Why This Disgusting Robinhood Dumpster Fire Has Me Furious, H3H3, Mia Khalifa, DHS Warnings, & More

28. jan.. 2021
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00:00 - Robinhood Stops Trading GameStop, Users Furious
04:21 - EU Investigating Nintendo Over Joy-Con Drift
05:47 - Sponsor
07:02 - DHS Warns of Domestic Extremists
10:11 - Biden's Executive Orders On Healthcare
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Robinhood and WeBull Users Infuriated After Apps Heavily Restrict GameStop, AMC Trading
EU Group Calls for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Drift Investigation:
DHS Issues Rare Warning of Heightened Domestic Threat:
Biden Signs Executive Orders Expanding Healthcare:
NBC Claims “The Office” Is More Popular on Peacock Than It Was on Netflix:
Bernie Sanders Inauguration Memes Helps Raise Over $1.8M for Charity:
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg, Maxx Enright
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Brian Espinoza
Production Team: Zack Taylor
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  • Screw it. I’m putting all my money into DeFranCoin.

    Philip DeFrancoPhilip DeFrancoMåned siden
    • You babble like a mad man you're 'news' is second hand, you're just a different take on keemstar...I can't say anything more

      kevin6666123kevin666612327 dager siden
    • You realiZe If you did that you'd be a bagillionaire because we love you

      Kelsi ChristineKelsi Christine27 dager siden
    • We like the stock!

      Brendan SchoenBrendan Schoen28 dager siden
    • Propaganda begins with no context. Just letting people know.

      Taylor MartinTaylor Martin28 dager siden
    • Please tell me this is a thing. Cause im down!

      A.D. GonzalezA.D. Gonzalez28 dager siden
  • Your next cancellation of advertisement should be MVMT watches. They are just as much as of piece of sh×t as Robinhood.

    jose ramosjose ramos3 dager siden
  • For the switch controllers I have noticed they all have that same issues within the first year or second but I called Nintendo and they sent me a label to ship them out and got them fixed for free

    VerónicaVerónica12 dager siden
  • Phil integrity de Franco

    Donald BluntDonald Blunt14 dager siden
  • americanpie

    Tina AfonsoTina Afonso15 dager siden
  • How to invest for noobs?

    Emmanuel IbeEmmanuel Ibe18 dager siden
  • @Phil let us know the next app after Robinhood

    Obsidian Sirius BlackheartObsidian Sirius Blackheart19 dager siden
  • WTF does he talk about Mia Khalifa?

    SuperSaiyan3985SuperSaiyan398520 dager siden
  • I mean, I just put my switch in sleep mode and then turn it back on and my joy con works fine. It's a minor inconvenience.

    Evan JarvisEvan Jarvis20 dager siden
  • Can we just not have another civil war is what I want for my life and I also really don't want to live a version of the handmade's tale where the sons of Jacob are full of morons and boneheads only those who have either watch the series or read the book will understand what I'm talking about

    Silver Ink182Silver Ink18220 dager siden
  • Philip: This is so gross and it needs attention Also Philip: WIN A CAR THAT ALSO HELPS CHARITY NOW!!!!!!!!??!?!?!?!?!?!

    hunt2334hunt233421 dag siden
  • How is ANTIFA not violent extremists posing a threat worthy of the department of homeland security issuing a statement then when it was far more violent and pervasive. They didn’t even seem to think the threat was worthy of police force.

    CutiepatootsmagootsCutiepatootsmagoots21 dag siden
  • It's just like me and siblings that destroyed 3 Nintendo DS's

    WeebcatWeebcat22 dager siden
  • This is even worse than EA's lootbox controversy

    WeebcatWeebcat22 dager siden
  • Not even the days of pride and accomplishment (Battlefront 2 controversy) have I seen anyone spread so much hatred as Vlad Tenev. He needs to go to jail.

    WeebcatWeebcat22 dager siden
  • Anyone that has the basic knowledge of how stock trading works will acknowledge that Robinhood didn't do anything wrong. I am not sure what all of this outrage really is for. It is just dumb stupid outrage, so I am disappointed with Philip's coverage of this story. You could've spoken with some experts on this topic and what did Robinhood do wrong? No one has been able to explain this

    Waly 007Waly 00723 dager siden
    • It's what happens when people blindly jump on a bandwagon. If people actually read robinhood's terms and conditions they wouldn't be saying such silly stuff. Heck if they understood how clearing houses for stocks worked they wouldn't be saying this nonsense.

