This is Stupid and Ridiculous... Corpse Husband, Forte Backlash, Sarah Everard Outrage Fallout, &

16. mars. 2021
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00:00 - Celebrating 1 Year of Vanessa Hudgens’ COVID Policy
00:44 - Peacock Series With Will Forte Receives Backlash From Mental Health Groups
03:51 - CorpseHusband Sparks Debate Over Music Use In Content
05:01 - Sponsor
05:52 - Chauvin’s Lawyer Wants To Move Case To Different City
06:43 - European Nations Stop Giving Out AstraZeneca Vaccine
08:14 - Boris Johnson’s New Plain Clothes Officers and “Annoying” Protests Bill
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Corpse Husband Starts Creator Discussion About Music Use:
Mental Health Group Slams Upcoming Will Forte Show on Peacock:
Derek Chauvin’s Lawyer Asks to Postpone Trial After Settlement:
European Countries Suspend Use of AstraZeneca Shots:
London Police Face Backlash After Plans to Put Plainclothes Officers in Bars:
Uber & Lyft Avoided Paying Into Unemployment While Gov. Gave Drivers Millions in Loans:
Many Thought Columbia University Was Dividing Graduations by Race. Here’s What’s Really Happening
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg, Maxx Enright
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Brian Espinoza
Production Team: Zack Taylor
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  • If anyone needs a Vanessa Hudgens impersonator I’m available for bookings as of Summer. Thank you ❤️

    Philip DeFrancoPhilip DeFrancoMåned siden
    • @dan Hayes you are both unbelievably bad at math and also just a terrible person for thinking even for a second that Vanessa Hudgens was even remotely correct. You can get a new job you can’t come back to life.

      Joseph CraffiganJoseph CraffiganMåned siden
    • Turns out vanessa was correct we lost more to suicide then covid Peoples lives have been destroyed by loss of jobs

      dan Hayesdan HayesMåned siden
    • You do cameos?

      Joseph CraffiganJoseph CraffiganMåned siden
    • @Merry May I said above as a person with suicidal ideation and thoughts there’s no trigger on this video and as soon as I heard the concept I started making plans/thinking an ways I could do this. “I don’t care if a character decides not to go through with it I’m in pain, I’m not them” runs through your head. This has real consequences and if you aren’t a person who struggles with those thoughts you wouldn’t understand.

      Samantha DeFreitasSamantha DeFreitasMåned siden
    • Hilariously fantastic impersonation of her. On the other hand, I will give my opinion on the topic of suicide in TV's a normal part of life regardless of your social standing, religious beliefs, government standing... directors should be able to make films and or TV shows with this controversial topic in them. They can include a disclaimer if need be.

      Merry MayMerry MayMåned siden
  • Hmm, I wonder how people would react if this was a movie instead of a show...?

    Alien GrlAlien Grl2 dager siden
  • "Extremely disruptive tactics" Uh... yeah. That's the point.

    TheMangomelon789TheMangomelon78913 dager siden
  • Vanessa forgot to snap her finger🤣🤣🤣

    Emoe BlkEmoe Blk14 dager siden
  • Honestly striking people or banning people for playing a song is dumb. The more ears hearing your stuff will likely cause a certain amount of people buying or adding your song to their playlist resulting in more money made. It’s why I have Steve Suptic, Corpse and Lilypichu’s songs. I spend a lot of time on NOtown and when I hear a good song on someone’s channel I usually add it.

    Kswagers ESOKswagers ESO20 dager siden
  • So sick of cancel culture. Can we never have movies where someone is murdered in case a person who lost a loved one that way is triggered? Or never show car accidents in films in case someone who nearly died in a car accident is traumatised?? I saw an episode of Casualty once with a miscarriage and it triggered memories of my own miscarriage and I cried myself to sleep, does that mean that episode was 'irresponsible'??? No! It raised awareness, it was important, it made me confront my own past and perhaps even helped me deal with residual pain a little. And where does self-responsibility come in to play? Is there none anymore? What happened to common sense and simply avoiding things that will upset you or learning to deal with them, rather than trying to make the entire world a safe place where you'll never see anything upsetting? Where does it end? I think '13 Reasons Why' got a lot of people talking and many teens spoke about how they realised their bullying behaviour could have more serious consequences than they had ever considered and they changed for the better as a direct result of watching the show, while others said they had thought to reach out to someone who was struggling, where they probably wouldn't have previously. I also remember when the show first came out, I read someone's comment that said they had switched it off and immediately gone to talk to their parents as they had been contemplating suicide themselves and they credited the show with saving their life by making them seek help. I was also very surprised that mental health charities said to cut the scene that they did, as I found it the most profoundly moving moment of the whole show. It definitely didn't glamourise suicide, but showed the brutality against oneself that is involved in such an act. There was no gentle 'going to sleep' or just cutting away to darkness, but instead I felt the show was saying 'this is the reality, it is awful and violent and painful and ugly." I thought it was important, and the only scene more important was the discovery of the suicide by the mother, which showed the teen's pain had not ended but had been passed on to every person she loved. People just love to find something to blame for everything, I think... violent crime? Oh it must be because of all the violence on TV. A mass shooting? Must be because of video games like Call of Duty. Teen suicide? Must be because of a TV show raising awareness of depression and bullying. It's nonsense. Maybe they should have cut that scene out of Shawshank Redemption, too... you know the one. FFS.

