WOW! Joe Rogan COVID Controversy, National Guard Outrage, Megan Thee Stallion Fake News, & More News

22. jan.. 2021
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00:00 - Tory Lanez Still Being Charged
01:37 - Dave Chappelle Positive For COVID
02:45 - Dr Fauci Returns
04:02 - Florida Cracking Down On Vaccine Tourism
04:51 - Biden's COVID-19 Executive Orders
05:44 - Microsoft's Creepy New Patent
06:51 - ADT Tech Spying On People
08:21 - Sponsor
09:10 - Instacart Layoffs
10:53 - Judge Blocks Parler's Reinstatement
11:23 - National Guard Moved To Parking Garage
13:29 - Trump's Impeachment Articles
14:19 - Democrats Block McConnell's Filibuster Request
15:45 - Food and Minimum Wage Executive Orders
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Tory Lanez's Charges Have Not Been Dropped in Megan Thee Stallion Case:
Joe Rogan Says Grimes Did Not Give Dave Chapelle COVID-19:
Dr. Fauci Feels Liberated to Talk About Science:
Florida Cracks Down on Vaccine Tourism:
Biden Takes Action to Fight Pandemic:
Microsoft Granted Patent for Tech That Lets It Create Chatbots of Deceased People
Former ADT Employee Pleads Guilty to Spying on Female Customers
Instacart Lays Off Nearly 1,900 Workers
Judge Refuses To Reinstate Parler After Amazon Shut Down
National Guard Allowed Back at Capitol After They Were Banished to a Garage:
House to Send Impeachment Article Monday, Democrats Reject McConnell’s Filibuster Demands:
Biden Signs Executive Orders on Food Aid, Federal Minimum Wage:
Biden Signs 17 Executive Order During His First Day in Office:
JoJo Siwa Fans Caution Against Labeling the Star’s Sexuality:
Accusations Against Chinese Actress Shine Light on the Nation’s Surrogacy Laws:
Amanda Gorman Wows the Nation With “The Hill We Climb”:
Social Media Sites Block Calls for Protests in Russia:
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg, Maxx Enright
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Brian Espinoza
Production Team: Zack Taylor, Luke Manning
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  • Spent yesterday tweaking the workflow to make this new format of way more news in each show more sustainable so I figured I’d give you 2 videos on our worst views day to make it up to you lol. See you Monday 👊🏻👊🏻

    Philip DeFrancoPhilip DeFrancoMåned siden
    • @dr noisewater Her step mom died. She has covid. Try having some compassion. Be kind. Try to be a better human.

      CarolCarolMåned siden
    • @Rachelle Martin Rachelle, I am so sorry for your loss! I hope you get better soon. My husband,myself, my niece, my oldest daughter also had covid, and each of us are having what they call "long haulers" illnesses. On Dec 6th, my Uncle Jim died from covid. I get angry when I hear "it's a hoax" "it's just a headcold" "only people with chronic illnesses die from it" and on and on... I get upset when I see folks not wearing masks. I get really upset, disappointed, hurt when someone replies to a post I put up about wearing masks, social distancing etc by saying "I won't wear a mask, not because I don't care about you, but I care about me more, Not sorry". I just can't deal with those attitudes! If they can wear a mask at work, then they can wear one at the store. I'm sad. Again, I'm so very sorry that you lost your mom to this insidious virus and do hope you heal and feel better soon.

      CarolCarolMåned siden
    • bruh, is your hair mad at you?

      Zenn ExileZenn ExileMåned siden
    • why are you regurgitating mainstream media talking points?

      XyzzyxXyzzyxMåned siden
    • Blurs the word “bitch” Still says the word “bitch” *everyone loved that*

      Owen Lundberg VlogsOwen Lundberg VlogsMåned siden
  • Ok, but that whole f*cking a pig thing ACTUALLY HAPPENED IN THE UK. look it up. Prime Minister David Cameron f*cked a dead pig's mouth with his fraternity in university. This was all revealed after the black mirror episode came out and the writers had no idea about Cameron.

    TheMangomelon789TheMangomelon7894 dager siden
  • Google VAXICIDE (and let Bill Gates explain it to you)...

