What this David Dobrik Leak REALLY Exposes, Meghan Markle Interview Controversy, Burger King &

8. mars. 2021
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00:00 - Burger King Grilled For International Women’s Day Tweet
01:43 - Pepe Le Pew Won’t Be In Space Jam 2
03:21 - Meghan Markle Speaks Out In Oprah Interview
06:41 - Sponsor
07:33 - Scotty Sire Sheds Some Light On Dobrik vs Seth Situation
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Burger King Tweets That Women Belong in The Kitchen:
Pepe Le Pew Will Not Appear in Space Jam Sequel:
Meghan Markle Speaks Out in Interview:
Scotty Sire Defends David Dobrik:
The George Floyd Trial Starts Today. Here’s What You Need To Know:
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Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Brian Espinoza
Production Team: Zack Taylor
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  • Just training up my replacement. 🤣

    Philip DeFrancoPhilip DeFrancoMåned siden
    • thank you for covering the seth allegations!

      rachelll ramaaarachelll ramaaaMåned siden
    • Here’s why Meghan/Harry’s security was pulled: Royal security is typically funded by British taxpayers. Since Meghan/Harry decided not to fulfill their expected roles, it’s not reasonable for British taxpayers to keep supporting the couple while they live in the US. Meg/Harry absolutely know this so it’s interesting that they chose not to mention it. After I found out, I was like ohhhh ok, the security thing makes more sense. The REAL QUESTION is: why didn’t Queen Elizabeth or Prince Charles offer to cover security with personal funds? They have massive personal wealth and could easily cover Harry/Meg/Archie security...my guess is they wanted to teach the couple a lesson but who knows.

      Dog MommaDog MommaMåned siden
    • That was the cutest, most wholesome intro!

      damica watermandamica watermanMåned siden
    • 🦶

      J.T. LangdonJ.T. LangdonMåned siden
    • Greatest media channel online

      Adam FasilAdam FasilMåned siden
  • McDonald’s ad was stupid !!! I would love to learn cooking but with that statement even if u pay me no thank you 🙏🏻 It’s not even Michelin kinda stuff it’s like bigger flipping innit?

    Divya SasidharanDivya Sasidharan14 dager siden
  • The new Lola looks like a gym teacher name Marge...

    Buttered LumpsButtered LumpsMåned siden
  • My thoughts on the interview... the two of them will lie about literally anything if it gives them public sympathy. Harry and Meghan will lie through their teeth to gain American support.

    BlushingWillowTreeBlushingWillowTreeMåned siden
  • Even though I realize you are just repeating what she said...I think people should always include in these summaries of the interview that actual journalistic articles have corrected many of their statements where they completely misrepresented facts. Meghan and Harry are really not trustworthy news sources...they lied or misrepresented facts during many of the claims that they made.

    BlushingWillowTreeBlushingWillowTreeMåned siden
  • Pepe lepew is being booted becuz they hate him 4 being black

    dan Hayesdan HayesMåned siden
  • He doesn't wanna be called prince harry She was not denied help William/kate/meghan/harry had a charity for mental health Also her mother could of helped her she is trained Archie not getting a title is protocol not racism Harry whined and lied about his father

    dan Hayesdan HayesMåned siden
  • Scottie's "whataboutism" doesn't sit well with me, those sort of defenses are usually pulled out from desperate people. If the strongest defense for your behavior is that someone else, even the victim in the story has also done bad things, you don't have much going in your defense.

    Tre916Tre916Måned siden
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    حسين عليحسين عليMåned siden
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    Herjuna S.WHerjuna S.WMåned siden
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    Rumah JokRumah JokMåned siden
  • Yeah because i totally became a pervert from watching Pepe Le Pew as a kid, as did everyone else in the generations that grew up on Looney Toons. Yall some idiots lmao. God forbid you dont have an ounce of self control and logic in your body and are so heavily influenced by a cartoon character. Or apparently yall didnt have a parent or guardian to teach you right from wrong and that you dont COPY EVERYTHING YOU SEE LIKE SOME CLOWN.

    javidgt8javidgt8Måned siden
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    Zahroh EkasandyZahroh EkasandyMåned siden
  • Philip saying he thinks something bigger is coming. 😂 OH YEAH.

