Please Stop This! KSI Sidemen Controversy, Olivia Jade, Piers Morgan Reaction, Chauvin, & More

9. mars. 2021
867 940 Ganger

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00:00 - Burger King Deletes Tweet & Apologizes
01:52 - Olivia Jade Back On Social Media
02:45 - Piers Morgan Storms Off After Being Called Out
05:03 - Scotty Sire Apologizes
05:29 - KSI Gets Educated On The “T” Word
07:32 - Sponsor
08:28 - Biden’s Good & Not So Good Immigration News
11:11 - Chauvin Case Moving Forward Despite Complications
13:28 - Iowa Governor Signs Voting Restrictions Bill
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Burger King Apologizes, Deletes “Women Belong in the Kitchen” Tweet:
Olivia Jade Responds to Comment Digging at College Admissions Scandal:
Piers Morgan Leaves Good Morning Britain:
Scotty Sire Apologizes for Video About David Dobrik, Seth Francois:
KSI Responds to Backlash:
Biden Extends Protections to Immigrants from Venezuela:
Record Number of Children in Border Patrol Facilities:
Jury Selection Begins in Derek Chauvin Trial:
Iowa Restricts Voting Laws:
HBO Max Accidentally Leaks “Zack Snyder’s Justice League”:
Papa John Tries To Clarify His Comment About His 20-Month Journey To Change His Language
South Dakota Gov. To Pass Bill Restricting Trans Women in Sports:
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg, Maxx Enright
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Brian Espinoza
Production Team: Zack Taylor
#DeFranco #KSI #PiersMorgan

  • Prayers up for Piers Morgan 🙏🏻🤣

    Philip DeFrancoPhilip DeFrancoMåned siden
    • Don't worry, as long as freedom of speech exist, people like Piers Morgan will continue to exist. People are allowed to not like Meghan Markle. People are allowed not to believe her. Meghan is allowed to speak "her truth". People are also free to express their thoughts, feelings and opinions. If you can do a follow-uo on this, react to GMB having their lowest rating with the absence of Piers and people petitioning the return of Piers.

      hdcreyeshdcreyesMåned siden
    • @Lola Philippe lol he the goat

      Danny HustleDanny HustleMåned siden
    • its actually pretty normal in advertisement. I forgot the name (some years ago I studied it) But the premise is just to get known, by controlled "outrage". But not the first time Burger King has done this, they did the same to get famous, by sugguesting to team up with Mc Donalds. Weird part to me is to understand that people do not know this

      zengara11zengara11Måned siden
    • I'm disappointed in you Philip. I thought you would have changed after you called the Corvington kids racist for the crime of having white skin. Remember "a lie by omission is still a lie" and that makes you a liar. Context matters to reasonable people. I don't like even like Piers, but please Phil at least try to be decent.

      blindlobsterblindlobsterMåned siden
    • ? I still honestly don`t know what the "T" word is ? ?

      Si LawSi LawMåned siden
  • Fine print and the true implications of shit. Always so much fun.

    khaxjc1khaxjc114 dager siden
  • I'm not sure how a big company these days think they can tweet something like that without any backlash regardless of the intent lol

    Indigo JohnsonIndigo Johnson20 dager siden
  • Soft people lmao

    varvarMåned siden
  • Daisy cousins and other youtubers have broke down some of harry n Meghan's lies So piers was right Has nothing to do with her skin color Many people including myself dont care for harry n Meghan anymore Instead of whining like a teenage girl maybe you could talk about the increase in fentanyl deaths 4 times more in 2021 ( only 3 months in)then in 2020 Trump cracked down on China who is the one that supplies it to our country Suicide has gone sky high becuz of lockdowns Our children our struggling but you would rather talk about Olivia jade

    dan Hayesdan HayesMåned siden
  • Who is this KSI guy? I love him.

    Mr SilverMr SilverMåned siden
  • People must understand that our generation isn't soft, our generation is given a boundless medium in social media which grants absolute freedom of expression and since people always hold a sense of envy towards famous and successful people, our generation capitalizes on this medium by criticizing and severely attacking them whenever the opportunity is given! This is one of the many consequences of social media because if those kids were not secured behind keyboards, trust me nobody would utter a word of critique!

