LADIES BEWARE! Chloe Bailey, Markiplier, Jeff Bezos Steps Down, Resident Evil Village Controversy, &

2. feb.. 2021
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00:00 - New Resident Evil Villain Has The Internet Feeling Some Type of Way
00:57 - Dangers of TikTok's New Silhouette Challenge
02:02 - Celebs Defend Chloe Bailey's "Buss It" Video
03:23 - Robinhood CEO Set To Testify
06:40 - Bezos Stepping Down As CEO
06:57 - Sponsor
07:46 - Biden's New Executive Orders Addressing Immigration
10:16 - Mitch McConnell Condemns Marjorie Taylor Greene
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Capcom Confirms Fan Favorite 'Resident Evil' Vampire Is Over Nine Feet Tall
TikTok Creators Warn Against Silhouette Challenge Posts After Intrusive Edits:
Gabrielle Union Defends Chloe Bailey:
RobinHood CEO to Testify As App Faces Lawsuits:
Jeff Bezos Is Stepping Down as Amazon CEO
Biden Signs Executive Orders Scaling Back Trump’s Immigration Policies:
Mitch McConnell Calls Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Conspiracies a Cancer to GOP:
SoulCycle Instructor Apologizes After Calling Herself an Educator To Get Vaccine:
Taiwanese Lawmakers Push for Pro-Independence Constitution Changes
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg, Maxx Enright
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Brian Espinoza
Production Team: Zack Taylor
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    Philip DeFrancoPhilip DeFranco25 dager siden
    • Possible T-shirt 👕?

      Z- ProductionsZ- Productions23 dager siden
    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣 too funny... however we can just lie about not liking the Bonks just to get some.... 😁😁😁😏

      Trista DuguaryTrista Duguary23 dager siden

      Aitish KumarAitish Kumar24 dager siden
    • You’re better than this, Phil.

      Harmony QuinnHarmony Quinn24 dager siden
    • Could you please research and report on the little girl that was killed by America’s worst cook winner?

      Melanie MacheteMelanie Machete24 dager siden
  • It's funny how all of these people are against Robinhood (myself included), yet for Biden (not myself included). Say what you want about Trump, some of it well earned, but at least he hasn't been the epitomy of the crooked establishment for over half a decade.

    Sean the BawseSean the Bawse6 dager siden
  • Angry bird pillows please

    MIBuckeye60MIBuckeye6016 dager siden
  • So Mark only gets talked about for a fraction of a second because of his stupid lust over a dumb RE character?

    Ashley RAshley R17 dager siden
  • The moral of the story is mind your own damn business

    dz powelldz powell19 dager siden
  • so where hell is the money going to come from to house all the asylum seekers?? I've seen the border and how there's always lines of people waiting to get in, there simply isn't enough room to house everyone while waiting for the process to unfold, the courts are slammed. Where's the $$ going to come from. Don't get me wrong, want to help but there's a limit at some point of what can be sustained and it's a flood that doesn't slow down.

    mikeymouth2000mikeymouth200019 dager siden
  • Bruh Lady Dimitrescu is hot af ...I'm a straight female lmao

    JokersonJokerson19 dager siden
  • When you start speaking about politics, your channel suddenly is shit and shallow. You ruin the news with your mainstream politics view.

    Jazmin CarranzaJazmin Carranza19 dager siden
  • I just finished watching D'Angelo Wallace's Influencer 19 documentary, and I really needed that bonk joke at the beginning. Thank you

    Sharon oddlyenoughSharon oddlyenough20 dager siden
  • You wanna bonk #Markiplier? Wah wah wah bahaha just because you what a giant woman to be able to hug you head with her thighs till it solodes don’t mean you wanna hump her. K?k. I got you #Markiplier Phillip says thanks for the shout out! He only wanted views.

    Bluegrass BeautyBluegrass Beauty20 dager siden
  • this greene lady just finds new ways to top her own brand of crazy

    TheCreepyproTheCreepypro21 dag siden
  • So you're saying it's fine to relax on the nudity on an app made for kids?