    Nicole QuinnNicole QuinnMåned siden
  • I do not believe Meghan and I am allowed that. A lot of people have already debunked her claims. Meghan is not Diana 2.0. Meghan is a full grown adult and she knew what she was going into. Diana married young and wanted Charles to love her. She didn't want to divorce nor to leave the royal family. Diana wanted love. Meghan should just drop this victim narrative. She claims that she didn't Google Prince Harry nor did she know much about the royal family?! Who believes that?! That would be just dumb irresponsible. That doesn't go with her smart independent woman image.

    hdcreyeshdcreyesMåned siden
  • MINORITY REPORT (please be nice) Rape is a serious crime. We hope that this case will be solved so that justice will be served. From the vlog "SHE SHOULD NOT HAVE PLAYED WITH FIRE!!" (watch?v=i8iQcyt4mh0), it was expressly known that there will be some sexual activity that will about to take place. It can be shown by the following lines: (i) Dom: "I invited these girls over to have a fivesome and hopefully have some fivesome tonight." (ii) Jason: "The girls walk-in there and were like, is this the guy (pointing to Jeff Wittek) we're having a s** with?" (iii) Jason: "You guys wanna watch me and Trisha having s**?"

    xyckrizxyckrizMåned siden
    • So many unanswered questions that will fail to prove the crime of rape beyond reasonable doubt. The Constitution mandates that in all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall be presumed innocent until the contrary is proved. This presumption of innocence is anchored on the basic principles of justice. It cannot be overcome by suspicion or conjecture. To overcome the presumption of innocence, proof beyond reasonable doubt of every fact essential to constitute the offense with which the accused is charged must be clearly established by the prosecution. Conviction must be based on the strength of the prosecution and not on the weakness of the defense-- the obligation is upon the shoulders of the prosecution to prove the guilt of the accused, not on the accused to prove his innocence. The goal of criminal law and procedure is not to send people to the gaol but to do justice. Conviction must rest on nothing less than a moral certainty of the guilt of the accused. The overriding consideration is not whether the court doubts the innocence of the accused but whether it entertains doubt as to his guilt. Thus, when the evidence for the prosecution is not enough to sustain a conviction, it must be rejected and the accused absolved and released at once.

      xyckrizxyckrizMåned siden
    • - Were the ladies aware that Dom wants to have a consented fivesome? - Was Hannah aware that Dom wants to have a consented fivesome? - Assuming, but not agreeing, that she was intoxicated, did she notify her friends right away of the fact that she was intoxicated? Such information was necessary so that her friends could have protected her from reckless decisions. - Assuming, but not agreeing, that she was intoxicated, how come she risked herself going to an apartment of the person whom she did not know? - Assuming, but not agreeing, that Hannah was intoxicated, how come she did not inform the people right away, while she was still conscious, that she did not consent to the sexual activity that will about to take place? - Why was she intoxicated in the first place? Did she have some drinks with her friends before going to the said apartment? - Did Dom or David offered some intoxicating drinks to Hannah? It's not clear in the video. Or was it Hannah's friends who invited her to have some drinks before going to the apartment? - Can Hannah prove that there was a conspiracy between Dom, David Dobrik, and the rest (Jason Nash, Jeff Wittek, Todd Smith, Nick Antonyan, and Brandon Calvillo) to put her unconscious by intoxicating her? - Was Hannah forced, threatened, or defrauded to have s** with Dom? Did Dom inflict violence upon Hannah? - If Hannah did not consent, how come she walked on that hallway and entered the room?

