Why This "Gorilla Glue Girl" Situation is DISGUSTING, Tom Holland Denial, & More News

9. feb.. 2021
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00:00 - Don't Put Gorilla Glue in Your Hair
03:29 - CDPR Hacked and Blackmailed
05:32 - South Dakota Judge Rejects Marijuana Amendment
07:06 - Hacker Almost Poisons Water Supply
08:27 - Tom Holland Speaks On Spider-Man 3
09:50 - Sponsor
10:43 - Myanmar Protests Updates
12:15 - Netanyahu's Corruption Trial
13:32 - Countries Who Boycott China Olympics Will Face Sanctions
14:32 - COVID Vaccines Updates, Facebook Misinformation, & Virus Origin
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Girl Who Put Gorilla Glue In Her Hair Allegedly Considering Legal Action:
Cyberpunk 2077 Publisher CD Projekt Red Targeted in Cyber Attack:
South Dakota Judge Rules That Law Passed by Voters is Unconstitutional:
Hackers Try to Contaminate Florida Town's Water Supply:
Tom Holland Denies that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield Will Be in Spider-Man 3:
Protests Continue in Myanmar:

Netanyahu Walks Out of Corruption Trial:
China to Sanction Countries That Boycott Winter Olympics:
Dr. Fauci Says It’s Critical to Deliver Both Doses of the Vaccine:
Facebook Banning More Forms of Vaccine Misinformation:
WHO Drops Investigation About Virus Starting in Wuhan Lab:
Celebrities and Activists Urge Biden to Shut Down Dakota Access Pipeline:
Georgia State Officials Launch Probe Into Trump’s Election Call:
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Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Brian Espinoza
Production Team: Zack Taylor
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  • My head hurts. Lol. See you tomorrow with a new show and a very special podcast.

    Philip DeFrancoPhilip DeFranco18 dager siden
    • It would be laughed out of court. Same with eating raw pork. No need to put, " eat cooked only" on packaging as IS COMMON KNOWLEDGE

      Ravishing Rick RudeRavishing Rick Rude12 dager siden
    • We live in a world where we have an understanding that nothing is permenant. We understand that and live by that deep in our subconscious. Our life is not permenant and yet we have elements that are willing to destroy life to be permenant. I believe Tessa also had that understanding in her moment of error not realizing that somethings can and will kill to be permenant. Ultimately, the gorilla glue company has created a solution that is willing to destroy in their fight to be permenant in a world where nothing can be permenant. I hope she learn, this is not just a lesson that apply to the glue but other things in life as well.

      City News SimCity News Sim12 dager siden
    • @Alli de Misconstrued information is a form of propaganda. Branch outside your comfort zone. Where is my original comment? I was saying I miss the old Phil, look into China, look into serious world issues. Quit speaking talking points. I’m not a fucking trump supporter if that’s what you think, I discriminate against what we’re becoming. I implore you to watch laowhy86, and serpentza, two people I’ve followed for years as well. They might give you some insight. Don’t limit yourself to one line of thought.

      SuperKittySuperKitty16 dager siden
    • @Kes Mangkuk What truths?

      Hum phreyHum phrey16 dager siden
    • I swear if I lose Great adhesive because of some girl I’m suing her for damages

      Jasonzerowars PlayesJasonzerowars Playes16 dager siden
  • They don't tell Tom Holland anything more than he needs to know.

    Ian McGarrettIan McGarrett6 timer siden
  • So it's misleading because the bottle didnt specify not to use it on your hair? Really?... Like, I'm very in support of making companies properly label their products, but there are bounds of reason! Like, whats next? You gunna spray your baby in the face with bear mace because the bottle didnt say "warning: dont spray babies" Like ffs ppl!

