What David Dobrik's New Apology Exposed, We Need To Talk About Colorado, 03/22/21, & More News

23. mars. 2021
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00:00 - Pandemic Weight Gain
02:28 - Dobrik’s Latest Apology
08:37 - Sponsor
09:27 - Powell’s “Reasonable Person” Defense
11:32 - Boulder, Colorado
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It’s Okay If You’ve Gained Weight During the Pandemic:
David Dobrik Addresses Vlog Squad Allegations:
David’s Video: notown.info/two/video/0qduZmiYlptp2Zo.html
Previous Coverage: notown.info/two/video/rKqFhKKTZbN9k8k.html
Sidney Powell Argues That No Reasonable Person Would Believe Her Election Claims:
Politicians Respond to Tragedy on Colorado:
Tesla Facing Federal Investigation Over Claims that it Failed To Fix Dangerous Solar Panels
“Jeopardy!” Fans Slam Dr. Oz as a Dangerous Pick To Guest Host Show:
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    Philip DeFrancoPhilip DeFrancoMåned siden
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      AmeeCool AlchiAmeeCool Alchi18 dager siden
    • You did not talk about "news" for the last 15 years. Stop it. NOtown drama specialist

      JasonJasonMåned siden
    • omg thank you for the flash warning alot of people forget to do that ^^

      Ash VineteAsh VineteMåned siden
    • @Stockwell Edits ah yes well, it's actually a Mike Birbiglia joke. Since he was on the pod. "What I should have said, was nothing" Thanks for playing though

      Ryan PatrickRyan PatrickMåned siden
    • @Ryan Patrick no because he still witness a R*** filmed it and watch

      Stockwell EditsStockwell EditsMåned siden
  • You bleep David but you’re not getting beeped

    DisneticDisnetic11 dager siden
  • I feel like he is maybe only apologising because of money, but maybe he genuinly didn't realise how serious it is? I think some men see rape as only the violent scenario towards a certain type of woman (not promiscuous, modest dressers, sober etc...) & anything that is outside of that small narrative these men try & internalise & half justify what's happened (she dressed that way, she got drunk, she was out alone etc...) so perhaps this new apology is less about money & more about his internalised misogyny & victim blaming narrative has been challenged & he's been hit with the gravity of the situation?

    BernieBernie16 dager siden

    The Grumpy HorticulturistThe Grumpy Horticulturist23 dager siden
  • I just stumble across this channel. You can easily tell you are very one sided on your "real stories" at the end of your two videos I watched. Boulder vs Atlanta...You made Boulder all about guns and the Atlanta shooting all about race. Get out of here

    DomDom24 dager siden
  • David is just as bad as Dom for it even happening.. There's no fucking excuse.. And he's just apologizing because he's losing bigger income opportunities.. He said in the video "we're gonna go to jail".. He fucking knew then that what happened was fucked up!

    Miss HooliganMiss Hooligan26 dager siden
  • Thank God. Seriously, thank God. I grew up around the area David is from and a lot of people acted like him and his friends. I guess it’s entertaining but for those affected by the hurtful actions, it’s hard. Man. Couldn’t trust anyone, that’s why I ended up moving away. I’m seriously so glad these types of people get called out on a national scale so Gen Z and even my own children don’t have to deal with the bigotry or normalized assault we had to go through as Millenials in metropolitan areas..

    nåvï Bnåvï B28 dager siden
  • And again Phil demonstrates how far left he has moved on the political spectrum from once being a libertarian. Oh, well, we need all sorts in the end to even out the curve...

