This Weird Demi Lovato Freakout & Backlash, Marisha Ray, & What Actually Happened w/ Ma'Khia Bryant

21. april. 2021
933 426 Ganger

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00:00 - New ACW With Marisha Ray
00:42 - Demi Lovato vs Froyo
04:07 - Super League Falls Apart
06:13 - Sponsor
07:06 - India’s Rising COVID Rate
08:29 - Columbus, Ohio
12:09 - DOJ Investigating Minneapolis Police Department
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Demi Lovato Vs. Frozen Yogurt Shop:
Soccer Super League Plan Is Dead After English Teams Pull Out:
Cases Rise in India:
Columbus Police Release Footage of Ma’Khia Bryant Case:
Bodycam Footage:
Garland Announces Sweeping Police Probe After Floyd Verdict:
Raiders Owner Says He Won’t Take Down Controversial George Floyd Tweet
USDA Extends Free Meals for All Students Through June 2022:
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg, Maxx Enright
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Brian Espinoza
Production Team: Zack Taylor
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  • BRINGING. THAT. ENERGY. TODAY. UNNECESSARILY. 😤 See you tomorrow ya Beautiful Bastards!

    Philip DeFrancoPhilip DeFranco15 dager siden
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      Jeni RajJeni Raj10 dager siden
    • @The Mrs. I agree we can't lump them in. Let's analyze the body cam footage instead. If there isn't time to think it through, there isn't time to fire the weapon, period. He violated basic firearms safety you don't only get in acedemy. Sometimes you gotta draw without thinking... But taking a life, 4+ shots, to prevent a most likely non-fatal injury, without assessing a single clean shot is just wreckless. He could have easily harmed the victim or a bystander through a window/door/wall. Discharging a firearm isn't something you can just "spray & pray"... If he panics, or has any doubts, he can't fire, he has to stand down, even if, especially if, he's first one scene. That's in his ethics commitment when he was issued his firearm. It's a very serious matter, knife & unstable aggressor or not, peace officer or not. Sometimes "doing nothing" (aka thinking it through first while bad shit happens) is the right thing. Here he could have moved in quickly pulled his tazer with the left hand and decapitated her, while he put his gun away... Even if he did that as she moved in on her target. This approach is either ignored giving him more surprise for the taze or his target yields to him no more harm done. He got lucky he landed shots, and only on her. It's not the movies, you can't just blindly shoot at anybody who's running around with a knife. There are protocols in place for public safety. When they aren't followed they make everybody look bad.

      JustifydWarriorJustifydWarrior13 dager siden

      KB PIXELSKB PIXELS13 dager siden
    • I liked Demi, but she should be so embarrassed....

      Luna’s MomLuna’s Mom13 dager siden
    • I was done with this bish! Thank you!

      TrishaTrisha13 dager siden
  • Demi Lovato's buzz cut is really unfortunate.

    JeremyJeremy2 dager siden
  • Look what ever way you shave it the police officer made a snap decision in effort to protect some one from getting stabbed real life doesn't have a rewind, hesitation could have resulted led to another death. Sadly some one died but they were shot trying to stab some one.

    greg dobbingreg dobbin3 dager siden
  • So she’s an ex addict and is mad she doesn’t have self control?

    Dean AbaraiDean Abarai3 dager siden
  • Was the police officer meant to let the other girl get stabbed? I don't get it

    Rumour972Rumour9725 dager siden
  • Sure, terms like "guilt free" foods aren't great. Maybe we should stop using them. Bit that's a cultural change, not one for one small business to make. Kinda feels like she is pointing at one small business while ignoring a bunch of others.

    MM5 dager siden
  • It was crazy to shoot that girl, she was lunging at someone with a knife- not gunning someone down

    Victoria RidgwayVictoria Ridgway5 dager siden
  • How executing a teenage girl with a knife is good police work? Firing 4 times? One would be enough to immediately reduce the problem and one was too much. What's the point of giving these cowards tasers if they will always go for the firearm every time they face black people or Latinos? You just need to look at how police in other countries deal with knife-related problems to know that the way the pig handle this was terrible bad (and always with minorities, because with white people they do descalate).

    LithladLithlad5 dager siden
    • You have no clue what you are talking about.

      ÇerastesÇerastes5 dager siden
  • The officer should have tapped the girl on the shoulder and asked her if she could please put the knife away.

    K BK B5 dager siden
  • I can’t properly express just how tired I am of Demi Lovato

    Ulliquara HyugaUlliquara Hyuga6 dager siden
  • This video is heavy...

