Why The Internet Is Freaking Out About Demi Lovato, Rihanna, Ted Cruz Fail, NASA Perseverance Rover

18. feb.. 2021
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00:00 - Where Ya Going, Ted?
00:19 - Fun Life Expectancy News
00:59 - Rihanna Backlash, Demi Lovato DocuSeries, and Cameo $$$
03:57 - Facebook Blocks All News and More For Australia
07:35 - Sponsor
08:27 - Texas Updates and Ted Cruz's Cancun Trip
12:49 - NASA Livestream
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Life Expectancy Falls:
Rihanna Faces Backlash for Photo With Religious Pendant:
Demi Lovato NOtown Original Docuseries to Air in March:
Cameo Raked in $100 Million in 2020:
Facebook Blocks News in Australia Over Proposed Media Compensation Law:
Texans Still Face Broken Pipes, Flooding, and More as Million Regain Power:
How to Manage Thawing or Burst Pipes:
Sen. Ted Cruz Will Fly Home from Cancun After Travelling There Wednesday:
NASA Rover Perseverance Touches Down on Mars:
North Korean Hackers Accused of Stealing $1.3 Billion:
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg, Maxx Enright
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Brian Espinoza
Production Team: Zack Taylor
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    Philip DeFrancoPhilip DeFranco9 dager siden
    • notown.info/two/video/xchkeJOZa7RlqJI.html phil, did you cover this story?? if not, can you please, this man's death should not be forgotten just because he was white...

      notyour concernnotyour concern5 dager siden
    • Lets be honest if you had crisis at home what would you do for your family. You would do everything in your power to make sure they're safe and taken care of. So much backlash on Ted when he is trying to help his family. Yet look at the capital and the wall setup around the being. No capital should have walls to keep the people out and bend to any threat EVER. Final Note Americans don't back down Politicians who are out of touch with their people need to reach out to their Americans they represent.

      drakosethdrakoseth5 dager siden
    • @korr4000 he literally admitted to making vacation plans because his 10 yo and 12 yo asked him to. He could have sent them down there with his wife and done the work three other senators were doing. He is supposed to represent Texans, do these actions represent his constituents? Do these actions help his constituents? An elected official is supposed to work on the behalf of the people, how does going on a Cancun vacation work to that?

      eyesofivyeyesofivy6 dager siden
    • @eyesofivy people plan vacations usually ahead of time, its not his fault the weather situation is fucked up. Whats he going to do if he stays? Change the weather?? I guess "we" got him though....

      korr4000korr40006 dager siden
    • @Brett C I understand your frustration with his change, however can’t you see why he needed to? The political climate has changed over the past two years. The Republican Party is fracturing due to trumpism and there is a social call people have to answer to. A would be despot is trying to claim our nation.

      eyesofivyeyesofivy6 dager siden
  • I love Ted Cruz

    DX2tIDX2tI19 timer siden
  • Joe Biden finally visited Texas yesterday, a full week after this video meanwhile you're mad at Ted Cruz. Makes total sense.

    Mitch MarkoMitch Marko21 time siden
  • don't supporting murdoch, love Australia

    Bush_Witch _Bush_Witch _Dag siden
  • Did anyone else get Savage X Fenty as the preroll ad?

    Jaren MorganJaren MorganDag siden
  • so with the Demi Lovato story when are we going to condemn social media and MSM for pushing, promoting content esp in music that promotes drug culture, drug use, and illegal and banned substances as the norm?

    sora actualizesora actualizeDag siden
  • That blah blah blah equal stuff 😂 i know that as a woman i should cancel you phillyd but since i laughed and spit out my coffee that means your safe on my part LMAO jk that was hilarious tho!

    Kimie ChavezKimie ChavezDag siden
  • That “don’t be suspicious” song at the start made me so happy.