    Johan T. LindgrenJohan T. Lindgren29 dager siden
  • will forgive and forget just because he’s, “funny”

    bouytt guytbouytt guyt29 dager siden
  • This dude citing AP left and right......

    drewspeedrewspeeMåned siden
  • Did you just say the Repubs tried to steal a fair election? Ooof

    drewspeedrewspeeMåned siden
    • The thing is, it’s already illegal to murder people. So adding laws for a tool isn’t going to stop someone who is out to commit these serious crimes. If you want to use the

      bouytt guytbouytt guyt29 dager siden
  • Love it when you tackle these stories

    Nicholas GerickeNicholas GerickeMåned siden
    • consequences, is for people to learn. I think him taking a hiatus would be smart but I think the door should be open to redemption at some point in the future.

      ceerw butyceerw butyMåned siden
  • His social blade went fro A- to D- VERY quickly!! 😂

    Jonathan AdamsonJonathan AdamsonMåned siden
    • committing these crimes, adding more laws isn’t going to change anything, only punish law abiding citizens.

      ceerw butyceerw butyMåned siden
  • I don't really care about apologies at this point tbh, is anyone being charged for rape and for obstruction of justice? What the hell is this?

    soiung toiuesoiung toiueMåned siden
  • I personally hate cancel culture as I believe people can change, learn and better themselves. I don’t believe that Dobrik deserves to go unpunished but I don’t believe that he should just disappear, I think he should speak up and help other men learn to look out for signs that their male friends may be toxic or when their female ones are uncomfortable. As much as some may hate it he has a huge influence on you people, particularly you men, who typically live in ignorance to sexual assault in the world and in their own lives.

    Lucy ChimpskyLucy ChimpskyMåned siden
    • He said the next day “we’re going to jail” and then laughed about it, he knew what he did he’s just sad he got caught.

      soiung toiuesoiung toiueMåned siden
  • If he believes the victim, he should stand by that "We're going to jail" comment

    Eloy PenaEloy PenaMåned siden
  • He said the next day “we’re going to jail” and then laughed about it, he knew what he did he’s just sad he got caught.

    Ailsa NiAilsa NiMåned siden
  • Yeah, i'll just say David Dobrik dun goofed

    Aiden BrewsterAiden BrewsterMåned siden
    • when a female says something...FUCK THAT WE ARE ALL IN! Also, it's hard to say Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa and that's the real reason why he didn't say it this time. Otherwise he

      Ailsa NiAilsa NiMåned siden
  • It was a knife wound to the shooter and Arvada is 5 or 6 miles away from Boulder.

    RockyMtnHighChickRockyMtnHighChickMåned siden
  • Wait, wait. So her defense was seriously "It was just a prank, bro"? 😂

    Luciano PetersenLuciano PetersenMåned siden
  • The way you pronounce Arvada 😂😂😂 I live here

    Johnny DuzItJohnny DuzItMåned siden
  • When are we going to finally teach males that they shouldn't treat women like shit?

    FoolsPlatinumFoolsPlatinumMåned siden
  • What’s with the vocal fry in NOtownr apology videos?

    Molly FarquharMolly FarquharMåned siden
  • I've been struggling with pandemic quarantine Wright gain and I've been over working my body lately. Your video made me realise maybe it's okay for me to change weight. I'll be okay. Thank you Phil.

    Ana AcapellaAna AcapellaMåned siden
  • anything so that's like a cult leader manner and his apology ironically is legit when seatgeek and everyone drops him idk

    kolim jonekolim joneMåned siden
  • Imagine if, at least once or twice, one of these fake ass Legal team approved “Apology videos” blew up, then the person genuinely wanted to express real regret and sympathy for those they hurt. They came out with a REAL video, not just reiterating more thoroughly their sorrow, but admitted their first video was Legal team pre-written bullsh!t. What if we could start a chain, or create a tiny “safe space” for people to genuinely affect some healing or acknowledgement of their victim’s suffering, without immediately lawyering up and shutting down any actual justice? Isn’t a large part of our legal system supposed to encourage the abuser to use their unique position to instigate actual healing for their victims? I would condemn the scumbags involved in this, or any of the dozens of other crimes we see in politics every day, involving people using their positions of power to prey on women, the lower class, minorities, etc. But I think it would go a long way toward restoring some semblance of faith in humanity if we could occasionally see these one-off cases of someone genuinely unaware, or regretful of their actions, “in the moment”, “I was 18 and a YT celebrity”, “I didn’t understand the consequences”, etc. Sure, their publicist would immediately shut it down as political/career suicide, their lawyer would say basically the same for any pending legal case, but isn’t that kind of the problem with our legal system? It’s built for the smartest/richest/most well connected, not for an accurate balance of assigning guilt, or recognition of honest regret or desire to make it right.