    Scuba SteveScuba Steve21 dag siden
  • The intro to this video is giving me major Hank Green exasperated dad vibes.

    AWalkerAWalker21 dag siden
  • My husband is an immigrant from El Salvador. We're currently working on getting residency/green card status for him, but we struggle financially because of court fees, medical debts, and now we have a daughter. We qualify for WIC, Medicaid, etc. But we can't apply or receive these benefits because it would jeopardize his likelihood to get a green card. If that rule were rescinded, it would be absolutely incredible. The immigration process has been so slow, expensive, and tedious due to Trump and now the pandemic. I hope his executive order to revise these guidelines actually does something. Real people trying to live better lives depend on it.

    Sarah AvilesSarah Aviles21 dag siden
  • New name for a one night stand... "Pump n' dump"

    GoopyTootsGoopyToots21 dag siden
  • I think the most damaging thing Trump did during his term as President was mainstreaming crazy. The absolute loonies that are showing up now have been there for years but we subconsciously disregarded them because, well, they were crazy. But now they are standing up and trying to get noticed and since one nutjob got into a high government position they have found that they have a new home. Soon the asylum really will be run by the inmates.

    Magnus BergnerMagnus Bergner21 dag siden
  • Here's the thing on the RobinHood rage... Idk why you keep pushing this narrative "hey guys I'm pulling my money out and putting it here" ohhhhhhh noted.... Also it was frozen across multiple platforms, RobinHood was the fastest to restore services for purchase side orders, other companies are still down... But this is simple; anyone who is suing robinhood for not letting them buy a stock * due to a historically high amount of market movement * is everything wrong with america, you can't sue McDonald's because the ice cream machine is broken... Go get ice cream somewhere else... Honestly a bit disappointed in you pushing this naritive

    sean boukersean bouker21 dag siden
  • This executive order shit needs to stop. It's a dangerous power to be used as often as it is atm. I was hoping Biden would stop this trend, but evidently not...

    MarspawMarspaw21 dag siden
  • GameStop started years ago lol and anyone stupid enough to say pump and dump is stupid. High PE ratio close to teslas. I don’t see Phil cryin pump and dumb about tesla lol

    The One MindsThe One Minds21 dag siden
  • I dont know why tall resident evil 8 thing makes people go "humina humina hot mama". And I dont want to know, because I already know. Why... why is all I have to say about that

    RasEliRasEli21 dag siden
  • If someone is “shaming” me for something, being too sexy wouldn’t ever be it.

    Som GuiSom Gui22 dager siden
  • Can someone show me the remains of the plane that hit the pentagon? Like even a couple of photos would be great... we definitely can crush conspiracy theories with facts. So let's show them!

    Oscar GonzalezOscar Gonzalez22 dager siden
  • Another example of PDF not knowing shit and propagating fear. You can't remove the "red light" filter. It doesn't add a "silhouette" It adds a red overlay. If you remove that all you get is a different color. It doesn't change it back to the original, it doesn't reveal anything that wasn't revealed in the post. All the tutorials show the same thing.

    Oscar GonzalezOscar Gonzalez22 dager siden
  • So when are you starting ur presidential campaign for 2024

    Champion-XChampion-X22 dager siden
  • Bezos is def dedicating his time to defeating Superman

    Paul MPaul M22 dager siden
  • bezos has money for 5 lives:))

    SpectruSpectru22 dager siden
  • Stock news and advice shows are this with less reach. It's fine imo free market

    EliteSniperTVEliteSniperTV22 dager siden
  • Mark will destroy you Philip and he will .

