Forced Off Youtube! Roman Atwood, Jojo Siwa, GameStop WallStreetBets Controversy, & More News

25. jan.. 2021
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00:00 - Jojo Siwa Good and Not So Good News
02:27 - Where's Roman Been?
04:38 - GameStop Stock Skyrockets
06:42 - Uber Lays Off Postmates Employees
07:35 - SpaceX Launches 143 Satellites
8:52 - Sponsor
09:36 - Huge Protests In Russia
11:09 - Dominion Suing Rudy GiulianI
13:35 - President Biden News
14:48 - COVID-19 Numbers and Vaccine News
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JoJo Siwa’s Home Swatted After Coming Out:
Roman Atwood Explains Why He Was Forced Off NOtown:
Reddit Stock Traders Boost GameStop Stock:
Uber Lays off 185 Former Postmates Workers:
SpaceX Boosts a Record 143 Satellites Into Orbit With Rideshare Launch:
Massive Protests Across Russia Over Corruption and Navalny Detainment:
Dominion Files $1.3 Billion Lawsuit Against Rudy Guliani:
Biden Lifts Transgender Military Ban & Reinstates Travel Restrictions:
Gov. Newsom Lifts Stay-at-Home Orders:
New CDC Director Said Biden Administration Is Struggling with Lack of Vaccine Data:
Some Flyers Are Forging Old Vaccine Tests Tests To Travel
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg, Maxx Enright
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Brian Espinoza
Production Team: Zack Taylor, Luke Manning
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  • Space Wars. Come on. Instant hit.

    Philip DeFrancoPhilip DeFrancoMåned siden
    • So PHIL, something we know you would refuse to talk about, but here's some thoughts. The very first year of Trump, you and the democrats screamed everytime that Trump tried to take credit for anything good that happened, because the first 9 - 12 months still falls back on the previous president, your party proved this. Also, if the deaths dont decrease under Biden, are you going to blame him like you did Trump every single day????? I know you and the others here wont comment the truth, but HEY, I love your face, either though you choose not to tell the whole story on what I posted.

      Brian MBrian MMåned siden
    • alright, alright, yeah I'm in.

      Devin BoothDevin BoothMåned siden
    • S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S But , we've identified "Terence Howard" as another one of the conspirators /// /// ... She's a clone / ... ///

      digital subliminal messagesdigital subliminal messagesMåned siden
    • Yes let's do it!!! Hahah

      Melvin MaasMelvin MaasMåned siden
    • #SaveAsianBoss if you havent heard watch the video really sad way to start 2021

      Maria BrewinMaria BrewinMåned siden
  • I wish people use the word homosexual instead of gay. Gay means happy. Homosexual means being sexually attracted to the same gender you are. PS: There are only two genders in this world; male and female. What you identify is fundamentally different that what your gender is. Chromosomes are part of your DNA. Personally, if you are a man, but want me to refer you as female, I'll simply avoid you as best I can instead of defileling my logic and common sense to appease you. I'd rather you hate me than to say something I don't mean (lie).

    Bb3gyXaPaBb3gyXaPa5 dager siden
  • first story i argue no cuz i immediatly rolled my eyes going "ok another content creator coming out as non binary" bruh its common now

    Leo WulfLeo Wulf18 dager siden
  • Feel like that Jojo chick is too young still. I mean you like who you like but some people don't figure out if they're gay, bi or whatever until they're in college. Like idk she just seems too young man.

  • Amazon question is where it’s at. Strike Amazon, until Bezos save the Amazon.

    Comin through like a zoo !Comin through like a zoo !24 dager siden
  • The second I heard Falsehood I couldn't think of anything else other than Logan Sanders 12:05

    April BugApril Bug25 dager siden
  • I don't believe anything Roman says

    CrocAUCrocAU26 dager siden
  • Angry bird pillows please

    MIBuckeye60MIBuckeye6026 dager siden
  • I'm confused on how anyone can do the things that has been done to Roman legally. How can you change mailing addresses or shut off power to the home? How in the hell did they activate the alarms? What in the hell did he do to receive such ire?

    Brannon BroadnaxBrannon Broadnax26 dager siden
  • Boosting engagement

    CamelEggStudiosCamelEggStudios27 dager siden

    Alex DiazAlex Diaz27 dager siden
  • What happened to the "Today in Awesome" segment?

