The Painful Truth About This Billie Eilish Controversy, Pokimane, India, Australia & Today's News

3. mai. 2021
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00:00 - Billie Eilish Speaks About Body Positivity
03:56 - DBAG of the Day
06:31 - Sponsor
07:23 - Twitch Hot Tubs, Verizon Sale, and Twitter Boosts Local News
11:00 - COVID News From India, Australia, and U.S.
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Billie Eilish Opens Up About Body Image:
Restaurant Owner Owes Over $500,000 to Enslaved Worker:
Pokimane Addresses Hot Tub Meta:
Verizon Sells Media Businesses Including Yahoo and AOL to Apollo:
Twitter Launches Campaign to Support Local Journalism:
I’m In The News?!
Cases Surge in India:
Manchester United Fans Storm Team’s Home Stadium To Protest American Ownership, Postponing Game
International Raid Takes Down Massive Child Sex Abuse Site
Biden Administration To Reunite Four Migrant Families Separated Under Trump:
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg, Maxx Enright
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Brian Espinoza
Production Team: Zack Taylor
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  • Just shaking the weekend off. I saw a small group of people for the first time in a year. I think I actually missed the small talk.

    Philip DeFrancoPhilip DeFranco3 dager siden
    • Phil, why didn’t you mention that the CDC changed its guidelines, you don’t need to wear a mask outdoors/indoors if you have been vaccinated. It seems like you are just fear mongering and not giving the entire picture.

      David OrozcoDavid Orozco2 dager siden
    • ok

      TkSharmaTkSharma2 dager siden
    • #soscolombia

      Lita_ASMRLita_ASMR2 dager siden
    • @Cristin Martin no one had it good pre-covid

      Taylor ReevesTaylor Reeves2 dager siden
    • I love your show and I want to buy your merch but I never am able to when something I like comes to your store. I'm sorry but I HATE the way you do your merchandise. It's not inclusive at all to your low income fans.

      Taylor ReevesTaylor Reeves2 dager siden
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      Gilberto PachecoGilberto Pacheco39 minutter siden
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      Paisley JohnsonPaisley Johnson40 minutter siden
    • The world is gradually moving out of the I work for my boss era,and people who choose to be entrepreneurs are highly securing a brighter future for themselves.

      Mariana AyalaMariana Ayala40 minutter siden
  • Empower yourself Phil! Open an Only Fans page!

    ewellfordewellford3 timer siden
  • really enjoyed getting "real" news rather than internet squabble. Thanks Phil, as always

    wallzorz50wallzorz504 timer siden
  • tfw your girl only gets naked to PROMOTE AN UPCOMING ALBUM like for fucks sake open your goddamn eyes.

    niki la chaiseniki la chaise6 timer siden
  • Can you talk about the Nikki Philippi story and how she killed her dog

    Paulina GonzalezPaulina Gonzalez11 timer siden
  • That amount of money is a fucking JOKE! This isn't about just recovering wages, the man was kept ass a slave and fucking tortured and mentally abused for a huge chunk of his life.

    Goblin Princess KyoGoblin Princess Kyo11 timer siden
  • I got my second dose yesterday! I'm so excited to finally feel safe going outside, from covid at least. Still gonna wear a mask though. I got invited to a weekly picnic with by my friend and I'm really excited, we've never met in person but it was through online school, they're like the one good thing that came from this year for me, and I can't wait to give them one of my crushing hugs.

    Mister GlitterBooMister GlitterBoo12 timer siden
  • Loved the intro!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💜👌🏻🤗

    Super LadySuper Lady12 timer siden
  • bobby should work just as much in jail and in the same conditions and torment for the rest of his life. the court should be sending john money as well because letting cases like this slide will only create more abusers.

    Moldy GrillMoldy Grill12 timer siden
  • That man deserves the most severe punishment administrable to a non-violent criminal.

    BrozachBrozach12 timer siden
  • did phil gained weight, lol

    Moses AboMoses Abo13 timer siden
  • How can anyone treat another person like that? Don’t get me wrong... I do know that there are f’ed up people on this planet.. but it’s just SO far from how I am, how I see other people... that it’s seems so freaking strange to me.. treat people and other living creatures, how you want to be treated- with respect, acceptance and love... honestly I can’t see why it’s so freaking hard for some people... 😔

    Melissa RehmeierMelissa Rehmeier13 timer siden
  • Billie used to come into a place I used to work at in Highland Park and she’s literally the chillest person. She just wants to be treated like a normal person and I know a lot of people will say “she shouldn’t have chosen this career then” and that in my honest opinion is an incredibly toxic mentality. The way we treat people in the entertainment business is inhumane and way beyond the line of abuse.

