The Painful Truth About Youtube, New James Charles Accusations, Vaccine Passport Ban, & More News

30. mars. 2021
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00:00 - Please Don’t Do This, NOtown
02:23 - James Charles Not Hosting Season 2 of Instant Influencer
04:18 - Sponsor
05:23 - Vaccine Passports Don’t Violate HIPAA
09:45 - NYPD Investigating 2 Anti-Asian Attacks Caught On Video
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NOtown to Test Hiding Dislikes:
James Charles Faces More Accusations:
DeSantis Vows to Ban Vaccine Passports in FL:
Hate Crimes Against Asian Americans Reported in NYC:
Only "Patriotic" Candidates Can Run for Legislative Council in Hong Kong, China Rules
House Panel Raises Concerns Over FAA’s Handling of SpaceX’s Launch License Violation
Seth Rogen Says Emma Watson Did Not Storm Off “This Is The End” Set:
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg, Maxx Enright
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Brian Espinoza
Production Team: Zack Taylor
#DeFranco #JamesCharles #BTS

  • Are there 135,000 weirdos that want to see my nubs? Thats the biggest question today...

    Philip DeFrancoPhilip DeFrancoMåned siden
    • Yes, send them

      Fahad the Random GuyFahad the Random GuyMåned siden
    • Show us your teeth Franco

      MontyMontyMåned siden
    • Enough deflecting Phil. Time to show those nubs.

      Luis C.Luis C.Måned siden
    • It's at over 161k likes Franco so hand over the photo lol

      Serah OliviaSerah OliviaMåned siden
    • Phil asks: "do you want to see this?" We hear: "can you force me to do this whether you want to see it or not?"

      Liam MonticelliLiam MonticelliMåned siden
  • People need to think for themselves. Way to many people base their opinions off mass opinion and not doing their own research and actually forming their own informed opinions.

    B DB D9 dager siden
  • You should cover the ponzu story this week too. Poor cat gets dragged to death and the owner who is asian got kicked and beat while protecting her animal family.

    KateKate15 dager siden
  • But also the dislikes button lets people say yea I dont agree with this video, without actually arguing with others over it. Not everyone can say "you do you I just don't personally agree and this is just my opinion". It assists in allowing the right to speak without being personally attacked by others. Not that I've ever used it on any of your videos Philip I love your work and just quietly waiting for the next merch designs 😅🤩

    Sarah ESarah E17 dager siden
  • Here's the problem as i've seen it with removing the dislike button. It makes the comments more toxic. A popular commenting service Disqus removed the downvote count from comments years back and what happened was that when someone was being a troll or made a shitty comment you could just downvote it and if I was commenting and I came across it and it already had a good number of downvotes I would just toss mine on the pile and keep moving knowing that others knew it was a worthless comment. But when those dislikes were gone I felt like I needed to respond to offer counterpoint to the buffonary, to make sure that people knew that the comment was bad. This empowers trolls, and I eventually stopped commenting altogether, because it was just making me angry all the time as I felt I was my job to refute every moron/troll I came across there...

    Tre916Tre91617 dager siden
  • Anything to keep the globalist agenda moving along 👎🏼

    GMEGME18 dager siden
  • So black people are anti Asian

    Mogroka KMogroka K19 dager siden
  • My dislike button now says not for me and its so annoying -.-

    Kim WatsonKim Watson21 dag siden
  • There have always been exemptions for vaccines for schools and even travel. There has always been a choice if you really cared to have one. My frustration lies in the possibility of us not having a choice whether or not to get the COVID vaccine. There should always be medical, religious and personal exemptions. People should have a choice if they want an experimental vaccine that does not prevent infection or transmission.

    Brittany HenleyBrittany Henley21 dag siden
  • God I’m thankful I’m not American, geeezzsh guys

    Yasminalizz ChannelYasminalizz Channel23 dager siden
  • Yeah, but... compare and contrast 2.5K Dislikes to 167K Likes (at the time of posting this comment, 4/11/21). If I click a YT link with a click-baitey thumb-nail and having a click-baitey title and I NEVER see that image in the video... and when I go to click the Dislike button... Lo! and Behold! there is a near-parity ratio of likes to dislikes... I know I shoulda looked at that before wasting my time watching the video. (It's always SO embarrassing to see that AFTER I've already wasted my time watching the video with the click-baitey thumb-nail and title... Harrumph! Grumble, grumble, grumble. Various-and-sundry other old-man noises.)