    PittBirdPittBird5 dager siden
  • Literally cannot believe you did not go in on all those celebrities posing together in a party. Actually yes I can.

    rusty rayrusty ray10 dager siden
  • Dr. " you dont need a mask" Fauci

    Cory BoucherCory Boucher17 dager siden
  • Where is the hoodie your wearing from?

    sladea19sladea1920 dager siden
  • get a haircut you hippie

    PrimalPrimal22 dager siden
  • We’re living in the future

    O’DonnellO’Donnell24 dager siden
  • The fact that our Dr Faucci, finally liberated, had *that* answer on speed dial makes me irl nauseous, and whatever the antithesis to nostalgia is.

    Riley DragoncrowRiley Dragoncrow24 dager siden
  • Fuck black mirror. I robot is what came to mind

    Roy RogersRoy Rogers24 dager siden
  • those people risk their lives for that country, dont forget..

    CoryCory24 dager siden
  • am i the only one who got that weird baby tickling ad?

    Ryan RafterRyan Rafter25 dager siden
  • fuck.... immediately cancels instacart subscription.

    JetmorrisonJetmorrison25 dager siden
  • This is the origin story of the Cylons.

    ribzer57ribzer5726 dager siden
  • The left are black mailing the right, and saying, "You better do as we say, or we'll simply change the rules, and make you have no say!" These are the same crazy people who are trying to impeach Trump, and who have admitted to voting fraud, while accusing Trump for it lol What a waste of the courts time

    robocop352robocop35226 dager siden
  • Uh ok. Now you re-publucized your videos....why hide them before?

    Johnny MarvéllJohnny Marvéll26 dager siden
  • The Microsoft thing more or less already exists. You can create chat bots by uploading texts so that the ai chatbot responds similarly to the texts that were uploaded. A guy made a chatbot based off his deceased father. I guess the difference is the sheer amount of info Microsoft has to use to make an ai chat bot. I'd imagine users would hardly have to do anything and Microsoft will do most if not all the work.

    cactuslemcactuslem27 dager siden
  • 5:45 this story is straight out of black mirror and i still say no to this ghastly idea

    amorfati khbamorfati khb27 dager siden
  • How come we are all bastards (beautiful ones). I’m sure there are some beautiful bitches and hoes.

    bdogs4everbdogs4ever28 dager siden
  • I am sorry (not) but five years is NOT enough time for that man... How about 5 years for each person he spied on?

    Amber ReidAmber Reid28 dager siden
  • Phil ‘I wish I was Joe Rogan & use him for clicks’ De Franco

    Michael WallMichael Wall29 dager siden
  • Yo, we have to implement nationalized medicine and de-couple health insurance from employment. It is STIFLING the economy. Gig work is supposed to help lift people up but most of the companies that provide the gig jobs won't be profitable if they have to employ and insure a NATIONWIDE HR department as well as all of their gig employees and their benefits. I'm all for everyone getting benefits but this absurd method of tying it into our jobs is only helping huge established companies. Think about it, how many people are working a job they don't like because of the insurance package? If you didn't have to worry about health benefits going away you could more easily move between jobs, just imagine how empowering that would be if you could actually threaten to quit if you felt you were being undervalued!

    Tre916Tre916Måned siden
  • Hi Phil I always thought you are exaggurating the youtube is hiding my videos Im a sub since 2012 and normally always get them Last few months you left my recommendations.

    Jonathan WalensiJonathan WalensiMåned siden
  • Microsoft is becoming Arasaka.

    Nick DzamukashviliNick DzamukashviliMåned siden
  • I remember when Phil wasn't a far lefty. Glad politics are starting to die down

    Brittany GoosmanBrittany GoosmanMåned siden
  • OH look ADT has another creep working for them...XD Yeah SURE they're going to do something THIS time. They did absolutely nothing after Dennis Rader (BTK killer/strangler) worked for them and used his access as an ADT tech. to literally kill people. XD Who ever used ADT after that should have expected their home security to be absolute at best killed at worst. No pity.

    Lily LayneLily LayneMåned siden
  • A fictional character? *Blue bird plays*

    Finest BlowfishFinest BlowfishMåned siden
  • Black Mirror

    Darth VaderDarth VaderMåned siden
  • I work at a food bank in Utah and I have personally experienced an increase in clients throughout the pandemic. I am so glad that SNAP funding is increasing and I hope that we can feed more people! Everyone deserves a decent meal.

    Emma ThompsonEmma ThompsonMåned siden
  • “it sounds like an episode of black mirror” that’s bc it literally was. first season i think

    Tegan JaggardTegan JaggardMåned siden
  • Thats fucked how they can just pass whatever they want...