    Tom CunninghamTom Cunningham22 dager siden
  • That Bezos v Superman comment KILLED me

    MenelinMenelin22 dager siden
  • Thought process around why Elon musk is Superman and Jeff bezos is lex luthor. Sound evidence. 😜 When I told my husband about bezos and his space flight company. He laughed, said he had heard and that he always has been salty he isn’t Elon musk. Maybe that is the “Superman” Phil was referring to? Lol. Wait.... does that make bezos LEX LUTHOR?! He even kind of looks like him. 😲😜

    Angela ShelleyAngela Shelley22 dager siden
  • not sure how many of y'all lucid dream...or experience sleep paralysis...but i have for about 16 years now, and when i saw the trailer and saw big vampire lady....shivers down my spine. that's exactly how my mind perceives my paralysis demon O_O no joke. i may post a video describing what i experience soon...but yeah, that shit got me feelin' all kinds of uncomfortable O_O

    Robyn HolleyRobyn Holley22 dager siden
  • Can't wait for the secret alternate ending where Lady Dimitrescu runs away because you act too horny toward her.

    darklord884darklord88422 dager siden
  • Mark isn’t horny, it’s about the power

    Declan MullenDeclan Mullen22 dager siden
  • Too much movement.

    Loudass 69Loudass 6922 dager siden
  • play stupid games win stupid prizes

    Jared O'KelleyJared O'Kelley22 dager siden
  • Markipliers reaction was just sooooo amazing I cracked up

    ShannanigansShannanigans22 dager siden
  • in REV if the name was supposed to be the one with roots in Transylvania, it should have been "Dumitrescu"

    Daniel TanaseDaniel Tanase22 dager siden
  • I live in Australia, how do I get the investment app? I cant use an American site. Help!

    Stakkie JonesStakkie Jones22 dager siden
  • Wait Bezos stepped down.

    Poke EmblemPoke Emblem23 dager siden
  • So much of our news these days comes down to “words matter”.

    Lissa LoaLissa Loa23 dager siden
  • No plane hit the pentagon. Green is an idiot but a broke clock is right two times a day and she was right about 9/11

    riahasaysriahasays23 dager siden
  • Im really worried about the “reuniting parents” thing at the southern boarder. Its just that theres so much child trafficking, and a lot of people try to use kids, who arent their own, as a reason to get into the country. This happens at all boarders around the world, and its a serious problem. Human trafficking of any sort isnt ok

    Rachel NguyenRachel Nguyen23 dager siden
  • You had to do the D one time, and it made my day xD

    Mew NewMew New23 dager siden
  • Lex Luthor comment slipped in there subtly... but no TIA again hmm

    Tarquinius999Tarquinius99923 dager siden
  • I have a better idea; ABOLISH ICE!

    Carlitos RCarlitos R23 dager siden
  • Notice that Mitch McConnell didn’t say anything about the Jewish space lasers...

    Harry TurnerHarry Turner23 dager siden
  • Ya go from shaming people for being into a virtual tall lady, then shame people for shaming overly-nude people. Ya odd, Phil.

    Brendon AndrewsBrendon Andrews23 dager siden
  • Um... isn't losing gracefully the norm? Marjorie you're only proving how crazy you are...

    Cody ChurchillCody Churchill23 dager siden
  • I have not bought your merch before, but if you release a Jewish Space Lazers Band Tee I will buy it in a heartbeat

    tenparkstenparks23 dager siden
  • mark reacted to this vid lol XD

    ink_the_rabbitink_the_rabbit23 dager siden
  • phill your bias is coming out at fucking 11:23, just saying

    AntiAnti23 dager siden
    • @Anti getting your news from any single source is dangerous. Bias is always there whether it's intentional or not. But when it comes to Trump era GOP, they are objectively wrong.

      Cluckery DuckeryCluckery Duckery23 dager siden
    • @Cluckery Duckerysure, but when it comes to media? no why do you think 90% people come here and not fox news or CNN bc they are not neutral and always trying to put there spin on something

      AntiAnti23 dager siden
    • @Anti at some point you gotta stop being neutral and side with what's right. Fence sitters and centrists are useless cowards.

      Cluckery DuckeryCluckery Duckery23 dager siden
    • @Cluckery Duckery bc you should be indifferent when u claim your show is balanced thats why

      AntiAnti23 dager siden
    • He straight up said he doesn't like McConnell. What's your point? Phil leans left. He doesn't try to hide it.

