Let's Talk New Disgusting David Dobrik Durte Dom Accusations & This Horrifying Situation in Georgia

17. mars. 2021
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00:00 - David Dobrik Durte Dom Insider Expose
10:16 - Sponsor
11:36 - The Situation in Georgia
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David Dobrik Breaks Silence on Vlog Squad Allegations:
Dobrik’s Video: notown.info/two/video/mJtnfHV6l6mmzZI.html
Full Insider Story: twitter.com/kattenbarge/status/1371933628767346692?s=20
Officers & Public Respond to the Tragedy in Atlanta:
Private Debt Collectors Can Seize Stimulus Checks, But Some Lawmakers Are Trying To Change That:
Uber To Treat UK Drivers as Workers, But They’ll Still Lack Some Benefits:
Japanese Court Rules Same-Sex Marriage Restrictions Unconstitutional:
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Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Brian Espinoza
Production Team: Zack Taylor
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  • I know the walkthrough for the first story might feel longwinded for some but I think it’s important to try to paint as clear a picture of what was alleged bc I know some are going to try to quickly dismiss it. Thanks love yo face bye 👊🏻

    Philip DeFrancoPhilip DeFrancoMåned siden
    • eeew

      TaxfooTaxfoo21 dag siden
    • He does have a good face

      Alexandria RennieAlexandria RennieMåned siden
    • ⁰q1

      Yokebedie SinigiriraYokebedie SinigiriraMåned siden
    • @Pansexual Satan You are extremely close minded. I bet you're not even capable of considering the possibility that the cops are used to dealing with people who lie about they're guilt even after being convicted and having a guilty person express guilty and admit they have mental health issues is a welcome occurrence in their line of work.

      RealComp5RealComp5Måned siden
    • @RealComp5 "they're not sympathetic because of his race." Give me a break. If he wasn't a white man, he probably wouldn't be alive right now to give such a pathetic excuse. This is such nonsense. There is serious systemic racism going on here and it's very prominent in the way police treat POC compared to white people. It's not just this case; there are so many cases you can look at to find evidence of this. In regards to violence against Asians, it has risen something like 150% (last I heard), even as violence against others was going down during the pandemic. This is very likely a result of the terrible rhetoric used by the former clown-in-chief and others in his party. America is dealing with more than one pandemic right now; systemic racism is one that has been around for much longer and will remain much longer, in part because of people who refuse to even see it when it's staring them right in the face.

      Pansexual SatanPansexual SatanMåned siden
  • I find it crazy how I’ve read a few comments trying to justify Dom’s actions. People are so disappointing and disgusting.

    taliaataliaaDag siden
  • I’m starting to think these allegations are fake...

    Epik FaceEpik Face2 dager siden
  • I've always wondered how people liked or watched their videos (David and the vlog squad), they only create crapy videos, I couldn't bring myself to watch an entire video of theirs, it's not good quality content and not at all entertaining. How can anyone support that ! Stop making dumb people famous.

    Oumnia TERRAIOumnia TERRAI3 dager siden
  • He should go to jail too! Dom is more than obvious

    Joanna NfpsJoanna Nfps4 dager siden
  • Imo,this whole thing is horse sh!t.If she totally drunk,how she could even remember what she said that night.Also,the story is too specific to someone have been drink.They have witness but we can't surely show they actually saying truth.After years pass,why would bring that up just until now... Only future can tell the rest of the story,never been Dobrik fan but since the issue between Johnny and Amber.I don't want to come up with a conclusion with someone story line without hard evidence...

    I. badI. bad5 dager siden
  • Disgusting !!! How can they disagree with it when it’s clearly rape

  • Pretty insane that this wasn't covered by press or other channels. It's also pretty good that someone is covering every single problem in an unbiased way and not just hyperfocusing on one side of the issue, which seems to happen way too often.

    Shikhar SrivastavaShikhar Srivastava6 dager siden
  • Fun Fact: David will return, continue to make videos, and lots of money. People will excuse what he did, forget about it, not care, and he will get new fans as well. Must be nice to have money and fame which = get away with anything

    Dark Star KingDark Star King7 dager siden
  • Sad that people are so pressured by money and fame that they will feel as if they can’t just say “No.” and leave. People need to stop looking up to and idolizing people who are famous, not for anything like amazing talent, just famous for the sake of being famous.

