This Disturbing Claudia Conway Situation Exposes A Lot, PewDiePie Controversy, VTubers, & More News

26. jan.. 2021
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00:00 - Ceeping Up With the Conways
03:59 - Ninja Isn't Your Dad
05:35 - Pewdiepie's Face Un-Reveal
07:05 - Pay TV Providers Are In Trouble
09:07 - Sponsor
09:56 - Norway Fines Grindr
10:46 - DBags of the Day
12:23 - Protests in the Netherlands
13:20 - Protests In Israel
14:32 - Italian PM Resigns
15:24 - Trump Impeachment Update
16:45 - Senate Power Struggle Over Filibuster
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Kellyanne Conway Accused of Posting Topless Photo of Daughter Claudia:
Ninja Says It’s Not His Job To Educate Viewers on Race:
PewDiePie Debuts Avatar:
Pay TV's Bleak Outlook:
Grindr Facing Fine in Norway:
Wealthy Couple Cuts Vaccine Line:
Protests Erupt Across the Netherlands Over Curfew:
Israeli Ultra-Orthodox Clash With Police Over School Closures:

Italian PM Resigns:
Impeachment Article Delivered to Senate:
McConnell Relents On Senate Filibuster Stalemate:
Twitter Launches Birdwatch:
Josh Hawley Claims Ethics Complaint Against Him is “Cancel Culture”:
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  • I dunno which way to feel. Kelly Anne is old school awful, but her daughter is New Age awful. I just wish they would disappear back to where ever the hex they came from, before we ever knew their names.

    Adam BrokasAdam Brokas2 dager siden
  • *THE DOCUMENTARY IS OUT ON THE NOtown CHANNEL* #JUSTICE FORCLAUDIACONWAY *TW* she gets hurt emotionally physically spiritually its insane PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!! i personally ran away wen i was 16 but the thing is she cant omg i cant watch it anymore it makes me have wicked bad flashbacks so just check your emotional state if you grew up with an you guys

    Boston EmilyBoston Emily10 dager siden
  • Why are people excusing the profanity used against a child? KAC is supposed to be the leader of evangelical values. I did a lot of crazy stuff as an adolescent. My dad was hurt and disappointed. He only cussed at me once. He called me on "bullshit." But he never cussed at me. He may have been angry. He was never abusive. I feel sorry that she has had role models that perpetuate disrespect.

    Jessica WingateJessica Wingate12 dager siden
  • That poor child, Claudia. Jesus, they're going to make her disappear.

    electric_magneticelectric_magnetic15 dager siden
  • You mean a professional liar wasn't a good person?

    The Riff WriterThe Riff Writer17 dager siden
  • as a dutch person i fucking hate the rioters lol

    Bunny MoonchildBunny Moonchild18 dager siden
  • Kelly deserves jail. She released CP on twitter of her own daughter as BLACKMAIL because she was crying out for help! She is abusive, she is a lair, and she forced Claudia to come out telling everyone ‘she is fine’ when she has said she would never say that on her own will. Horrid human being.

    GladwearGladwear18 dager siden
  • In South Africa you need a TV licence to buy a TV... that money goes to the SABC to develop programs etc. The money was mismanaged horribly... and now the SABC wants to force people to pay for a TV licence for watching streaming services such as Netflix...

    Marianne VersterMarianne Verster19 dager siden
  • I can barely acknowledge my child as a sexual creature. And he's a father. It repulsive to even want something like that...that girl was clearly not alone when recording that last one. Js

    Jess Has No FilterJess Has No Filter19 dager siden
  • As a domestic and childhood abuse survivor, I need to add that it's common for victims to frequently change their minds on their abusers.

