Truthful GodKing Trump OUT. Beta Biden IN. Here's What Happens Next & What You Need To Remember...

20. jan.. 2021
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00:00 - Trump's 140+ Pardons
03:23 - Biden's Inauguration and First Steps
07:16 - Sponsor
08:09 - Influencer Being Deported From Bali
10:54 - Eugene Goodman Is A BAMF
11:42 - Final Thoughts
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Trump Issues Over 140 Pardons and Commutations:
Watch President Biden’s Inaugural Address:
Biden’s Day 1 Executive Actions:
Bali Influencer To Be Deported:
Capitol Police Officer Who Faced Down Pro-Trump Mob Escorts Harris at Inauguration:
Google Investigates Top AI Researcher Who Was Looking Into a Previous Firing
Netflix Passes 200M Subscribers as Other Streamers Struggle With Retention:
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg, Maxx Enright
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Brian Espinoza
Production Team: Zack Taylor, Luke Manning
#DeFranco #JoeBiden #KamalaHarris

  • It’s a new day but it isn’t over. Don’t get complacent. 👊🏻

    Philip DeFrancoPhilip DeFrancoMåned siden
    • @briansuxxx THANK YOU!

      Mary PeeplesMary Peeples10 dager siden
    • @Lumifire No i

      Seher KhokharSeher Khokhar28 dager siden
    • A republic, if we can keep it.

      Saoirse VicteoiriaSaoirse VicteoiriaMåned siden
    • @Jonathan Suber Everyone voted for Biden... Reap what is sown.

      Absol StoryofFictionAbsol StoryofFictionMåned siden
    • literally his first day he destroyed thousands of jobs and increased health care costs if that's what they think is good then I can confidently say his administration is going to be an absolute shit show.

      Jonathan SuberJonathan SuberMåned siden
  • Disappointed to see Philip has become a tool of the party establishment. So sad.

    Mary PeeplesMary Peeples10 dager siden
  • She's literally trying to colonize another country. Leave that to the whites ma'am 🖐🏽

    Yessica CoronaYessica Corona17 dager siden
  • Where is the hoodie your wearing from?

    sladea19sladea1920 dager siden
  • Yeah he got into office with a bad economy but that wasnt due to the past pres. actions it was due to a virus. I don't see why people are saying this and now democrats are ready to move forward but when Trump tried to open up the country to move our economy forward they denied it, but now they hold the office they are all for it. The hypocrisy is real its all about making them look like they are the saving grace when really its just a lie. They are doing anything to change the way the economy is going they are just the ones that are gonna finally allow it and of course the Republicans are gonna agree because thats what they wanted in the first place, but was met with opposition.

    Eric HiginbothamEric Higinbotham23 dager siden
    • That was a standstill for the economy

      Jamel KupajaJamel Kupaja17 timer siden
    • The economy wasn’t bad my man. It dropped 2-3% only.

      Jamel KupajaJamel Kupaja17 timer siden
  • Philip is a very interesting little flower, Im sure he doesnt find it strange in the least this is like the only time in his entire youtube career he has covered Presidential Pardons and Joint Session vote objections, even tho both happen all the damn time since he joined youtube.... Interesting that.

    ZodaSodaZodaSoda25 dager siden
  • A news channel for dumb people

    Mark MooreMark Moore28 dager siden
  • It's bias you took the accusations of Steve Bannon's prosecutors as fact so perhaps you should reserve judgement on cases that have not been proven to be factual.

    fata1ityfata1ity29 dager siden
  • The beginning of the end? No “what’s up, you beautiful bastards”?

    xadahglaxadahgla29 dager siden
  • Haha! I love the "lies and hypocrisy" comment. Coming from a leftist, that's not at all the definition of irony.

    Fluffy BunnyFluffy Bunny29 dager siden
  • Jim Crow Joe is not my president. Also, President Donald J. Trump is the best president since President Ronald W. Regan

    Riodhr SirideánRiodhr SirideánMåned siden
    • With your name, I'd think you have a queen, not a president

      Luciano PetersenLuciano Petersen29 dager siden
    • Careful. Phil will ban you for having a contradictory opinion.

