This Disturbing Jake Paul Scandal Just Got Worse, Joe Rogan Freakout, Josh Fight 2021, & More News

26. april. 2021
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00:00 - NEW Shop DeFranco Drop!
01:32 - UFC vs Jake Paul
04:55 - Battle of the Joshes
07:05 - Sponsor
08:07 - Biden’s Capital Gains Tax Increase
09:12 - Biden Admin Isn’t Banning Red Meat
10:40 - SCOTUS To Hear Second Amendment Case
12:22 - COVID News
15:46 - India’s Ongoing Battle With COVID and Dissent
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Jake Paul and Dana White Clash Following UFC 261:
Josh Battle Held in Nebraska:
Top Biden Economic Adviser Confirms Plan to Double Capital Gains Tax
No, Biden Is Not Trying to Reduce Red Meat Consumption:
SCOTUS to Hear New York Second Amendment Case:
Spanish Man Charged With Infecting 22 People With COVID-19:
Florida Men Indicted for Selling Bleach as 'Miracle' Cure:
India Clamps Down on Social Media Posts as Cases Surge:
Oscars Face Backlash for Ending Show on Chadwick Boseman Snub:
Experts Say J&J Vaccine Safer than Aspirin, but Many Are Still Unwilling To Get It
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg, Maxx Enright
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Brian Espinoza
Production Team: Zack Taylor
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  • Appreciate yall! I'm always blown away on drop days. I still can't believe how much I've lucked out in life. This is my dream job and we've fostered a 90% dope ass community. Love yo faces and see you tomorrow.

    Philip DeFrancoPhilip DeFranco10 dager siden
    • You’re aware that Kamaru Usman is a Trump supporter too right? Lol. All these headlines I’ve seen about “Kamaru Usman knocking out Trump supporters” are so lame. Do your job journalists (not you Phil. You’re not a journalist. U get a pass for your lack of research).

      Mr. KaiMr. Kai8 dager siden
    • Love YO face, Phil! We need more “Josh” stories right now! Definitely brought a smile to my face, and mini-Josh was the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while! Some wackiness all for a good cause! :)

      Lindsey FLindsey F8 dager siden
    • @Seth L really?? Genuinely curious and not trying to come off like a smartass but why leave a comment like that?

      Tasha WilsonTasha Wilson8 dager siden
    • WOW all your videos are just clickbait garbage now. Glad you are losing subscribers.

      Seth LSeth L8 dager siden
    • I've been watching since the beginning. I don't watch every video but I've seen hundreds.

      Hugh MongusHugh Mongus8 dager siden
  • Maybe I'm alone in this, but I really miss the TIA section of this show.

    AbrenuncioProdsAbrenuncioProds17 timer siden
  • That kid still exists?

    Karsen LHKarsen LHDag siden
  • That's the thing about MMS, people having been forcing their kids to literally drink bleach or forcing give it via enema to "cure" them of being autistic

    KaîÇee CraneKaîÇee Crane2 dager siden
  • I just cried over a josh fight...

    dosmartdosmart3 dager siden
  • TIL Joe Rogan and Dana White are different people. Who knew

    Stuart BHStuart BH3 dager siden
  • Crop tops?!??!?? 🥺🤩

    AlexandriaAlexandria3 dager siden
    • Wow the rest of the comments are not the same tone 😂

      AlexandriaAlexandria3 dager siden
  • Is this the church that was writing letters to Trump and trying to convince him to promote consuming disinfectants?

    J HitchcockJ Hitchcock3 dager siden
  • U suck

    Justin HerreraJustin Herrera4 dager siden
  • Wow. Josh proved those bot services really work.

    Nick CNick C4 dager siden
  • Comment section - josh

    due whitdue whit5 dager siden
  • Democrats always wanting to steal more money and tell you want to do.

    Evil SDEvil SD5 dager siden
    • Yeah, they're almost as bad as republicans.

      Meme IselfaneyeMeme Iselfaneye5 dager siden
  • Let me set this straight. That bottle says "we cure AIDS" and people were like "Oh yea, that's legit"?!?! As if you wouldn't have heard it all over the whole world if something like this was the case. Natural selection.

    Jimmy HeymannJimmy Heymann5 dager siden
  • Why the fuck was that guy allowed to post bail and get out of jail?!