    HelgacabbageHelgacabbageMåned siden
  • definitely a little late, but suicide is a topic that yes, needs to be handled with delicate care, but can not just be ignored and pushed aside. When handled correctly, it can inspire conversations and help the destigmatization of it. Not every type of media portraying suicide is glamorizing it

    Kate FelagKate FelagMåned siden
  • In Denmark you can choose to decline only that vaccine (if you have said yes to the vaccine in the first place ofc) but if you do you get booted to the back of the line even if you are one of those that need the vaccine. Wich one you get is random, and there are big problems with getting the vaccine for people that can't just travel to the next place if there are no available times. also, a young healthy person (I don't remember if the person was a nurse but they did work in that area) died not too long ago from that vaccine so people understandably freaked out

    TramiaGirlTramiaGirlMåned siden
  • as someone who is suicidal & has dealt with thoughts & attempts of suicide for most of my life, and a massive fan of fleabag & the last man on earth, i'm very excited for this show. the difference between this & 13 reasons is comedy imo. of course, u have to be very careful with these kinds of topics, & i doubt these ppl would get involved in a project they couldn't take on & wouldn't treat respectfully. honestly, it's just nice seeing suicidal thoughts being talked about in a way that isn't just sappy bs. mental health gets weird sometimes, & occasionally all u can do is laugh at ur strange brain. especially considering who's at the reigns, i'm excited to see how this goes!

    munchiemunchieMåned siden
  • Do you know why we dont know anything about the vaccine?? It wasn't tested

    dan Hayesdan HayesMåned siden
  • George Floyd's family getting that money is b.s. George would be alive if he hadn't gulped down his stash of dops Fentanyl killed hi Fentanyl that he took himself

    dan Hayesdan HayesMåned siden
  • How come homeless haven't been wiped out Poor nutrition Dirty or no masks Poor hygiene No social distance Very compromised immune system Medical employees commenting on there is no flu this year just didnt exist instead it was diagnosed as the covid

    dan Hayesdan HayesMåned siden
  • I get where you are coming from with the whole stop censoring art thing but the problem isn't depiction of suicide, it's influincing people to commit it. Do you think a show should be aired that might cause the death of many people? And the music thing, there has to be another way that creators can use music but also remember that musicians also need to make money....

    Emmie KEmmie KMåned siden
  • Hold on, he's a son, a husband, _and_ a husband of a sister? Yikes!

    Mr SilverMr SilverMåned siden
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    Arundanie Wiji AstutyArundanie Wiji AstutyMåned siden
  • Glamorizing self-deletion (using this term to get around NOtown auto-delete algorithms), absolutely does cause an increase in it. This is coming from someone working for the past 12 years in mental health

    plops993plops993Måned siden
  • I wish Will Forte would finish The Last Man on Earth :(

    Kali HuntyKali HuntyMåned siden
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    Saman VSaman VMåned siden
  • Am I the only one that heard "We saw the artist and creator Corpse Husband-" And instantly worry someone saw his face?

    CelosCelosMåned siden
  • The fuck happened to america 2 decades ago that had mental well being lower then now.

    Joseph CraffiganJoseph CraffiganMåned siden
    • @Blueyes0787 i wasn’t attacking you, honestly just thought you’d be more passionate about the number of lives. I can’t judge i’m not a american and was only turning 10 the year 9/11 happened. so i didn’t even get the full grasp of what was happening at the time, Mostly just remember talking to my mom after about the people who jumped off the roof to not burn to death.

      Joseph CraffiganJoseph CraffiganMåned siden
    • @Joseph Craffigan bro im just answering the question you had. Yes america was "pumped up" but we were also terrified. It was the first time we realized we aren't invicible. Depression and anxiety were at an all time high as you saw. Like dont attack me about all of America not being motivated XD

      Blueyes0787Blueyes0787Måned siden
    • @Blueyes0787 you just lost half a milliom people with nobody to blame. You were fired up as all hell after 9/11 the whole country was on the same page & that was for 3000 people. I feel like this would hav a deeper impact on Americans in general but hey, it’s your mind

      Joseph CraffiganJoseph CraffiganMåned siden
    • Ummm. 9/11???

      Blueyes0787Blueyes0787Måned siden
  • The first the general public heard of a police officer being involved in Sarah Everard's disappearance was him being arrested, by the police...what else were they meant to do there? Should he have been minority reported before committing the murder? The investigation lead to his arrest, and will hopefully lead to a hefty sentencing...what more are we asking? As for the vigil, were the police heavy handed? Yes. No more or less heavy handed than they have been over the past year as they have been cheered on for cracking down on large parties, protests, or gatherings due to Covid restrictions. We can't demand the rules to bend every time we personally want them to.

    FlailkerrinFlailkerrinMåned siden
  • I might be late for this, but from what i've heard, it is not completely against the vaccine, but the batch of production. I know that here in Europe or at least in some countries also the Health Care personnel are in the first line of vaccination because.. and from the news here some of those cases were people working in the health care system (e.g. hospitals, retirement homes, etc.)