    Sean McCaddenSean McCadden13 timer siden
  • That was both the most fun and funniest intro I I think you've ever done yet.

    RawGreenRawGreen14 timer siden
  • Shes just a thoughtful emotionally aware kid . Entertainment news people are total dogsh*t. We should freeze them out. We don't need them any more

    lastlegslastlegs14 timer siden
  • Okay Daddy with the glasses 😍

    Rikkilover17Rikkilover1715 timer siden
  • Billie Eilish is famous for a resting bitch face. Gotta love how these multi millionaire talentless celebrities and bitching and complaining that we should feels bad for them from their mansions

    jamesjames16 timer siden
  • I still miss Today in Awesome But thanks for keeping us informed Phil

    Clifton ClarkeClifton Clarke17 timer siden
  • I hope that he does get the money AND a financial advisor would set forward to help him set up managing it to move forward at an advantage

    Alexa GiossiAlexa Giossi17 timer siden
  • Who. Fucking. Cares.

    Thisis PointlessThisis Pointless18 timer siden
  • Sorry, but that punishment wasn't nearly enough, especially considering people have gotten life sentences for marijuana possession. Glad they upped the amount the victim would get, but he wasn't just neglected wages, he was abused, which should mean a substantial increase to what he gets.

    Jacob AndersonJacob Anderson18 timer siden
  • I miss when Twitch was about gaming and not women in revealing shirts “talking” and dudes just “reacting” to videos.

    Joshua GregoryJoshua Gregory18 timer siden
  • I stopped using twitch because it was all boob bikini people. I'm not looking for porn on a game streaming site.

    William ThomsonWilliam Thomson19 timer siden
  • Phil can’t hold his hands still for a second. Quit being so animated dude

    KBKB22 timer siden
    • I wish he slowed down while he talks as well

      djJamesdjJames18 timer siden
  • I find that people lack introspection. With a lot of these modern unsolved issues, people are too busy doing things, too busy stuck in their ways to ever examine their ways, because why should they? No one or nothing is forcing them to change, hence they perpetuate their bad habits. If people had to look at their behaviour, even for a moment, and had that behaviour checked properly, maybe we'd have some real progress. Honestly, it feels like we created social media before we solved the majority of the world's social issues. Cart before the horse.

    JusticeSoulTunaJusticeSoulTunaDag siden
  • Like the billie eilish thing isn't just marketing for her new album. Wake up sheeple!

    TheHezzaTTheHezzaTDag siden
  • Not sure if anyone has said this yet, but a couple of things about the slavery story. First, it's ridiculous the FBI didn't pick this up and charge him with a hate crime. It's also ridiculous he only had 1 charge and committed multiple felonies within those 5 years. About the money, this was just a criminal case, not a civil suit. The good things about that 500k is, while the victim may never see it all, the criminal WILL have to pay for the rest of his life regardless of circumstances and he can't put that debt into bankruptcy. Now, the victim can file a civil suit, he'd likely win multiple millions. However, it's extremely unlikely he'll ever see it. Not just because this guy will be in prison for a decade and won't likely have extreme profits when he gets out and starts to make money again. He CAN put the civil suit debt in a bankruptcy filing. This man will never get justice, financially or criminally unfortunately. On this plane of existence anyway

    Apoc AlypseApoc AlypseDag siden
  • Has there been any reports of any vaccinated people catching Corona?

    Nick NavarraNick NavarraDag siden
  • I am a beautiful bastard...Except at night when I'm sleepy then I"m an old dirty bastard. HAHA. I don't think wearing something a little low cut or tight is bad, but wap on the grammies was just nasty and for me not female power. Morticia

    JekyllHydeClubJekyllHydeClubDag siden
  • I'm not shocked by the Australian travel ban considering how this government treats asylum seekers.

    Pixel HotaruPixel HotaruDag siden
  • I truly hope the situation in India gets better and not just for their sakes....

    TheCreepyproTheCreepyproDag siden
  • your 'news' is not 'news' its gossip.