    Seraphina Ange du six ailesSeraphina Ange du six ailesDag siden
  • The Australian Government is a joke. Only the liberal shills are saying all these things, and unfortunately our mainstream media is like 80% owned by the Liberal party and their supporters (News Corp, Fairfax etc.) The current government FORCED this of Facebook with an unrealistic expectation to pay to be an aggregator. The stupid part of it all is Facebook is a free, opt-in service. These businesses and news sites opt into having their Facebook pages, then demand to be paid for the privilege of utilising a free advertising platform, and then get snarly when Facebook goes "okay we can't do that, so we'll follow your rules". "Don't allow sharing of our news sites without paying our news mega corporations!" Facebook goes "ok we won't share it then" and they all act liek Facebook is the evil one. They literally ASKED for this, and it was a win win for these greedy old dinosaurs regardless. Its jsut attempting to hold onto a monopoly thats been a problem in this country for too long, and unfortunately due to that, and Facebooks non stellar reputation among the dinosaur politicial parties of the world like the US Senate hearing, the people often have the opinion the government is right. This was all a play to get political power coming into an election and to funnel money into their biggest supporters pockets. Despicable.

    Divine InsanityDivine Insanity2 dager siden
  • I got a Savage X Ad before I watched this 👁👄👁

    Paige MPaige M2 dager siden
  • It's amazing to me that people are able to make it to adulthood thinking grills inside their home is a good idea year after year.

    Calamity o.OCalamity o.O2 dager siden
  • Ted cruz is a senator, not a mayor or a governor. What could he do? Pass a bill to turn the power back on? He’s just a father taking care of his family like any father would. Or would you make your family suffer through the storm for sake of publicity?

    Francisco VelezFrancisco Velez2 dager siden
  • Facebook, if I can't have money no one can

    Call me TwistedCall me Twisted3 dager siden
  • About the Australia thing - you need to understand, Australia is going through a super hard Conservative wave right now, spurned on by a massive media campaign that has been waged over the past 40 years by none other than the infamous Mr. Murdock. The Conservatives from Down Under have been ranting for years about wanting to hit Facebook hard, and the proposed piece of legislation is in no way meant to protect Australians or their media. It is simply designed to punish social media companies, who they view as being "anti-Conservative". If they were trying to protect Australians from fake news, predatory services, or media platforms that circumvent paying for content, they could start by going after Murcock's media machine, which is much older and far more predatory than Facebook. But they didn't. Because that's not what they're actually trying to do.

    The JanitorThe Janitor3 dager siden
  • Man, I'm all for the "Fuck Facebook" bandwagon, but I don't understand what Australia's trying to do. People sharing news posts is beneficial to news organizations. It's free advertising and extra clicks. What's the issue with that?

    The TermThe Term3 dager siden
  • 12:39 "I'm incredibly skeptical of Ted Cruz..." because it's Ted Cruz. Valid.

    vtmike07vtmike073 dager siden
  • If your not a fan of life the life expectancy had gone down 😂

    Aututmn WilliamsAututmn Williams3 dager siden
  • Local news is where the hero journalism is. I really hope local news gets paid.

    Lesage SingingLesage Singing3 dager siden
  • Phil, I've been watching you since 2013. You've always been a great source of unbiased news, until recently. Ever since Covid started you have been extremely biased and hard to watch. I understand you feel strongly about it, but EVERY news source does. I want to hear the facts, not your feelings. It's almost impossible to find that nowadays. Ending a rant of personal opinion with "now I pass the question off to you" does not make it unbiased.

    Jessica SchwanitzJessica Schwanitz3 dager siden
  • Rihanna HAS ALL THE RIGHT TO TAKE PICS WITH ANY RELIGIOUS symbols, people offended need to get a life or hobby.

    anoccomiranoccomir3 dager siden
  • Australia: Passes a law to heavily penalize FB for posting news FB: Okay, no news for you guys Australia: \o/

    Jeremy FenixJeremy Fenix3 dager siden
  • Facebook had no other choice. How do you force Facebook to pay money to news organizations for stories they place on the website for free. It is public subsidized extortion.

    Bound4EarthBound4Earth3 dager siden
  • PLEASE cover the David/Seth/Jason story!! It’s so important to show people in power can’t get away with sexually assaulting someone!

    Alex KenwoodAlex Kenwood3 dager siden
  • Why aren’t you talking about the David Dobrik situation

    Tirzah JoyTirzah Joy4 dager siden
  • I'm very much team Facebook on this. If Australia is going to pass these laws, then absolutely, it's completely reasonable for Facebook to just block any and all news as a way to comply -- otherwise the implication is that Australia is basically coercing Facebook for money. It's fine to say, "Pay us or don't have the thing." And for the other party to just, you know, NOT have the thing. They don't HAVE to pay and keep having it. I agree it's pretty crappy for everyday Australians who no longer have access to important information, including health information...but frankly that's something they need to take up with their elected officials. The backlash should be on the law and government, not Facebook.

