Why Corpse Husband Defies, "Gorilla Glue Girl" Denies, Gina Carano Star Wars Controversy & More News

11. feb.. 2021
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00:00 - Guess Who's Phil-ing Themself Today?
00:29 - CDPR Hack Update
01:12 - MrBeast's Beast Burger Goes International
02:29 - Corpse Husband Proves The Power Of The Fans
03:20 - Bitcoin Surges To New High
04:28 - CDC Says Double Mask It & Counterfeit Mask News
06:18 - Sponsor
07:21 - Gina Carano's Controversial Posts Get Her Fired
09:29 - Gorilla Glue Tessica Updates
10:57 - Day 2 of Trump's Impeachment Trial
14:40 - Guaranteed Serotonin Boost
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CD Projekt Red Hackers Auction Stolen Data:
MrBeast Burger Goes International:
Corpse Husband Song Nearing 100 Million Plays on Spotify:
Bitcoin to Come to America’s Oldest Bank, BNY Mellon:
CDC Recommends Double Masking:
Gina Carano Ousted from “The Mandalorian”:
Tessica Brown Is Finally Free From Gorilla Glue:
Impeachment Day Two Breakdown:
Tokyo Olympic Chief To Resign After Sexist Remarks
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg, Maxx Enright
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Brian Espinoza
Production Team: Zack Taylor
#DeFranco #GinaCarano #CorpseHusband
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  • Stay til the end. Included a lil something to leave you with a laugh today. 👊🏻👊🏻 Love yo faces!

    Philip DeFrancoPhilip DeFranco16 dager siden
    • Best intro, best ending! Ahahaha so worth staying til the end! 😂

      Trish DeLishTrish DeLish4 dager siden
    • No

      OniphireOniphire7 dager siden
    • That outro was brightness and sunshine.

      mantra4iamantra4ia10 dager siden
    • 5:24. Before you do Phil's phillies, I could use merch that says "cover that schnozz, you dummy!"

      mantra4iamantra4ia10 dager siden
    • Why would you listen to let alone take anything TMZ does seriously they are a "entertainment" faux media that should never be taken seriously

      Blake RemyBlake Remy10 dager siden
  • If you can make donuts as good as Krispy Kreme I say Defranco Donuts sound delicious

    Ranell WolfRanell Wolf15 timer siden
  • Feel like people on social media wake up and ask themselves “Who are we going to cancel today?”

    BamaShanksBamaShanks18 timer siden
  • **INCOMMING CODED TRANSMISSION FROM: (Lt. Corey). Relayed from - (a classified location in the TSWG sector)* ---"Yeah I went over and bombed the oscars channel a week ago when you fine folks of youtube clued me in to the fact that *Darth Kennedy* has *DARED* to come out of her hole. When done I went *straight* over to continue my strafing run on the high republic only to find I was late to the party! There were already several of bomber squadrons on the scene assaulting the high republic stronghold. So after joining my compatriots in laying waste to our accursed foe we all went for drinks at the local cantina! But, as I sat amongst all my fellow reveling Rebels I realized our work is not complete. If Grand Moff Chapek and Moff Iger aren’t made aware of Darth Kennedy’s clandestine deception they continue to support our dastardly foe and lengthen the span of the war. So, last night a flew a solo mission to the *Disney Channel* sector and commenced a pre-emptive strike in Mos Cruella! You needn’t be concerned about Princess Emma’s well being. Our spies informed her of the imminent attack and she was evacuated to safety! So now, my fellow rebel compatriots *relay this transmission to ALL squadrons!!* It is time to *COMMENCE FULL-SCALE ATTACK* on the *DISNEY CHANNEL SECTOR!!* *LONG LIVE THE REBELLION!!!!*"--- *END TRANSMISSION* (Automated note: ALL transmissions must be scrambled when relaying this information to ANY and ALL Rebel forces)

    UncleCoreyUncleCoreyDag siden
  • You actually shouldn't sneeze in your mask. You are breathing in the germs your body is trying to expel. You should be sneezing in something else. I recommend your shirt or sleeve. If no sleeve, then open your shirt and sneeze in that

    BeeSweet16BeeSweet162 dager siden
  • Defranco's Donuts would be Fantastic.

    EnyaronEnyaron3 dager siden
  • Phili's Philies or Defrancos Donuts

    Victoria KremerVictoria Kremer3 dager siden
  • Philly's Philly!😋

    Da_MemebearDa_Memebear3 dager siden
  • Hahahaha your son.... " I love saying that"

    skilltes037skilltes0373 dager siden
  • The phillip defranco show, the show that's not really a show but it's me talking to the camera for 3 or 4 minutes yeah! ❤❤❤ this channel still

    Jenna GoddinJenna Goddin4 dager siden
  • See I came back , to see if you covered the Impeachment trial fairly . You even played the doctored videos of the Dems , That video Trump released you used where you said he "loved them" did you watch it ? HE told people to go home.. that was before the building was even breached. FFS , and notice you did NOTHING to cover the other side that showed it was all doctored. A Political my ass.