    Yahya OaYahya OaMåned siden
  • Where have this world come to,you can't even say something cause someone will be upset by it!Facts dont care about your feelings soo get over it kids!!.BTW lm not going to deny someones humanity,but lm not gonna deny basic biology and say that woman can be man cause l cant be fucking dog or cat cause its same thing

    Lazar ŠundićLazar ŠundićMåned siden
  • the ksi story is so fucking dumb istg

    ElmondElmondMåned siden
  • Phil talks about some dumb shit

    mmm Nutsmmm NutsMåned siden
  • As a trans man who is not otherwise a KSI fan, I will say that his attempt to understand and fix his use of offensive language is exactly what I would want to see from anyone. We all make mistakes- it's what we do in the wake of those mistakes that matters.

    Michael McQueen-JensenMichael McQueen-JensenMåned siden
  • He and fucking she nothing else

    Darth JarJarDarth JarJarMåned siden
  • KSI said tranny 7 years ago ohhhh nooooooo

    MPH_TVMPH_TVMåned siden
  • That Burger King story was RIDICULOUS

    thedustwillsettlethedustwillsettleMåned siden
  • ssswww

    Mohtasim Abrar SaminMohtasim Abrar SaminMåned siden
  • Can corporations stop trying to capitalize on social discourse/zeitgeist.....they suck at it and we can smell the performative desperation, its cringy dishonest and we know they don't mean it.

    Munquis DeSadeMunquis DeSadeMåned siden
  • NOtown is fucked. Holy shit everyone is so sensitive and takes everything head on. ITS FUCKING ENTERTAINMENT JUST SONT WATCH THEM. Fuck I’m becoming a boomer in this bitch

    genoelchgenoelchMåned siden
  • Philip hating on Burger King for only helping out 2 women? How many people have you helped go to college?

    Lil BarbieLil BarbieMåned siden
  • On KSI: He knows they're slurs.. he's been brought up in a society/generation that used to use those slurs knowing they were slurs. No doubt people will believe he is this stupid though.

    Mr FlobblesMr FlobblesMåned siden
  • As a trans guy I don’t give a fuck, ksi handled it as well as he could, I think he just through no fault of his own has never come across a trans person before and so this was all he knew

    Nathan RNathan RMåned siden
  • Tbh I think Ksi is just dumb, never meant any hate by it

    Nathan RNathan RMåned siden
  • Piers Morgan - famous for being involved in the hacking of a murdered schoolgirls phone... you could stand in the gutter and still have the moral high ground over him.

    Dave The BassDave The BassMåned siden
  • I feel like the same people that support these voting restrictions would have a very different take if it were, say, an increase of limitations on buying guns. I say that because I live in Utah.

    Cami PetersonCami PetersonMåned siden
  • As someone who... i'll just say is confused. I'm very happy with KSIs apology.

    FryFryMåned siden
  • Notice how it's always Republican that try to limit votes, the most free expression of voice in a democracy is voting. Trying to restrict your ability to vote should enrage you.

    K'apliel DK'apliel DMåned siden
  • "This feels like late stage capitalism,"

    K'apliel DK'apliel DMåned siden
  • How is tr anŷ a slur ?

    PierrePierreMåned siden
  • Piers is a G

    PierrePierreMåned siden
  • I was shocked and disgusted at that BK tweet. They haven't met my misses, she can burn water.

    Deman PlayerDeman PlayerMåned siden
  • Outrage marketing is a thing. And Burger King just proved it’s legit. Set various points of outrage, each easily defended, none that makes them look bad. Spent a few good bucks and reached such a huge number of people that they wouldn’t reach with a budget like that otherwise. Thanks Twitter people.

    Sofi NabeelSofi NabeelMåned siden
  • 100% Good riddance to P. Morgan. His racist, stalkery behavior is disgusting. 100% Respect to KSI for being open to correction and learning- we'll see if he sticks by it, but I'm willing to assume he means it, so, awesome!

    KaotiquaKaotiquaMåned siden
  • I mean to be fair, KSI is as bad as both the Paul brothers. All 3 of them are trashy people.

    The TermThe TermMåned siden
    • Nah Paul brothers r in the dirt compared to ksi.

      KevyKevyMåned siden
  • have a good life PHILI - from the foot warriors

    No Name GivinNo Name GivinMåned siden
  • im 100% backer of piers Morgan , i think its pathetic we allowed sum outsider to put our royal family down , princess should find another husband if his organisation wasn't there to help her

    Jahmin hJahmin hMåned siden
  • Piers is a douche, but he was right about Markle

    Dr DelewdedDr DelewdedMåned siden
  • KSI is undefeated

    thevarioty436thevarioty436Måned siden
  • I would just like to point out that Meghan rang ITV and that is why Piers walked off as he was forced to, further proving media suppression due to Meghan's use of the race and mental health card which seemingly leaves her untouchable by anyone who disagrees with her.

