part of a deeper problem), as well as not a single autistic person on the board of Next. Part of the problem is that there are certainly people who think they are well-meaning people with autistics in their family, because they love those individuals and want, in their hearts, for them to have the best life possible... But allistic (Distinctly non-autistic) people often don’t take the time to actually, truly, speak to autistics, allow them to have a voice, and allow them to exist in this world as they are. They don’t consider what an autistic person’s ‘best life possible’ actually looks like to them, they only want to push on that autistic person what an allistic person believes worth and best life look like. While some autistic people may have more or less support needs than allistic people, that’s because they’re living in a world that is built exclusively to cater to the “neurotypical.” Autistic people can do everything allistic people can do, aside from not be autistic... as long as they are given the space, time, and access needed to accomplish said things. An easy to understand equivalent is the differences between introverts and extroverts, and how things like... group projects at schools and presentation-type things are clearly only directed for extroverts to excel in, yet introverted people are put at a disadvantage because they are expected to work within guidelines that are actively damaging to them. They can become overwhelmed, anxious, angry, withdrawn, struggle with cooperation, struggle with remaining focused, and struggle with communication as introverted and extroverted people have different social needs. Introverts would have way more success and comfort if things like... individual projects, no public speaking, quiet alone-time breaks, and privacy spaces were built into what’s acceptable, every day conduct. Instead, we have opted for a one size fits all world, and that’s a heckin’ joke. The world is actively damaging to autistics because there are no true accommodations being made, nor true accommodations or acceptances being considered. Neurodivergence is a natural part of having a massive landscape of different brains. We are NOT all the same, so of course not all of us have the same kind of brain. It is not a sickness to be eradicated, it is actively cruel to use ABA to try and convert autistics into presenting as neurotypical by literally abusing them while actively reinforcing that their wants and actual NEEDS are completely unimportant, and it is extremely important to listen to autistic voices. Heck, believe in the first place that autistics HAVE a voice and are real, loving, thinking, feeling PEOPLE, because a lot of allistics seem to just see “Disabled Person” and blatantly ignore that the word person is right there in that phrase. Disabled people are still people, regardless of the level of their support needs. Disabled. People. Are. PEOPLE. I would also like to note and apologize that I, myself, am neither officially nor self-diagnosed as autistic as of this moment. I am, however, an ADHDarling (Cuz dang it, we need a word that accepts us as we are, too!), and I love my ND brain, even when it presents me with obstacles that not everyone else will understand. I am aware that speaking about not speaking over or speaking for autistic people is exactly what I’m doing by making this rant, but I’m hoping it comes across as a genuine attempt to knock sense into folks who DON’T listen, by someone who really does try. Apologies to anyone whose toes may be a bit squished from my stepping on them, I’m doing my best. Please correct as needed.

    Meow Meow KapowMeow Meow Kapow11 dager siden
  • Thank you for touching on this subject and trying to learn more about the autistic community. It’s entirely possible that Mark and other celebrities have good intentions. However, there’s not enough information. People aren’t aware that autistic voices are being ignored. So this awareness is so important. I did look into Next For Autism, and CABD myself after seeing Mark Rober’s video. I saw the mission of CABD with my own eyes.

    rawksandyrawksandy11 dager siden
  • Thank you for that intro made me feel so much better

    Nova SkitttyNova Skittty11 dager siden
  • why do people lose voting rights when they go to prison?

    AlexisasheepAlexisasheep11 dager siden
  • No cure for stupidity

    Online IdentityOnline Identity11 dager siden
  • Next for Autism seems better and more genuine than the shitbags i ended up with, they claimed wanting to help autistic people integrate themself into society and dealing with everyday life, only thing i experienced with them is physical and mental abuse on an almost daily basis for 2 years

    DovarDovar11 dager siden
  • Always gotta be triggered people to ruin a good thing

    KidChanKidChan11 dager siden
  • Why is this guy so biased that he can't explain that Mark Rober is doing a great thing.

    Just The HedricksJust The Hedricks11 dager siden
    • Bias is bad now?

      Hamish AndrewsHamish Andrews11 dager siden
  • Working out and stuff but fat girl summer. I'll be in a 2 peace so mind ya business lmao.

    PaguePague11 dager siden
  • Idealism is the enemy of progress.

    O OO O11 dager siden
  • Why the fuck is wanting to cure autism (if it's even possible) a bad thing!?! You people are insane!

    issaciamsissaciams11 dager siden
    • What would this cure look like? It’s not like it is a separate entity that can be removed. It’s not a disease, it’s literally the person yourself you want to “cure.” To “cure” autism, you basically have to to try and remove portions of a persons physiological existence.

      Hamish AndrewsHamish Andrews10 dager siden
  • on autism. i dont think everyone with autism needs a cure, but there are differences in the severities. some lead a normal enough life. however, there are people who are debilitated to the point they can not function in society without immense levels of caretaking. saying we shouldnt cure autism because some people are fine is like saying "well some amputations arent as bad as other so we shouldnt make prosthetics." or "some people survive bacterial infections so why make anti biotics?"