    JoshKeatonFanJoshKeatonFan27 dager siden
  • Kudos to Phil for not throwing in his own personal experience with psycho people ... lest we forget someone broke into his house once while Lindsey was alone with the children 😳

    0MissElizabeth00MissElizabeth027 dager siden
  • Stop kidding yourself, rona isn’t going nowhere. We could eradicate it by having everyone wear N95 masks in a month but people are dumb

    tom dtom d27 dager siden
  • Remember he only got his money from making stupid fake pranks , not saying that it’s ok for people to do this but f this guy

    SQSQ27 dager siden
  • 💎 ✋

    kiyu -_-kiyu -_-27 dager siden
  • Why put the jojo shit before the Roman Atwood ?? Is her being gay more important then Roman and his family's life threatening issues? Pretty sad

    Richard MaxwellRichard Maxwell27 dager siden
    • Maybe he wants to start his video on a positive note?

      O’DonnellO’Donnell24 dager siden
  • GAMESTOP: $17 to $375 RIPPLE/XRP: $0.39 to $??? Is Wirex still trading XRP?

    Nav MohindraNav Mohindra28 dager siden
    • the real question is whats gonna happen to dogecoin

      salt Inc.salt Inc.17 dager siden
  • I feel like if I had been Artwood I would have said everything publicly from the start instead of hiding, but maybe I'm stupid. My perspective is that people could have helped with solutions? Also I would have moved temporarily to a place so remote that there is no way you can get near without everybody around knowing who you are (remote village).

    NerozumimNerozumim28 dager siden
  • As a restaurant owner Uber eats can kiss my ass. 30% off the top is some bullshit.

    OmegaProxyOmegaProxy28 dager siden
  • Seeing Dominion track down and expose liars one by one is so satisfying, I feel bad about their reputation being damaged, but they are going terminator mode and it's amasing

    KlipkKlipk28 dager siden
  • Why is jojo siwa coming out news worthy. I love this channel but this is the first time that something so irrelevant is talked about as news.

    PlatypuffPlatypuff28 dager siden
  • Like how Phil isn't talking about how biden is trying to make people pay more for insulin

    HOW TO DO ITHOW TO DO IT28 dager siden
  • I know space wars is a joke but am I the only one that likes the sound of that? 😂

    katewarddkatewardd28 dager siden
  • An adult focused on kids now makes sex an equal interest- sounds like pedophilia

    nutbar ideanutbar idea28 dager siden
  • Jesus christ that Jojo girl or whatever still wears those stupid fucking bows in her hair?? There are few people with as annoying of a look as her

    Sentanyl3Sentanyl328 dager siden
  • Just tell Roman to "smile more"

    mightbegeniusmightbegenius28 dager siden
  • Power being turned off in the middle of the winter for no reason, sounds like several of my old landlords because rent was 3 days late (since payday wasnt until that day) and they shut off the power and asked for 50 more dollars

    Lauren HawesLauren Hawes29 dager siden
  • Okay who was gonna tell me jojo isn’t 12? Every picture she looks way younger in pics than in that video especially with her voice

    Grant pGrant p29 dager siden
    • @Stoner Gaming she is 17, but turns 18 mid may

      Rebekah PoseyRebekah Posey20 dager siden
    • She is 18

      Stoner GamingStoner Gaming24 dager siden
  • I feel like Trump picked his counsel based solely on how much like a caricature of a slime monster they looked

    Emma AveryEmma Avery29 dager siden
  • You can’t wait to go back to being an introvert by choice, while I can’t wait for you to have so little to talk about we get TIAs again

    Emma AveryEmma Avery29 dager siden
  • We like this stock!

    Matt HeltonMatt Helton29 dager siden
  • Illustrated Valuations + Intrinsic Value Estimations & Bargain Hunting in the style of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger Paperback - Illustrated, May 8, 2019

    Bud LabitanBud Labitan29 dager siden
  • Nature always finds a way. All of those satellites will drop out of the sky at the end of their lifetime and they’ll become meteors of mass destruction.

    IsahakIsahak29 dager siden
  • i want a weekly space wars

    bakerbatman65bakerbatman6529 dager siden
  • nice to see the government taking covid as seriously as they should

    TheCreepyproTheCreepyproMåned siden
  • I think Elon Musk is purposely trying to block out the sun on earth with satellites so people will have to take his Mars mission more seriously..

    thaghostthaghostMåned siden
  • “Space Wars” where Google gets government funding to create a deathstar... What could go wrong lol.

