What Olivia Rodrigo Exposed, An Apology, Why The New York Times is Worried About You, & More News

18. jan.. 2021
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00:00 - Change Is Not A Straight Line
01:00 - Olivia Rodrigo Smashes Music Streaming Records
02:41 - Armie Hammer Apologizes
04:58 - NYT's Worried Kids Are Playing Too Many Games During A Pandemic
07:25 - Sponsor
08:26 - Twitter Suspensions & Misinformation
11:24 - Parler Back?
12:47 - Capitol Ramps Up Security
15:03 - Trump's Pardons and Executions
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Olivia Rodrigo Breaks Records With “driver’s license”:
Armie Hammer Apologizes for Instagram Photo:
New York Times Releases Report on Screen Time:
Twitter Temporarily Suspends Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene:
Poland Proposes Social Media 'Free Speech' Law:
Selena Gomez Calls Out Social Media Giants for Enabling Pro-Trump Mob:
Analysts Say Online Misinformation Has Plummeted 73% Since Trump’s Twitter Ban:
Parler Resurfaces on Sunday With an Updated Timeframe:
Apple Sued by Group Insisting it Curb Telegram After Capitol Attack:
DC Ramps Up Security:
Trump to Issue 100 Pardons:
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg, Maxx Enright
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Brian Espinoza
Production Team: Zack Taylor, Luke Manning
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  • Seeing people say they didn’t get a notification for this one. No worries just text 813-213-4423 for texts when I upload among a few other things 👊🏻

    Philip DeFrancoPhilip DeFrancoMåned siden
    • You didn't mention that Parler is now 100% on Russian servers, and that makes sense since the money that bankrolled it came from Russian sources.

      Tatakai no KamiTatakai no KamiMåned siden
    • you're a bloody scammer

      Surreal EntertainmentSurreal EntertainmentMåned siden
    • Thank you for the news today! Love the cap and attitude

      S SkylightS SkylightMåned siden
    • lies

      JoeJoeMåned siden
    • Hey Phil- got your txt. I’m not ignoring you. Your show just comes out while at work! I’ll txt ya back tomorrow bestie

      Allie KimballAllie KimballMåned siden
  • Imagine how bad this quarantine would suck around 30 years ago with dial up? Or 40-60 years ago no chats, Netflix, NOtown, no internet at all. I'd go insane. Like writing on my walls, discussing conspiracy theories with my dog kinda crazy!!!

    sinfull Hubrissinfull Hubris11 dager siden
  • dude i love poland

    INFERNOdllINFERNOdllMåned siden
  • 6:25 the article switches focus to his mother, who says: "How dare you try to replace my delicious vajayjay with a loser video game?"

    Philipp EamonPhilipp EamonMåned siden
  • Well said sir well said.

    NzSw4tNzSw4tMåned siden
  • In reference to the trumps Twitter account thing, I think it’s kind of ironic to see such complaints about censorship from the party that’s known for being a serious proponent of privatization lol. Like it kiiiiinda seems like this is an example of “be careful what you wish for.”

    André SchneiderAndré SchneiderMåned siden
  • I'm happy my man plays Xbox (specifically Destiny) in his free time! 1) We can play together so it's an activity we both like while staying quarantined from the community, 2) He's extremely responsible outside of playtime- being our sole bread winner, makes the majority of the meals and our dishwasher, and 3) I'd rather have him play Destiny for HOURS daily than have him running around on me, I don't have to worry about drunk driving, car wrecks, lying, cheating, etc etc cuz he's right here at home!❤

    Oooh La La AndreaOooh La La AndreaMåned siden
  • sorry phil but what the hell was that coverage or the new york times news piece? seemed really rushed and you just used it to make the point of "mom videogames are fun let me play them 👿"

    sebassebasMåned siden
  • Jessica Clencin Henriquez "Maybe you should start questioning why we live in a culture willing to give abusers the benefit of the doubt instead of victims" First of all, that's not how the world should work. If literally every perceived victim was given the benefit of the doubt, there'd be a crisis of wrongful convictions. Not to mention the sheer number of false accusations that lead to the ruination of the lives of those falsely accused. Semi recent example, Mattress girl. Claims she was sexually assaulted by a dude, claimed the campus had done nothing about her claims and marched around campus dragging her mattress as a sign of protest. Others helped her around, shit blew up, dude got expelled from the campus. Turned out she was fooling around with the dude, she grew incredibly possessive, then after they broke up she decided suddenly, because he was nolonger with her, it wasn't sex it was rape, all backed up by their SMS records over a substantial period of time. He successfully sued the college. Some STILL side with her, and his name was still dragged through the mud. Point being, you can't just blanket'ly believe the victim. If someone IS the victim of a criminal act, it needs to be looked into, and officially judged upon. Keep this shit out of the court of public opinion, especially if it ain't illegal.

