What This Amouranth Hot Tub Scandal Really Exposed, Valkyrae, Truth About 2020 Census, & More News

27. april. 2021
908 830 Ganger

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00:00 - Intro
00:26 - Hot Tub Streaming on Twitch Causes Controversy
05:49 - Sponsor
06:38 - Arrest of Dementia Senior Bodycam Footage Revealed
09:17 - What’s Going On with The US Census
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Hot Tub Streams Are Waning, But Some People Still Think They’re Destroying Twitch:
Colorado cops Seen Laughing at Elderly Dementia Patient They Arrested:
U.S. Census Count Shows Stalled Population Growth:
Biden Orders $15 Min. Wage for Federal Contractors, Will Seek $80 Billion To Boost IRS Audits of High Earners
Tana Mongeau Seemingly Defends Talent Agency After Backlash:
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Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Brian Espinoza
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  • Yall not ready for the DeFranco After Dark Hot Tub Streams...

    Philip DeFrancoPhilip DeFranco9 dager siden
    • @Nuna Bidness 😂😂😂😂😂 moron

      Spencer ErcanbrackSpencer ErcanbrackDag siden
    • @Spencer Ercanbrack Ok Spencer, fear for the worst but make sure you’re not an evil Democrat while being on edge for our democracy. 🙄 If the shoe were on the other foot, you can be sure I’d be actively working and voting against the destroyers. You’re not at all part of the problem when you just can’t put country before party.

      Nuna BidnessNuna BidnessDag siden
    • People be forgetting that you used to put in the, what was it called again, “the babe of the day” or something like that? With links to their content. Or am I just showing how long I’ve been watching that I still remember that?

      James SJames S3 dager siden
    • Gimme that h3 DeFranco crossover episode. Papa bless 👏

      Emma MerrickEmma Merrick5 dager siden
    • What t

      BrittanyBrittany6 dager siden
  • I don't think the "it's not hurting anyone" argument works for this hot tub nonsense. Having such open softcorn porn on the front page is damaging to the integrity of streamers producing real content. Also I used to love watching Pokket years ago and was even subbed but her opinions on this are unsurprisingly dumb. Ever since she swapped to being more of a feminist and sexualising herself her content and opinions alike became worse. If you are a women criticising other women you magically have "internalized misogyny" - right... it's not that you believe it's immoral and damaging but you're just damage on the inside and don't know it. This is purely a way to undermine another woman's opinion by suggesting they are against the tribe and must be corrupted without knowing. It's ludicrous. Also I never saw much slut shaming. People - myself included to be clear - simply believe this should not be on twitch. They should have a stance against being almost naked whether in a pool or not. That said we all know women get favourable treatment on twitch.

    Daniel AlexanderDaniel Alexander6 timer siden
  • People are saying it's bad because they're "exploiting a loophole" and I'm wondering why the hell anyone would need to exploit a loophole just to stream in a swimsuit... It's 2021 are we seriously STILL products of our puritan ancestors? This content hurts no one. If you don't like it, watch something else. Grow up people.

    TAEYYOTAEYYO8 timer siden
  • 5:22 we need more of this Phil, hilarious dude

    Seth LSeth L14 timer siden
  • hahaha Oh Phil :D

    CornerrapperCornerrapper17 timer siden
  • pick one day and have every streamer do a hot tub streaming. then twitch will finally have a reason to ban it once and for all.

    FrozentimeFrozentimeDag siden
  • A leader of a group, on a game I play was streaming with face cam, took his jumper off which lifted his top up for about 3 seconds showing his chest - he got banned for 1 week lmao

    halfapineapplehalfapineappleDag siden
  • Hot tub meta is just a way for these girls to attract simps and yeah it really lowers the quality of content in twitch.that's just my opinion.

    GuaVaPieGuaVaPie2 dager siden
  • Where I live, exposing yourself to children is against the law and makes you a word that starts with a P and ends with a PHILE, Twitch is supporting it because cash is being made, that's disgusting. Not sure giving props to woman who send emails to 12 year olds to join their onlyfans is very smart, you midaswell support EDP455. Whats the difference? He's a dude?

