WHO IS LYING?! Trisha Paytas James Charles Controversy, Strange Matt Gaetz Allegations, & More News

31. mars. 2021
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00:00 - Keeping My Promise
01:42 - James Charles Allegations
05:17 - New York Legalizes Marijuana For Adult Use
06:57 - Sponsor
08:00 - Man Arrested For New York Hate Crime Attack
09:42 - Biden’s Infrastructure Plan
11:42 - #PizzaGaetz
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James Charles Accused of Flirting with Teen:
New York Legalizes Recreational Weed:
Suspect in NY Attack Caught:
Biden Unveils Infrastructure Plan:
Matt Gaetz Under DOJ Investigation:
Apple’s Next iOS Update Will Finally Fix a Bug That Blocks Searches of “Asian”
Britney Spears Addresses New York Times Documentary:
UK Report Faces Backlash After Saying Country Not "Structurally Racist"
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg, Maxx Enright
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Brian Espinoza
Production Team: Zack Taylor
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  • I'm a skinny legend...granted its my teeth that are skinny but still.......Happy Wednesday to you monsters

    Philip DeFrancoPhilip DeFrancoMåned siden
    • notown.info/two/video/n898qaOEqtujzsU.html

      Food InspoFood InspoMåned siden
    • When James says violating privacy is the lowest of the low, it’s actually NOT, there are worst things like ped%philia and he is a manipulator

      Hannia CorenaHannia CorenaMåned siden
    • @Isaac Kyler awesome! It took roughly 15 minutes but it actually worked!!

      Bodhi YehudaBodhi YehudaMåned siden
    • dunno if anyone cares but last night I hacked my friends Instagram password by using InstaPwn. Cant link here so search for it on google enjoy!

      Isaac KylerIsaac KylerMåned siden
    • @DeVere Vidamuerte How do you pronounce psilocybin? I pronounce it the same way Phil did. I was waiting for him to say it in a weird way, but it was just normal to me.

      Anne RittwageAnne RittwageMåned siden
  • Fuck that dude that beat up Vilma Kari AND APPARENTLY HIS OWN MOTHER. Hope he drops the soap in prison 😒

    SavannahSavannah9 dager siden
  • 3rd year dental student here, very cool to see your “tooth nubs”, hopefully the dentist fixed the problem!

    Nicholas LeeNicholas Lee16 dager siden
  • Man, I thought you would show more of them!! Super disappointed!! 🤣😂

    Kimmy BallKimmy Ball18 dager siden
  • Lmao i love the fact that Phillip just goes in and says "you probably shouldnt fuck your fans." He was like F censorship!

    ROGUE RADIOROGUE RADIO20 dager siden
  • James Charles, a grown man, allegedly sent pornography to underage boys. This is a crime. Where is the #FBI?

    Cara GarnierCara Garnier23 dager siden
  • Your tooth nubs are kinda adorbs. But see the dentist often yall

    Jessica WestJessica West23 dager siden
  • I made crowns and bridges for about 14 years. We've done both upper and lowers of 6-11 and 22-27. I'm used to seeing people's mouths looking like Baraka from Mortal Kombat.

    Calesta IezuCalesta Iezu25 dager siden
  • My kid just chipped his permanent tooth. He has a temporary 'filling'. He can't bite with it as he could break it, again.. He will have to have a veneer added when he is an adult. And it could come loose at any time.

    Kristy HughesKristy Hughes26 dager siden
  • A

    Kally KourtsKally Kourts27 dager siden
  • WHO IS LYING? You Phil, always you.

    GJ HawksGJ Hawks27 dager siden
  • Still cute!!!

    IreneIrene28 dager siden
  • Time to go brush my teeth! 🥴

    Olivia MichelOlivia Michel28 dager siden
  • Ugh. The James Charles shit is bringing up uncomfortable Ryan Haywood feels. Hey. Creators. Don’t. Fuck. Your. Fans.