    The Pervy PrepperThe Pervy Prepper25 dager siden
  • 7:38 what if I don't want to be vaccinated but can pay for my own PCR test to show negative Phil? What is the purpose of forcing anyone who wants to use basic services like in-person education to have to take injections of altered viruses?

    Obsidian Sirius BlackheartObsidian Sirius Blackheart27 dager siden
  • We blew away that like requirement EPICLOLZ

    Omegaroth666Omegaroth66628 dager siden
  • UFC fighter dressed up as a old Asian man/lady taking subways all day just waiting for a hate crime

    Dreaming LucidDreaming Lucid28 dager siden
  • At least 2000 people DISlIKED this, I am not one of the ;)

    UnbrokenLiightUnbrokenLiight28 dager siden
  • Re: Like/Dislike button, either have both numbers, neither numbers, or no like/dislike system at all

    R GoogleR Google29 dager siden
  • How stupid are NOtown? Dislikes are still site engagement. It keeps people invested in your product and using your site. If they the away dislikes I will be far less likely to engage at all with videos. I won't like, I won't comment, I'll just go to the next vid. Is that what they want? Idiots

    BlueBoboDoo100BlueBoboDoo10029 dager siden
  • Some people dont want the vaccine, they also dont want to be locked out of life, hence why a fake vaccine card business exists. not hard

    sam slabratsam slabratMåned siden
  • Downvotes are great way to identify clickbait videos or just in general videos that are a waste of time watching

    Sam TrottSam TrottMåned siden
  • At least 2,000? Aight got yourself a challenge bud😏😏

    Joshua BaileyJoshua BaileyMåned siden
  • Are you Italian? Not being racist! I have a friend that talks with her hands like you and we tease her. It has gotten more and more and more since middle school. 😂🤣😂🤣

    Victoria PrestonVictoria PrestonMåned siden
  • Apparently only blm is important. America is a sht hole

    Arlen ReyesArlen ReyesMåned siden
  • This youtube-vlog format where the narrator's sentences are all glued together, should be long abandoned. I'm a human, Phil as well, let him talk like a human.. after watching a video of someone relentlessly talking really makes me appreciate silence

    Sergey BSergey BMåned siden

    LoQueTuQuierasMajoLoQueTuQuierasMajoMåned siden
  • They want to get rid of the dislike button because all of Joe Biden's white house videos have a very low like to dislike ratio.

    Craig ewenCraig ewenMåned siden
  • Bro say sike I ain’t wanna see this nasty tooth!!!

    Remy TRemy TMåned siden
  • I miss the star system for youtube.

    skipperifficskipperifficMåned siden
  • Came here for the skinny legend, stayed for the actually banging content. Nice dude!

    Caitlyn KendigCaitlyn KendigMåned siden
  • I'm really afraid of what will happen if a more deadly virus comes along as well. The terrifying thing is that there *could* be another virus like this; climate change means the world's average temperature increases so more viruses/bacteria/fungi thrive in temperatures closer to our body temperature.

    Simple SciSimple SciMåned siden
  • It is shocking to see other people of colour attacking asians. Given the similar circumstances all people of colour have faced in America, I find it unfathomable as to why people are not being empathetic.

    Arjun K.SArjun K.SMåned siden
  • NOtown? More like CommunistTube...

    leHookerHeelsleHookerHeelsMåned siden
  • You are my addiction

    Nicholas GerickeNicholas GerickeMåned siden
  • The man is not a security guard. He is a residential worker. And the media did not show the entirety of the video. That same guy ends up coming outside.

    miguel santosmiguel santosMåned siden
  • The clauses in Hipp does not allow the access of health records even in claim emergency. This is just lies

    Fabian RamFabian RamMåned siden
  • Instead of going the lazy option with removing a dislike button, NOtown could use advanced analytics to show who disliked the videos I.e % of new users, % of current followers, % of new followers, % of non followers etc That would be more useful in addressing those complains of dislike campaigns

    EmEmMåned siden
  • Were youtube following coppa laws Philly d? 🤔 mmm kids have acess to this platform there is zero acountablity on this platform for these acustions there acount should be suspended and looked in to to disprove or prove clames because when you become a larger platformed youtuber you have a fan base of impressionable kids who have acesse to twitter,snap chat, etc where they can be preyed on by these ppl james isnt the only creator who has been acused of such acts as james he shouodnt just be targeted youtube should be held acountable as well Whos actually protecting kids youtube agreed to federal laws are they even followibg them ? 🤔 id be intrested in a deep dive on if this is a federal law breach on this platform behalf

    Rebecca McguireRebecca McguireMåned siden
  • I'll admit I would hesitate to intervene but I live in the 2nd deadliest city in the US where people get gunned down regularly for trying to help.

