Guess Why He's Trying To Shut Down My Channel... Harry Styles, Mia Khalifa, Cuomo Nursing Home

16. feb.. 2021
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00:00 - They're Trying To Cancel Me!
01:19 - Amy Cooper Charges Dropped
03:27 - Olivia Wilde Sparks Debate for Thanking Harry Styles
05:32 - Sponsor
06:24 - Myanmar Updates, China's Vaccine Scam, and India Arrests
10:23 - Gov Cuomo's Mistake, NAACP Suing Trump & Giuliani, and Pelosi's Insurrection Commission
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Charges Dismissed Against Amy Cooper:
Olivia Wilde Thanks Harry Styles for Taking Supporting Role in Female-led Film:
Myanmar’s Suu Kyi Faces New Charge:
China Arrests Leaders Behind Massive Fake Vaccine Scam:
Activist in India Arrested After Greta Thunberg Shared Protest Toolkit:
Andrew Cuomo Acknowledges State Withholding Nursing Home Data:
NAACP Files Lawsuit Against Trump and Giuliani:
Pelosi Announces Commission to Investigate Insurrection:
Gina Carano’s Social Media Following Grows After Star Wars Firing:
Uber Has Now Asked the EU to Adopt Prop 22-Style Standards:
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg, Maxx Enright
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Brian Espinoza
Production Team: Zack Taylor
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  • PHILIP DEFRANCO MUST BE STOPPED!!!!!! #BeBetter by purchasing some amazing clothes from and leave a note at checkout that you don’t like throat punch threats. Thank you 🙏🏻

    Philip DeFrancoPhilip DeFranco11 dager siden
    • This had Trisha Paytas written all over complaint.

      SportTalkForDummiesSportTalkForDummies14 timer siden
    • Cancel you? Wait, what?. Didn't you start You tube? You've been around like as long as it has. ; )

      Skate GirlSkate GirlDag siden
    • I just want to say, as a non American, I also feel threatened every time I hear you say youre gonna punch me on the throat. its a bit off putting and violent from my pov. #introvert #donthurtusextros

      shy ladyshy lady6 dager siden
    • @nadamuchu what part of his show did you fall in love with as a deaf fan?

      andy fumoandy fumo9 dager siden
    • @David Orozco I agree that should've been included, but it's not really an example of not "both sidesing" given Cuomo comes off as a fuck-up in the segment regardless. Did you get my reply to your previous comment about Quartering searching the wrong term and other people's results matching Phil's? Can't help but notice it's not showing up for me now...

      VanchaVancha9 dager siden
  • Soooo a man threatens a woman and the first thing is to dismiss her? This from the "believe women" people? Did "newsman" Franco even read the transcript of what he said to her?

    redcoresuperstarredcoresuperstar20 timer siden
  • I dont get it.who is trying to cancel phil?

    AllgreenstuffAllgreenstuffDag siden
  • I think that how you feel about what happens with racist acts depends on what you want to happen. If you want change, you may support some type of move to change thru therapy, education, etc( having said that, I doubt if very many people have a lot of epiphanies after 4 or 5 counseling sessions, or, do you want the person, or people, to be punished and suffer to a degree that you feel satisfied.

    Penny LaynePenny Layne2 dager siden
  • Bullshit re Central Park Karen. As a previous prosecutor this was not right and completely invalided the victim.

    JenniferSmilesNowJenniferSmilesNow2 dager siden
  • Strap me to anything

    manjin Espmanjin Esp2 dager siden
  • the fact that this video has 5 ad breaks AND you have sponsorships in your actual video, its a lil ehhh :( Love your videos but my goodness

    Cody FariasCody Farias3 dager siden
    • Use a VPN and temporarily set the location to India. This will allow you to get NOtown Premium for like 2 USD

      Dan BDan B3 dager siden
  • do people really think that women only clutch their purses in the presence of a black man? This has to be one of the most self centered and denialist things from the left. Thats not a race thing in general, so using an isolated incident to paint the general as a race thing, in my mind, is weird and toxic as hell, and demonstrates the prevalence of echo chamber and reinforcement thinking. If you think that women are generally clutching their purses because he is BLACK and not because he is a man, should evaluate your own race prejudices and assumptions

    Cody FariasCody Farias3 dager siden
  • I think the idea of therapeutic, restorative justice is great, I just want that to be how we treat all criminals. I feel like a lot of poor folks don't get the same opportunities to be better. If education and therapy is working for Amy Cooper, great, but I really want that same road to redemption being offered to everyone, regardless of race, class, or gender. There's a lot of people being locked up for a lot less, and they deserve a chance too.

