WHO IS LYING?! Viral Cinnamon Toast Crunch Saga Goes Very Very Wrong, Cody Ko, Liza Koshy, & More

24. mars. 2021
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00:00 - Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shrimp-Gate
03:51 - Tesla Now Accepts Bitcoin
06:16 - SF Attack Turns Into Huge BAMF
07:51 - Sponsor
09:04 - Huge Voting Bill Heads To The Senate
12:48 - Israel Elections, Myanmar Updates, & North Korea
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Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shrimp Saga Unravels:
Elon Musk Announces Customers Can Now Use Bitcoin to Buy Teslas:
I invested in www.lolli.com/ref/DeFranco
San Francisco Woman Giving GoFundMe Donations Back To AAPI Community:
Celebs Support For The People Act:
Netanyahu Lacks Clear Path To Victory With 97% of Votes Counted:
Myanmar Continues Protests After Death of 7-Year-Old:
U.S. Officials Ignore North Korea Provocation:
Amazon Drivers Must Consent To AI Surveillance Otherwise They’ll Lose Their Job:
Dr. Fauci Tries To Dispel Hesitancy After U.S. Officials Question AstraZeneca Trials:
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg, Maxx Enright
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Brian Espinoza
Production Team: Zack Taylor
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  • Thanks for choosing me to be your daily Bringer of Sadness 👊🏻

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    • Well all that sugar explains alot. You should check out Magic Spoon and upgrade!

      ewellfordewellford29 dager siden
    • Why would I use bit coin? Never heard someone say they don’t take cash, especially when followed by keep the change. Too far, here’s my visa number and it’s insured incase you rip me off. Bit coin... when you want the government to know you’re trying to hide something lol!

      Jason GJason G29 dager siden
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      Daniel SarteDaniel SarteMåned siden
  • "Bonus skrimps or not, I'm still buying that cereal" realest shit I ever heard

    Chach HebbishChach HebbishDag siden
  • Idc if you like cinnamon toast crunch but an S tier cereal?! "Delicious" leftover milk?! Of all the things you've ever said, this has to be the worst! This is truly disgusting, Phil! Unsubscribed. Also, for the same reasons that Phil did, I'd just like to point out: *THIS IS A JOKE*

    ChrisJBTChrisJBT7 dager siden
  • Anything that NBA star Chris Paul is co-chairing has my endorsement.

    Jack RossJack Ross14 dager siden
  • heh "Lolli" Phil - going to need some artwork of that mental image 😂

    AzureCometAzureComet14 dager siden
  • Mmmmmm....Cinnamon Shrimp Crunch. Kid tested Mother approved.

    GwyndolinGwyndolin16 dager siden
  • I’m just stuck on the Surprise 3some. Also ungracious? Many questions.

    Richie55RichRichie55Rich19 dager siden
  • Phil, I'm so sorry, but today I must divorce you. Cap'n Crunch will always be my absolute favourite cereal. How _dare_ you. /jk

    Shae RenuelShae Renuel23 dager siden
  • Election Day SHOULD be a national holiday.

    Lissa LoaLissa Loa23 dager siden
  • captain crunch, not soggy, is razorblades? holy wet paper towel mouth.

    lucidrylucidry27 dager siden
  • You have peaked my interest in Lolly. I will pick up some from the grocery store. It's only me so I wouldn't like the assorted box because I probably will only like 2 kinds. Picky!

    Victoria PrestonVictoria PrestonMåned siden
  • Cognac colored leather just made me not want to win. I'm to poor for the upkeep of these vehicles. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 I has two Lexus cars and almost learned the hard way!😂🤣😂🤣

    Victoria PrestonVictoria PrestonMåned siden
  • I really hope these attackers comes across someone they beat down has a gun and blow them away!

    Victoria PrestonVictoria PrestonMåned siden
  • I don't fall for trends. Clothes, makeup or trending decorating, because those things fall out and a month later a new trend is in place. Sorry I have no knowledge about Bitcoin or the others that came out. I guess I'm in the "poor group" 😂🤣😂🤣

    Victoria PrestonVictoria PrestonMåned siden
  • Little odd you are not covering the biggest topic of the day

    Nicholas GerickeNicholas GerickeMåned siden
  • I think it's really sad people stopped her (Miss Xiao) from hitting the guy. I would let her finish..

    Ziran007Ziran007Måned siden
  • was keen to join Lolli, but I'm in Australia! joined the waitlist though!

    Rodnella ApolloniRodnella ApolloniMåned siden
  • I knew that guy with the cereal had to be full of shit. I've never once heard of any cereal company having anything as weird or random as shrimp tails in their cereal. The workers aren't even allowed to enter the facility with food, gum, or personal items, how the hell could they slip by their overseers with shrimp? They have guidelines so strict in those places that everyone working there would have to be working together to ruin the company.