    godonlyknows13godonlyknows13Dag siden
  • It should be no ones job to ban information that others think is false. People have the right to be wrong. They also have the right to question anything. Your response should be to provide evidence to the contrary and then leave others to either accept it or not. Censure, does not make people less likely to believe it. It makes them double down on it because now its a cover-up. What are you hiding? Why can't I hear this? Now, people will start believing the vaccine is more dangerous because contrary voices can't be heard. Recall, that the scientific establishment once railed against the existence of atoms so vehemently, that the actual scientist who proposed the atom committed suicide from the hate he received. From the book, "Quantum Reality: Beyond the New Physics - An excursion into metaphysics and the meaning of Reality" by Nick Herbert: Pg. 24 (E-Book on Samsung Galaxy Note 10) "Chemist of diverse nationalities united to oppose the atomic hypothesis. For instance, the distinguished French chemist Jean Baptiste Dumas proclaimed: 'If I were master of the situation, I would efface the word atom from Science, persuaded that it goes further than experience, and that in chemistry, we should never go further than experience."... Pg. 25 "The bitter opposition of the anti-atomists to his work on the kinetic theory of gases may have been partly responsible for the suicide of Ludwig Boltzmann, a brilliant but troubled theoretical physicist, in 1906." The point, stop acting like your "supporting science" when you actively try to thwart anyone who says anything to the contrary. IT is not science to say no one can question or disbelieve some tenant of scientific believe. They may not have evidence, in which case you can say, "I see no evidence." Or maybe they don't have good evidence. But outright censure of thought helps no one and makes you anti-science. Edit: I will note that obviously most scientists understood they were wrong... Eventually. But it took until Einstein and Perrin before the most stubborn holdouts accepted this fact.

    GeminiChaosGeminiChaos3 dager siden
  • where do you guy find these guys(racist etc) I havent meet one that would be openly racist for atlest 10 years....

    Lipi19821Lipi198213 dager siden
  • The gorilla glue incident is difficult to explain to others tbh. A lot of people ask why she thought it would be a good idea to put glue on your hair, but I feel like not many people know there are glues that can be used as hair products.

    Lab557Lab5574 dager siden
  • Dont put glue on your head unless your a oldschool punk using elmers and gelatin with a hair dryer to put up a hawk/liberty spikes. But thats all water soluble. It just takes like 4 hours in a hot tub kids. Dont do that. Just get GOT2BEGLUED Hairspray and a hair dryer and you can put up a 2 foot mohawk for a week and take it down next week.

    kadreena skadreena s4 dager siden
  • I use gorilla glue to rebuild broken doors so my friends dont lose damage deposits. IT DONT BUDGE. i can fill holes and repair all sorts of damage with gorilla glue and paper mache. Sand it down and paint it white? Its stronger than your original wall

    kadreena skadreena s4 dager siden
  • 7:20 T-Tony Baker?

    Just Call Me OleJust Call Me Ole5 dager siden
  • The Myanmar thing proves that citizens deserve to own firearms. The good outweighs the bad. This should never happen and im saddened for the citizens of myanmar...

    Frogman LeapsFrogman Leaps5 dager siden
  • I mean just look at Tessika, of course she tried to sue

    xwr3ksh0pxxwr3ksh0px7 dager siden
  • There is a hair product called gorilla glue and mixed home use one and the hair product one up

    Andria LewisAndria Lewis7 dager siden
  • China virus came from Wuhan China. No matter what you say you will never be able to change that fact.

    Reid SimonsonReid Simonson9 dager siden
  • Boy, if people think countries are trying to hack us, imagine what we are doing to other countries with all of our resources and power....

    Reid SimonsonReid Simonson9 dager siden
  • You know who I'm disgusted by? YOU, Philip. You are slandering this woman to millions of viewers without having verified the facts. And still, you do not add at least a disclaimer to this video. You are responsible for sending more hate towards this woman.

    secret secretsecret secret9 dager siden
    • Exactly

      Lala JaneLala Jane9 dager siden
  • Very happy you cited your source for health news from Kaiser Family Foundation as this is the same place that CMS obtains data. 🙂

    Deborah BoothDeborah Booth9 dager siden
  • had my like purely for the 1st report... if / when she sues - i'm in with it that there should be gofundme for the glue company to defend itself. stupid shouldn't be rewarded or glorified as a ''success''... it's not a competition of dumbing down

    ina salniina salni9 dager siden
  • You should publicly apologize to Tessica Brown.