    TheNovelNovelistTheNovelNovelist4 dager siden
  • Muito bom seu Canal

    CANINDÉ - Sertão ProduçõesCANINDÉ - Sertão Produções4 dager siden
  • Mate you obviously have no idea what is going on in Australia

    Isabella TooseIsabella Toose4 dager siden
  • Facebook is garbage

    IsangelousIsangelous4 dager siden
  • OOOOOH Demi has Brain issues.... well there you go! It all makes sense now!

    That's What I ThoughtThat's What I Thought4 dager siden
  • this video has a lot of hand movement, i got distracted so many times o_o

    honestly ruthlesshonestly ruthless4 dager siden
  • Where’s the video that says we need to talk? Cant find it anywhere

    Carrie LongCarrie Long4 dager siden
  • Using religion as an aesthetic is fine. I'm Jewish. If some model used a yamaka as a fashion statement, I wouldn't give a fuck. It's not offensive in the slightest.

    The TermThe Term4 dager siden
  • Genuine question: do you honestly think that your sponsor vitamin is worth it and not a ripoff? $1 a day when most vitamins are 5 cents a day? I can't see how that's worth it.

    PoliSkepticPoliSkeptic4 dager siden
  • 0:30 holy shit I haven't laughed this much in a month

    ZeeZee5 dager siden
  • notown.info/two/video/xchkeJOZa7RlqJI.html hey phil, did you cover this story?? if not, can you please, this man's death should not be forgotten just because he was white...

    notyour concernnotyour concern5 dager siden
  • As an Australian, Murdoch being “cosy” with Scomo is a huuuuge understatement. The majority of the people I know here support FB’s stance and would rather find our news else where than see FB give Murdoch a cent. This ‘new law’ comes as New Corp is under scutiny from former PM K Rudd and the media diversity commission. The deal means that if Murdoch pats FB/Google their results will be the most visible as I understand it. Please do a follow up on this story but more in depth please, there are so many things at play!

    Jessica Clark-ArdernJessica Clark-Ardern5 dager siden
  • Australia- you have to pay our News companies exorbitant rates if you share their articles Facebook- stops sharing Australian news Australia- *surprised pickachu face*

    troloc Hordetroloc Horde5 dager siden
  • Sounds like Australian Publishers need to read Who Moved My Cheese. Time to adapt.

    Art JeremiahArt Jeremiah5 dager siden
  • Why is he blaming his daughters for his choices? I would’ve left my children out of that statement personally! It’s irrelevant what your children want and what kind of father you want to be when you are an elected official that has a duty to serve your community. I am sure all the people in his state suffering right now due to their careless inactions regarding this situation would also love to have the resources to just take their families to a vacation destination and yet they are stuck because their elected officials just don’t care.

    Ava MolbyAva Molby5 dager siden
  • oh a nasa livestream? word

    TheCreepyproTheCreepypro5 dager siden
  • Savage X Fendi ad before learning what it was in the first 5 mins of the show...

    Applesweets MediaApplesweets Media5 dager siden
  • Ok this might be an unpopular opinion, but I am worried about Demi Lovato making documentary after documentary after documentary about her ill mental health. She has had a documentary come out after each breakdown since the first time she went into rehab. It is starting to seem like whoever is managing her is trying to squeeze money out of the fact she is unwell. I feel for Demi, but it is starting to leave a very bad taste in my mouth.

    Jasmine PanevaJasmine Paneva5 dager siden
  • I love how you go from talking about the importance of local media outlets into how they are helping with the crisis in Texas.

    Jeremy BaziwJeremy Baziw5 dager siden
  • Why isn't Biden getting called out for saying the N-word at security meeting? It was a word slip but it definitely happened. Ow, this president has a pass I guess.....

    Shipwreck DivingShipwreck Diving5 dager siden
  • Rick Perry saying that Texas would rather suffer for over three days than to take aid from the federal government is peak Republican energy lmfao

    Mario EscaleraMario Escalera5 dager siden
  • I would really love if you could react to the imitation of Mike Bravo as Marilyn Manson, he's participating in an imitation contest in Perú. It's amazing

    Gabriela OxacopaGabriela Oxacopa5 dager siden
  • 1 facebook is petty as fuuu** 2 ted cruz left ...so what people who could leave left. My heart goes out to those who are going through it in texas and i pray they make it through

    CheapmeatmanCheapmeatman5 dager siden
  • I use cameo a lot, it's a great app, but it's doxxed it's talent to me no less than three times and when I told them, they didn't seem particularly concerned, so... maybe needs some work there.