      xyckrizxyckrizMåned siden
  • Meghan was being less than honest. - Archie was NEVER going to get a title. No great grandchildren did, except Will's kids for being direct lines to the crown. - MM said the Palace took her passport, but she left the country 17 time for private events, including a baby shower in NYC & a tennis match a week after her son was born. - The Queen & Philip have visited ALL 54 of their commonwealth nations. All the leaders are invited annually for the Commonwealth Ceremony every year. It's a big event. - H&M Chose to release their PR movie the day before the Commonwealth. Like they announced Megix the day before Kate's Birthday. - The palace spent 32 Mil on her wedding. Harry & Will's cousins chose for private weddings. H&M were given the same option but they wanted a 'public spectacle' - They left the family business and now no longer get the family credit card. If you quit as the CEO do you get to keep your health care or security? Nope. - They want privacy but MM calls the paparazzi on herself. Check the wordmarks. Photogs on twitter have confirmed. Plus the SAME agency they took pics of her dad she cut him off for, were taking pics of H&M at the hight of the pandemic 'walking their dogs' outside of their gated community. Because they called them. - Harry was getting rehab/therapy in Vancouver when they left the family, but she didn't try to get any help? She was only having deep & dark thought for a month? - IF they said no, Harry didn't get her any help?! She didn't get herself any help with her own 4M or rich friends she gained. - A 36 year old man & his wife are complaining after quitting the family business he now has to dive into his trust fund after his dad paid for his house.

    Lorisa214Lorisa214Måned siden
    • agreed

      Catie PattinsonCatie PattinsonMåned siden
  • Been a good NOtownr for so long and only has 6.5 mill I feel like he should have more by now

    Alex MorrisAlex MorrisMåned siden
    • Until he texted h3, sure

      Seismic AlienSeismic AlienMåned siden
    • Damn 2006 that’s exactly how long I thought it’s been he should really have 10 mill plus by now I don’t get it

      Alex MorrisAlex MorrisMåned siden
  • Haven’t checked in for a while. Last time I saw Trey he was throwing sweet potatoes at Lindsay from his high chair. 😭 😭 cuuuuuuute!!

    Meghan FisherMeghan FisherMåned siden
  • Bruh, you have not aged a day since I started to watch this show back in '07

  • Only in America where consent isn't actually consent. Only in America where an 18 year old can sign up to go to the army or be tried as an adult in court but a 20+year old is not responsible for their own choices. 🤣

    GutsyGh0stGutsyGh0stMåned siden
  • Are we surprised that the family that allegedly kidnapped 12 native kids is racist?

    K'apliel DK'apliel DMåned siden
  • Victimhood of millionaires. I thought we were supposed to hate the elites? These two drama queens have enough money to live comfortably. What happened to fighting for the disadvantaged?

    Patryck JuezanPatryck JuezanMåned siden
  • Honestly I’m not buying Meghan markle’s interview at all. She and Harry were literally patrons to so many mental health organisations so she basically had free options to choose from. And with the security and Prince title for their son, this isn’t anything new. It’s basically protocol for him (and many young relatives to the crown) to not be called princes as they have no direct line to the thrown therefor they don’t inherit the title. Security wise jeez ok. They lived in Canada and then moved to California, a lot of the British public aren’t gonna fucking pay taxes for a couple that doesn’t live here 😂 I don’t know what they were thinking there. I don’t understand how they expected to have an allowance despite abandoning royal duties. It’s as if someone decided to quit their job but still expected a salary

    Ace Of SpadesAce Of SpadesMåned siden
  • All PR is good PR

    The Ash HillThe Ash HillMåned siden
  • Wait you can’t consent to something in the future? What does that mean?

    Deric hDeric hMåned siden
  • “We’ve all rejected a man and had him go full Piers Morgan.” Steph Johnston @ScouseBirdBlogs.

    MrsEmmat10MrsEmmat10Måned siden
  • Omg he's so big 😭😭😭

    StarryStarryMåned siden
  • have a good life PHILI - from the foot warriors

    No Name GivinNo Name GivinMåned siden
  • I don’t understand why the Seth thing is being called an “accusation” when it is literally all on camera that he never consented

    Marissa P SeedMarissa P SeedMåned siden
  • 5:50 Small correctio, NOT getting a title is protocoll.