    Ryan SaavedraRyan Saavedra9 dager siden
  • At first I thought she got it confused with "moco de gorila" ("Gorilla Boogers")a mexican hair product.

    IggyIggy10 dager siden
  • This guy looks like mumkey jones

    shoot gun manshoot gun man10 dager siden
  • This is the type of idiot that forces companies to state a pack of nuts 'may contain nuts'.

    hamoostaffathamoostaffat10 dager siden
  • What baffles me is that the surgeon offered to do the the surgery for free or had a successful GoFundMe campaign. Many people go to the ER from doing stupid thing and I'm pretty sure they had to pay. How about the hundred of millions of people that gone to the ER of o fault of their own and get fitted with massive bills. Look I'm not mad at Tessica for people wanting to help her after getting herself in a bad situation. I'm mad at the state of our healthcare system where the only way to get affordable healthcare is to go viral. Hey kudos to Tessica for donating most of her GoFundMe to charity when she didn't need to.

    yoshimasterleaderyoshimasterleader11 dager siden
  • Phillip, I'd really have a sit-down with my makeup artist if I were you. The eye makeup-specifically the mascara and lid base- is WAY too heavy. Also, the texture of the foundation makes your skin look wicked artificial. Could just be a lighting issue, but IMHO it's not very flattering.

    Ashley HathawayAshley Hathaway11 dager siden
    • Oh. I kinda see the foundation but how do you see he has mascara on?

      KittyKitty9 dager siden
  • There's a hair brand used mainly by POC called Gorilla Snot. It's a very thick holding paste. They may have a spray version. I'm thinking she confused the brands and just glanced at the label trying to quickly get her hair to lay down. The lawsuit part of that story was completely false. Some troll made it up that she was thinking about sueing. But she stated herself that was not the case and that she took full responsibility for the incident.

    What Shaniqua's IntoWhat Shaniqua's Into11 dager siden
  • Just got the notification for this lol

    trippie hippietrippie hippie11 dager siden
  • i don't like how Tessica is being attacked. i accidentally bought COOKING coconut oil for my hair instead of HAIR coconut oil. mistakes happens. don't act like y'all haven't locked keys in your car, haven't left something on top of your car & drive away, etc.

    Wendy's McInn N OutWendy's McInn N Out11 dager siden
  • Love it msn no lies detected! Gorilla Glue girl better not even go there this is crazy lol

    Megaz0Megaz011 dager siden
  • Reminder that the Gorilla Glue girl's vote counts just as much as yours

    pliskin100pliskin10011 dager siden
  • where is "today in awesome"`? =(

    Don RiemppDon Riempp12 dager siden
  • Tessica needs to go back to school 😅 They teach you things like....reading....and how to figure out context clues......

    justaladynamedkatiejustaladynamedkatie12 dager siden
  • Annoying that the only time this amount of disclaimers are used is when the idiot in question is black. "Hur, I'm not racist, but.." Get to your point or stfu.

    AnonAnon12 dager siden
  • I felt so bad for Tessica UNTIL I saw that she raised like 20,000, got the help for free, and then bought a new car with everyone’s money 😐

    Ell MayrbatEll Mayrbat12 dager siden
  • 1:38 it sounds to me like he is saying that the "garbage people" who he disagrees with should "disappear & stop existing" is he suggesting that they kill themselves?

    Mark's REmarksMark's REmarks12 dager siden
  • Weird how Facebook keeps saying they are now removing vaccine misinformation, but I've reported several posts and videos and they are still up today

    Brody BBrody B12 dager siden
  • When I worker in home appliance retailer, I remember I saw a fridge. Inside it there was a clear label with a picture that you should not store your chidren in the fridge. Back then I laughed. Now I see why manufacturers have to protect themselves like this against retarded people lawsuits.