    Katie NormanKatie Norman5 dager siden
  • LA Beast should have a lot of fans on Cameo as well. Come on Phill!

    T-Lord FT-Lord F5 dager siden
  • The news thing over here in Australia really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. On one hand I disagree with the new law and despise the monopoly News Corp has on our press, but the level of power tech giants have is really a growing concern. I think I hate News Corp more than Facebook though, so I guess that's who I side with

    AwkwardAnonymousAwkwardAnonymous5 dager siden
  • i love snow, since i moved to texas all i have wanted was snow- i missed it so much. ... REGRET REGRET REGRET IM SO SORRY THIS WAS A MISTAKE I STILL LOVE SNOW BUT NOT LIKE THIS PLEASE STOP AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ---- jokes aside though, going from 'barely getting by', to pandemic, to losing your jobs, heat wave, and now frozen over- finally having power back on and one faucet is working in the entire house seems like a blessing. And it shouldnt. I cant afford rent, my friends cant afford rent where they live either, they lost thier animals to the cold. "you should have been prepared, you were told to prep!" with what money? buy wood, a generator, coal, ect and food and water with what money?? We use all our money to scape by on rent and bills and utilities, you know- kinda expecting to have them. Were just going slightly more into the negative every. single. month. fuck 2020, and fuck its hellspawn 2021. im terrified of 2022 and its not even a thought yet, F UUUUUUUUCK.

    SiofraSiofra5 dager siden
  • Big Tech needs to chill the fuck out! Seriously Are they trying to make a BIG TECH CORP WAR or some stupid shit?

    drakosethdrakoseth5 dager siden
  • Will someone please explain the Facebook/news thing to me like I'm 5?

    Feebs ZFeebs Z5 dager siden
  • I'm pretty sure Ted Cruz was wearing a mask because he had to...... If you look at the photos everyone else is wearing one as well.....

    MrEggBeefMrEggBeef6 dager siden
  • I was without power for six days straight. Not on and off. Just a constant week-long blackout.

    Celestial SystemCelestial System6 dager siden
  • Would you say that the color of your hoodie in this video is representative of its true color? It seems more red on the merch website

    CarlyCarly6 dager siden
  • My reaction to no news on Google or Facebook is just "meh, ok". The news we get here is all opinionated or dramatised garbage with false facts and stats anyway, we really don't miss out on anything. We live in the information age, if we want to know something we can find a source ourselves.

    RGB LuceRGB Luce6 dager siden
  • My favorite intro to the show.

    Siouxsie VertigoSiouxsie Vertigo6 dager siden
  • Hey Phil could you pleassee do some research on the David Dobrik SA allegations? A former co-vlogger of his (Seth) did an interview on the H3 Podcast recently regarding his experience and his accounts are disgusting and appalling. No one is talking about it and SA never gets any attention when it comes to men being victims. Plus, he (Seth) is far from the only person with nonconsensual experiences with David. Everyone is afraid of backlash, but this is how people like Harvey Weinstein get away with so much garbage for so long, all the while rising up through the ranks of society. If you can't/don't, I guess it's whatever, but the truth always finds a way. Namaste. 🙏

    Vilmarie HernandezVilmarie Hernandez6 dager siden
  • I got three fenty ads on this video because he mentioned Rihanna.

    ImKindofAWeirdoImKindofAWeirdo6 dager siden
  • The people buying into the ted cruz story are complete idiots. There's really no other way to say it, the man went on vacation with his family, and you're being manipulated to care about it instead of 20M americans relying on unemployment, cuomo of new york concealing the deaths of thousands from his policy surrounding the pandemic in new york, and literally anything that is actually impacting others in america.

    Rudi RüttgerRudi Rüttger6 dager siden
  • 10:21 The homicidal power providers are price-gouging their customers (in some cases charging for power they're not providing), now their minion Abbott is trying to dupe Biden into rewarding the fraudsters who have blood on their hands. Abbott, ERCOT, Jerry Jones - you're all going to jail. Do not pass go, do not collect any bailout money, and your get out of jail free cards will not be honoured.

