This Jeff Wittek David Dobrik "Money Milking" Scandal is Stupid, Miley Cyrus, Elon Musk, & More News

29. april. 2021
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00:00 - Jeff Wittek David Dobrik Updates
03:26 - Most Hated Man In Australia
06:23 - Sponsor
07:14 - Elon Musk To Host SNL w/ Miley Cyrus
08:56 - Facebook & Google Huge Revenue Growth
11:09 - FDA Begins Menthol Ban Process
13:35 - Men In Ahmaud Arbery Case Charged With Federal Hate Crime
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Jeff Wittek Rakes in Patreon Money During Docuseries:
Australian Man Sentenced to 10 Months:
Miley Cyrus and Elon Musk Face Backlash for Upcoming SNL Appearance:
Facebook and Google Revenue Soars:
FDA Moving to Ban Menthol Cigarettes
Federal Charges Filed in Amaud Arbery Case:
Netflix Introduces V-Tuber as the Platform’s First Anime Ambassador:
Key Takeaways From Biden’s First Address To Congress:
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg, Maxx Enright
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Brian Espinoza
Production Team: Zack Taylor
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  • I think that cold open resulted in NOtown hitting this video lol damn it.

    Philip DeFrancoPhilip DeFranco7 dager siden
    • The sentences he driver got is pretty average here for the charges.

      marvin martinmarvin martin2 dager siden
    • @Asomi Also, there's only so many times you can rub that "record" before it starts skipping beats. I'm sure you have plenty of time to kill in the comment section.

      jer1014t2thjer1014t2th3 dager siden
    • @Asomi Hm. I feel like you're trolling me right now. You asked if we could be friends earlier. I said yes. And then I asked what video games you enjoyed. If you prefer, we could talk about favorite books or TV shows? I mean, that's what NOtown comments are for right? 😁👍

      jer1014t2thjer1014t2th3 dager siden
    • @jer1014t2th so, what kinda Mind Games do you play? The Obvious Classic, Upfront, "I am that person who knows you better than you know yourself?" Or are you GENUINELY ASKING? Pretty sure you are not serious at all.

      AsomiAsomi3 dager siden
    • @jer1014t2th cuz, if you are gonna be like EVERY OTHER TIME WASTER, IN EVERY OTHER COMMENT SECTION. I will be back AFTER MY WORK IS FINISHED. I do LOVE VIDEO GAMES though. I have an Xbox Series X.

      AsomiAsomi3 dager siden
  • Did I miss the $5k announcement?

    evkevkTime siden
  • looks like I'm not gonna be a smoker anymore

    Daniel VaramoDaniel Varamo11 timer siden
  • Cigarette story time... I tried cigarettes when I was a young teenager with a few buddies. They weren't menthol so they tasted like garbage and after 2 puffs I stopped. I couldn't wrap my mind around why people smoked. A few years later I found myself in a situation that left me incredibly stressed so I out I asked a friend for one of his cigarettes (I was 16) figuring even though it tasted like crap, maybe this one time it would be ok and help me to calm down. I didn't know what menthol cigarettes were at the time... Right after the first puff it was different, it tasted good, and after the second puff I started to calm down a bit... It scares the shit out of me. I immediately stepped on the cigarette realizing how easy it would be to become addicted to them, and I never smoked another cigarette again. I'm 38 now. Having this experience makes me believe menthol cigarettes should definitely be banned.

    Thomas RushingThomas Rushing16 timer siden
  • I have a personality disorder, I do not respond very well to that always being thrown in the story when some fucked up idiot does stupid shit... He’s punishment should be way worse than mentioned here.. I know I personally wouldn’t hurt a fly- even though flies are not my favorite living creature ☺️ Just stop always mentioning mental health as though we are criminals etc. I’m not blaming you here Phil, because I recognize that you only report further on an already reported news story. I wanna thank you so much for giving me a way to watch the news, with me actually smiling- not having an anxiety attack at the end of the video.. Just wanted to end on a positive note 👏🏼⭐️

    Melissa RehmeierMelissa Rehmeier18 timer siden
  • SNL is a shitshow I would rather have my own show without doing snl

    Armaan MukadamArmaan Mukadam20 timer siden
  • I hate to agree but yeah, being a scumbag or having a shitty personality should never be prosecuted. Should he have called for help first? Absolutely! Then film. At best, his priorities are not in the proper order at all.

