WOW! Stokes Twins Exposed After Disgusting Prank, Lil Nas X Hit, Wasted Vaccines, NFTS, & More News

1. april. 2021
959 678 Ganger

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00:00 - Stokes Twins Sentenced For “Prank”
02:13 - Nike Blocks Sales of Satan Shoes
03:32 - Walgreens Vaccinations, Microsoft’s New Military Contract, and NFT Quickies
06:43 - Sponsor
07:42 - Good and Not So Good Vaccine News
09:57 - New Healthcare Benefits
11:37 - Companies Speaking Out Against Georgia Voter Bill
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Stokes Twins Sentenced to Community Service:
Nike Gets Restraining Order Over Lil Nas X Satan Shoes:
Pharmacies Stand to Profit from Vaccine Rollout:
Microsoft Wins Army Contract for Augmented Reality Headsets:
Ongoing Trial Shows Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine Remains Highly Effective After Six Months:
Factory Mix-Up Ruins Up to 15 Million Doses From J&J:
New ACA Subsidies Start Today:
Companies Get in on NFTs:
Companies Speak Out Against Georgia’s New Voting Restrictions:
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Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg, Maxx Enright
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Brian Espinoza
Production Team: Zack Taylor
#DeFranco #StokesTwins #LilNasX

  • Thoughts and prayers for any and all of my friends named Greg 🙏🏻

    Philip DeFrancoPhilip DeFrancoMåned siden
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      m. harishm. harish18 dager siden
    • @Hunter Hagen no he didn't

      the weirdest person you would ever meetthe weirdest person you would ever meetMåned siden
    • You missed another day Phil!

      Hunter HagenHunter HagenMåned siden
    • @Hunter Hagen his wife had surgery

      the weirdest person you would ever meetthe weirdest person you would ever meetMåned siden
    • You missed an episode yesterday Phil!!!!

      Hunter HagenHunter HagenMåned siden
  • I'd hate to be Greg. Hahaha.

    Samantha AllsoppSamantha Allsopp19 dager siden
  • so many boomers in the comments

    Roman CasillasRoman Casillas22 dager siden
  • Are they not just asking to us an i.d? How does that not make sense you have to use an i.d for everything else like getting on a air plane? Im confused

    Fuck GoogleFuck Google24 dager siden
  • been a while since i’ve watched. you got fat

    Tyler HendersonTyler Henderson25 dager siden
  • I still can't wrap my head around this NFT stuff

    Mark McdonaldMark Mcdonald25 dager siden
  • 666 satan shoe with blood in it... yeah seems legit

    FiliumFilium26 dager siden
  • The stoles twins are pretty boys with no brains.

    DRC VLOGSDRC VLOGS26 dager siden
  • Do you realize that if the bill doesn't pass no there would be no boxes. Drop boxes did not exist in GA before covid. And when covid is gone ALL dropboxes will be gone if it is not written in law. So 0 to some is not that bad.

    Klinton RichersonKlinton Richerson26 dager siden
  • I feel like you need to be told to chillax off that intro... but I doubt that would help XD

    Call me TwistedCall me Twisted28 dager siden
  • We are falling like Rome 😂 First came the narcissistic tyrant Now the weak clown You know who’s next? The actor. ....... Didn’t the Rock just get like 50% ppl approve him running for President 😂 It’s just so funny it’s happening like exactly the same way. Oh well, here’s hoping I’m dead before the worst of it. 🤷‍♀️

    Dizz DizzDizz Dizz28 dager siden
  • Those twins look young on purpose, no doubt about that. Can't be culpable if I don't look like it!!!!

    silverjetplanesilverjetplane28 dager siden
  • Maybe wars with be done with game eventually.

    Samuel Resy-toeSamuel Resy-toe29 dager siden
  • This channel used to be good, like. 7 years ago

    Teabag SupremeTeabag Supreme29 dager siden
  • MSM and Defranco "restrict voting access" Everyone else "requiring an ID to vote" you know... so we don't have half of America thinking elections are rigged.

    Sp00msterSp00mster29 dager siden
  • What social commentary could 666 pairs of satan shoes possibly convey?

    Edward WillimEdward Willim29 dager siden
  • "I don't see any specific claims" on the voter suppression is like a fire fighter saying, "no one's saying what specifically in the house is on fire, they just keep telling me to put it out" while standing next to a house engulfed in flames.

    feldarfeldarMåned siden
    • You do realize... California has more stringent electioneering laws?

      Dr. BootsDr. Boots27 dager siden
  • How dare they make money to pay their employees 😒

    Abe TemeAbe TemeMåned siden
  • The Stokes twins and Lil Nas X are playing the same game. You just can’t see it.