    Spartan SeventyeightSpartan SeventyeightMåned siden
  • idk why this hat makes me feel like Philip is going through a midlife crisis trying to hold onto his youth

    Pumpkin PiePumpkin PieMåned siden
  • All the Trump drama you pushed and he left. You're a huge piece of crying shit Phil

    Brandon CabiadBrandon CabiadMåned siden
  • Change and progress follow the same types of patterns as the stonk market. There are ups and downs. And additionally, similarly to the stonk market, there are 🐻 and there are 🐂 for that same change and progress. Me personally, I’m a 🐂. I truly believe that change and progress is 🚀🚀🚀🚀🌕. There may be dips, there may be peaks. But 💎✋🏻 that progress when it happens, because then everybody wins.

    Wade AusburnWade AusburnMåned siden
  • A complicated question but big tech companies do need to regulated some. As Facebook very clearly supported lies and suppressed progressive information. So they are clearly trying to push bullshit that makes them more money and hurts the countries they reside in.

    Mittens FastPawMittens FastPawMåned siden
  • Why would anyone give one tiny rat's *ss about what Gomez says about political issues? What makes her an expert on censorship or free speech? How is what she thinks news?

    The Chosen OneThe Chosen OneMåned siden
  • White parents need to get it together. You paid for the Xbox, you paid for their phone. You are in control. If you don't like how they are spending their time, CHANGE IT.

    FLdancer00FLdancer00Måned siden
  • Let's be real, Olivia popped off in large part to Taylor Swift saying she liked the song on Twitter.

    FLdancer00FLdancer00Måned siden
  • Breaking News!!: Kids who aren't allowed to go out aren't going out

    !?!?Måned siden
  • From what I heard all the canible post hammer made was a teaser of him being in the American pycho remake and to me as a actor my self who teases a role of something that i got i would not step that line of projecting real caniblizem as joke on social media is not a good look and hammer should have never made messages if he was excited for the role and trying to make cryptic messages i understand but he should have never made them that dark

    Jonathan ElveyJonathan ElveyMåned siden
  • Why is he dressed like my 9 year old nephew

    chaz865chaz865Måned siden
  • Social media is a COMPANY. If you break that company's rules, that you literally agree to, they have the right to take it down. What goes on their site/company effects their image and profits.

    Yur JhrYur JhrMåned siden
    • Exactly. People are really out here complaining about a service they don't even pay for.

      FLdancer00FLdancer00Måned siden
  • I disagree with the idea that censoring extremist content is what is causing radicalization. The problem is not that censorship causes echo chambers. The problem is those echo chambers already exist as self-imposed from those with extremists views. Those that tend toward the extreme already ignore information that disputes their beliefs as "mainstream/liberal lies" They are already lost. What removing that content does is keep it from spreading on social media and becoming a mainstream narrative. The truth is that lies spread faster than truth...and sure maybe you can't stop the lies...but I don't agree it is counter productive to at least slow them down.

    Meme GazerMeme GazerMåned siden
  • why does Phil look like he came back from the 90's?

    RitaRitaMåned siden
  • Being able to tell your partner that you need some game time as a cathartic release signals a heathly relationship, we all have our escapes and vices - so yes, take that 'me' time and if you are in a reltionship where you are able to accomplish that, you are doing well in a relationship.

    James KinnearJames KinnearMåned siden
  • Yes. YES. Shut down every single means of online communications because some asshole said something dumb on it once! This is how the internet should be. Nobody gets to say anything unless it's in line with the status quo. Strangely enough, that sounds familiar...

    LoveisinportantLoveisinportantMåned siden
  • Imagine telling someone four years ago a group calling themselves the “boogaloo boys” unironically wanted to start a second civil war

    Musical LoverMusical LoverMåned siden
  • De-stressing via video games is not wrong. I have a mother who is like that, claims it is for kids and I need to grow up. I met my fiancee on League of Legends 7 years ago, we have dates for 5 and he popped the question last year. We still play and have our respective games we play separately. When ask, why is this bad? She had no answer besides it is for kids. I came back with that gaming has a mass market in adults, is better than watching tv since I am engaging my brain, usually talking online with friends, and having fun. Totally went over her head. My grandma gets it, but my mom is a lost cause.