    KatKat7 dager siden
  • Phil thinks he has a smart enough community to talk about actual issues but all the top comments are about a bitchy celeb.

    admiral butterscotchadmiral butterscotch7 dager siden
  • Sixteen is more than old enough to understand that you do not attempt to stab someone or you run the risk of being shot. "Killing" is a funny way to describe "Saving another black girls life from a Neanderthal." but hey, some people need to lie and offer vapid takes on this event when they closest they've come to handling a firearm is opening Call of Duty.

    Alexander DayAlexander Day7 dager siden
  • Imagine being so privileged you freak out on a small business about frozen yogurt and send your minions upon them

    BrianBrian8 dager siden
  • I'm sorry but if a cop shoots someone one time I'm sure that's enough to put them into shock and probably drop a weapon.. 5 shots seems excessive and like he wants to hurt someone...

    Jonathan DemasJonathan Demas8 dager siden
  • Demi Lovato is a horrible person

    Gex KenGex Ken8 dager siden
  • The officer did nothing wrong. She was attacking someone with a knife, in front of the Police. They didn't have time to de escalate. He saved the life of the person she was attacking.

    Chris SlaughterChris Slaughter8 dager siden
  • Today my birthday!

    King SimonKing Simon8 dager siden
  • I would take a super-cut of "beautiful bastards" and "love your faces!!!" It always makes me feel so loved! (Silly, I know!)

    Jill KoczentJill Koczent8 dager siden
  • 4 shots is a bit much tho they are trained to only fire once

    Alexander BarrettAlexander Barrett8 dager siden
    • @Çerastes and why would you use a taser if the situation cooled down? no need for one then you pleb

      Alexander BarrettAlexander Barrett8 dager siden
    • @Alexander Barrett : You just have no clue what you are talking about. Cops can use tasers when they have the situation under control and the suspect is not an active threat to the civilians ... this was not the case with the stabby stabby girl, who did not give the cop time to calm the situation down ... the whole situation lasted less than 10 seconds.

      ÇerastesÇerastes8 dager siden
    • @Çerastes she was a teenager one would of been enough 2 for safe measures? you lot are just violent fucks didn't even try to calm situation down for more than 30 secs when you are trained to do so

      Alexander BarrettAlexander Barrett8 dager siden
    • @Çerastes you are taught to taser first its basics

      Alexander BarrettAlexander Barrett8 dager siden
    • @Alexander Barrett : Well we are talking about real life here, not Call of Duty or Fortnite where bullets are like laser beams. Trying to hit a moving target into the shoulder, knee caps or elbow has a similar chance as winning the lottery. If you are a marksman and the target is stationary, sure you could pull that off but in a situation that lasts less than few seconds? How about no. When it comes to tasers, they are unreliable since nobody knows how many shots it takes to bring someone down with it and it doesn't necessarily incapacitate/stop the target immediately. Usually one shot is not enough.

      ÇerastesÇerastes8 dager siden
  • demi is just being a prick to stay relevant

    Alexander BarrettAlexander Barrett8 dager siden
  • Good shoot. Well done officer, you saved that other womans life.

    jazbane1jazbane19 dager siden
  • "stop calling it sugar free it's triggering" What else would you want to call it? Fooditemforpeoplewithdiabetiescalicdiseasevegansandotherdiseases/disorders ?

    MysticLuxrayMysticLuxray9 dager siden
  • You ever been so trigger you leave without froyo?

    NayNay9 dager siden
  • Oh no guys! She had to leave WITHOUT froyo!!! She is truly the victim in this situation

    Elli SowersElli Sowers9 dager siden
  • Here's the thing on Demi Lovato. On one hand, people with diabetes and other conditions which limit their food intake options should not have to go, "I'll take the 'diabetic option', please" when that can cause them to experience prejudice from others. (Stigma around diabetes specifically is a whole separate issue too). HIPAA exists for a reason, people have the right to not wear any diagnoses they may have on their sleeve if they don't want to (not that there's any shame!!!! it's just not the public's business and people can be cruel). On the other hand, eating disorders are another very real and very stigmatized issue. While catering to disability, illness, and dietary restriction isn't problematic, I can see how a person with ED would be triggered by this. This comes down to the fact that there are eight billion people in the world. If you try to accommodate one group there will always be another that feels excluded, exactly the way this situation went down. I feel like while Demi's experience was totally valid, it's a bit over the top to demand an entire business model change and STOP accommodating dietary restriction (or force people to declare their own illness/restriction/disability when ordering) because her particular issue wasn't addressed by this one establishment. Like, you know who won't shame you over ordering ice cream? McDonalds. Coldstone. Almost every other froyo place in the country. It's another story entirely if she felt like the place was actively shaming regular orders and promoting the sugar free ones.

    olivia collinsolivia collins9 dager siden
  • Was that mykie/glam and gore as your hoodie model or am I seeing things?!