    Dark Star KingDark Star King7 dager siden
  • If Logan Paul is still here, so will be dobrik. Thats NOtown for you.

    nishan kandelnishan kandel7 dager siden
  • I’ve always noticed dom was a sex fanatic

    Spa SplashSpa Splash9 dager siden
  • she is lying for fame and attention,

    Dwayne JacksonDwayne Jackson9 dager siden
  • Wow I’ve never heard a better person explaining something

    Lacey LahmanLacey Lahman9 dager siden
  • some of these comments are exactly why SA victims don't report it. the guilt and shame does not belong to her it belongs to the abuser (s). She has nothing to feel shame or guilt for. I hope she is getting the help and support she needs to work through this.

    MixedFruit LoveMixedFruit Love10 dager siden
  • I never thought David was funny I’m so glad people are finally seeing that his “pranks” are just abuse disguised as humor

    Val VieiraVal Vieira10 dager siden
  • U lowkey look like ed helms 😂

    Quantam PQuantam P10 dager siden
  • As a non american native speaker,or english in general,my friend you are speaking really really fast.I can barely keep up haha.

    Alex KonomisAlex Konomis12 dager siden
  • Im curious how do we know this is true, we don't know the true identity of the girl,she was just told she got raped and not much solid proof? Im not doubting anybody or with anybody I think we should just wait till we make aour assumptions

    purpell bitchpurpell bitch13 dager siden
  • damn that Dom incident was really fucking disgusting, but this girl really has to change friends

    Season's GreetingsSeason's Greetings13 dager siden
  • We really need to start talking about the effects of rape in detail.... the problem with people is that they just dont understand what rape is. They know its a bad thing but they dont really understand the severity of it. When a guy coerces a girl into sex he doesnt understand what she has to go through afterwards, if he has a mental image of what survivors go through then maybe he would be a lot more likely to give it a second thought

    Cape EnieerCape Enieer13 dager siden
  • Let's forget about the sexual assault, the way they were talking about having a fivesome and the aftermath, is exactly the problem we have with people having no respect for each other.

    ClaireClaire14 dager siden
  • That’s so disturbing

    RAVEN_SPRING_9000RAVEN_SPRING_900014 dager siden
  • Fucking disgusting. NOtown should only take him down. Period.

    Catarina Fitensity WorkoutsCatarina Fitensity Workouts14 dager siden
  • There be some guys that's like "consent aren't romantic!!!" I imagine them to be like David and his friend shithead

    Wonderful TimelineWonderful Timeline14 dager siden
  • take responsibility for your actions.

    Simple cbSimple cb15 dager siden
  • Durte should be in prison.

    salma al-shaoilysalma al-shaoily15 dager siden
  • idc what yall say why would girls go in a guys house even if its 5 girls sounds like you problem smh

    super speedsuper speed17 dager siden
  • It's refreshing to to see a video that treats this situation with maturity and respect, and not calling it "drama". I know it happened a while ago, but this entire situation disgusts me to my core.

    Murder me, HarryMurder me, Harry17 dager siden
  • David was being naive under the influence of the ‘vlog squad’, yes he was in the wrong for encouraging it 100%, however I do believe his apology was sincere. Moreover it’s not my place to accept anyone’s apology, but Dom’s was so immature and clearly had no remorse nor acknowledgement for his actions what do ever

    Madeleine CoxMadeleine Cox18 dager siden
    • Btw I’m talking about David’s latest apology, the views one was very ambiguous and glossed over

      Madeleine CoxMadeleine Cox18 dager siden
  • I can’t even function a formal and collected comment rn bc I’m THAT infuriated

    Madeleine CoxMadeleine Cox18 dager siden
  • Just heard about this guy today. AND NOPE I WILL NOT BE WATCHING HIS VIDEOS!!! Son of a fallen angel!!! Devil himself!No thank you, I'm out!!!

    NtandoNtando19 dager siden
  • Lol f off NOtown guys acting like they care while making money off there murders your a joke dude

    d Dd D21 dag siden
  • eee

    TaxfooTaxfoo21 dag siden
  • dude slow down!!!! you talk way to fast , moving hands so much just terrible . You should get in to auctions

    David PereiraDavid Pereira21 dag siden
  • This gave me a pit in the stomach. I can’t believe David and Dom did this. I watched that video so many times but now I can’t even look at David’s videos anymore without getting a pit in my stomach and I can’t believe what Dom and David did to “Hannah”.