    Sini CideSini CideDag siden
  • When I started smoking as a teenager I smoked menthols. They tasted better to me than regular cigarettes. Idk if I would’ve stopped bc I was a stubborn ass (and am still facing the consequences of that today - thanks teenage me) but it really might’ve helped. I’m surprised they weren’t banned along with other flavors tbh.

    Olivia OhlioOlivia OhlioDag siden
  • I sell cigarettes while working at a grocery store menthol anything are big sellers I can't see the ban on flavors going down well with the people who buy cartons if the stuff and smoke multiple packs a day.

    Tales from a tired mindTales from a tired mindDag siden
  • why the F**k do we care who associates with who? like what damage does that actually do except for the "damage" we do to the people we wanted to support?

    192192Dag siden
  • I smoke weed so I'm more concerned about the flavored cigar ban, Its going to ban all flavors including my favorite russian cream

    John CoffillJohn CoffillDag siden
  • 10:30

    ZaggoraZaggoraDag siden
  • They arrested a 71 year old for preaching Bible in UK. Charge? "hate speech".

    The Milk ManThe Milk ManDag siden
  • As a non-smoker and someone probably a standard deviation more knowledgeable than most on cancer mechanisms of tobacco: Banning menthol cigarettes feels like an attack on personal freedom. This seems like another drug-war policy, and everyone by now should realize the drug war has completely failed. I thought the same thing when fruit flavored vape juice was banned. And if you look at a macro scale, many drug schedules are so skewed. The U.S. has an issue with how they see drug use at a fundamental level. Read “Chasing the Scream” by Johann Hari please.

    NatesticleNatesticleDag siden
  • Yeah I don’t want cop to be a job, but I don’t like reveling in death either. We fight them because we must, not because we’re psychopaths.

    D. CoburnD. CoburnDag siden
  • SNL is still on the air? Thought it stopped after Farrell left...🤣

    Katrina BKatrina B2 dager siden
  • You know what would be more effective at saving minority lives, and would have the added bonus of saving all lives across the board? Banning cigarettes.

    Kristian WynnKristian Wynn2 dager siden
  • If anything with that Pusey guy I think the sentence is enough and needs further time in possibly therapy if anything because... I mean, it’s not like HE killed them himself. Yes, what he did was wrong and he should held be accountable for that but I thinks over kill for jail/prison for years on it when really it shows he probably just needs mental evaluation while taking the time to think about his actions and be held accountable for anything else he was being arrested for prior to the accident. But this is just my opinion, I’m saying he deserves to let out scot free but also, maybe he just needs behavioral health for an option WITH his sentence, to really dig deep in the why and how to prevent it again and how to handle this situation should it happen again. Then they (court, Behavioral health facilities, etc.) can decide to what to do after that. I want to also add that what happened to those people is absolutely devastating and I hope they didn’t suffer in their last moments and give my prayers to the families of those victims’ untimely passings.

    MoonBlossomQueenMoonBlossomQueen2 dager siden
  • I don’t get it. Jeff is a grown man who made a very stupid decision and got her doing it. Why is there so much blame on David? You can’t tell me that Jeff wasn’t expecting any kind of danger when getting on a machine and using it inappropriately. Nobody forced Jeff to hook himself to that machine. Why is nobody talking about that

    Yanju OYanju O2 dager siden
  • Ban Menthol. We all smoke cigarettes for the same reason, the Nicotine. Not the Menthol.

    Allison CoronaAllison Corona2 dager siden
  • The only reason Jeff is even speaking out on any of this is because the guy is more fucken worried about he looks and not making money off his face anymore and stfu about race race is taught especially today we’re being told just because I’m white im a racist I wasn’t ever a racist until this year

    Erica Play’sErica Play’s2 dager siden
  • Hey philly, I am an Australian and I had never heard of the Australian story you shared. I feel if your going to share any news out of Australia, and I'd argue it's larger news within Australia, it should be the story that a women was allegedly raped in our literal parliament house and the fall out from how our Prime Minister has mismanaged this issue.

    Emily KateEmily Kate2 dager siden
  • Shut down your FB

    ABumABum2 dager siden
  • Funny how the guy who was under the influence, disregarded all human decency to assist those in danger or injured or even to call for assistance (thereby potentially hastening at least one death) gets an inhumanly light sentence....and is very, very white. Yet the driver, who has a Muslim sounding name and a darker complexion, gets the appropriate sentence. Maybe if Pusey had a more foreign-sounding name, he would be paying the price for his diabolical behavior.