    Buttered LumpsButtered LumpsMåned siden
  • The black-and-white course curiously x-ray because prison thankfully whisper about a curved bra. bouncy, uptight freezer

    Unknown UnknownUnknown UnknownMåned siden
  • Why is Liza koshi in the thumbnail? Why is she on tv? Why does she only make jokes about white people? Why do tv exec's think the public will believe shes funny? Why dont they understand that on NOtown, only 10 year olds liked her content? So many questions! No answers!

    Man of MythMan of MythMåned siden
  • I didnt see anything about liza....where was it?

    Jason LiuJason LiuMåned siden
  • How come no one talks about how much carbon emissions Crypto mining and NFT creation causes?

    Jose IriasJose IriasMåned siden
  • There's gossip about anything anyone does every 30 seconds but SOMEHOW one after another through the years didn't hear or see something about that man being abusive and toxic??!?! I always wanna look at things from an outsider perspective and I done know if we should believe what they tweeted just because they were more than 1, as we shouldn't just blindly believe Cinnamon Crunch guy

    Daniel OgunleyeDaniel OgunleyeMåned siden
  • loli phil where?

    HeatranoveryouHeatranoveryouMåned siden
  • What kind of weak man can't eat captain crunch??

    SombreroMasterSombreroMasterMåned siden
  • Love you dude but people who can't handle the Capt need not pass on their weak bloodline.

    Anthony KnightAnthony KnightMåned siden
  • I like juicy Wendy's hamburgers with the worms. Don't reckon I would like dry crunchy shrimp with cinnamon and sugar. I'm more into savory foods.

    Google UserGoogle UserMåned siden
  • Where’s the rat part of the story?

    VitruvianVitruvianMåned siden
  • Where does he talk about Cody ko? I can't find it.

    Sophie SchroerSophie SchroerMåned siden
  • dude this guy only talks about youtubers fuck that

    Ramzi JuegaRamzi JuegaMåned siden
  • I .... I pour cereal in the dark 🥣 🙈

    Elizabeth HoskinsElizabeth HoskinsMåned siden
  • me: checks out lolli thinkin its a cool concept me: cries in international

    Ren PotterRen PotterMåned siden
  • Nice clickbait on the Cody Ko

    YaBoy FittedChickenYaBoy FittedChickenMåned siden
  • traumatic cereals ever made. Especially if you had it as a kid in the 70s.

    zijuiy wttuyzijuiy wttuyMåned siden
  • youre telling me you looked at the camera and said, with a straight face??? "lolli popped" wtf

    Jynx TetraxJynx TetraxMåned siden
  • Loli fill dot com? Nice try Phil, not falling for that one again

    Obsidian Sirius BlackheartObsidian Sirius BlackheartMåned siden
  • Rich guy really complaining about a 3$ box of cereal

    Kirsten GreenwaldKirsten GreenwaldMåned siden
  • Anything w Gomez name shady Ask keneeka

    Patti ChambleyPatti ChambleyMåned siden
  • Boo that tiny mention of Liza isn't the story I was hoping for.

    Bret HarleyBret HarleyMåned siden
  • Having a thumbnail saying “Who’s lying” with a photo of Cody Ko and Liza Koshy was very misleading. Do better please.

    Charming nowhere to hideCharming nowhere to hideMåned siden
  • Honestly, Mitch is literally the physical embodiment of the exact thing people think of when they think of corrupt politicians : old, rich, white men.

    Cody ChurchillCody ChurchillMåned siden
    • found x in my y..." because despite the fact that these things tend to happen... many people lie their asses off.

      Charming nowhere to hideCharming nowhere to hideMåned siden
  • Don't try to call someone out unless you have no skeletons in your own closet

    noneyahnoneyahMåned siden
  • Oh thank GOD you finally speak and edit yourself in a normal speaking rate. I stopped watching because I used to get a headache Edit: still got a headache

    Eli GEli GMåned siden
  • 2 things: Phil said Lolli and Pop literally back to back. And, love the convo about voting in the US.

    E RodriguezE RodriguezMåned siden
  • They could Snowpiercer cinnamon toast crush and I'd still buy it because it's so good.

    PleasePleaseMåned siden
  • where’s our short king i only clicked because i saw cody :/

    pluto diamondspluto diamondsMåned siden
  • The irony of a country that is built on the process of voting to get things done trying to make voting difficult and borderline impossible for some of its citizens... like wot m8?

    Cosmic GaijinCosmic GaijinMåned siden
  • Cinnamon toast crunch is top shelf cereal.

    Robin KingRobin KingMåned siden
  • No. Felons should not vote it’s a right, which they lose when they preform a victim crime. Yeah, let’s let all the ducking neo nazis vote.