    Jo BryanJo Bryan6 dager siden
  • Jesus who cares if he goes on vacation. "We got him!" wow fucking lame lol

    korr4000korr40006 dager siden
  • I love how Ted Cruz like Trump doesn’t realize the internet exists full of information? Lol

    Priscilla GPriscilla G6 dager siden
  • I feel like Demi Lovato revels in her issues. She never stops talking about it

    SwimSweetie100SwimSweetie1006 dager siden
  • It's hilarious how you talked about this Rihanna story but not when she tweeted about the farmers protest going on in India where gross violations of democratic rights of the people protesting are occuring- extrajudicial arrests, torture, sexual harassment of female protestors that were arrested on false charges, police brutality, etc. And when she did that, all the Hindu nationalists started calling her a terrorist sympathizer, and started burning her posters in India. Why wasn't that story talked about? Cuz her tweeting about it brought it to the attention of Greta Thunberg, who then tweeted a protestors toolkit document via Google drive, which was then retweeted by an Indian activitist (a 22 yrs old female) who has now been arrested on false sedition charges. All for sharing a toolkit online,and it was done with the help of google not keeping their user's data private. Why isn't this being talked about Phil??????????

    Div KaurDiv Kaur6 dager siden
  • I'm so glad I don't rely on facebook for news😂😂 I feel bad for anyone who does. I imagine it's the same around the world but here in Aus there are multiple and far more reliable news sources we have tv channels, newspaper, reddit, radio ect.

    EazyEazy6 dager siden
  • Cruz literally did nothing wrong. He wasn’t one of those idiot democracy’s who locked down the state and told people not to leave the state

    ExtraSyncExtraSync6 dager siden
  • whoops, forgot I was still subbed to this wacky lefty. #unsubscribe

    SeventizzSeventizz6 dager siden
  • Ted Cruz may be the worst man on the face of this Earth. He honestly should think about leaving Texas. What a horrible horrible, horrible, person. When he meets his maker, I can't wait for him to try and truthfully explain what he did. That, or he'll already be rotting somewhere warm.

    James KelvinJames Kelvin6 dager siden
  • you're a joke DeFranco.

    Le QuackLe Quack6 dager siden
  • Can you please do a story on the youtuber maxmillianmusk

    BladeOfBubblesBladeOfBubbles6 dager siden
  • I know it was extremely cold but what parent would allow their children to sit in a car in a closed garage? Are there adults who don't know that that can definitely kill you? So sad. RIP

    Mad LibMad Lib6 dager siden
  • I'll be honest, as an Aussie, I hate Scomo and Murdoch Media far more than the tech companies. Journalism in Aus is a rich person job and has been since the 80's. In Australia, rich upper class kids talk to their parents who are best friends with XYZ journo companies owned by Murdoch to get a internship. Then they pay the company to do said internship. Or their parents bribe them to give them the unpaid internship that only rich kids can afford to do because the rest of us can't afford to work for free and still pay rent. Then these private schooled little children write whatever articles their Murdoch owned boss tells them and occasionally wags their fingers at the Australian public/ Google/ Facebook for not funding their little game of pretend journalism and government propaganda suck off pieces. Now Murdoch has what he wants, more underserved money and an even stronger monopoly and stranglehold on the media landscape in Australia. Our government is committing actual crimes on the regular and our news is talking about a politician's love life or about how evil poor people are because they exist. The ABC is even worse, all they talk about is the US and what stuff your government is doing. Like we actually care. You honestly talk about Australian politics more than the ABC, an Aussie government run news company, because they can't afford to step on the toes of those in charge, lest they lose their funding. Sooo... slightly missed what going on here Australia-- I'll be honest Phil. I don't blame you, there's a media blackout and waaay too much propaganda being spouted by Aussie 'journos'. But -- You are one of the few people I even listen to. Please don't buy in to the nonsense. Call as it is. A Murdoch lobbyist's biggest wet dream come true and a tech company accidentally doing something that is just barely doing some good. The block on gov resources is fucked but honestly everything else is fine to stay dead. Facebook without the news is very enjoyable as an experience and I would legit pay for this. And most Aussies are the same, 'bring back gov websites and info but forget the news shitehousery'. Google paying Murdoch makes me sick. Rich people getting richer is all that is.