    Kellsey YovaKellsey Yova9 dager siden
  • Could you please talk about/ mention the @wedapeople moment and their fundraiser for education especially amount less privileged neighborhoods

    Grace C.Grace C.9 dager siden
  • The officer did the right thing. To me it's simple. I understand the question why one person with a gun can be taken in safely, and another with a knife can't. But those two things have no coronation to me. Because it wasn't the same office, or situation. He did nothing wrong. Looking back, he may feel like her could have handled that 50 different ways. But that doesn't mean the way he handled it that day was wrong.

    Shyrees LShyrees L9 dager siden
  • The entitlement in that situation.. She really took that as a personal attack on her character and for WHAT?? SUGAR-FREE OPTIONS ARE NOT “FORCING DIET CULTURE”, PEOPLE HAVE DIABETES DEMI

    MinkMink10 dager siden
  • Uk police forces are trained to handle people with knifes without guns. Usa are too reliant on lethal methods. The space needs be deescalated with a conversation about retraining about methods

    lulusinnerlulusinner10 dager siden
  • BigChill: We offer sugar free and vegan options - Demi: And I took that personally

    Cami M-GCami M-G10 dager siden
  • I know you're a democrat.. but trump's done more better for us then Biden but you did more stories on trump then Biden and bidens crap is not for America.. why you hating?

    Jason BelloJason Bello10 dager siden
  • I’m sorry Demi lavato just because something triggered you doesn’t mean the whole world has to change to accommodate you🤷🏼‍♀️

    A RA R10 dager siden
  • While it was obvious the officer did not have time to deescalate the situation, it has never sat right with me that these officers immediately turn to deadly force. He should have either use his taser or if truly necessary aimed to wound her, she was a young child who was scared and just trying to protect herself from GROWNASS women who were going after her.

    Kiana LeeKiana Lee10 dager siden
  • My first response would be that the officer was in the right but i think thats because in the U.s. we are brainwashed into thinking someone who is doing something wrong deserved to be shot. But in all reality police can constantly take armed mass shooters into custody unharmed but kill this girl? Doesnt make sense.

    WhatASlothWhatASloth10 dager siden
  • Holy Shit Philip didn't not twist the news like normal like holy fuck

    Robert McloudRobert Mcloud10 dager siden
  • I'm sorry but what a first world problem! Sugar free and vegan froyo?! This is just ablest bs, honestly. Rich, pretty white woman cries "triggered" because something says "sugar free" :/ But only after making millions and millions of dollars pushing teas that make you shit.

    saraheeriesaraheerie10 dager siden
  • Y’all kind of miss the point she didnt care about the sugar free option it was how they called it ( GUILT FREE) as if we should be guilty to consume sugar ! And this can be extremely triggering to all eating disorder victims when we need to relearn how to not guilt ourselves with food !

    KaylescentKaylescent10 dager siden
  • I agree that calling this that are sugary ( guilt-free) is fucked uo and we shouldnt link sugar to guilt ! But she could have addressed it another way ! But pls stoo calling fatty food/ sugary food GUILTY food ! I suffered from anorexia abd bulimia for over 15 years and to this day not considering food as ( guilt-free) and its jot like only a small amount of people deals with that the majority of young woman are scared of certain food because of « guilt »

    KaylescentKaylescent10 dager siden
  • Demi, that sounds like a you problem.

    Conner MacKenzieConner MacKenzie10 dager siden
  • I’m very against smoking. Instead of being comfortable with my feelings about smoking and respecting the different feelings of others on the subject, I need all smoke shops to change how they market their products on their storefront to express that they aren’t trying to pressure anyone who doesn’t want to smoke into starting by promoting their products. Guys there is definitely a lot of unfair pressure from media outlets, and fashion magazines and clothing designs that do pressure people to conform to toxic diet and body image control culture. Its wrong and we should change it. But a little fro-yo shop offering low fat low cal options isn’t the bad guy here. That isn’t the battlefront! People should be allowed to choose. And stores shouldn’t have to meticulously label all their products and marketing plans with a full list of their explicit and implicit meanings. Work on yourselves folks. Don’t expect the whole world to change for you

    Jason LeeJason Lee10 dager siden
  • Might just be me but seems like common sense is a whole lot more uncommon, people who say the officer should have used a taser have probably never seen taser be used before because the taser is not nearly strong enough to stop her long enough for him to get the knife, police can be good but sadly people don't want to admit it.