      Cluckery DuckeryCluckery Duckery23 dager siden
  • Trump in his first three days as president. Signs one executive order. "He's a dictator!" Biden in his first three days as president. Signs 19 executive orders. "He's not doing enough!"

    Vortex9Vortex923 dager siden
  • I am so in on the "mind your own business" viewpoint!

    Annakari ColeAnnakari Cole23 dager siden
  • Markiplier is a masochistic, he would like that

    Know one know meKnow one know me23 dager siden
    • He wants to go even further beyond

      Jasmine RJasmine R17 dager siden
    • He wants to see if his body can take it

      Ray DarkmainRay Darkmain21 dag siden
  • How do you punish a masochist? Don't.

    Jenna LutzJenna Lutz23 dager siden
  • "It makes it seem like a manipulative pump and dump" Where have I heard that before? Oh right Jordan Belfort said something similar

    MLG GAMERMLG GAMER23 dager siden
  • I saw the CEO of Robinhood on CNN. The dude completely dodged the questions. Hmph I wonder what's gonna happen in that testimony

    MLG GAMERMLG GAMER23 dager siden
  • Wait Resident Evil Village villain is actually liked by alot of people and yes in that way? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 This is comedy Gold right here. 9'6"? I mean she's hella taller than I am. And I'm near to 6'0". So she would have to look down at me which I kinda feel a way about. Don't get me wrong tall chicks are cool but there comes a point where it's too much

    MLG GAMERMLG GAMER23 dager siden
  • How can you be too sexy? Is that even a thing? That's what I don't understand about Chloe being shamed so unfairly

    MLG GAMERMLG GAMER23 dager siden
  • I know I'm late but I'm into that.

    Kay RodKay Rod23 dager siden
  • lmfao I knew you were going to do it one day. I'm calling the horny police on you.

    Chazz Guerra-OgisteChazz Guerra-Ogiste23 dager siden
  • idea: if you wanna do the silhouette challenge, wear a black bodysuit. cockblocked.

    birdn4t0rbirdn4t0r23 dager siden
  • Phil I'm so disappointed in you. Jewish space lasers have caused me so much pain and sadness. 😂

    Jacob BrinkleyJacob Brinkley23 dager siden
  • not watched Mr franco in a while but wow he's looking kinda buff these days you been working out my man?

    Theo M DevineTheo M Devine23 dager siden
  • If the worst criticism someone can give you is you're too sexy you've won at life

    CupcakeofEmotionsCupcakeofEmotions23 dager siden
  • Phil calling out Markiplier for being horny on main I ducking love it! 🤣

    w13WFangw13WFang23 dager siden
  • Can somebody send me a downloadable mp3 of that NYEHHH noise at 00:55 please I will love you forever

    Dallas JacksonDallas Jackson23 dager siden
  • Ahhhh I almost missed that Lex Luthor joke lmao

    Angel HernandezAngel Hernandez23 dager siden
  • BREAKING NEWS: If you had an issues with the video Chloe did, it is YOU that is the fucking loser. NOT HER!!! lmao. If you read this and disagree with it, its because you are sad, you arent happy with yourself. It has ZERO to do with her. Stop projecting your insecurities onto the internet and towards this young lady lol

    Canadian_TriLL 905Canadian_TriLL 90523 dager siden
  • I will definitely buy Jewish Space Laser apparel

    Adam KirschbaumAdam Kirschbaum23 dager siden
  • robinhood lawsuit won't go anywhere folks. EULA covers them really well.

    FaffyFaffy23 dager siden
  • 9ft?? That’s scary af, even with her being attractive lol also, people are so thirsty for attention. Social media at this point is detrimental to peoples minds. Look, if you’re going to put yourself out there on the internet be prepared for people to trash you. Ignore it and move on. Giving it attention fuels the fire.

    DanielleDanielle23 dager siden
  • So Philip was willing to bonk Markiplier, why I am not surprised.