    Theodore XenophonTheodore Xenophon3 dager siden
    • Bingo. That’s my issue with it too.

      AmaraJordanAmaraJordanDag siden
  • Do lot of African Americans who get arrested for the first time with no criminal background get charges dropped if they take a class?

    andrew engelandrew engel3 dager siden
  • Why is mia khalifa in the picture

    Oscar ArguetaOscar Argueta4 dager siden
  • Cuomo was Phils hero for a long time. Nice.

    Cody WilliamsCody Williams4 dager siden
  • I see you used all that Better Help scam money to get new teeth. Fantastic!

    lancer4224130lancer42241304 dager siden
  • Harry Styles has proven over and over again that he’s a good man and a good example for anyone. Not just men. I see no issue praising him. I struggle with even acknowledging a mans opinion sometimes because you just get tired of hearing them. Especially if you’re in a male dominated industry and are made to feel small. I do get some people saying ‘the bar is on the floor’ cause yes. Like you said, it is on the floor. But that’s why it’s important that men pick it up off the floor. Of course we want to hold people accountable but if we don’t praise people that embody the behavior we want to see from people, we’re just beating people down. That doesn’t fix anything.

    Cera GibsonCera Gibson4 dager siden
  • HOLD UP... 4:38 You say you are trying not to 'both sides' stories? What? But that's YOUR JOB! You are choosing to be a NEWS channel, and as far as I am concerned, letting both sides have there say is 100% part of that job. You can not tell me you want to be different when you then go and do the EXACT thing that the mainstream media does. Both sides are EXTREMELY important to understand. If you don't agree with one of them after that, then all good. But if you are not even going to give them a chance, then WTF is the point of journalism? Showing only one side of a story is propaganda to some degree. Its bias towards a certain side and that is the exact reason why mainstream media is shit. It is one-sided. And then you are here doing the same thing? FFS... where is this journalistic integrity?

    Jagji56Jagji564 dager siden
  • I hate u

    SSJ KaerkarotSSJ Kaerkarot4 dager siden
  • "Its so harmful to tell people you are going to punch them in the throat." Context matters, Phil isn't threatening anyone directly, It is done in an obvious joking manner, also Harry Styles is a whiny, self-important douche. Dude would sell his mother for a 24-hour news cycle all about him.

    Video VagrancyVideo Vagrancy4 dager siden
  • Stop doing stupid clickbait.

    CrunchyImplosionCrunchyImplosion4 dager siden
  • Remember Cuomo was given an Emmy for this . disgusting

    Redneck ReviewRedneck Review4 dager siden
  • Sxephil is a sellout

    Jesus CabreraJesus Cabrera4 dager siden
  • that’s great that they educated amy but she should have definitely still done some time because that is unforgivable

    Lee Alejandra MartinLee Alejandra Martin4 dager siden
  • Ok but what about her dragging her dog around? It’s choking!

    Qcumbers RTrashQcumbers RTrash5 dager siden
  • The NAACP and Dems are so morally and intellectually bankrupt; they criticize the capital hill riots but openly supported the BLM riots and the Chaz insurrection, blatantly revealing their disgusting double standards and hypocrisy. They always accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of, masters of projection.

    I R Stat1cI R Stat1c5 dager siden
    • Im pretty sure everyone can see the difference between cities having a few burned buildings with minimal killings to i n v a d i n g t h e f u c k i n g c a p i t o l. I dont believe Republicans are entirely at fault but they definitely enabled that group into attempting to take over the government. Not even Pence was safe.

  • “Consensually shoot them into the sun” just became my new favourite phrase.

    WestminsterAbbey.WestminsterAbbey.5 dager siden
  • Welcome to the cancel culture you support.

    PoliticalCommonsensePoliticalCommonsense5 dager siden
  • Regarding Amy Cooper: are you Fucking kidding me

    Natalie WisdomNatalie Wisdom5 dager siden
  • Yep.

    MostcomMostcom5 dager siden
  • They both had the same last name Cooper? That’s wild.. Cuomo didn’t just underreport, he killed THOUSANDS of elderly

    Trent SeeTrent See5 dager siden
  • You’re the only News source I HAVE Philip!! 11 years or something now ❤️

    Quantum RealmQuantum Realm5 dager siden
  • Phil. Buddy. What is this title business we see you doing here.