    John SmithJohn Smith11 dager siden
  • I’ve been seeing NOtown’s about people with autism that are so high functioning that I can barely perceive that they have ASD. I’ve worked in public school as an aide in an autism program for the last 15 years. I’m not hearing about the students that i had. 5-12 year old kids; some also had intellectual disabilities, were in diapers at 10 years old, can not speak, stimmimg behaviors so disruptive that they could not even sit at a table for a 10 minute activity. I’m sure you’ve heard of children who have “meltdowns” but do people realize that includes hitting biting kicking throwing furniture to the point that staff members get black eyes, concussions, torn ligaments , broken bones? I’m not seeing this aspect of ASD represented. What about these kids? How does these agencies help them?

    Leah GirardLeah Girard11 dager siden
  • Chauvin is innocent

    MrClassinessMrClassiness11 dager siden
    • So if I throw a child into a pool and they drown, am I absolved? If someone has a weak heart, and I punch them, their heart stops, am I absolved?

      Hamish AndrewsHamish Andrews11 dager siden
  • W8 trying to cure prevent autism is bad ? W8 what? Are people that out of toutch

    Pedro NevesPedro Neves11 dager siden
    • @Çerastes Ah, so you believe in eugenics? Maybe you should learn how to leave the 19th century. Perhaps you also see yourself as a “race realist” as well?

      Hamish AndrewsHamish Andrews10 dager siden
    • @Hamish Andrews : Yes.

      ÇerastesÇerastes10 dager siden
    • I don’t know, do you think we should be curing homosexuality?

      Hamish AndrewsHamish Andrews11 dager siden
  • Oh nice.. make it more likely a cop is arresting protesters and then giving them less training by giving them all less money... sounds like a good plan🤡

    GamingBakedGamingBaked11 dager siden
  • people got way too much time on there hands. so many cry babies and its getting old now. everybody tip toeing around what they can say. i hate this shit.

    41Fivin41Fivin12 dager siden
  • Why would you not want to get rid of something bad? Unless they are trying to kill Autistic people, why wouldn't you want LESS people to have it? The fuck?

    YZ CantYZ Cant12 dager siden
    • So you’re advocating for eugenics then? Do you think conversion therapy is an acceptable “cure?”

      Hamish AndrewsHamish Andrews11 dager siden
  • Once in a lifetime pandemic? _Generation defining_ election?? Wow, we millennials really do love hyperbole. :(

    iamtheiconoclast3iamtheiconoclast312 dager siden
  • I hope you see this, Phil. I'm autistic, and while I can only speak for myself and not the autistic community as a whole, many of my views align with the community consensus. Buckle in, this is a long one. #DeFranco #MarkRober 1. Identity-first language (autistic person) is overwhelmingly preferred by the community. Some individuals prefer person-first language (person with autism) and when referring to them as individuals it is right to use their preferred term. When talking about the community, autistic person is the correct phrasing. The reason is that autism is my neurology, it's a part of my core identity. You wouldn't say "person with gayness" or "person with blackness" because a person's sexuality and race are parts of their core identity. It's the same with autism. Medical professionals are trained to use person-first language because a patient is "more than just their condition", but I find that quite insulting, personally. If you need reminding that I'm a person, you have some deep-seated ableism. In a similar vein, the overwhelming majority of us dislike functioning labels. Asperger's is a term no longer used because Hans Asperger was a Nazi eugenicist who literally separated the "smart autistics" and "not smart autistics" and sent the latter off to die. We just use autism as an all-encompassing term now. "High-functioning" falsely suggests that I don't struggle, that I can get by without support. "Low-functioning" falsely suggests that I am incapable and that my voice isn't worth listening to. Some days I function well, other days I don't, and I shouldn't be "othered" from my fellow autistics because of IQ or the ability to speak. We're all valid and valuable. 2. Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is awful. Groups like Autism Speaks and Next for Autism claim that "new ABA" is nothing like the original ABA (which is compared to gay conversion therapy because it was created by the same person and uses a lot of the same methods). ABA is, and always will be, abusive. That cannot change, because of its core principal of "changing an autistic person's behaviour". I like to flap my hands (a stereotypical autistic thing!) because when I am feeling anxious, the repetitive movement calms me down. It gives me a sensation to focus on other than the anxiety and it's within my control. ABA would try to make me act more neurotypical and stop flapping my hands. I might get punished for flapping, or rewarded for sitting quietly. When sitting there like they want, I am unable to regulate my anxiety. I feel worse and worse, and I am told that this is "good". I learn that it is better to be anxious than to flap my hands. I learn that it is better to be in pain than to hum. I learn that the things I do to regulate myself and express myself are unacceptable. Why did they want me to stop flapping my hands? I wasn't hurting anybody. They wanted me to stop because they found it annoying, or because it's not normal. They don't want me to be different - but I AM different. I learn that different is bad. I learn that I am bad. I learn that I, as a person, am not good enough. This is just one example, and quite a tame one at that. For many autistic people, ABA causes PTSD. This is not an exaggeration - years of being trained like a dog to do something that may physically hurt you, to repress who you are, and to "act normal" takes its toll. Years of learning that you are inherently not good enough... that's abuse. ABA can never NOT be abuse. Yes, some behaviours need addressing - self-injury, behaviours that may put the individual or other people at risk. ABA is not the appropriate treatment for those. If a behaviour isn't hurting anyone, why does it need to be changed? 3. I have seen some very worrying comments from people saying that autism needs to be cured. I urge you (the commenters with those ideas) to think about how that makes me (and the rest of my community) feel. You are suggesting that you would rather I didn't exist. You are suggesting that you would rather a pregnancy be terminated than risk your child "ending up like me". I live a wonderful, rich, happy life. I have difficulties, but so does everybody. I shouldn't have to fight for my right to exist. 4. Thank you, Phil, for bringing this topic to light. While the support Mark Rober is trying to raise funds for is a worthy cause, the charity he's choosing to do it with is not. Next for Autism is run purely by neurotypicals, without a single autistic person involved in the administration or board of directors. This is akin to a group of white people getting together and deciding what's best for non-white people, without a single black person or person of colour involved. We need autistic-led charities and autistic voices to be heard. We deserve a say in how our lives are lived, and in the support we receive. It's about us, after all.