    WurdnurdWurdnurd2 dager siden
  • I smoke menthols I know I its a bad habit. I also know what it’s doing to me like many other smokers. They better not take away my menthol 😡

    A Different WayA Different Way2 dager siden
  • I was part of Hospice for my Aunt who died of lung cancer from smoking. It was the most awful and painful thing, feeling so helpless for someone you love, unable to do a damn thing about it. Everyone of those vile poison pushers selling cigarettes, if they had to deal with that for someone they cared about, it wouldn't be justice, but it sure would be just vengeance.

    GwyndolinGwyndolin2 dager siden
  • jeff got that bag and i fw it. watched them all. good content

    Daniel MurphyDaniel Murphy2 dager siden
  • He should have gotten more time behind bars. Filming the officers and not helping is sickening.

    Jessica LischkaJessica Lischka2 dager siden
  • if I was swung into metal, had my eye cracked off and now blind in one eye, I would never stfu about it. he’s not milking it, he’s telling his story. of his best friend putting him in harms way for the 2787464th time so

    Nayah2134Nayah21342 dager siden
  • Yea no wonder YT premium is 15$. I dont have it and get an ad every 2-3 videos, about 6-8 with a 2 hour podcast and sometimes I get 2 ads (1 un-skipable or 2 un-skipable). I'm probably "worth" around that price.

    Bewe IssorBewe Issor2 dager siden
  • A million views and only 51k likes? Wtf

    marvin martinmarvin martin2 dager siden
  • Bottom line its human life, and we should have some empathy for them. No matter the person we cant just mock a dying person with no compassion 🤷‍♀️

    kitty kandykitty kandy3 dager siden
  • I just think the government is goinh WAY overboard

    Jesika NeuhausJesika Neuhaus3 dager siden
  • I don’t want the government controlling what flavors I can or can’t smoke 🤷🏻‍♀️ it’s my choice, not theirs.

    Tori STori S3 dager siden
  • The thing is from what I’ve heard come from black people is they want the police present. They just want cops treated the same way regular people are when they break the law and act like criminals. The msm, certain democrats, teachers, and liberal lunatics are the ones wanting the police done away with. The people who don’t have to worry about walking from their home to the car, school, work, or anywhere else you walk to because they have guards, armed escorts, gated communities, and basically zero interaction with the people they claim to care about. The cops I have zero respect for are the ones who abuse their authority, cover for others who abuse the same authority, and those who guard and protect the people who put out the lefts propaganda that has lead to good, honest, and even heroic police officers being attacked and even murdered. I would quit my job or transfer if I was asked to protect the scum who spread hate and lies dividing us while talking about unity.

    kc sollerskc sollers3 dager siden
    • This was in regard to the beginning of this video

      kc sollerskc sollers3 dager siden
  • Dont they have abandonment of person as crime in Australia? Here if there's an accident and you dont help thats a crime

    GuillerminaGuillermina3 dager siden
  • I'm an occasional smoker and I really don't see why banning menthols would cause less smokers. If that gets banned, vapes should be banned. Flavoured vapes are an even worse offense, if we're going by the arguments these people lobbying against methols have. People should be free to make their own decisions on what they put in their body, so I'm wholly against it on that level alone.

    LoveisinportantLoveisinportant3 dager siden
  • I hope the arbery family gets justice

    TheCreepyproTheCreepypro3 dager siden
  • Menthol cigarettes aint going anywhere, and i can almost absolutely assure you that government officials wont go with it. If they actually banned menthol every state would lose that associated revenue which is quite high.

    OeynOeyn3 dager siden
  • George Flyod, who was In the middle of a drug purchase, not actually buying Cigs. Defranco is lying there. There is court evidence of that.

    Ildirim NizeIldirim Nize3 dager siden
  • Also those people are morons. Musk is a godsend. :) SNL Is a woke piece of trash that is dying, so it needs him.

    Ildirim NizeIldirim Nize3 dager siden
  • he should've gotten more time because if the cops hadn't had to stop him from speeding, they'd still be alive. Plus, he could've called an ambulance, instead he filmed people dying. That's negligence

    stecky87stecky873 dager siden
  • As a current Newport smoker, trying to quit, I'd be happy. Not for the right reasons. *They're making cigs into a race thing!?* Newport ads are all white people on sailboats in mostly white clothing. I know they've been the "hood" or "gangsta" even your "wangsta" cigarette. Why? IDK. However, here come the extreme left trying to cause _another_ *racial divide* any way they can. Stop dividing us! Stop exploiting us by the tiniest things like cigarette choice.