    Vi SVi SMåned siden
  • Rocket League is lit

    Nicolas ArgonNicolas ArgonMåned siden
  • That bit about death row was wild, that’s something I’ve never heard before. I imagine that you have to be the worst type of person to be put on federal death row but that seems a worse fate than regular death row. You’re basically serving life unless the sitting President is pushing hard for you, specifically, to die.

    Emma AveryEmma AveryMåned siden
  • The answer is simple: tiktok is used by the music industry to plant songs. The fyp is decided by the platform. A label pays enough, the song "goes viral"

    Lady SugarquillLady SugarquillMåned siden
  • That's what an industry plant looks like

    Lady SugarquillLady SugarquillMåned siden
  • Honestly screen time is dangerous and I think it is something to think about and to do something. It's a lifesaver? Yeah I'm a single mom of three sons so yeah its great but it's becoming them more impacient and if I take their phones they cry and get very upset. So we need to make them do other stuff not only screen time

    sheepgray08sheepgray08Måned siden
  • if armie hammer is innocent, i seriously think his ex's should serve time for their allegations. It's so bullshit when women are just mad at a guy so they go along with any witch hunt he is in. They should serve 1/10th the time a normal person would have served, if the allegations were true(if they are just gaslighting).

    Gerald BroflovskiGerald BroflovskiMåned siden
  • my exact response to people complaining about their kids having an increased use of video games over the pandemic: well no fucking shit. what else do you want them to do when people were ordered to stay inside for the summer? let em play Xbox for a year and worry about their vitamin D intake when there's not a damn virus.

    Faith TFaith TMåned siden
  • great show phil!

    Wrath Upon EdenWrath Upon EdenMåned siden
  • Video games bad!😹

    That one guyThat one guyMåned siden
  • The music industry is weird for loving til you but not NOtown and twitch

    That one guyThat one guyMåned siden
  • After I found out she sang driver’s license I was shook because I knew her from bizardvark I didn’t recognize her voice at first

    That one guyThat one guyMåned siden
  • Your country is screwed Harris Biden administration is going to burn the united states, your lives are going to change for the worst. USA the new communist dictatorship hope you have a plan b.

    MrStevelovestoRCMrStevelovestoRCMåned siden
  • Bella Thorne will never pass as a viable alibi or source for proving someone is innocent loooooll

    Suzy M FleurSuzy M FleurMåned siden
  • Apple, Facebook, Twitter, and Google, trying to engineer social discourse and censor, will blow back in their own faces. Ones who start a trend usually tend to over time become the victims of what they themselves started and created as precedent.

    Milkshake BarrageMilkshake BarrageMåned siden
  • Wednesday can't come soon enough

    TheCreepyproTheCreepyproMåned siden
  • Maybe things wouldn't be so tense if everyone stop calling me a white supremacist because I liked that Trump did seem to be do war like.

    Michael LenczewskiMichael LenczewskiMåned siden
  • It's completely true that kids these days are in fact playing way too much video games right now but I get it. What else are they going to do when they can't hang out with friends or go out to places or even go to school because it is all distance learning based. The pandemic had fucked everyone's daily activities up. So yes it is bad but its not their fault. So I won't go ham on my son who plays video games for like 4-10 hours a day.

    issaciamsissaciamsMåned siden
  • The only people mad about "free speech" on twitter - the private entity - are the ones with hatred to spew. They need to go make their own social platform... Oh wait...

    Stacey ClarkStacey ClarkMåned siden
  • Please cover the new accusers coming out against Armie Hammer. He's still currently endangering women in Cayman and I hope to see as many women warned about him as possible! Yet another accuser came forwards today on IG @milkandhoneyroses and her story is backed up by an article that she had someone interview her for anonymously and write a full article about her experience with him. The article came out like a year or so (I think) before these new accusations. PS. it's also pronounced cay-MAN, not cay-min ;)

    jazzimmjazzimmMåned siden
  • You dont love my face anymore? :( Lol Jk thanls for all your hard work Phil!