    5x55x54 dager siden
  • AGAIN , cover Gina's story but not even mentioning how another Cast member on the Same show , did the exact same kind of comparison about kids at the Border , not even using a picture from America . but ya know facts and all.

    5x55x54 dager siden
  • " I want to take you in a Dark room with a bat" well although in this very Important story you didn't reveal who did this .. it would be China .

    5x55x54 dager siden
  • Def Defrancos Donuts

    Joe RamsayJoe Ramsay5 dager siden
  • Hey look at that, the impeachment trial failed no matter the yuge amount of propaganda. Sucks to be you.

    truMalmatruMalma5 dager siden
  • Who would have thought I needed to here minors swear today? Not me

    Ronny B. SmithRonny B. Smith5 dager siden
  • Phil, you used to be much more neutral with your views. You’ve seemed to move to being pretty damn left leaning (which is fine) but be honest about it. When you started, you were edgy and said some pretty crazy shit. Seems almost like it was a sell out situation

    butternutsbutternuts6 dager siden
  • Time will tell...

    Aetheon ProAetheon Pro7 dager siden
  • i think your burger should be "The phil that fills you in ... burger"

    TheScragglyManTheScragglyMan7 dager siden
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  • I need that hoodie

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  • Yea talk shit about trump.. have you been to any store? Yup everything is going up $$

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  • DaddyDeFranco's Burgers!

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  • your boy phill looking fresh as hell

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  • So the actress who played angel in deadpool is a villain in the movie and in real life gotcha

    Bethany PrahstBethany Prahst9 dager siden
  • Wait it’s back

    Viviana MorenoViviana Moreno9 dager siden
  • Wait, where’s your wedding ring?

    Viviana MorenoViviana Moreno9 dager siden

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  • Any time you can put daddy in a name, I use it

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  • Angry bird pillows please

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  • 5:25 ah finally, that should make work more satisfying.

    WestminsterAbbey.WestminsterAbbey.9 dager siden
  • DeFranco's Donuts!!

  • Philly cheesesteaks. Slogan: You’ve just been Philled up

    chainfirechainfire10 dager siden
  • Aww. I'm glad Gorilla glue girl got her hair back. We all do stupid shit sometimes.

    Anna133199Anna13319910 dager siden
  • Please please do any of the above mentioned food options just please make sure they’re available in Maine none the fun stuff comes up to us

    angelina wakelyangelina wakely10 dager siden
  • Philly phillys

    goted art goted gamesgoted art goted games10 dager siden
  • I'm sorry Philip, but I feel you owe a bigger apology to gorilla glue girl. You're a pretty big influencer. Imagine how many of your fans went over to harass her on social media after hearing your opinion. you're usually pretty good about holding off on news until you have more information. But you may have caused a lot of damage this time to someone for no other reason than you heard a rumour.

    something elssomething els10 dager siden
  • Doughnuts 🍩

    Amelia ErbsAmelia Erbs10 dager siden
  • donuts

    karen cashiokaren cashio10 dager siden
  • Daddy's Donuts!

    Kennedy StreetKennedy Street10 dager siden
  • 5:45 . Lovely seeing that dude with the mask under his nose right after Phil talking about punching someone like that in the nose.

    M. MadaoM. Madao10 dager siden
  • Please please DeFranco Donuts partnered with Kripsy Kreme

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  • “DeFranco’s Donuts” “Come get your donuts philled in!” (Almost put donut holes but that’s just borderline pornography advertising)

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  • I’m all for DeFranco’s Donuts. We need a dessert to go with all the burgers lol

    NatalieSue BNatalieSue B10 dager siden
  • Also, if you're going to report on double masking with disposables, perhaps mention trying to source ones not made by Uighurs in concentration camps. You don't have to link people or do all their work for them but MENTION IT. Jesus. Sorry but come on, that's the bare minimum you can do to stop atrocities - be aware of them. edit: I know you've reported on it before hey, but your previous relevant stories don't pop up on people's screens every time - not everyone who watched your videos talking about the Uighur genocide watched this.