    Liz JenkinLiz Jenkin12 dager siden
    • @Çerastes Oh? Where in the book was I wrong? Did you even read it? Give me facts where I am wrong then, I dare you :D

      crystalcrystal10 dager siden
    • ​@Çerastes But that's just it, you're not suggesting that I shouldn't exist, you're suggesting that people like me shouldn't exist in the future. Can you see how insulting that is? It feels as though you're saying "I don't wish you dead, I just wish you never existed" (I know you're not saying that, I just would like you to think about it from my perspective, is all). I could never be "without autism" in the same way that I could never be "without white skin" - it's a part of my genetics, my identity. White skin did not "happen to me", and nor did autism. As autism is highly genetic (with many different genes in play), the only way to get rid of it is forced sterilisation and aborting pregnancies. If you were to try to "cure" my white skin, there would be uproar. Why is autism any different? For any counter arguments of "well it's a disability", consider this for a moment: many of us would not be disabled if we were simply understood. We are disabled by a society that considers us worthless, a burden. I don't suffer because I'm different, I suffer because people reject my differences. If I was valued for what I could bring to society, and my differences accepted, *I wouldn't be DISabled, I would be ENabled.* Yes, many of us would still be disabled even if autism were accepted, because many of us have co-occurring conditions, but that doesn't make us any less worthy of existing. Autistic people are different, not less. Disabled people are different, not less. Autism is simply a genetic variation that neurotypical people are uncomfortable with. Get comfortable with it - we aren't going anywhere, and we deserve to exist as much as anyone else. How can that even be questioned?

      Liz JenkinLiz Jenkin10 dager siden
    • @crystal : You have no clue what you are talking about.

      ÇerastesÇerastes10 dager siden
    • Thank you for the Emotional Labour input. Your voice matters and we respect it.

      crystalcrystal10 dager siden
    • @Çerastes That right there is Eugenics. For religious people, Eugenics is playing GOD and the greatest of sins. History will end up repeating itself if no one learns from WW2. Supporting Eugenics is supporting Hitler. Does this explain enough for you? Is Autistic Individuals voices not enough when we share our trauma and give reasons and sources on why this is bad. Actual PROOF but yet you dismiss us because we are disabled? That is called Ableism. Discrimination against the Disabled. Re-educate yourself with this valid source then try to prove it wrong. Autism is genetic, we are born this way. Just as one is born with red hair or brown eyes. It's a genetic trait that cannot be removed.

      crystalcrystal10 dager siden
  • I'm autistic and have quite a few autistic friends and family members (my partner is also autistic) Next for Autism is a tricky topic. I don't think anyone involved in this fundraiser meant any harm to be honest, but most neurotypical individuals are not educated on autistic perspectives. We are infantalized and frequently misunderstood. We do need help and support in transitioning to adulthood, it is very hard for us because autism is associated with childhood (for some reason? I mean children become adults lol) and there aren't enough studies or support that's geared towards us as adults. I admire what Mark was trying to do, and we do need that transitional support, but not through an organization like this one. Although ABA has changed, it still can be very abusive and hurtful to autistic people. We have been begging people for years to stop ABA and its abusive tactics, and orgs that support ABA tend to have few to no autistic people on their boards. Also, all the autistic people that I know (including myself) prefer being called "autistic" to being called "person with autism". I am autistic because autism is literally a fundamental part of my brain and how it functions. It informs everything I do in the world and I love my neurotype. Which is why curing, preventing autism is so upsetting, because it clearly points to eugenics. You can't take away my autism without killing me or removing a fundamental part of myself, a part that I love. Organizations that could provide more support would be ASAN and I would highly suggest NEVER supporting Autism Speaks. Next for Autism will have to add more autistic people to the board and change their stance on ABA before I feel comfortable supporting it as an organization. Hope this helped a bit #actuallyautistic

    Cecil CelesteCecil Celeste12 dager siden
  • Imagine being upset about trying to end a mental deformity which also causes physical deformities sometimes

    Shut Down DeartShut Down Deart12 dager siden
    • Imagine illustrating so clearly that you don't have any clue what you're talking about and thinking you have the moral high ground.