    Victoria RidgwayVictoria Ridgway5 dager siden
  • Doea that make all Josh Swains the BAMF of the week?

    Lucas FerreiraLucas Ferreira5 dager siden
  • The covid situation here in Brazil is just as bad as in India. I'm all for other countries helping and aiding India, it's just basic decency, really. But it makes me so mad that my country is not getting any help from other countries because of how awful our president is. He's a negacionist, genocidal, and idiotic prick who instead of doing something useful to help people in need, chose to advertise something that not only don't help infected people, but worsen their immune system to the point of their deaths.

    Alice LimaAlice Lima5 dager siden
  • What's messy? Joe Rogan? A Guy who is a MARTIAL ARTS EXPERT, Talking about SELLOUT PAUL BRO NO. 2? 😆

    AsomiAsomi5 dager siden
  • The Paul dude is a piece of $hit human. I really wish people would stop paying attention to him.

    Rufus JuneRufus June5 dager siden
  • Word of advice, Phil: your merch would look better on a model that isn't a racist homophobe.

    V to be meV to be me6 dager siden
  • Phil man where the love the fat bastards...get some 6x cuz I need some of this

    Jeffery BaniJeffery Bani6 dager siden
  • I will always trust Linz DeFranco’s opinion.

    K.NizzlesK.Nizzles6 dager siden
  • I would so much like to buy hoodies and t-shirts from your shop, but I wear 3XL. It’s always sold out. Maybe you could produce more of those sizes so they don’t run out so fast. That would be so cool. But… You are super cool either way!

    JoAnn MartinezJoAnn Martinez6 dager siden
  • India's government is terrible. The PM Modi's followers support him like he is a God - a whole ass cult.

    RPKDRPKD6 dager siden
  • I was doing a Facebook Search on "Mark Grenon MMS" and I'm horrified when I saw posts from months ago of people selling it in Australia and the Philippines too. Plus there were people complaining that Facebook and NOtown are "censoring" MMS videos and links; they truly believe this product works. Darwin Awards will get them I guess.

    Mae Anne NgoMae Anne Ngo6 dager siden
  • Wait, so y'all aren't cutting down on your meat??? What have I been doing it for alone?? (jk, I'm doing it for health reasons and because I just want to.)

    Arisa KArisa K6 dager siden
  • If I was a blue lives matter kind of guy I’d probably be mad about the usman joke because so many capitol police are traumatized by the capitol , but then again if I was a blue lives matter kind of guy I probably would’ve been at the riot too

    purplexman89purplexman896 dager siden
  • Miracle covid 19 cure? Lol as if. My family has been using this mms since about a decade now. It's not a miracle, it's a medication. Obviously is a super controversial medication because if handled wrong you can do more harm than good. But that doesn't mean it's straight up bleach lol. For anyone who likes looking into controversial topics instead of just hating it because public say = bad, i can tell you it's worth a look, just like hydrogen peroxide. I literally have no more scars because of it. And btw, don't you think anything that endangers a pharmaceutical industry worth BILLIONS if not TRILLIONS will be painted bad in media. It's simple addition. I bet none of you ever looked into how big this cancer industry actually is and how much profit they make from it. Curing it was never a goal. And talking about it isn't either, because then defranco would be put in the same box as the crazies. Wonderful world, only thing I see is a bunch of pussies saving their own skin.

    Jashan FriedlaenderJashan Friedlaender6 dager siden
  • Snake oil is what it is. How many died after buying what they thought was a cure

    SurroundedByPainSurroundedByPain6 dager siden
  • Can't stand the Paul brothers. Sucks that people are dumb enough to follow them

    HansyHansy6 dager siden
  • Jake Paul is a fake fighter... pathetic

    Sim zSim z7 dager siden
  • 6:50 - Everyone likes that.

    Kait CarroKait Carro7 dager siden
  • DeFranco -- you are the most annoying person I've every had the opportunity to listen to. Ahh but the joke's on me -- I actually don't even listen to you. But enjoy your Freedom, and do yourself a favor a consider not promoting votes for people who seek to take away said Freedom. Cheers "blabber mouth"! Wishing you well! :)

    Zachary WhiteZachary White7 dager siden
  • thought i could handle one of your vids all the way through. i still cannot

    PhlecsPhlecs7 dager siden
  • Jake don't really want smoke with DC that shit was just for the cameras because even he knows DC would wash him.

