WOW! Guess Who Just Threatened Me Over Yesterday's Show. & Taylor Swift, Mia Khalifa, India Backlash

3. feb.. 2021
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00:00 - Morgan Wallen Caught Using Racial Slur
03:46 - Taylor Swift Being Sued By... A Theme Park?
05:11 - Sponsor
06:14 - SpaceX Launch Fails
08:27 - Amazon Fined For Underpaying It's Drivers
10:01 - India Cuts Internet In New Delhi After Farmer Protests
12:23 - Congress' New Metal Detector Rule
13:54 - Senate Leaders Agree To Power Sharing Deal
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Morgan Wallen Removed from Radio Stations After Slur Caught on Camera:
Taylor Swift Sued by Theme Park Over Alleged Trademark Infringement:
FAA Denied SpaceX A Safety Waiver:
Amazon to Pay $61.7 Million Settlement For Withholding Tips:
Indian Farmers Get Viral Support from Western Celebs:
House Approves Fines Up to $10,000 for Lawmakers Who Evade Metal Detectors:
Senate Leaders Reach Power Sharing Deal:
Pro-Trump Election Conspiracist Lin Wood Investigated Over Possible Voter Fraud:
Golden Globes Make History With Most Female Director Nominations in a Single Year:
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Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Brian Espinoza
Production Team: Zack Taylor
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    Philip DeFrancoPhilip DeFranco24 dager siden
    • You forgot younger...

      Wordy GoddessWordy Goddess12 dager siden
    • Haven't used amazon for more than five years as the company does legal limbo the circumvent regulations regarding unions, wage and almost any labour law, protecting workers...

      99smite99smite13 dager siden
    • Better yet Phil, what would it have to do to get YOU to stop using Amazon-HHHMMMM???🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

      mrsjbarrettmrsjbarrett18 dager siden
    • I ship it

      Kit ZerinKit Zerin19 dager siden
    • @HodgePodge I searched this entire thread for this!

      ElizabethElizabeth22 dager siden
  • You’re very handsome Phil, don’t worry.

    Anthony DevasAnthony DevasDag siden
  • Evermore lesson is that if you possibly intend to sue someone, perhaps don't tweet things that prove the opposite.

    Jaiden OliverJaiden Oliver2 dager siden
  • As a farmer, I believe the Indian government should cease its minimum sale price for food

    Zachary HendersonZachary Henderson3 dager siden
  • Almost all the Actors don't really have any clue (or care) about social issues, they just do and say as being paid for. It's very rare to find someone who genuinely cares. After all, they are paid to act in a certain manner.

    roniieee Mroniieee M4 dager siden
  • I'm sorry that you heard me say it, pretty much.

    The Honest ConversationsThe Honest Conversations5 dager siden
  • not a bad feeling to see this channel bleed out subs

    truMalmatruMalma5 dager siden
  • I'm glad we all agree on how shitty Amazon is.

    Sean the BawseSean the Bawse6 dager siden
  • The best.😂

    Gaia's GuardianGaia's Guardian7 dager siden
  • this is the most aggressive cancellation I've ever seen. Holy shit

    Lex BoogieLex Boogie8 dager siden
  • Dafuq this dudes hair?

    Sevro auBarcaSevro auBarca8 dager siden
  • did I just join an ARG? is this a death cult? Am I going to die in seven days now?

    Wil MaurerWil Maurer10 dager siden
  • I love Markiplier’s voice!

    Shining LightShining Light11 dager siden
  • Doesn't Evermore HAVE to follow a copyright? If they own the copyright to 'Evermore' aren't they legally obligated to do something about it or the lose it? Or am i thinking of something else?

    Master_KeybladeMaster_Keyblade11 dager siden
  • Phil has said "either we can say all of it, or none of it" in the past...