      AutumnAutumn11 dager siden
  • As a community we prefer to be called autistic people, although some individuals might prefer "with autism" or not care. It's just a mark of respect to use the language we prefer i.e. identity first i.e. autistic people, because it is core to who we are, not something extra we carry with us. Nobody doubts that Mark loves his son and wants to help and yes, we were all shocked as well that he clearly didn't do the research on this one, but he either didn't or he decided that the opinions of autistic people don't count. He wouldn't be the first. The Autistic Community has not yet recovered from the harm done by Sia's film "Music", which is full of harmful stereotypes and misinformation. The problem is that autism has traditionally been seen as a disorder and a lot of effort has gone into "curing" us without very much effort to understand us or try to accept us on our own terms. Therapy can only make us appear more "normal", through conditioning; it doesn't change who we are and this can lead to serious damage to our mental health. Please read the accounts of survivors of ABA. It has been somewhat sanitised, but the essential principle remains the same and it hurts us. Thank you for hearing us.

    NorplingerNorplinger12 dager siden
  • S'up, Phil?! I'm Natalie and my birthday just passed on Earthday! 🥳🎉 I've been a subscriber for years. I've watched you and your channel evolve and grow. I'm a true long-time subscriber and lurker, as I often don't comment but I watch and follow discussions! Grade A content! As I enter my 25th year, I am saving to apply to and attend Physician Assistant (PA) school, which you can imaging is very expensive. I am building my way to a career and saving every penny I earn to pay off applications and eventually school. I know everyone can use $5,000 but, in lieu of your giveaway announcements, I just want to say that I'm here. To be honest, I am really only commenting now because I like to plant hope in my brain--this is invigorating, just like that feeling you get when you buy a lotto ticket! Above anything else, I'm grateful that dreaming is free. I don't expect anything but hello, if you read this! Thanks for giving me newsy-type stuff that matters not only to you but me, and for loving my face without ever having seen it. Really, that's always enough. I'll enjoy the little spark of hope ignited by this comment. I'll keep on dreaming about making a difference as a PA. And, of course, I'll keep on watching your show! I'm happy to be here.

    Natalie GuerraNatalie Guerra12 dager siden
  • It was nice to see your coverage of the subject of autism related charities that have a tendency to speak over actual autistic voices and support eugenics. As an autistic person, I’d rather have support via people being understanding and accepting of me instead of people trying to pressure me into putting on an act to appear neuro-typical, which I already have to do to some degree when I go in public which is very stressful. The sad part is most of the things I have to repress about myself are things that I know are harmless but people think "look weird" and that will get me made fun of, not anything that would be an issue at all if people could be a little less judgmental. I wish groups could focus more on helping autistic adults and getting people to be a bit more aware/less judgmental about stuff like stimming when it’s not hurting anyone and it makes the person doing it happy/feel better.

    Trash CanTrash Can12 dager siden
  • Thank you for covering the Mark Rober and Next for Autism story. I believe that if an organization is willing to work with Autism Speaks for any reason, they do not care what autistic people have to say about their needs. Autism Speaks is a hateful, vile organization and working with them for any reason should never be justified. I know this will be an unpopular opinion, but Phil, by dismissing autistic people's very real outrage and concern with Next for Autism because Rober seemed to have good intentions in his video, you are not listening to autistic voices on this matter. There are other organizations that actually listen to autistic people and have autistic people in leadership that Rober could have chosen after autistic people spoke out. But instead he and Next for Autism doubled down, and that's unacceptable.

    Mariah BowenMariah Bowen12 dager siden
  • There's a LOT to unpack about NEXT for Autism, but I think it's at the VERY least a massive red flag that they changed their mission statement after the backlash started to remove some things, and then came out with a statement saying they NEVER supported those things... like... that's not even a passable attempt at gaslighting... so it's not a good sign for their sincerity in general... like... BIG YIKES.

    Brad LeclercBrad Leclerc12 dager siden
  • Whats the link for the public offer?

    William FuchsWilliam Fuchs12 dager siden
  • Jesus Christ people find away to be outraged about anything

    CASCAS13 dager siden
  • Mark Rober said that the focus was on providing services for transitioning and adults in his video too. So it's not like he's changed his tune or anything

    Kat NanceKat Nance13 dager siden
    • @becca axon well I disagree, as he has tried his best at silencing autistic people criticising him. I don't give a single fuck about his intentions anymore, this is beyond all that. I think I may've also been completely muted from his channel for criticising this. This is not okay in any way whatsoever.