    Julia LebelJulia Lebel20 dager siden
  • 12:23 - it's not only the restricted time . the rights that the lawmakers made that have stood for freedom and human basic rights are being halted by the lawmakers themselves now corona hit the fan (sh*t hit the fan( . not only that , jobs are in danger , because almost every job is closed because lockdown , and they get only 20%/40% of fund to keep their businesses up and not go bankrupt . the government should support all jobs small and big , that are closed because the lockdown for 100% but they don't , and some get NO funding at all. (while media companies can just do their jobs do interviews at their own risks, everyone else sits at home fearing they will lose their jobs including musical artists and so on) meanwhile they sketch the riots as ''terrorists attacks'' while the people in those riots are actually just really really mad , and doing this because lives of the new generation are at stake . schools closing .kids that can't study because of that , day care for kids that can't stay past 9 because the government decided day-care is not a job . so many people that work at hospitals have no one to keep a eye on their child and so on . the government has made a mess , and that's how the people respond - by also making a mess . they hold up a mirror against their government to let them notice ''you make mess , okay we can do that too . '' its radical , its not okay, we shouldn't support it ,,,, but a normal response from people that are feeling that they get lied too by the government and the rules they have set that stand generations . people are scared they will lose their job their homes , they panic (since they are not allowed to normal protest because the covid rules ) they rage and make their voices heard on a not so good riot manner . i mean , what do u do when your freedom of peaceful protest and freedom of speech is taken form you by your government , that years on years on generations supported that with all their heart ..... they have no other choice . the media don't show the bigger picture , never mention the ground rules of the country being swept under the rug by the own government that held those ground . without those rules they are no Netherlands no more . they fight for their country and for their selves .and for anyone saying '' the only do this to be criminals and break stuff because they can now '' please , that's only 20% of the people . the rest of those are trying to peaceful protest , but get blasted away by water cannons . like... again : see the bigger picture, stop villainising everyone that stands up for their rights .

    CNomeyCNomey21 dag siden
  • ok, also, if she was doing her video on her own free will, whats with the morse code? I think she was meant to say that by her mom or family members, or was threatened. She can say it was on her own accord, but the morse code she used, begging for help, speaks differently.

    ZoeyBayyZoeyBayy21 dag siden
  • Who the fuck keeps a nude of their own daughter? Ninja should still be able to check his audience in chat whenever he sees racist shit and to make sure his viewers understand its wrong to think those things, he has a massive audience and dozens of mods, its the bare minimum. Vtubers are made at PDP for using tech hundreds have already used? Kay. I've never had cable but I usually rotate subscriptions based on what i wanna watch for the month.

    CezrDaPleazrCezrDaPleazr21 dag siden
  • *NinJa Ain't YO"Dad* why does it sound like a Griffy video

    MehboobMehboob22 dager siden
  • People should just stay the fuck out of the personal lives of other people. Totally on board with the cops getting involved (because duh), but this sort of family shit should not be dragged out on the internet through the court of TikTok opinion. Claudia started this shit, but she's a fucking minor and her mother needs to be the adult in the situation.

    Bill StoneBill Stone23 dager siden
  • I would cut my cable but my favorite football team is in another state so I have to have directv.

  • Even if she posted the picture by "accident", there is absolutely NO logical reasoning to have private nude pictures of your child on your phone.

    niduoe streniduoe stre25 dager siden
  • claudia has been posting in her comments indicating that she was forced to record those recent tiktoks and wants help, so i think the best thing to do is to get her story spreading!!

    Kaylee BKaylee B25 dager siden
  • I don't trust Claudia at all.

    Aurkus23Aurkus2325 dager siden
  • i haven’t had cable either for my adult life. i get annoyed when i can’t skip a 5 second ad, but cable companies expect me to watch ~two minutes and thirty seconds of commercials. nah

    FF12wasthebest changemymindFF12wasthebest changemymind25 dager siden
    • What happened to the segment "Today in Awesome"? Bring it back, please.

      niduoe streniduoe stre25 dager siden
  • NOtown just sent this as a notification for a new video. NOtown's drunk

    VistrusVistrus25 dager siden
  • I wish the god botherers would stick to themselves if they don’t mind catching it

    crazycrazysnakemancrazycrazysnakeman25 dager siden
  • In the Talmud, the book for Jewish law/ethics, there is a section about "group harm". I'm paraphrasing here, but the text says that Jewish people must take the action that causes the least amount of harm. Think the Railway Ethics Question: A Jewish person must always choose the option that harms the least amount of people (even if that means killing your mom). It's also allowed to break laws/customs in an emergency, like driving a car/using a cellphone on Saturday. If the Ultra-Orthodox community really understood the Talmud and the ethics presented in the text, they would realize that in a PANDEMIC that has KILLED MILLONS of people the least harmful action is to close temples, schools, and social distance.

    Julie PennJulie Penn26 dager siden
  • Pewds plays Ceil - arrwff...

    Patrick OneilPatrick Oneil26 dager siden
  • I feel like this was a National Enquirer episode. Social media is going to take down the human race much faster than the Sun burning out will. lol

    Bernadette bBernadette b26 dager siden
  • I agree with Ninja on this one.