    J. Garett HatcherJ. Garett HatcherMåned siden
  • A race, is a race...I hope I win.

    Jon BaldiJon BaldiMåned siden
  • I was facing 7 years and got 10 years probation that was ended after 4 years since it was non violent. It depends on your history and whatnot.

    Ciara CCiara CMåned siden
  • Thank you for including the info on the changes to health insurance things. At almost 36 with undiagnosed heart problems who’s only had coverage whilst pregnant, this is great news!

    Summer BummerSummer BummerMåned siden
  • Hey could you cover the 6 murder suicide that happened in tx? I feel like no ones talking about it when it’s a huge issue. 2 brothers killed their family and then themselves bc they were depressed. Left a suicide note and talked about they lied about their mental illnesses to get 2 guns.

    wntertvwntertvMåned siden
  • Wow, you're absolutely spreading the lies about Georgia voter laws. Read it yourselves most of the news is absolute lies including what President Biden is saying.

    StudentStudentMåned siden
    • Hilarious how he probably doesn’t realize California has the exact same electioneering laws

      Dr. BootsDr. Boots27 dager siden
  • Yo can u talk about Mexican hospitals injecting people but not putting nothing in the person

  • No vaccines are available near me, I check every morning right at 9am, the appointments slots get taken so fast.

    Truth HurtsTruth HurtsMåned siden
  • That whole NFT kerfuffle sounds like money laundering method down the line. It's so useless, even moreso for arts than anything else.

    ehrehrMåned siden
  • Dumb prank. But respect for being one of the only you tubers to do real pranks.

    GypseeGypseeMåned siden
  • all i hear is blah blah blah TAXED blah blah blah TAXED

    Cousin SlowhandsCousin SlowhandsMåned siden
  • Personally not a fan of digital collections of almost all kinds. If the power goes out and my collection ceases to exist, what's the point of it? I can see maybe "the thrill of the hunt". I will be honest and mention I do play video games, but I don't play to collect (trophies, achievements). I play for the experience (story, playing with friends, getting away from real world problems for a couple hours). I also acknowledge the flaw in my dislike of digital collections. Unless financial institutions are keeping paper records of transactions in 2021, my money may be gone if we lose power. I've rambled enough, now to go make a withdrawal.

    Robert TinsleyRobert TinsleyMåned siden
  •'ve gained a few pounds!

    beth98362beth98362Måned siden
  • At what point did a) having a valid US id and b) not being a felon become “voter suppression”? Just curious...

    Steve SimsSteve SimsMåned siden
    • @Oli Olive you make the CHOICE to commit any crime ( in this case a felony, as I said) there are consequences. Two of them being you lose the right to vote and own a gun. You retain most of your rights though. Not sure why we try to glorify and make martyrs out of felons. That is some of what is wrong with our society as a whole.

      Steve SimsSteve Sims29 dager siden
    • Just because you have committed a crime - especially a non violent one - doesn’t mean you don’t deserve civil rights

      Oli OliveOli OliveMåned siden
  • It makes no sense how this could be copyright infringement. They bought the air maxes and just customized them. So stupid

    Jarrod PairginJarrod PairginMåned siden
  • Hey why don't you mention the effect vaccines are doing to employees? Our staffing hours are being cut to extremely dangerous levels, patients are not getting prescriptions. No one is being offered raises. Employees are literally being abused and it's dangerous for patients and employees.

    Leslie RobertsLeslie RobertsMåned siden
  • Bring up the child infection rate. Along side with the fatality rate. Kids shouldn’t be blackmailed to take the shot to get back to life. The ones who need the shots are the immune compromised.

    BigC InTheDBigC InTheDMåned siden
  • It should be illegal to promote a candidate in and around the voting location. That’s opening a can of worms. The bill still allows for you to step out of line and get water from a qualified location. Dude get your info from both sides of the media. You are just spreading lies.

    BigC InTheDBigC InTheDMåned siden
  • Hey Phil is there a chance you could cover the story of the Jewish couple that got thrown off of an airline cuz their baby didn’t have a mask?

    Avi LeanseAvi LeanseMåned siden
    • No chance in hell for Phil a Karen can only be white

      Sebastian ZevallosSebastian ZevallosMåned siden
  • @The Twins So a slap on the wrist for stupid shit that could get people killed. And good chance that they got even more subscribers and with that more money out of it. Ffs... These people should lose their channels on all platforms immediately. They aren't children, they are friggin adults. There is no excuse for doing this things. People like to shit on cops but imagine what would have happend if someone opened fire. That person would have to live with the guilt that he killed someone for a prank of some stupid a**holes. God, I hate this so much.