    Hayden AdamsHayden Adams6 dager siden
  • There is no need to throw your liberal bias towards Ted Cruz, considering how President Biden has literally screwed the US. There is no need to use the “he’s a republican” card. Could have said simply that he fled. Yet you crucify him for being a father. You’re a father and you’re saying you would have your wife and kids travel abroad without you? Just my 2 cents.

    Hedra PeñaHedra Peña6 dager siden
  • The Australian law makes no sense. Let’s say I own a billboard, why should I be paying people to advertise their business on my OWN billboard? Notice how Google is decided to cooperate with a massive media company but what about the medium-small news outlets?

    Justin StewartJustin Stewart7 dager siden
  • beyta liberal actually adressess the fake pay gap

    SharpnessSharpness7 dager siden
  • Ted Cruz just said his daughter is a P.O.S that he's afraid of and can't control

    Legal MexicanLegal Mexican7 dager siden
  • Battle Song of Fled Cruz-(Sing to tune of Deep in the heart of Texas) It’s dark and cold Shit’s getting old Ted Cruz abandoned Texas Pipes burst each night He hoped a flight Ted Cruz abandoned Texas He tried to hide And then he lied Ted Cruz abandoned Texas So make a note Next time you vote Ted Cruz abandoned Texas

    leostarmoonleostarmoon7 dager siden
  • Also, Ted Cruz is straight trash.

    Unicorn BonesUnicorn Bones7 dager siden
  • This is so heartbreaking. And it's unacceptable. No one should have died trying to get warm. We got water and power back today after five days of being cut off, and isolated. Our neighbors helped each other out, and we were fortunate. Others weren't. This is so sad.

    Unicorn BonesUnicorn Bones7 dager siden
  • If Cruz had stayed in Texas, he would have been using electricity. His leaving the State was unselfish, in my opinion - freeing up extra capacity for others.

    donald johnsondonald johnson7 dager siden
  • Man Phil, there are specific details that matter with the news Australia Facebook google situation... Google did deals for the News area not search index web results. The news area only shows "news" websites. And is inline with other deals in other countries Facebook is totally in the right here, under what world does anyone posting to Facebook of their own option get to demand that FB must pay them for posting on the platform. Also how is expected that a random Joe public user posting a link to website then create an invoice to FB to pay that website for posting the link on Facebook??? Break this down properly and see how over reaching the Govt is here and how stupid news Australia are... FB did mess up by taking down posts from non-news Australia orgs. However the 13yr old 6 News is part of news Australia here and is fair his page also was taken down, totally sucks but if you're going to be in an industry and that industry does stupid shit and you didn't do any thing to stop it, well good luck, figure out your path forward etc....

    Nicholas OrrNicholas Orr7 dager siden
  • Tour intro made my whole life. I said the same about life expectancy but your plus for men killer me

    TheAverageNerdTheAverageNerd7 dager siden
  • Not everyone in Texas is conservative. The people in power are not who half of Texans voted for. The margins are very close in this deeply purple state.

    SarahSayAnythingSarahSayAnything7 dager siden
  • Phil had done more for Texans by merely posting a link than Ted “Cancun” Cruz in his whole life.

    Rachel RoyceRachel Royce7 dager siden
  • Phil I’ve always valued how fair your reporting is, especially in regards to NOtown news, so I’m wondering why you haven’t addressed the news coming out about David, Jason and the Vlog Squad?

    Tamarah NicoleTamarah Nicole7 dager siden
  • Please look into Kevin Rudd and the Murdoch royal commission in Australia. Murdoch controls almost all the print media in Australia and the conservative party is in power at the moment and is lovingly protecting Murdoch.

    Mr RadMr Rad7 dager siden
  • Shout out to Beto for doing what Cruz should have been doing. I don't get why people don't take him seriously when he consistently steps up in community disasters like this one. The guy is still going strong organizing relief efforts like getting sorely needed plumbers out here.