    RobiePAXRobiePAX12 dager siden
  • Dude, you got some anger management issues

    Timothy MitchellTimothy Mitchell12 dager siden
  • I agree with you about the glue

    Michael DungeyMichael Dungey12 dager siden
  • Thank you for not saying an abusive actuon like punching our throat as if its normalized or decenssitize viewers that talking that way is funny or okay.

    Dee NoraDee Nora12 dager siden
  • 20 years you'll reflect upon these moments Philly and hopefully your heart then it's strengthened by the stand you take soon because of you keep mud feeding much longer you're going to regret the biggest Chance to do well for you and yours. I'm the real, it's slipping faster than I thought

    Wreck TangleWreck Tangle12 dager siden
  • wth is she daft or what she does not deserve a penny from gorrila as she was dafty enough to do it silly cow sorry but she got what she deserved if you are going to do daft things expect to fuck up

    Angela BakerAngela Baker12 dager siden
  • So your calling the guy who hacked into cdpr a actor? They should of called him a cyber punk

    ThatFagGuy ReturnsThatFagGuy Returns12 dager siden
  • RIP TIA :(

    Arty BArty B13 dager siden
  • cant she just shave off her hair?

    Mike bMike b13 dager siden
  • You really feel the need to point out you aren’t racist before you criticize a black person? Come on now

    Ryan RyanRyan Ryan13 dager siden
  • Well to quote the beautiful minds of Forest Gump and his dear mama "Stupid is, what stupid does".

    Joshua GrullonJoshua Grullon13 dager siden
  • You’re giving her too much credit. She didn’t “get” it in hair. She PUT it in her hair. She’s a dumbass. Who needs to be told not to put gorilla glue in your hair?!?! Also her name is Tessica. That’s not a real name.

    Tammi CubiletteTammi Cubilette13 dager siden
  • Gorilla glue girl is a scammer.

    NephilimNephilim13 dager siden
  • The fact that TMZ LIED against this woman is disgusting!! She never filed a lawsuit. Donated her go fund me money. Of course that will not make the news. It’s kind of sad that people ran with this FAKE NEWS

    alice Justinalice Justin13 dager siden
  • This is a bad take on the gorilla glue story. Look at any bottle of hair dye and it says the exact same warning as gorilla glue (to avoid skin, eyes, and clothing). It's extremely common to put things in your hair that you would not want directly on your skin. Further, it's also common for hairdressers/stylists to use gorilla glue for extensions and other such hair styles/additions.

    Matthew-Donald SangsterMatthew-Donald Sangster13 dager siden
  • A woman named Tessica made a bad decision? Imagine my shock

    Jeroen JJeroen J13 dager siden
  • Philip PLEASE pronounce it as WHO, the who is a band, WHO is a acronym. I know some like to pronounce acronyms as one word like POTUS but please not this one.

    Web BaardWeb Baard13 dager siden
  • Lol I made a video saying almost exactly this!

    Raven StarbloodRaven Starblood13 dager siden
  • He got a opinion? Cancelled🚫

    yungbossLLCyungbossLLC13 dager siden
  • The label says not to get it on your skin, so not to glue your hair to your scalp should go without saying. That being said gorilla glue company doesn't produce any kind of Solvent to break down the glue? They should probably get on that.

    Ecco wolfEcco wolf13 dager siden
  • they know him too well now. They are lying to Tom 😆

    Kris CKris C14 dager siden
  • There's more to comment on and a couple of days late, but the article mentioning that COVID was spread from bats to an animal/small mammal, then to humans? My first thought was the whole pangolin trafficking issue that's been an issue for years now and been wondering if that may have some leads as to how it got from point A to B without any "official recordings". Would fill in those gaps. 🤔

    Fruit LupeFruit Lupe14 dager siden
  • She obviously didn’t reach out to lawyers they reached out to her because they want lawsuit money

    candyvodkacandyvodka14 dager siden
  • "Retaliate for perceived US aggression." Haha yeah because overthrowing governments and bombing the shit out of countries for things they dislike is just "from a certain point of view."