      CelesteCeleste12 dager siden
    • The vast majority of us fully support Mark's attempts and really appreciate the fact hes trying to do something really beneficial for those of us with ASD. We have no problem with mark. Our issue is the charity. I trust mark will do his best to ensure the money goes to the right area. It is really important to discuss however thar the charity Next for autism as a whole is in support of the 'cure' and eugenics.

      becca axonbecca axon12 dager siden
  • I was a ABA therapist for autistic children to age of 21. And while I did my training there was NEVER in our training that dealt with conversion. It was all about accepting and how We and the parents work with the child and help the child minimize the negative behaviors and enhance the positive behaviors.

    HanByul GamingHanByul Gaming13 dager siden
  • those new laws give immunity to people who drive through protestors in the road? Do these people not remember Charlottesville Unite the Right Rally? Where that poor young woman Heather Heyer was run over by that neo-nazi chud James Fields? and how he is in prison now? With this law, would somebody like him get away with that? thats absurd.

    Colin MuldoonColin Muldoon13 dager siden
    • @Çerastes And these will be rioters, and not, a group of people I disagree with and kill them for looking at me the right way?

      Hamish AndrewsHamish Andrews10 dager siden
    • @Colin Muldoon: It has nothing to do with protesting to begin with. It only affects situation where riotters are attacking a vehicle.

      ÇerastesÇerastes12 dager siden
  • I'm here from the Heres the Thing podcast (HTT) with KevonStage and ThatChickAngel.

    NoDotAhNoDotAh13 dager siden
  • So for autism speaks, this is all based off of my memory, I have a friend who in high school (about 4 years ago) suffers from high functioning autism, and he explained to me what Autism Speaks is. Basically it was made by a group of mothers with a child or children with autism, and although it seemed promising at the beginning, it ended up being very toxic. The mothers would use their positions as a charity organization to parade their autistic children for money while speaking for and even over them. Basically taking something that already causes people to have difficulty communicating sometimes and using that vulnerability to control their children as an avenue to make money. There was even controversy that most of the money went into the organizers pockets and not towards aid or research. The group did start with ill intent that autism is a disease that is developed in childhood and not something that is natural and not necessarily bad. I think the same mothers blamed their children's autism from vaccines and spread other misinformation like that. But again I'm going off of what I remember from this friend who hates the organization with a passion and for good reasons from what he told me. As for what they are like now, I honestly wouldn't trust them, I haven't heard anything about a change in the organization and "trying to get diversification on their board" isn't good enough seeing as this has been a problem for like the past decade. This same friend then informed me that there was a newer and more promising group made BY people with autism, Autistic Self Advocacy Network. Just because Mark Rober says it's okay a lot of parents genuinely wanting to help their autistic children and other prominent celebrities are pretty ignorant to the org's history, for instance, I think a few years ago there was an event that you can find on HBO where they had a celebrity fundraiser for the organization. This doesn't mean they're terrible people for wanting to raise money for people with autism, it just means how much the org has managed to plant itself as valid and as a charity. If you want more info, I genuinely suggest just looking at the Wiki page, I went over it and was reminded of what my friend told me, like how the mother wanted to drive off a bridge with her daughter because presenting her autistic daughter in public would be a worse fate. And just look at other sources, the org is drenched in a problematic past that makes them very untrustworthy, like the rot is so much it's better to just build somewhere else. Also you have a research team right? I highly suggest going deeper on this because even if I'm wrong I think it'd help educate this neck of the internet, at the very least. Here is a link to a page I found regarding "safe" and "unsafe" organizations for autism.

    QuinnableQuinnable13 dager siden
  • what's wrong with curing autism ?

    max zakmax zak13 dager siden
    • Everything, bitch.

      CelesteCeleste12 dager siden
  • Hello! Thanks for talking about this. I appreciate your trying to learn more on the subject. As you said, I don’t think Mark Rober is a bad parent. I do think he cares. It’s just, just because you care doesn’t mean you always know the right thing to do (the road to hell is paved with good intentions and all that). He could listen to the feedback given and instead choose one of the other organizations suggested. I suppose that’s what bothers me and many autistic people. Another autistic commenter mentions how they (NEXT) didn’t change their website until they were called out. I think this should be considered suspicious at best especially considering their response to feedback was a nebulous ‘we’ll diversify in the (non specificied) future’ rather than making any clear and actionable commitment to change. ABA tends to be more dubious than you implied. The issue though that many autistic people have with ABA is that many haven’t changed enough and quiet hands is not gone for some of us. While not every program is terrible (though the Judge Rotenberg Center is still open check that one out if you haven’t already) the overall issue is spending some considerable time having your behavior scrutinized in a way that doesn’t happen for allistic (non autistic) kids. Regardless of intention it’s easy for a kid to not be able to set boundaries or to have boundaries cast aside for the sake of passing behavior or whatever other goal the parent and/or ABA provider has in mind. So imagine say, a teenager who doesn’t socialize in quite the expected way non autistic people expect. They try to set out to make friends and maybe find partner/s when they have been even accidentally taught not to set or maintain boundaries or even learned that doing so was a bad/punishable/wrong thing. I hope you can see how that would be something of a problem. (Especially when it’s hard to emotionally unlearn ableism like feeling like you are always a burden for being disabled on top of that). Lastly, I’m not sure clarification is needed here, but I’m you may be familiar with eugenics and it’s rhetoric regarding the ‘infirm’ or ‘slow witted’ or whatever words they’d use to describe disability. Disability isn’t always a bad thing. We generally like to exist and would not like to be erased. I’m not sure if you are familiar with the medical vs social models of disability but that’s something worth checking out if you have the time and energy. Thanks and sorry the reply is lengthy I tried to edit it shorter being succinct is difficult for me. C