      Fluffy BunnyFluffy Bunny29 dager siden
  • Don't forget.. (?)... you mean like pre WW1 Germany.. I do believe you should learn more history..

    anoddtodanoddtodMåned siden
  • The american claiming not guilty hahahaha. Its like she thinks american law applies

    K LK LMåned siden
  • Holy shit you liar. Not a single tweet revealed the location of Nancy the zombie pelosi

    Clif TaylorClif TaylorMåned siden
  • Wow this video hasn't aged well this last week.

    Noah Van KootenNoah Van KootenMåned siden
  • Orange man bad!

    NPC 69-420NPC 69-420Måned siden
  • Kamala is African? Thought she was the first Indian American Senator.

    NPC 69-420NPC 69-420Måned siden
  • Kind of funny that she praised Bali as LGBTQ friendly and then Bali was like "hell no we ain't, go back to your own country"

    TheGreatChrisBTheGreatChrisBMåned siden
  • Hey, that's not okay, saying that a lot of former Qanon supporters will just start following another dangerous conspiracy theory. In fact, that is very condescending and inconsiderate of their circumstances which led them to believe the conspiracy in the first place. It is very important to understand that at the heart of many conspiracy theories are highly manipulative people who seek only to benefit themselves. Qanon is no different because apparently it started from a series of posts on 4chan from a single account. (Because of course 4chan) I would like to clarify that I am not a Qanon supporter, I believe that it is a very far fetched idea. Also, I am happy to see many of them realize that its fake on their own terms. In addition, I would like to point out the inherent bias your statement, Phil. Your bias is clearly still affected by the reports that many Qanon supporters helped storm the Capitol. However, I would like to point out the there were only around 10,000 people at the Capitol when there were purportedly millions of Qanon supporters. Therefore, at max only about 1% of Qanon supporters could have actually been at the Capitol. To clarify, I am not dismissing the fact that the Capitol insurrection/riot/coup was an alarming, horrifying event. Lastly, I know this is long so the TL:DR is check your bias. People can be easily manipulated into many different scams and conspiracies and being condescending to them is exactly the wrong way to convince anybody that what they believe is a false. If you want to know the real way to get through to people, look up the story of Daryl Davis, the man who single-handedly helped at least 40 former members realize the flaws in the beliefs of the Ku Klux Klan. A few sources for your convenience: Wikipedia: The Guardian:

    MantisvlogsMantisvlogsMåned siden
  • why have i been getting a notification for this video everyday when its already 4 days old 🤔?

    Daisy CalvilloDaisy CalvilloMåned siden
  • You say you’re going to be critical of Biden right after a bullet pointed list of major policy changes with major consequences. If it was Trump you would have deep dived into why every piece of it was harmful.

    CutiepatootsmagootsCutiepatootsmagootsMåned siden
  • "false equivalencies" is what people accuse you of when you make an honest attempt to understand the other side. I don't think that quite explains the problems we're experiencing.

    Samuel SchoenbergSamuel SchoenbergMåned siden
  • Phil is so left wing he's gotten fake teeth fake hair and plastic surgery

    Aaron HamiltonAaron HamiltonMåned siden
  • Trump actually won it was fraud. Phil just has tds

    Aaron HamiltonAaron HamiltonMåned siden
  • Man Phil, you should have finished college. You're going through your woke existential crisis a decade late and it's sad to see.

    Sp00msterSp00msterMåned siden
  • "revoking that rule before leaving presidency" He literally did your boy Biden a favor on that one. How else will poor Joe make any money if he can be lobbied?

    Sp00msterSp00msterMåned siden
  • Michael Flynn never committed any crimes.

    Clive Anderson Jr.Clive Anderson Jr.Måned siden
    • Right on. Absolute disgrace how he was treated

      NPC 69-420NPC 69-420Måned siden
  • FYI thinking all Republicans or all democrats are one way is why we got here in the first place. Sure don't get complacent but don't think this is a republican issue. People on both sides use things like this to justify why you should be with them. Actions speak, we vote to have someone to vote for what we want , if they don't do their job then put someone else in there. Don't vote your party , vote for people who you think can maybe a difference, if they happen to be in your party that's just a plus

    Jon ScottJon ScottMåned siden
  • Notice how Phil was fine during the last 4 years of Liberals calling for violence

    Zenkai76Zenkai76Måned siden
  • So TIA is officially dead?