    Malibu7SevenMalibu7Seven3 dager siden
  • I honestly, as an ex-smoker (Smoked for 10 years), whose partner still smokes our old brand (Menthol type) and have been trying to hard to get them to quit, I secretly want this ban to go through, because I KNOW they will quit if menthol isn't available. On the other hand, the counter points around the despair that would happen to the POC, LGBTQA+ and Poor communities, as a Trans POC, who was formerly considered bottom lower class just 5 years ago, makes sense and makes me NOT want the ban. The latter being a selfish want that benefits only me, the former being a detriment to multiple communities. I know that it sucks for me specifically if I were to loose my partner to cigarette related issues, I would not want to detriment multiple at risk communities either.

    Lyric AndanteLyric Andante3 dager siden
  • Facebook give me my money..

    carochan86carochan863 dager siden
  • *im a white ciggarette smoker in California && im totally for the banning of those products. Its bad enough that big tobacco companies make soooo much money off of people dying && as someone who lives in Stockton, ciggarette stores are purposefully opened up in ALL minority areas but hardly ever in white neighborhoods. Theyre slowly killing POC off easier on purpose && im glad that this is happening because it really needs to stop 💯*

    Dezarae MichelleDezarae Michelle3 dager siden
  • When I smoked sigs as a teen it was ALWAYS the menthol flavor, especially the ones with the bead that you crush. I'm very glad that they are trying to get rid of them. I quit before I became addicted but unfortunately got one of my friends hooked. She eventually quit but it sucked knowing that I was the reason she started in the first place.

    IsangelousIsangelous3 dager siden
  • Ayo facebook wheres my 48 dollars?

    Beanie BeanBeanie Bean3 dager siden
  • Imagine growing up with the surname Pusey! Bet school life was a 'colourful' one. 😆😂

    Elisha mccreeryElisha mccreery3 dager siden
    • His first name "Richard" also has the common nickname "Dick"

      AbasistenAbasistenDag siden
  • I smoke just so I can get an extra break time at work but menthol cigarettes is the only ones I smoke 😭😭

    Fridah 3nvyMyMindFridah 3nvyMyMind3 dager siden
  • How dare the McMichaels and Bryan try to stop someone who stole repeatedly from them? They should just ask him nicely to stop taking their stuff.

    Just JohnJust John3 dager siden
  • Jeff Wittek a victim? He chose to do it. Do stupid stuff, win stupid prizes.

    Sim zSim z3 dager siden
  • not a drama-based channel? comon now...

    Sim zSim z3 dager siden
  • As a non-smoker who picked a fight with a Hells Angel as a kid over his smoking, I'm a fan of getting rid of all cigarettes, however, I think the most important thing here that has been completely over looked is getting help for the people who are addicted to them. Giving support for them to help them kick their addiction is critical, you can't just yank it away and expect everything to be fine

    Joe HaysJoe Hays3 dager siden
  • where can I redeem my facebook worth

    cryptid crewcryptid crew3 dager siden
  • Me: They better not ban menthol cigs... Also Me: Ive been smoking menthols since i was 13.... 💔

    MaddiMuffinCakeMaddiMuffinCake3 dager siden
  • My feelings on Jeffrey is that, bottom line what he did was DISGUSTING! He chose to record an accident over helping those in need and any sentence long or short is HUGE considering that the public was actually listened to and that he got punished for this at all...In the U.S. its hard to say if he would of faced any jail time let alone any time in court...this happens so much and a lot of people post it on social media or on the internet in general and never face consequences!!

    MaddiMuffinCakeMaddiMuffinCake3 dager siden
  • Why don't u report on Mia kalifa picking up dog poop with her mask then putting it back on?

    J SJ S3 dager siden
  • People who are bitching about Elon being on snl should reevaluate their lives. Literally every person on SNL should be thankful any celebrity still wants to be on their run down shell of a show.

    GallumGallum3 dager siden
  • Kinda bs that we can't send people to jail just for objectively being pieces of shit.

    GallumGallum3 dager siden
  • non-smoker - over all I think that everything should be legal but it should be policed locally with laws, one of which should make ads for any type of drug, prescription, recreational, or otherwise illegal. If people dont know it is an option it will become obsolete. This including anything with nicotine to cover vapes

    jls277520jls2775203 dager siden
  • On the smoking thing are we ever going to discuss the fact that a lot of people start smoking so that we can get breaks in the service industry?