    LaroacLaroacMåned siden
  • But isn't that technically prostitut!on then, b/c there's a written agreement to perform sexul acts in exchange for money?

    Evelyn OkayEvelyn OkayMåned siden
  • I don't know how I feel about the Pepe Sexual Harassment clip as a concept. I think there are many offensive things that have been cut from kids films through out the decades, we just didn't have twitter to leak them. I am a HUGE fan of Robin Williams but even I have to admit it's pretty unlikely that in all his cartoon work where he monologues they didn't record something inappropriate.

    Kate HugginsKate HugginsMåned siden
  • Damn people chasing views one way or another

    wolf packwolf packMåned siden
  • My god wasn’t he just born omg

    Yendor1225Yendor1225Måned siden
  • only 20%? wow, yes thats proves women are having a harder time getting a job at burger king, not that women are more picky of what type of job they get. LOL people still ac as if all boys dont know sexual harrasment and assult is illegal a bad thing , would more than likely try it, so they need to be taught that it is bad? seriously? Poor Megan she never done anything wrong and kate along with the royal family just attack her for no reason other than she has black in her. No one would know she is part black if she did not say anything.

    SandmanSandmanMåned siden
  • An online attorney addressed the David and Seth video/drama and stated there's no grounds for a legal case. As for the revenge porn, not sure.

    Niff LofairNiff LofairMåned siden
    • What attorney?

      aocholo28aocholo28Måned siden
  • I always thought Pepe le pew was a creep even as a child, they should just leave him in and show that what he does is not ok.

    Loot CraterLoot CraterMåned siden
  • Princess Anne's (Queens daughter and grandchildren)daughter and son don't have titles! The UK taxpayer has to pay for their security, how entitled is this person, Let USA taxpayer pay for their security, see how that goes down! Only senior royals are afforded this privilege to takecthe burden off the taxpayers.

    Niff LofairNiff LofairMåned siden
  • Hey Philip,I haven't seen you in years and so you're probably not as fat as i remember.

    RiderRiderMåned siden
    • Checked the comments to see if someone would say this rofl!

      MaryMaryMåned siden
  • (Disclaimer: I'm a happily married gay woman) It's ironic that the week that started with IWD and ended with tragic discovery of Sarah Everard's remains is the week I've been most ashamed to be a woman in my entire life, the amount of venom, bile and hatred pouring onto the internet from women has been DISGUISTING! What happened to Sarah Everard was terrible BUT the politicising of her death to forward some political agenda and at least 3 UK government officials calling for a "Curfew on men" was absolutely sickening to an egalitarian like me who thought we were past this archaic "battle of the sexes" BS! People are saying that men need to do a lot of soul searching, I would say someone needs to give these nasty, two-faced women a slap for spreading such horrendous misandry both on and off the internet. I'm appalled and I cannot believe that womankind has sunk so low in less than a week, the people I feel the worst for is Sarah Everard's family as their relative's death has been politicised and weaponised to attack a group in society who are just as shocked and saddened by her death as we are. Also, if you are reading this and you are one of the people who have spent this week trashing, insulting and berating men or spreading misandry on social media, SHAME ON YOU! Shame on you and your vile conduct, you don't represent me and certainly don't represent or respect the memory of Sarah Everard. To everyone else, thank you for letting me have a off-topic rant because I had to get this off my chest, stay safe and stay strong!

    Shinobu SakurazakaShinobu SakurazakaMåned siden
  • Also nobody that fn works for burger king is a chef. That passes me off! There's a massive difference between cooks and chefs!

    Randall KielyRandall KielyMåned siden
  • No Great Grand Children, except the ones within 6 persons of succession receive titles, when the Queen dies, Archie is in line for a title. That's protocol. And inferring that it was a racial decision was a misunderstanding on her part. Very strange that the husband didn't tell her that.