    Lela ArcherLela Archer22 dager siden
  • The fact that it is evidence is the exact reason why it can’t be uploaded. We are not investigators.

    Billy RileyBilly Riley22 dager siden
  • Hmmm... this is a difficult video. A guy that seems a bit like a 💩 , talks about a guy who is obviously a massive 💩. Well continue the good work I guess.

    johnatsprayjohnatspray22 dager siden
  • There was another accusation against him from a girl at a party YEARS ago. He’s been assaulting women for years and they just get swept under the rug and everyone just forgets????

    Riley GraceRiley Grace23 dager siden
  • the lack of fucking empathy in these comments is despicable

    giggy wickgiggy wick23 dager siden
  • I love how this guy claims that he gave arguably the biggest NOtown star on the planet “ample time” to respond to his investigation into Dobrik’s allegations. As if whoever this wannabe (Lester Holt) is the end-all-be-all of investigative journalism. I’d bet that David Dobrik doesn’t know, nor has ever heard of this guy like most of us. The allegations are definitely horrible but kick rocks for expecting a response. 🙄

    Chad HilljeChad Hillje23 dager siden
  • God so happy I stopped watching Phill just dropped by to see if I'm missing anything

    Royum's ShortsRoyum's Shorts24 dager siden
  • Trust me I know.. she will go through different emotions for example wanting to forget about it, then feeling it was her fault because of getting into that state where your incoherent, then feeling angry and wanting justice and talking to cops because you want him to go to jail then hearing the suspect brags to people about your encounter with him really wants you to take justice in your own hands. Like I said I know! My sympathy goes to Hannah however don't feel like your a victim... You are a survivor.

    Amy LumbardAmy Lumbard24 dager siden
  • I always hated seeing dom in the vlogs.. he was a creep. I’m not surprised he has these allegations. As David.. I’m just disappointed.

    KrlxKrlx24 dager siden
  • "were going to jail" *laughs* Filming your guilt, and broadcasting it for millions. How..how dumb can you get ?

    Lowkey LokiLowkey Loki25 dager siden
  • Philip leaves out the bit about the timing of everything. Without it makes David and others look much worse. Dom is the only one that should face any consequence

    E BE B25 dager siden
  • Bro david is 24 years old, leave him alone!

    Ato KoomsonAto Koomson25 dager siden
  • Has this been confirmed or under investigation?

    Eli HyoyohayuiyongostovintchEli Hyoyohayuiyongostovintch25 dager siden
  • Poor hannah....if ur reading this...stay strong...

    Big bang 1Big bang 126 dager siden
  • You just seem overly upset at him. Perhaps you're dramatizing it for view idk? But I mean hasn't everyone made mistakes in their pasts. Like come on, surly it isn't THAT much of an emotional burden on you Philip u can move on buddy.

    Curtis RahmanCurtis Rahman26 dager siden
  • Of course fucking Trisha Paytas is involved smh

    AniaAnia27 dager siden
  • There's a "NEXT" heavy thing? Fuck I can't take two of these in one video. Ima come back later. Thanks for bringing attention to this stuff

    GK LeeGK Lee27 dager siden
  • Lmfao why would you drink with a dude who just tried to coerce you into being his paid girlfriend??

    theodore grandatheodore granda27 dager siden
  • Someone give this man a news Chanel

    Roy LiteldoRoy Liteldo27 dager siden
  • Its still behind a paywall on the Insider website.

    Karen .c.hKaren .c.h27 dager siden
  • great video until the ad. weird to have a noom plug while talking about a rape accusation then go in to talking about 8 ppl dead.

    Thomas TomasThomas Tomas28 dager siden
  • 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

    Lisaa SmilesLisaa Smiles28 dager siden
  • why the fuck did he joke about them going to jail. disgusting. absolutely horrendous.

    Ashton KleinAshton Klein28 dager siden
  • Huuuuuuuuuh????

    Luis From TexasLuis From Texas28 dager siden
  • I’ve never heard of one of these people. And I’m happy about that. “He said this. She said this” k...