    Tyler EvansTyler Evans2 dager siden
  • Maybe twitch should do a naughty twitch like twitter has done!

    jennie woodsjennie woods2 dager siden
  • Why go to pornhub if you could go to twitch.

    Pixelhack normanyPixelhack normany2 dager siden
  • Twitch should modify its rules, preferably to allow things like hot tub streams but they have to be labelled appropriately, so as to avoid people who don't want them getting recommended to them. That said, the idea that this normalises sexualisation is ridiculous and misogynistic. Its essentially a form of victim blaming - because some women choose to sexualise their image, we are justified in expecting it of all women.

    Stuart BHStuart BH2 dager siden
  • No one cares if ladies wanna show off your body. Thats what onlyfans is for. Twitch is for gaming..

    George RyanGeorge Ryan3 dager siden
  • She is getting her body out to get views subs and donations. She's basically using her body for money. It's not the platform. Twitch is known to be very sexist

    Galloway1050Galloway10503 dager siden
  • My mom's side of the family has a history of dementia and the footage with the elderly woman suffering from dementia makes me want to cry! She reminds me of my great aunt, a proud independent woman, who had become a shadow of her former self during her final years. I can't understand people being so very cruel to such vulnerable individuals.

    Alone AlienAlone Alien3 dager siden
  • God, those cops better rot in a jail cell for the rest of their lives. Fucking disgusting.

    MaxiiMaxii3 dager siden
  • How about the hot tub men on twitch?

    dosmartdosmart3 dager siden
  • If you feel like you gotta blur Twitch then yea, I'd say these scantily clad streamers are ruining it. It's Twitch, not a cam girl site.... at least it wasn't. I just wish that a new site was made for them, or maybe a separate Twitch, like Twitch can just make a new browser with an erect dick instead of an i, and it can be age gated and only for boys and girls that want to make the gaming stream about their body playing a game and not really about the game. I just went back to watching my favorite youtube gamers and only use Twitch for mod launchers now.

    Anthony TecchioAnthony Tecchio3 dager siden
  • My nana died of Alzheimer’s in 2003. The fact that that cop enjoyed inflicting injury on a vulnerable old person with a terminal illness is horrific. He could actually have taken years off her life with his actions. He needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for his actions.

    James SJames S3 dager siden
  • WTF?!? Can you be left handcuffed in a jail cell like that??? Surely that is not reasonable for anyone

    RoseRose3 dager siden
  • Honestly twitch either should make a separate site for sexual content or have like a nsfw section. But overall people getting so mad about this is so weird like at the end of the day women have been sexualised for years, I think it’s time we make some damn money off it. Also if you are a straight dude why you mad about boobies, boobies are great!

    Pinky SaintsPinky Saints3 dager siden
    • Also dudes, you can make money off your body, you think onlyfans and shit has no dudes? Or people wouldn’t pay? Nah dude you could make BANK for butthole pics.

      Pinky SaintsPinky Saints3 dager siden
  • Soooo you're not in favor of moderating what women wear? So you're against Islam then? You're islamophobic? Say it loud and proud Phil... Also it's not good because they're preying on teenage boys.

    Calling out Phil DefrancoCalling out Phil Defranco4 dager siden
  • I think the main issue that's pissing other female content creators off is that it undermines those of us who want to produce actual content instead of just 'get popular quickly by sexualizing yourself'. The majority of audience on Twitch already see female streamers in a certain unsavory way. And then when certain streamers get popular through doing bath tub streams etc it solidifies the image of female streamers as that. What they do reflects on the rest of us as well, unfortunately. We don't live in an ideal world where a whole group ISN'T judged based on the actions of a few at the forefront. You can argue that 'well you don't want that kind of audience anyway.' but, as I said, majority of audience on Twitch IS like that. It's just that with more and more females sexualizing themselves, I don't get a chance to then educate that audience and tell them 'yo... this shouldn't be the norm for us girls' because they've already made up their mind because of the solidified image I mentioned above.