    Cosette ForrestterCosette Forrestter13 dager siden
  • Lol /s NEXT is like “I’m friends with ppl who are ableist but I swear I’m not”. 😒🙄 /g

    wnterbirdwnterbird13 dager siden
  • Wtf is wrong with people. People always find a way to hate if theres money involved. People can never just be happy they always gotta complain about something.

    RyanRyan13 dager siden
    • We dont hate mark. We appreciate mark. We are so thankful he wants to help us. The charity next for autism is super problematic tho. NO ONE should support eugenics. We trust mark will do his best to ensure the funds go to the right places. We dont trust Next for autism.

      becca axonbecca axon12 dager siden
  • Thank you for bringing the discussion up in relation to Mark Rober's fundraiser and the autistic community. I'm autistic, diagnosed 4 years ago at the age of 20, and I hope with my life experience I can bring some insight into why this is such a big issue and should be treated carefully. In regards to Mark as an individual, from what I have seen online, I personally feel he is trying to do the best for his child and those in his situation and I do not feel that there is any poor intentions (or at least I see a lot of good intentions coming through) with his fundraiser. The issue on this subject is the awareness on autism itself in the world, with many good intentional individuals doing a lot of harm to the autistic community as a result. To give an insight into how far this goes, there are still many GPs and those classified as medical professionals outright denying autistic individuals a pathway to get assessed simply because "they don't appear autistic", or "you speak too well" (direct quotes from non-specialist psychologists spoken to me), which in turn leads to many years of self-doubt, not able to receive any support, and having to pay for assessments yourself to get to the specialists JUST to confirm that you are who you are and are able to get the support you need. In my case, I paid £1900 and they diagnosed me as autistic, giving me the cheaper and smaller assessment due to my case appearing "obvious" within my application. There are many who have now changed their minds and say I'm obviously "autistic", however I still get questioned on who I am and my needs even with the official diagnosis. To go even further, I would like to open up and say that I have had extreme mental health difficulties for 8 years, with many mental health services being unable to find the cause or being unable to help me. It hasn't been until I spoke with others from the autistic community that I found the cause: in-built ableism. Even without ABA therapy growing up (because I didn't know I was autistic) and having a very loving family around me, I had been brought up as a neurotypical and being expected to behave as such, and as a result I basically became an empty shell, performing for the world, not knowing my needs, what I enjoyed, what I didn't, and it wasn't until the responsibility of becoming an adult in this world came on top of this that I realised I was doing all of this (because, you know, not being yourself and behaving in a completely unnatural way does take energy out of you, so it turns out I didn't have enough left to function once responsibility set in). I was not allowing myself to enjoy anything unless I had "earned it", whether through work achievements, giving up things for another, etc., and even then it was EXTREMELY short-lived and became more difficult to earn as time went on. If I could not do what other people around me could (which, considering I am neurodivergent and have difficulties to deal with that others cannot, was not going to happen consistently - however due to the world not considering my difficulties why would I do such a thing), I was worthless, a failure, etc.. I became my worst critic to protect me from the world, for if I became the strictest individual, then I would avoid harming or annoying those around me... Those I loved... For even those who loved me and cared for me often did things and said things that harmed me because the awareness of what it actually means to be autistic is SO small and is based on biased research (e.g. towards males/a small subset of the autistic population), neurotypical viewpoints of autism, etc., that even kind individuals can still alienate and harm us... It almost cost me my life. The sad part is that I am not alone in this at all, and many autistic individuals I have come to know have experienced similar things via a various of methods. If this is my experience surrounded by loving individuals, imagine those who are unwilling and have poor intentions towards the autistic community. Mark Rober does speak on a very important subject that there is very much a lack of support for those who are adults on the spectrum, and I'm happy he is trying to address this. The concern then comes from the organisation he is choosing to back. The autistic community is screaming and speaking up HARD right now, and I personally believe that is because we as a community have come to understand ourselves and realise how broken and damaging many "supportive" systems are. I have spoken as somebody who, described by many as being "not being seriously noticeably autistic", however many of the problems I describe relate to all the community regardless of the severity of their difficulties and appearance of meltdowns, ability to mask, etc.. The ones that don't apply are situations where other members of the autistic community have different but equally debilitating limitations. The problem, as with the Mark Rober case, is that because many don't even realise there is such a problem, many fail to spot charities that are harmful to us Vs ones that help us. Though I do not know the charity personally, I understand that autistic voices are rarely considered and also that there are many charities that speak on behalf of us that actually add to this misinformation and harm us, and I hear the community when they say it is bad. My conclusion, based strongly on their toes with autism speaks, how they speak about ABA, and that there is currently a lack of autistic voices within the charity (three key factors in determining a good and supportive autistic charity), that NEXT is not a charity I would ever choose to support, and I back the community outcry all the way. I hope that this information is useful (I could honestly talk about it all day and there is so much more information I would love to share based on my experience), and I really hope that many people do start listening to the autistic community. Also remember one more thing: Many in the autistic community are traumatised, have been abused, are isolated and alone. Many of us speak honestly and very differently to neurotypicals, so when you see anything that appears aggressive or very direct from an autistic individual, particularly on topics such as this, please do keep this in mind and treat them with compassion and empathy. Many have a lot of difficulty trusting the world with caring for them and hearing them because of our experience, and there is a lot we should and need do as people of the world in order to build that trust back up; speak and listen with an open mind, know that whatever we say is not a personal attack, and together we can make this world a much better place for those who are disadvantaged and misunderstood.