    GJ HawksGJ HawksDag siden
  • Hell yah is what i think about that white dude and that bro should get that $

    Erik ValentineErik ValentineDag siden
  • Any gov't that says, "Multiple strains, so masks and lockdowns forever," need to be ignored.

    Justin KellyJustin KellyDag siden
  • No it's not the right move, and the fucking Australian government made this decision at fuckin midnight on Friday no one could object it.

    Paul van den HoornPaul van den HoornDag siden
  • I love her music. I don't care about her body and it's weird that so many do. But losing myself in the music is so amazing

    Andres LimonAndres LimonDag siden
  • Billie Eilish and all other celebrities shouldn't be put in the spotlight for how they look. I'm not saying that to defend them - I'm just tired of celebrity BS and the media who keep promoting it.

    Justin KellyJustin KellyDag siden
  • I think that dude now has to be a slave to the poor man he enslaved.

    C MC MDag siden
  • #SOSColombia please help they are censuring us taking away electricity and internet in some cities. The president is lying in the media. Please help.

    sheepgray08sheepgray08Dag siden
  • yooooooo phill got thicqq

    nate liebmannnate liebmannDag siden
  • Ok just want to add the perspective of an Australian who actually lives in Darwin (where all the repatriation flights from India land/are placed into quarantine). I don’t know how I feel about making it a criminal offence but the flights did need to be paused at the very least. We live in a very small city with only around 200,000 people. We have two hospitals and only one of those is equipped to take covid patients. We went from having 2-3 cases to up around 50 in a matter of days and all of these cases were from people returning from India. I understand people need to get home but we also can’t overwhelm the ONLY hospital we have here and risk community transmission. We also have the US Marines stationed here in Darwin and they have contributed to some of the positive cases too. We are doing our best but can only do so much before we are overwhelmed. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Alessandra RussekAlessandra RussekDag siden
  • I don’t know why anyone listens to the WHO. They were bought and paid for by China early on to minimize data they were receiving from Taiwan regarding COVID-19.

    ZhongYue BoZhongYue BoDag siden
  • Forgive me if I’m wrong cuz I’ve never actively liked for the photos from the shoot in question, but Billie’s photos are barely even like... risqué?? Like people are losing their shit over this? As far as I’ve seen they’re pretty regular lol

    Maddy BMaddy BDag siden
  • So disgusting that the others just watched. I just can't with these humans anymore. If just one morally decent human had reported anonymously right away, that man could have been spared so much hurt. I hope karma kicks their asses. They are just as guilty as the abuser.

    Sini CideSini CideDag siden
  • I really appreciated your discussion of the Billie EIlish story. While Billie herself does not deserve an ounce of negative backlash for her choices regarding the cover, I do think it's important to frame the situation within the larger concerns of the exploitative nature of the industry as a whole when it comes to the sexualization of young women. I don't think there's a singular easy conclusion, but I appreciate that you opened up that aspect of the discussion and I think it was done in a very nuanced way in this vid

    pointlessusername23pointlessusername23Dag siden
  • I don't like that he's smiling in his mug shot. He seems unaffected by his sentence

    Cindy AshleyCindy AshleyDag siden
  • Love Billy. She is an amazing artist. I’m so glad she is speaking up. As long as she is control of her narrative and her body

    AmyAmyDag siden
  • B.E is 20!!!!! Enough said

    Cindy AshleyCindy AshleyDag siden
  • 4:09 w..t...h 😳 that’s horrible

    Alexis DimesAlexis DimesDag siden
  • I'm fairly pissed that for five years, employees stood by while this disabled black man was abused. Even just an anonymous tip to the police would've done something. Their fucking "not my problem" mentality disgusts me and makes me hate the human race.

    DragobantaiDragobantaiDag siden
  • It's going to be impossible for herd immunity as much as I hate saying that. Now on top of anti-vaxxers we also have to deal with people in denial or just straight up anti-covid

    Gabriel FranzGabriel FranzDag siden
  • Australian here. Most of us are happy to take measures that prevent us going into a full lockdown. Truth is people travelling to India and other places abroad have knowingly done so during a pandemic and did so knowing they'd be a strain on our system when they come back. We've had similar bans to prevent people going to conflict zones in the past. If you knowingly left one country that's known to implement script covid precautions and has a grip on it for another country that has one of the lowest standards of hygene plus one of the highest population densitys in the world in the middle OF THE WORST PANDEMIC IN 100 YEARS, well. As you say. Don't be stupid, stupid.