    S KS K5 dager siden
  • 5 sessions?! 5? Who the fuck gets anything done in 5 sessions, let alone deconstructing, understanding and changing ingrained racism... bullllshit

    Barbara CBarbara C5 dager siden
  • As someone currently in school to become a therapist, you’re still establishing the client’s baseline of behavior. You’re still getting to know them. I wasn’t diagnosed with CPTSD until I was in therapy for 3 months.

    singinwithcelinesinginwithceline6 dager siden
    • @Cody Farias agreed. No therapist can truly establish a client’s baseline of behavior patterns, stressors, and potential symptoms until at least 6 weeks. If SHE ended therapy, that’s different and within her right to do. But no clinician worth their salt would end court-ordered therapy after 5 weeks after seeing a video like that,

      singinwithcelinesinginwithceline3 dager siden
    • Therapy is a typically liberal institution. Especially racially reconstructive therapy. Theres no way a liberal institution cleared a white racist after only a few appointments. I am not generally a conspiracy theorist but stuff like this just feel

      Cody FariasCody Farias3 dager siden
  • I love when its a Democratic Governer who tries to mislead federal authorities its a "mistake", When a Republican holds a rally that ends in unwanted violence its a "insurrection"...4:40 sums up the direction this channel has gone in the last year, keep drinking that MSM Kool-aide Phil

    TheSilverPhoenix100TheSilverPhoenix1006 dager siden
    • @TheSilverPhoenix100 How are media and leftists encouraging the antifa riots? Also firearms are not necessary when staging am insurrection idk why you think that would make a difference. By sheer force in numbers, the trumpers broke into the capitol and actively chased congress in the building. Some firearms and molotovs and even explosives were found but even then, the raid was so decentralized that they aren't a significant part of the riot. Also, because the capitol was overwhelmed, shooting orders of the raiders would've been a horrible choice. Luckily only one woman was shot and killed, but officers wouldn't have nearly enough ammo to take care of the crowd. These people, while decentralized in the worst way, attempted to overthrow and signaled executions of congress. How could this be anything else than an insurrection? The only debatable part of insurrection is if Trump incited it. The answer is yes. However just because it is obvious he did, doesn't mean we don't need a legal process. That process would not be able to indict Trump for inciting the insurrection. But we all know he spent years building it all up.

    • @XDARKFUTUREX If that was an actaul insurrection dude the capital would have turned into a warzone very quickly as these are the people who have access to firearms. So no it was a riot, a really stupid idiotic riot that accomplished nothing expect making these people look stupid, but a riot none the less. The fact Media calls it and insurrection and people like Phil parrot that narrative shows me how far gone alot of people on the left are now, especially when the left had been encouraging riots for the better part of 6 months with BLM.

      TheSilverPhoenix100TheSilverPhoenix1003 dager siden
    • First off, Cuomo bad. Second off, those insurrectionists literally threatened both democratic and republican congressmen and women. That is an inherently bad thing. How anyone can see the raid as a good thing is beyond my understanding

  • new profile pic, cheers phily (big) D

    ljp360ljp3606 dager siden
  • Looking buff Phil.

    Sonya WillisSonya Willis6 dager siden
  • The "therapy" sounds like re education to me. Just my opinion.

    bedlam222bedlam2226 dager siden
  • If you want to address racism and make sure that people know that there are consequences, you cananot just keep dismissing events like this. Police killers of innocent people are still free and dismissed with no charges. Many Karen's that have reported POC's to police were probably never charged for wrongfully use emergency services. THEY ARE ALL ADULTS AND SHOULD AT LEAST KNOW THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES. America is treating all of their white adults like "children". They are just letting them get away with their tantrums with out fixing real problem. In addition, POCs have been treated like if they are adult and should know better in courts with even severe and life changing consequences. It all just speaks very clearly that there is bias in favor on white people. You need to make examples of little cases like this with the severity that a POC would receive if the roles where inverse. White people like her clearly do not have empathy nor sympathy for their neighbor and that is because they lack the expirience of being treated in such inhuman ways.