    Veroosh Tarot & Astrology HoroscopeVeroosh Tarot & Astrology HoroscopeMåned siden
    • Not you ignoring the blatant racism

      Andrew D.Andrew D.Måned siden
  • Can't help but feel like the royal sitation is a case of entitled people not getting their way ie kid not getting titles etc and then toys being thrown out the pram and any ill 'feelings' being made out to be way worse than they are to the point of outright lies, not because they are lying but thats how they remember things because they felt targeted. Personally I think Meg was expecting fairy tale and the reality is she joined an institution not a family and the rules are completely different as such and you don't get to just become a prince or princess their exists protocol. Bare in mind who pays for the royals, your security is not a tax payers role for anyone who randomly marries into the royals.

    SquidhatsSquidhatsMåned siden
  • I don't understand that meghan situation, like who is archie too? 😌

    Dhana JonDhana JonMåned siden
  • Sorry that adult man keeps kissing another adult he regrets kissing.... But as they say: fool me 3 times, and I'm a moron. I won't blame any victim. I just don't see one in this dumb situation. If you're seriously traumatized by homophobia after the first time you kissed a man you couldn't see, it would be wise not to make out with the next stranger who propositions you in a gorilla suit... Maybe, IDK, learn to self advocate a little bit like a grown-up and quit doing things you'll regret? People will make requests, and it should be up to us to say OKAY or nah. I think I'll prioritize my support for people actually victimized against their will.

    Anthony PCAnthony PCMåned siden
  • This is the best first 30 secs of any of your bidet

    Indieintrest Of1AnotherIndieintrest Of1AnotherMåned siden
  • The whole reason Megan and Harry left the royal family is because they can make more money with out the restrictions of royalty. They are gonna milk it for everything its worth and laugh all the way to the bank

    DabofettDabofettMåned siden
    • @Paputsza the lifestyle of royalty Is actually quite restricted compared to that of high level millionaires/billionaires. By leaving the royal family they can make money of celebrity of being former Royals, and it's not like the rich pay taxes anyway

      DabofettDabofettMåned siden
    • As much money as they make it's not like they can live in a palace anymore and accept tax dollars. The whole lifestyle of the royal family is at a different level.

      PaputszaPaputszaMåned siden
  • Now that you mention it Phil you were really horrible 12 years ago. I’m a parent that chooses to be as aware as I possibly can be to my children’s online activity. My daughter who as 11 at the time loved watching your videos. I watch you now because you e grown into a great journalist.

    Punky FeathersPunky FeathersMåned siden
  • I didn't get the notification. Don't know why even though the notification is bell on.

    Rakesh KonatalaRakesh KonatalaMåned siden
  • Philip's getting chubby

    mart9898mart9898Måned siden
  • as a woman....smart made me mad but then I read more about the program lol

    Sister DiscordiaSister DiscordiaMåned siden
  • I am surprised and disappointed over the lack of empathy for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. I’ve seen so many say that they don’t deserve empathy because they were and are very privileged, and many people are making fun of their struggles as if being rich or privileged in one way means that you don’t get to complain about anything. It would do us all well to have more empathy, especially because people in less fortunate situations than ours could very easily say that we in the first world have no room to complain about anything because so many of us have food, shelter, and so many other privileges that literally millions of other people don’t.

    Melissa JurenMelissa JurenMåned siden
  • That intro is so cute, I had to watch it like ten times before continuing to the actual video.

    Vanessa AtalantaVanessa AtalantaMåned siden
  • Anyone who watches only this channel for news must think David Dobrik is one of the top 5 most popular people on the planet. Please chill with the David Dobrik news..... it's not relevant to many people compared with almost anything else that can be talked about

    Marcus FitzsimonsMarcus FitzsimonsMåned siden
  • 8:30 This isn't concent. They have to have simple guidelines and people knowing what's going on. Its just like writing deals. Each parties should know what's going on and know all the details. The guy can't agree to something that he isn't fully aware of.