    Mark AnthonyMark Anthony29 dager siden
  • Honestly, it was seen from the very beginning that the whole Vlog Squad had “glamorous” lives but not a “glamorous” moral system... something like that was bound to happen

    Anna TurquoiseAnna Turquoise29 dager siden
  • My first thoughts when seeing the video when it was first posted was “ this is the end of the vlog squad”

    Lynch 616Lynch 61629 dager siden
  • This is so screwed up😔 on another level.

    panda 22panda 22Måned siden
  • Share

    Gees MommaGees MommaMåned siden
  • #dobrikisarapist

    Gabe BellGabe BellMåned siden
  • "Making progress" ?!?! This really sums up their mentality here. These men are utterly foul. Men like this don't even see that they are doing anything wrong. Its sickening and this culture of entitlement from men needs to stop!!! Thanks you for speaking out about this. Its horrifying and reminds me of my own SA experience around a similar age. I really feel for the victims here. I hope these men will eventually realise how vile and pathetic they are. Depressing.

    MissMaewwMissMaewwMåned siden
  • I genuinley feel like crying over this, it is so triggering (thankyou for the warning by the way Phil, I watched at my own accord because I think it is so important to hear victims stories and to hold these people accountable)

    blue blueblue blueMåned siden
  • "Eight people are dead. They had a worse day" Fucking THANK you

    Thomas RosebroughThomas RosebroughMåned siden
  • Stop. His aka is firty Dom. So you're surprised about...?

    PrincePrinceMåned siden
    • What the fuck did I just read. There's a fine line from rape and flirting and Dom certainly wasn't flirting.

      I'm very Sensitive!I'm very Sensitive!29 dager siden
  • Where are these kids parents?

    Michelle AyresMichelle AyresMåned siden
  • Her fault if she drinks so much alcohol hahaha

    Pilly BoyPilly BoyMåned siden
  • Apologize?? they need to go to jail

    Nobody On the InternetNobody On the InternetMåned siden
  • Little late buddy boy

    Robby Anderson is a shrimp JeffreyRobby Anderson is a shrimp JeffreyMåned siden
  • "He had a bad day. " We all have bad fucking days, but we don't decide to murder 8 PEOPLE! Fucking 8!!! And the fact that they seem like they're down playing it makes my blood boil. 🤬🤬

    Meagan McCabeMeagan McCabeMåned siden
  • Writing was on the wall about how horrible these people are for years. Anything for money and views, eh David?

    Unpopular OpinionsUnpopular OpinionsMåned siden
  • Wait. How TF did that content make it on NOtown to begin with?! That is MORTIFYING!!

    ciolove143ciolove143Måned siden
    • Because they bring in money. NOtown cares about money more than anything. Period.

      Lowkey LokiLowkey Loki25 dager siden
  • Dude, after every crap Logan pulled, he had to laugh at a hanging body of a dead person for everyone to say"wtf". And even from there he just got bigger and richer. Your society is so rotten that you cheer and encourage despicable people and then act like you are shocked when people come forward. Reflect on your own act. Vote with your time. Time is money, stop giving it to the likes that encourage illicit behaviours and displays them as being fun ad cool. Teach your kids to stand up for themselves instead of trying to fit in with the cool kids. Teach them why drinking isn't good, and why you are very likely to regret the night where you decided to "have fun" with half a dozen "cool kids" you've never met before. Teach them to behave responsible, and not to cheer when a cool kid sets fire to his car. I don't know how to turn my thought into words, eng is my 2 language, but I see the west from outside and the problems are so apparent and mostly societal. You have to see that a poorly raised kid will be a poorly raised adult and make poor decisions.

    ozayevableozayevableMåned siden
  • They are only bad when they have been called out eh?! These a holes have been doing the most grotesque stuff for likes and your kids whom youve failed to teach right from wrong, your kids made them a sensation, and corporations love sensations. You and your immoral dumb kids made them famous.

    ozayevableozayevableMåned siden
  • This should be an example that money and fame doesn’t equal good person. Please. Social media stars are a joke. Let’s stop laughing at it..

    Simeon CannalteSimeon CannalteMåned siden
    • Jefree Star already made that example honestly. I literally loved their videos but holy shit I find it pure disgusting what they did to those poor girls.

      I'm very Sensitive!I'm very Sensitive!29 dager siden
  • Stop Knocking David and stop sticking up for every woman who claims the type of shit she claims allegedly happens. I don't know so ther for neither so you. So without proof knock this shit off.