    JoshTyrReeceJoshTyrReeceMåned siden
  • Loved this one

    Nicholas GerickeNicholas GerickeMåned siden
  • My state was one of the few that lifted the mask mandate. Being reported today that the governer who made it happen got covid......

    Austin GrouxAustin GrouxMåned siden
  • I never remember April Fools is a thing until someone brings it up.

    khaxjc1khaxjc1Måned siden
  • SPeaking of rich and famous people who got off scott free, how about that better help scam you did?

    lancer4224130lancer4224130Måned siden
  • No Philip show today either? I hope this moving is done asap, i need my daily fill of Phil 😂

    ThereseThereseMåned siden
    • @Michael Qualey do you remember when he said he would have his next video?

      Justin VicarsJustin VicarsMåned siden
    • @Michael Qualey ok

      solitary onesolitary oneMåned siden
    • @solitary one he's moving studios

      Michael QualeyMichael QualeyMåned siden
    • Dunno why. Easter is done with.

      solitary onesolitary oneMåned siden
  • imagine Delta Airlines being like "wow yall are going too far"

    Ashley ThomasAshley ThomasMåned siden
  • welp i think its time. ive been subbed for longer than i can remember but this is where i step off. every day there are more genuinely important and impactful events happening all over the globe than 100 news channels could possibly keep on top of and yet every year that goes by phil covers less and less of them in favor of more and more tabloide youtube drama BS. i would say you do what you gotta to survive but from what i can tell phil was doing pretty good when he covered actual news. he had the choice between being making enough to live comfortably while maintaining his integrity and turning into a tabloide to be rich. seems like he chose the latter of the two. i dont really think its that much of a mark against his character but man he said a lot of shit about being a real source of real new back in the day.

    brad moorebrad mooreMåned siden
    • @solitary one lol

      brad moorebrad mooreMåned siden
    • @brad moore what's your points? Sounds like you have massive egotism and thinks youtubers would bow down to your every whims.

      solitary onesolitary oneMåned siden
    • @solitary one whats your point?

      brad moorebrad mooreMåned siden
    • Rogue rocket and philly D

      solitary onesolitary oneMåned siden
    • @solitary one what?

      brad moorebrad mooreMåned siden
  • I miss when pranks were funny :(

    Colossus FitnessColossus FitnessMåned siden
  • Vaccines for perfectly healthy 12 -15 year olds? No.

    darrenboyd1darrenboyd1Måned siden
  • Vaccines for perfectly healthy 12-15 year olds? No.

    darrenboyd1darrenboyd1Måned siden
    • Vaccines arent for the ill, you idiot. They're used a way to lower your chances of getting ill. Also by vaccinating healthy ppl, you're also helping those with compromised immune systems to not get sick.

      asdfasdfMåned siden
  • How do you determine if you are winning an argument against a leftist nutjob? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . They call you a racist, homophobic or sexist.

    Billy BobBilly BobMåned siden
    • @solitary one so you think your idiotic statement makes sense. You said, "It means you are beyond help . . ." What in the world is "IT" you are commenting about? My question was asking How to determine something and your stupid response was it means blah blah blah. Your response literally makes no sense.

      Billy BobBilly BobMåned siden
    • @Billy Bob And I do makes perfect sense. All conservates does nowaday is troll and try so hard to push their limited agency.

      solitary onesolitary oneMåned siden
    • @solitary one your comment doesn't even make any sense. Did you even read what you commenting on?

      Billy BobBilly BobMåned siden
    • Nah it means you are beyond help and need to be blocked and ignored.

      solitary onesolitary oneMåned siden
  • 1:34 Love how they can get jail time for a fake robery yet not for sexually asualting innocent girls as a "prank".

    See my Yandere playlist and look out 4 updates!See my Yandere playlist and look out 4 updates!Måned siden
  • wish we could give extra likes to those who take the time to carefully label all there videos into sections😌

    See my Yandere playlist and look out 4 updates!See my Yandere playlist and look out 4 updates!Måned siden
  • ah good ol fair legal system. what's that your rich and famous, how about a deal?

    SublimeSparoSublimeSparoMåned siden
  • Can you cover the dave2d and Lee MacMillan suicide. NOtown and cyberbullying is worth a deep examination.

    Kimberley JohnsonKimberley JohnsonMåned siden
  • lil nas is flopping

    Asaph KingAsaph KingMåned siden
  • Is "Today in Awesome" coming back???