    Chico Dust-EChico Dust-E7 dager siden
  • Oooo fun the bleach drinking community has hit sufficient mainstream to reach philly D. What has become of this planet

    Adam BasingerAdam Basinger7 dager siden
  • Did Phill literally just tell us not-joshs to skip one of the best stories ever?

    The ZXThe ZX7 dager siden
  • sheesh youtuber merch that actually looks fresh

    Robbie ViolanteRobbie Violante7 dager siden
  • Whats wrong with calling someone "jail bait"?

    Triste 421Triste 4217 dager siden
  • Man, that Josh story actually made my eyes a little wetter than they were before. Good story.

    beau hainesbeau haines7 dager siden
  • Phillip Defranco is better enjoyed in small amounts. And the amounts needed keep getting smaller and smaller.

    Drake MorencyDrake Morency7 dager siden
  • New sub here ! Lemme get dat 5k Philly d!!! @theeedippyyy joe Deprimo

    Joe DePrimoJoe DePrimo7 dager siden
  • Jake Paul beat a 5’5” retired basketball player and a wrestler, who is known to basically not have any hands, who looked like a walking marshmallow.

    B HarvB Harv7 dager siden
  • What drop meat by 90% that would be way more plants needed to get the same protein

    Gregory KrisaGregory Krisa7 dager siden
  • He's literally paying fighters at the end of their careers to take a fall. It's theater. Nothing more

    Dex PeckDex Peck7 dager siden
  • Merica you give me hope and then straight after you give me crazy peddling of obvious misinformation campaigns

    EvexiamEvexiam7 dager siden
  • The Florida man's nostrils give me a couple of guesses where the million dollars went.

    Rad ReaperRad Reaper7 dager siden
  • Dum advertising

    R ReR Re7 dager siden
  • Let us not forget, all animal products come from the slavery, rape and murder of innocent animals.

    JacenMalikJacenMalik7 dager siden
  • 3:20 Jake didn't just make it "about money", he specifically spoke out for Jon Jones, who's been in a longtime pay dispute with the UFC. Cuts ever so slightly deeper.

    IB FreelyIB Freely7 dager siden
  • Do you need to specify that most people won't be affected by the Biden tax? The tax, as you said, only kicks in when you make 1 million dollars as income. I would LOVE to be affected by that tax hike, it would be a dream come true. 600K a year after tax is still 600K, and I can still hold a full time job and get a salary on top of that if I wanted to. Most people would probably retire at that point when they make 600K a year just for sitting on their ass.

    Somebody In the worldSomebody In the world7 dager siden
  • When comparing now to the 1920's and seeing how archaic it seems in comparison. i guarantee, that by the 2120's they'll look at us, the exact same way we look at the 1920's. ''they drank bleach back then???? wait, they weren't allowed to think for themselves in india back then?? the Paul Bros were still famous back then???''

    D0S81D0S817 dager siden
  • i love how different your Manscaped ad is to youtuber Whang's version. Philly D ''to help check for testicular cancer'' Whang ''to help keep your shlong looking and smelling great!''

    D0S81D0S817 dager siden
  • I was in Lincoln the whole time and missed the entire thing, I’m truly ashamed

    Braden WojahnBraden Wojahn7 dager siden
  • India is the largest democracy in the world, I hope it doesn't become a "was" the largest democracy in the world. Reports from physicians in India about the situation are absolutely apocalyptic.

    • mamadelosgatos• mamadelosgatos7 dager siden
  • regardless of what Biden thinks. Stop eating animals you ding dongs ♥

    UncleCatfishDubUncleCatfishDub7 dager siden
  • if you’re going to get a thousand plp together unnecessarily during a pandemic at least you donated to charity 🙃

    Brianna SimmonsBrianna Simmons7 dager siden
  • I always miss out on merch drops because my size sells out immediately in the best stuff. I don't know why creators don't just do preorders and make as many as get ordered. I know it's a little more expensive than buying bulk, but isn't it better to make sure everyone gets what they want and you don't end up with overstock in uncommon sizes? Or is the exclusivity more important? 🤔 Meh, bigger fish to fry I guess. While I'm here, fuck Jake Paul.

    thekay72thekay727 dager siden
  • about the gun laws.... im not american so i get that there might be flaws in my logic, but if whoever breaks into your house, or whatever else you might need a self defense gun for, also doesn't have a gun then you can just chase the burglar with a frying pan. self defense guns are useless if no one can just go out and get a gun

    i am No onei am No one7 dager siden
  • Subbed up my sir you owe me 5 grand 😊

    Otis DriftwooddOtis Driftwoodd8 dager siden
  • PhillyD finally gets the exasperation on the DailyFail.