    Tarquinius999Tarquinius999Måned siden
  • I fully support Biden I would like to address this post every Republican kepts posting. What truth is there to it. Biden Update.... 2pm yesterday marked Biden's 50th hour in office. How are all of my liberal friends feeling? Let's take a look at the Biden/Harris administration -- - A loss of 52,100 jobs in oil. - Ended energy independence for the United States. - Canada and Texas are suing Biden. - Antifa (just an idea right), continue to riot and burn down Portland and Seattle. - Sent our troops that were in DC to sleep on the floor of a parking garage, in freezing temps, with cars parked there 🙄 and one bathroom. But the WH made them cookies 🍪 - Created a new glass ceiling for girls to hurdle, ruining so many chances for scholarships with his "progressive" transgender programs allowing boys to compete against girls. - Created a new federal property mask mandate, which he broke countless times already. - Is now allowing illegal immigrants to be counted for representation in congress. - A complete halt on student loan forgiveness that he promised. - A complete halt on the $2000 stimulus program he promised. - He shot down a Trump admin order to lower the cost of insulin. - He shot down a Trump admin order to lower the cost of epinephrine. - Rescinds Trump order banning Chinese Communist involvement in US power grid - $1.6 billion in gross wages lost. And JUST TODAY - 8 Chinese bombers, 4 fighters, and 1 sub-hunter just breached Taiwan's Air Defense Identification Zone, crossing the Taiwan Strait. Gas is up 50 cents a gallon here since election day based on speculation. $1.89 here at most gas stations on election day. Now $2.39. Everything they've done in THREE DAYS has benefitted other countries and hurt Americans. But HEY, at least Biden hasn't tweeted mean words. And, we have a woman Vice President. 🤷 Phil, what truth is there to this? Other than them being butt hurt and harshly judging him when our country was already at a time in crisis?

    Alexis YuengelAlexis YuengelMåned siden
    • It is all true. Its very easy to look up. Why not try learning to use a search bar.

      Go honk yourselfGo honk yourselfMåned siden

    Caysha's JourneyCaysha's JourneyMåned siden
  • This is the first video of phil’s that I’ve seen in over 3 years. Great content!

    Megan FrostMegan FrostMåned siden
  • I couldn’t be bothered to watch this video in full. But has Phil spoken out on Biden sending troops into Syria literally a day after being sworn in?

    The Vault: Film & Games ReviewsThe Vault: Film & Games ReviewsMåned siden
    • @The Vault: Film & Games Reviews Whether Biden will start bombing the Middle East again, or whether I'm naive or not has nothing to do with your initial post being misinformation and you falling for it. It took me about 2 minutes to look into it. When strawman arguments start and insults are getting thrown, I see no reason to continue this conversation. Bye!

      JamesJamesMåned siden
    • @James I’m not getting my information from Twitter... if you really think Biden isn’t about to start bombing the shit out of the Middle East again then you’re a naive idiot.

      The Vault: Film & Games ReviewsThe Vault: Film & Games ReviewsMåned siden
    • @The Vault: Film & Games Reviews The "news" article states "SANA reported". SANA being the Syria Arab News Agency. Other articles all go back to this article. So only one sketchy source. Stop believing everything they say on Twitter.

      JamesJamesMåned siden
    • @James how is it Syrian government propaganda when so many other news sites are reporting on it? 😂 talk about being deceived pal, I think they have you hook line and sinker.

      The Vault: Film & Games ReviewsThe Vault: Film & Games ReviewsMåned siden
    • Should he talk about it? It's obvious Syrian government propaganda. The news sources (if you can even call them news) are sketchy at best. Do you want Phil to have a segment of "today in BS" stories, so he can hold your hand and confirm how you are being easily deceived? With all the misinformation going on, the PDS would be hours long! Huh... Maybe not such a bad idea...