    MaraMara28 dager siden
  • Yes! Teeth. So important to floss & brush the ones you wanna keep. 😆

    jhadine1jhadine128 dager siden
  • Also, why is Bailey Sarian’s video about Jeffrey Dahmer suggested RIGHT UNDER this video?! 😳🙃😏

    Miss MaeMiss Mae29 dager siden
  • “If anyone says you have done anything wrong, I can assure you that you have not” SAYS A MINOR WHO CANNOT GIVE CONSENT. Why is it that police haven’t been involved yet? James needs a wake up call before he hurts someone. 🙄

    Miss MaeMiss Mae29 dager siden
  • As far as James Charles is concerned an old saying seems apt: where there’s smoke there’s fire

    H0lland0ates 79H0lland0ates 7929 dager siden
  • Ok note to self, brush teeth while watching this lmaoo

    Trina DTrina D29 dager siden
  • You’re telling me a dude who stabbed his own mother and was also charged for robbery... was just walking around on the streets?

    NinjachickenfingersNinjachickenfingers29 dager siden
  • DC recently decriminalized psilocybin

    Dana MichelleDana Michelle29 dager siden
  • Lucky James Charles isn't a straight male doing this to a girl or he would be destroyed utterly...............fuck this stupid society

    andrew davisandrew davis29 dager siden
  • I think at this point it's pretty obvious James Charles is targeting underage kids based on the number of times these accusations have surfaced. I also think Trisha is just excited to participate in a controversy she had nothing to do with.

    TheBusyJaneTheBusyJaneMåned siden
  • why are ppl still using twitter or tictok. SO MANY PPL HAVE LOST THERE LIVELY HOODS thanks to that platform. Get rid of it.

    SolarisSolarisMåned siden
  • mushrooms....o yea mushrooms 😭😌

    Arewa OlakunleArewa OlakunleMåned siden
  • There’s a simple answer to why that man was paroled: he’s likely to vote Democrat without even considering the candidates.

    xcvx16xcvx16Måned siden
  • They always play magic games. Look over here at this over here at this new scandal while I take my magic carpet and sweep this really disgusting or this news is going to screw up my run for president. WALLA!!

    Victoria PrestonVictoria PrestonMåned siden
  • I am never going to believe a word out of Matt Gaetz' mouth ever. If he claims not to have done something, I am 100% sure he did it.

    ZocressZocressMåned siden
  • How did you brush your when you were young? Didn't someone tell you had cheese teeth?😂🤣😂🤣

    Victoria PrestonVictoria PrestonMåned siden
  • Is this a Stephen Crowder gay alterego channel?

    G GG GMåned siden
  • does anyone else think gaetz looks like the president from monsters Vs. aliens?

    Fin EverbochFin EverbochMåned siden
  • ...just keep in mind, the "corporate tax rate" is one of the key reasons corporations move their business "over-seas". We need to be competitive against the rest of the world. When your parents were young -before most companies moved all the manufacturing over-seas, a guy could go get a factory job in America and make enough to buy a house and support a family. Back then, workers were in demand and companies paid a premium for them. Now, a guy in a factory is probably living below the poverty level, with part-time hours so the company doesn't have to supply health care and owning a house is just a "daydream". The middle class, blue collar worker is being wiped out and it isonly going to get worse. ...and I'm sorry to say, its caused by democratic policies. Democratic policies help in the short term but hurt in the long run, for example "printing money". Look at ANY major city across the U.S. it is in ruins!

    SpecttSpecttMåned siden
  • Why hasnt Trisha hasn't been banned from social media she has done the same

    cherry flavored panther510cherry flavored panther510Måned siden
  • Wasn't expecting that turn to "legalize shrooms" but i am HERE for it!!

    Rei J.Rei J.Måned siden
  • I didn't notice until Trisha pointed it out, but Philip is getting rather chunky. Like boy is ballooned. Maybe get a healthy diet bro or something 🤔

    daftnessrollzdaftnessrollzMåned siden
  • Ugh my teeth are so bad. I spend an hour a day taking care of them as a well as I can (plus avoiding too many eating moments, sugary beverages, etc), but it still highly problematic. Part of it is a genetic disorder, but my teeth still seem worse than most of my family members with the same disorder 😞🤷‍♀️

    MarlouMarlouMåned siden
  • Bhahaha I’m totally gonna use the teeth clip to make my son brush his teeth 🤣 love ya Phil.

    Not Your Average GLOW UpNot Your Average GLOW UpMåned siden
  • Interesting that you mention magic mushrooms/psilocybin & psilocin! There are a fair few studies indicating that one dose can help depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation for months at a time - so legalisation with restriction (like prescription drugs) could be a very good thing, considering the mental health crisis we find ourselves in the middle of.