    Brad LemonBrad LemonMåned siden
  • Thanks for reminding me about Black Mirror!! Hot damn, that was a disturbing and awesome show. Think I'll watch it again today. 🤘🖤

    Cyanide_LollipopCyanide_LollipopMåned siden
  • havent watched a vid in a few years and jesus you have gotten old

    Patman84Patman84Måned siden

    Andrew SongAndrew SongMåned siden
  • OMG! Google took that episode of Black Mirror SERIOUSLY.😦😧

    Gaia's GuardianGaia's GuardianMåned siden
  • we live in a black mirror episode 5:45 change my mind.

    ClaytonClaytonMåned siden
  • This channel sucks. Im blocking it

    Brian BomofobBrian BomofobMåned siden
  • There was LITERALLY a Black Mirror episode about creating A.I. versions of passed loved ones!!! WTF!? 😂😂😂

    OldenTimes 873OldenTimes 873Måned siden
  • Lmao national guard crying like bitches because they're stuck inside a parking garage meanwhile I was sent to Iraq and slept in a sleeping bag on the ground in the fucking desert and didn't get a tent until we had already been there 3 months... Millennial babies

    Chico Dust-EChico Dust-EMåned siden
  • I mean, we already had a politician in the world deal with blackmail and/or fucking a pig.

    basilmemoriesbasilmemoriesMåned siden
  • So good to hear Senate minority leader McConnell.

    Rex LongfellowRex LongfellowMåned siden
  • Classic “unbiased” defranco not talking about Biden closing the pipeline and losing even more jobs. What a joke.

    Event HorizonEvent HorizonMåned siden
  • The other day in order to take a freelance job which I had to take to pay my bills, because my current job hours dropped dramatically due to covid, I had to take a precautionary Covid test so the freelance job would even hire me. Despite this test being required by the freelance job and having nothing to do with my actual health or safety, my other job told me I can’t return to work until I get my test results and I can’t work on the day I am tested even though the test was after work hours. So yeah covid still sucks and is killing people and ruining lives and the economy.

    Fangirl PhilosopherFangirl PhilosopherMåned siden
  • What’s with people who become rich and veneers?

    ArunkOnerArunkOnerMåned siden
  • Doesn't the new euphemism "Food insecurity" compounds two already bad things in this society like Hunger and Delusion?

    RamielRamielMåned siden
  • Every death is on joe Biden’s hands, it’ll get worse for the next four years as the deaths raises. It’s joe Biden America now and he needs to be hold to the fire equally as trump.... if not than you can’t call your self a journalist. When he came into offices 1 mil vaccinations occur yet he said they wasn’t no plan..... Amazon offers help after trumps leaves offices...... months on end and now they wanna help ??? What changes ? The president?! But people are still dying so why now they wanna help ? Wake up people and don’t trust any one or what you read.

    Jester 88Jester 88Måned siden
  • Who could’ve guessed the girl that dresses in all rainbow is gay

    PizzaSkull27PizzaSkull27Måned siden
  • This dude is sellinf Finasteride to kids LOL

    Alpaca MaleAlpaca MaleMåned siden
  • stop with all the hand movements. You give great information but your hands are distracting.

    Michael CaseMichael CaseMåned siden
  • 1984

    Nomad616Nomad616Måned siden
  • He is not a real a man, he's a flaming turd who has been left on his parents front porch. But for real though he looks like he's in his 30s and hes acting like this? How did someone find him attractive ?

    Bella LynnBella LynnMåned siden
  • Well, regarding Dr. Fauci, he's admitted to lying at least twice on his own volition, and nobody cares to hold him accountable... but, Orange Man Bad!

  • lose the haircut phil

    alex montealex monteMåned siden
  • Just gonna ignore the pipeline? 😭🐑

    Rusty VioletteRusty VioletteMåned siden
  • Eat the rich 👹

    mkmkMåned siden
  • A computer program is not classified as an invention. its like a book, you cannot write a story and patent it, you can however copyright it. so all these companies with there digital patents will never hold up in court. that is why you have something like vimeo/bitchute/rumble competing against youtube. dont you think youtube/google would have patent this...