      JamesJamesMåned siden
  • the future... lol, it'll be there but at best it's a regret we'll look back on from above. Why fear biden or trump? we should be fearing ourselves for we are the amalgamation of these ideas, a sea of bad ideas. there's no one to blame except "us (all of us)". just remember the only person whos there for you even when you're done is you, so don't be stupid, stupid. we'll all just keep pretending like it's not our fault, we'll blame it on those with power. and get upset because things are happening that we don't like but take no action to curb it in its path. I just hope one day we can all be self-sufficient enough to know how to let go of those who put harm in our lives. again why fear or listen to trump or biden when we should be addressing the fact that we all are the same and holding them on a pedestal only puts us lower on the scale, keeping the narrative alive that they have "power is pointless" they only have power over us on any scale because as a whole this is what we chose. start choosing yourself, we could all grow a little if we tried. I love everyone, and I hope I get to see a day where just existing is enough for us to be happy. p.s everything said is merely an idea not a suggestion nor a plea to listen. also how you read and interpret this is up to you so good luck with that one.

    Harry PeterHarry PeterMåned siden
  • Serious question: why would we consider illegal immigrants or non-citizens in a census.....? They aren’t apart of the country. They’re visiting... or trespassing. Would England count me if I was visiting, on a visa? I don’t think so... I’m an American citizen...

    Zach WintersZach WintersMåned siden
    • @KibaShinzu also, there’s no reason to compare us to Europe. We left Europe to be the United States. I don’t care what they do lol

      Zach WintersZach WintersMåned siden
    • @KibaShinzu ok it’s one thing for asylum, but I do believe we have a big drug issue, and trafficking issue. “Funding” shouldn’t be given to anyone who shouldn’t be here. Hopefully people that make the mistake of not going to a port of entry or checkpoint can convey the need for asylum. I have had heard about the overstaying visa issue

      Zach WintersZach WintersMåned siden
    • Actually, Europe does take count of 'unauthorized immigrants' within their countries. And a Census NEEDS to take count of those that reside within a space to make decisions about funding and policies. It's also worth noting that a large number of immigrants were either here on visa and became stranded in the Americas because we closed the borders and didn't LET them go home, or came here on Asylum, like many of the recent Asylum Seekers. Most don't actually sneak into the country, and in fact I'm sure more people sneak OUT than in.

      KibaShinzuKibaShinzuMåned siden
  • Biden is already garbage.

    LucasLucasMåned siden
  • Why is joe Biden gonna inherit all that bad stuff when out economy has been booming for the last 3 years??

    kimmy Bkimmy BMåned siden
  • Unfortunately Biden visiting Jacob Blake while campaigning made me see what a price of garbage that man is .

    Jason PelletierJason PelletierMåned siden
  • DeFranco is exactly the kind of moron to praise Biden.

    Lost SoulLost SoulMåned siden
  • Did Phils mom comb his hair for church?

    Garren BrooksGarren BrooksMåned siden
  • Just remember Biden undid everything Trump did. So no blaming anything bad on Trump for the next 4 years!! 4 years no new wars or conflicts....2 days in Biden already starting shit with other contries. 11,000+ jobs gone on his first day. Gas will be back up over $4 soon. This is what y'all wanted!!

    mojotwister420mojotwister420Måned siden
  • But he didn’t pardon Assaange, or Snowden. WTF?

    Cody PlantCody PlantMåned siden
  • Keep protecting pedos, Phil.

    Brandon CabiadBrandon CabiadMåned siden
  • I feel terrible for all the American families that are effected by this keystone pipeline termination. Those 2000+ jobs gone. What is this world coming too.