    Arthes MendorArthes Mendor14 dager siden
  • Dude. there's so much evidence that it came from the lab... It just keeps getting buried... By big tech, (like youtube) as well as China. Saying "oh its a trump thing" is way too much of an overblown deflection.

    OneArmedBanditOneArmedBandit14 dager siden
  • I love how people get so triggered about this its just bs she 40 and should've known better

    disturbed old masterdisturbed old master14 dager siden
  • Is that a Hawaiian shirt? Did the Boogaloo Boi's flip you?

    Cosmic JesterCosmic Jester14 dager siden
  • Well I do agree that one has to question the intelligence of someone who makes such a mistake, It is true that sometimes people are in a hurry and don't really read the instructions...and sadly also, some people can't read! That said I feel sorry for her anyway but I don't think she has a chance of sueing this company...I mean everybody has to have some degree of personal responsability...This is, on the other hand, actually good publicity for Gorilla glue.,..I mean who knew this glue existed before this?

    Lynn's INTENTIONLynn's INTENTION14 dager siden
  • Yea the lawsuit is a lie, she knew it wasn’t a hair product because she used it for christmas decoration but assumed it would come out with shampoo.

    Brianna SimmonsBrianna Simmons14 dager siden
  • notown.info/two/video/06aJfY5yiJRjqrM.html

    Masked 4aReasonMasked 4aReason14 dager siden
    • Theres your answer

      Masked 4aReasonMasked 4aReason14 dager siden
  • Our government is disgusting. Whether we participate in the genocidal olympics shouldn't even be up for discussion. We need to unite as a people and take some direct action over this garbage.

    alex Barbosaalex Barbosa14 dager siden
  • People seem to always overlook how CD project Red has been abusing their workers. Or how management tried to blame the developers for a buggy launch. The company deserves some kind of punishment, but not for something as petty as a buggy game.

    alex Barbosaalex Barbosa14 dager siden
  • 3:01 This is why we love Phil lmfao this killed me

    JoyBox TricksterJoyBox Trickster14 dager siden
  • I've been off PdF Show for a few months, I come back, and apparently he now looks like Clark Kent?

    Daria KostikovaDaria Kostikova14 dager siden
  • I was really hoping you would say "Let's support today's sponsor, Gorilla Glue" 😂

    TheGreatChrisBTheGreatChrisB14 dager siden
  • It’s hard talking about an attack on a water plant when people don’t give a shit about Flint’s water being poisoned by their own government officials.

    The DouglasThe Douglas14 dager siden
  • Please change the title of this video or better yet, take it down!! It's harmful to the Gorilla Glue woman because you reacted angrily to blatantly false information and are contributing to the hateful opinions against her. It doesn't matter that you qualified your opinion--many people will never follow up and be left with a permanent negative opinion

    TPMITPMI14 dager siden
  • liked, first story was great... i totally agree with your opinion, if the she does try persue some sort of legal action for being a dummy...

    symbiote sithsymbiote sith14 dager siden
  • Spring vibes! 🌴

    B CsibillaB Csibilla14 dager siden
  • I've subbed for ages now, but rarely make it through an entire video of yours my guy, but that first clip on the GG issue was hilarious. Just moonlighting as a comedian. 🤣

    Joey DiamantiJoey Diamanti14 dager siden
  • She’s not suing bbs

    Jonesy MayoJonesy Mayo14 dager siden
  • The story has nothing to do with race it’s a sign of the times Phil feels the need to cover his ass and declare he is not a racist

    Jared 101Jared 10114 dager siden

    BDSmith TruckingBDSmith Trucking14 dager siden
  • Yeah turns out the lawsuit thing was made up, she said so in an interview.

    Varunia KhanVarunia Khan14 dager siden
  • There are people on tiktok using gorilla glue on their teeth. Using it on hair is stupid, but not the worst thing a person could

    KiennaKienna14 dager siden
  • She isn’t suing anyone....misinformed.