    Haley MilamHaley Milam3 dager siden
  • Smoker from Scotland. Menthol has been banned almost a year now, but you can still get menthol filter tips that you can put into certain cigarettes that have a hole in the end .. so not really banned, just takes a bit of construction

    Rhiane ThomasRhiane Thomas3 dager siden
  • everything about cigarettes pisses me off my parents were in a car crash a few years back and my mom is still in constant pain and cigarettes are one of the only legal ways for her to deal with it its fucked up that she can smoke as many of those coffin nails as she wants but her cbd gummy worms might pop a drug test

    FancyCakesFancyCakes3 dager siden
  • My concern is that he put the uncensored photos and video showing everything out censorship on his patreon little people they would have to join patreon to see the footage

    jcwittigjcwittig3 dager siden
  • How could somebody not understand what someone else would mean when they say they want to find out just how live SNL is

    AppladayAppladay3 dager siden
  • People should be able to smoke whatever flavor tobacco they want if they are adults, this is really just going to make it worse because if there aren't legal cigarettes being sold with Menthol flavored there's going to be a large surge of bootleg cigarettes being sold with Menthol flavor they already sell bootleg newport's Menthol now.

    AppladayAppladay3 dager siden
  • So does anyone know what happened with the guy driving the truck? Might have missed it. At the end of the day he's the murderer.

    Love YourselfLove Yourself3 dager siden
  • You can't punish people with personality disorders for making you clutch your pearls lol, that's so fucked. Honestly, decency laws are pretty victorian anyway.

    Jared MooreJared Moore3 dager siden
  • To protect and serve bitch - Jesse Pinkman

    finallyanimefinallyanime3 dager siden
  • they banned menthols in Ireland and the day the ban was enforced we had menthol strips for cigarettes to flavour them..idk how well it worked but seems like not much changed

    Aoife GrahamAoife Graham3 dager siden
  • Honestly the whole Jeff Wittek situation is confusing because I feel bad for him, but what happened to him doesn't cancel out the fact he was there during that day with Hannah and her friend, peeking through the door and doing a 'head count'. He's been silent about how he got the injury, and surprisingly the time he chooses to drop the docuseries is right after the allegations and him completely digging himself a weird hole on the Frenemies podcast. What happened to him is completely f-ed up and David needs to be held accountable, but at least he consented to that whole stupid situation, unlike those poor girls. The messed up thing that happened to him can't make us forget what the entire 'squad' allowed to happen to those girls, Seth, and god knows who else.

    Toka M.Toka M.3 dager siden
  • Can u talk about disguisedtoast

    Diego AvilaDiego Avila3 dager siden
  • Elon Musk is the next Donald Trump

    Matthew JMatthew J3 dager siden
  • I dont know Richard personally but I do know him by 6 degrees of separation. I think there are a couple of key points that needs to be mentioned here: 1. The only crime he committed was driving under the influence and filming the dead bodies 2. He would have been in shock, just witnessing this horrific incident (no excuse, but it does need to be considered). 3. He is a finance broker (I work in finance and his clients were managed by a colleague), he will never be able to work in the industry again, nor will he be able to work for the next couple of years. He would have been earning a large income which now he won't be able to get minimum wage and has at least another 20 years of working life ahead of him. From what I know third hand he was quite pompous to deal with , however he wasn't the person who killed the officers, although he won't be receiving jail time he will be punished for the rest of his life for his stupidity.

    Joel DoyleJoel Doyle3 dager siden
  • Just a chaotic world huh

    Julio MateoJulio Mateo3 dager siden
  • So flavored cigarettes are bad - but flavored alcohol isn't? Isn't it the Left that want to have more safe places for people to use heroin, and they want to legalize more drugs, BUT they want to ban nice tasting cigarettes? Completely illogical as always.

    Calling out Phil DefrancoCalling out Phil Defranco4 dager siden
  • Holy shit australia needs a law that forces you to do first aid. Like that man needs to be imprisoned for life. The filming itself is illegal here as you are infringing on the victims familys and victims personal rights

    BrosBrothersLPBrosBrothersLP4 dager siden
  • Oh wow Australia had a story big enough for Phil to mention it..... don’t know if that’s good or bad? Kinda odd to see something local in the pds.