    Joe KJoe KMåned siden
    • you don't know, just for fame... She could of lose her life. She said she didn't know the guys, therefore she was there for money and the fame... I don't support what happened,

      kolim jonekolim joneMåned siden
  • The thing is, it’s already illegal to murder people. So adding laws for a tool isn’t going to stop someone who is out to commit these serious crimes. If you want to use the stoplight example, it’s like saying adding more stoplight will prevent someone whose goal is to run over people and run through stoplights. The issue is the person that’s committing these crimes, adding more laws isn’t going to change anything, only punish law abiding citizens.

    SGANETSGANETMåned siden
  • I think both can be true. It's too little too late and he's only come to this conclusion after suffering consequences, but he could still be sincere. Like that's the point of consequences, is for people to learn. I think him taking a hiatus would be smart but I think the door should be open to redemption at some point in the future.

    Kryss MacFeatKryss MacFeatMåned siden
  • As someone who lives in Colorado while you dont @Philip DeFranco. Don't try to Slam LAUREN BOEBERT and use the lives lost to push for gun reform. Show respect for the victims and the officer who responded. If one person in that King's had a concealed carry license imagine the lives that would of been saved and the damage that would be prevented. Does that mean we should ban Gas because its combustible and can kill. FUCK NO use common sense and do some research about crimes prevented with concealed carry. This is why I stopped watching your channel you don't do your research anymore. You just knock it off and think fuck it some facts this is alright.

    drakosethdrakosethMåned siden
  • 1:57 You know the situation is apocalyptic when you hear: "As long as you survived, you’ve done good enough"

    HodossHodossMåned siden
  • He said the next day “we’re going to jail” and then laughed about it, he knew what he did he’s just sad he got caught.

    Kirsten GreenwaldKirsten GreenwaldMåned siden
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      ciyenu 3104ciyenu 310418 dager siden
  • that David apologized but I don't think I'll ever be able to watch his content again

    asioe kiouasioe kiouMåned siden
  • "Too little too late," this is a terrible sentiment. If we tell people it's too late to learn/grow, then we'd have a lot more shit heads out there. On the other side of the coin, how do you know if its genuine, or just an attempt to save face 🤔

    Kai WallKai WallMåned siden
    • are getting weapons illegally. There needs to be much more focus on mental health, not taking away gun rights.

      asioe kiouasioe kiouMåned siden
  • The workable asterisk anteriorly spoil because laura early form modulo a trite sweatshirt. valuable, lumpy chauffeur

    Ernesto HaylettErnesto HaylettMåned siden
  • I find what's super sad about the Dobrik situation is that nobody tool it serious until a female said i was raped. Like the attention it's gathering based on that and not from th e GUY that said something shows the double standards - even made with Philip. Nobody really cared that the guy felt some kind of way. Nobody tried to go further with that. But when a female says something...FUCK THAT WE ARE ALL IN! Also, it's hard to say Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa and that's the real reason why he didn't say it this time. Otherwise he would have sounded more stupid then when he doesnt' say the names at all. Oh wait...he wasn't a white guy...I guess he didn't have a bad day, huh? His diabetes did force him to do something or say something stupid?

    VagrantSoulZVagrantSoulZMåned siden
  • I think David needs to surround himself with people that are more positive instead of people that just would do anything to make a buck

    Manitoba LifeManitoba LifeMåned siden
  • It was the right thing to do, but it was for the money and sponsors as we all know. The initial video where he should've issued a genuine apology seals it. Period.

    yy wyy wMåned siden
  • Um, yeah. "Cancel culture" is a real problem for things like saying possibly offensive things, but all that goes out the window when somebody is raped or (credibly) accused of rape (or any serious crime).

    aimsonaimsonMåned siden
  • David is the leader of vlog squad he Foster that environment for all that to take place. Attitude reflects leadership...

    salma al-shaoilysalma al-shaoilyMåned siden
  • The speed that people will start apologising for things as soon as the money starts disappearing. Oof boy anyways #StopAsianHate

    Josie ButlerJosie ButlerMåned siden
  • went through. Thank you Phillip- you don’t deserve being called a coward.

    oiuet souiuoiuet souiuMåned siden
  • Cruze missile!