    RubiesRubiesMåned siden
  • I feel like Phil talks with his hands the way a rapper does... he should rap one of these episodes one day 🎤

    Emily AlvaradoEmily AlvaradoMåned siden
  • Nice hoodie

    Zachery GoodrichZachery GoodrichMåned siden
  • Honestly just based off of hearing the story of the twins being stupid for the fist time from watching this video... that's fine. They don't need to go to jail for being stupid...

    Sarah OlneySarah OlneyMåned siden
  • Greg didn't appreciate that

    Junior NxumaloJunior NxumaloMåned siden
  • Tbh, probably better that they got that sentence, they most likely learned their lesson and it puts less of a strain on the system. This sort of a sentence leads to a lower recidivism rate... Not saying it isn't blatant bias, but I am saying the american justice system is, for most other people, too INTENSE

    I.N. SareiI.N. SareiMåned siden
  • But wouldn't a guilty plea lower their "consequences" That's the deal they made

    SundayCruzSundayCruzMåned siden
    • Yes, lack of criminal history also would. Also, I find it funny that people who have gone on about over-incarceration in the US are wanting prison time here.

      GogettersGogetters29 dager siden
  • Nike didn't care when they put out Jesus shoes. Fuck Nike

    Myzery 082905Myzery 082905Måned siden
  • in the future the value of a NFT will be that you actually own one of those weird thingys they used to sell called NTFs...

    Matrice DevitoMatrice DevitoMåned siden
  • Nike's shoes all probably have a drop of children's blood.

    socialexsocialexMåned siden
  • Phillip, chillax

    Sierra PuckettSierra PuckettMåned siden
  • I know you have the attention span of a fruit fly but read the bill Phil. The only people that can’t hand out water are campaign staff. Poll workers and volunteers still can. It’s the new “very fine people” hoax.

    Hawya DoinHawya DoinMåned siden
  • NFT's are imaginary binary beanie babies. I'll keep saying it until I'm proven wrong.

    needs|LITHIUMneeds|LITHIUMMåned siden
  • If Andy Warhol can sell paintings of Campbell's soup cans and it not be trademark infringement, I don't think Nike will get very far with thier lawsuit.

    Jason SaathoffJason SaathoffMåned siden
  • I’m so sick of this BS they don’t want voter ID but want vaccine passports and ID for guns cause our voter integrity doesn’t matter!! 🙄🙄

    Jamie MardinoJamie MardinoMåned siden
  • I’m so sick of this bs about saving money for premiums it will cost the government meaning coming out of our pockets in taxes 🙄🙄

    Jamie MardinoJamie MardinoMåned siden
  • "We're giving you this tax break for being in our state, but if you don't agree with us on oppressing the populous by restrictions on voting, we're going to take it away." Sounds like Georgia's run by a bunch of extorting scumbags, not politicians.

    Mike BoomMike BoomMåned siden
  • Could you cover the PSSAs coming back? I'm a student whos doing online school but we all just learned that the PSSAs are coming back and are going to force us to go back in the school building. We had to write letters to tell them we didn't want to do the PSSAs but they didn't listen and did it anyway. They don't even care for the health of the students and only care for that dumb test. I think this is an important story and it should be covered.

    Beanie BeanBeanie BeanMåned siden
  • All of PDs wives friends husbands named Greg after watching this 👁 👄 👁

    Roe JoganRoe JoganMåned siden
  • I say chillax.... Though to be fair, I say it very ironically.

    MaugreMaugreMåned siden
  • F UK phill

    Keith sweetKeith sweetMåned siden
  • April 2 for us Aussies :(

    King ErektKing ErektMåned siden
  • I've been out of work since the pandemic started; and when I went to I was told I am not eliglble for cost sharing, the cheapest plan they'd over me was over 300$ a month.. and now they wont stop sending me e-mails or texts. It's enough to make me want to shut down.

    Joshua MooreJoshua MooreMåned siden
  • US: All citizens vaccinated by end of May Canada: We'll have 5% by September! Canada is a joke

    AletheAceAletheAceMåned siden
    • @Gogetters It is happening right now

      AletheAceAletheAce29 dager siden
    • >US: All citizens vaccinated by end of May The joke is thinking this is going to happen.

      GogettersGogetters29 dager siden
  • Rich white kids getting away with shit? Not surprised. Imagine if two young black guys did this "prank". They would have been shot dead

    AletheAceAletheAceMåned siden
  • Phil is slowly starting to look more and more like Trump every day

    James GilmoreJames GilmoreMåned siden
    • All trump does is repeat himself.

      solitary onesolitary oneMåned siden
    • No way.

      solitary onesolitary oneMåned siden
  • Yay, our kids grandkids will be paying for this Healthcare.