    Ebony MoodyEbony Moody13 dager siden
    • Thank you for the Emotional Labour input. Your voice matters!

      crystalcrystal10 dager siden
    • No body is going to read that man

      Kenzo 762Kenzo 76212 dager siden
  • I don't have autism however i am neurodivergent (OCD with ADHD tendencies and habits) so I can appreciate conversations being started about what can be done to help neurodivergent people continue to thrive; however, when I learn that said conversations are being had without anyone at the table with the neurodivergence, it makes me rightfully fearful. How are those people going to know what is best for those with Autism, without having autism themselves? I understand that Mark Rober is trying to do something out of love for his son, but I think he still needs to be educated- and by someone from the autistic community- especially because from what I've seen online many within the autistic community are upset with the wording that Mark Rober used within his video. With that being said, as someone who also struggles with an eating disorder I'm really grateful for what you said at the beginning of the video. It makes me feel like I can be a little bit more forgiving towards myself, and maybe I can view myself as more huggable now as well. Because let's face it, who doesn't love squishmallows...

    10vely NaYu10vely NaYu13 dager siden
  • If you can SPEAK, READ ,OR WRITE, YOUR "AUTISM" DOES NOT COUNT IN his efforts!!!!

    Billie33 yBillie33 y13 dager siden
  • Hi I wanted to try noom but the sign up feels funny. Something is off about it. Otherwise I'd sign up it it felt/was easier. Good luck to noom.

    Guillermo AguilarGuillermo Aguilar13 dager siden
  • Cure autism! the nerve of these people, what's next, Alzheimer! jesus christ... god made us this way for a reason...

    CMZ neuCMZ neu13 dager siden
    • @Hamish Andrews It is based in science, for fuck's sake it's artificial selection! the reason you have corn, tomatoes, good beer, etc. I'm not saying that doing it with humans is ethical, that breading democrats with democrats you get democrats or something silly like that and there probably isn't and unbiased approach to it and people have used it for the wrong reasons and as an excuse for their own personal interest. It is flawed and misused but it is based on the science of artificial selection because that's what it is.

      CMZ neuCMZ neu10 dager siden
    • @CMZ neu Eugenics is not scientific at all. It’s not like breeding cows to get more quality milk. It’s deciding wether certain humans deserve to exist at all based on subjective philosophical, political, religious, and racist beliefs. There’s a reason why Eugenics has been widely discredited, because there’s no empirical study that offers a non-bigoted approach to selective breeding of humans. It has always led to racist, hateful beliefs regarding the alleged inferiority of others, and the innate superiority of another.

      Hamish AndrewsHamish Andrews10 dager siden
    • @Hamish Andrews Well it's most likely not an external factor that causes it, and certainly not a virus or something that would require one to have antibodies against, so no, a shot won't do it. I haven't done my do diligence on autism but from what i understand it's genetic and affects how the brain develops and functions so i'm not sure why you would mention conversion therapy since it's not a psychological "problem" that you can treat or whatever but moving on... eugenics is basically selective breeding something people personally do all the time when choosing a partner albeit to a much, much smaller scale, based on personal preferences and instinct, if you brought it up because you associate this with nazis or extremist things of the sort please gtfo, at its core when ethics are taken into account it's not evil, it's just science, when two people that want to have children have genetic screenings and are made aware that both have the genes for example Cystic fibrosis and decide not to because of the risk that in of itself can be considered a form of eugenics, and lastly people already abort for all manner of complications and disorders like down syndrome, does this in any way feel wrong to you?

      CMZ neuCMZ neu11 dager siden
    • @CMZ neu You realize that curing Autism would not be like a flu shot, it would be like conversion therapy, eugenics, or aborting fetuses that show any signs of developing autism.

      Hamish AndrewsHamish Andrews11 dager siden
    • @Celeste Eugenics is so barbaric and primitive... we have gene editing now, just give it a few decades to be perfected and we can crisper away all those pesky genetic diseases.