    MG PetMG PetMåned siden
  • The situation in the UK is only getting worse. Bristol police were battering people just for peaceful protests. You don't turn up in riot gear unless you are planning on there being violence.

    Kade DeWittKade DeWittMåned siden
  • B.e.S.T f'u"l'l D.a.T.i.n.G h.o.T G.i.r.L's -L-o-V-e-S-e-X-..❤️⤵️ !💖🖤❤️今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした,.💖🖤 在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。.說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木 來調味食物煮的時候

    arti kalearti kaleMåned siden
  • They may give out an amazing anti suicide message - like Ricky Gervais' two shows on the topic. As someone who has lost 2 siblings and countless friends to suicide I want it to be talked about more openly in media. It's something too many people live with, or die from. Lets us be represented in media. Esp if it gives a strong message to seek help. 13 reasons is not a good barometer to judge art you have not seen.

    F VegasF VegasMåned siden
  • after all the polemics involving 13 reasons why, netflix produced 3 more seasons and "all the bright places", wich, for me, isnt that much better, so I dont think its just about "giving the benefit of the doubt", it is related to what are the philosophy behind these productions. suicide is used as a plot device, as a romantic or beautifull act, as a fate for a complex and misunderstanded character. they do that not because its the proper way of dealing with it, but because it makes for better stories

    Pedro MPedro MMåned siden
  • I have a huge issue with that new suicide series (already forgot the name, whoops). I don’t think this is at all the way to discuss suicide and will do more harm than good. Have we learned nothing from 13 reasons why!?

    Aamanda ZittlauAamanda ZittlauMåned siden
  • As a person who gave themselves a date to commit suicide and fought through it, I for one would like to watch the show and see how they tell the story.

    Lily OzLily OzMåned siden
  • As someone who was suicidal at a young age, and grappling depression right now, I honestly think a that new show has an interesting premise. On one hand, the premise sounds like a dramity. But I hope they handle it better than how Phil states it. Depression and suicidal urges don't stop or suddenly magically get better because you start 'living your life how they should be'. It's a battle between you and your brain, and even when you manage to overcome the urges, it never really goes away. I think if the show handled it with a gallows humor pov and deep introspection of the intrusive thoughts that many mentally ill people deal with, it might actually be really good. I mean, the premise alone sounds like something I used to tell myself when I struggled with suicide. " I can't die today, I need to do/need to prepare/wanna do (insert chore/event/schedule)." OR something along those lines. Sometimes, it's just finding a reason to see tomorrow, and that carries you to next week. IDK, I get the concern, but the scenario is one that I kinda relate to. Also, has Europe not been paying attention to what has been happening in America for the past year?! Or is Boris Johnson just that much of a prick?

    KibaShinzuKibaShinzuMåned siden
  • SJW are literally brain dead. Police visit to tell you your group may be targeted and asks you to avoid risking your life and stay safe. SJW says a group not targeted should be asked to instead. Literally, it's like there is a tumor in their heads that is destroying all logic.

    aratosmaratosmMåned siden
  • I am not an anti-vaccine guy but I would rather not take AstraZeneca since it has an efficiency rate of less then 70%. I would rather have a 80+% vaccine efficiency

    Xud3sXud3sMåned siden
  • "you can protest just as long as it's not getting in the way or bothering the oppressive systems you're protesting" ... that's not a protest then. protests, peaceful or not, have to be in the way, visible, and annoying. if you can easily ignore them, what's the point?

    aredhel gracearedhel graceMåned siden
  • 13 reasons why should have NEVER been made in to a show. The book was so harmful to my teen self and was the main reason I had to get my stomach pumped at 14 years old. It glamorized suicide and presented it as an option for someone who felt ignored or misunderstood. We knew all these things about this show before it was even made. On the other hand this new show seems like it could be tactful and make someone who has suffered from thoughts of suicide laugh and feel validated in a way that isn't traumatic or triggering. Like Phil said, we know nothing about it so we ought to see something of it before we jump to conclusions.

    Samantha JaffeSamantha JaffeMåned siden
  • If a bad guy is adviced not to go out because all men are potential threats to women. You think they’ll actually listen? It’s not sexiest. It’s playing it safe

    Bilious SniperBilious SniperMåned siden
  • I actually disagree with you about the suicide show. Having depression is an illness, the only way to fight it is with therapy and medication. You don’t just magically get better by doing nothing for a year. You would not say that about any other illnesses. You have cancer? Just wait a year and you will be able to see how great life is and your cancer will go away! Thats what you sounded like :(

    emmaebemmaebMåned siden
  • Dont europeans also smoke a lot compared to Americans?? Leading to bloodclots...