    Michael CoppolaMichael CoppolaMåned siden
  • Ok so i never watched those people's content, they're obviously pigs. Why for years did people always talk about David and his group like they're so inspirational and the good face of NOtown? They talked shit about the Paul brothers meanwhile this douche went unchecked?

    Buttered LumpsButtered LumpsMåned siden
  • Can anybody link actual evidence rather than just accounts of what has happened from the accuser and the accused

  • The sad part is that the dirty dom situation is so familiar to a lot of girls like just they way she described the language used the body language of the boys and the aftermath of even saying "smell my fingers" this is not an uncommon situation this is very very very commen practice to block exists with their bodies to say "okay well just a kiss then" to then try and get people drunk to make it "easier" to wear someone down its almost a bro culture situation were other men feel comfortable enough to walk in /film /smell fingers of a sexual situation they aren't consented to be apart of. Also I think it's apparent that none of this would have happened without the hype of other men david pushing the people for content the bro culture of looking pathetic infront of the boys if you can't get laid and just over all Toxic frat boy behavior

    latoyalatoyaMåned siden
  • I watched that video way before it was deleted and I had no idea I thought they were just there to hang out and dom talked them into group sex but now hearing her statement on the matter and what happened to her that's beyond horrible and I'm disgusted.

    SquabalisSquabalisMåned siden
  • Just dont drink and leave the room is not that hard

    igna cioigna cioMåned siden
  • Commenting for algorithm

    nimish poonekarnimish poonekarMåned siden
  • I actually remember this video. It’s weird because watching it seemed like nothing was wrong.

    Dan MaysDan MaysMåned siden
  • I think it's sad that there are so many cases that go unreported,but this is not one of them. It was "reported" after all :3 Just not to the legal court...But to the court of public opinion. Guess who benefits the most from this ? 🤔

    Subhotosh ChakrabortySubhotosh ChakrabortyMåned siden
  • Thank you Phil

    PaigeCPaigeCMåned siden
  • Wow what a thorough video ! Came here first to figure out what is circulating. So disheartening - young money, and power - leading many men to think what they want they get, even if that means a woman.

    taylor brittanytaylor brittanyMåned siden
  • Phillip de Fraud-O

    TrobertwTrobertwMåned siden
  • this is a big lawsuit. Aiding and Abetting a Crime (Penal Code section 31) In California, you can be charged with the crime that was committed if you aided or abetted in its commission, but did not actually commit the crime yourself. Penal Code section 31 describes the phrase “aiding and abetting” as meaning that you assisted another person to commit a crime. Prosecutors can charge you as an aider and abettor whenever you: Know the perpetrator’s illegal plan, Intentionally encourage and/or facilitate that plan, and Aid, promote, or instigate in the crime’s commission.

    John DoeJohn DoeMåned siden
  • I knew this was coming one day. The whole idea of david's vlogs is partying and doing some weird shit. Before accusations like this didn't come up because he was at the peak of his carrier but now that he has stopped making so much content like before this kinda accusations will surface more and more. This happens to every fricking youtuber or celebrity.

    Mr NobodyMr NobodyMåned siden
  • Hannah if you’re here, I believe you and I’m so sorry you this happened to you. I’m sending you love and strength. I’ve been through this too and I know how overwhelming and fucking terrible it is. It gets easier, I promise. 💛💛💛

    Colleen ElizabethColleen ElizabethMåned siden
  • I lost any shred of respect that I had for David

    milkchunks_milkchunks_Måned siden
  • Who else has been here since exposed daddy05

    Flying PhoenixFlying PhoenixMåned siden
  • Creepy geeks with Money 💰

    Andrew FelceyAndrew FelceyMåned siden
  • “Consent can change” sounds like something Ramsay Snow would say...🤷🏻‍♂️

    DarkScorpio GamingDarkScorpio GamingMåned siden
  • Wow.... this whole thing is something else! Can’t even comment directly on it because I would be here forever ranting! Glad it’s being spoken about openly though, this is what is important and what I appreciate about channels like this. Keep the talking and conversation going and keep raising awareness and encouraging people to talk!

    Dee DoubleUDee DoubleUMåned siden
  • I think the craziest thing is how David edited the video. Looked threw all the footage and thought it was funny and put it in the video and then posted it. Like wtf

    osoRowdyosoRowdyMåned siden