    TrimbyTrimbyMåned siden
  • Ppl get mad over a word. Lord those are anowflakes. My friends call me gay or trans just for fun some times and i too make fun of them. Its just banter. Its no insult.

    Satyabrata MishraSatyabrata MishraMåned siden
  • It's a sliperry slope if you always need to take into account what you say and how some one might feel about it. Any one could be putraged or offended by anything....

    liang longlongliang longlongMåned siden
  • Oh jesus christ get over the ksi nonsense can only be a man or woman not both just stop with your twisted fantasies.

    Sean OneillSean OneillMåned siden
  • Philip looks like if Jeff Kinney and the bad guy from Dumb and Dumber had a baby, he would be it

    Maria PelzerMaria PelzerMåned siden
  • The support for piers now is way bigger than those that complained.

    Dean JacobsDean JacobsMåned siden
  • curiosity stream looks dope

    Mike ChinininMike ChinininMåned siden
  • DeFranco is 100% confirmed a karen

    Dazza jamesDazza jamesMåned siden
  • I don't know much about KSI beyond the coverage of him here and he always seemed a bit like a douche. Glad to see he seems to want to learn, change, and get better.

    TheN00bmonsterTheN00bmonsterMåned siden
  • I'm always happy to see people learn and grow but man, idk about the KSI situation. Dude is a grown ass adult living in a country where trans folks have been in the media a lot. To me it just feels like he's trying to lie about not knowing any better in order to brush off the responsibility - like I could be wrong but I've seen folks do that a lot. I just hope he learns.

    JoonJoonMåned siden
  • It's wrong now, and yes it definitely should be, to use the t-word for transgenders; the f-word for homosexuals and the n-word for African Americans but it's still ok to use the c-word for females. I'm probably alone but I get just as offended if I'm called a c u next Tuesday

    Rum Tum TuggerRum Tum TuggerMåned siden
  • Expose freeniems

    Ridwan KosarRidwan KosarMåned siden
  • Trans people need to stfu and quit crying anytime anything is said. Jesus... boo hoo. It’s not even just trans people but everyone is such snowflakes.

    rsmith137rsmith137Måned siden
  • The thing is I'm angry, but I am craving a burger. Was this their plan all along. OMG they are trying to sell more angry whoppers

    BigMonMulgrewBigMonMulgrewMåned siden
  • Yes, that piece of shit Piers finally gone bye.

    Ranjan BiswasRanjan BiswasMåned siden
  • We've had historically long waiting lines in recent elections... We all know this is just a-holes trying to suppress your right to vote. If they were impartial, they'd solve the problem by expanding hours & locations.

    o0Avalon0oo0Avalon0oMåned siden
  • I have no idea what trans slur KSI used as it was censored. Perfect example of why censoring quotes and the like is just detrimental.

    IGIGMåned siden
  • people making the news by getting "hurt" by words. that's the level now

    Harsh SinghHarsh SinghMåned siden
    • Nailed it.

      Aliya FAliya FMåned siden
  • So... Republicans are restricting options for people to vote. Again. How do they keep winning again? Oh right. These tactics.

    Kristopher WattsKristopher WattsMåned siden
  • As a Minnesotan, Iowans are dumber than Wisconsians.

    BoodikiiBoodikiiMåned siden
  • Voter suppression laws should just be illegal

    HaloDieHardHaloDieHardMåned siden
  • Jesus F-Ing Christ I miss fair and balanced Phil.

    OmniPenguinOmniPenguinMåned siden
  • Sorry but with what ksi said cmon ppl are you just trying to see the hate in everything considering now there is super straight and super gay out there

    Terr VandewielTerr VandewielMåned siden
  • Funny how Phil changes the narrative on the immigration issue like; poor joe struggling - Phil, you’re a shill to the left.

    Super SuitSuper SuitMåned siden
  • Choo chooo

    Jeff RobinsonJeff RobinsonMåned siden
  • I really do think that if Olivia Jade and her family were really remorseful for their actions, they should sponsor AT LEAST 2 students via FULL scholarship at any institution. They stole the education of 2 deserving students, so they should pay for deserving students to get into college. And if the students wish to further their education, they should pay for that too (similar to the Gates Millennium Scholarship).

    TokimekiTokimekiMåned siden
  • I live in Iowa and I am disgusted by how Kim Reynolds has governed our state...