    Ana SlothAna SlothMåned siden
  • "During that time period they end up living their life the way they should have been living their life and they realize how beautiful it can be." That is NOT how depression works. At all. Someone who is clinically depressed and dealing with suicidal ideation won't spend a year "living their life how they should have been living" all along. They'll spend it the way they've been spending it up to that point: waiting to die and planning how to kill themselves. To suggest otherwise is a gross misunderstanding of how depression works. To depict it in film is flaunting the same message that people with clinical depression have to deal with every day. "why can't you just get over it?" "All you need to do is exercise, get out and see how beautiful the world is." "You don't need drugs, you just need to get over yourself." "To not be depressed you just have to act like you're not depressed." "You're just being lazy." Movies and films that glorify mental illness as entertainment and make no attempt to educate people with no basis of understanding what it does to someone suffering depression hurts any well intentioned meaning because it furthers the implicit bias that already exists. If a piece of mainstream media (whether you call it art or not) leads to someone killing themself, whether it's one or a thousand or a million, is it worth publishing for mass consumption. You might argue that we don't know that it will encourage people who suffer from depression and suicidal ideation to commit suicide, but how do you know it won't? Gee, it's a good thing there isn't something like entire foundations to help these people that could read the script and weigh in on if it's problematic or not. You see so much going around twitter to tell indie writers and artists to pay for sensitivity readers on their LGBTQA+ inclusive works, so... why aren't commercial studios taking advantage of their budget for consultants (you know, the people that get hired to tell them if they're portraying police or the military correctly) and hiring people to consult on their movie and then make public statements about it being checked for it instead of using the internet for free marketing by having a bunch of controversy over something that could be potentially VERY dangerous in a very real sense for a large amount of people.

    Y WeaverY WeaverMåned siden
  • 💖.

    Girliest MammyGirliest MammyMåned siden
  • They should get all the people who commited suicide to write a letter of complaint.

    Deman PlayerDeman PlayerMåned siden
  • Vanesse Anne Hudgens made that comment in response to Coachella potentially be canceled because of Covid-19.... let that sink in

    N RN RMåned siden
  • I feel as though the concept of the show is well known, so if someone feels as though it could be triggering, then don’t watch it?

    Liz MarshLiz MarshMåned siden
  • I dont know man. The problem with the peacock series isn't a bunch of snowflakes trying to censor everything/everyone. definitely some radicals are like that totally. but the nation is in a deep mental health crisis and because of the way capitalism set up our society, most rely on media to preoccupy them during this time so i think a show that is about suicide - made by people who are extremely privileged and are allowed to lose sight of covid, they just arent aware or receptive of the urgency of the problem. Millions are drawn to suicide and during a pandemic ? We need good content - mental illness in this country is commodified ENOUGH! just my two or three cents

    marney lernermarney lernerMåned siden
  • I think he should be charged guilty. That being said I do think he should be tried in a different city as well, there is a 0 % chance of getting an unbiased jury where he is and the law says he should have one.

    stephensdia00stephensdia00Måned siden
  • On the suicide topic: I almost always lean toward creative freedoms, and I support the shows right to make such a series. That being said, if I were making the show and a suicide expert told me that a show with a premise the same as mine would have a high chance of increase in suicide rate, I would have to ask myself is this show worth even 1 human life. Then I would probably just make another show, there is no shortage of pilots out there.

    stephensdia00stephensdia00Måned siden
  • I just think Death/Suicide needs to be a less taboo subject, it needs to be a more open discussion topic. Death is inevitable were all going to die one day.. It shouldn't be a subject of fear....

    Catherine ElliottCatherine ElliottMåned siden
  • I honestly hope people would stop policing art. Let people express themselves and their ideas and imagination damnit

    Dimitra P.Dimitra P.Måned siden
  • As a 60 year old UK citizen, I think the extension of police powers is an infringement of civil liberties. I don't know what is to be gained by putting more police in pubs (do they think rapists sit and discuss their plans over a pint with mates?) and there is scant evidence of date rape drugs being used in pubs other than plying otential victims with more alcohol which is the commonist drug used in pubs). The Government is also introducing a lot of prohibitions on demonstrations and the police assault on women holding a vigil for Sarah Everard as well as a policeman and his wife being arrested for Evrard's murder suggests women have a lot to fear from the police. I am so angry that I am certainly looking to join a demonstration against this law.

    TymbusTymbusMåned siden
  • I’m sick and tired of people acting like suicide is such this horrible thing. If someone wants to die that’s their business. It’s real f***ed that people think they have the right to decide that others should continue to suffer because they decided that persons life will get better. It’s not your business. Let other people do what they want with their own don’t get to decide that other people have to keep living and suffering. It’s their choice. I don’t care if it’s you mother/father/brother/sister/child/spouse...IT IS NOT YOUR DECISION! All these people don’t give a crap about these people’s suffering until they try or succeed in killing themselves.