    William WWilliam WMåned siden
  • Lola Bunny gets remodeled R34 artists: *YOU ARE DONE.*

    Ranjan BiswasRanjan BiswasMåned siden
  • Megan and Harry left the royal family, cut all ties, and proceeded to shit on their family and then wonder why they're not getting security and titles? Am I missing something?

    Margarita BartasunaiteMargarita BartasunaiteMåned siden
  • Honestly with the Seth thing I would probably be on Dobrik's side, but he has always given me a culty, abuse your friends for internet clout kinda vibe. Most videos I've seen seem to revolve in some sense around laughing at his friends. There's nothing wrong with friendly banter, but the character of a man who has built a career on these kinds of jokes isn't someone I especially trust

    Stuart BHStuart BHMåned siden
    • It’s a style of antagonistic humor - I don’t know if David is a narcissist, but often these people find themselves top of the pecking order and manipulating others around them for their benefit, as well as enjoying/finding entertainment out of seeing people hurt.

      DeeDeeMåned siden
  • ...You cannot discredit a wrong committed against a person with a wrong they may have committed themselves... It doesn't make it right all of a sudden, come on Scotty

    TheFunniestEvrTheFunniestEvrMåned siden
  • Skipping past the drama sections really makes watching the PDS alot shorter some days.

    Nathan FlanneryNathan FlanneryMåned siden
  • Consent for the future is an interesting thing I haven't thought about before, like, consent for the future, when it comes to roleplay 😅 is okay, but in this case, gosh, it's hard to say. I haven't thought of future consent being used against you.

    Bella le-shamalamadingdongBella le-shamalamadingdongMåned siden
  • Burger king got attention, but I'm simply not buying from them again. Go ahead and use sexism for marketing, your loss.

    Bella le-shamalamadingdongBella le-shamalamadingdongMåned siden
  • Smart move, they basically used cancel culture to their advantage

    jadie-May dreddjadie-May dreddMåned siden
  • How about how he was defending anti-semitism and racism on his podcast? Edit: He meaning David

    YaBoiLisandroYaBoiLisandroMåned siden
    • yea i hope that gets seen by more. i can't believe hes on that anti-bullying campaign with that clip out

      AlphaKrypAlphaKrypMåned siden
  • Your mouth looks different, but in a good way what happened asking for a friend?

    Tristan SartainTristan SartainMåned siden
  • ...bickering around, _kisses?_

    s h a d ø w b a n n e ds h a d ø w b a n n e dMåned siden
  • Okay completely unrelated but I can't believe I actually got a better help ad on this haha I thought they died

    thee Nemenosthee NemenosMåned siden
    • Why would they have died? I know lots of people that use it.

      Elise SholesElise SholesMåned siden
  • Burger King pays women poverty wages. They need to fall back and fix that.

    Jake MarkoJake MarkoMåned siden
    • Burger king pays everyone that works for them poverty wages, it aint a gender issue

      Dhana JonDhana JonMåned siden
  • Lol BK obvious joke

    Drizzy DripDrayDrizzy DripDrayMåned siden
  • Well played, Burger King. Well played.

    jbroti 004jbroti 004Måned siden
  • burger king big brain

    HeatranoveryouHeatranoveryouMåned siden
  • Archie was never going to be a prince....he's not directly in line to the throne....she's an idiot, you don't know anything about the family you married into: every time Meghan speaks she offends the Windsors by showing she knows nothing and hasn't studied the Institution she is part of at all.

    sarahwithstarssarahwithstarsMåned siden
  • I agree that last story is not drama and we need to cover stories like it

    TheCreepyproTheCreepyproMåned siden
  • The Burger King thing is incredible marketing. Seriously, their marketing team needs a raise. Outrage marketing has proven to work time and time again. No one would talk about this otherwise. Absolutely genius.