    Simple SciSimple SciMåned siden
  • Is like two little fangs 😂💪

    I. O.I. O.Måned siden
  • Gaetz has provided screenshots of text messages showing extortion, nobody has provided evidence of the "news" article's claims. the number of people willing to believe claims without evidence is funny really. but then again, some people believe the bogus stories about the supreme court justice.

    mythmurzinmythmurzinMåned siden
  • How many times can the "they lied about their age" excuse work? Like, seriously.

    Taylor NieuwdorpTaylor NieuwdorpMåned siden
  • innocent until proven guilty but ima keep it a stack for you chief it aint safe for you right now

    Cas MokyuCas MokyuMåned siden
  • You still got it

    Nicholas GerickeNicholas GerickeMåned siden
  • PHILIP.....DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW BAD THIS NEW NY LAW IS????!!!!! Everyone is going to be driving around HIGH causing more deaths and accidents. You sir are a MORON

    vampiregoddess57vampiregoddess57Måned siden
  • Hahaha good show mate

    mik3war1mik3war1Måned siden
  • 6:31. Not so much “silo” in the pronunciation. “Sy-le-SY-bin”. Yeah!!

    Wicked FifthWicked FifthMåned siden
  • So now that Connecticut is surrounded by states that have legal recreational marijuana laws, I’m just gonna say it’s legal here too yeah? Awesome, you old, archaic assholes thaaank yooouuuuu ✌️

    Kuch _Kuch _Måned siden
  • Mother killer released on the streets ? Yup sounds like a blue state issue to me. Same shits happening in California. 🤷‍♂️

    Hectors QuinteroHectors QuinteroMåned siden
  • I love shrooms 🤘🏼

    Hectors QuinteroHectors QuinteroMåned siden
  • what is your scheudle now, is it like once a week?

    ЛевМЭХЛевМЭХMåned siden
  • Yo Phil it’s said like (Silla- sy-bin) .

    Chris CoteChris CoteMåned siden
  • No more pass for James to mutch smoke without fire

    Skenet ShineSkenet ShineMåned siden
  • I didn't expect a discussion about Psilocybins to come from Marijuana talk, but I honestly 100% agree with you. Magic mushrooms should be legalized due to its extremely positive research. I've also had my own experience with microdosing psilocybins and it really has benefitted me mentally.

    Steph HeartsSteph HeartsMåned siden
  • omg if james really did talk to a 16 year old it shouldnt be that big of a deal where im from 16 year olds are legal besides that james is only 21 its not like hes even fully an adult yet. people need to chill the heck out

    MrhyimbobMrhyimbobMåned siden
    • Every state has different laws. Age, age difference, etc. also, if he is asking for explicit photos from a minor that is illegal. End of discussion.

      인정인정29 dager siden
  • Trisha has reached out to minors in the past. Let’s not forget she’s not being a hero but a hypocrite

    kristie kanekristie kaneMåned siden
  • Matt Gaetz looks like if you put Beavis and Butthead into the same person, and it also wasn't a cartoon.

    This my trash accountThis my trash accountMåned siden
  • I feel like to add on to the james charles situation, this feels like a case of taking a situation where a boy is being preyed on less seriously compared to how serious it would be if a girl was being preyed on. James Charles has given all the accuses and we have let him go miles and I'm sure alot of it is being given to him because of what happened with Tati, but we already demanded he looks at an id but he wont and he still targets his fanbase as a dating pool which is also not acceptable.

    KayKayMåned siden
  • I live in Mississippi unfortunately I’m originally from Durham North Carolina I think what New York has done is absolutely genius where I live in Mississippi we just passed the law for medical marijuana about eight months ago and I’m sitting here waiting for the shops to open! Also I’m waiting for doctors to prescribe it! It’s like they voted yes and then forgot about it! I am for the legalization of marijuana medically and recreationally! 100% I had PTSD from some thing that horrible happened to me as a child that no child should ever have happened to them and marijuana is the only thing that helps me when I had a panic attack’s no pill will help me no shot will help me marijuana helps me

    Jessica Rose ThomasJessica Rose ThomasMåned siden
  • Gatez looks like a caricature of Colin Jost.