    Z LZ LMåned siden
  • Its good that he made the video... Most persons would spend money to have it covered up. Growing my grandmother always say there's 3 sides to a story. Am logical to life, i grow up in an world where sexual harassment is very popular. Young girls need to be informed properly about these stuff. As a young girl you don't go somewhere with people you don't know, just for fame... She could of lose her life. She said she didn't know the guys, therefore she was there for money and the fame... I don't support what happened, but i don't support females being stupid then blame someone for their actions. As much as the vlog squad is to be blamed, she needs to be blamed as well. For going to a house with a group of guys she doesn't know just for money or fame.

    Sammi BooSammi BooMåned siden
    • I hate the "Law abiding citizen" argument... Half these shooters ARE "Law abiding citizens" (though it be troubled) Till they walk in to a public place and shoot and kill people.

      oiuet souiuoiuet souiuMåned siden
  • Catching up on vids and I really REALLY needed your little pep talk. I haven't been doing too hot in school. I have gained weight and was supposed to graduate this semester with a freaking degree in engineering, but online school is not for the ADHD peeps.

    Savannah GarzaSavannah GarzaMåned siden
  • Bruh it was a shitty apology... come on phil you need ethan to call you out again?

    Brittany MoralesBrittany MoralesMåned siden
  • We wait and see if dobrik fixes his mistakes or if he’s just all talk. I think its funny how he’s sorry and more open minded after he loses his biggest sponsors. Never liked him and probably never will.

    YannieYannieMåned siden
  • It’s quite disturbing to see american media (not just Phil but literally any media outlet) reporting on gun violence, mass shooting stories time after time and yet you guys aren’t taking action to ban guns in your country... how many more lives need to be taken away before action is taken?

    C daC daMåned siden
  • I hate when people that dont own a gun or people that have never learned how act like you just go buy gun, buy ammo, shoot shoot. It's more complicated then that. Including background checks and a few other things to make sure your not crazy. Most of us use guns as a hobby for fun. In the middle of a field that no one will ever go to. Or at a gun range. I'm fine with making it harder. But taking away guns isn't gonna help. We bought these weapons. We respect these weapons. We are learned on how to use these weapons. Having fun with and being irresponsible with guns do not go hand in hand. It's a cool feeling to shoot a gun. One that for many people is timeless. Make them 100x harder to get and impossible for the phycos. But dont ban them because you dont understand them.

    DessoDessoMåned siden
  • This isn't a new take but gun control is not the answer. Law abiding citizens aren't the ones shooting up schools, theatres, grocery stores, etc. Those that are are mentally ill, and clearly not listening to laws in the first place. Gun control will further endanger the every day person because they won't be able to legally defend themselves against those that are getting weapons illegally. There needs to be much more focus on mental health, not taking away gun rights.

    Jessica SchwanitzJessica SchwanitzMåned siden
  • Forgive him but let him pay for his actions, let him be an example

    Muka KonkolaMuka KonkolaMåned siden
  • "Am sorry I got caught" ~ celebrity lifestyle

    Muka KonkolaMuka KonkolaMåned siden
  • Let's shift the focus on the person that committed the crime. We can talk about David Dobrik until we can't anymore. But, what's going on with the accused?

    Erick CoffinErick CoffinMåned siden
  • "Like your girlfriend in college, goes both ways" I'm bisexual and I appreciate this joke

    Lizy ConyersLizy ConyersMåned siden
  • The apology is for the survivors and people who were hurt. I stand by them and whatever decision they decide to make.

    Ebony GoodenEbony GoodenMåned siden
  • We don't blame the cars for drunk drivers getting into accidents and killing people. We stop the drunk drivers from driving. Just like we stop criminals from buying guns. ALSO, semi automatic rifles are NOT weapons of war.