      Jermaine .AJermaine .A21 dag siden
  • *One of the few times I actually agree with you Phil. **#FuckRobinHood*

    OneManCastOneManCast23 dager siden
  • I get AOC's response, but does she really have that much pull?

    jcjohncarter3jcjohncarter324 dager siden
  • Funny that the app is called Robin Hood because they certainly aren't stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Kinda the opposite actually

    Aisling BradshawAisling Bradshaw24 dager siden
  • Good job Philip DeFranco - rage quitting Robinhood like a 13 year old while you didn’t do real digging on why they had to stop trading of GameStop. They had no capital left to front the enormous amounts of trades going on (per SEC regulations). RobinHood could have been shut down if they didn’t comply with those regulations. I wonder how many people you influenced to pull all their money out of Robinhood while Robinhood was doing capital fundraising so they could turn trading back on in accordance with the law.

    Theodore TomczakTheodore Tomczak24 dager siden
  • Fuck Wall Street. If you can’t handle the risk, don’t be a POS short seller trying to drive the stock of a company in the ground 💕

    Leah OcarinaLeah Ocarina24 dager siden
  • Glad you still love our faces.

    Wendy GutierrezWendy Gutierrez24 dager siden
  • Most times I'd say it'll be business as usual for a company like robinhood. Don't think they'll recover from this one. They have a 1.1 on the Google store.....over half the ratings are from just a week

    Special KDSpecial KD24 dager siden
  • killerqueen

    sami almarusami almaru25 dager siden
  • Why are you Americans still use TikTok? Are you still not aware that Chinese laws mandates Chinese companies, apps, phones like Huawei, Xiaomi, etc... to send user data back to Chinese Government Servers? Also, do you not even know that the raw videos you take using TikTok, are very easy for TikTok to remove the filters? So if you took a video of yourself naked using TikTok with a filter, are you aware that filter is just like a Photoshop layer? The question is, how much of your data has been uploaded to Chinese servers? The mere fact that all your TikTok videos are uploaded online, where are the data stored considering different backups in different countries? As of February 2021, Facebook is being sued for harvesting user data and tracking user activities even when you are not using the Facebook app. Facebook is an American company. What more of TikTok. If you are thinking about the new Terms of Service, since when did China ever do what they say or legally write? Are you guys aware of what China has been doing while the world is suffering from the Pandemic? World Domination. Hong Kong people are now afraid to talk because of recent mass arrests of civilians who speak about democracy. Jack Ma suddenly went missing after criticizing CCP. Top business tycoons disappear and "re-educated". As of now, Taiwan is threatened war by China if it insists independence. You all talk about how you taught Robinhood a lesson, yet continue to patronize everything China. All those goods you buy that are made in China instead of demanding US companies to be sanctioned and come back to US or at least out of China. To bring your jobs back or at least stop the flow of billions of dollars into China which they are using to secretly take over the world. Are you aware how many countries are in deep debt to China and their territories and properties now controlled by China during the Pandemic alone? If you want some ideas of what China has been doing, check my videos last year when the Pandemic started. We still have not heard what happened to the citizen journalists Chen Qishi and Fang Bin after recording what is happening in Wuhan. Also check China's Skynet. Wake up America. You are the one enabling China. Fang Bin. Skip to when Chinese police barged into his house and has never been heard from again. notown.info/two/video/l5Vuh3yRopmRytk.html How China tracks everyone. notown.info/two/video/vL2xrJlpjbGT0tE.html How China Censored COVID notown.info/two/video/vs2xiqB5ZcZk0Mk.html How China censors Livestreams in real time. notown.info/two/video/rq6Kgq2Pd7aGr6M.html How you can just "disappear" by China notown.info/two/video/yMyElqhoopmFurM.html

    Hum phreyHum phrey25 dager siden
  • Phil...my brother and I didnt break one Game boy or one game system growing up. Clearly your boys shouldn't have a Nintendo switch 🤣👌