    Biggs PlaysBiggs PlaysMåned siden
  • Suddenly craving cinnamon toast crunch 😋

    Brittany SandovalBrittany SandovalMåned siden
  • Don't know exactly how this ended I went to a commercial and then couldn't get back to where I was. Many problems watching this video. Not sure if it was your fault or mine.

    Ranell WolfRanell WolfMåned siden
  • God damn I am digging your energy this video lol, sad news aside

    McKenzie WellsMcKenzie WellsMåned siden
  • My brother just moved back from Myanmar, he left after the military started shooting civilians. They have claimed they will only seize control for one year but they said that before and had control for 26 years. Now that people know what it's like under democracy, they don't want another military rule. We take our lives in western society for granted and I feat for the citizens of Myanmar who are up against the very people who were supposed to protect them.

    Michelle ParkMichelle ParkMåned siden
  • Voting restrictions happens because they know the power of the voices who are not allowed to vote hold. There's a reason why they put these restrictions to remove their voices.

    Maria GMaria GMåned siden
  • People crying about clickbait....are you new to youtube?

    Hi I'm BogHi I'm BogMåned siden
  • yo NOtown is double overlaying your videos I think. I had to refresh twice to get the correct video on here and the first time it played it legitimately had two play lines one over the original. I'd inquire manno.

    Col sonCol sonMåned siden
  • I CALLED IT! I MOTHERFREAKING CALLED IT! I had just seen the tweet on an entirely different video (r/whatever on a NOtown channel) and I flat out said: "That doesn't seem logical to me. How the hell does shrimp end up in a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch? I think that person lied..." In all honesty, you have to be careful about those pictures of: "I found x in my y..." because despite the fact that these things tend to happen... many people lie their asses off.

    Leileya NightLeileya NightMåned siden
  • If you cant taste the blood from it cutting your gums are you really enjoying your bowl of Capt. Crunch...

    Jori RobertsJori RobertsMåned siden
  • notown.info/two/video/wLmMdqZ9raZyjtk.html

    Edjumicated_ GamerEdjumicated_ GamerMåned siden
  • Where is Philip! I'm worried it's more than just his busy schedule that he warned us about! Mostly just kidding though, only a couple days :( I miss you!

    demilishingdemilishingMåned siden
  • I cried listening to the news about Myanmar. My friend lives in Yangon. The UN needs to do more and move with urgency.

    beedsj roiuebeedsj roiueMåned siden
  • There should be a five year limit for all American politicians to get rid of some of those dinosaurs!

    StephStephMåned siden
    • The cereal guy needs your shirt

      beedsj roiuebeedsj roiueMåned siden
  • Phil, I legit appreciate you and your humour so so much. Thanks for the chuckle on that opening. Okay, now I'm gonna keep watching... wonder how deep into the dumpster fire you're gonna take us this time!

    Trish DeLishTrish DeLishMåned siden
  • Please talk about Seaspiracy on Netflix and the devastating effects of commercial fishing. We're so f'd.

    PugachelliPugachelliMåned siden
  • Imagine having your life finally ruined not because you get caught for being a douchebag, but because of fake Cinnamon Toast Shrimp

    TheGreatChrisBTheGreatChrisBMåned siden
  • "it's just jokes ya dumb donkey!"

    kyle kylekyle kyleMåned siden
  • "Who's lying?" Phil. Every video.

    DavidDavidMåned siden
  • Can I get my Lolli rewards in BCH? It would be a waste to dump it into the sabotaged version Bitcoin, when the original is still alive and kicking...

    TiagoTiagoTiagoTiagoMåned siden
  • Tried to sign up for LolliPhil and...not available in Canada :(

    SlagmarSlagmarMåned siden
  • 4:56 “Lolli ... pop into the news” I see what you did there 😎

    Michael DamonMichael DamonMåned siden
  • Hey fatty.

    Joe SmithJoe SmithMåned siden
  • Guess who didn't even get this in their sub box 🙃 thanks NOtown

    Ariana ElaineAriana ElaineMåned siden
  • Your selection of cereals growing up is painful. Your parents hated you that’s for sure

    Karan PhullKaran PhullMåned siden
  • I don’t get how Election day is not a holiday... here in PR it is

    Ivan AvilesIvan AvilesMåned siden
  • *My Brain was Hacked*

    PSN : takaminnne_03PSN : takaminnne_03Måned siden
  • It's hard for me to take Phil seriously now that I know he's so sensitive lol Ethan defended him pretty hard, and Trish says the first thing that comes to her mind, especially when she's being defensive, not that fat shaming is right but like, dude, you're a big boy.. the worst people saying the worst things? dramatic.