    Tyler JonesTyler JonesMåned siden
  • David doesn’t care about those women. Everyone in that house knew what was happening and they didn’t care. He’s only sorry he got caught.

    ceerw butyceerw butyMåned siden
  • Pog

    SenSenMåned siden
    • @ceerw buty champ

      SenSenMåned siden
    • income inequality, housing issues, class mobility issues, medical inequality, and yes, the entire laundry list of at-one-point liberal (not leftist) supported moves on the city and

      ceerw butyceerw butyMåned siden
  • I hate the "Law abiding citizen" argument... Half these shooters ARE "Law abiding citizens" (though it be troubled) Till they walk in to a public place and shoot and kill people.

    Jlou CherryJlou CherryMåned siden
  • Cancel culture is toxic. Let’s educate and grow better. Also I’m a HR student..... hire me.

    Reeia AnnReeia AnnMåned siden
  • What people don't understand is gun reform takes the guns from the innocent people that follow the laws. You think killers and felons are gunna stop? Really? If anything more people will be killed cause they can't protect themselves.

    Michael BakerMichael BakerMåned siden
  • Maybe school shootings are going down because the would-be shooters are removed from the toxic school environment that turns them into shooters thanks to online teaching? And bully victims are also away from their bullies.

    Chad Von DeucheburgChad Von DeucheburgMåned siden
  • I feel like all the hate and pissieness is focused on the wrong person Why is no one ripping the person that committed the crime but it’s all David and Jeff like wtf

    Grayson AdamsGrayson AdamsMåned siden
  • If dominion voting is uncheatable, then Trump didn't steal the the 2016 election either.

    Chad Von DeucheburgChad Von DeucheburgMåned siden
  • Phat, stoopid and spiteful. A real winner you are Philip

    kardrasakardrasaMåned siden
    • also fake AF

      kardrasakardrasaMåned siden
  • Too little too late, if this was his first apology video it would've meant more. But we already saw his true feelings on the whole thing. He's only sad because he lost seatgeek

    Tyler Dixon-lennettTyler Dixon-lennettMåned siden
  • All I know is that this six hundred something vlogs were David's Chapter 1. Nothing is going to be the same anymore. I expect David to return early 2022 to vlogging but instead all of the crazy shit we've seen before, we gonna see David babysitting Josh's son for 4:20 straight.. something like that.....

    Omar KaraosmanovOmar KaraosmanovMåned siden
  • The only people allowed to accept the apology are the victims. His fans and supporters accepting and forgiving him have no business doing that.

    Annette AyiviAnnette AyiviMåned siden
  • Joe biden doesnt even know what an assault rifle is lol semi automatic is not an assault weapon doesnt matter if it looks like an m4 if its semi auto hes also said some dumb shit like fully semi-automatic wtf does that even mean the guy is so braindead idk how he got votes

    Zavarrah SinnZavarrah SinnMåned siden
  • Gun violence is Chicago everyday. And the guns used aren't ar-15s.

    Mitch MarkoMitch MarkoMåned siden
  • This needs to end Davids's career. Unless there is SOMEHOW a solid reason he can provide, this can't be something he gets away with. If he does, it will only show others and encourage them to do the same. We can't set that standard. If Shane Dawson was cancelled, David sure as hell better be. Its disgusting, his behaviour is so, SO manipulative. He NEEDS to be held accountable. and youtube better step up, if they protect him they too should be ashamed

    CreweCreweMåned siden
  • Watching this "news" is embarrassing as always misrepresenting everything your "researchers" seem to not be able to do a basic job outside of take a paragraph out of a news article and use that as "proof" of anything.

  • I've lost nearly 100 pounds during this pandemic

    TheDrDirtbagTheDrDirtbagMåned siden
  • i'm glad to announce that my lack of money to afford junk food has brought my waist down by two inches🥰

    nvelet koslinnvelet koslinMåned siden
  • Under 600 people a year die from rifles or long guns. That's 0.0000018% of the population. But it was a hate crime, or white people/children, so we care a lot. Every year anywhere from 10k-20k people die to handguns. Mostly in urban cities, and largely due to violence in/from poor neighborhoods. Violence that can only be solved by addressing income inequality, housing issues, class mobility issues, medical inequality, and yes, the entire laundry list of at-one-point liberal (not leftist) supported moves on the city and state level that discriminated and subjugated black Americans into the cycle of poverty. As well as a seeming lack in initiative to actually elevate those people's descendants stuck in that cycle. But hey, rifles scary, and free re-election points.