    Neptune Play'sNeptune Play's10 dager siden
  • Demi is wrong, words don't matter. Nothing matters. Get back to real life and get off the internet!

    TeemoTeemo10 dager siden
  • Ma'Khia was about 250 lbs and was going for another girls neck/face with a knife. The officer had exactly 13 second from the time he got out of his car to the time he reacted. He managed to save the non-aggressive girl's life decisively without any collateral damage. He was also too far away to use a taser or subdue her by hand. That cop was 100% in the right and should be commended for his damn good firearm proficiency.

    TeemoTeemo10 dager siden
  • Im just curious, if they called about the women attacking them, were the women on their property? Because if she attacked with a knife because those women wouldn’t leave their home... isn’t that within their rights? To shoot and ask questions later is horrifying. She was a child with a knife, even if she was being violent, the cops weren’t in danger and should have just disarmed her. Its so insane to argue that it was okay for her to be shot. If other people who are armed can be taken into custody without being shot... then they can do it for anyone.

    Itshello SydneyItshello Sydney10 dager siden
  • Easily a taser situation

    CHRIZTIONCHRIZTION10 dager siden
    • @CHRIZTION : Nope.

      ÇerastesÇerastes10 dager siden
  • Ohio: The girl was LUNGING at another girl who was cowering against a car with no place to go. What if a taser didn't work? Then the conversation would be "How dare you let her stab someone right in front of you! What's wrong with you?!"

    Raesling UndomielRaesling Undomiel10 dager siden
    • That's the thing, Tasers have around a 50% success rate, even being trained to use them they can miss, they can fail to make the correct contact to pass on a charge strong enough to disable and things like adrenaline or any substance abuse (which the cops can't know for sure) can actually make people not feel the effects right away. It only needed a few seconds and she would have stabbed the other woman which is why shooting was really the only option

      Simon WakefieldSimon Wakefield8 dager siden
  • Hey Philip De TOOFARGONE!😂 You are a PAID LIAR! See you soon!👍🤗

    AsomiAsomi10 dager siden
  • What’s the password to enter the store wtf I want a hoodie

    MakaelaMakaela10 dager siden
  • If you're actively trying to stab someone you win the bang bang prize. Job done.

    Divine MangoDivine Mango11 dager siden
  • Frozen yogurt tastes like rotten milk after you eat it. Don't care for it, haven't eaten froyo in 25 years or more. T... W

    DwdanieldotddDwdanieldotdd11 dager siden
  • Demi Lovato needs to chill the heck out. The rest of us shouldn't have to tiptoe around every single word or phrase because some people choose to destroy themselves trying to look like photoshopped models in magazines. On another note, Ma’Khia Bryant had a knife and was about to stab someone. The cop tried to talk to them but Bryant kept attacking so he had to act. Was he supposed to stand there while someone gets stabbed to death? Floyd's death may have been preventable by the police taking alternate action but Bryant's wasn't. She chose to attack someone with a weapon in front of the police. WTF do you expect would happen?

    emilyscloneemilysclone11 dager siden
  • Demi needs to take a Big Chill smh

    Corysp2Corysp211 dager siden
  • Tazers fail all the time. Body cam footage was released a few months ago of 10 failed tavern shots in a row and if the tavern failed once this time she would have died. Everyone who is promoting anger against the cops does not care about black lives they want attention and riots.

    david LastNamedavid LastName11 dager siden
  • demi lovato is the epitome if what a millennial karen is

    Mandy Y.Mandy Y.11 dager siden
  • 5k discount on merch lel

    Rhys RacktooRhys Racktoo11 dager siden
  • Please please interview the rest of the people of crit role!! I’m living for this content mix