    Daniel FieldHockeyDaniel FieldHockeyMåned siden
  • philip DeScumco

    Red NecksterRed NecksterMåned siden
  • bro ksi said tranny and people get offended im ashamed of humans at this point who cares if you cant handle someone saying tranny the internet isnt the place for you

    Smelly SmiffySmelly SmiffyMåned siden
    • And jake paul does much worse things but he's not cancelled

      Middle Finger CaneloMiddle Finger CaneloMåned siden
    • Yeah people these days are too soft

      Middle Finger CaneloMiddle Finger CaneloMåned siden
  • Hey I know I’m late: what’s the T word that’s a slur from transgender people? It looks like it’s “tr**s” but I don’t know and don’t have any transgender people in my life to ask personally

    Camryn HawkinsCamryn HawkinsMåned siden
  • i HATE apology tours. being famous is the worst garbage on earth

    Certified_ProfessionalCertified_ProfessionalMåned siden
  • Lol the T word

    Mr.JakeMr.JakeMåned siden
  • @14:56 Phil is describing how Biden got into office. Facts.

    Nathan FlanneryNathan FlanneryMåned siden
  • Drama, drama, drama, pandering, ad, and still no Today In Awesome.

    Nathan FlanneryNathan FlanneryMåned siden
  • Don't let that headline mislead you, Piers was FIRED. In Britain we just ask people politely to resign and they feel too awkward to say no.

    MiliMesiMusicMiliMesiMusicMåned siden
  • So does this mean Pierce is an incel? Nice guy?

    MizukiUkitakeMizukiUkitakeMåned siden
  • I think its stupid to try and control how people speak, I think regardless of what you think we should be protecting freedom of speech.

    LAD 0610LAD 0610Måned siden
  • I'd be sad for Piers Morgan if it wasn't for the fact his comments and actions prove just how much of a salty bitch he is. Hope they replace his position with a cat, the ratings would probably improve a lot.

    MenelkerMenelkerMåned siden
  • Burger King UK: [Rage Bait] People: "This makes me legitimately mad!" Burger King UK: [Surprised Pikachu Face]

    MenelkerMenelkerMåned siden
  • Fuck it why should anyone care peace out

    RippertipsRippertipsMåned siden
  • Hey Burger King, maybe if your burgers didn’t get served as a pile of slop, I’d actually go there! Lol! 😝

    Kuch _Kuch _Måned siden
  • vote locally don't let them restrict your ability to vote

    TheCreepyproTheCreepyproMåned siden
  • I feel like apologizing for offending people is only good if he actually learned from it. Only time will tell I think. But I’m also not a trans person. So that’s only my opinion in general.

    Sammy WSammy WMåned siden
  • Phil smiling = instant like button press

    Reuben SwainReuben SwainMåned siden
  • No, it's not about education, it's about misdirection and confusion. How can a child be mature enough to determine that their natural born gender is wrong? They can't drive, drink, smoke, serve in the military, get a job, but a firearm or stay out past 10pm. Why do we think they have the mental capacity to decide a life altering process?

    geared4 the truthgeared4 the truthMåned siden
  • Vote. Only once per person. If you have proper identification that states you are who you claim you are. And be alive.

    andrea candrea cMåned siden
  • Burger king King focus on there dry buns... everytime I get a burger, the bread is always really dry and falls apart as i'm eating.

    geared4 the truthgeared4 the truthMåned siden
  • "...did not expect it to hurt so many people..." and that includes you, Scott, I assume?

    CatchyUsername95CatchyUsername95Måned siden
  • it doesnt matter if words hurt your feelings. Literally means nothing.

    Bent NeatlyBent NeatlyMåned siden
  • They're just trying to make sure they have a bunch of republican white people so they can lessen his sentence as much as possible. And 0 black people. It's kinda obvious that's why they keep re-screening. I really hate america.