    B. AshleyB. Ashley7 dager siden
  • I used to love you philly D but this is turning into who the fuck is triggered over what news

    Morgan HetheringtonMorgan Hetherington7 dager siden
  • Why is oil-rich Texas asking for FEMA money? If they ppl of the state continue to elect officials that don't work for them, why do we keep bailing them out?

    robertantonnycrobertantonnyc7 dager siden

    NurzaNurza7 dager siden
  • Are you gonna cover David dobrik, Jason, and the Seth situation

    Fox TearsFox Tears7 dager siden
    • @Alma Mater there’s at least 8 videos just by looking up “Philip defranco david dobrik” where he talks about extremely trivial things and “drama” surrounding David dobrik, but it’s all in a positive light, because Philip is too scared to even suggest that David is a bad guy. Philip will talk about lots of sexual assault cases on here all the time without police reports getting filed, but when it comes to the golden boy of NOtown, Philip is a coward.

      Fox TearsFox Tears4 dager siden
    • @Fox Tears I absolutely get where you're coming from, but unless someone files a police report or something I don't see Phil talking about it

      Alma MaterAlma Mater4 dager siden
    • @Alma Mater yeah it’s not a drama channel, but he covers a lot of stuff with David dobrik, he covers a wide variety of topics, and this topic is actually about sexual assault, and I’d like him to bring awareness to the fact that David dobrik filmed himself and Jason basically sexually assaulting Seth without his consent, and when Seth asked him to take down the videos and said he was very uncomfortable they cut him off. Also Seth isn’t the only person this has happened to. Jason and David put many other people in uncomfortable situations without their consent and continually gaslight those people and call them crazy when they say that they’re uncomfortable and that what they did was wrong. David and the vlogsquad also have had many underage girls come over and do/request really strange and sexual things for them, on and off camera. David and other members of the vlogsquad does a lot of incredibly shady shit and honestly predatory things, and I’d like Philip to talk about these things instead of ignoring them, just because David has a large platform and a big fan base.

      Fox TearsFox Tears4 dager siden
    • This ain't a drama channel

      Alma MaterAlma Mater4 dager siden
  • As an Australian I'm not backing what our government is doing with news. Simply because local newspapers who don't have massive backing will find it very hard to do a deal with the tech giants. We'll end up just seeing news from the massive news companies and miss important small local news. Maybe if they just made it so only links with headlines were visible and it made you actually go to the papers website so they get their clicks. I worry for the small gu

    ashlles86ashlles867 dager siden
  • Ted Cruz is an embarrassment to all Latinidad. [×]

    Kaine ShigarakiKaine Shigaraki7 dager siden
  • Phil, I love your humor. [×]

    Kaine ShigarakiKaine Shigaraki7 dager siden
  • I'm I the only one who doesn't care about the Ted Cruz situation? Like if I had the money to just skiddadle someplace else temporarily with my family to a more stable place I would

    Deidric VoigtDeidric Voigt7 dager siden
  • RE: Murdoch & Australia. Murdoch owns two thirds of capital city newspaper readership, and in QLD its close to 100% He owns close to 100% of all local/regional newspapers along the East Coast of Australia too. Murdoch owns Sky News which is the equivalent of FOX News in Australia (which the Murdoch Family Trust also owns). In total, Murdoch and his family own a massive 64% of all news media in Australia. Which is why former prime minister Kevin Rudd is holding a Royal Commission into the Murdoch monopoly. Facebook gave Murdoch the middle finger by dipping into his wallet, and our lap dog leaders are crying foul because big daddy Murdoch won’t back them in the next election if they don’t do as they’re told. News media in Australia is absolutely screwy, we don’t really have a left/right bias, it’s all just old Murds. Our supposedly left-leaning ABC (Australian Broadcast Network) takes it easy on Murdoch backed politicians because it’s a government funded institution. Would love you to take a closer look at it all, Phil. It’d make a nice deep dive into the world of corporate sponsored media bias and propaganda. Xo

    Nic ShawNic Shaw7 dager siden
  • Demi’s brain damage is what made Poot lovato

    Nicolette HowardNicolette Howard7 dager siden
  • Sooo, Article 13 in the EU makes it so us plebs can't disseminate copyrighted content - tech giants comply... But as soon as Oz tries to help out their Journalists, Facebook outright ghosts them? Dafuq big tech?

    Tiki-BoxxTiki-Boxx7 dager siden
    • "I've lost count on the number of ways 'big tech' should go fuck themselves" - (he said ironically - please don't kill me google/facebook) Love that line Phil.

      Tiki-BoxxTiki-Boxx7 dager siden