    Brennan CantrellBrennan CantrellMåned siden
  • each time its the same bla bla bla and we get it, it gonna be the same thing in 4 years, thats why there is a system, to keep repeating the same thing over and over because we are the root of all we can do including corruption so until it vanishes from our heart, and humanity dies and the earth is taken over by aliens.. economy, public health, climate, the good and the bad, and so on.... these things are fudamental and cannot be change without the solution we dont have... i dont need anyone telling me anything. today is now and tomorrow is another day... you start a new day and have no idea how it will unfold, its never good or bad, its random... live and die and do as you please. The end. its so silly but politics is the same. should i cancel my comment or no? what will happen ? I hope someone reply or im gonna be sad... that would be the worst day ever... but if someone reply, that will be great... hahah it doesnt matter I wont care when its posted. lol at least im having fun. but that not funny, im really bored... what should i do next... i heard there is covid but i dunno what it is, it seems to be everywhere on tv and internet but why is it still infecting us? i see it everywhere, even my friend mentioned it on facebook. hahaha

    Pateckharu3Pateckharu3Måned siden
  • All these trump pardons its just funny because he pardoned people who got in trouble for doing what the left does but they dont have the TV to cover it up for them

    David BellerueDavid BellerueMåned siden
  • This was a really good one, you had to cover SO much and I think you hit on lots of good points. Then in something that shouldn't matter but does, I love that hoodie.

    Kirsten MaierKirsten MaierMåned siden
  • Ostrich.

    Wowtaboo JonesWowtaboo JonesMåned siden
  • Philip, I understand that you have your bias and everything, but I was hoping that you would talk about the hypocrisy of the Democrats. Promising things and then immediately going back on their promises after they got into office. I'm more of a libertarian so I'm happy that you call out Republicans but I would also like to see you more middle of the road. Much love

    Devin DelaneyDevin DelaneyMåned siden
    • Also if you could speak about the fact that Kamala Harris is still on record to have put many African Americans in jail over small charges and hid evidence to make sure that they couldn't win their cases whilst she was an attorney, that would also be fire. I think giving everyone a fair warning as to what we might be dealing with here is not only a good idea, but extremely responsible

      Devin DelaneyDevin DelaneyMåned siden
  • WTHeck..... I think it is great that they were going to object. It is the allowed process. The democrats do it EVERY time. We need election security. We have watchers being sent home while they pull ballots from under tables and scan them more than once. Who cares about over turning an election but lets send every person to jail who was involved w/ fraud. We need confidence in our elections.

    Rob KleinRob KleinMåned siden
  • I seriously can't wait till Joe Biden runs America straight into the ground even more.

    Mr JMr JMåned siden
    • Well you're not going to have to wait very long, 3 days in and he's done nothing but make terrible decisions so far.

      Tren7Tren7Måned siden
  • literally his first day he destroyed thousands of jobs and increased health care costs if that's what they think is good then I can confidently say his administration is going to be an absolute shit show.

    Jonathan SuberJonathan SuberMåned siden
    • DeFranco is such a sell out... sad to see

      Brandocious_Brandocious_18 dager siden
    • Lol yep, he's been fucking terrible already

      Tren7Tren7Måned siden
  • What did you do to your teeth 🤦‍♂️

    Yahya AlrobaieYahya AlrobaieMåned siden
  • Eugene Goodman the goat

    FernFernMåned siden

    Vonta BlackVonta BlackMåned siden
  • “I will be critical of Biden administration” Phils lies never cease to amaze me.

    MmaybeeMmaybeeMåned siden
  • I heard that... you beautiful bastards. 💕 Thanks for the last 4 insane years, Phil and here’s to the next 4 insane years. 🍻

    MeowViciousMeowViciousMåned siden
  • Trump is a criminal! #CONVICTTRUMP

    Mr_Sub2000Mr_Sub2000Måned siden
    • @Tren7 hey, look who's back for more, great game but Biden won.

      Mr_Sub2000Mr_Sub2000Måned siden
    • @Mr_Sub2000 Delusional TDS sufferers really think anything is going to happen to Trump LOL

      Tren7Tren7Måned siden
    • @Tren7 as soon trump gets over the reality of what's about to happen to him, hope he doesn't drop the soap! HA!!! Life, good times darlin'.

      Mr_Sub2000Mr_Sub2000Måned siden
    • @Mr_Sub2000 Still talking about Trump I see, when do you plan on getting over your TDS?