    Angela LovellAngela Lovell10 dager siden
  • Yes, Phil. The power dynamics have shifted drastically. Finally, the industry recognises a song about by a man about women just being the problem, with their boobs and their faces and their need to make money and interest in male dominated fields. Hoes are indeed mad

    Angela LovellAngela Lovell10 dager siden
  • Philly's Phillies!!!! We need more legitimate cheesesteak places around the country!!!! *especially in LA 🥳*

    westovernwestovern11 dager siden
  • I love ya, Phil but I will not sneeze in my mask because that is disgusting to breathe that nasty in & leave on your face all day or however long is a big no for me. I will sneeze in a tissue or my elbow, not in a face mask. Also, I don't wear a mask over my nose nor will I double up on one 😝 I didn't know all that about Gina. I'd like to say throw that woman away but homework needs to be educated on the real. Only then, will she not speak such nonsense 🙄

    BEEMERBEEMER11 dager siden
  • #weloveGinaCarano

    KO.kaitlinKO.kaitlin11 dager siden
  • Defranco’s Donuts pls

    ScissorcornScissorcorn11 dager siden
  • Defranco donuts 🍩 that would make donuts great again....

    David LehnhardtDavid Lehnhardt11 dager siden
  • Something about that Pence, location is off. Tunnels exist under the Capitol building purposed to shuttle Senators out of the Capitol building via an underground tunnel/rail system, to other connected buildings, since everyone was already alerted about the potential Jan 6th problem, Pence would have been exited out of the Capitol Building to get #2 to a more secured location aka the WH

    USNews _____Tweety____USNews _____Tweety____11 dager siden
  • Will you ever talk about Seth and David dobrik?

    SomebodyCallChiefSomebodyCallChief11 dager siden
  • *CORPS3* has a condition called *GERD* and he doesn't like the way he looks. he was cheated on and he vowed to never date anytime soon. i love all types of music from lana del rey to em to metallica to kurt to mgk to tom macdonald... *ANYWAY* he's extremely *agoraphobic* (he has a song called agoraphobic) HES on SOUNDCLOUD i highly suggest it! He does not like to leave his house hes afraid people will get to him. he has *extreme anxiety and depression.* *i relate to him a lot but im just a nobody haha!* he wears an eye patch because he cant see out of it (think he fixed that) he said he may look like little zan and chris hemsworth. he's actually a really fun nice funny person. anyways it took me 2 hours to find all this out. there is a 2 hour live stream on his yt channel about it and also u can find him answering questions on instagram. k love you every one have the best day you can!

    Boston EmilyBoston Emily11 dager siden
  • DeFranco's Donuts!

    parejedaparejeda11 dager siden
  • bunch of conjecture trying to tie trump to it, sorry it doesn't float legally (and he was acquitted).

    mikeymouth2000mikeymouth200011 dager siden
  • Fuck cancel culture and anyone that honestly thinks someone should lose their job because they have a different opinion. Its just fucking disgusting at this point.

    Dirty StinkyDirty Stinky11 dager siden
  • Damn, I know you're trying to prove a point with that Gina girl but her posts are actually funny. no hate here

    Sp00msterSp00mster11 dager siden
  • "people who take off their mask when they sneeze" ... umm was that your first slight at Biden?

    Sp00msterSp00mster11 dager siden
    • Biden infamously did took his mask off to sneeze on live tv. It felt like Philly was passive aggressively calling him out for the first time

      Sp00msterSp00mster11 dager siden
    • What the hell are you on about?

      Emilio ReyesEmilio Reyes11 dager siden
  • mr.steal your girl

    Rochelle AlleyneRochelle Alleyne11 dager siden
  • Philly's Phillies, hands down.

    KodeTenKodeTen11 dager siden
  • Phillies philly please and thank you

    KiraLyricalMuseKiraLyricalMuse11 dager siden
  • DeFranco's FRANKS = HotDogs AND DeFranco's Burgers, because why not?

    USNews _____Tweety____USNews _____Tweety____11 dager siden
  • Every news channel says that the pandemic is still in a critical state, but whenever I go outside it seems nobody gives a fuck.

    AndyBoiAndyBoi11 dager siden
  • can't believe I used to watch this drivel

    Siris101Siris10111 dager siden
  • Yo You play rocket league?! That's awesomeness!!

    David CremeansDavid Cremeans11 dager siden
  • When I saw the Gina Carano post, I legit first thought she meant republicans taking liberal neighbors and beating them in the streets. Living in a conservative area and seeing so many trump signs and the occasional lifted pickup truck decked out in TRUMP gear, I legit agreed that these republicans could become an angry brainwashed mob attacking their neighbors. So I thought she had a good point with that post.

    Darth GumbyDarth Gumby11 dager siden
  • "agreement that the code would not be sold or distributed further" wow so there is honor among thieves then?

    Matthew WarrenMatthew Warren11 dager siden
  • Why did y’all teach him how to say fuck 🤣

    jojoheauxjojoheaux11 dager siden
  • Beautiful bastard bbq

    Isabella BarnettIsabella Barnett11 dager siden
  • That intro almost had me spitting my coffee into my screen 😂😂

    Ximena UilenbergXimena Uilenberg11 dager siden
  • holy shit the boy is a troll

    Red BeardRed Beard11 dager siden
  • Man it's hard to be a lowkey moron nowdays!