    Josh JunonJosh Junon11 dager siden
  • Ah, yes. All parents of the last 50 years (or so) have their memory of their child's first drop of the F-bomb. For me, the first time I was called a bitch stands out in sharper relief in my memories. My step-daughter was spending the week with us because it was spring break. On Friday afternoon I told my son to do something he didn't want to do and he called me a bitch. Instead of throwing a fit, I stopped speaking to him. I used my step-daughter as a message relay system as in, "Tell him the bitch wants to know how he wants his eggs," or, "Tell him the bitch wants to know if he wants cheese on his burger," or, "The bitch says it's time to brush your teeth and go to bed."

    calichef1962calichef196212 dager siden
  • Markiplier Vs DeFranco boxing match, make it happen

    frostysean99frostysean9913 dager siden
  • dont tell me u were wanting him impeached for something he didnt do

    Muffled outcastMuffled outcast13 dager siden
  • I would use Amazon despite anything they did to the workers as long as the workers are free to leave. It's not that I'm a extreme libertarian, it's just that I like using Amazon that much. And honestly, almost any company that produces any product in China (ie 90% of them) contributes to worker abuses in some way. If you add companies that use products made in China or support other companies that do, then it's pretty much 100%. The world is interconnected and EVERYTHING has no more than 2 levels of separation from China. It's no longer possible to make any real differences at the grass roots level. Changes have to be made at the top levels through laws or regulations. Unless all companies voluntarily change their behaviors simultaneously, the abuses just move to a different form.

    Henry TuttleHenry Tuttle14 dager siden
  • Markiplier is weird hot. I kinda wanna hold hands with him as we eat pastries.

    Wordy GoddessWordy Goddess15 dager siden
  • COOL!! Executions streamed daily. I'd finally pay for Prime to see that.

    Earth 2021Earth 202115 dager siden
  • The ads for your show are always the same & GROSS: *Game of Sultans* Your show has gotten more *all* 1 sided. What happened to the Phil 2.5 years ago my mom & i used to binge listen when we got together in the car?

    Malibu7SevenMalibu7Seven16 dager siden
  • I paused for Amazon question: I'll stop using them if I find out they support trump, especially after 1/6/21

    Raw OysterRaw Oyster16 dager siden
  • I don’t use Amazon I’ve maybe bought a couple of books that I couldn’t find in shops and maybe some shit with a gift card. It’s really not hard to not use em

    Huxley AlmanHuxley Alman16 dager siden
    • @MMoLoLu only time I get it is if you live somewhere remote. Then I can see it’s use.

      Huxley AlmanHuxley Alman14 dager siden
    • @MMoLoLu exactly right

      Huxley AlmanHuxley Alman14 dager siden
    • Their search system is horrid too. I very briefly used Amazon, then stopped. I find it beyond unusable, even if they do have the product I want and it's not available elsewhere, which is rarely the case.

      MMoLoLuMMoLoLu14 dager siden
  • Angry bird pillows please

    MIBuckeye60MIBuckeye6016 dager siden
  • Whys he not saying anything about Gretta? are we supposed to wipe that puppeteering under the rug... its actually big news

    OMAEKAOMAEKA17 dager siden
  • Amazon would just have to be bested.. there would need to be a BETTER Amazon. That's the only way

    applebetrippinapplebetrippin18 dager siden
  • I try to use as many other sites to buy things as I can, I'll use New Egg if I need anything tech related and I'll use Discogs if I want to buy a record or CD. For a lot of other things though it's hard to find a good replacement for Amazon

    Joshua SchumacherJoshua Schumacher18 dager siden
  • How does making the representatives go through metal detectors and force them to undergo searches protect against a capital building raid happening again?

    GreyDemonGreyDemon18 dager siden
  • It would take a competitor to step in and provide a similar service at a fair rate. I think this is called competition, but Amazon is not a fan of that word..

    ChillerN8ChillerN818 dager siden
  • WHO CARES! about these fake, I wanna save my career apologizes. They all say it. They all mean it. It's not the first time someone has borrowed from the culture and then decided to use the N-word. Bug most of Hollywood and the music industry and you'll hear it. At this point, I assume they all say it. The end. ⭕

    Zhirro YuhiZhirro Yuhi18 dager siden
  • Taylor swift should just buy the whole theme park

    Wilfred DaleWilfred Dale18 dager siden
  • What about greeta thanberg's controversial (toolkit) tweet?

    Ultra InstinctUltra Instinct18 dager siden
  • holy shit, who wouldve thought that Markiplier could get this intimidating D:

    AviateAviate18 dager siden
  • crazy how phillip was mark's boss back in the day

    Jenny MtzJenny Mtz19 dager siden
    • wait......... REALLYYYYYY?!?!