    Sydney HanlonSydney Hanlon11 dager siden
  • after watching the body cam footage I think that the officer should have used a taser. she did have a knife and was attacking someone, yes, but there are plently of other cases of adults with weapons not being shot immediately and brought in alive. had he used a taser on the kid she'd probably not have the time to stab the other lady and if she did the lady could have pushed her away and get treated straight away, the way the other lady was positioned also seemed like she wouldn't have been fatally injured, especially if the officer had used a taser which would have affected her mobility and given precious time for the other lady to get away from her. I think people are used to cops in the us shooting people as a first alternative instead of any other method and so people see that she was attacking someone and give the cop the ok bc she was doing something wrong yet there were other methods of dealing with the situation that, if it had been better reinforced in training and practice, would not have resulted in anyone dying. it's just my opinion but I don't think shooting someone is an adequate way of disarming someone. and if you are going to shoot someone aim for less vital areas, the shock and pain from being shot is enough, especially for a kid, to stop them. it's sad that we have to talk about if she deserved to die rather than what started the whole thing to begin with. if she was in foster care who knows what happened to her before or how the people around her acted or what made her act like that. if there's any other footage that I'm missing besides the two officers body cam footage let me know.

    AlexisasheepAlexisasheep11 dager siden
    • @Çerastes then why do they use them if they're unreliable? Seems kind of questionable.

      AlexisasheepAlexisasheep10 dager siden
    • @Alexisasheep: No. Tasers are unreliable and there is no guarantee that it would have worked and incapacitated the stabby stabby girl immediately...

      ÇerastesÇerastes10 dager siden
  • “ I couldn’t get my froyo because I was upset.” is the biggest example of first world problems I have ever seen. 🙄

    Senior In a golf cartSenior In a golf cart11 dager siden
  • I think Demi Lovato is being ridiculous. Those items didn’t say “guilt free” or anything harmful to people with EDs, they just said that they are sugar free so that people who can only buy sugar free options or people who want to go with the healthier option can know they are available. I can understand being triggered by it but it’s not fair to encourage a company to stop catering to people who have disabetes or people trying to pick healthier options because someone might get triggered. It’a impossible to control the world around you and it’s a lot easier to change yourself rather than expect every company to change for you. I also think it’s awful that she posted this to her millions of followers knowing she could have potentially seriously hurt a small business during a pandemic when so many businesses are already struggling. Such an awful thing to do, especially when so many products at the grocery store says “sugar free, no sugar added, diet, low calorie, low fat etc”.

    Senior In a golf cartSenior In a golf cart11 dager siden
  • So it seems Demi Lovato doesn't deserve any basic respect or understanding as a human being because she's a celebrity. But Khloe Kardashian does even though she was literally "triggered" by the same unhealthy and unattainable beauty standards she engages and endorses, just because an undoctered photo was released without her permission. And considering women have their nudes leaks everyday by assholes, it's really not as big of a deal when you know all of her photos are edited anyways. So, just cause Demi said something that (could have caused harm, but in the end it just made more awareness for eating disorders and diet culture and the benefits of having sugar-free, gulten-free, and vegan etc options) without thinking apparently means that the whole world needs to bring out pitch forks. The fucking egregious double standards on celebrities is beyond me. They're all human, too. Yes, they have status and money. But they also have Millions of people watching their lives even when they just want to live peacefully, and strangers aren't afraid to say terrible things to them whenever they feel like it. How about y'all also think about what you're saying before you're saying it?

    Muzic LoverrMuzic Loverr11 dager siden
  • You get summoned because of a report of someone threatening people with a knife You arrive at the scene to witness someone collapse on the ground and get kicked a person with the knife is running after another person and ignores the "GET DOWN" order Shoot them is the reasonable thing to do.

    Dms110Dms11011 dager siden
  • Thank you officer for saving their child's life Tasers are basically useless and they're still deadly weapons

    Jass ZoigelJass Zoigel11 dager siden
  • Phil I have to ask, why cut the India COVID story after saying there is a vaccine shortage without explaining why? The companies with the vaccine resources are restricting access purposefully. This is not just a poor planning moment for the Modi government, it's also in the capital interest of the companies and the US Gov to hoard these resources.

    Samantha SwamwichSamantha Swamwich11 dager siden
  • Hasn’t Demi always been a bully?

    jenjayawearssocksjenjayawearssocks11 dager siden
  • How fucking cushy does your life have to be that “I didn’t get any fro-yo” is your biggest problem... lmfao what a joke.

    Kuch _Kuch _11 dager siden
  • If people had just said "She only had a knife, there was no need for a firearm to be involved, they could've just used their taser" I would 100% agree with them. But why do they go out of their way to blow it up, which ultimately takes away the legitimacy of how fucked up it was that they shot her when they say "SHE WAS AN INNOCENT, UNARMED TEENAGER." If you twist the facts, you're not making me trust you very much.. Even if it's just small little white lies. Also: Wtf is wrong with that Demi Lovato story, she really just went up in there and karened it up like LET ME SPEAK TO YOUR MANAGERRRR. Jesus Christ. Get me off this planet.