    Banting GamerBanting GamerMåned siden
  • Whelp, now I know who Megan is, thanks Phil. @@

    Mental PatientMental PatientMåned siden
  • wow Biden fan boi here

    Sericen De'WhamiSericen De'WhamiMåned siden
  • black mirror

    Runell GordonRunell GordonMåned siden
  • That black mirror episode still haunts me

    Nate KNate KMåned siden
  • Trump offered the National Guardsmen to stay in his hotel for free. Its kinda messed up due to political BS that they weren't allowed to stay there. Instead, they got a parking garage lol; smh

    Zachary StoneZachary StoneMåned siden
  • What’s with the shaming people for getting a sickness??

    alfred44alfred44Måned siden
  • in regards to foreigners and out-of-staters going to florida to get covid-19 vaccinations, i feel like we should keep this going. it makes us look good

    QueerBiNatureNYCQueerBiNatureNYCMåned siden
  • Are we going to mention how unemployment has a lot to do with largely democrat politicians encouraging excessive lockdowns crushing their own economies. Biden was very pro-lockdown. Biden encouraged policies that led to mass unemployment. Now we’re saying that he has such a tough job helping the country recover economically from economic damages that he helped to impose.

    CutiepatootsmagootsCutiepatootsmagootsMåned siden
  • I took a break from watching Phil before voting time last year because he truly is a bringer of sadness but I’m back now and the most shocking thing about this video is his hair

    Lydiajeals SLydiajeals SMåned siden
  • 6:43 Well, on camera, sure. Wasn't there a story of an English politician fucking a pig's head during a feat party?

    Talic-osTalic-osMåned siden
  • thank you daddy phil for the intro

    kimikittiekatkimikittiekatMåned siden
  • Black mirror/ I’ll be right back

    kay Bentonkay BentonMåned siden
  • Test

    That One AssholeThat One AssholeMåned siden
  • Tory Lanez is innocent

    MakaveliG17CMakaveliG17CMåned siden
  • 7:45 why do you have an ADT camera (or any camera) in your teenage daughters bedroom?

    ed barked barkMåned siden
  • Did you guys see that biden signed an executive order making anyone on federal property must wear a mask. Then he broke that rule with his WHOLE family because they were celebrating, so it's okay. for him to not wear a mask on federal property but everybody else has to. Hypocrite.

    Mr. AwesomeFTWMr. AwesomeFTWMåned siden
  • I’m one off the 8 million I’m so mad I’m an essential worker I worked the whole pandemic even when the people are me got COVID and I did my job 6 days a week everyday and they didn’t even give me the first check yet. I got the second one today.

    ClassicClassicMåned siden
  • I love how no one reads the the US Constitution - from Section 3, Article 1 "The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments. When sitting for that Purpose, they shall be on Oath or Affirmation. When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside: And no Person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two thirds of the Members present. Judgment in Cases of Impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from Office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any Office of honor, Trust or Profit under the United States: but the Party convicted shall nevertheless be liable and subject to Indictment, Trial, Judgment and Punishment, according to Law." Notice first paragraph "When the President of the United States is Tried.." ummm doesn't say anything about any former president just THE President of the United States . Also note second paragraph "Judgment in Cases of Impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from Office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any Office of honor, Trust or Profit under the United States" Notice this second part for Judgment that includes " Removal AND disqualification " meaning you must be removed to be disqualified but hey don't trust me read it yourself then .. here's the link -

    Von BismarckVon BismarckMåned siden
  • can't wait to see what else Biden does

    TheCreepyproTheCreepyproMåned siden
  • this is LITERALLY the black mirror episode

    Lexie SwansonLexie SwansonMåned siden
  • Still trying to decide if I like Phil’s new “politician” haircut.

    This Love-Lee LifeThis Love-Lee LifeMåned siden
    • He should test out Keeps and up his ad game

      Nick LoomanNick LoomanMåned siden
  • Sounds like Westworld haha

    Kaged CreationsKaged CreationsMåned siden
  • You see how the feckless GOP immediately started pointing fingers. They all should be tried for sedition based on their actions less than a month ago.

    Jaizensama Sosek’eJaizensama Sosek’eMåned siden
  • HEEEEYYYYY i have that sweatshirt!

    MrAdityaMrAdityaMåned siden
  • So the national guard just follows orders from an unknown source for an unknown reason that involves moving from their post, that was set up in response to terrorist. Idk it just sounds suspicious that no one knows where that order came from. I’m sure it was a politician because we all saw how much they care about us the people so shame on them but the unknown factors just sound incredibly dangerous and ignorant.