    LadyOfTheFaeLadyOfTheFae25 dager siden
  • Does anyone know why youtube tells me this was 24 min old when infact it's 5 days old?

    sirfancypants Mcgeesirfancypants Mcgee25 dager siden
  • "My little boys have destroyed FOUR NINTENDO SWITCHES" -- Phil, once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, three times and it's your fault, but FOUR????????? I'm laughing so hard.

    olivia collinsolivia collins25 dager siden
  • Donated $ to Omaze and entered to win the car. And the code for an extra 150 chances worked, too, thanks! 👏

    Kira BurnettKira Burnett25 dager siden
  • Rich people don’t like it when the little man fights back

    crazycrazysnakemancrazycrazysnakeman25 dager siden
  • I unsubscribed because I don't want your kids to own a 6th Nintendo Switch....

    Adam HarveyAdam Harvey25 dager siden
  • *Make the world laugh at your casualties. Slaughter eachother like cattle. Collapse the dollar. Do it now! You know you deserve it.* #CivilWarNow

    Jack ShepardJack Shepard25 dager siden
  • *Far soy nazi leftism and Sillicon Valley, are rotting your american brains. Well, half of americans anyway...* #REEEEEEE

    Jack ShepardJack Shepard25 dager siden
  • No one (including AOC) believes that she was in any real danger. This is just a show for plebs. Enjoy.

    EquosEquos25 dager siden
  • Phil you're looking good. I haven't watched in a while. But you have cleaned up great since my last watch! Happy for you

    Canadough FinanceCanadough Finance25 dager siden
  • Hades is great though...

    Jonas KingJonas King26 dager siden
  • nice to hear you take on robin hood and an update on Biden

    TheCreepyproTheCreepypro26 dager siden
  • Trump is gone, let it go. He is in the rear view mirror, people need to calm down and this doesn’t help!!

    Katie CoyleKatie Coyle26 dager siden
  • I don’t get why Phil is always giving Mia Khalifa the spotlight. She’s the worst.

    T NT N26 dager siden
    • She's good clickbate material, it's just a marketing strategy

      The Lazy CriticThe Lazy Critic25 dager siden
  • Phil you jumped on the Robinhood story and took an extreme far too quickly without having the full story. They didn't have the cash to front for the trades, therefore they had to halt buy trades for gme in order to keep the rest of the stocks on their app tradeable. The fact that you jumped to such a harsh criticism before understanding this is definitely not the best look.

    klayton phinneyklayton phinney26 dager siden
  • WTF? I was promised H3H3 news!

    account01account0126 dager siden
  • I fucking love AOC

    HeyitsgiioHeyitsgiio26 dager siden
  • Thank goodness someone brought it up. I haven't been able to play my Nintendo Switch because I couldn't afford to keep replacing the damn joycons. Both broke a month in and when I replaced them they broke again just weeks later. Total rip off

    Jacqueline TrigoJacqueline Trigo26 dager siden
  • phil I havent watched you in like 2 years but your opening was fkn mint 0:10 lmao

    MrDooneyMrDooney26 dager siden
  • DHS: "some ideologically-motivated violent extremists with objects to the exercise off governmental authority and the presidential transition" ANTIFA holds up sign: "We don't want Biden; we want revenge" Gov: CLEARLY TRUMPERS STILL HAVING INSURRECTIONS

    TheVerucAssaultTheVerucAssault26 dager siden
  • Rumor has it now the story about silver stocks is a planted story in the media. Nearly everyone on WallstreetBets is saying it is a trap. DON'T INVEST IN SILVER! HOLD THE LINE!!!

    ricky4990ricky499026 dager siden
  • blog.robinhood.com/news/2021/1/29/what-happened-this-week I mean I know almost nothing about stocks so grain of salt and all, but it sounds like this is just a move to preserve Robinhood amidst an unpredicted circumstance.

    Kristina CarpenterKristina Carpenter26 dager siden
  • Hey just thought you should know that I never unsubed and I had to resub today. Bullshit imo

    hallermytimbitshallermytimbits26 dager siden
  • Please talk about Dr. Mike going on a Miami yacht superspreader event- sorry, I mean a "surprise birthday party". No masks, no socially distancing, and he proceeded to lie and misrepresent CDC guidelines in his "apology". You have platformed him repeatedly, please publicly condemn his disgusting and hypocritical behavior.

    rainingtreesrainingtrees26 dager siden
  • I'm Seriously disappointed in the PDS over this Robin-hood segment, clearly you jumped the gun here, and lead with emotions and not with facts and reason. Jumping on this ill informed witch-hunt is a really bad look in hindsight.