    UltimateVenom GamingUltimateVenom GamingMåned siden
  • Philly d, I watch your show religiously every day when I get home from work. I look forward to it almost as much as the post-work beer I allow myself. I was prepared to support you in whatever endeavors you pursue next, but I am so relieved that you are still doing the show in 2021 (at least for now). I feel genuine gratitude towards you multiple times a week, every week. Thank you for being a voice of reason and for reporting truthful news that we can all trust. I will be reinforcing the sentiment of this comment by buying something from you.... just not sure what yet😁

    Ellie BothwellEllie BothwellMåned siden
  • A lot of ppl go to bars to get drunk when they have marital problems...so, although I wouldn't like my partner to avoid our issues...I would prefer my partner playing video games, doing sports or any other activity that will not get the problem worst

    Lidia CruzLidia CruzMåned siden
  • chinesesong

    Francoo CastiglioneFrancoo CastiglioneMåned siden
  • It's been a long time since I watched Phillip. Has he always been this tanned?

    Trigger FishTrigger FishMåned siden
  • You know what I think the difference between NOtown and Tik-Tok is is because you can look at where the song came from who originally posted it when you just click on the audio file it's so easy like there is a feature like that on NOtown I think it would make copyright strikes irrelevant

    Cassandra RochaCassandra RochaMåned siden
  • Teacher: Kids, be the change you want to see in the world. Kid 1: I don't think enough things are labelled as racism yet! The chalkboard is black and the chalk is white... that's racist! Teacher: Then go forth and label the whole world! You can do it! Kid 2: I want to start a blog for young Republicans that helps us organize and plot how we're going to overthrow Biden and reinstall Trump as president by force! Teacher: Yes! That exactly. Blog away! Kid 3: I know that there are something like a billion people on Earth who don't even have clean drinking water, but I'd like to spend a disproportionate amount of my time and energy getting butthurt whenever it seems like someone might have in some small way suggested that there is anything at all in life other than video games, or that screen time shouldn't occupy literally one hundred percent of my waking life. I'd also like to retweet this article I just found about credible studies linking screen time to serious morbidities in both mental and physical health including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, depression, anxiety and suicide. Then I'd like to whine some more about how hard it is to be a middle class North American during a relatively mild pandemic. Teacher: Without hypocrisy, there can be no society! Yeah, you're right... we're gonna be just fine. ;P

    iamtheiconoclast3iamtheiconoclast3Måned siden
    • No way in hell anybody is reading that essay

      Jonathan LolJonathan LolMåned siden
  • *STOP WRECKING MY GAMES* _"for the kids"_ if your so concerned about irresponsible parents freaking out, shifting the blame, while not providing real answers, then try fixed our schools. it's all "protect your freedom" by taking it away from others type reasoning.

    charlespk2008charlespk2008Måned siden
  • ew Roblox is creepy. Havent parents been complaining that its been sexually suggestive ?!

    CongratulationsCongratulationsMåned siden
  • kids: being depressed and anxious more than ever after becoming self aware of the issues that they face as they grow up and an increase in child abuse (verbally, physically, etc.,) and negligence parents and adults in general: it's because he plays Roblox too much!!! it couldn't be my fault!!! destressing through something he enjoys is wrong!!!

    claire mcguireclaire mcguireMåned siden
  • Phil I love you. Keep on keeping on! You are awesome! Your comments on the new York times article really resonated with me. No one has the right to judge how we are coping during the toughest time in most of our lives.

    jordan kolodyjordan kolodyMåned siden
  • How organic was that growth of Driver’s License & how much of it was a push from record labels? I have never looked up the song on my own but it auto played for me on SoundCloud while listening to a genre that might as well be the opposite of hers, then again when one of my playlists on Spotify ended. I’m not trying to take away her success I’m definitely happy for how her song is going. But as a musician you only dream of success like this so you try to break down why a song got popular & I’m just wondering how much of this was pure luck of the right people listening to this song at the right time, & how much of it is a push by record labels & streaming services because this song went from obscurity to mega hit so quickly.

    WilfredoWilfredoMåned siden
  • This was kinda boring

    Israel Aguilar LuaIsrael Aguilar LuaMåned siden
  • Tools and crutches? wow.....

    D LeybaD LeybaMåned siden
  • been watching for years. Just wanted to say i love you lol. Thank you for being there through these hard times

    shinokerahshinokerahMåned siden
  • My mother told me the same thing, and you know what's funny?? Every person I've been romantically/sexually involved with has played League of Legends with me XD

    mely5800mely5800Måned siden
  • Hummus song sounds delicious.