    Jimmy HeymannJimmy Heymann11 dager siden
  • A knife my school the socials teacher handles knife attacks better than that cop. It was a perfect time to mix up and gun and a tazer

    DellaDella11 dager siden
  • Demi has always been annoying. Your eating disorder isn't everyone else's problem.

    DellaDella11 dager siden
  • I'm definitely in the camp of, if police can unarm and take a white person into custody alive despite them having an AK, there was no reason a 15-year-old with a knife could not have been.

    ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ11 dager siden
    • @ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ: Completely depends on the situation and the time given. What you are saying here is a false equivalence. The white person complied, the black girl didn't. The cops had plenty of time to deal with the white person, while the cop only had less than 10 second to deal with the black girl.

      ÇerastesÇerastes11 dager siden
  • Poor job reporting the Columbus incident. You are fueling the divide in this country

    Josh NJosh N11 dager siden
    • How? He reports on the most prevalent stories at the time. He clearly and articulately presents both sides without biased, and he asks for and welcomes all opinions. That's how information is supposed to be shared.

      ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ11 dager siden
  • People haven't gotten sick of Demi Lovato's perpetual pity party yet? You can't help people that can't help themselves. It's time to leave her in the past.

    jakethreesixtyjakethreesixty11 dager siden
  • Cops don't shoot at legs anymore?

    SSADone noloveSSADone nolove11 dager siden
    • @SSADone nolove: They never did. It's not a thing.

      ÇerastesÇerastes11 dager siden
  • "Bell of please don't" 😆

    JesusTheRatJesusTheRat11 dager siden
  • I don’t give a fuck what their ‘trigger’ is lmfao it’s Fro-yo shop.. go home , crawl in a corner and cry cuz they offer sugar free options🤣 Coming from a guy who USED to be over 300 pounds. Learn self control like everyone else.

    GamingBakedGamingBaked12 dager siden
  • As a former junkie, addict, alcoholic walking through any store triggers a primal urge to drink but do you see me bitching, telling every store to "do better"? Fuck no, because I'm an adult and my issues aren't everone else's. SMH at you Demi

    Dave Be BearDave Be Bear12 dager siden
  • Whether the teenager had a knife or not, is the american police so scared shitless they have to shoot a teenage girl 4 times when said girl wasn't even brandishing a weapon at the police in question? Whatever happened to those fabled tasers? Or leg shots? Had americas finest missed one of those 4 shots they were likely to hit innocent bystanders at chest height. Had a hunter taken a similar shot against a deer, with humans surrounding the deer in that position, they would be arrested for endangering the public, and rightly so - and that's with a single bullet. Firing 4 in quick succession reduces accuracy, not to mention that the poor girl would be dropping from the first one. The fact that there was a knife involved makes using some violence more understandable, but even assassins in movies does a "triple tap" shot to ensure the target dies, why would you need 4 shots to stop the big hulking mass of a teenage girl? Hell, even a warning shot - and yes that risks the public as well, but I'm sure there was a lawn away from anyone that could be used as a bullet catcher - probably would have scared the kids enough to break up the fight. Intentionally shooting a kid 4 times in the back goes so far past reasonable response, across police brutality and into "you need to die" territory that I don't even know what american police is training for. Perhaps look into the training that countries with lower crime rates and lower police brutality uses?

    MrSylfaMrSylfa12 dager siden
    • @MrSylfa: You have no clue what you are talking about. The situation has nothing to do with "brandishing a weapon at the police" ... the girl was actively trying to stab another girl. Tasers are unreliable. Not only you have a higher chance of missing the shot due to range and only 1 shot / cartridge, there is no guarantee that the one taser shot would be enough to incapacitate the assailant. In most cases, one shot is not enough. Leg shots have never been a thing due to legs having vein etc. that will make you bleed out in seconds if they are severed. Also the chances of you successfully hitting a moving leg is similar to winning a lottery... not even mentioning that a leg shot would not incapacitate anyone. Sure it would stop their movement but if they already are close enough to stab someone, they still can go stabby stabby. Warning shots are not a thing either. You only see them in movies. If it takes 4 shots to neutralize a chubby girl, then 4 shots it is. Modern police training teaches that when an officer uses deadly force the intent should be to stop the suspect’s threatening behavior as fast as possible. Looking into the training of other countries does not really help since other countries do not have the murican 2nd amendment which is why the cops have to be armed at all times.