    FearLessLion ZFearLessLion ZMåned siden
  • (Edited for a grammar error) I can speak to my own personal viewpoint as a member of the trans community (I'm nonbinary), but I know that everyone will have their own reactions and thoughts to this, so I am by no means a mouthpiece, nor do I want my view to be used to invalidate another's experience. I personally am glad that KSI now addressed those past errings, and whilst I am aware that sometimes people will simply apologise to save face, I always try to approach these situations with cautious optimism. The best outcome I hope for is one where an individual who has caused harm acknowledges that, apologises for it, and makes an effort for reparations and to self-educate (by directly asking members of that group that were harmed, if they are comfortable sharing their view - many will be happy to reach out, whilst many will not want to as they have no obligation to educate you, so find those that are happy to speak and ask them - many of them, because no one person is a mouthpiece for a whole group). I'm glad KSI is acknowledging the harmful and transphobic things he did in the past (even if they were not intended to be transphobic and came from a place of ignorance rather than malice), and I hope that going forward he demonstrates his want to make reparations by reaching out and doing some good, maybe by giving his platform to *multiple* trans creators willing to give input (i.e. not solely Kalvin Garrah or Blaire White, as they are very divisive figures in the trans community). I'm aware that with anything, it could be simply an apology to save face, but I always hope that it is a genuine effort to grow and do better. I should also note that whilst I am aware of at least some if not most of the past instances of transphobia from KSI, I don't watch his content and so my input is only as an outsider looking in. Someone who is more familiar with his content may be able to provide better context than I could. To anyone who actually read to the end of this - damn, thanks, I know those were a whole lotta words!

    dragons_are_cooldragons_are_coolMåned siden
  • Ughhhh of course corporate activism is shit but it’s still so disappointing

    MirandaMirandaMåned siden
  • They deleted the purposefully done tweet after it had garnered mass publicity. Of course they did.

    Dragonaut111Dragonaut111Måned siden
  • People just want to shit on and destroy someone sometimes. Kind of annoying.

    FearLessLion ZFearLessLion ZMåned siden
  • People get misrepresented every day KSI was misrepresented by being called transphobic he obviously just doesn't know understand or probably care about that gender crap I guess it just depends how you misrepresent someone that makes it okay to throw a fit it's okay to say someone is a terrible person but God forbid you get the gender wrong

    Tant BecrustedTant BecrustedMåned siden
  • KSI is just a wholesome person all the way.

    What’s your Problem?What’s your Problem?Måned siden
  • Trans woman here. Ksi handled the situation perfectly and learned exactly how I would hope people would. Acceptance over cancel culture. That's what makes progress

    Rayann RoseRayann RoseMåned siden
  • On another note you should know who Morgan is Dunno how he got in w royals more American then British

    Nervxraw DesignersNDerelictsNervxraw DesignersNDerelictsMåned siden
  • Where are you and why is operating under the assumption that people are supposed to be perfect and never said a racist word in anger or hurt somebody I thought was cool for all of this and believe me call me I’ll talk to you and then I’ll stop on bye it’s not level to wanna send for a guy standing on the coner saying he hates Jews That’s a horrible thing to say but the constitution says that we have that right and that’s what I’m sticking up for I really don’t believe in any ideology anymore because the Internet has made them disgusting and Internet personalities like this guy although I watch him I think he thinks he’s more important around the world anybody in my entire sitting outside Boston who has heard of this guy I’m sure he’s made good money but it sounds like you and I am a fuck everybody else business model But he’s like able that’s my point we all are guilty n all get canceled The world is going to get real again I think there is going to be no back to normal A lot of the stuff that replace things for the reasons of social distancing I was going to stay And I believe this spring has a potential to be worse than last friends all because it a bar park is opening in my town and nobody gives a shit about baseball anymore I would rather never do baseball again and control the war if I could control the disease. None of us are clean

    Nervxraw DesignersNDerelictsNervxraw DesignersNDerelictsMåned siden
  • Phil's take on states' decisions like Iowa's is way off. Ballot harvesting is lessened and so is the chance for fraud. Democrats - which Phil probably votes almost if not consistently - are trying to make it easier for fraud to happen. They don't want Voter ID for in person or absentee voting. They want to send you mail in ballots even if you don't want one - to any address listed for you, even if you no longer live there. They want to draw out elections by days if not weeks. Voting is a responsibility of American citizens. Maintain your information and vote consistently.

    Justin KellyJustin KellyMåned siden
  • You got fat

    Baby BoyzzzBaby BoyzzzMåned siden
  • If BK had just given a bunch of women the scholarships, the news would have spread word of mouth for FREE. BK could have even just made mentioning it on social media part of the stipulation, this would have gone better. Tsk Tsk BK. You did this all wrong.

    zammy0kzammy0kMåned siden
  • Nah, democrats want everyone to vote and no accountability of ballots.

    Corey L.Corey L.Måned siden
  • Never thought I'd agree with KSI But "only positive vibes for 2021, fuck JP though" and throw Piers Morgan and Meghan Merkel in there too with a fuck you. Phil for president 2024 🥰

    sarahwithstarssarahwithstarsMåned siden