    ZinixZinix26 dager siden
  • Wait so you're telling me people are doing what wall street does, except they dont have millions of rich people(unlike reddit that just has a mass of people) and wall st only wants to have it exclusively for them?

    Alberto GonzalezAlberto Gonzalez26 dager siden
  • Came back to check if he went back to news, nope. Political pundent.

    Ian BIan B26 dager siden
  • Who even is Mia khalifa?

    just a girljust a girl26 dager siden
  • I've replaced my joycons 3 times... And I don't play that much. It's annoying. I almost don't want to play the switch just because they go bad so fast, my most recent ones are already drifting

    SarahsSnakeShopSarahsSnakeShop26 dager siden
  • People getting pissed about bidens executive orders don't really understand that for alot of these, there isn't time for beauracracy to do its shit first. He's aiming for immediate action for short term solutions to buy time for more in depth and permenant solutions. Trump might have done alot of good, but alot of his shit was questionable at best too. Biden has to fix an administration that's been gutted by his predecessor.

    VaragonaxVaragonax26 dager siden
  • You have to talk about the fakenews about silver being shorted. No one on wall street bets is investing in silver yet all big media is spreading that misinformation.

    Tina JTina J26 dager siden
  • Hey Phil. You look fly this vid

    Suki BroadSuki Broad26 dager siden
  • Angry bird pillows please

    MIBuckeye60MIBuckeye6026 dager siden
  • Thank ya, Phil. This is one of the most interesting times in history. It's gotta be difficult and stressful trying to comb through what to feature. I salute your work!

    xdoodleloverxdoodlelover26 dager siden
  • I think you need to revisit all the facts of the Robinhood case and understand the capital restraints that come as a result of the extreme volatility that was present last week. Not just listen to whatever people are saying on twitter and reddit for news coverage.

    kingthing89kingthing8926 dager siden
  • I hope Robinhood goes bankrupt for this.

    Ghosty CherriesGhosty Cherries26 dager siden
  • Man you got fat

    CannibalWarthogCannibalWarthog26 dager siden
  • If u went to xvideos you're not alone

    R0ninR0nin26 dager siden
  • The left hates the rich, the right hates regulated markets, and both the far left and far right hate jews. Literally everybody wins

    patrick O'flanniganpatrick O'flannigan26 dager siden
  • You are a rich tool!

    Tony 82 YoungTony 82 Young26 dager siden
  • Pls cover this story. There is a coup in Myanmar. Most of the leaders are being detained and phone and internet connection has been cut out.

    Peter TuawngPeter Tuawng26 dager siden
    • Myanmar sounds like a ligma joke

      The Night JackalThe Night Jackal26 dager siden
  • When do you talk about Mia Khalifa and H3????

    Thomas WilliamsThomas Williams26 dager siden
  • It's not like the people have any power

    Mac KobaltMac Kobalt26 dager siden
  • I love your hoodie. Anyone know where I can find it?

    zelikriszelikris27 dager siden
  • He would not have to do open enrollment because if you lose your insurance you're automatically eligible. Like the misinformation talking points are annoying at this point.

    aratosmaratosm27 dager siden
  • Robinhood is a piece of shit sorry

    thicc thum takthicc thum tak27 dager siden
  • PHIL! They charge $75 to move your portfolio! What do I do about this?! It's some bullshit!

    ParadoxdelaPaladinoParadoxdelaPaladino27 dager siden
  • NEW HAIR???

    tenparkstenparks27 dager siden
  • I don't know which disgusts me more. The rich preventing the poor from getting rich... or the man with the most power not showing people the option to find help during desperate time.

    hunterkiller1440hunterkiller144027 dager siden
  • talk about pop sensation death Sophie Xeon. she deserves respect. RIP angel.