    Paio SuperlovePaio Superlove6 dager siden
  • Phil, I never subscribed because I WANT you to punch me in the throat, I though all us non subscribers where in agreement about this. Don’t let them ruin our fun phil

    The Murderbot FeedThe Murderbot Feed6 dager siden
  • 1. India needs to get rid of Modhi- he is sending the country backwards, that’s why you see more censorship than ever before 2. The Cuomo Administration had a combination between incompetent and understaffed, but that’s everywhere. Honestly, people should check on their elders more to push back more. I also don’t get how most old people are Republicans, but they refuse to acknowledge the seriousness of the coronavirus, when they are literally dying in nursing homes. 3. Olivia Wilde, we get it you’re dating Harry Styles. Idk, personally (key word personally) felt like it was her way of saying my boyfriend is amazing in more ways than one. Like at the end of the day, every actor wants to play the lead in their own movie, whether it be male or female. Only the stupid ones think I’m not going to take a role because it stars someone who doesn’t match my race, sex, sexual orientation, creed, language. Like a role is role is a role. Why pass it up?

    RehAdventuresRehAdventures6 dager siden
  • cancel culture needs to be cancelled

    StandAllone ProductionStandAllone Production6 dager siden
  • Is this becoming a Mia Khalifa Fan account?

    Satellite_NatSatellite_Nat6 dager siden
  • Your nice hair?

    Rob VespaRob Vespa6 dager siden
  • Hell no screw that Karen. She is not going to learn. Now these type of people will get away with this shit

    Dominic ContrerasDominic Contreras6 dager siden
  • She tried to have that black dude killed....ridiculous, shit is attempted murder imo.

    hulivarhulivar6 dager siden
  • beyta liberal

    SharpnessSharpness6 dager siden
  • Lol why's it "insurection" when the right does it once, and "mostly peaceful protests" when the left does it across the entire nation for months? The hypocrisy would hurt if it weren't so pathetic

    Insert Name HereInsert Name Here6 dager siden
    • BLM had a vastly peaceful presence. Antifa not so much. Even then, they targeted EMPTY government and commercial buildings. Antifa is bad but they're the consequence of an incompetent president abusing power. The capitol riots, not only damaged buildings, but also threatened the lives of both dems and republicans alike. They sought to overthrow the government simply because their preferred candidate didn't win. Proving them to be the biggest snowflakes in american history.

    • Cause one was damaging a target and a Wendy's in a few riots over civil injustice. The other was trying to overthrow the government in the nations capitol because they believe in conspiracies and couldn't handle that they lost an election. Pretty massive difference, I gotta say.

      Ernest BErnest B5 dager siden
  • I feel like they should have charged Amy Cooper... addressing the bigger issue by letting her off the hook really isnt addressing it!! If she was found guilty which she would have been - then it shows others that this behaviour is NOT going to just go away with a few counselling sessions and in essence an anger management class. Eyeroll big time.

    SM DSM D6 dager siden
  • You can punch me as hard as u want

    Diogenes • 108 years agoDiogenes • 108 years ago6 dager siden
  • Honestly I’d be more keen to cancel you for these clickbaity video titles. Just kidding if we did that most of NOtown would have to go!

    WillowacksWillowacks6 dager siden
  • You apologizing for something so ridiculous just perpetuates this type of behavior!! STAND UP TO CANCEL CULTURE!

    SwindlerSwindler6 dager siden
  • They should have shaved Karen's head and gave her a kkk tattoo on her forehead

    Matthew M Canada BCMatthew M Canada BC6 dager siden
  • I’m sorry My Man DeFranco-DeFranco, AMY SHOULD BE IN JAIL‼️‼️ Had this gentleman NOT been recording the incident, the VERY REAL POSSIBILITY THAT THIS SAME GENTLEMAN MAY VERY WELL HAVE BEEN HAVE HARASSED, BEATEN, ARRESTED OR EVEN SHOT BY POLICE IN A WHITE WOMAN VERSUS HIS SITUATION‼️‼️‼️ I would characterize this as a travesty of Justice, but in reality, it is not‼️ This another furtherance of the INJUSTICE SYSTEM as it currently exists in the United States. Things could have have gone devastatingly differently had this quick thinking gentleman not recorded the incident and this SOCIOPATHIC WOMAN, sooooo afraid of another Human Being simply because he had a higher amount of Melanin in his his skin. This is D I S G U S T I N G to me‼️‼️‼️ I’m willing to bet any amount of money, that Amy considers herself a person of Faith, probably even Christian. I’ve got NEWS FOR YOU AMY, Hate is not the opposite of love, no it is far more insidious. The opposite of L♥️VE is Apathy, Detachment, Lacking in Empathy nor Sympathy and Absolute Complacency, Hate, however, is Twisting, Turning, Warping, Misshaping, Torturing, poisoning and UTTER CORRUPTION of L♥️VE. You know what Amy, there is NO ROOM in Christianity for HATE OF ANY KIND‼️‼️‼️

    Don Bruno de la ManchaDon Bruno de la Mancha7 dager siden
  • I don’t get the whole “punch you in throat” thing. It’s off putting for sure, but otherwise I love your show and content. It’s well put together and entertaining

    Pearls Anne HeelsPearls Anne Heels7 dager siden
    • Its an ironic masochism thing

  • 👍

    Silver ThompsonSilver Thompson7 dager siden
  • Sorry for being such a hater

    Rebecca CookRebecca Cook7 dager siden
  • You can punch the shit out of my throat!!