    Josh beyerJosh beyerMåned siden
  • If you're rich and famous you can get away with murder. Sometimes literally.

    chikitabowowchikitabowowMåned siden
  • Young, dumb, famous, rich, and white, you mean?

    Vix ToddVix ToddMåned siden
  • Who’s come from timeworks??

    OkOkMåned siden
  • Hey phill. Long time watcher of the show (2009). I’m going to be unsubbing. Your video titles are pretty much the same every day. “DISGUSTING!” “WOW!” And the NOtown drama news and obnoxious celebrity stories are not in my interest. Your narcissism is growing along with your ad spots. I don’t like hearing you complain about not getting your ad revenue or being suppressed when you are taking Yacht trips. If you are driving Yachts you probably don’t need all the ad revenue you can get. Love your self but don’t obsess over your reflection it’s showing.

    Spencer DrydenSpencer DrydenMåned siden
  • Phil you need to touch on Victorian schools forcing male students to apologise for men being rapists, I know it isn't you know US related but like it's a big story and it needs the defranco touch.

    Slo oowzSlo oowzMåned siden
  • Did... The cops get consequences for aiming a gun at an unarmed uber driver?

    Lilia RicciLilia RicciMåned siden
    • Consequences for what? Don't be stupid. The police are not going to play around when they get called about a bank robbery. Also, contrary to popular belief, police cannot tell if you're armed or not until they detain and search you.

      GogettersGogetters29 dager siden
  • I'm confident NFT's will fail long term. NFT's are popular because Bitcoin took off and made a bunch of people rich, but no corporate backing got rich because it took off, as it's decentralized. With NFT's they're hoping for a repeat, except that they'll get rich off of it.

    MrSlowestD16MrSlowestD16Måned siden
  • It's like he's conducting his own dialogue MANY HAND GESTURES

    tonight's slowjamstonight's slowjamsMåned siden
  • OOOOOOKay Stokes - shock. horror. #eattherich Satan Shoes - Alot of wind and BS for no effect, i would be surprised Nike was in on it as they didn't need this shit either so both sides win here Walgreen, my growing contempt for the companies who stand too profit from these pandemic leads me too a growing fear that those sociopaths will release viruses themselves. seems crazy but evil thrives among those who have no basic human decency and these guys lie as easily as breathe. Microsoft - sigh, so they selling RL halo and its going to rope them billions. this tech could absolutely be done for far less in a time where the money could be better spent. some one did a mate a favor here. Also possible that they are hiding other things within in this military funding Vaccine - at least we have the ball rolling globally on this and i hope that medical solutions can be fast tracked safely from here on in. the system is sluggish and losing ground as it is. Not that i would mind global collapse but i have too play good little citizen. Healthcare benefits - this is the basics for universal healthcare, you are so close too actually joining the rest of the world on this, a few more nudges and you'll be there. also the world has been on the American people side on this with many from overseas openly talking shit about the American governments failing here too their face. health is the first responsibility for a society to have the basic trust too gel together. Georgia sweet Georgia - how have you fallen so low too as too curb actual political discourse and yet agian those companies, lying little liars with a slice of lying fake bacon that isnt bacon but someone told you it was now you have effing bacon flavored wheat meal...did i say liars? Summery - looks good and it seems like the light at the end of the US people's trouble may soon be glimpsed. whomever your god may they speed it along

    StormStormMåned siden
  • That's... Actually about the same consequences I'd expect for kids who weren't famous in BFE, Ohio.

    Jessica LutseckJessica LutseckMåned siden
  • Too bad about the shoes selling out, I’d rather buy these than any other Nikes since they use child labor to make their products

    Jovita DoschJovita DoschMåned siden
  • "When you can't win on the issues, just lie, cheat and steal". That should be the slogan of the Republican Party.

    edgeninjaedgeninjaMåned siden
  • Wow imagine that!! After the massive theft and fraud in this Presidential election people are upset that they want to make it harder for people to cheat. GTFOH!!! You ABSOLUTELY should have to provide ID to vote, These same people bitching about it can find their IDs when buying their alcohol and cigarettes no problem, but say it's racist to ask someone to prove they're registered and that they are who they say they are? The financial argument is bs too because most states offer free ID to people of low income

    Del StewartDel StewartMåned siden
  • 24?? Holy shit. They look like teenagers

    flipflipMåned siden
  • I would totally try Athletic Greens if it wasn’t so expensive.

    Think890Think890Måned siden
  • mm thanksz!

    Jose HernandezJose HernandezMåned siden
  • Joe biden sucks

    ya boyya boyMåned siden
  • Don't get the vaccine the us is giving out

    ya boyya boyMåned siden

    za zaza zaMåned siden