      Hannah PickaHannah Picka15 dager siden
  • I've actually done my best to avoid using amazon for a while now. I've used it maybe once since the pandemic shut things down. They mistreat employees so flagrantly I decided I can't in good conscience support amazon.

    Elena WrightElena Wright19 dager siden
  • Actually Chris rock said i could if I was singing Jay z

    Roy RogersRoy Rogers19 dager siden
  • Gotta be honest: I'd never heard of Evermore Park before, but from looking at it, it looks fucking incredible. It's like everything I ever wanted as a 9-year-old. Lends a bit of credence to Taylor's team, lol.

    Rob MeehanRob Meehan19 dager siden
  • I already don't use Amazon. Bezos being as selfish a man as he is was enough.

    FreaksoftheinternetFreaksoftheinternet19 dager siden
  • i mean, wallen said it like he grew up around it. given that, it doesn't surprise me. now, when you level up, so does your . . . restrictions. i do think he needs to be careful what he says because of his position - jackie robinson. growing up around and accepted by black people doesn't translate to the national stage. get with the game. and agreed, it's never ok to say no matter who you are, black, white, purple, blue.

    Ley-on Tyne WesaLey-on Tyne Wesa19 dager siden
  • It is ok to say nigguh, my nigguh if it doesn't end with the er it isn't the N word. only racist find it to be racist because of how they think. That's also why you think the color of your skin makes you better than others. You're the true bigots my nigguh

    Lord Nemesis, Friend or FoeLord Nemesis, Friend or Foe19 dager siden
  • I know people who work at the local fulfilment center for amazon and they say it's not bad, they get a minimum of $15 and have benefits. Unless amazon murdered my friends I'd keep using them.

    TheGreatChrisBTheGreatChrisB19 dager siden
  • The country singer dude's sales are increasing quite nicely since the uttering of the word that shall not be spoken lol. That might be a good marketing strategy. The more offended some become the more others who believe in free speech will support them. I understand full well the terrible implications/history of the word, but I mean making fun of transgender people like myself is still fine, often by other minorities. I don't see why white people are getting offended FOR black people. Black people can handle their own problems. Liberal white savior complex is strong these days.

    Shiney ShineShiney Shine19 dager siden
  • Paul Dean got canceled real fast. So he should be treated any different. She apologized also. There is no excuse. Your a public figure so you should be a better role model

    Trina McreynoldsTrina Mcreynolds19 dager siden
  • Here's an unpopular opinion: not being allowed to say a word that Admittedly is/was used as a derogatory term created and used by 1 culture and now being prohibited by any other cultures except the 1 that it was used to demean is cultural appropriation. Just saying.

    Tweak FreqTweak Freq19 dager siden
  • What are the shoes that you are always promoting. I’m trying to order some for my partner for vday they seem like the perfect gift. Also is there a code for a discount?

    Kareem LahaiKareem Lahai19 dager siden
  • That country single is both racist for saying the n word and sexist for purposefully giving as many women as possible covid 19.

    PaputszaPaputsza19 dager siden
  • Amazon's reviews are so completely unreliable now that I've already almost completely stopped using Amazon.

    BBBBBrittanyBBBBBrittany19 dager siden
  • I think it would have to get to the point of them publicly executing people unfortunately. I hate using them, but I'm poor and it's extremely convenient.

    noxasdetovinoxasdetovi19 dager siden
  • I stopped using Amazon since Twitch was hacked and it was revealed they were storing the passwords in plain text. This was two years after Amazon acquisition. They can be really halfassed when they want to.

    LocomamonkLocomamonk19 dager siden
  • Yes I have a acquaintance who is white and still says the n word. his response when I said it was racist was I’m not racist I have more black friends then white friends. I never wanted to see a racist person get jumped so badly.

    babygirlie_99's YouTubebabygirlie_99's YouTube19 dager siden
  • If the word offends, don't use it.......But, if a word hurts you chances are you are a liberal with no LIFE.