    BenyAUBenyAUDag siden
  • Talk about colombia.

    MarcosMarcosDag siden
  • why are people only now realizing that we're not going to get to herd immunity? We cant vaccinate children. Children count for a quarter of the population. Its simply impossible to reach 80% immunized if we cant immunize 25%

    NalanzazuNalanzazuDag siden
  • 10 years for torturing and mistreating someone repeatedly 👀 That narcissist deserves to get hot tongs on his skin and prison for life.

    lilmonstahh23lilmonstahh23Dag siden
  • a) Australia is doing what's necessary. b) They got serious delays in the rollout of the vaccine , so yes, they do need to control who gets in the country, specially considering the low vaccine rate.

    Erika Vanessa Espinosa FErika Vanessa Espinosa FDag siden
  • I haven't watch this channel for while but you have gained weight!!!

    Joe PannuJoe PannuDag siden
  • Just make an 18+ section of Twitch. Twitch dot ecks ecks ecks - You're welcome. ....or maybe everyone can just STOP Complaining. If people prefer watching thots in hottubs to Pokemane playing whatevertf ... it's not a competing audience. Just leave it alone.

    Vincent Von DudlerVincent Von DudlerDag siden
  • I actually rlly like the almost pop punk hair in the intro!!

    KatherinneWithoutYouKatherinneWithoutYouDag siden
  • Here you go, for those people who like to say no one alive today has ever been enslaved.

    Antwon LAntwon LDag siden
  • To me, it's so weird that people who have had their freedom, welfare and dignity on involuntary hold because of insane douchebags, tehy only get Money as compensation.. Why not a trip to Disney land, tickets to that consert they'd love to see, their favourite food for x amount of months... Or just real life help in general. Like, if you've been kidnapped or held away from society for a while, have someone come in and help you ease into life again. Learn about prices, new laws, get help when doing your shopping so you stay in control of the money you have but aren't used to spend (help determined from individual circumstances of c).. Honestly, when I got out of my very abusive relationship, I didn't know where or how to make friends, let alone didn't dare to go into a store or anyplace with people. Would have loved help with those kinds of things more than anything else. And money to move away/start over. Yeah. Those are my thoughts.

    Perception is RealityPerception is RealityDag siden
  • Honestly, I think the Twitch controversy is plain stupid. Not something that I'd be into, but I really don't see the point of being outraged.

    Zac WhatevsZac WhatevsDag siden
  • We as a society have not paid reparations to any blacks or their families for being slaves for many generations. If you ask me, the very least we could do is make an example of this pathetic excuse for a man and set a new standard for inter-racial relations.

    Korbyn BrallierKorbyn BrallierDag siden
  • Please talk about how Biden is the first president in history to recognize the Armenian genocide...

    FantanaFantanaDag siden
  • I definitely think the crime in this case does not fit the punishment. In fact, I would say that no crime fits any punishment.

    N YoungbloodN YoungbloodDag siden
  • Billy looks amazing, I am geting Scarlet Johansson vibes (in a good way) and she can do whatever she wants if she wants, she is a grown up woman now.

    antivirusdictionaryantivirusdictionaryDag siden
  • I was paranoid about the vaccine for a while out fear for health complications but once I got it was really a big deal. Get vaccinated people so that this epidemic can end faster, wholly shit I am so sick of covid

    Jacob SmithJacob SmithDag siden
  • Can you make more Emotionally exhausted or Bamf merch please?

    Marie LaflecheMarie LaflecheDag siden
  • I've always thought that judgements once past appeals and such should be fronted out of a state or federal fund of some kind. This would then shift the debtor from the citizen to the government, which would make the debt much harder for the person to get out of via courts or bankruptcy. The fund would front the judgement or some sort of annuity in the case of large judgement amounts to the victim, making certain that no matter what dealings the one the judgements are against, the victim would be made whole in concerns to the money owed to them. From that point the fund managers could then go after the person the judgement is against, setting up repayment plans, seizing property or garnishing wages if needed to satisfy the amounts paid to the victims. Win-win all the way around.

    amagine1amagine1Dag siden
  • It’s funny the mental gymnastics women go through just to eventually show their bodies anyway.