    Cris C.Cris C.Måned siden
  • Slightly worse then covid? depending which study you check or expert, death rate ranges from .3 to .6% death rate compared to .1% for seasonal flu... So what is slightly worse?

    Jean-Rene FilionJean-Rene FilionMåned siden
  • i get it at the beginning or to go from one country to another, but for day to day passport or just going into a crowrded area is a little over the top. If everyone will have free access to a vaccine isnt the risk then on the person that doesnt want the vaccine and not those who got the vaccine. So why would it matter if they dont have the vacinne. Studies over in israeli have confrimed that transmission of the virus from someone that has the vaccine is close to zero. If they want to roll the dice let them, we shouldn't have to be forced to show ID at every event. I have the vacinne thats my choice i shouldn't be denied service because I didnt want it. thats the risk they want to take let them, remember its free and open to everyone this isnt like a vaccine that a select few can get, they know the risk and if they are that dumb let them be. these steps are just little advances on opening up our private information, you start scanning that at stores and shops and now they know where you are, just like google knows and provides ads base on where you been on the web. look at china they did that with sick people with covid and instead of helping people, people where treated like monsters even after they where better, they where tracked and every one in the area knew where they had scanned in or been that day, not private at all, sure thats ok to some degree but after they got better they still had the same treatment. there is a place for this, but im afraid of how far this goverment wants to take it and use it.

    why herewhy hereMåned siden
  • If james Charles was grooming young girls....hed already be in prison.... But because he was doing it to young boys.... A disgusting double standard

    Ginger sGinger sMåned siden
  • I don't know what the problem is, here in Portugal we have used a vaccine passport and it works great

    Nuno NecxoNuno NecxoMåned siden
  • Was that a low-key diss toward Ethan?

    Ashley UccettaAshley UccettaMåned siden
  • Turkey already has this... Its called the Hes app. If you have tests or have to quarantine it keeps track of how many days you have left. Everytime you enter a mall or restaurant you have to show a code that the app assigns you. You can see how many cases there are in your area.

    Bordo KediBordo KediMåned siden
  • AFRICANS living in China have been dragged out their homes & BEAT since the start of the pandemic.

    Quantum RealmQuantum RealmMåned siden
  • If people think comment sections are bad now just wait till they get rid of the dislike button. With no other outlet there's going to be a LOT more petty bickering clogging up the comments sections.

    Amber FireheartAmber FireheartMåned siden
  • Am I the only one so tired hearing about beauty bloggers? I felt like we came to this consensus that 99% of them are toxic as fuck. I don’t want to hear about Tati I don’t wanna hear about James I don’t wanna hear about Jeffrey. Like same shit different day.

    Breanna NorthrupBreanna NorthrupMåned siden
  • I think we should be able to see dislikes on user comments too. I hate that we can't.

    SeiaekaSeiaekaMåned siden
  • They can take my dislike from my cold, dead hands.

    Anne BohannonAnne BohannonMåned siden
  • I'm really not at all surprised about what's happening to asians. We're often perceived as model minorities (so not minorities at all), but still treated as such. Everyone remembers how the African Americans are mistreated but no one ever remembers the way Japanese Americans or Chinese Americans were mistreated. Awareness or not, it doesn't really make the problems go away so long as the sentiments against us still exist and those that hold these sentiments remain uneducated and indecent.

    FrankFrankMåned siden
  • Nah they need to bring back the 5 star rating.

    ProApathyProApathyMåned siden
  • Doesn't showing the likes but not the dislikes invalid the likes? Then we'll just know not to take any of it seriously to begin with. The like button effectively just becomes a save button.

    WinewoodWinewoodMåned siden
  • Dislikes off of comments was already annoying!!

    CipherCipherMåned siden
  • hey umm the guy on the train was hit because he called the black man a racial slur, not because he was Asian

    Eriayo KolawoleEriayo KolawoleMåned siden
  • Mr. Defranco, what is your opinion on the current rise of carjackings in D.C., one in which caused the fatal death of a 66 year old Pakistani man that was an uber eats driver. just wanna hear you opinion on this. hopefully you see this.