    Mumbles MalarkyMumbles MalarkyMåned siden
  • You should raise money using your hairstyle as the sales pitch. Donate for this hair style. Donate for this hair style. Don't have to cut your hair...Just take your hat off and style it per donations.

    Mumbles MalarkyMumbles MalarkyMåned siden
  • For the parents worried about kids gaming for hours during the pandemic: the fuck we supposed to do?!

    Peace WalkerPeace WalkerMåned siden
    • Read a book, go for a bike ride, draw, paint, build something, learn a new language, study a new subject, go catch lizards. Literally there are a million things you can do other than play video games.

      FLdancer00FLdancer00Måned siden
  • Developmental ramifications of children spending most of their time on technology IS bad. Because it puts the parent out of the equation and lets a child live in their own made up world where things aren't real, which does encourage a child to develop bad habits, incorrect correlations, and awful social skills that could lead to social anxiety. Those who think these things don't matter are already lost causes because they refuse to understand and accept the science behind growth and development. Why do kids and adults seemingly have way less accountability than they did years ago? Because of the internet. We have been on a downward spiral for generations due to technology becoming all consuming. The comments I've read from younger people even about body image and what they think is real is staggering. That's literally due to social media and influencers making things incredibly fake. This is a serious problem that is a slow burning one. We won't see the terrible outcome for years, but the truth is that kids are really fucking dumb and awkward now and it's because they are attached at the hand to their phones, controllers, mice, and remotes. It's funny too, because this is the age of information, and people STILL actively choose to do the most useless things with ALL of their free time.

    Sarah BacakSarah BacakMåned siden
  • Why.. are people not more concerned about people's private social medias getting hacked and basically used to destroy their lives? WHY are we okay with this? Why aren't we focusing on this target culture? Because it's celebs being targeted? There are so many problems due to a lack of online policing and lack of laws for this shit and people are really just okay with it because it's a rich white guy making a joke about sex with a woman. I don't get all of these double standards and I don't get how people aren't more concerned with these hackers trying to destroy a person's public image.

    Sarah BacakSarah BacakMåned siden
  • Fuck censorship regardless of who's doing it. Silencing voices only proves you fear their power.

    zanegeist1zanegeist1Måned siden
  • Would have been nice if 1/6 would have made the elected fearful of the people and would scare them into doing what is for the general welfare of the people. As this country shuts down because of covid ramping up, people starving and want to work will get angry at government when the government stands in the way of feeding families. And they are going to try and spend their way out of it. I'll watch and see how it all unfolds over the next 4 years.

    droidclonedroidcloneMåned siden
  • We should question everyone as well as victims, no one is above questioning if we actually care about the truth vs a narrative that fits

    Jude MarksJude MarksMåned siden
  • Phillip trying to be trendy wearing that hat and tie die shirt. It's ok I know girls told me a backwards cap makes them want them too. I think Phil is starting to turn into a regular person now and not a car·i·ca·ture I really hate the record companies too for what they do to NOtown but not CrackRock So Trump was banned and everything died down a lot about conspiracies and fraud.. yup.

    Chris AndersonChris AndersonMåned siden
  • Ok but if this kid is marrying anyone who grew up in the 21st century in the first place chances are they’d be fine if he spent some time on the Xbox.. it’s just video games, it’s really not that big of a deal

    Holly MagadieuHolly MagadieuMåned siden
  • You tell em phil. Gaming has kept me sane living with people who refuse to take this damn pandemic seriously.

    nman551nman551Måned siden
  • No respect for you not talking about the censorship of conservatives. You may have a bias but jesus christ you must think us subhumans.

    prophetblood1prophetblood1Måned siden
  • I am playing Red Dead Redemption 2 and sometimes I just like to ride my horse. My girlfriend is happy I'm happy and she watches her shows while I play.

    Carlos LacayoCarlos LacayoMåned siden
  • That's effing amazing! One concerted moral push on SNS and suddenly the crazies' chatter dies down? That's EXACTLY what should happen. Online bullshit spewing which creates real world hate and violence SHOULD be STFU. Great!

    deemon710deemon710Måned siden
  • i just shaved my face today... welcome me back to looking human again.

    Edward ParsonsEdward ParsonsMåned siden
  • Thanks Phil

    Michael DutraMichael DutraMåned siden
  • Anyone have any advice on building a PC? Finding a GPU is hella hard rn

    Lorenzo NellLorenzo NellMåned siden
  • I don't fully understand why the music industry embraces TIk Tokers using their music but twitch streamers get bombed out of existence

    TheBrclear66TheBrclear66Måned siden
  • Its not about truth vs lies at this point its feelings and fears before facts. Hopefully freespeach is eventually protected

    Zakaria MercierZakaria MercierMåned siden
  • You said the far right group that wants a second civil war. But you didn't have the same connotation or mention of BLM and ANTIFA riots when that was going on. No more BLM to hear about at all actually.