      CMZ neuCMZ neu11 dager siden

    IG-1488IG-148813 dager siden
  • First off it's amazing to see so many autistic individuals speak up and be heard. I do want to mention one thing which did bother me about the video but was quickly mentioned as a passing point in your video which was the use of ABA or applied behavior analysis which was referred to as a tool for conversion therapy. I would like to start off saying that there was a brief redaction mentioned in the video but it came from the press release for NEXT for autism which does not shine a positive light due to their "curing autism" rhetoric. I would like to point out that sadly yes there was a point where ABA was linked to conversion because it does use behaviorism concepts to help alter behavior but again that was very dated info. I have had both the privilege and burden of working in a variety of fields that offer assistance to autistic individuals starting with a group home. While it was nice to work with them in a more comfortable setting, it was so sad to see the trials and tribulations that come when these kids have no way to cope with extreme behavior and very little support structure as some of them were virtually abandoned by their family. Those that had their family still a part of their lives were often victim to that of a holiday parent who took no input from individuals working so hard to improve on their goals to be more independent. Like any of these companies often do, they started with good intentions but became more interested in expansion over the quality of care. Not too surprising given that its basically high schoolers and early adults looking for a job rather than people taking their responsibilities seriously. Watching individuals regress because new staff members aren't listening to them or helping them run their trainings like tying shoes or counting money properly. It really does break my heart.Sorry got caught up in a bit of a rant, the point is these individuals had no support growing up and ultimately lacked the ability to safely live at home in a typical surrounding without strong supervision. That is what led me to become an RBT for an autism clinic focused on early intervention. We work with 2-13 year old helping them acquire basic skills like potty training, communication (in the form of vocal, PECS, or tablet apps depending on function level), we work on social skill while also working on maladaptive behavior reduction so these individuals can better acclimate to their life without ending up in a group home ( I would like to clear up I am not against group homes as I have seen kids flourish there as well, I just feel that kids can do better with early intervention than winding up in a place where they can get lost in the system when the staff isn't up to the task). I know some people will say that ABA is just cranking out robots but either they haven't been in a clinic or that clinig is not doing ABA properly because we heavily rely on NET with our kids where their play skill leads the session and yes we do work at the table but if you could see how much improvement these amazing angels can make in such a short amount of time, it would bring a tear to your eye. I have witnessed many of our kiddos leave our clinic for school where they have progressed to the point they can have typical classes. I am glad you brought up this story as no one should ever work towards curing autism (not a thing) but should focus on improving the quality of life of these individuals who have been dealt a hand from life that comes with some extra struggles and make sure they have the tools necessary to overcome these hurdles and show us the amazing ability they possess. I would like to hear from anyone who has had ABA to get their feedback and I do hope that the money raised goes to a place that uses it wisely so that it winds up in the hands of those that need it most. It is amazing to see the spotlight being put on increasing help towards those that need it and not just another influencer being a dumbshit (not a criticism love your insights just emotionally exhausted at people with so much ...caring so little when watching so many I work with struggle so much and doing the right thing because its basic human there some correlation between making money and becoming an inhuman monster that I missed out on)

    Bruno PereiraBruno Pereira13 dager siden
  • man when are people going to learn to write laws better and not so broad?

    TheCreepyproTheCreepypro13 dager siden
  • *Why are people so against a cure for Autism? (Genuine question)* *From what I understand, Autism is a spectrum, and while a good portion of people with autism can support themselves and have full lives, which is great and shouldn't need a cure, some with the disorder can be affected by it to a degree where they simply can't support themselves on their own. I believe all of us should be given a chance to support ourselves no matter what. So don't those people deserve to have a cure to get that same chance?*

    David HicklingDavid Hickling13 dager siden
    • It would be like advocating a cure for homosexuality. That is, you’re essentially pushing for a type of conversion therapy for existing autistic children, and forced abortion and eugenics for fetuses and mothers “at risk” of giving birth to an autistic child.

      Hamish AndrewsHamish Andrews11 dager siden
    • The vast majority of them do not want a cure. Furthermore, the only viable "cure" would be to abort autistic fetuses in the womb because it's literally a part of our brain structure. You can't restructure someone's brain.

      Ava MarieAva Marie13 dager siden
  • Honestly, non-autistic people have been speaking over autistic people since forever. Non-autistic people have a habit of speaking over autistic people's wishes and it's kinda silencing a group that's already struggling and marginalized by taking away their agency. This seems to happen a lot in society. Non-Indigenous people make decisions for Indigenous people without consultation, able-bodied people tend to speak over those with disabilities. It's really damaging to many groups. When it comes to things like this it's best to just listen to those who are actually members of the community. When there's been a history of control and an absence of agency, the best thing to do is try and give that agency and sense of control back to a group. To me, it doesn't matter if that charity has done good or made changes since it's problematic past. Autistic people are saying they are wary of that charity and have offered alternatives. If non-autistic people want to help they should just listen. Even if it IS a great charity, a non-autistic person making a decision for autistic communities despite protests is just reminiscent of the harmful pasts of how autistic people have been treated.

    PK FirePK Fire13 dager siden
  • * as Homer * Once in a lifetime pandemic so far

    Nathan Buth-ChavezNathan Buth-Chavez13 dager siden