    Kinsman525Kinsman52523 dager siden
  • Where is the Public link DeFranco?!

    Shannon MurphyShannon Murphy23 dager siden
  • Wondering if we can buy stock in you

    Stacy BeardStacy Beard23 dager siden
  • humor is the best.. beating up superman lol

    Michael HeindlMichael Heindl23 dager siden
  • i legit got scared when i saw Mark on the thumbnail. only to find out he’s on there because he needs bonking. thank you for making that the first story 😂

    Allison MuddyOrbs StudioAllison MuddyOrbs Studio23 dager siden
  • I think the main reason why people have a problem with these "sexy tik tok challenges" as well as this body positivity and sexuality culture in general, is the simple fact that it can set an inappropriate precedent for young girls. There are tens of thousands of underage girls seeing these influential women doing these overtly sexual tik toks and social media posts and replicating them. Being comfortable with your own body is fine and you can do whatever you want to do if you're an adult but it's not a good example for children when they have the ability to put their camera in front of them and strip or behave in an overtly sexual manor. And if you think I'm reaching, you can literally go on tik tok or any social media platform and see all these underage girls and boys posting inappropriate things that creepy old men jerk off to. Like being more open about sexuality in society is good, but I think America and social media has taken it a little too far, or to a place where things need to be toned down a bit.

    MrKumquatsMrKumquats23 dager siden
  • Hey Philip, you didn’t cover the XL pipeline scoop, I guess it’ll make the Biden supporters mad lol

    Ohrel VOhrel V23 dager siden
  • 6:45 *Applause* well played Phil !

    DR FR0STiiDR FR0STii23 dager siden
  • Green actually makes a great point. Dems have been using tactics for the last four years that they don't seem to realize are the same tactics Republicans have started using to shocking effect in the last 6 months. these tactics are unhealthy. Don't promote union and radicalize and alienate both parties against each other. And as alienation and radicalization are the steps that led to Civil War I find this behavior pattern very very frightening.

    Mark FrazerMark Frazer23 dager siden
  • *Phil gets bonk stick out* *So many people "oof" from being bonked*

    Captain DuckyCaptain Ducky23 dager siden
  • All the stock stuff... Sorry but F*** em! So the rich and corporations are allow to gamble and manipulate the market (But hey they can't have any actual risk) but when the plebs beat them at their own game, Oh no, that's a problem. It's proof that the American dream is dead. They want you to believe in it, but they can't have the peasant class actually challenging them!

    Fuzzy ImagesFuzzy Images23 dager siden
  • Jeff bezos is looking like luthor day by day

    Tyler KisterTyler Kister23 dager siden
  • I think both sides of politics are ruined, but to Greenes defense I will say: remember when 2.3 trillion dollars went missing on september 10, 2001? and then the day after all of the information and evidence was destroyed? maybe a plane hit the pentagon, maybe it didnt. It kind of doesnt matter. no plane hit WTC 7 and I find that to be extremely interesting. if you don't believe me and you know anything about physics and/or how fires work in modern buildings, watch it fall.

    StinStin23 dager siden
    • @Cluckery Duckery it was a building that was near the twin towers, it was the only other building destroyed. it held evidence, the place where the pentagon was struck also held evidence. 2.3 trillion dollars of government money is 7,000 out of every americans wallet. assuming every american is a taxpayer, which they arent. and assuming we all pay equal taxes, which we don't. but either way its our money for everything good we expect the government to do for us and its announced missing 1 day before a national tragedy that conveniently makes it so there can be no investigation.

      StinStin23 dager siden
    • @Stin I'm honestly not familiar with the building you're speaking of. I never went down the rabbit hole on 9/11. So I can't say whether I believe that part of the "story" or not as I'm not familiar with it. Edit: so as I can't say that i have evidence that the story regarding that building is accurate, then no. I can't claim that it is.