      Tren7Tren7Måned siden
    • @Tren7 ma'am, if you can prove there was election fraud I'll change my vote...nevermind, that would involve reading or researching...trumps base are dumbasses. Have a good day lady!

      Mr_Sub2000Mr_Sub2000Måned siden
  • Shiny teef

    Some Industry PlantSome Industry PlantMåned siden
  • As a Republican, I wish biden well. I pray for his success, and that he leads us in his next four years.

    Nathan GilbertNathan GilbertMåned siden
  • Kodak black will end up back in jail within a month

    Medical PaintMedical PaintMåned siden
  • Lol they are already setting the precedent of "look what this administration has inherited from the previous " that tells me right off the bat these next 4 years of America are going to be bad. Economy will not be raised back up even though trump brought it back pre covid... 86 46

    MarrdaMarrdaMåned siden
  • Lol I love how Decracy is always on top of priorities, but everyone forgets Democracy elected Trump. People dont seem to understand what democracy is...

    konholio2konholio2Måned siden
  • When I saw him take the oath of office it felt like I could breath. Watching this felt like things were going to actually go back to some kind of normal. Even if is on small step towards healing. We still have a long way to go but this is one small step.

    Oscar FranksOscar FranksMåned siden
  • This is Joe Biden fragile “democracy”. Quanon folks make you laugh Franco? Well, you no smarter than them tbh:

    Jalo BajaloJalo BajaloMåned siden
  • Until Jan 21st..... I didn't realize how tired I was....

    Abby_AveAbby_AveMåned siden
  • Things aren't magically fixed, and I may not be in love with Biden, but it is such a relief to hear "former" before the words "president Trump."

    Tomas STomas SMåned siden
    • Trump is still on your mind, your TDS will never go away.

      Tren7Tren7Måned siden
  • *TRUMP will forever live in your cattle brains, RENT FREE. 24/7. 365. TDS is brillianty funny to witness.* #REEEEEEEE

    Jack ShepardJack ShepardMåned siden
  • *Make the world laugh at your casualties. Slaughter eachother like cattle. Collapse the dollar. Do it now! You know you deserve it.* #CivilWarNow

    Jack ShepardJack ShepardMåned siden
  • *Far soy nazi leftism and Sillicon Valley, are rotting your american brains. Well, half of americans anyway...* #REEEEEEE

    Jack ShepardJack ShepardMåned siden
  • He pardoned the swamp...

    Daniyal AhmedDaniyal AhmedMåned siden
  • never forget the price of freedom is vigilance

    TheCreepyproTheCreepyproMåned siden
  • Okay but why can the president just be like "okay, that crime doesn't count"

    ChildishGiantChildishGiantMåned siden
  • You going to ignore the fact that Biden is a literal racist who spoke at the leader of the kkks funeral? Nahhh you wont bc you love racist biden 🤣

    Catherine PlattCatherine PlattMåned siden
  • *makes statement about Indonesia being LGBT friendly* *gets deported for making LGBT statment* Something ain't adding up

    Morgiemoo 222Morgiemoo 222Måned siden
  • So much crime. That’s insane

    A EstradaA EstradaMåned siden
  • Eugene Goodman is living up to his name! 😁 When I tell my kids the story about the Capitol Riot, my favorite part will be telling them about his courage, and that he actually did get recognized for it. Snazzy. 😊

    AmaraJordanAmaraJordanMåned siden
  • About the Bali story, I’m interested in the idea that writing the book voided her stay permit. Because I’m a writer, that sparked my curiosity. If you go to the French Riviera for your honeymoon and end up writing a book about it while you’re there (because of your enjoyment of it and while the source is at hand, so you can be far more detailed), would you get into trouble? It’s just odd to me. Writing is one of those things that is a bit difficult to police, in a sense. It’s not like she would have immigrated to Bali to work, to write in her apartment or whatever. It’s not a desk job or something, with a salary and boss, with hours and paperwork and benefits. I hadn’t ever thought about book-writing being a possible danger zone if you’re an international traveler. It feels like BS, a sort of trumped up charge, but maybe I’m wrong. And yes, I know that it’s not the main point to the story whatsoever. I see and appreciate that. But it happened to bring something up that I’ve not seen discussed as an issue for travelers in the past, hence the curiosity.