    AHartAHartMåned siden
  • i actually read 13 reasons why back in middle school, long before it was adapted into a show, because I was s-cidal even back then, and that book prompted me to carry s-cide notes to all the people i felt deserved an explanation. Having those at the ready meant I was ready to go at any time and led me to 2 very sudden, unexpected attempts i couldnt have taken otherwise because i wouldnt have been prepared for them. Sure, I might have considered doing this anyway at some point.. but even if i did there wasnt much chance that I'd have been motivated enough to do it. It was reading a very powerful (to an 11 year old) book that made me think "oh god, i need to be ready. She told them everything, I cant go if I'm leaving people wondering why i did it, i want everyone to know" At a certain point, you have to acknowledge that people are responsible for their own actions. Whether you have mental illness, or are being motivated by another person, or were pushed over the edge by something you saw on netflix..... your choices are your own. Despite that, someone willingly taking that risk holds some of that responsibility. Maybe someone wouldnt have done it if you hadnt said that one thing that one time - it's not entirely your fault. Its not even mostly or largely your fault. But you still contributed. You still were complacent in inching that person closer to the edge, even if you didn't intend to push them off. at the end of the day, that doesnt change the fact that these are things that NEED to be talked about. Depression and s-cidak thoughts, despite being more rampant than ever lately, are still massively and grossly misunderstood by those who do not suffer from it. If you feel like media dealing with themes of s-cide is going to ignite or worsen those feelings within yourself, just *do not watch it.* Take care of yourself. Even if you're looking for reasons or ways to do it, think up any reasons why you shouldnt. any reason is good enough.

    Ashi KatAshi KatMåned siden
  • someone in my life did the same thing thats portrayed in that show. not sure i would like to see that acted out and potentially glamorized

    lexa mitchelllexa mitchellMåned siden
  • thanos is actully phillip defromco

    Lynk LatherLynk LatherMåned siden
  • "Endanger countless viewers" You hear that? COUNTLESS SUICIDES from a comedy show. American Horror Story made me start murdering people, so I get it.

    Tim DeGrawTim DeGrawMåned siden
  • Just found this to add - Malcom Gladwell’s the tipping point goes over a case study of contagious suicide in Micronesia that I’d recommend for perspective on how dangerous media and news about suicide can be

    Steph CSteph CMåned siden
  • I dunno if you’ll ever see this Phil but this is the first time we’ve disagreed in a while so I wanted to share my perspective as someone who has both researched suicide at a major university and someone who has attempted suicide - I think it’s okay to be overly critical in this specific case. Jumping the gun and bashing “art” is okay with me for this one specific topic because I don’t know how many experts have to come out and say this but suicide is contagious! Thirteen reasons why was told by the experts they consulted not to show her suicide and they did it anyway and people died. When your art might contribute to someone’s untimely death I think the makers can withstand and answer for those incredibly real concerns

    Steph CSteph CMåned siden
  • I don't think we should have to wait for something to be released before deciding if it's harmful, but we really can't accurately judge unless we can see at least a script. We've gotta start thinking with more nuance than just "this talks about X. X is bad, so this is bad."

    Kate HanlonKate HanlonMåned siden
  • I'm kinda sick of production companies using suicide, mental health and the 'controversy' it may create for promo. That's my 2 cents

    Tobi OkandiTobi OkandiMåned siden
  • unpopular opinion: 13RW did nothing but glamorize and romanticize suicide !! how that show is STILL on netflix is BEYOND ME !!

    Anna NeprawskeyAnna NeprawskeyMåned siden
  • Omg, the fuckin voiceover needs to be a whole thing. 💀

    V SV SMåned siden
  • ok but like when Netflix wear FARRRR over the line with 13 reasons why with a young girl it was overlooked countless times but as soon as a CONCEPT for an upcoming show dealing with suicide of a middle aged man, it's "irresponsible". That is disgusting

    Hopelessly HopeHopelessly HopeMåned siden
  • Women are always punished for male behavior, i.e.girls can't wear tank tops in school because the collar bones showing may distracr boys. Why is it our problem what males do. I agrer that the curfew should be on them not females. Then there would be protest on that too, so I guess no winning. Disturbing what happened to her.

    yvonne savoyyvonne savoyMåned siden
    • Its not a curfew from my understanding, more of a "we advise you" situation. And as for it being on men, its six of one and half a dozen of the other. Women did nothing wrong, but neither did men. The solution isn't going to be perfect. Its the best they could think of in haste.

      leHookerHeelsleHookerHeelsMåned siden
  • Anything that increases suicide rates in young people is evolution in action.

    BereloreBereloreMåned siden
  • Banning men from going out at night is the dumbest response to someone trying to help stop these crimes. You are responsible for your own safety. Thats not victim blaming...a rapist isnt gonna stop trying to rape someone because of a curfew. they are rapists they dont care about the laws against it. Of course its the rapists fault that rape happens but its also ignorant to act like people giving self defense advice are somehow making things worse. If you go out to a terrible part of town alone in the middle of the night and get robbed of course its the robbers fault but it would be willfully ignorant to say you couldnthave done anything about it and that we need to teach robbers not to rob...they are criminals THEY KNOW ITS WRONG. Its not victim blaming to help people learn ways to help mitigate danger. Criminals by definition dont follow the rules. Please watch out for yourself people. Its not a black and white situation. Learn self defense and stay in well lit areas while at the same time trying to stop criminals through education and maybe increased patrol in areas known for criminal activity. you can only control your own actions. Stay safe people.