    Brandon OwensBrandon OwensMåned siden
  • Good shit Dominion

    Boss Lax316Boss Lax316Måned siden
  • God now people are going to call me homophobic for saying she's an annoying person who needs to just not have a platform, which I've been saying that for like four years now.

    Boss Lax316Boss Lax316Måned siden
    • @Boss Lax316 she is a child with an audience of children.

      Sharon oddlyenoughSharon oddlyenough28 dager siden
    • @Sharon oddlyenough Probably right. I guess her target offense has to be people with limited brain capacities.

      Boss Lax316Boss Lax31628 dager siden
    • You're obviously not her target audience

      Sharon oddlyenoughSharon oddlyenough28 dager siden
  • 👎

    iRockyiRockyMåned siden
  • Is coming out even a thing now?

    Bob lesterBob lesterMåned siden
  • I applaud you Philip. It's amazing that you just put the truth out to there and let us determine what we feel about a certain subject. It's refreshing and I look forward to what's to come. Keep up the great work.

    Richard GilbertRichard GilbertMåned siden
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 “people are happy with Biden’s COVID response” 🤣🤣🤣 reports coming in of the president letting people do what they went... and.... wow folks.... wow we’re getting reports that the same amount of people are dying as before.... wow the president is just letting sickness run it’s course just like all of humanity for all of time... wow exactly what’s happened for thousands of years, how incredible. We’re now getting reports that Biden has claimed responsibility for COVID vaccines, wow no doctors, no research, just Biden that’s great.

    bigheverlybigheverlyMåned siden
  • You hear that people with body dysmorphia? Join the military, nobody will expect you to actually do anything, and then after two years when you get on the GI bill you can say having a penis makes your brain silly and Biden will help pass some legislation that say the taxpayers should pay doctors to assist veterans in mutilating their genitals 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    bigheverlybigheverlyMåned siden
  • Lol the sympathy is nice but doesn’t make me hopeful, half of the people feeling sorry for that family probably would do stalker shit themselves. No it’s not deserved but it is the price of fame and telling literal strangers ALL your business. We are told from childhood not to talk to strangers but hey if your an adult with a NOtown page, you should feel safe talking to stranger about your entire life? Lol oky

    BaconNMegsBaconNMegsMåned siden
  • The GameStop deal is literally like spinning your bike spokes as fast as possible, and trying to sick your fingers through for a $100 bill. I can buy any game I want at home and download it.... or I can drive to GameStop..... to get a hard copy....... to take home and have to put it in the system and let it download...... and then I can play. GameStop is dying, that’s great if you wanna out put $100,000 into their stock that’s awesome, that’s great you can “play around” with so much equity it manipulates the market. Someone is gonna get absolutely boned by that deal. Some fool on Robinhood will say “back down to $70, I better get it before it goes back up to $140”....... when it will never do that again. Well I can’t say that but it’s gonna fall. My point is like yeah I use to like game stop too, yeah it’s kinda said the companies gonna die, but is it fair to prop it up and inflate their stock price until some absolutely suckers will do it too and they can unload the poo

    bigheverlybigheverlyMåned siden
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 20 years ago if you came out as gay, your whole neighborhood would beat you with car antennas. Today, you get a nice boost in viewership and advertising, whatever helps you sell 90 million Bose I guess 🤷🏽‍♂️ what are they gonna make you prove it? 🤣🤣 you morons will eat anything up 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    bigheverlybigheverlyMåned siden
  • Philip TRUMP !!!!! Nice look XD

    Hashim AlawiHashim AlawiMåned siden
  • CA opening that way shows once again how deep the corruption of the rich runs. As even when things get to their worst here on the Covid front thanks to fucking Trump with his legacy. Bad calls are still being made for the rich. Not regular people.

    Mittens FastPawMittens FastPawMåned siden
  • I want to have sympathy for the Russian people but I can't. You look at Russia's history and they have always screwed over Europe. As well as chosen poor governments. You can literally put a pile of gold government near a pile of shit one and they will choose the shit. It goes far far far further back than the Czars to the USSR as well. So even if they win the oligarchs will likely keep power as they won't go far enough to stop them. So a puppet that appeases them will be in a few years before a new Putin hits the stage. Russia just never makes a good choice on this front.

    Mittens FastPawMittens FastPawMåned siden
  • Space Wars you say... space marines maybe you say? Hm.....

    Mittens FastPawMittens FastPawMåned siden
  • The punishments on those that swat needs to be worse as well as stalkers. People should not have to ever suffer these horrible things.