    Heather O'DayHeather O'Day26 dager siden
  • The dutch prime minister has fucked up royally last year so his word doesn't carry much weight and the minister who should enforce the covid rules broke them last year by having a big wedding during quarentine. So yeah dutch politics are on their ass

    Erwin BroekhovenErwin Broekhoven26 dager siden
  • Pro tip: don’t trust ANYONE in the Conway family

    Led TrousersLed Trousers26 dager siden
  • Angry bird pillows please

    MIBuckeye60MIBuckeye6026 dager siden
  • I feel the same way about Kamala Harris Phill, I believe, in my own mind, she is a felater of datan

    Jermany XJermany X26 dager siden
  • Why is it that the far right and the deep religious are so hell bend on their freedom of dying by what would be a biblical plague in the old times?

    rayhirosrayhiros26 dager siden
  • I always thought that kellyAnn Conway looked like the puppet Madam from the Wayland Flowers and Madam show from the 70s. Anyone remember that?

    AniseAnise26 dager siden
  • Looking good Phil!

    Felicia108Felicia10827 dager siden
  • I've been thinking about this Claudia Conway thing for several days now. Isn't posting photos of naked underage females considered child porn? Why hasn't Kellyanne been arrested for disseminating kiddie porn? How many people took screen shots and are sharing it with how many other people? And why the hell hasn't Kellyanne been arrested for this? Where the hell is her father?

    Rickie BansbachRickie Bansbach27 dager siden
  • What happened to the segment "Today in Awesome"? Bring it back, please.

    JoshKeatonFanJoshKeatonFan27 dager siden
  • I only have cable because I have free TiVo

    Sir ZachariaSir Zacharia27 dager siden
  • 5:34 that’s a sus transition

    Joe KuntzJoe Kuntz27 dager siden
  • Grammar police here... “people who care.” Sorry, but I’m a long time viewer and hearing it at the end hurts every time as an English major.

    Ptao TomPtao Tom27 dager siden
  • If cable collapses, how will rural internet access change? My parents rely on cable news.

    Joece LynnJoece Lynn27 dager siden
  • Can we also talk about the fact that them flying to a small indigenous town with a high amount of elders and therefor stealing the vaccine from two people in need is not only wrong because they are wealthy but inherently racist in nature and it just goes to show that the Canadian 1% really don’t care about the indigenous cultures in Canada

    Paige GrayPaige Gray27 dager siden
  • Could Claudia have posted this pic through her moms phone?

    Ek SEk S27 dager siden
    • @Ptao Tom what

      Ek SEk S27 dager siden
    • Netflix, Hulu, etc., all your stuff you interested in is generally there for you whenever you want it, no need to record or pay for additional equipment, or any equipment, and if you

      Ptao TomPtao Tom27 dager siden
  • Claudia's videos look so forced. The weird ass 'fighting/love like mothers and daughters' stuff and her looking off to the one side so much in them makes them look like hostage videos, especially with her video saying she would never do this that she posted just a week ish ago when a lot of this started happening. it is a shame that the people and system meant to protect her are causing her more harm. I mean she fought to emancipate herself, that speaks enough for how bad it is! And those videos of Kellyanne were awful. I hope someone is actually able to help her soon

    Sheillagh O'BrienSheillagh O'Brien27 dager siden
  • Your handmovement is a little to much 🙌

    ClayClay27 dager siden
  • Israel's one of the fastest vaccinated countries because the government agreed to give Pfizer ALL medical data on their population. Fair trade???

    Jab JabJab Jab27 dager siden
  • your damaged childhood is not everyone else's childhood. Your blind belief that Trump is evil is sad. He is a huge D__k not evil. He is less racist than most of BLM.

    B WilhelmB Wilhelm27 dager siden
  • Funny

    always rightalways right27 dager siden
  • Phil: ...or we will punch you in the throat Me:.........dont say it... Me:..... ..... .... ... .. . Punch me daddy. I'm sorry. It's like saying "Your mom (enter random statment about mom here)"'s just reflex at this point.

    A. CanedoA. Canedo27 dager siden
  • luv claudia,hate kelli

    Dawn DDawn D28 dager siden
  • I believe entertainers should entertain, sitting down and explaining to 10 year olds why racism is bad isn’t entertaining, it’s common sense. Plus Myself and others are fucked up because our lazy parent’s let the TV baby sit and teach us about life, so thinking a random guy on the internet is gonna do any better is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. If it’s YOUR kid, than it’s YOUR responsibility, not world’s.

    JASJAS28 dager siden
  • “We fight like mothers and daughters.” Sounds like a phrase used to defend abusive behaviour.