    OnslaughtkingOnslaughtkingMåned siden
    • Yup and don't forget almost all gun crime is done by people with Illegally!! held weapons. These idiots don't seem to understand criminals are already breaking the damn law. Dirty gun grabbers want to just take everything away as well as an average of nearly a million people are saved per year from their legally held weapons. But hey lets not use reality right? Also "assault style weapon" more made up terms by idiots who don't know anything about guns.

      YAG SIPCCYAG SIPCCMåned siden
  • David is only sorry because he lost sponsorships

    KathiKathiMåned siden
  • I survived

    Blue Skies Truth RadioBlue Skies Truth RadioMåned siden
  • Maybe it’s nitpicky, but David saying he’s sorry to the girls “for putting them in an environment...that made them feel like their safety and values were compromised” sounds like he missed the mark. It’s such a passive statement. They didn’t *feel* like their safety was compromised, their safety *was* compromised. David himself compromised their safety. And compromising values isn’t really the problem as much as compromising their autonomy. David objectified them, put them in danger, and then profited off of it. This statement was miles ahead of the last one, but he has a ways to go to take responsibility for the very active role he played in this at several stages.

    SamSamMåned siden
  • hey defranco how come you read one of the senators quotes but had the cringing audio for rafael cruz, not cool

    Fer GaliciaFer GaliciaMåned siden
  • it's wild to me that people still oppose closing loop holes in gun acquisition laws when we repeatedly have dangerous psychopaths doing this type of thing. I think we also need to make it a felony if your weapon falls into the hands of someone who commits crimes like this. I think we need to impose mandatory regular psychological check ins on gun owners as well honestly because I get that people want the freedom to defend their homes and such but we need to take every precaution we can to avoid mass shootings or unnecessary gun violence as a whole.

    Matthew ValentynMatthew ValentynMåned siden
  • My opinion on david nd dom is: dom needs to go to jail, not apologise.

    Lucia BratanovicLucia BratanovicMåned siden
  • David Dobrik is facing consequences by losing his sponsors and even though they're financial, those consequences are still important and causing him to seriously challenge his previous beliefs. Yeah, those changes should have come around a lot sooner, but that doesn't mean they're not sincere. Idk if it's just me that thinks Dobrik was really young and naive (still is) when all of that stuff went down and it's reasonable to believe that he didn't actually understand what was going on. I'm glad he has consequences, I'm glad he's taking a step back, and I hope his new platform can serve as a precedent for young creators on what is actually acceptable and his mistakes show what is not. I think there is a lot of nuance non-perps don't understand they are also responsible for and hopefully this whole situation shines a light on that and most importantly creates safe environments for women and girls in the future!

    Vida PhotographyVida PhotographyMåned siden
  • People keep talking about 'forgiving him' as if it's their apology to forgive. It's like If I slap you but it's okay because I apologized to your neighbor.

    Xochilt G.S.Xochilt G.S.Måned siden
  • Your getting as bad as cnn about blaming non-white shooting on guns, then flip it on white people in any other situation. I’m not even white and I see the hypocrisy.

    Brennan CantrellBrennan CantrellMåned siden
  • It's not fighting against cancel culture, he committed crimes. It's not just about him creating hr and coming back. He needs to go to court along with Dom and those who provided the alcohol and face real consequences. The culture of assault and making excuses and continuously giving the men at fault a forgiving platform needs to be over. He also needs to address Seth among many other things.

    lexci adairlexci adairMåned siden
  • I am very impressed how you are able to report the facts of this ongoing story w/o adding much of your view on it. It's nice to be able to watch a video, just like Dr. Mama Jones's video, that goes with the facts and not personal opinion.

    Kim EKim EMåned siden
  • Pertaining to David, I think he was genuine in his apology, but I also think it's too little too late.