    Pnshr 88Pnshr 8811 dager siden
  • people don't even wear ONE mask... gonna be real hard to get anyone to wear 2... :/

    2nerdsonacouch2nerdsonacouch11 dager siden
  • Ohh, the Democrat California tears. Wipe them up with Hollywood Phil!

    BlackariaBlackaria11 dager siden
  • Wow. I thought what Gina said on insta wasnt terrible and i think people are overthinking it but then phil says what she also believes in. It is like looking at a femboy, im confused.

    Mechanical MosesMechanical Moses11 dager siden
  • My wife recently said that word in front our daughter, and I was like, 'you really are comfortable saying that in front of our 5 year old..' She paused, and then went, "...Shit. ....._Shit!_" Now she uses both just to get a rise out of us. He's never gonna let go of that word now, Phil 💀

    Taurus Svenssen-WällTaurus Svenssen-Wäll12 dager siden
  • Phil looking jacked af lately

    murfy murfmurfy murf12 dager siden
  • DeFranco's delectable donut burgers? eh? Not bad.

    Adam SolisAdam Solis12 dager siden
  • 40 years old who has no idea how to read fine print on a glue product with the word "glue" on it sounds terrible. just stick with the word "girl"

    shraffe naqiuddinshraffe naqiuddin12 dager siden
  • gorilla glue girl also donated her 20,000$ earnings from gofundme to three families. shes a class act.

    The Lundy FamilyThe Lundy Family12 dager siden
    • Yes 👏🏼 Also, Phil needs to apologize to her!

      Lala JaneLala Jane9 dager siden
  • Yea gina got fired and disneys stock tanked by 2% and is going lower as people cancel their Disney plus subscriptions.

    Yoha AsakuraYoha Asakura12 dager siden
  • So they lied for a year about how masks work and now they are saying we need two? Yeah I’ll believe them now.

    Jeremy WatersJeremy Waters12 dager siden
  • where is "today in awesome"`? =(

    Don RiemppDon Riempp12 dager siden
  • Whether it's true or not whether its stupid or not, this is my view: Telling me to wear another mask makes me want to not wear the first one either. This has all been a joke to me. my perspective is this: not ONE small aspect of MY daily life, beyond EVERYONE ELSE'S fear mongering.... has changed. This entire time. Seen not one seriously ill person. work downtown, sac, CA. travelled. smoked with hella people, didn't change anything about my daily life in response to this 'pandemic,' which, is how I HAVE to look at it, seeing no sign of it, the entire time, beyond those I personally know, claiming it was like having the common flu. Thanks for the money I wasted on garbage. It went straight back to the irs thru my tax return. lol.

    Ixhilkalas KiiverIxhilkalas Kiiver12 dager siden
  • "I'm saying it so fuck you" has me in tears oh my god

    landylandy12 dager siden
  • Was not aware that you knew I call you Daddy 😳😳

    A. S. JonesA. S. Jones12 dager siden
  • Daddy DeFranco's Burgers. Obviously.

    A. S. JonesA. S. Jones12 dager siden
  • I shouldn't have laughed as hard as I did at Carter saying the F word. It was him going 'I'M SAYING F**K' that set me off

    readtypetweetreadtypetweet12 dager siden
  • Phil, you're just not going to talk about Gorilla Glue Girl's eyelashes? Really?

    renraggedrenragged12 dager siden
  • Lol you sneeze in your mask and wear it for 8 more houses lol we’re not savages people can still sneeze into their elbow like we did the last 20 yrs of my life

    BaconNMegsBaconNMegs12 dager siden
  • Bad words, NO NO!

  • But what about people who wear glasses? Having two masks on just means my glasses are going to fog up even more...

    TBL2749TBL274912 dager siden
  • But what are all the disposable masks doing to our oceans. What about cloth masks that have a wire... could i wear that then two others cloth masks on top? I want others to be safe, while also making sure we aren't just destroying our planet faster for those of the future....

    Ashley KirklandAshley Kirkland12 dager siden

    Piegod9Piegod912 dager siden
  • defranco doughnuts, to many burger places

    triscint1triscint112 dager siden
  • Defranco donuts

    KatKat12 dager siden
  • What you reported about Gina, I appreciate that you didn't really insert your opinion, but just gave news!!

    nyambs Deborahnyambs Deborah12 dager siden
  • Just gloss over trump telling the protesters to be peaceful but alright

    Nate KesterNate Kester12 dager siden
    • Hours after letting them run amok.

      FuzzzWuzzzFuzzzWuzzz11 dager siden