    NinaNina28 dager siden
  • Vtubers are cry babies who cares what they think

    Tree Hugger boiTree Hugger boi28 dager siden
  • The fact that trump is going to get away with trying to install himself as a dictator.... yikes

    Soinas DoyiSoinas Doyi28 dager siden
  • In any other trial, jurors can't have any connection to the person on trial, so this is bullshit IMO.

    TrueBeanBeanTrueBeanBean28 dager siden
  • I also have no problem believing that Kelly Ann Conway is an absolutely reprehensible person. So sorry for Claudia. When will people wake up. Am I the only one noticing the trend of the corrupt, hateful extreme right being exposed by their own actions. And they will do personally what they did politically and publicly. They will lie and blame and carry on with their evil behavior. Somebody please give these people legal consequences and make them take responsibility.

    Suzanne DSuzanne D28 dager siden
    • I once again hope that 17 republicans do the right thing

      Soinas DoyiSoinas Doyi28 dager siden
  • I do remember seeing that video of Claudia saying she would never leave social media. She said it multiple times in video and comments so I definitely believe she was forced to say that. Also her eye movement might suggest that her mom was watching her and that she’s looking at her for approval

    KalamityKalyKalamityKaly28 dager siden
  • Grammar police here... “people *who* care.” Sorry, but I’m a long time viewer and hearing it at the end hurts every time as an English major.

    RohawkRohawk28 dager siden
  • 9:06. I just want to take a seconfld to point out something very important in the difference in tv sub and netflix, Hulu, A prime subs etc. With tv you have shows that you either have to be there when it comes on or record it which generally recquires additional fees and equipment and waiting each week for each episode of the shows you like. Where as with Netflix, Hulu, etc., all your stuff you interested in is generally there for you whenever you want it, no need to record or pay for additional equipment, or any equipment, and if you wait a bit longer, you can watch the whole season of whatever show, all at once, or as much as you want at a time. For me its a no brainer. The subs to Netflix, Hulu, etc., are so easily worth it over tv sub. I got rid of my tv sub long before Netflix anyway.

    UltimateVenom GamingUltimateVenom Gaming28 dager siden
  • Paused a 6:50. Phil seven days a week? I'm on board. How do we do this? Lets get this ball rolling.

    UltimateVenom GamingUltimateVenom Gaming28 dager siden
  • Phil is looking more and more like a driver's ed instructor every day.

    NickNick28 dager siden
  • I haven’t owned cable since 2018

    Brandon FultzBrandon Fultz28 dager siden
  • I feel like cinemacsins watching the hoodie strings go in and out of the mic clip lol

    Emma ThompsonEmma Thompson28 dager siden
  • We can't even vote Trump out of office when he's already out of office.

    Ranell WolfRanell Wolf28 dager siden
    • What?

      Ek SEk S27 dager siden
  • Well if they drop their fucking prices to a more affordable level more people will buy it! 19.99 and ill let that shit run thru my house!

    Bucky O HareBucky O Hare28 dager siden
  • kellyanne conway is a horrible person... and who the hell keeps semi nude pictures of their own kids?! wtf?!

    Claire ConoverClaire Conover28 dager siden
    • She has confirmed that she was coerced to say that but she had her phone taken away again she is not out of the clear

      mijuo rouimijuo roui28 dager siden
  • “This is essentially tagging lgbtq people” (in relation to grindr? LESBIANS DONT USE GRINDR

    Makeup With SmidgeMakeup With Smidge28 dager siden
    • get out, hence why she made that last video.

      mijuo rouimijuo roui28 dager siden
  • NO ONE I repeat NO ONE is responsible for teaching children against bigotry besides the people who are raising those children aka parents or guardians! As well as those employed to teach / look after the child. Aka teachers / live in nanny’s. Ninja is not wrong!

    Makeup With SmidgeMakeup With Smidge28 dager siden
  • testing site to the ground and rioted in groups, which could easily further spread the virus." 🙄

    beedsj roiuebeedsj roiue28 dager siden
  • This Conway situation is gearing up to be a reality show.

    SelmaSelma28 dager siden
  • That’s it turn online gaming into a racist thing... 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Uncensored AmericanUncensored American29 dager siden
  • I once again hope that 17 republicans do the right thing

    TheCreepyproTheCreepypro29 dager siden
    • give ninja a break. he survived ligma, it's a very serious illness

      beedsj roiuebeedsj roiue28 dager siden
  • Imagine getting mad at Ninja for not parenting kids he encounters during streams about why they shouldn’t shout slurs. That would be like yelling at a kid because they were in the way of the rock YOUR kid threw at them. Like what?