    SiRENSiREN27 dager siden
  • Meanwhile...My Gameboy from 1998 still works lol

    P -MacP -Mac27 dager siden
  • Trumps presidency started a American s**t show. People giving democracy the middle finger because they’re upset their president lost, blatant racism and domestic terrorism , the leader of a 1st world country tweeting like a bitter middle schooler, dropping out of a worldwide program to help the world go green, attempts at regression in trans/lgbt and women’s rights and just lies after lies spewed from that man that people simply ate up that divided the country. I legitimately don’t know how people still support him unless they’re that afraid that they aren’t able to survive if they don’t have the unfair leg in the world like they used to.

    Madic HertzMadic Hertz27 dager siden
  • Every other first world country: national healthcare is a good idea. People surviving to buy things and vote are good. USA: taxes are bad! Let people get sick and die! Not my problem! ...until it is, then I'll flip.

    AmarianeeAmarianee27 dager siden
  • I work in retail & RMA handling & the joy-con issue is INSANELY common. they do fix them for you if you send them in but it’s annoying nonetheless. I bought a replacement pair while sending mine off to get fixed and had drifting issues after 20 minutes of play. it’s disgusting that they keep producing them the exact same way when they know the quality is subpar. they’re also way too expensive for being so cheaply made.

    Lama PrietaLama Prieta27 dager siden
  • In 2012, then sitting president, Barack Obama, broke the previous record of votes received by a sitting president by 3 million votes and he easily won.... in 2020 Donald Trump destroyed Obama's record by a margin of 18 million votes but his claims of voter fraud is unfounded apparently. Stay ignorant, civilians.

    Optimal PushOptimal Push27 dager siden
  • My girl is on her third tablet, she's 3 and her nickname is Sadie smash!

    BrokenGoodsBrokenGoods27 dager siden
  • Hey Phill. I know this has very little to do with your current video but I had to get this off my chest. I’ve been watching your videos for quite a while and have loved seeing the evolution that you’ve undergone not only as a NOtownr but as a person. I do feel like you have focused on trying to be a better person over all. However what this last political cycle has shown me is that you’ve started to replace your understanding with your current morality. I can’t always say that this is a bad thing. (Being a father myself morality definitely becomes very important when you suddenly have someone to protect). However it has slowly turned you from being a person who attempts to see all sides of a situation to one who only only sees the side that conforms with his current morale standing. What’s even worse is that I worry that it will one day lead you (though I fear it has already) to viewing vast groups of people as being not just factually ignorant but “immoral” because their beliefs differ from yours. Not only that but it has started to blind you to the fact that you can still be in the wrong. While you ask us to tell you our opinions at the end of each video I feel like these are now just empty words especially when you’ve started to write off the opinions of nearly half of the American populace. I’m not saying that i agree with that half but that it’s important to remember that each political party is capable of lies, arrogance, double talk, and purposeful manipulation. And also that You, Phill, are fallible. that’s what attempting to see both sides of an issue is supposed to fix. Even if you believe a side is based in ignorance you could still attempt to see why they hold their ignorance so dear instead of condemning them for it. Maybe then you’d regain the humility you used to have. Again while I appreciate your desire for a clear morality I believe it has blinded you to the possibility of your own fallibility and has limited your ability to see clearly both sides of an issue. While I can accept this from an opinion channel (in some regard) I find this very disheartening to find it (again) from a “news” channel. Especially from yours :/ with that being said, I wish you the best but from now on I’ll be looking for a new source of unbiased information (if that even exists anymore in this day and age). - William

    William HalvorsenWilliam Halvorsen27 dager siden
  • Anbody else buying Bitcoin??

    D WilsonD Wilson27 dager siden
  • Jesus people, all of you mad at Robinhood just don't understand transaction times. Each stock you buy need to have capital behind it while the transaction is completing (usually 2 business days). So when the volume goes off the charts robinhood needed money to cover them. So, yeah nothing is going to change.

    Luis PerazaLuis Peraza27 dager siden
  • It is interesting. Let's see what happens

    Technology DisclosuresTechnology Disclosures27 dager siden
  • The game is rigged like everything else in the USA ,why are you surprised?

    Greg MillerGreg Miller27 dager siden
  • Haven't seen defranco show in a while. Who is this russian truck driver talking to us?