    Mittens FastPawMittens FastPawMåned siden
  • Already the rich are attacking the little guys at Wallstreetbets. They got the subreddit removed, the discord taken down and stocks closed so they could push the price down again. As well as getting their friends in networks such as CNSBC and CNN to run stories claiming it was Trump supporters or racists. They have formed a new subreddit but how long before it gets taken down? As the Melvin assholes are even pushing for regulation to stop the little guy from doing anything as they keep doing what ruined the economy in 08. There is no reason billionaires should exist at all. It is a cancer upon society and it needs to be stopped. They didn't earn it as that is a lie they have created for fools to follow. If society is to grow or become better the concept of a billionaire needs to die as soon as possible.

    Mittens FastPawMittens FastPawMåned siden
  • stock market is just a legal scam controlled by millionaires. change my mind.

    Rhino GamingRhino GamingMåned siden
  • "...introvert by choice." 😅 Me, too, Phil. Me, too.

    Diana WDiana WMåned siden
  • I really don't understand where this narrative is coming from and why Phil needs to repeat it... What does it mean to say, "daily covid death remain high"? What the hell are you measuring because on average across the United States its been 2.2-1.8%. So I guess you look at a graph based on raw numbers and claims it's high? Wtf are you smoking that you don't know how math and graph works based on population and types of conditions which separates who the virus is deadly for.... High would be Mexico which had an average death rate of 10% if you contracted the virus.

    jesse spencejesse spenceMåned siden

    RUKUS TVRUKUS TVMåned siden
  • Uhm. Biden not saving vaccines for the second dose did that. What a fucking hilarious idea that was.

    EarthboundmikeEarthboundmikeMåned siden
  • Hey Phil, too many carrots? You kinda look orange.

    richardhalorichardhaloMåned siden
  • It's not that millionaire problems don't matter... It's just that they seem shallow when compared to the troubles facing the middle class, and poor...

    SlackmanSlackmanMåned siden
  • They are already making excuses for Biden not hitting his 100 million in a 100 days quota, it’s Trumps fault that the CDC doesn’t know how many vaccines the US has???

    River InjunRiver InjunMåned siden
  • Guaranteed those stalkers are NOT Trump supporters... JS... y’all want to demonize them... 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

    RUKUS TVRUKUS TVMåned siden
  • That video quality tho

    Daniela CastellonDaniela CastellonMåned siden
  • 69% of Americans... Nice.

    LaughingComedianLaughingComedianMåned siden
  • Fake tan and make up is an oooooft my man

    Zac Oliver RyanZac Oliver RyanMåned siden
  • Jo-Jo Si-Wa is an entertainer to millions of young girls in America and she suddenly/conveniently comes out as "rutty tooty fresh and fruity" ...I don't know about u guys but I smell: agenda

    ANONYMOUS Vault 111ANONYMOUS Vault 111Måned siden
  • Why is he orange and what happened with the teeth?

    HussarHussarMåned siden
  • Defranco may not be my only news source, but by far my most trusted

    TatsuyaEXTatsuyaEXMåned siden
  • I have yet to see video footage of Jojo declaring that she is not heterosexual or a member of the LGBT. If she isn't saying, than she isnt.

    Nobody SpecialNobody SpecialMåned siden
  • Jojo Siwa coming out is a fantastic thing. Her fanbase are a part of an age group that really should be spoken to about sexuality but most people's parents are too scared to talk about it. I realised I wasn't straight when i was 12 but it took another 5 years for me to unlearn self hatred and internalized bigotry. I was bullied for being gay long before I had ever come out and to this day it's still harder for me to get a job and get a home. I don't know why people think LGBT people aren't discriminated against anymore considering the very culture all English speaking countries are founded on are anti-LGBT. My guess is that people who think that aren't LGBT at all.

    backwards banditbackwards banditMåned siden
  • Kessler syndrome, anyone?

    Jorge LopezJorge LopezMåned siden
  • Pilly D really is a show that is full of advertisements. I've been watching for over a decade now, and Philip DeFranco has consistently made content that appeared to be native/covert advertising. I wouldn't be shocked if influencers are regularly paying for coverage XD

    Pythonidae PraeceptorPythonidae PraeceptorMåned siden
  • Oh good, a communists opinion "who matters less than my dog" on subjects he literally knows nothing about. Remember his "AWESOME" take on the catholic kid v grifter fake valor indian case? Classic.