    Emma AveryEmma Avery29 dager siden
  • I like your hair!

    marie sanchezmarie sanchez29 dager siden
  • Why this some vtubers want to gatekeep all big content creators its like they own that community if youre new in this genre keep out

    Jonel SanvictoresJonel Sanvictores29 dager siden
  • Sounds like a stripper name

    bombomosbombomos29 dager siden
  • i don't like ninja or any of the content of his I've seen but I absolutely completely agree with him here

    TanusFoxTanusFox29 dager siden
  • You know i was just thinking "huh it's been a while since pews got into a controversy, i guess the media lost interest" Then i see this not three hours later

    Despairingly hopeful blueDespairingly hopeful blue29 dager siden
  • 40000 people traveled to the State of Florida to get the vaccine and left the very same day So singling out this one couple is a little outreaching

    George WoodGeorge Wood29 dager siden
  • His last name is STANKY. 😆

    Brannon BroadnaxBrannon Broadnax29 dager siden
  • I feel so bad for Claudia. It sounds like she tried to find a way out and everyone around her showed her she was in even more danger and would endure more abuse by trying to get out, hence why she made that last video.

    Kaite GenthnerKaite Genthner29 dager siden
  • She has confirmed that she was coerced to say that but she had her phone taken away again she is not out of the clear

    BlackkatBlackkat29 dager siden
  • Hands, too many hands. I can't concentrate on the story with windmill hands.

    Kyleigh SharpeKyleigh Sharpe29 dager siden
  • I haven't been able to keep up much on international news here in the states... I feel so isolated 😰 there is so much to try and keep up with.

    VampyVsVampyVs29 dager siden
  • I hope the NHL is the first the partner with a streaming service. Hockey fans always get screwed by TV providers.

    Lauren TLauren T29 dager siden
  • Is there an option for “uses my parent’s cable”?

    Megan DernMegan Dern29 dager siden
  • give ninja a break. he survived ligma, it's a very serious illness

    Kevin CormierKevin Cormier29 dager siden
  • In Australia we have free to air tv. We can get free tv with ads or we pay for streaming services with no ads.

    Sam CoxSam Cox29 dager siden
  • ever.

    dueeh nyyudueeh nyyu29 dager siden
  • I don't believe Kelleyanne Conway would purposely do that to her daughter. That's insane. Also, no one has a right to gatekeep language. Culture doesn't change that.

    issaciamsissaciams29 dager siden
  • Sen Kevin McCarthy is working with Trump in Mar-O-Lago on starting a new far political party. This will tar the Republican party apart and split their vote allowing the Dems to maintain a majority. But who really knows until it happens.

    TeddyballgameTeddyballgame29 dager siden
  • I bet Ninjas wife is with him because of how handsome and charming he is and not i repeat not for his money!

    hecticmediaprohecticmediapro29 dager siden
    • statements from teens, adults, and sadly little kids.

      dueeh nyyudueeh nyyu29 dager siden
  • Why does Phil's audio sound different ?

    hbl142hbl14229 dager siden
  • In some of Claudia's Tiktoks of her saying she's going to leave social media and to stop, she looks like she's looking of to the side at something or reading something.

    TheBoxTheBox29 dager siden
  • a sad day to be dutch

    2toxic2play2toxic2play29 dager siden
  • Just another example of the pos humans involved with the Trump administration

    Bruin GoldBruin Gold29 dager siden
  • If Claudia isn’t being forced to record that I love my mom tiktok I will eat several hats

    AudOldEndsAudOldEnds29 dager siden
  • I want to offer you a challenge Felipe. For every minute you can talk without your hands I'll donate 1k to a donation we agree on. What you think? Damn that poor girl. They say if you wanna know how a girl will age look at her mom. DAMN!

    41Fivin41Fivin29 dager siden
  • You have not yet punched me in the throat

    Man KanMan Kan29 dager siden
  • I am scared for that little girl

    Liz JoyceLiz JoyceMåned siden
  • There’s absolutely no way you just accidentally post cp of your daughter and the fact she isn’t being held accountable makes me absolutely disgusted is this world even real anymore

    JettabooJettabooMåned siden
  • anyone says they aren't being forced to say something is probably being forced to say something

    gtoss chddygtoss chddyMåned siden