    Xera6Xera64 dager siden
  • Quick question Phil...Why did you not put the Karen Garner assault as #1 story in the show? If she had been black that would not only have made headline news in the US but conceivably globally and would have been squarely pitched as further proof of systemic racism when it is obviously far more complex. As a news outlet trying to offer something more truthful than mainstream media, correctly weighting that story in your offering would do more to show you aren’t perpetuating mainstream bias narratives than just saying it. If we want a more equal world, then wouldn’t she need the same equality of opportunity for that spotlight, coverage and outcome? We’re all ultimately the same species, human, and as a human, doesn’t she deserve the same spotlight regardless of her skin colour?

    Essop MerrickEssop Merrick4 dager siden
  • It's honestly sad that you think this is okay phil. Do you not understand that they're praying on people's addictions to sex. These people want to feel wanted and loved by someone and they're profiting on that. It's not okay. Sex addiction and porn addiction is real and this is just making it worse. This platform is a safe space and bringing this suggestive content makes it harder for someone to try and get clean.

    a.k.a Ingmara.k.a Ingmar4 dager siden
  • Policing caught on tape has basically replaced douchbag of the day, because... well you know : )

    James RivasJames Rivas4 dager siden
  • hmm, news V nude phill... that is a debate i never expected, and he brought it up himself... that's impressive

    sam frostsam frost4 dager siden
  • My take on the hot tub stream stuff really comes down to: If it's breaking Twitch rules and still up, there's an issue. However, taking advantage of grey areas or still being within rules is whatever. If that's an issue, change policy. Otherwise, not my problem. The biggest issue comes down to people who think slutshaming is somehow valid criticism, or flat out don't know how to constructively criticize these streamers without a heavy dosage of sexism. By all means, point out the flaws in Twitch policy, but "god i hate women" is the wrong direction.

    fier huhfier huh4 dager siden
  • I don't see anything inherently wrong with hot tub streams but I can appreciate that people want a place where that content isn't hosted. There's a place for that kind of content. It doesn't need to be everywhere.

    Casimiro ChorCasimiro Chor4 dager siden
  • The thing about hot tub meta is that it went far too overboard. Loving your body? Sure. Shoving it in throats of random people? No thank you. (I'm talking about putting it on main page/promoted). If it's promoted you can't even hide it or click "not interested". People forget twitch has a lot of underage kids that are easily swayed which we already seen in past (like kids spending millions of savings of parents. Twitch should do something about it but we're still to see the change in Twitch behavior which sucks a$$ because they don't have any competition which would make them try their best. (Sorry for broken english, not my first language)

    FengFeng4 dager siden
  • Twitch just pull the plug and have a pornography section and have it age restricted. People wanna be hookers let em

    ryan greenryan green4 dager siden
  • If women want to stream half-naked (or even fully naked, for that matter) and the platform they're using allows that, fair enough. But the whole hot tub thing seems very much along the vein of following the letter rather than the spirit of the rules. On the other hand, Twitch doesn't seem to be banning them, so I guess they're okay with it (or they haven't quite figured out how to best get rid of it). On the other other hand, I do see where people are coming from for not wanting that prominently featured on the platform they use.

    BlueBlue4 dager siden
  • As an "mhmr" patient I have to be careful because race is even a thing these days.

    Nev RamiNev Rami4 dager siden
    • The worst part is I woke up drowning during an encounter in a puddle of water as I was having a seizure. If I hadn't realized what was going on I would've died. Most of the time I go to jail in a chair... i get paper towels for clothes and have to take a dump through a grate surrounded but foam and rubber... what 5 star luxury.

      Nev RamiNev Rami4 dager siden
  • For the gillionth time. Men not being able to see our bodies as anything other than objects to have sex with does not mean they are inherently sexual.