    Imani CelestinImani CelestinMåned siden
  • "you probably shouldnt be trying to fuck your fans"..........well phil....isnt that the pot calling the kettle black.

    sydandtaytumsydandtaytumMåned siden
  • Since when has Trish Paytas told the truth? Every time i see her she is trying to pull a "pity me, my life is hard" stunt and it usually backfires on her.

    Tosca TattertailTosca TattertailMåned siden
  • I wanted braces but my dentist told me I had perfect teeth. Apparently they're so perfect that my fear of getting my wisdom teeth pulled is no longer a must a fear.... It's a demand! But they have no reasons to pull them.

    Muriah SullivanMuriah SullivanMåned siden
  • Yay to the nubs! Hahaha all in good fun Philly!

  • Your teeth aren't so bad. I still have my baby teeth where yours are and they are old and stained brown because baby teeth aren't designed to still be in the mouth 35 years later. I never grew certain adult teeth because of thyroid problems. Never got wisdom teeth either.

    TurkeyLurker28TurkeyLurker28Måned siden
  • Yo, his kids are getting older. Holy smokes.

    Emmy RIPEmmy RIPMåned siden
  • I for one am extremely relieved there is not a Capital Gains tax addressed in this plan. My grandparents recently sold the company they have been building for the last 40-50 years, and it’s their life’s work. They have some money, but are by no means the obscenely wealthy who can afford to be unduly taxed. They arranged a long term buy and the money from that sale is their retirement, but would be taxed as capital gains. Just sharing to show there are other impacts of a capital gains tax that will affect the middle/upper middle class too.

    Kaylee ManningKaylee ManningMåned siden
  • I completely recognize your agency and validate your feelings about your teeth, BUT you made your teeth sound so much worse than they really are. Be kind to yourself!

    Kaylee ManningKaylee ManningMåned siden
  • Now dont get me wrong i HATE james charles but you gotta think about this james may have been on the receiving end of these sexting but what about the sender or iniate they knew what they were doing this wasnt some oops moment its common sense on both side so i think they both in the wrong

    Soren BalfireSoren BalfireMåned siden
  • Thank you Philip, I WILL be showing that to my child who has declared they don't want to brush their teeth...

    Sarah OlneySarah OlneyMåned siden
  • I never look at your bottom teeth!!! I’m a big fan!!

    Jiovani DiazJiovani DiazMåned siden
  • Can we just-I never comment-but y’all ever met a fucker on shrooms...I’m all for crunching cones but wtf do NOT legalise mushrooms wtf

    Sage ElleSage ElleMåned siden
  • I don't think he's a pedo.. he's just an easy target. This is all Shane's and Jeffrey's doing manipulating the shit out of everyone. Mind you I'm not even a James fan I used to be a huge Shane fan.

    Evelyn pyEvelyn pyMåned siden
  • Do ya'll remember when Jeffree Star called James a predat*r? like love or hate the man, the fact that he was right tho, and no one listened. I'm happy all of this is coming out eventually though, just get him off the site wtf. At this point we should just purge youtube and start over

    Jenna HinesJenna HinesMåned siden
  • Rehabilitation, Phil. It's called rehabilitation. You can't just lock up criminals forever, even if they are murderers. If someone behaves fine after 15 years of incarceration, it is very normal to release them. US having 0 safety nets for any of their people is the real problem.

    [yeet yeet][yeet yeet]Måned siden
  • imagine being cancelled for calling someone cute

    [yeet yeet][yeet yeet]Måned siden

    Gabrielle TaveraGabrielle TaveraMåned siden
  • NOtown has got to get better at cutting in ads...right in the middle of Devil's Lettuce is just wrong! But seriously, magic mushrooms also seems to helps with Cluster Headaches, when normal medications fall short and MDMA helps combat soldiers with PTSD. There are a lot of people that can be helped if there can be research into these compounds instead of calling them all bad. People use Oxycodone recreationally but that doesn't get pulled from the drug store shelves. If it takes a large pharmaceutical company to back a schedule I controlled substance that's been mislabled and does actually have some medical uses, let them wrap it up in a pretty pill slap a fancy name on it and give it a commercial with a cute chick and a puppy. If we can save one soldier from eating a bullet, we aren't we at least trying?