    DDBionicleGuyDDBionicleGuy4 dager siden
  • The dude filmed ppl who were dying, he could have helped, one of them could have still been here today. Much harsher charge should have been giving. Fucking piece of shit.

    A KA K4 dager siden
  • Most rapists in Australia get less then a year in prison. Why are Americans still surprised when disgusting people get hardly any time?

    c dc d4 dager siden
  • If someone wants to smoke tobacco someone will, flavoured or not. It's definately not the flavour which is addictive.

    schnüpsy jenschnüpsy jen4 dager siden
  • "Failure to provide assistance in an emergency" is definitely a crime in my country. As it should be. If your life isn't in danger you are obligated to help someone in an emergency

    arienaichiifyarienaichiify4 dager siden
  • I lowkey kinda want police not to response to black on black crime. :)

    HappyBoyNumber1HappyBoyNumber14 dager siden
  • It sucks that Jeff almost died. But I also can't ignore how convenient it is that now nobody's talking about him covering for his frat bros in the rape incident anymore. As soon as his accident was brought up everyone started saying "he's not complicit, nothing's his fault, he can't read well now!"

    kevin nicolkevin nicol4 dager siden
    • Thanks for this comment that's something that should've definitely been touched on by phill. Slightly disappointed he didnt just throw it in there last minute like he use too. Had no idea about it and was kinda feeling for the guy, still do but it shows that the money milking isnt just for surgery money and shit hes actively playing our empathy.

      imyoursaladimyoursalad2 dager siden
  • tax cigarettes to buggery with yearly increases say 10%, put that money back into the community... then eventually, when smoking is down, ban it entirely. Seems to be working elsewhere, and if it lines the govt's pockets and reduces the health effects, its a win win....

    Krimson GuardKrimson Guard4 dager siden
  • Mr. Pusey....replace the E with another S and it fits him perfectly. I'd rather have him and the truck driver both get 22 years but sadly being a worthless waste of space on the planet isn't against the law. As for the menthol cigarettes, get ready for a lot of underground markets to pop up. If prohibition taught us anything it's that no matter how unnecessary a proven addictive poison is people will do whatever they can to get it even if they know it's slowly killing them and others.

    emilyscloneemilysclone4 dager siden
  • If jeff makes that money he's good at it not that negative Hes just talked about his life and experience being with famous and shenanigans

  • I quit smoking 122 days ago. Ban them all so I'm less tempted!

    Pax GoodPax Good4 dager siden
  • Flavoured smokes and even rolling papers have been banned for years almost 10 years at this point where I'm from

    Hunter80843Hunter808434 dager siden
  • i dont feel like the truck driver deserve 22 years in prison. Its not like that guy was out there trying to kill people and is overjoyed that he ended 4 people. He is already suffering enough.

    HeatranoveryouHeatranoveryou4 dager siden
  • Will there be a hot tub video some day?

    Jeffrey DoyleJeffrey Doyle4 dager siden
  • If Richard Pusey is a heartless worthless individual what does that say about the police officers that beat/kill unarmed ppl and then are caught mocking them and making cruel jokes with other officers e.I. The officer who bragged about beating and dislocated a 70 yr old women’s shoulder?

    Sable NanceSable Nance4 dager siden
  • random people on twitter thinking that they know people like Miley , MF she can do whatever she wants and your opinion doesn't matter as much as you think you know them dont and they don't care what you think...facts deal with it

    Daniel GeorgeDaniel George4 dager siden
  • Dude lost year of his life and his earnings/potential... Anyone who thinks he's "milking" this, must have no self value at all. What is a year of your life worth?! What can you value life long issues at?! 22 million is NOTHING, when it comes to lost time, happiness and mental health! Jackass's.

    cherryTIEcherryTIE4 dager siden
  • needs more time but his last name is enough of a punishment after this. lol

    sto12msto12m4 dager siden
  • Seemed like a really good opportunity to fine WAYYY more than $1k like why not $50k

    KhubsKhubs4 dager siden
  • Jeff is putting out content and monetizing it, what's wrong with that? That's the world and that's what everyone does.

    Danny HDanny H4 dager siden
  • Phil is such a self-righteous, sanctimonious douche nozzle.

    Greg BurkeGreg Burke4 dager siden
  • Former menthol smoker and I can tell you, if they stop making menthols I can guarantee I’ll never smoke again

    Ashley JohannAshley Johann4 dager siden