    Nani LawrenceNani Lawrence4 dager siden
  • Yikes

    Abby MillerAbby Miller4 dager siden
  • Its really sad about demensia we need doctor assisted suicide for people like this they are already dead with their bodies like zombies

    dicekardicekar4 dager siden
  • The market for your butthole is not very big but i am straight not sure about the value in the gay community. Doubt you would get a yacht

    dicekardicekar4 dager siden
  • I have no problem with hot tub streamers. But I absolutely guarantee that if there was a livestream of a dude in a hot tub wearing nothing but a speedo showing off his bits, twitch would take him down fast.

    Aiden BrownAiden Brown4 dager siden
  • We need another big census effort within the next two years

    KiyohshiKiyohshi5 dager siden
  • The point with the hot tub streams isn’t that it’s hating on women that do it, it’s more that there are other websites or avenues for that kind of content. Twitch is primarily video games and attract a younger fan base. I don’t think anyone cares that you do it, it’s just should you be doing it there?

    Seth SmithSeth Smith5 dager siden
  • here's the truth and i'm gonna tell it to ya, these women are doing what they want and the audience that is there just to chat with someone familiar or someone they like will be there to chat. The people there to stare will stare. They took that risk and they own that audience. If they are fine with a certain percentage of their viewers being nothing but horny people drooling over their bathing suits then that's fine by me. these aren't kids folks, they are making their own choices. I just don't want to hear a single bloody complaint from any of them, or from twitch for that matter, when some guy does a stream with nothing but a tight speedo on in a hot tub.

    That way gamingThat way gaming5 dager siden
  • Men use to have to work to get a girl to do that. Now they willingly on there own for tips from children.... I guess its ok for some old dude to wear a banana hammock changing it for tips from kids too right? The average viewer is under 20....

    that guythat guy5 dager siden
  • On the Twitch topic, I'm really on the idea of the loophole in the rules is someone abusing the guidelines. Some are suspended or banned for less on Twitch when they were following the rules. Streamers that do this sort of thing, if they do get any policing, it's more like a slap on the wrist than the massive banning of other creators. If anything, Twitch is probably reinforcing the hate of women with this decision. It's more selfish than it is self-encouraging. Just because you'd take advantage of a system like that doesn't make it a good thing for others. It has to be equal for everyone. Either make stuff like this allowed and create a category for it, or ban it entirely.

    Gaming with TaiGaming with Tai5 dager siden
  • I think fighting the hot tub girls or what have you is a losing battle. I get everyone's point. When you mentioned the problem with having the hotub girls etc. in the "just chat" category and then pitted against each other between those who are hot tubbing and those who are actually just chatting, that's not fair. I think instead of trying to remove these girls, twitch should just create that category. "Hot Tub" chats. That way, people who want to see that can migrate over and leave the girls who are just doing regular let's chats alone and it avoids the expectation of why aren't they hot tubbing to. Granted, I don't use twitch so I'm not hugely familiar with the mechanics but aside from some obvious ironing out, I think that's the best case scenario and everyone wins. ...'cept for the controlfreaks but that's their problem.

    Fiona Sparks ArtFiona Sparks Art5 dager siden
  • you can do what you want with your own body and exploiting yourself for money isn't illegal. But it's just unethical. I think the main thing people have a problem with is encouraging women to do unethical things for financial gain. With this whole new wave of feminism i've seen more about encouraging women to exploit themselves for money than encouraging women to become doctors, politicians and scientists. Like why as a society are we teaching young girls that being a scientist and a booby streamer are equally encouraged? If a young girls sees a career in science or finance as too difficult to achieve, they could easily just say fuck it and become a pornstar because every other woman around them is encouraging them to do so. Like yeah women can do whatever they want but that doesn't make it right.