    ClydeBarksDaleClydeBarksDaleDag siden
  • Honestly i find it ridiculous that these celebritys think they can become some of the most famous people on the planet and not have weirdos gawking at their appearance. there is 7.9 BILLION people on this planet, some of them are going to be fucking weird creeps, and thats NEVER going to change. Stop giving them the damn attention they want. If you put yourself infront of millions of people how the actual fuck are you surprised when some of those millions are unreasonable or creepy af. All their public whining about it does it makes life harder for people who aren't actually creepers but maybe lack social skills.

    I Hate EveryoneI Hate EveryoneDag siden
  • Phil - I have been a LONGGGG time silent subscriber and I want to take a moment to thank you for always keeping the news honest and realistic. I appreciate you going out of your way to make it clear that good news doesn’t negate the actual impact the events have had on real people lives. Way to keep the news real Phil! Forever a fan!! Thank you!

    Yasmine FarooqYasmine FarooqDag siden
  • If she had some type of abuse when she was younger that needs to be looked into. Remember she was home schooled

    Blinks and The CollectorBlinks and The CollectorDag siden
  • so billie eilish didn't want people to judge her body and be compared to other female celebrities, but she's perfectly fine with judging men on their bodies and looks? she said "ugly men" should not date beautiful women, and how men with looks that are lacking in comparison to their romantic partner act privileged and full of themselves because they managed to date a conventionally attractive woman. in the same interview, she also said how "ugly men" should only date "ugly women" instead.

    JaydeJaydeDag siden
  • People think too much about what others think of their body and their appearance. Sure I can't tell you what I think about Miss Eilish's appearance or her body, but it's irrelevant because it's not my body and what I think doesn't matter. People are going to have their opinion. People comment on my long hair as a man, my facial hair, my body hair, my weight and my appearance. I don't care because I'm not here to please them. What matters is you being comfortable with you. What does it matter what I think and why should that affect her and her view of herself in any way? People need to stop thinking about it from a standpoint of what others think about them. What I think of your sexuality, weight, appearance, hair colour, eye colour or any other part of your appearance is irrelevant unless you consider me a possible partner in your life. What I think of you being straight, gay, your sex, your skin tone or any other aspect of your appearance isn't relevant to who you are or how you chose to express yourself. If you don't consider a person a future sexual life partner it doesn't matter. It doesn't change the situation in any way so it shouldn't change how you think of yourself. If you're tall or short, big or small, white, black, brown or something else doesn't matter. It doesn't matter how long your hair is or if you have facial hair male or female. There's always someone somewhere you was or is attracted to you. What matters is your confidence in yourself and who you are. Being angry that someone has an opinion or preference makes no sense. People will see what they see, it's not about what they see it's about what you see. Be comfortable and happy with what you see. Then when you are concerned with finding someone who wants to share that figure out who appreciates you the way you are and wants to be a part of that and make your decision from there. You can't be who they want you to be, you can only be who you want you to be. Look at the person who you are letting affect how you see yourself and ask yourself this. Why is that person's opinions and preferences more valid than my own. Chances are it's about you liking them more than you like yourself. That's a problem with how you see you not with how they see you. When you love you, all you need to do is find someone who loves that person too.

    Joe RJoe RDag siden
  • Does anyone know the ambient song playing at the start? It sounds so familiar but can't find anything

    killerinfokillerinfoDag siden
  • The fear that India's hub of continuous case numbers will create a new strain that fights through the vaccine. Hopefully they are able to ease off soon

    EvexiamEvexiamDag siden
  • I actually see this happen a lot with immigrant workers, never as sever as the bobby case but similar disgusting situations. The food industry is FUCKED and needs the evil people rooted out, and regulations to actually be enforced!!

    D SD SDag siden
  • If i'm ever lucky enough to get these lazy tadpoles to wake the fuck up d give me kids, i hope they are half as smart as billie eilish, that kid is one smart cookie.

    D0S81D0S81Dag siden
  • The Australian prime minister has since said that it is highly unlikely anyone will be imprisoned if they come back from India, but I think the flights are still on hold. There is a cricket team trapped over in India that Cricket Australia is considering moving to a third country.

    mcgawasaurousmcgawasaurousDag siden
  • In regards to Australia blocking flights from India, it really feels like this is SCOMO trying to make out he is actually doing work, cause at the beginning of the Pandemic he was showing the same level of concern and effort as Trump did (bugger all). When the Australia was on fire during the summer of 2020, SCOMO went on holiday to Hawaii instead of staying in Australia to show support during the dire emergency.