    Tori walkerTori walker8 dager siden
  • I've never understood the fixation on guns in the states. It's honestly unhealthy. Instead of relying on a gun, which could be used against you, to defend yourself and family, why not learn how to defend yourself via alternative methods? Why not come up with a plan in the event that something happens within the home? Guns don't necessarily make you safe, especially not just by having one.

    I Am CyndelaqI Am Cyndelaq8 dager siden
  • Anyone else got a mcdonalds ad bc theres McDonald written in one of the screen shots?

    DavaHalveDavaHalve8 dager siden
  • Jake Paul needs to be in prison for a long time. Maybe that will humble him and make him realize that he is not a God and he cant do whatever to whoever he wants. He is a disgusting human being.

    Jill LindsayJill Lindsay8 dager siden
  • shall not be infringed

    lorton190lorton1908 dager siden
  • Have to give DeFranco props, I have never seen anyone ever in life use more hand gestures lol.🤗

    Chase ElmoreChase Elmore8 dager siden
  • Jake has 20 million plus Subs, so 1.3 million buys I can see it like him or not. But Dana doesn't like the fact that Fighters are going to start making the money they were supposed to be making years ago. No more 50k bonuses, time for real money. An there's no such thing as a decent billionaire..

    Chase ElmoreChase Elmore8 dager siden
  • shocked at what is happening in India

    TheCreepyproTheCreepypro8 dager siden
  • That guy in Spain infecting people is legitimately evil. They should NOT have let him out at all after that.

    James BurkJames Burk8 dager siden
  • Spank a li'l hot sauce on it, load some fries on the side an you got yourself a dish worth serving Boy.

    hogheadv2hogheadv28 dager siden
  • I know we are supposed to comment about one of the stories, but instead I'd like to leave you with this: Fuck Jake Paul, Joe Rogan is an idiot, I bet on Josh and I'm glad he won.

    MikeyMalsMikeyMals8 dager siden
  • I almost resubbed to this channel. Glad you still toss your politics all over this trash.

    Nick ZNick Z8 dager siden
    • What

      JeyJey8 dager siden
  • Sad that I'm too big for the awesome awesome crop top. I bet a 3X unisex crop would sell out just as fast. It can't be that wimpy women's size 3X. The 2X "women's" size is like a medium. You might be surprised at how many larger women love the crop top. For those of us with larger butts, a crop top hit's perfectly. Makes me feel great. The perfect color, too. Maybe next time? That same color, if you plan to do a second run. I hope you choose to do a Unisex 3X of that same color if you have a second run of these.

    LynnPLynnP8 dager siden
  • He's onto us, we need to push back the next drop's previously planned prank to another drop

    MaugreMaugre8 dager siden
  • Those T shirt designs are so dopeeee!

    Shawn PShawn P8 dager siden
  • You’re aware that Kamaru Usman is a Trump supporter too right? Lol. All these headlines I’ve seen about “Kamaru Usman knocking out Trump supporters” are so lame. Do your job journalists (not you Phil. You’re not a journalist. U get a pass for your lack of research). Usman even went to Trump rallies.

    Mr. KaiMr. Kai8 dager siden
  • I'm really tired of youtube dropping you off my shit.

    Adrian CanestraAdrian Canestra8 dager siden
  • The Josh battle makes me so happy. It's one of those weird, wonderful things that couldn't have happened without the internet. Not only was it a great experience for those who attended, it made a difference for children's hospitals, the local food bank, and those who rely on them. Thank you for mentioning it, Phil, I think these small, good news stories get lost sometimes

    angelofdusk13angelofdusk138 dager siden
  • This video is a fail because I cannot stop thinking how great your hair looks 😍

    Janelle NoharaJanelle Nohara8 dager siden
  • I just clicked to see Joe Rogan’s freak out lmao

    Bri EeeeBri Eeee8 dager siden
  • Kinda crazy that the josh fight blew up into a huge positive thing