    Ashton MurdochAshton Murdoch5 dager siden
  • Maybe because I don't know but....if she had Dementia and the family knows about that and she needs someone watching her, where was the family? And why is it the officers job to be a on-the-spot doctor to know of her condition. If I was the cop I would of thought she stole and try to get away, Even the Walmart employees had no idea ...just saying 🤷‍♂️

    mindset2507mindset25075 dager siden
  • Im cool with it but thats not an Adult only Platform with no way to stop kids from clicking on there stream other than that get ya money

    Grimm JoGrimm Jo5 dager siden
  • HIs OF would be called "Philled IN"

    Ally FrankensteinAlly Frankenstein5 dager siden
  • I can understand people’s frustration with the Twitch thing. I didn’t even know who amouranth was because I don’t have twitch so I googled her and Holy wow. When people say “there is an impossible beauty standard for women” I was like “you say impossible but I’m looking at it irl. It’s definitely an impressive standard to meet.” People are more likely to watch a show they enjoy looking at. Tbh I always thought that was half the appeal fans even had to some female streamers. Tough luck for everyone else ig. Also of course it’s allowed. You can go to the pool in a swim suit but not your underwear and bra obviously. It’s not a new thing though strange that swimwear is basically just our underwear but sexuality is a terrifying force in the country.

    ZENiTH DragonZENiTH Dragon5 dager siden
  • Cops are such ghouls. These assholes have zero conscience about hurting people.

    James BurkJames Burk5 dager siden
  • Twitch has a dress code?

    ZENiTH DragonZENiTH Dragon5 dager siden
  • Kind of fucked up anytime someone tells women what they are and aren't allowed to wear. Just saying.

    James BurkJames Burk5 dager siden
  • Sex makes people stupid.

    Skeptro SchizoSkeptro Schizo5 dager siden
  • I don't have an inherent problem with the hot tub streams, but I would like Twitch's recommendation system to actually work when I say that I'm not interested in those streams to not recommend me streams like it in the future. I at least want that system improved, personally.

    acbrian2acbrian25 dager siden
  • Here's my take on twitch. take your shitty control somewhere else, twitch is a videogame platform, get your own

    The Damned AlpacaThe Damned Alpaca5 dager siden
  • Phil, what would your take be if minors started doing this on Twitch? What if streamers under 18 started doing bikini/hot tub streams? We see individuals under 18 streaming M rated games all the time and we deem that ok, but what happens when a 15 year old starts thinking "hey, I saw this girl making lots of money doing this! I'm going to do it, too!" and starts doing it? If you don't think that's ok, then maybe these sorts of streams are not ok for Twitch. I just think there's a time and place for things like this, and Twitch is not the place for these kinds of streams. Frankly, I think Amazon should just buy OnlyFans and create a secondary adult streaming site and call it Twatch and tell the camgirls to go there instead.

    Not SidNot Sid5 dager siden
  • I mean... Twitch can either benefit from that money or they can lose it to only fans 🤷🏼‍♀️ I just see a lot of gatekeeping. If you're a streamer just mind yourself, be yourself, that's your selling feature. Sex will always sell on any platform and should not be shocking to anyone.

    Emma MerrickEmma Merrick5 dager siden
  • Twitch is not the place for sexual content. Leave it for the camming sites. And thats coming from a sex worker. My Twitch account was taken down for 24 hours just because I had a link to my Instagram in my bio, which had NSFW and SFW posts alike. Mind you, THINGS INSTAGRAM ALLOWS. Another issue I have is that Twitch is picking and choosing who to punish, and these female streamers are exploiting their popularity to get away with essentially making fetish soft porn.

    Rain they-themRain they-them5 dager siden
  • the problem is not that women are doing the Hot Tub meta, is WHERE they are doing it, We are talking about Twitch not OnlyFans. The most played game is FORTNITE!! Most of the viewerbase are Kids. Go on Phil, let your kid watch Twitch and the first thing that gets recommended is a girl in a BDSM "bikini"

    JavsamcaJavsamca5 dager siden
  • Yet people out their will still find excuses for the police

    AnthraxAnthrax5 dager siden
  • I tried to tell you the census is a shit show this year! It's gotta be the worst govnt program, the most innacurate in history. Computer glitches and noone who understands the issues was available. Shi show.