    Ethan ChavezEthan ChavezMåned siden
  • Why is it the republicans are always getting the laws and rules wrong but also they are fighting against the people

    mark5009mark5009mark5009mark5009Måned siden
  • Those bystanders disgust me. At the bare minimum, they should've gotten on the phone & immediately called the police. They didn't even do that.

    stecky87stecky87Måned siden
  • Why is James so regarded in beauty? I'm out of the loop with that, every picture I've seen of him he looks like a clown.

    alex Barbosaalex BarbosaMåned siden
  • P

    Adam FergusonAdam FergusonMåned siden
  • The dislike button would lose its purpose of its not shown

    Yeet boyYeet boyMåned siden
  • if im watching a guide i always check the dislikes to see if the guides good or not. 9/10 times if the video is mass disliked it usually has bad or false info.

    FlashWorksFlashWorksMåned siden
  • Your far left bias blind spot is huge in this video

    xDeckapexxDeckapexMåned siden
  • Also individuals can still turn off the like/dislike-ratio on videos. People are just stupid enough not to use it if a hate-campaign has been launched against it!

    Fork BFork BMåned siden
  • They need this for the White House NOtown channel

    Clint RichardsonClint RichardsonMåned siden
  • I disliked the video even though I liked it allot. Just bc I could stil dislike.

    KsKsMåned siden
  • I'd just like to take a moment to say *Fuck casual bystanders watching people get beaten!* Really sick shit from the attackers, but just standing there watching that like a chickenshit is cringe af.

    NightsReignNightsReignMåned siden
  • Anyone fragile enough that their mental health is going to be majorly impacted by the public seeing the number of dislikes on their content should probably not be making NOtown vids in the first place. This smells like more of a move to protect corporate interests because you're not even shielding the supposedly fragile creators from the information, you are only keeping it from the public.

    DarkwaterDarkwaterMåned siden
  • People can always disable likes and dislikes. I think NOtown has bigger problems to address such as the sexual misconducts and bullying/ pedophiles of people they sponsor i.e, Dobrik/Charles.

    delta1 incdelta1 incMåned siden
  • As someone who deals with mental health problems but who would love to post more videos, I LOVE hearing that the dislike button might be going away. That’s a major reason I’m afraid to post because it feels so judge mental on this platform compared to Tiktok which doesn’t have the dislike button so it feels much more genuine. It’s obvious if the video is disliked or a scam based on the comments or the content

    Hi From HamburgHi From HamburgMåned siden
  • You would figure such a deep blue town would not have a problem with hate crimes.

    scurvofpcpscurvofpcpMåned siden
  • Removing the dislikes removes the transparency. Plus, not everything is positive in this world. Overwhelming positivity is just as bad as negativity.

    Rúben CamposRúben CamposMåned siden
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      Binu BinuBinu Binu18 dager siden
  • remember when Philip defranco was about real news? good times

    ali kudsdali kudsdMåned siden
  • go back to 5 stars

    Austin ClementAustin ClementMåned siden
  • A big problem I see with Dislikes on NOtown is with lesser-viewed 'political' content, namely news videos. When these videos get small numbers of views and engagement, a relatively small group of people who go around hate-watching these videos to brigade negative comments and spam Dislikes can (and do) drastically tip the scales on how these videos appear to other users.

    OmaggaOmaggaMåned siden
  • Bring back the 5 star system!

    Michael HartMichael HartMåned siden
  • NOtown please don't remove the dislike button on videos and as well please BRING BACK the dislike button on comments!

    Creepy BEEF!!!Creepy BEEF!!!Måned siden
  • Nothing is going to happen with the ..hate... crimes. Cnn and other msm keep redirecting us from the real problem and keep us follow their narrative and make money

    Tom fairTom fairMåned siden
  • NOtown wants to remove the Dislike button BECAUSE BIDEN'S PRESSERS GET MORE DISLIKES THAN LIKES. Look for yourself.

    Roxa DoxRoxa DoxMåned siden
  • Asian hate crimes is nothing new. I grew up in NY and saw several instances of awful racism directed at Asians. For some reason its the hot topic all of a sudden. There have been other historical events that lead to upticks in this violence and no one gave a shit before. I'm wondering what change? And how short lived will this sympathy for their community be?

    protoman1214protoman1214Måned siden
  • I think the lack of a dislike button would lead to more hate comments, because you have to comment your dissatisfaction and cannot just show it with a dislike.