    Suga CaneSuga Cane15 dager siden
  • Hair glue bottle empty....hmmm a full bottle of gorilla glue in the garage...yeah that'll work

    Nifty NanNifty Nan15 dager siden
  • Sad how owned by China you are

    RodrigoRodrigo15 dager siden
  • This guy is just opinionated msm megaphone 📢

    Meta God's OnlyMeta God's Only15 dager siden
  • Shane on Phil for listening to TMZ if you watch the interview with her on ET you won’t believe how much of the rumors are LIES

    Elizabeth De LeonElizabeth De Leon15 dager siden
  • Nice shirt Phil

    MmmmMmmm15 dager siden
  • Bleach also says dont get directly on clothes and skin does that mean its ok to put in your hair or drink? Read the label jesus

    Rock PlaysRock Plays15 dager siden
  • Wheres her argument? You cant get gorilla glue in the hair section you can only get it in the tools or home repair section of the store which means she literally went to that section of the store and put the glue on her head . Wtf?!?!?!?!

    Rock PlaysRock Plays15 dager siden
  • Exploiting animals, in all of the various ways that humans do, is the reason pandemics will continue. If everyone went vegan and factory farms, slaughterhouses, wet markets, etc. disappeared, so would these virus'. COVID and such pandemics of the past are nature's way of saying "fuck you for using and abusing animals". Peace and love!

    alisondawnsmithalisondawnsmith15 dager siden
  • Phil u da goat 🐐 😂😂

    Dangerus Diva Mom of the So in Love FamilyDangerus Diva Mom of the So in Love Family15 dager siden
  • Tessica isn’t suing she cleared it up. That was just a dumb rumor from a drama article.

    Blueberry BombBlueberry Bomb15 dager siden
  • +Philip DeFranco THERE IS INFACT GORILLA HAIR GEL AND HAIR SPRAYS THOUGH in fairly similar packaging! So I have to disagree with you...sure a lawsuit may be a bit silly but I think it is important to know the circumstances how she got her hands on it under the impression it was a hair product are important to figure out....was it someone else’s in her household borrowing it because her hairspray ran out? Was it misplaced in the store? Was it mislabeled on the Internet or one of those products a reseller uses hundreds of words in the title of the product so it will pop up in more searches? THOSE THINGS ARE IMPORTANT for whether I think a lawsuit would be legit or not.

    Dante FDante F15 dager siden
  • He name is Tessica Brown not Gorilla glue girl get it right

    Starri nightStarri night15 dager siden
  • I will absolutely pitch into the counter suit

    Dan DabrowskiDan Dabrowski15 dager siden
  • Hey Phil! Love the show, just letting you know that marijuana is a word rooted in xenophobia and racism towards Mexicans and Central Americans. The preferred term is cannabis. Obviously you didn’t mean to offend anyone, just thought you’d like to know!

    Dane JonesDane Jones15 dager siden
  • When I googled Gorilla Snot (a hairproduct_) Google linked me to both Gorilla Snot And Glue online shopping).. So Um Im suing google

    Dr DelewdedDr Delewded15 dager siden
  • This video is promoting racism, please report.

    Avril Angelica Lizeth Osorio Mejia HernandezAvril Angelica Lizeth Osorio Mejia Hernandez15 dager siden
  • Yeah, she just trying to get money. She was just trying to be viral.

    Heather S.Heather S.15 dager siden
  • fuck i feel bad for gorilla glue girl; i just went and watched some videos; that shit must fucking suck even before adding the internet on top

    Daniel MoirDaniel Moir15 dager siden
  • you know mr. news show. if you can't confirm that she is actually going to sue the company then maybe this isn't the time to share your take. you just want this out there now so that its still relevant to increase your view count. this is the kind of bullshit the msm does for money. Now most of your viewers will assume she is suing unless they hear otherwise, except "otherwise" might not be as newsworthy so they'll probably never actually hear it which will mean they will just go along forever with inaccurate information. "might not be true" disclaimers are news bullshit and you should not be using them. REport what you know, not what might be true.

    PaintGuruPaintGuru15 dager siden

    Joseph TranJoseph Tran15 dager siden