    hasaheadachenow Shirley you jest!hasaheadachenow Shirley you jest!5 dager siden
  • Just when I think it can't get any worse you show me I'm wrong ,

    hasaheadachenow Shirley you jest!hasaheadachenow Shirley you jest!5 dager siden
  • here's an idea, maybe train officers to have some empathy and have ways to approach a situation that doesn't involve beating someone

    shadowreaperjbshadowreaperjb5 dager siden
  • You are Pathetic

    AsomiAsomi5 dager siden
  • Damn you must make a lot of money Phil to give out $5,000 🤯😱😀🍀🤑🎉

    youngknight billybobthortonyoungknight billybobthorton5 dager siden
  • "You can hear the pop ...I love it.." Now more than ever we need to re - instate the mental health guidelines for public service positions. Too many psychopaths are getting in.

    Gaia's GuardianGaia's Guardian5 dager siden
  • Nah Phil, get yourself an abandoned mansion like Matt Carriker.

    Gaia's GuardianGaia's Guardian5 dager siden
  • This is so disgusting. These officers should be fired and charged.

    gretchenisheregretchenishere5 dager siden
  • XQC is the last person that should have an opinion on the "death of twitch".

    Chance PowersChance Powers6 dager siden
  • Let the girls that do the hot tub streams go with it. Eventually their looks will fade, their beauty will die off, then they'll have nothing else to offer and be fucked. The money they pull in won't last.

    TANK1xEMKTANK1xEMK6 dager siden
  • Ironic how your sponsor is about environmental awareness but also PRIVATE JET

    NvrStpGamingNvrStpGaming6 dager siden
  • limiting what some people can do just because 'others might have expectations from other people' feels like the same kinda shitty arguments i hear from people who spend a lot of time doing moral hand wringing about everything they perceive as 'improper'. Blaming and limiting someones behavior just because it might lead to someone expecting another person to do similar things, i just... i don't understand how anyone can make that make sense. Beyond that: There are porn streamers right now, who only ever tease, or do instructional stuff and never get fully or even partially nude. Should they not be allowed to do their thing because others might expect other streamers who show more flesh to cover up? What if someone gets confused about intent because of a lack of categorization!? It falls flat because its just brainless.

    ObscilleskObscillesk6 dager siden
  • Twich Thots Supremacy!!

    Billie BelleBillie Belle6 dager siden
  • I woulda thought a place named Loveland would be a little kinder

    Kayla MuccioloKayla Mucciolo6 dager siden
  • "Wow that's fucked" hahahaha

    Infinity199216Infinity1992166 dager siden
  • "Just Chatting... sex-tion"

    CabbageCabbage6 dager siden
  • Valkyrae is hot!!!!!

    Harry IsaacHarry Isaac6 dager siden
  • I think you deserve a yacht Phil

    Nick UrbanNick Urban6 dager siden
  • Just about everyone's take in the hot tub streams was incredibly dumb except Xqc's.

    Sonic HeroSonic Hero6 dager siden
  • Phil I think you owe it the hotwomen of the day club to make an of where you pose in similar attire of every woman you've ever featured. Considering the money you've made off Megan Fox, probably just fwd the funds to a charity of her choice. I hear she prefers to support disadvantaged youth programs.

    Remi BucklerRemi Buckler6 dager siden
  • What gets me about the Hot Tub streams is that everybody shames the streamer, not the audience that is actively consuming it.

    HKVeteranHKVeteran6 dager siden
  • It's a bathing suit. What is the big deal? Bathing suits are all over the place. Girls have to make a buck. They don't want to see it get off their page. Jesus!

    Victoria PrestonVictoria Preston6 dager siden
  • to me about hot tub streamers the pervs probably wouldn't get so turned on if the hot tub streamer had small boobs or was flat-chested and nobody would also slut-shame them and I'm also wondering the hot tub streamer would one-piece bathing suit then what would the pervs do and I'm giggling at Phil thinking about making a career out of it lol which I would watch if he did

    PunkySpunkyPunkySpunky6 dager siden
  • I'm working on my beach bod. Once prepped, gonna slap the words "Hot Tub" on my gamer chair and host me an event on Twitch in my swimming trunks.