    Jordan RossJordan RossMåned siden
    • meant big in the colloquial sense, not the physical, literal sense, just read that back lol

      Jordan RossJordan RossMåned siden
  • damn i love your shirt "i'm better than this"

    Stephania CharlesStephania CharlesMåned siden
  • The cereal guy needs your shirt

    Megan GormanMegan GormanMåned siden
  • "The likes of Lolli...... pop into the" Don't think we missed that.

    soniyu ziuysoniyu ziuyMåned siden
  • Phil, please talk about Minnesota ruling that: it’s ok to rape someone when he/she is drunk, because they are “willingly to get intoxicated”. This is stupid and sickening and we need to talk about it

    B VuB VuMåned siden
    • did phil do a piece on the allegation against dr phil's ranch and how bhad bhabie outed him?

      soniyu ziuysoniyu ziuyMåned siden
  • Lawmakers need to be very careful when pushing a bill through when only half of the Senate and House approve. If 200 bills are being worked on in 43 states, that means the people of those States probably want that. It doesn't need to get overridden by a simple majority on the federal level. Surley people can see that? Also, good rule of thumb: if a bill has a name that sounds like it's doing something undeniably good, be very wary.

    metfreak 101metfreak 101Måned siden
  • My pony as a kid was named Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Horse names are weird

    CheshireCheshireMåned siden
  • Netanyahu is already 15 years prime minister... Its crazy. It shouldnt be allowed in a democracy...

    Ronnie NimerRonnie NimerMåned siden
  • Please please cover the religious discrimination case with Panera firing a pagan couple. I can't figure out why it isn't getting national attention. I would imagine it's a pretty big deal.

    Samuel RowanSamuel RowanMåned siden
  • It has been years since the last time this channel crossed my mind. I was listening to Joe Rogan and the intro made me remmember the old sxephil intro. Glad to see him still uploading after a decade. edit: where are the old videos?

  • Lolli.... pop... into the news. I can’t 😂

    Kelly UgrinKelly UgrinMåned siden
  • "'LOLLI...pop into the news" 🤣🤣🤣🤣 4:55

    OnionOnionMåned siden
  • Clickbaits gone too far. This is just stupid at this point. Sort of makes me hate DeFranco. And i dont want to. Cool it.

    Jay CollinsJay CollinsMåned siden
  • Hey... can Lolli change their name by any chance? I don't want that in my search history.

    Trusty PatchesTrusty PatchesMåned siden
  • Please talk about the #bouldershooting

    Samantha WillitsSamantha WillitsMåned siden
  • I get the whole "well i don't pour cereal in thee dark" thing, like obviously we look and see our food before we eat it because it is as simple as that for me and most people, BUT people have very serious shellfish allergies, so if there isn't a full on shrimp that you can see but there is contamination that could be life threatening. There is also Judaism to think about where such foods are literally against their religion.

    Goblin Princess KyoGoblin Princess KyoMåned siden
  • Laiza In the thumbnail, not even related towards anything in the video AMAZING XD

    bssni touirbssni touirMåned siden
  • Gives Liza Koshy a huge thumbnail. Mentions of her equal do less then one minute of an 18min video. Well done sir, youtubers on NOtown. All basically doing the same shit in different ways.

    Frederico AlmeidaFrederico AlmeidaMåned siden
    • @bssni touir good for you hun

      Frederico AlmeidaFrederico AlmeidaMåned siden
    • I just checked my Cinnamon Toast Crunch and it looks fine. In fact I'm gonna have a bowl right now.

      bssni touirbssni touirMåned siden
  • You never talked about Cody ko???

    gabby tracegabby traceMåned siden
  • did phil do a piece on the allegation against dr phil's ranch and how bhad bhabie outed him?

    gomonkeyflygomonkeyflyMåned siden
  • Please make a video on Indian farmers protest to bring some attention. So far the Indian media and the government of India have verbally abused Gretta Thormberg, Rihanna the pop singer and many other celebrities who have spoke about this. Please cover this.

    MarshallzPLAYSMarshallzPLAYSMåned siden
  • When are we gonna tell Phil that it's GILF not BAMF🙄

    Kayak'tKayak'tMåned siden
  • What does him being a shit person have to do with Cinnamon Toast Crunch? why do people feel the need to bring up things that barely have anything to do with what’s exactly going on

    FatmandosFatmandosMåned siden
  • 1,000,000 millions dollars phil doesn’t talk about the car jacking with two teens that killed that man. If you don’t know, good look it up. Phil in all the “races” yourselves and see where the news narrative is compared to the real world. Disgusting

    al1nonlyal1nonlyMåned siden
  • Don’t Be like David and create Clickbait when you’re only mentioning someone for a brief millisecond

    Caitlyn GonzalezCaitlyn GonzalezMåned siden