    MrFushoMrFusho27 dager siden
  • Why does Mia Kalifa’s voice matter when it comes to something like stocks and market manipulation... it really shouldn’t

    ApolloggmApolloggm27 dager siden
    • @Apolloggm the whole point of it was to show that trading and free market is for everyone but you to dumb to see it

      CodeCode26 dager siden
    • @Code mine doesn't, hers doesn't, your's doesn't, Phil's doesn't. There was no reason for her to be in that segment, it was so out of left field because it's not something she has anything to do with

      ApolloggmApolloggm26 dager siden
    • @Apolloggm you dont need a phd or need to be seasoned to trade Get your head out your rear end the market is for everyone one, so dont literally be part of the problem. if your worthless opiniom matters so does every other worthless opinion

      CodeCode26 dager siden
    • @Moa A also, Arianna grande, Billie eilish, new Eminem, and 21 pilots. How old are you?

      ApolloggmApolloggm27 dager siden
    • @Moa A does she have a PhD in economics that I was unaware of? Is she a seasoned stock trader, does she have anything to do with large players in the markert, no. Her voice in this doesn't matter

      ApolloggmApolloggm27 dager siden
  • 1:53 that Italian mob boss side is coming out more and more now

    ApolloggmApolloggm27 dager siden
  • You are totally wrong

    Mostly AwesomeMostly Awesome27 dager siden
  • When I saw RH headlines, I was interested to see how you would respond because the only reason I knew about them was because of your show. I'm glad you're getting rid of them

    Nicki WNicki W27 dager siden
  • Hedge funds has been manipulating the market for yearssss billionaires have been and now there pissed because average people are doing the same to them fuck headge funds

    ASG Mr.BliTzASG Mr.BliTz27 dager siden
  • Nintendo are always cheap with their controllers. Should I remind people of the DS R and L button or the Gamecube controllers

    micah whitemicah white27 dager siden
  • Based angry Philip defranco is good Philip defranco, you want your stonks?. You deserve your stonks! To the moon diamond man 💎

    Gage ChierGage Chier27 dager siden
  • even a firm in the netherlands stopped selling gamestop stocks to "protect the average citizen". complete BS imo edit: spelling

    PatrickPatrick27 dager siden
  • you realize the game is rigged against the common man...

    pleb lancerpleb lancer27 dager siden
  • You know absolutely nothing about stocks besides what you read in reddit comments. So, you're probably better off keeping your mouth shut about shit you don't understand.

    Chris PhisterChris Phister27 dager siden
  • Philly "Droppin all the Fbombs" DeFranco

    Mike HanniganMike Hannigan27 dager siden
  • I find it remarkable that this Wallstreetbets narrative exposes just how ignorant everyone is about how the financial markets work. Wallstreetbets are not the good guys in this story. Wallstreetbets are abound with confessions of actual market manipulation. And don’t give me that “well, the hedge funds do it so that’s just a double standard”. Bulls***... I think it’s abominable when the Wall Street establishment manipulates stock prices and equally so when reddit does it. This would be the equivalent of dems storming the capitol and claiming that republicans did it first as a defense. At least the short sellers are attempting to justify their trades on economic fundamentals whereas reddit is literally admitting that this is straight up market manipulation and then complains when the SEC enforces it’s rules. If anyone on WallStreetBets thinks that there will be any lasting damage to the hedge fund or investment banks they are completely clueless about the fight they have picked. At these prices they have given a huge incentive to people who have way more capital than them (Goldman, Blackrock, etc) to short these stocks even further and if they think they can win a war of attrition against them in this economy they will be sh** out of luck. Do you realize how much more profit potential there is for short sellers when GameStop is at $400 per share than at $80? Ooooh they squeezed $5bn out of an industry that has more than $10trn in capital to play with. The only losers in this story are going to be the average joes who jump on the bandwagon after watching a couple of YT videos and buy GameStop just in time for the rug to be pulled out when the redditors finally cash in. I guarantee Wall Street proper will not lose one iota of sleep over this. In fact I would argue that the average trading desk is licking their lips at the dripping roast that reddit has served them. I’m not trying to excuse the excesses of Wall Street, but if anyone thinks that they are playing a game that isn’t already rigged against them then they are s*** out of luck!

    Bruce CurtinBruce Curtin27 dager siden
  • Why does Phil look like a ken doll?