      ÇerastesÇerastes12 dager siden
  • The police did the right thing. At that moment, he neutralized the threat. Unfortunate it had to come to that but she made that choice when she still attacked those girls despite warnings by the police to stop.

    El DrewEl Drew12 dager siden
  • So hi I’ve struggled with an eating disorder but I also have a disability! So yes seeing all those diet options can be triggering BUT that because of the way diet culture has made it seem like sugar free stuff and gluten free stuff are only for people who want to get skinny! We forget that some people need these diets to survive!!! I feel like yes it’s hard not to get triggered but also........ people with dietary restrictions need clear labels for food that they can actually eat because it’s hard for them to find.

    Emily AlexEmily Alex12 dager siden
  • Doing an Irish accent, Scottish music and talking about English football clubs. Nice one America 😂

    Aaron HarrisAaron Harris12 dager siden
  • Killing knifed maniacs seems like a pretty chill policy to me.

    Agnostic MonkeyAgnostic Monkey12 dager siden
  • Hey Phil, I also believe the current soccer format needs to change. Teams are losing money and they have contracts with tv channels and you know phil, no one watches TV anymore. Super league basically wants to replace the UEFA Champions league and monetize using different platforms. Whatever gets us younger folks to watch some games because they every year soccer ratings drop. Football players want higher and higher pay. UEFA doesnt want to share their power or money so they threaten the teams that would join the super league. With the pandemic the UEFA lowered the pay to the teams a lot since stadiums are closed, however teams still have to pay for the trips and INSANE salaries and yet UEFA doesn't want to make changes to their format and they still have contracts and cant quickly adjust the way other entertainment industries have. Consider the super league the onlyfans of football.

    Victor HMGVictor HMG12 dager siden
  • nice to see the doj at least trying to hold the police accountable

    TheCreepyproTheCreepypro12 dager siden
  • Yet Demi still steadily posts full body pix in the bathroom mirror talking about being fit

    Corinne FabulousCorinne Fabulous12 dager siden
  • Lovato can pound sand.

    Jeff SteffenJeff Steffen12 dager siden
  • The thing is, Demi Levato isn't wrong about the fact that pushing "guilt-free" food products is incredibly triggering for people with an E.D. Diabetic-safe treats shouldn't be labeled "diet," or "guilt-free." Non-peanut products shouldn't be labeled "low/zero fat." Because this practice takes real helpful products and weaponizes them against E.D. sufferers. There's this nasty culture of shaming people for their food choices instead of being honest about what products are intended for. It's like how a number of As Seen on TV products are actually for people with disabilities, but non-disabled people view them as stupid and useless, and fodder for jokes. And, just as an aside: Phil I expected better of you than saying she should be aware of her words when you have the same damn problem: she isn't any less human than you are, and she's allowed to be upset and say things that aren't the most worldly and or self-aware. You call people "garbage" and regardless of whether they deserve or not, you still reach around 1 million people per video. If you're allowed to call people garbage for doing bad things on social media, Demi Levato is allowed to be triggered by labels that made her leave a store instead of having a good time and talk about it on social media.

    chishionotenshichishionotenshi12 dager siden
  • Demi is such a drama queen

    lovepink358lovepink35812 dager siden
  • As a type 1 diabetic I really often wish that diet food was rebranded. For whatever reason when people hear "diet" they believe that they have some right to tell you that you either don't need to drink diet (if you are not visibly overweight) or they assume its "just for a diet" and they bring you regular drinks or whatever it is. Maybe people need to mind their own business more.

    Dani HoltslanderDani Holtslander12 dager siden
  • S'up, Phil?! I'm Natalie and my birthday just passed on Earthday! 🥳🎉 I've been a subscriber for years. I've watched you and your channel evolve and grow. I'm a true long-time subscriber and lurker, as I often don't comment but I watch and follow discussions! Grade A content! As I enter my 25th year, I am saving to apply to and attend Physician Assistant (PA) school, which you can imaging is very expensive. I am building my way to a career and saving every penny I earn to pay off applications and eventually school. I know everyone can use $5,000 but, in lieu of your giveaway announcements, I just want to say that I'm here. To be honest, I am really only commenting now because I like to plant hope in my brain--this is invigorating, just like that feeling you get when you buy a lotto ticket! Above anything else, I'm grateful that dreaming is free. I don't expect anything but hello, if you read this! Thanks for giving me newsy-type stuff that matters not only to you but me, and for loving my face without ever having seen it. Really, that's always enough. I'll enjoy the little spark of hope ignited by this comment. I'll keep on dreaming about making a difference as a PA. And, of course, I'll keep on watching your show! I'm happy to be here.