    StudentStudentMåned siden
  • Rich hearing a polish politician speak about freedom of speech while working with the same government that doesn't view the LGBT as people

    YT yelloYT yelloMåned siden
  • Thank you for all of your quality content!!

    alejandra espinozaalejandra espinozaMåned siden
  • A company has the right to decide how their platform will be used. Those who use the companies platform must adhere to it or decide to go elsewhere or.. create their own platform. With technology being what it is today, there are many options.

    designsbyjolidesignsbyjoliMåned siden
  • im sorry phil did you time travel back to the 90s?

    Julie MJulie MMåned siden
  • So we make excuses for a abusive cannibal, but turn Chris Pratt into a villain and his character bisexual just to fuck with him, ONLY because he is a Christian who doesn’t want to get political.... WE ARE SO FUCKING SCREWED

    Glorious VictoryGlorious VictoryMåned siden

    Public EnemyPublic EnemyMåned siden
  • Vitamin D is possibly toxic if consumed in large excess. Please don’t take vitamins without consulting your doctor first

    Nix AsteriaNix AsteriaMåned siden
  • Facebook ruined the internet. Back when i got on the internet. The first thing I was told (before i even touched the keys) was don't ever trust anything you see on the internet. Don't trust what anyone says to you, dont trust websites, just never trust anything unless you have done the research yourself. Everything was always hidden. You had usernames, you never gave anyone your real name. Everything was incognito, kept separate. Someone that found ur social media site would have to be a friend or had stalked you hard to find out information. Facebook came along and instantly destroyed it all in seconds. By having people give there real names and a picture. Now they even have ur phone number 🙄. People getting on today think everything they see on the internet is real. We need to go back to the time of incognito. Back to a time where everything is to be considered fake. Not to silence people. Silencing a free people is a slippery slope for the power hungry!

    Zedd LegionZedd LegionMåned siden
  • I love Jess Henriquez's inability to grasp why the accused is given benefit of the doubt over the accuser. It's almost like we still hold that someone is innocent until proven guilty or something.

    MehMehMåned siden
  • Strangely the increase in sexual harassment and assault allegations started with the me too and believe all women and since that there has been so much bs i actually believe women less on then before

    Brian McCrimmonBrian McCrimmonMåned siden
  • Phil no, we’re grown adults. Don’t bring back the 90’s burner style (examples found in the movie Clueless). This won’t age well and guaranteed regret will ensue in 10 years.

    TheBrudi2007TheBrudi2007Måned siden
  • It's great that you're optimistic about the future Phil but I gotta say I'm still worried. Civilization seems to constantly go from one side of extremism to another but can't ever seem to find a real answer to issues which is middle ground. I always hope for it but if we keep going back and forth from far right to far left, no progress will be made. The internet and social media aren't helping either, just makes issues worse. As long as the fear of being wrong exists we won't be where we need to be.

    Taylor ScottTaylor ScottMåned siden

    Fame The KingFame The KingMåned siden
  • My son, for his (live virtual lecture) English class wrote a paper in which they were supposed to write about a specific event in their life. My son wrote about the time he and his friends built something he was really proud of in Minecraft. His professor had zero problems with it. F**k the New York Times

    The Virtual TravelerThe Virtual TravelerMåned siden
  • If tech like this didn’t exist the pandemic wouldn’t exist, so the whole story is wrong.

    Jeremy WatersJeremy WatersMåned siden
  • ...we are in a pandemic....what the fuck else are they meant to do ?

    Tara FearyTara FearyMåned siden
  • Those are fascinating stats about misinformation after Trump was banned on Twitter. They did the right thing.

    TheN00bmonsterTheN00bmonsterMåned siden
  • Oh, I LOVE kicking my husband out of the bedroom to play his new Occulus, so I can watch my Bridgerton. Then we go to bed relaxed and happy, and it’s wonderful!

    hbeachleyhbeachleyMåned siden
  • At the very least it sounds like Armie Hammer needs to be hospitalized for a while. It would protect him from everyone, and everyone from him while this gets sorted out.

    hbeachleyhbeachleyMåned siden