    C StewartC Stewart6 dager siden
  • Just here to pay Phil’s bills

    Brittney MitchellBrittney Mitchell6 dager siden
  • If these girls want to make money doing soft core porn, then they should go to the cam sites. That's literally it.

    Saïtri10Saïtri106 dager siden
  • I am all fr women empowerment and women taking and owning their sexuality. But where do you draw the line? If you speak out about ibjectifying women but then turn around and use objectification as the main draw for your content then u are doing nothing to help the cause.

    Hatchetwolf BaileyHatchetwolf Bailey6 dager siden
  • Phillip you 100% could make an OF and people will sub. That being said, these women are not necessarily doing anything sexual? it's not soft porn because it's not porn at all and any attempt at banning this will just target more curvey/plus-size women's bodies for just existing. It's not the current women's fault the hypersexualization already occurs, they're just capitalizing on it. And the latter is why people are upset. Is I walking around in a swimsuit, despite the appropriate context of the setting, now considered pornography just cause i have boobs? I don't like the slippery slope argument but that's what this would turn into. It'll be your neckline is too low; your shirt is too form-fitting; your bra strapped showed for a split second; You can't have an ass and also stream yoga. There isn't a way to make guidelines without discriminating based on gender, race, and weight.

    TheCatsMeowTheCatsMeow6 dager siden
  • 5:20 i.... me too

    JannaJanna6 dager siden
  • I wonder if those mocking "Defund the Police" now understand what it means after seeing these disgusting officers abuse and laugh at the disabled

    Mae Anne NgoMae Anne Ngo6 dager siden
  • I already have friends and people asking me when I'm gonna start an onlyfans because its so normalized now.... I don't think this is an okay thing. Seriously sad and degrading. Why are we nothing more to people than our bodies ? Oh right long term exposure to content like this 🤔 Hmmmmmmmm

    Nurse Harley299Nurse Harley2996 dager siden
  • In my opinion the whole argument of "sexualizing women" being okay when women do it to themselves because men have done it for years. No its an example of it was stupid and pathetic when they did it and even more sad and pathetic imo when we do it to ourselves. Showing off your body is the easiest and imo most pathetic way to get attention. I mean why get skillsnat anything in life when you can get by flashing your body and giggling like an anime character. I get that some people like it but yes I do think it takes from the female creators just trying to create and get noticed without having to use these stupid and degrading tactics 🙄

    Nurse Harley299Nurse Harley2996 dager siden
  • they shuld be able to do what they want with their body, but is twitch realy the place? i wonder what the avrage age of the ppl watching the hottub streamers are? i wonder if they are underaged? some allot most? is this content really ok so sell to kids? i wonder

    flash453flash4536 dager siden
  • they just need a thottery section labeled nsfw streams or 18+ streams

    uwubamiuwubami6 dager siden
  • I have issues with the hot tub streams not because of what they do but because of where it is. The streams are sexualized in nature(anyone claiming they aren't haven't seen one) and twitch is marked towards kids.

    nairobie755nairobie7556 dager siden
  • ngl i first subscribed to this channel way back in the day cuz i think phill was (and is) hella handsome. Thats why i first subscribed. Why I stayed subscribed tho, is cuz of the actual news content n how he views it

    Amin NimaAmin Nima6 dager siden
  • OnlyPhil'sButthole

    Heather YokomHeather Yokom6 dager siden
  • The census also shows us which states people are evacuating...Cali, New York etc. Montana picked up an extra seat because the population has doubled in the last couple years.

    Nick SpaninatorNick Spaninator6 dager siden
  • From hot tubs to toilet paper in under a min... god damn you’re good. 🤟👏👏👏

    Christopher BicknellChristopher Bicknell6 dager siden
  • If you want to be a cam girl, go be a cam girl on a different website. This stuff has nothing to do with gaming.

    RandomGamingRandomGaming6 dager siden