    Robert SavannRobert Savann19 dager siden
  • nice to hear news about the senate and congress

    TheCreepyproTheCreepypro19 dager siden
  • so metal detectors in schools are ok, but in their place it's not

    Khoot JenkinsKhoot Jenkins20 dager siden
  • 2 things: 1) Elon Musk. Yeah, this person has famously tried to make space exploration a private industry. What historical lessons have we learned when science, technology, or industry is privately held? Someone else who is a bigger, better industry, buys it, and pays larger bribes..sorry "lobbyists" to help change policy favoring, said industry's terms. Which leads us to Amazon.. 2) Amazon From selling books to everything under the sun. Back before Coronavirus, some of the stuff sold on was Dollar store fodder. Bezos acts like this goofy version of Horatio Alger, with a little masked greed from various controllers of his diverse industries. Resulting in those who work for Amazon not getting to buy the consumer products from Amazon. Its kind of the opposite of Henry Ford, paying his workers a wage to afford to buy one of his vehicles after saving for a year. Greed exists everywhere. Its the lowest common denominator of human nature.

    QuasiTractionQuasiTraction20 dager siden
  • Never been so fast to hit the like button in my life

    Fruit LupeFruit Lupe20 dager siden
  • Better built than to help

    Ani StubbsAni Stubbs20 dager siden
  • Sorry Phil, but these Raycon look like something you would find on Wish - and at half the price of Sony/1more earpods? They're reaching.

    Steve WestwoodSteve Westwood20 dager siden
  • I avoid Amazon at every cost.

    Sam M.Sam M.20 dager siden
  • o agree with Lauren boebert regardless of dem or rep people in a political office if they decide to carry let them they are taking charge and being responsible for their own life and not just relying on security

    Heero yuyHeero yuy20 dager siden
  • i find it crazy people get upset over a word, i was called fat in middle school all the time by other students and guess what that word only has power if you let it have power. to be clear im not saying saying it is ok just saying you shouldn't let a word hold any power over you

    Heero yuyHeero yuy20 dager siden
  • I remember phill said the n word 1 time

    j Meyersj Meyers20 dager siden
  • save 15% or more on car insurance with raycon

    ob882ob88220 dager siden
  • I am Canadian but is it not true that in some American schools they make children walk through metal detectors? So asking an adult to do something they make children do, is it asking too much? Cause apparently anything can happen at anytime.

    Jurr03Jurr0320 dager siden
  • Hahahaha I love the sarcasm of “how shocking...”

    Essence PierceEssence Pierce20 dager siden
  • There is more "woke" white ppl pressed over Morgan... Then the ppl that should be pressed over it lol. If you (yes you "woke" white ppl) keep giving words power it will always have power...

    Robert DeanRobert Dean20 dager siden
  • I don’t use amazon and won’t until workers are paid fairly, their fleet is enviro friendly, and their packaging is all or mostly recycled and recyclable. They have enough money to make it happen so make it happen!

    Mello SmithMello Smith20 dager siden
  • America is so retarded U wanna know why? Because : t-word c-word a-word w-word h-word y-word c-word e-word y-word

    prlolos toprlolos to20 dager siden
  • I mean we have metal detectors.. at my high school.

    Abby AitkenAbby Aitken20 dager siden
  • Indian government paid some protesters for incite fighting

    kan Kanwarkan Kanwar20 dager siden
  • I work for Amazon and they hide policy changes all the time from us. I have to ask for the policys at least once a year and they give me grief about it every time cuz they know I'm gonna tell everyone at work what their hiding.

    Morgan BinghamMorgan Bingham20 dager siden
  • Funny how a little bit of convenience will go a long way toward getting people to ignore worker/human rights violations. Break up Amazon.

    IonicIonic20 dager siden
  • About the firearms in the Capitol should not be allowed. I work at an airport for the government and we can lose our job only after one attempt to bring a firearm into the airport. A fine for these people means nothing. They need to get fired. Period.

    Unstable1Unstable120 dager siden
  • N

    Khamzat BatoukarvKhamzat Batoukarv20 dager siden
  • Sucks because I liked Morgans music but damn I can't support that. He basically will disappear now.

    Unstable1Unstable120 dager siden
  • Phil vs Mark 2021, let's bring it! I couldn't think of two sweeter and more fun faces to "bonk" it out.