    EvilGrnTitanEvilGrnTitan7 dager siden
  • What he said was ever so true. Race Hustling is a bitch aint it

    BleachEmpireBBSBleachEmpireBBS7 dager siden
  • Let's talk about how Amy was treating the dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    David S. NelsonDavid S. Nelson7 dager siden
  • I’m so confused. What about teenage Black boys who get in trouble did the first time and are “taught a lesson” by getting sent to jail? Without evidence? Coming from spaces that are less privileged? Without access to options like therapy? I don’t get it.

    Trudi AnnTrudi Ann7 dager siden
  • I unsubed in '18 cause the channel was focusing too much on drama. I had seen a few clips of some recent Philly D content on FB (before wrongfully being thrown in jail for making a joke about Rush Limbaugh) and this is the first full video I've seen since. Really enjoyed it. I've subbed again. I'm glad to see things have changed. We'll see what the future holds.

    thejordanbrooksthejordanbrooks7 dager siden
  • I want to die phil

    We are going to go see you soon I don’t knowWe are going to go see you soon I don’t know7 dager siden
  • #bestyoutubeapology

    Katie SenaKatie Sena7 dager siden
  • Just another racist white who is immune to any consequences to her actions

    The Damned AlpacaThe Damned Alpaca7 dager siden
  • That is absolutely ridiculous!! I say that on a daily! Literally! A punch in the throat is just a saying. Am I going to do it??? That would be up to the person the words are pointed to!! Lol, so dumb! I say toooooo sensitive! Calm down!

    REGINA PREGINA P7 dager siden
  • looking ripped man :)

    Jay DizzleJay Dizzle7 dager siden
  • have a great day

    Dark SaviorDark Savior7 dager siden
  • Cuomo is covering his ass

    christian harmerchristian harmer7 dager siden
  • Don’t listen to these weirdos who constantly clutch pearls! 99% love the unfiltered “punch in the throat” banter!

    Joe StanleyJoe Stanley7 dager siden
  • This white guy in the right says that Karen should be charged and at a min given community service. The world got this way by not kids not being punished for behavior, this continues the downfall.

    NvTwistNvTwist7 dager siden
  • Fuckin love you xD

    Jessy GarciaJessy Garcia7 dager siden
  • I like when Phil threatens to punch me in the throat if i dont hit that like button. I also like Phil calling me a beautiful bastard. I miss BAMF of the day.

    ChristinChristin7 dager siden
  • i think people all make mistakes and we all deserve a chance to learn from them :/ so its difficult

    TheScragglyManTheScragglyMan7 dager siden
  • Hahaha snow flakes EVERYWHERE!!

    Curt DawgCurt Dawg7 dager siden
  • "...consensual launch them into the sun." Might be my new favorite quote.

    Max ChandlerMax Chandler7 dager siden
  • I watched until 04:53. NOtown needs to rethink their suggestion algorithm. #notinterested #whodis? #whatamiwatching?

    furiskykattfuriskykatt8 dager siden
  • only robits dont know about the thraot punching thing!

    John SaganJohn Sagan8 dager siden
  • I miss when you used to just punch us in the throats 😭

    zula921zula9218 dager siden
  • 2:41 White Woman gets off, with a slap on the wrist. When the outcome, could have ended up, with another dead Black Man. Sounds fair to me. Just glad her company fired her.

    Jock McBileJock McBile8 dager siden
  • Bless you Philly D

    Amy WinfieldAmy Winfield8 dager siden
  • Fact for ny though is the total death count was alway correct, just where the deaths were was messed up

    Richard LangRichard Lang8 dager siden
    • Oh u said that nvm

      Richard LangRichard Lang8 dager siden
  • People getting mad at you for how you talk are ridiculous and not regular fans. Defranco fans know you're kidding

    lilmonstahh23lilmonstahh238 dager siden
  • I bet Chinese (their government) knows their vaccines are trash and staged this whole thing, saying they're cracking down on it so they can say in future that they've already warned, when other countries gonna be saying that it's a scam

    Obsidian NebulaObsidian Nebula8 dager siden
  • 🤦‍♂️ the nerve of some people, you’d think they found forms to use their time for growth and they end up spreading hatred instead 🙃

    Sergio Francisco Gámez GómezSergio Francisco Gámez Gómez8 dager siden
  • of course the white lady gets to take a class in "how to not be racist" and get her charges dropped. OF COURSE! Its not like her lie hasn't been repeated through history and has gotten POC into trouble/ dead. its bigger than her but letting her go does nothing obviously. they'll keep crying wolf and without video evidence proving otherwise we will still be in danger.