    Natalie GuerraNatalie Guerra12 dager siden
  • Demi really needs to take a step out of the US for a hot minute to realize that it's not the small business she should be shouting at it's the government and the food industry for letting companies put shitty things in our foods in the first place. Diet stuff would be much different if there wasn't absolute garbage in most North American foods. This is coming from someone who was a 30C and a size 4 pants in Japan... and now I am a 34G and a size 8 to 10 pants now that I'm back in North America. I gained most of that weight back literally 2 months after coming back.

    あゆデブあゆデブ12 dager siden
  • Demi has had a lot of shit come her way, and been through a lot - but that being said, she has done, and said, and caused a lot of terrible shit for other people. And its difficult to find which side to fall on for her sometimes, support of a victim, or disappointment in her use of public presence. I would gladly just see her supported as an artist while giving her opinions a sort of media blackout if they were for such non-issues as typical retail marketing strategy and store layouts. Of course, marketing is predatory. Grocery stores are literally designed that way.

    Cardboard CatsCardboard Cats12 dager siden
  • Why couldn't a taser be deployed? There was obviously an issue that could've been resolved without death, but so often are these stories of law enforcement going straight to lethal force, more often than not, against black people. I'm not one to comment on subjects like these, but it's so exhausting.

    JP Game StuffsJP Game Stuffs12 dager siden
    • @David hansen True

      JP Game StuffsJP Game Stuffs11 dager siden
    • @JP Game Stuffs maybe that's because of the news which shows the worst situations. But never shows all the good situations that happens from cops

      David hansenDavid hansen11 dager siden
    • @David hansen I understand not all cops are the same. It's just hard to see the good work they do when all that seems to be highlighted are the negative. If, as a black man, I get pulled over, my logical thinking is "Just do everything as instructed. Everything will be ok." But it's always going to be in the back of my mind "I hope this one didn't have a bad day."

      JP Game StuffsJP Game Stuffs12 dager siden
    • @JP Game Stuffs its not the same she was in the motion of stabing someone. If the shooter was in the motion of shooting people like brought the gun up and pointed at the police they would of shot but he didnthave the gun pointing at them and not all cops are the same an not all ceneroes are the same.

      David hansenDavid hansen12 dager siden
    • @David hansen Genuinely asking: what about the scenario with the guy brandishing an automatic weapon in public some time ago? Maybe there were police weapons trained on him, but they took the time to explore other options.

      JP Game StuffsJP Game Stuffs12 dager siden
  • I didn’t know Demi Lovato was still “relevant”, if she ever was😂😂😂

    Jenniferocious BJenniferocious B12 dager siden
  • Drawing a weapon, should ALWAYS be the last resort! End of discussion! And that goes double for every official. A weapon follows only ONE purpose and that is killing. You want protection? Buy a shield.

    PC ArchangelPC Archangel12 dager siden
    • So if the cop shot his tazer and it didn't work on the girl cause of her size and adrenaline and the mia kills her with the knife who is at fault?

      David hansenDavid hansen12 dager siden
  • stop giving celebrities with their snowflake sensitivities a platform to bitch about things that don't matter.

    TheSaturdayNightsTheSaturdayNights12 dager siden
  • All my life, on diet sodas & sugar free gum I have had to be warned “phenylketonurtrics: contains phenylalanine” which means that I can have neuron damage. But this “celebrity” is triggered by food restrictions?

    MissKatAttackMissKatAttack12 dager siden
  • I definitely think the shooting of that poor girl was unnecessary. She definitely needed to be apprehended, but isn’t that why cops have tasers? Isn’t that why they were invented? To incapacitate a person in a non lethal way? She should have been tased. I understand there isn’t a lot of time for thinking in the heat of the moment, but it’s very very clear that cops are not actually being trained to deescalate. Had that been the case his first thought would’ve been to tase her first.

    Sammy WSammy W12 dager siden
    • But tazer are less effective then you think. And taser aren't meant to be used in life or death situations which this was because mia had a deadly weapon that could cut someone heart or intestines out.

      David hansenDavid hansen12 dager siden
  • Demi went from an 8 to a 2 quick!

    Mr ChittychadMr Chittychad12 dager siden
  • Blm protects criminals and are a joke what about all those innocent children being murder on the streets where’s the outrage for them there is none because blm only protects the guilty

    jay tnjay tn12 dager siden