    La KatrrinaLa KatrrinaMåned siden
  • between the two choices: "I've realized that what happened was horrible and I bear a significant responsibility for enabling it. My last video was not nearly enough and in the few days since this story broke I've reflected, grown as a person and would like to make amends" and "I'm starting to lose a lot of money from this and just want to minimize my losses" the second one is infinitely more likely.

    Breast Cancer YoshiBreast Cancer YoshiMåned siden
  • I'm over celebrity sex scandals. Just call the cops and let them deal with it. I have better things to do with my time than have celebrity drama shoved in my face

    TeemoTeemoMåned siden
  • Colorado is a shit show right now that’s all I’ve got to say.

    Xoxo XochitlXoxo XochitlMåned siden
  • When someone says your close friend is an abuser, it’s normal if it takes you a second to understand or believe it. Doesn’t make him a bad person because he didn’t flip on his friend in the second accusations arose. It took a second, but he is denouncing Dom now and that’s what matters. Put yourself in David’s shoes for a second. He’s not a god, he’s a human who’s learning and changing like all of us. He’s not better than us and we’re not better than him

    Taylor BensonTaylor BensonMåned siden
  • Dude. Alcohol needs to just be illegal . This is non sense

    Steph HolleySteph HolleyMåned siden
  • To anyone who sees this, if you or someone you know unexpectedly lost more than 5 lb, please go to a doctor!

    Bandhavi SurisettyBandhavi SurisettyMåned siden
  • He wants time to learn and grow from his mistakes but how about the time that woman has lost coping with what happened to her? This dude is trash and no apology is going to change the fact that he’s damaged lives around him and made money off of it. Gross.

    Cassandra DurellCassandra DurellMåned siden
  • I think he only responded to it because he lost all his sponsors, if he wasn't dragged into it and it was all on Dom I bet he wouldn't have even made an apology vide9

    Daniel StevensonDaniel StevensonMåned siden
  • Hang out with bad people for long enough & bad things will happen eventually. As the saying goes, “you are who you associate with”. Prayers for all the victims involved.

    Shawn AvalosShawn AvalosMåned siden
  • “Like your girlfriend in college, goes both ways” Come on man, biphobic jokes aren’t cool... :(

    Meghan RylandMeghan RylandMåned siden
  • They don’t learn

    H-H-Måned siden
  • i dont understand the shaming in weight gain during the pandemic.. cause 1. u cant go out. so that has limited a lot of people's excercise cause they arent walking around as much as they used to. people are not going to the gyms cause they dont want to get covid. and you could argue to work out at home but simple workouts dont always have the equal output of as other machines. like the difference between squats at home and then leg presses at the gym. 2. at the begining of the pandemic so many people bought food that was full of carbs and perservatives cause they were afraid of going hungry. and so a lot of people i know just ate extremely unhealthy cause access to vegetables and fresh food was sooo limited. so about 2 months of just eating absolutely unhealthy. Then with the rise of Having to get delivery because you dont want to go out and get sick. made people choose fast food vs maybe a trip to the grocery store where u can get sick. 3. staying inside all the time, less contact with friends, caused a lot of depression for people especially a lot of extroverts were hit hard. and food was one of the few pasttimes, and videogames. which arent exactly healthy 4. a lot of people lost their jobs so food security and money became scarce, so affording healthy foods or anything wasnt worth it when u had bills to paid and although you can argue you can fight against all these things, you have to go above and beyond during the pandemic to eat right, excercise and make friends, and not everyone is equipped for that. And this is not me promoting weight gain or obesity, but understanding can help people so much more than shaming. there are tons of studies that show shaming can actually cause unhealthy eating habits and more often than not, weight gain. so i just want to say, if you gained weight this pandemic, its totallly understandable. a lot of us are still learning how to live in this new norm. and its okay if you took longer than other people. and if you are unhappy with the weight gain, there are small steps you can take, just dont listen to people who bash you. you are on your own journey And to those who didnt get affected and actually looked at the pandemic as an oppurtunity to get fit, or hustle, please dont shame others for not doing the same. remember people react differently to things and that doesnt make them worse than you.