    AlmostvRebelAlmostvRebel8 dager siden
  • what is that dirty little moustache you are growing!?

    ÆíxìlïmarÆíxìlïmar8 dager siden
  • Amy cooper story proves how incompetent the justice system is. Some people get it bad while others get off easy. It’s not fair at all and it will never be properly acknowledged. “sHe wENt To thErApy, tHErEfoRe sHe Is OKaY aND nOt RaCiSt AnyMoRe”. Pathetic.

    Ryan JamesRyan James8 dager siden
  • People are going after Philip Defranco for profiting off hatred? Have you even HEARD of Fundamentalists? Go look them up. You'll find profit from ACTUAL hatred. P.S: I miss being called beautiful, even if it means I'm also a right bastard. ;D

    Jake CaratacusJake Caratacus8 dager siden
  • At the end of the day, even if Amy Cooper did "learn something" from all this, actions still have consequences. As it stands, I see no consequence for her actions & I believe that a consequence needs to be a part of that learning.

    Carina \Carina \8 dager siden
  • And philip didn’t even wish me a happy birthday...

    Yellowisk SheppardYellowisk Sheppard8 dager siden
  • it is nice to see someone hold Trump accountable

    TheCreepyproTheCreepypro8 dager siden
  • Don't ever apologise for knowing your viewers possess common sense and know the difference between sarcasm and real hatred. We know when you say you love our faces, it's your individual way of saying you appreciate your viewers, and not a confession of a weird fetish. I can't stand people who are sarcastic when it suits them, but intentionally misinterpret something and take it literally to fit their agenda. It's that kind of person that sets off a chain reaction of stupid people putting gorilla glue in their hair, and being surprised when they can't get it out. And then sue because the warning says keep off skin, and out of eyes and mouth, but not specifically hair. It doesn't say don't use it to glue your balls to a hedgehog, but you didn't try that one. Common sense, it's a thing and we need more of it. And it's refreshing that you don't pander to this entitled cancel culture generation. Stay Philly D

    B DB D8 dager siden
  • Phil please punch me in the throat!!

    Chris ConstantinChris Constantin8 dager siden
  • Some of us like a good threat of being punched in the throat.

    Cheyanna StarrCheyanna Starr8 dager siden
  • I love you. You better whisper sweet nothings to my t-shirt

    Spiritual Knowing ASMRSpiritual Knowing ASMR8 dager siden
  • Ad timed perfectly after the explosion

    Generation XGeneration X8 dager siden
  • FIVE sessions with a therapist and suddenly she's a better person. Eff that! She should have criminal charges against her and Christian Cooper should've aided the investigation so she could be held to the fullest extent of the law. Yes, heavy is the back that bears the burdens of the black community, but she needed to be an example of what needs to be done when situations like this arise. I'm so disappointed with this outcome!

    QUiNNY08QUiNNY088 dager siden
  • No one is safe from cancel culture. People are cool with it when it's canceling things they don't like but don't seem to realize that what goes around comes around.

    D SD S8 dager siden
  • Damn, never realized how annoying your voice is. I actually can't believe I ever watched your videos. #SourceFed #Youareasellout

    rjphillarjphilla8 dager siden
  • I'm just gonna say it... I feel disrespected. You didn't technically threaten to punch me in the throat and it makes me feel unappreciated and devalued as a viewer. I'm just not gonna press that like button now. I'm hurt, Phil... hurt. I mean... you were gonna get demonetized anyway, you could have still given us the threats we want and deserve. ;-;

    Ami KimAmi Kim8 dager siden
  • Although I don't disagree with that is how it works, putting names in the title for a brief mention that has only a slight connection to the actual story seems to be a trend I'm disliking more and more. and I get why: daddy needs those clicks, and I don't blame anybody for it. but when I see a celebrity in the thumb/title and only see them mentioned once along the way it's a bit disappointing D:

    BandyteBandyte8 dager siden