    The TermThe TermMåned siden
    • Yeah, everybody is talking about them in a negative way at that, and is that going to make anybody actually interested in working at BK or going to their academy or whatever?

      VR IrinaVR IrinaMåned siden
  • Burger King used a line that is regularly used to undermine women in every industry and stage in life. It’s poor taste and they definitely could have done a better joke.

    Ali FeeneyAli FeeneyMåned siden
  • Teaching your son to speak with his hands, I see.

    Kevlar Vrus 57Kevlar Vrus 57Måned siden
  • Leave the scene in you’re the bad guy. Take it out AAAAND you’re the bad guy...wild

    Michael WoolfMichael WoolfMåned siden
  • Disappointing moves from Space Jam.

    Boss Lax316Boss Lax316Måned siden
  • Stuff words

    Jackatran2000Jackatran2000Måned siden
  • Dobrick - this is what the group does, this is why anyone even knows the dudes name. This is such a non story to me. Dude complaining is clearly looking for media time.

    philiphiedphiliphiedMåned siden
  • Foot soldiers will take you down!

    Raul VillafanaRaul VillafanaMåned siden
  • Those brits who had concerns about Archie's skin tone really didn't pass fifth grade math. Archie is 3 quarters white. The likelihood of him coming out anything other than white passing was extremely low. Sure, genetics can be somewhat unpredictable but c'mon. They really just couldn't help themselves huh?

    Bella RodriguezBella RodriguezMåned siden
  • I'm gonna be honest that Pepe scene sounds like it would've been hilarious

    Banana RamaBanana RamaMåned siden
  • God! Jack ass would never have survived in this day and age 🙄😅

    Emma JayneEmma JayneMåned siden
  • Still struggling to crack 1 million views, I see.

    Nobody's FoolNobody's FoolMåned siden
    • And...now we've got 1 million views...now that the Vlog Squad's been accused of rape. Will Phil now do a real report on this situation? Probably not. He's still scared of these people.

      Nobody's FoolNobody's FoolMåned siden
  • You can watch it free on the cbs app too

    Kele BeckKele BeckMåned siden
  • They took the whole *ss monarchy and 💣🚬🔥💥

    Kele BeckKele BeckMåned siden
  • So cute. Your son has your smile.

    Lulu TysonLulu TysonMåned siden
  • I think it would have been better to say "more women belong in the kitchen" and then not debate for two hours if this was a good idea. Lol

    Sonya WillisSonya WillisMåned siden
  • I found that tweet so funny. I wish they didn’t write the rest of the thread.

    Mehrdad MirshamsiMehrdad MirshamsiMåned siden
  • Meghan is a commoner, her child doesn't get a title automatically. It's just protocol. He'd almost certainly get a title once he was older, like every other minor royal. I hate the roya; family, monachy sucks ass, but I dont trust a word out of her mouth. She's been caught lying way too many times.

    ali Servanali ServanMåned siden
  • Her ex was who posted the clip originally. He tried to blackmail her.

    Olivia KosowskiOlivia KosowskiMåned siden
  • That intro was adorable!

    Jaime Berger-CohenJaime Berger-CohenMåned siden
  • Why does Phil focus so much on NOtown celebrity news? I think there are more important things to talk about.

    Jakesnake745Jakesnake745Måned siden
  • Burger King’s post was my favorite. Idc. I love the trolling and can happily take the joke

    Brooke ChaneyBrooke ChaneyMåned siden
  • I thought megan was caucasian...

    KatKatMåned siden
  • Phil, perhaps you missed this but the ads Burger King ran on the times are 4 times the amount of money of that scholarship.

    Ignazio AcerenzaIgnazio AcerenzaMåned siden
  • I personally think that what david did was wrong, BUT I think that Seth should have made things more clear that he dont want to do it. In this case I think that David would not have done it if he knew how much he suffered.

    A.K.A. AlexA.K.A. AlexMåned siden
  • Your son is soooooooo freaking cute 🥰

    Suki BSuki BMåned siden