    Scott HScott HMåned siden
  • When Gaetz' chin look like it could tickle a dickle, he really can't be trusted in a political position. Openly gay men and women, only. Honest Abes and Babes, only. /h

    shooglechicshooglechicMåned siden
  • yes!! decriminalization of so many drugs would help so many people

    Kris CKris CMåned siden
  • Resources for parolees and released convicts would greatly increase GOOD re-intro for prior convicts. JS.

    shooglechicshooglechicMåned siden
  • Being enlisted mil to mil, US really is a 3rd world nation when it comes to a lot of legislation and reigning in corporatism--which is the STI of capitalism--that prevents competitive markets legally. They definitely are the reason for the drastic increase in the cost of living.

    shooglechicshooglechicMåned siden
  • The issue with Charles is that he was surrounded with ppl several years older than him when he hit big in the influencer genre, and it seems his emotional growth and moral development was greatly stunted when surrounded by other predators. When you see the reports that lure in females on these influencer conferences or "meetups" you see a lot of sexual assaults and R(pps allegations that get swept under the rug. Some victims become predators, some become nonexistent drug addicts. They tried that with Paytas, but she ironically got surrounded by friends and family to support her and now she becomes one of the worst enemies of this machine. Star and Charles could had joined this movement, but it seems that the #metoo movement has yet to get to the male side of victimization. I'm just glad that predators--at all--are getting put on full blast. Me/Males are victims, too.

    shooglechicshooglechicMåned siden
  • I wanna see a Frenemies with Paytas and DeFranco. I feel that that sentiment of Frenemies would definitely embody this prior situation and I LOVE both pods.

    shooglechicshooglechicMåned siden
  • All of my teeth are teeth nubs ans its a nightmare BRUSH YO DAMN TEETH!

    Jennifer GarnerJennifer GarnerMåned siden
  • Hey Phil! Was the race of the attacker??

    Covid LeeCovid LeeMåned siden
  • YES PHIL!!! Shrooms could be SO useful for so many people, especially in microdosing!!! I love that take!

    Wren AnneWren AnneMåned siden
  • *chuckles* Man of your word! You have a great sense of humor and confidence, sir :D

    Sean MooneySean MooneyMåned siden
  • Free the mushroom!!!

    hmitchell1229hmitchell1229Måned siden
  • I've suffered from Depression since 2006ish (Maybe as early as 2003) Which is most of my life, and I wouldn't want to take Magic Mushrooms.

    HarryWessexHarryWessexMåned siden
  • why is tucker Carlson sometimes based but mostly trash

    Kawaii PachimariKawaii PachimariMåned siden
  • Drama youtube "celebrities" I've never heard of tweeting about others I've never heard of and don't care about.

    RantKidRantKidMåned siden
  • The cats out of the bag Psycho D. Why are you sending menacing DM's to H3 because Trisha Paytas called you fat? You're chunky af. Grow up and deal with it

    Benoit TremblayBenoit TremblayMåned siden
  • Dude you did Angelika dirty with that pic 👀

    ellenthesmellenellenthesmellenMåned siden
  • Regarding Matt Gaetz: 1. An investigation is not an indictment. 2. Gaetz is a Trump Supporter and many Republicans hate Trump. 3. How hard would it to prove that Gaetz traveled with a minor across state lines? It’s not.

    bobkloth57bobkloth57Måned siden
  • You’re tiny teeth are so cute and weird hahaha I liked never fast lol

    brittany jean spiersbrittany jean spiersMåned siden
  • Add another second to that timestamp, guys. Just sayin.

    The WomanateeThe WomanateeMåned siden
  • Psilocybin can also be helpful with cluster headaches.

    Matt RandomoniumMatt RandomoniumMåned siden
  • As someone with 2 under 3 in my house, taking care of their teeth is the biggest thing I want them to do differently than me.

    Matt RandomoniumMatt RandomoniumMåned siden
  • I just watched James video on this topic. I personally was happy with what he said. Trisha is allowed to have her opinions just like everyone else but she's not a saint. For God sake, she pretended to have D.I.D. She caused really mental distress to people with D.I.D and that's just one example of the scandals she's been in.

    sacred rosesacred roseMåned siden
  • I feel like it should just be practice for people to ss whenever someone gives you their age🤦🏽‍♂️😂

    JJ SamueluJJ SamueluMåned siden