    Jenie HopeJenie HopeMåned siden
  • Philp "ted Cruz" Defranco

    Nigga JohnNigga JohnMåned siden
  • About dave and joe. Testing results give a LOT of false negatives, specially in the first few days, when you are a spreader but not showing sympthoms. So all that rapid testing and PCR testing is pretty much useless if social distancing and masks are not being used. There seems to be a lot of ignorance about testing, you should investigate this issue, interview doctors and make a video about it. TESTING IS NOT 100%

    JustThaorJustThaorMåned siden
  • Angry bird pillows please

    MIBuckeye60MIBuckeye60Måned siden
  • Oh and while phil made the EOs of Biden seem good. They haven't been. The EOs he has pushed through are already making things worse in terms of our jobs and economy, so what ever Joe inherited from Trump. He isn't reversing it, but making it worse. Destroyed the Pipeline deal we had with Canada, destroying easily something like 50K jobs. Already reversing the work Trump has done to bring medical costs down. Prepping for what looks like a new war over seas. To simplify it all, he is clearly doing what the NYT and Big corporate Businesses want; he at least is no longer the elected official for the little guy or minorities. I only hope everyone sees it before the next election.

    Charles BadgerCharles BadgerMåned siden
  • Oh Trump offered for the National Guardsmen/women in the parking garage to go to his hotel. Even after leaving office, he is still one upping Tyrannical Biden.

    Charles BadgerCharles BadgerMåned siden
  • why tf was I auto subbed to this terrible channel

    Laszlo KissLaszlo KissMåned siden
  • Love that hoodie

    Cory MayerCory MayerMåned siden
  • Look I get it Trump has some serious character flaws, but one thing is a fact. Trump looked at what was unnecessarily costing the American tax payer and cut it, such as his own salary or wars over seas or minimizing immigration (green card and illegal immigration) to improve the opportunity for the American Citizen to have a job. Just like that company that had something like 1200 illegal immigrants working for them using the excuse that Americans wouldn't come for those jobs. Yet when the illegal immigrants were removed and the jobs opened up, Americans showed up to work. Biden has seemingly been under the operation or action of "I don't care what it costs the American people, get it done." Such as pursuing the fracking ban, or destroying 70K+ jobs and shredding the deal between US and Canada with the Pipeline. Or causing Insulin as well as other pharmaceutical costs to go up. Time will show we were better off under Trump, though as you can see Philly kind of forgot about the 1st 3 years of a record breaking economy. I will maintain this view for probably the rest of my life, the shut down was the worst thing to do. Keep the economy booming and let the American people work out how they will/would deal with the virus. Because now, Phillip is blaming Trump for what Biden is inheriting; while ignoring what Trump did his 1st 3 years and no that wasn't because of Obama (otherwise Obama's 1st 4 years were because of Bush Jr.). More regulations from the federal government, the less likely our economy will come back. Less regulations from our government, our economy will bounce back just like it did in 2017 to 2019.

    Charles BadgerCharles BadgerMåned siden
  • anyone else notice after signing the EO of mandating masks on federal property, on the same day, being on federal property without a mask? yeah, already sounding like he is just a federal version of Gov. Newsome, Gov. Whitmore, and Gov. Cuomo. Already exposing his elitist mentality. This is what Biden voters wanted? I know it is a small thing, but if he is going to break his own rules as small as that; what makes you think he isn't going to break the bigger rules and promises?

    Charles BadgerCharles BadgerMåned siden
  • It’s crazy that some of the news is good. Thank you Biden. Still a lot of bad but I’m so grateful for the good.

    Nichole SchroederNichole SchroederMåned siden
  • Covid bouta Donnell Rawlings ass out lmao

    SelaromSelaromMåned siden
  • A vaccine doesn't create herd immunity you clown

    Kyle GorhamKyle GorhamMåned siden
  • Did microsoft see that fucking black mirror episode and say: hey, we can do that 🤔 😂😂😂wtf 😅

    Shannon de FariaShannon de FariaMåned siden
  • Clowning on people for getting sick is totally an ok thing to do...if you're a garbage person.

    GahziCoHGahziCoHMåned siden
  • Does the worst economic and job situation have anything to do with all the shutdowns that didn't change the spread that much? Is there details on that correlation? I think you stopped your investigation a little early.

    StudentStudentMåned siden
  • Fuck yeah I wanna be an ai, cyborg me the fuck up

    LewLewLewLewMåned siden
  • The blood is on all corporate carpets... bloody carpets for everyone. 😜🤙

    Edward ParsonsEdward ParsonsMåned siden
  • I am cool with them replacing the filibuster if they remove the two party system. But until the two party system isn't mainstream anymore, I don't want anything to get done in politics basically.

    Harmonic DistortionHarmonic DistortionMåned siden
  • Phil, please stop putting your opinion in the news

    Jeremy RappJeremy RappMåned siden