    WhenTheSkyTurnsDarkWhenTheSkyTurnsDarkDag siden
  • Best take I saw on the "hottub meta" not being sexual (according to twitch) was Asmongold's. I'm paraphrasing a bit, but it went something like "Imagine a 13 year old doing it, what would happen?"

    rwiersemarwiersemaDag siden
  • The official numbers in India might be as much as 25+ times as bad. The official data is fudged, big time. And not to be the asshole, but if our govt can invest US$2.84 billion in a vanity project (think Indian White House 2.0, which is currently being constructed MID-PANDEMIC), it is safe to say that what we need is an improved plan of action from our own govt, not foreign aid. WE ARE NOT A POOR COUNTRY. We've just been woefully mismanaged by corrupt dickwads, decade after decade. Thank you for attending my TED talk.

    Gaurika AgrawalGaurika AgrawalDag siden
  • half a million dollars for 30 years of entry level kitchen work is very fair.

    Father AxeKeeperFather AxeKeeperDag siden
  • Yes, Philip This Is Good . Very Unbiased Coverage Now Of India. Unlike Previous Ones.

    Vardaan SharmaVardaan SharmaDag siden
  • You've said that we should be concerned if we don't follow public bealth campaigns, and you're right, but if wealthy western countries did not continue to peotect private profiteering on vaccine patents then we could overcome this pandemic far more quickly. We need public health services but we also need to stop corporate stranglehold

    H SH SDag siden
  • This pandemic is furling nostalgia about playing Plague Inc. I'm going to make a new game and play as covid 19

    d1vin1tyd1vin1tyDag siden
  • Treating people like that, for your own twisted desires should be a death sentence honestly. There's no fucking chance that a man like that will reform or will ever be able to justify his actions, it's actually just fucking disgusting.

    nemobla1nemobla1Dag siden
  • As an Aussie and a Kiwi, Australia and NZ have definitely made the right move to ban entrance from India. Its a temporary ban and its being constantly reviewed. Both countries are Covid free outside the border quarantine. And we've recently opened a travel bubble between both countries, and here in NZ we're about to open the bubble to some very vulnerable Pacific islands nations who do not have the infrastructure for an outbreak. NZ's economy is largely based around tourism, particularly from the Aus. Its not just that the huge outbreak that has caused the ban. NZ requires all entrants to have a negative covid test at least 3 days before boarding a plane to NZ. India was not following this procedure, and in some cases actively lying about the tests.

    Elle CookElle CookDag siden
  • The hot tub streamers are really bad and twitch is definitely at fault too for sure they say they are family friendly but continue to let people show and they then ban people the do lesser stuff I don't know other people but me personally I just want some fair treatment

    Lil_Cross GGLil_Cross GGDag siden
  • the DBAG of the Day story annoyed me so much!! what a cruel D-Bag! who dose that?!?!?!?!?! like wow what is wrong with you! and only 10 years for that abuse?!?!? nah longer! he's gonna be that cruel and abusive to another human like that you must have something wrong with you!

    Ladybug CactusLadybug CactusDag siden
  • 6:30 best example of the need for forced union-laws. Things shouldn't end up at this level before somebody can speak up to their employers.

    KainGatesKainGates2 dager siden
  • Loved the intro ! Thought you were slamming your head into the table for a second lol

    Jalisaa LanayeJalisaa Lanaye2 dager siden
  • What in the 2005 was that look Phill? Gross

    Jeffrey BrownJeffrey Brown2 dager siden
  • *Make the world laugh at your casualties. Slaughter eachother like cattle. Collapse the dollar. Do it now! You know you deserve it.* #CivilWarNow

    Jack ShepardJack Shepard2 dager siden
  • "Wu flu is still around" so is the swine flu, what's your point? It's endemic dude. It is never going away. The flu variants never do. You sheep think somehow we are dealing with airborne ebola. I wouldn't be surprised if you started calling for concentration camps for the un vaccinated. You all have lost your minds.

    Mathieu PassarelliMathieu Passarelli2 dager siden
  • That should be 20-life sheesh

    Eli KunitzEli Kunitz2 dager siden
  • Far leftism is a mental disorder, in which modern soy nazis/commies, love to revel in. #ChangeMyMind.

    Jack ShepardJack Shepard2 dager siden