    MomsBiscuitsMomsBiscuitsMåned siden
  • 13 reasons why should have never existed in the first place

    Gatlin GroveGatlin GroveMåned siden
  • I literally got into corpse husband because of one TickTock video of a chick lip syncing dressed as the vampire lady from re8 so ya exposure is really good just credit the artist or pay them to use their work

    Polyoctopus1Polyoctopus1Måned siden
  • I can sort of understand the policing especially with suicide being so addictive. Why take the risk if people’s lives are at stake. You don’t usually put two chemicals near each other when combine forms poison gas. The likelihood of the containers leaking is low but not zero. Maybe the creator should’ve gotten together with the mental health organization to talk to them about it

    Polyoctopus1Polyoctopus1Måned siden
  • I appreciate your sense of humor😂

    Nikita Van ZylNikita Van ZylMåned siden
  • There's a pretty similar concept in Work in Progress and I definitely didn't find that show to be romantising suicide and I didn't see any backlash around that so it can obviously be done right

    EzraEzraMåned siden
  • that protest was a vigil.

    Suaibu JallahSuaibu JallahMåned siden
  • Idk telling the women to stay inside while they haven't caught a possible sexual predator and clearly dangerous person is pretty much like them issuing a warning to stay in because there's a serial killer. They are just trying to keep you safe as you could be the next victim.

    Kryptic -Kryptic -Måned siden
  • Why are you including the Sarah everard case on this American NOtown drama channel in a title with fucking corpse husband and forte backlash??? The disrespect is crazy.

    TTMåned siden
    • " American NOtown drama channel" wat

      leHookerHeelsleHookerHeelsMåned siden
  • I think that if you don't have multiple people who have made several attempts on suicide giving feedback, you shouldn't attempt a show on suicide. As harmful as 13 Reasons Why was, your "happy, hopeful" version of the show is just as harmful. As someone who's been suicidal since I was a child, literally nearly my entire life, the ONE THING I hate more than anything else is people acting like "it gets better" is a true narrative. "It gets better" for some people. But, when you say those words or you push that message, you're only interacting with that person for a brief amount of time. You have no accountability whatsoever. So, when for the majority of people, it DOESN'T get better, the next narrative pushed is that it's they're fault. I can't tell you how many times I've been BLAMED for being suicidal BECAUSE people have come to expect it "to get better" magically on its own. It's MY FAULT for not TRYING HARD ENOUGH if it's not getting better. Hell, I've even blamed myself countless times. The most harmful narrative to suicide is "it gets better" because there's no guarentee of that. Please take care when you push that "happy" narrative of "changing their life around" because most of the time, that only happens in books and movies. There's no quick fix or easy solution for suicide. There's no guarentee that anything will work. And for some people, like me, who need medication to combat this but have another disorder that will interfere with any medication I'm given, there IS. NO. SOLUTION. Depression medication is what pushed me closer to suicide in the first place. There isn't medication for people like me yet. There is no happy ending. There is no turn around. This is my reality and it'll never be shown because what people want to believe in is that "it gets better". Guaranteed, someone is going to try to argue with me in the comments.