    Sleepy KittySleepy KittyMåned siden
  • It's not the Rewind videos prompting NOtown to do away with the dislike button. It's the Biden videos getting dumped on by the dislike button they are responding to in my opinion.

    GahziCoHGahziCoHMåned siden
  • I have my Vaccination card...and it's worthless for international travel, and I loosely quote "Because the CDC is an American entity and not Global." Now I need to get my hands on another document that a doctor has to certify etc etc

    Roxanne FelicianoRoxanne FelicianoMåned siden
  • ethan has turned in a total bully. Accusations dont mean they are true. People love to watch the world burn. People want to see JC fail and get cancelled. He really should have provided receipts and exposed those evil kids.

    Marf mellowMarf mellowMåned siden
  • I will be so mad if they take away the dislikes. In fact I demand not only they leave the dislike on videos. They make the dislike button on comments actually function properly. It’s stupid to have a button that doesn’t do anything.

    ShainaShainaMåned siden
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    Birsing BasumataryBirsing BasumataryMåned siden
  • Worst idea ever

    fantasyfan9fantasyfan9Måned siden
  • Hey Phil, how about speaking about all the Hispanic street vendors that have been getting attack in California. One was recently cold blooded murder for no reason.

    Aurora SierraAurora SierraMåned siden
  • Can anyone explain a jump in Asian hate crimes?? Like why would that even be?

    Alex MurphyAlex MurphyMåned siden
  • 3:32 there should be true evidence instead of people just spamming that he is a predator or what ever because calling someone a predator/rapist destroy's people's lively hoods

    Captainzilla418Captainzilla418Måned siden
  • I didn't know that Americans didn't have access to their own medical records. That's so weird to me. In Australia, we've been digitising records for a while and there are apps to access it. I mean, it's not a perfect system but it's getting there. And we're given vaccine receipts/certificates to show for travel.

    Emily VeronicaEmily VeronicaMåned siden
  • Remember when NOtown videos were rated out of 5 stars? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

    Caleb CampbellCaleb CampbellMåned siden
  • Anyone else here from “grade A under a “

    Jess. tJess. tMåned siden
  • I think they should replace the like/dislike buttons with something more nuanced, like maybe a star rating ;)

    MgooyMgooyMåned siden
  • likes are confusing ie beginning of video where you asked people to like for a whole complete different reason other then the video you just put out

    ButIDontComplainButIDontComplainMåned siden
  • Wait til they find out that as a healthcare worker I’ve had to turn over all of my medical information and receive tb testing to any job I’ve ever had😀

    Shelby LynnShelby LynnMåned siden
  • I used to watch you regularly. I haven't watched in years. In my opinion, you seem to default to 'what do you guys think? let me know in the comments' to avoid taking a stance that might divide your audience. It frustrating me once I began to notice it is why I stopped watching. However, I'm happy that you're still very successful and I appreciate you shedding light on important issues.

    Greg's Plant VlogsGreg's Plant VlogsMåned siden
  • The fact that he believes coronavirus is real is actually really sad and if y’all attack me for my opinion ur all racist cuz I’m a Hispanic kid

    Odst soldierOdst soldierMåned siden
  • Even the ads on phils videos are bad ass

    coolman9zcoolman9zMåned siden
  • That's an... Interesting sponsor. Props for not promoting another VPN under the guise of semi-sanctioned piracy or generic earbuds.

    JVnet2010JVnet2010Måned siden
  • Interesting how a google boardmember just got appointed to the new.. ahem, administration. And they just so chose to make all discussion around the legitimacy of that admin (which still has DC barricaded) rendered as "conspriracy theory" and banned. Seems kind of "fishy" (being very subtle there) that a company is taking away speech rights and is being given government support after all these years of conspiracy theory being a fun topic to consier. Problem there people, when the conspiracy gets real and they use the excuse of it being just a "conspracy" to make people not pay attention. Lots to go doen this rabbit hole on though. The little "dog and pony" show that News and Media say is reality, isnt. Read the things they tell you not to read. They always have reasons to keep you tuned out of reality and into "pop culture".

    Dj McculloughDj McculloughMåned siden
  • Hes right, right at 2k+ dislikes on this one so far, good job DeFranco. Frustrating just enough people to make a difference...good job.

    Sarty GayeSarty GayeMåned siden