    Joe DuckerJoe Ducker8 dager siden
  • S'up, ya beautiful PHIL?! Welcome to yet another one of my comments. Hope you're having a FAN-tastic Wednesday. My name is Natalie and my birthday just passed on Earthday! 🥳🎉 I've been a subscriber of yours for years. I have watched you and your channel evolve and grow. I'm a true long-time subscriber and lurker, as I often don't comment but I watch and follow discussions! Grade A content! CONGRATS ON THAT MERCH DROP! Anyway, as I enter my 25th year, I am saving to apply to and attend Physician Assistant (PA) school, which you can imaging is very expensive. I am building my way to a career and saving every penny I earn to pay off applications and eventually school. I know everyone can use $5,000 but, in lieu of your giveaway announcements, I just want to say that I'm here. To be honest, I am really only commenting now because I like to plant hope in my brain--this is invigorating, just like that feeling you get when you buy a lotto ticket! Above anything else, I'm grateful that dreaming is free. I don't expect anything but hello, if you read this! Thanks for giving me newsy-type stuff that matters not only to you but me, and for loving my face without ever having seen it. Really, that's always enough. I'll enjoy the little spark of hope ignited by this comment. I'll keep on dreaming about making a difference as a PA. And, of course, I'll keep on watching your show! I'm happy to be here.

    Natalie GuerraNatalie Guerra8 dager siden
  • I can’t with Joe Rogan anymore 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣

    F.P. ShapesF.P. Shapes8 dager siden
  • literally every time he wins a fight and gets a huge payday people come crawling out of the wood work and start suing and claiming rape and assault and shit. it doesnt take a genius to figure out that its nothing more than a money grab. he doesnt need to sexually assault women chicks throw themselves at him, look at the women he bangs juila rose . people just need to leave the guy alone. sure hes annoying and an asshole but thats not illeagal

    Brandon SarsfieldBrandon Sarsfield8 dager siden
  • Battle of the Joshes is one of the best news stories I’ve heard in a while 😅 btw my new legal name is Josh Swain.

    AJ NakasoneAJ Nakasone8 dager siden
  • The hat and hoodie look amazing!

    SebastianSebastian8 dager siden
  • The Josh fight was the most glorious thing to bless this year ✨

    smallfry613smallfry6138 dager siden
  • Biden won't to raise taxes on the rich, and the rich (Congress) don't wont this. At least the President is getting bipartisanship from the Congress.

    Tom A.Tom A.8 dager siden
  • Battle of the Joshes is the wholesome content we needed to break up all the depressing news happening these days 😂

    Braden LimbBraden Limb8 dager siden
  • ROFL here in Canada we are at 50% capital gains tax and they are periodically pushing for 100%.

    Lion RitchieLion Ritchie8 dager siden
  • I'm just commenting to hopefully get some amazing PDS gear.

    Jon SmithJon Smith8 dager siden
  • Josh thing happened to me lol but with different names

    Snake6913Snake69138 dager siden
  • How am I the only person who doesn't know who Joe Rogan is?

    Celine Le CheminantCeline Le Cheminant8 dager siden
  • I seems that when you relax the gun laws, mass shooting will spike.

    JurassiclandJurassicland8 dager siden
  • Ok I’m crying at the josh story this is incredible. Super happy and emotionally available now

    Morgan WebbMorgan Webb8 dager siden
  • I'm disappointed that someone who's been through the struggle with weight is limiting his drop to 2x at the biggest. Like, usually those would be the ones that understand the struggle and would be like "let's do 3-4x as well so that my bigger bastards can have loose fitting, comfy shit as well." But no... Phil just stops at the same sizes every skinny bitch does.

    bethfaceplaysbethfaceplays8 dager siden
  • Was anyone actually injured from the Genesis 2 formula?

    Rebekah DavisRebekah Davis8 dager siden
  • The moment Jake loses a fight his whole fighting "career" will be over. As far as the capital gains tax increase. You get what you voted for.

    Mitchell LerichMitchell Lerich8 dager siden
  • Omg that battle of the Joshes shit looks so fun!! Someone PLEASE make a battle of the Ashleys. There's too many of us >:)

    Cinderkit5Cinderkit58 dager siden
  • A like for that transition to the Manscaped sponsor. I got a chuckle out of that

    TheLunesTheLunes8 dager siden

    Seth LSeth L8 dager siden
    • U new to NOtown?

      JeyJey8 dager siden