    medchanmedchanMåned siden
  • Handful, wow - if you are going to present yourself as a fact finder maybe do some. Side effects of blood clots ,yeah just so happens all these people had the exact same issue but it wasn't linked to the ONLY thing they had in common , the vaccine. and that isn't even the half of it. All of these vaccines are experimental, All of them , and the fact that no one tells people that and you defend serious issues involving them , They didn't even do the animal trials on them, NO ONE knows the real side effects of any of them . Oh has no one told you they have never been approved by the FDA? and even then look at the vaccines and the requirements they were , vaccine protocols, suppose to meet , a study every 2yrs , There are vaccines that have been on the market for 30yrs that have never done ONE study much less one every 2yrs. Why not? Oh maybe because of all the side effects and damage done by them , their are still people that Mock others for saying vaccines can cause autism EVEN after the CDC has admitted to it , No one wonders where that condition came from? it just fell out of the sky and people don't question how rapidly it has grown in the amount of kids that have it? It couldn't be the massive load of meds they force you to give your kids that are Way more than is considered tolerable for a grown man, oh you didn't know that? . You have people demanding kids take the Covid vaccine , ie schools / teachers union memebers , and the manufacturer said it should NOT be given to children , so are you giving it to your son? There are over 3000 documented , right now cases of adverse effects in America and that are the reported one , do you know how many people typically report adverse reactions to vaccines? Less than 1% . Check the data , Now we have employers demanding their workers take it. I will say it again for the people in the back since none of these people INCLUDING PHIL will, these vaccines are Experimental , EXPERIMENTAL . You are a guinea pig , no matter how they try to spin it . You are! the WHO , you are using the WHO ? the same organization that defended China ? The same one that won't even say the word Taiwan . The fact you use the word and think about the word "documented" do you think they would document it as one? Who owns the patents for these vaccines Phil? Do you know? People like Fauci , Maybe just maybe see if there is a conflict of interest with the people who do the "research" and who have stake in them. This is what is wrong with even independent "journalists" you give the same talking points as MSM and don't really care the harm you can do by not looking into why no one trusts the media you just walk the same line . This is just one video but ffs, This isn't the first time London / UK has told women they should stay home after dark and talked about a curfew , so many women were and still are abducted , raped and tortured by "refugees" that not only have they stopped putting the race of the perpetrator in the articles they talked about a curfew for women, by all means talk about a horrible cop who should rot under the jail if he did this, but why don't you tell the story of the thousands that have been assaulted and it happens EVERY DAY ? My friend who lives there had a "refugee" -____ I post that in quotes if you wonder because that is another story, these people that supposedly fled for their lives are complaining they aren't given enough money for cigarettes', people in the UK are watching the citizens there go homeless while the government gives the "refugees" the homes they lose for FREE. It's a huge issue NO ONE is talking about , why because of their skin tone, The fact people Will only protect women when they don't have to highlight the fact an entire culture of people that DO NOT respect women has flooded the Country . see the teenager raped by a mob at a concert , the one found in the woods as she ran to met her mother and tried to call her Dad who heard her murder on the phone. these aren't once a month , this is happening everyday there. - ____ break into her house a couple of months ago , just walked right in her home and guess what they don't have we do , weapons . so a 5ft 100lb woman who lives alone now has to worry that one of these men are just going to come in and do horrible things to her, EVERY DAY . These are the cold hard facts that now as a society we are going to cover up their crimes for them because of the color of their skin? While the Women are victimized . Read a book called Easy Meat and then get back to me. Educate yourself , don't believe me , don't listen to people like Phil white wash the real issues going on right now. Look for yourself . Ask someone who lives there like I have , and don't even get me started on South Africa , no one is talking about watch the documentary Farm Land by Lauren Southern for that one , and yes everything in it is true, My friend Joel's brother was married to an Africana woman , he was white and they can't even live together now because they will be attacked and killed by other Africana's . So while we have brats here in America trashing a Country that gives them Freedom to bitch about pronouns, There are Countries like China with Death Camps , Organ harvesting and Libya that still sells slaves . and the Middle East who buys a Pilipino woman for 700 dollars to be the house slave . But please Bill Gates tell us how charitable you are , then look up the Polio vaccine that is killing kids , not from polio but the Vaccine , and how long has that one been around Phil? But yeah this one that no one bothered to even test remotely as long as that one is completely safe? No evidence of side effects tells me either you are a sell out or you don't bother to do a damn bit of research . In closing , if you are going to push WHO, Fauci and BIg Pharma talking points then you will be the one who has to look in the mirror, this is what this Administration is pushing for, don't believe me look at the new Bills being submitted the 2nd Amendment keeps us Free whether people want to acknowledge that IDC , and if you think the people that would hurt you would all of a sudden follow gun laws then you need a padded room. and if you think locking down people and ruining their lively hoods hasn't came with WORSE consequences than the virus then you haven't looked at the Suicide rate and calls to hotlines , It's starts with the "Media" lying to you and pushing an agenda while simultaneously infiltration of the school systems to teach kids to hate their own Country and demand we give all the power to the Government or did you think Socialism meant something else? Here is what that has looked like for China

    5x55x5Måned siden
    • Gonna be a hard no from me dawg.

      leHookerHeelsleHookerHeelsMåned siden
  • It's been my opinion for decades now that using a song in a film is such a symbiotic relationship no one should have to pay. Hell, Pulp Fiction is the sole reason I'm now a Marvin Gay fan and have bought albums after I've seen the movie. So I agree with Corpse Husband. Creators using a song is free promotion. If anything *they* should get a check. The only exception I can even come up with is pornography. If you don't want someone using your (which should be up to the fucking artist!) song in that, fine. Establish a database of the people who don't. Otherwise, free game.

    The Riff WriterThe Riff WriterMåned siden
  • the moment some people hear that a show will have anything relating to suicide in it they assume shit will be glamourizing suicide. Like maybe wait until there's actually information about it out there, people just assume shit with little to no information and then run with it.

    Eagle -SenseiEagle -SenseiMåned siden
  • Fuck that girl saying men need a curfew instead, go outside if you want it’s just an appropriate warning.

    Dylan MillerDylan MillerMåned siden
  • After I saw Corpse's tweet, I mentioned it on a previous stream coz... He's right. I have been so worried because of these copyright claims that I don't even know what song I'm allowed to play! I do it not just so there's something to listen to while talking, but to recommend the music I listen to to others. I've had to stop a few times just to think of what I am allowed to play. Even video game bgm will earn a claim depending on the title!

    AveryScarletAveryScarletMåned siden
  • 2 Nurses died in South Africa from severe blood Coagulation after taking the Astra-Zenica Vaccine.

    Zak HaasbroekZak HaasbroekMåned siden
  • The UK is already a dystopic police state, where you can get arrested for jokes and tweets, so this is nothing new. I remember when Portugal also had political police that would arrest anyone that said anything inconvenient. It was during our recent fascist dictatorship (Salazar). So yeah, good luck to the brits, I would get the fuck out if I were you, move to a democratic country or something, seeing as our dictatorship lasted about 42 years.....

    VitGerivazVitGerivazMåned siden
  • About that suicide TV show: I'd say it's a good thing all this backlash happened before we've seen the show. Now, there's still time to change it if it is indeed as bad as that first guy (forgot his name) fears it is. If we'd waited until it aired, to then find out there's a spike in suicides, it would've been too late. Now they can either change it or explain how the first guy got it all wrong.