    J PJ P20 dager siden
  • I don't know who this country guy is, and I don't really care, but it does seem weird that he's getting cancelled for saying something when he was drunk

    Jon BakerJon Baker20 dager siden
  • I have never heard of Morgan Walken before this video.

    Nicholas MickoNicholas Micko20 dager siden
  • i'd let mark bonk me god that voice is so hot lmfao

    Lippy WitchLippy Witch20 dager siden
  • Hi Phil, I'm sorry but I am too poor to stop using Amazon. I am in my 20's with student debt in a pandemic. I'm grinding hard for a better life but until then my purchases are cheaply made furniture shipped from China and discounted prices Amazon brand products. The day I am not living pay cheque to pay cheque is the day I will be happy to switch to the more expensive local alternative.

    Cate H.Cate H.21 dag siden
  • Lmao, surprised about a countrysinger WITH A MULLET using oldschool phrasing. Get out of here

    CronkCronk21 dag siden
  • Fuck Amazon. I actively try not to order from them. If I have to wait three weeks for a shirt then fine. At least the individual companies’ employees aren’t being actively abused.

    Riva 0023Riva 002321 dag siden
  • Morgan Wallen was racist at 5 years old. 10 years old. 20 years old. Yesterday. Today and he will be tomorrow. Maybe in 10 years he won't but if he decides to change now, he might not be racist in 20 years.

    thatgeekdadthatgeekdad21 dag siden
  • Phil, don’t do this to me. Don’t make me think critically about my Amazon use 😭 don’t call me out like that 😅........ because short of live-streaming executions everyday, I’m not sure where I’d land on that scale to stop using them 🙈

    Lillie McDonaldLillie McDonald21 dag siden
  • Honestly, I use Amazon because I'm too poor not to. That $30 bucks I might save over the course of a month on household supplies is $30 of food I get to eat. Same with Walmart, not proud of it but you do what you have to.

    Almira StirrupAlmira Stirrup21 dag siden
  • 3:20 if you feel you have to censor yourself singing a song then why are you even listening to it? Yeah it's an offensive word but if it's that bad then you need to take it up with the ones making that music. Acting like any word is unacceptable to use ever is dumb. That said wallen is an idiot. Hopefully he learns from this and makes a come back one day.

    jstitus916jstitus91621 dag siden
  • I... Hate my love for amazon.

    Suuggestion KalaxySuuggestion Kalaxy21 dag siden
  • I havent used amazon in over a year, ever since the pandemic hit and I saw how ruthless they are with their employees.... im a young adult so I was not aware of their practices till I started adulting .... I used to use it a lot in HS 😓

    Perla MurilloPerla Murillo21 dag siden
  • I like this beef he has with Markiplier lol

    WendifurWendifur21 dag siden
  • I thought Markiplier was Keanu Reeves

    Jacob BrunbergJacob Brunberg21 dag siden
  • Besides etsey what's a good replanted for amazon? Just curious. I work at Amazon and after just everything I'm done using Amazon. They don't need no more money.

    kitten &yarnkitten &yarn21 dag siden
  • “I will destroy you, mkay.” -Markiplier, Feb 2021

    Daisy PDaisy P21 dag siden
  • I've never even heard of this Morgan guy before today listing to your story Phil...but my automatic expectation is that "country" people use that word every day.

    jlpittmaniiijlpittmaniii21 dag siden
  • A white country singer said the N word? _I am so shocked and surprised._

    Mimi StardustMimi Stardust21 dag siden
  • Amazon - I need a good replacement to stop using Amazon. Something as good or better that isn't hyper hypocritical.

    Jordan NyeJordan Nye21 dag siden
  • Who is this Mark guy?

    Kendor FarmsKendor Farms21 dag siden
  • Of course repubs would say no to something that involves them losing money or giving any money to the needy.

    autisticgamer96autisticgamer9621 dag siden

    tealteal21 dag siden
  • Dude that sucks about Evermore. They're a great park.

    Drew TaylorDrew Taylor21 dag siden
  • If quoting it from a black guy is also not ok, then it's not ok for the black guy to say it. sorry, doesn't work both ways, the word's either bad or it's not...

    Fuzzy ImagesFuzzy Images21 dag siden