    Lovely LibbyLovely LibbyMåned siden
  • David did the right thing, he doesn’t deserve any backlash, it’s not him it’s done

    Sam BarrySam BarryMåned siden
    • He created the situation and hosted the video of it. He absolutely deserves backlash. The fuck?

      Drakkar NoirDrakkar NoirMåned siden
  • This argument that democrats are trying to take away guns from responsible gun owners is ludicrous. The agenda is to stop mass shootings; by doing nothing the opposition really is just making it clear that they could care less about whether or not that their fellow countrymen are being shot and killed.

    CMDR BobertCMDR BobertMåned siden
    • @YAG SIPCCNo, you've incorrectly tried to state what I have. I said that legal gun owners are shooting people illegally. Which would imply that they bought their gun legally, just as the recent shooters have in the mass shootings. So you're point is invalid-it's rhetoric and heresay. It's a mix of both legal and illegal gun owners doing the shooting, not one or the other. It is both. And a set of responsible gun ownership laws would help this issue.This does not punish anyone. It sets a precident of responsibility. You also fail to provide resources for your stastistics, so I'm going to assume that you don't have any, but you're parroting facts you've heard from someone else without confirmation. I do understand how easy it is to get a gun. I also know for a fact from my professional life as an armorer and firing line safety instructor that a lot people of don't actually know how to use their gun safely, or clear it safely by the number of times that civilians have handed me their firearms with the barrel pointed straight at me whilst it is loaded. This tells me no one is helping them get familiar with their firearm, or how to use it safely or appropriately. You understand that what democrats want on this issue in turn means more jobs for qualified people (Combat arms instructors, gun safety instructors, etc), this also means there is a verifiable way to see that someone has or has not gone through this process. You're implying that all legal gun owners are law abiding citizens, but fail to recognize that the shootings that just happened were by law abiding citizens. A responsible gun ownership law would recognize whether or not some has or has not gone through the proces to be even become a gun owner-which in turn means that there will be no excuse anymore. Prevention is key here, not the taking of firearms from responsible gun owners are you keep implying by stating that "only criminal with illegal firearms" do the shooting.

      CMDR BobertCMDR BobertMåned siden
    • @CMDR Bobert you also admit that criminals are braking the law by definition more laws does not effect them as they have their guns illegally... From the start this is the point people make, you want more laws that don't effect the people who are breaking the law already, have illegally held weapons (they don't get them from gun shops you know) your answer is to put gun laws in place to stop or make it harder for people to own or get guns this only effects them not criminals. Also it is not easy to get a gun you do understand that right? The US has the best background checking system in place in the world it's just quick and you get told within several days if you passed it or not. You get one for each weapon you want to get.

      YAG SIPCCYAG SIPCCMåned siden
    • @YAG SIPCC Please cite a source for your information. It sounds like you're doing exactly the same thing as you've accused me of. I never said take away guns from responsible gun owners, but you've implied that I have. You've only made my point. If responsible guns laws are in place, the legal gun owners have nothing to worry about. What is a 3 day wait when it means the safety of the public? What is a course on firearms safety or licensing or registry, in the face of public safety? You make a point, obviously the people doing these shootings are criminals, but putting laws in place to prevent people from using guns irresponsbily is the answer. You are not living in reality if you honestly believe that the answer is to do nothing or let it go. The point is, no one should be getting shot by legal gun owners, and yet they are. Whether publicized or not, they still are. Regardless of what you think, the issue is still there and the answer isn't to stand idly by or add more firearms to the equation.

      CMDR BobertCMDR BobertMåned siden
    • An average of one million people in the US stop or prevent crimes because of their guns, you blame legal gun owners for the actions of illegal gun owners (criminals) almost all gun deaths are done by these criminals, long guns or rifles kill around 550-600 per year in the US this is a mix of murders, accidents and defensive (lawful) shootings. this is not even close to 1% of all gun deaths most are done by handguns and almost all deaths outside of suicides are done by criminals with illegally held weapons. They are already breaking the law putting in place laws that punish everyone else make no sense at all. You are coming out with an emotional response ignoring reality.

      YAG SIPCCYAG SIPCCMåned siden