    Anna133199Anna133199Måned siden
  • One part that was missing is the UK law stating that police officers, while undercover, can rape women. The system is just royally fucked

    Georgia Rose AbbottGeorgia Rose AbbottMåned siden
    • What on earth are you on about.

      leHookerHeelsleHookerHeelsMåned siden
  • Johnson prolly is just anti drug

    Leon SchweigerLeon SchweigerMåned siden
  • "This protest was too disruptive" is such moronic fucking reasoning.

    Tom MorganTom MorganMåned siden
  • To suggest a curfew for men is a disgrace. Not all women fear leaving their home at night any other time of the day.

    poison pixiepoison pixieMåned siden
  • In the shadow of the pandemic.... 'Projecting' is the new black....

    Ivan PirsicIvan PirsicMåned siden
  • Let’s get our tiny violins out for Will Smith. Cry a River build a bridge and get over it Will

    ToriToriMåned siden
  • Person dies* “That HAS to be Covid related right?” 30% of people have health issues after receiving vaccine* “Hey let’s take our time and figure this out, we don’t know they are related”

    bigheverlybigheverlyMåned siden
    • Georgian nurse, who died few days after vaccination had no health problems at all... she even encouraged everyone around her to get vaccinated too, but 30 minutes after vaccination she had an anaphylactic shock and died shortly after.

      Mari NaushMari NaushMåned siden
  • Right so if will fortes show drops during COVID vs pre or a while post when mental health is more “stable” would that really matter? It’s always going to be consumable content and like most things, it’ll eventually be outdated and no longer hold the significance of when it came out. It’s a difficult subject and it always will be, I doubt the timing of it will be a big deal

    bigheverlybigheverlyMåned siden
  • As someone with depressed friends, 13 reasons why is a highly dangerous TV series, and if that new show is anything like that it should go

    Ralf PhelpsRalf PhelpsMåned siden
  • As someone who has always struggled with depression watching 13 reasons was really hard for me and almost drove me to make some terrible decisions... I had people who were there for me but many others didn't. They just need to be careful but I have faith that they can do that

    Hunter PughHunter PughMåned siden
  • You still should ask to use their music. It comes off as over entitlement, without negotiation. It common courtesy, to at least credit, when your using something you did not create.

    fantasytravelerfantasytravelerMåned siden
  • One can always play the devils advocate on things like that suicide show, but the fact of the matter is, yeah, it *could* be ok, but the consequences if it isn’t, they’re far too fucking high. Are we gonna bet peoples lives and health on the idea that maybe the show wont be bad? Or should we just maybe stay about 4 light years away from that idea for now, especially considering how devastatingly bad collective mental health is right now. Its chillingly tone deaf in regards to timing. Not just tone deaf, its sadistic. At any other time, it could be a high stakes, provoking storyline to bring taboo mental health issues to light. But not at a time where so many people are hanging on by a thread.

    Mel MelMel MelMåned siden
  • When they say they only want to crack down on the demonstrations that are disruptive, they mean effective.

    PatrickPatrickMåned siden

    sara jagodicsara jagodicMåned siden
  • Everything old is new again... Will Forte? Dabney Coleman! See "Short Time". One of my favorite comedies

    Rave RacerRave RacerMåned siden
  • When I hear a song in the background if a video I like, I immediately stop and go download the song on spotify. I think that the exposure is much great than just playing to that artists audience. There are a ton of songs I would never have heard or downloaded if not for tiktok.

    Jess WJess WMåned siden
  • The show hasn’t come out yet so sure it could be terrible and glorify suicide, but we don’t know that yet. I hate some mental health organizations sometimes because they harm the causes they claim to support. It’s like they are saying no one is allowed to even mention suicide or they should be cancelled. How are we supposed to reduce the stigma if we shut down every piece of art about it? If the show goes in the arc of he lives the life he should have and realizes life is worth living that can be super powerful. As someone who was suicidal almost every day for 8 years, attempted suicide in the past, and has had a long history of mental illness I think the show would have actually benefitted me if it does what I think it will and it would have been helpful to see a show in which a character struggles with this and actually gets better because for the longest time I didn’t think that was possible. But life is insane and recovery is possible. 2020 was the first year of my life since I was 9 years old that I didn’t have a single suicidal thought (and trust me the year was just as crazy for me). We can’t tell people not to touch the subject of mental illness with a ten foot pole and then say we need to reduce the stigma. The show should be approved by MULTIPLE non biased mental health professionals before airing but we can’t make judgements until we watch it.

    Kate DueKate DueMåned siden
  • If the companies don't believe that streaming a song isn't beneficial to them, just hit them with Darude - Sandstorm. That song had extra time in the spotlight because of a Twitch streamer playing it.

    PisholinaPisholinaMåned siden
  • Omg best ever impersonation. Could listen to it over & over!!

    StaceyStaceyMåned siden
  • Right of the bat and I'm LMAO!!!!!

    mallowhawk294mallowhawk294Måned siden
  • The vaccine pause in Sweden is said to be because it does not seem to give immunity to a strand of Covid-19 that mutated in Africa. But still, old people in rural places are not getting vaccinated and left without a date.

    NaJk93NaJk93Måned siden