    AmaraJordanAmaraJordanMåned siden
  • We should talk about your hair 😛

    Flash 🇨🇦Flash 🇨🇦Måned siden
  • how bout some fking respect for biden's first day

    Aidan TorrenceAidan TorrenceMåned siden
  • Dude my life in the Trump administration as a blue collar worker has been great and I got more raises in pay because of business has been really good and I made the product and because regulations my employer passed down the wealth and I got to benefit from my sacrifices and my hard work

    Keith RobertsKeith RobertsMåned siden
  • Philly D just shave your head bro; this ain’t it

    Jonathan TinsleyJonathan TinsleyMåned siden
  • I hope this presidency goes better than the last, that wrongs be righted.

    Jacob BrockhausJacob BrockhausMåned siden
  • Biden screwed over Alberta’s economy within his first day of office

    Petey PlaysPetey PlaysMåned siden
    • Well, it’s not like Alberta isn’t also at fault. That pipeline would have (and already has) done insane shit to the enviroment. It’s already been the cause of numerous oils spills, and one specifically in 2016 led to rivers being contaminated with upwards of 1.1 million gallons of oil, and according to the Congressional Research Service: “resulted in over 220 areas of moderate-to-heavy contamination, including over 200 acres of submerged oil on the river bottom and over 300 solidified oil deposits.107 Enbridge estimates that cleanup will cost approximately $700 million.”

      Henry MudgettHenry MudgettMåned siden
  • I already don't care about politics

    OneLifePillowOneLifePillowMåned siden
  • Bye Phil, this was fun while it lasted.

    X7373ZX7373ZMåned siden
  • Its God Emperor.

    Gunum GHGunum GHMåned siden
  • This is the video that made count dankula unsub.

    Jeffrey BobJeffrey BobMåned siden
  • i like this hair phil. were twinsies now

    Arjay RegisArjay RegisMåned siden
  • So called "influencers" are always trash.

    Mittens FastPawMittens FastPawMåned siden
  • No! No, unity period without consequences for the actions that Trump and the GOP took. There can literally be no healing or unity without that. So fuck that message unless it includes loads of people BEHIND BARS!

    Mittens FastPawMittens FastPawMåned siden
  • Every pardon given by a man who committed LITERAL TREASON should be reversed. Literally nothing he did should be allowed to stay.

    Mittens FastPawMittens FastPawMåned siden
  • Yeah, this comment section is an echo chamber of Trump is bad. Change my mind

    ZyloZyloMåned siden
    • Soup is emotional. There. Did it work?

      Gnug215Gnug215Måned siden
  • I truly believe Biden is not going to do any good for the country but I hope to be proven wrong...

    alvaro quinteroalvaro quinteroMåned siden
  • How on earth any president has the power to simply offer out pardons is crazy to me in the UK. I know other presidents (republican and democrat) have done this part but that rule in general is just crazy.

    joeking88joeking88Måned siden
  • Would you run for president?

    7kiskalaska7kiskalaskaMåned siden
  • Glad to see philly promoting the worst president yet

    hunter haonhunter haonMåned siden
    • @Henry Mudgett that's after day 1 what about day 100

      hunter haonhunter haonMåned siden
    • @hunter haon First, it was 1000, and second, they were mostly temporary or contracted work.

      Henry MudgettHenry MudgettMåned siden
    • @Henry Mudgett 52,000 jobs lost isn't all bad?

      hunter haonhunter haonMåned siden
    • @hunter haon Yeah, and it’s not all bad.

      Henry MudgettHenry MudgettMåned siden
    • @Henry Mudgett have you read his plan for the first 100 days

      hunter haonhunter haonMåned siden
  • Sge;s Caribbean, not african

    CoramelimaneCoramelimaneMåned siden
  • Can you PLEEEASE do a BAMF of the day more regularly???

    Brittany RayannBrittany RayannMåned siden