      Cluckery DuckeryCluckery Duckery23 dager siden
    • @Cluckery Duckery I do not dispute that. and I disagree with your first statement. that is true for sciences, but crimes are different and can be covered up in many ways. Can you do the same for me? answer me with a yes or no. Do you believe the official story in its entirety?

      StinStin23 dager siden
    • @Stin cool story. Back to the actual question i asked you... A simple yes or no. Do you dispute that a plane crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11?

      Cluckery DuckeryCluckery Duckery23 dager siden
    • @Cluckery Duckery also we sold all of the scrap metal from all world trade center buildings to china before any investigation began. if you want to believe the official story that 2 planes took down three buildings that were specifically designed to be able to be hit by a plane (pentagon was fine of course), thats up to you. but thats all true, you can look it up yourself. I havent even gone conspiracy theory here. this is what actually happened.

      StinStin23 dager siden
  • *YES. Please bonk Markiplier,* _he disappointed me so much._

    DubstequtieDubstequtie23 dager siden
  • they're going to frame it like the small time people lost out on the gamestop situation. im sure there were a few people that bought gamestop at 400 thinking they could double their money. But I think most people that bought gamestop at 400 just hate rich people and would throw their money into a dumpster just do bring them down a notch. people are literally just holding this stock to fuck other people over, not to make money. and the ones that did it to make money, probably should get out of the stock market while they can. or they will just be forced out of the stock market for making dumb decisions waaay behind the curve.

    StinStin23 dager siden
  • Omg, thank you so much for calling out influencers for stock manipulation. As someone that enjoys the stock market, I was scared when GameStop started flying because if it topped out at 490, then someone brought the stock at that price and is now down a lot of money. We need to talk about it more.

    Wrong side of societyWrong side of society23 dager siden
  • Bezo must be stepping down cause amzon is making no money lol

    John hJohn h23 dager siden
  • Ugh public charge. What an annoying extremely invasive form.

    Lenora PowersLenora Powers23 dager siden
  • I knew the dislikes will be more than the likes 😏heheheh

    Reem AlmatarReem Almatar23 dager siden
  • Markiplier is definitely into bonking...come on phil..

    Central EleganceCentral Elegance23 dager siden
  • I don't know whats worse: the fact that they refuse to reprimand Greene for the shit she has said (they did it for King after he said all that racist shit, and they made Al Frankin step down after his past came to light, but that was because he was a Democrat) or that people actually voted for her bat shit crazy ass and she won.

    zero195zero19523 dager siden
  • I have teen nieces on TikTok, how about we keep our clothes while using that app?!? It's 13+ and there's way too much over-sexualisation on it.

    S. Jo.S. Jo.23 dager siden
    • There shouldn’t be such a large market and pressure for sexualised kids to start with. Think about the fact grown men are taking videos of young girls, going out of their way to edit them, to see them naked/half naked unconseusually. The market for unconsensual porn is disgusting enough

      RowanRowan23 dager siden
  • I’m pretty sure that no matter how much you change the lighting or contrast you can’t see the bodies as when a video or photo is taken that’s what’s only able to be changed to others, or in other words if a body is blacked out, it’ll stay blacked out. Black will stay black.

    Wal ChuangWal Chuang24 dager siden
  • Why yes, I do need more of Phillip's D in my life. Make it happen sir :)

    Misfit Super StarMisfit Super Star24 dager siden
  • all those orders from Biden are cool and all but where's our 2 grand

    Princess RosePrincess Rose24 dager siden
  • "While others say he will be busy trying to defeat Superman." Dang, Phil! 😂 If you're gonna pop off like that, give me a warning next time! 🤣😂

    Jonathan SnyderJonathan Snyder24 dager siden
  • is it involuntary i mean they did strip of there own free will just cuz ya threw a filter on dosnt make it any less porn.

    TrenchCoat DingoTrenchCoat Dingo24 dager siden
  • Them saying she's really tall does not stop me from wanting to be stepped on

    Baby Gurl eats Shicken nuggitsBaby Gurl eats Shicken nuggits24 dager siden