    Herp DerpHerp DerpMåned siden
  • With the Rowan Atwood situation... It feels like the past is now catching up to him.

    Captain MidnightCaptain MidnightMåned siden
  • Agreed that it doesnt matter who you love. Love can happen at any age.

    PumkinPumkinMåned siden
  • About Space X and all the satellite debris in orbit, isn't that something that Trump's billion dollar "Space Force" suppose to clean up?

    F. D.F. D.Måned siden
  • What is swatting??

    Ashley ThomasAshley ThomasMåned siden
  • I feel the vaccines are like the most valuable thing at the moment and it is likely the highest bidder will get them. Like we were all told about like 3 vaccinations been developed enough for all the vulnerable. And health care workers. But in Europe anyway we are not getting the vacancie from Britain, even though it was funded by Europe. And Ireland is still forsed to border with Britain. Not that we don't love the Scots and Welch and I love many of the English people. But that Boris thing? It just contributs to the idea of inbreeding amongst wealthy! And as a Irish person I feel England has done enough damage to last at least 100 years more.

    O ok!O ok!Måned siden
  • hard to believe anything out of Roman Atwood's mouth tbh

    GrimGrimMåned siden
  • Love the show. Here's hoping for "You're better than this" sweats!

    RickyRickyMåned siden
  • As a marine I can’t imagine drill instructors yelling at recruits using pronouns lol

    Jose VargasJose VargasMåned siden
  • I love your news show. All the news without the pretense.

    Jianda MoniqueJianda MoniqueMåned siden
  • Your hair looks different today. Are you using your beautiful bastard products?

    CassayCassayMåned siden
  • Its not alleged fraud. It fraud! Its only fraud when you lose huh? Back in 2016 when Hillary lost it was fraud and cheating but this year its not? You see what the problem is here. See the hypocrisy? Having jo as president is fitting now. Now all three branches of government are filled with clowns not just 2/3s

    David ColettiDavid ColettiMåned siden
  • Yet another reason to not have a smart house. As if the 90s Disney movie wasn’t terrifying enough...

    Cassie GCassie GMåned siden
  • Hey Phil--I'm here for your content, not your packaging, but I can't help but notice that that specific green is a great colour on you!

    Davida GarvinDavida GarvinMåned siden
  • Gamestop right now is $343!!!!

    SinX WRXSinX WRXMåned siden
  • "Space Wars Est. 2021" needs to be your next shirt. Please, please, please

    TheGreatChrisBTheGreatChrisBMåned siden
  • when did you get that sweet spray tan?

    Myron MasseyMyron MasseyMåned siden
  • The Covid travel bans are JUST the tip of the iceberg, I'd say... Things run the risk of becoming too oppressive. This all needs to END!

    SpiritGuy222 - The Holy Saint's Tarot!SpiritGuy222 - The Holy Saint's Tarot!Måned siden
  • why are you spreading fake news. the transgender ban did not ban transgender people. it banned anyone trying to use the military to pay for sex reasignment surgery. a transgender person not needing surgery and of able body would not be barred from joining. im so sick of false framing.

    coreyh55coreyh55Måned siden
  • Jojo Siwa did blah blah blah. OH REALLY? WOW ! TELL ME MORE! I TOTALLY CARE PHIL!

    superbadgerdoomsuperbadgerdoomMåned siden

    Minimatt233Minimatt233Måned siden
  • #freenavalny

    Misha AndreyevaMisha AndreyevaMåned siden
  • With the jojo thing what gets me is that people focus very much on celebs coming out impacting fans & the public - what isnt discussed as much is the impact one the *celeb* . Without "coming out" what can they do? They're in the public eye & cant even go on a date without rumours flying & it becoming an issue with companies they work with. They have no choice but to come out at some point, or try to live in total secrecy hoping every day something doesnt out them. It impacts their quality of life & wellbeing - their ability to even have a relationship. So yes - it's important for *every single one of them* to take control of that situation & come out on their own terms & speak to their fans/supporters to express themselves. It's not just about what's important as a social matter or the lgbtq+ community. Its important for them to be able do that on their own terms & timing.

    babygirladdybabygirladdyMåned siden
  • So the stalker Roman thing, that's scary, but the bigger question is how? How is someone able to shut the power off to your house, doesn't that mean the local electric company that services him is compromised? Same with controlling the cars, shutting them off and triggering the alarms. This would require a device to physically be tied into the cars system to communicate with the ecu, etc. The only 1 that sounds feasible is the security cam as we've seen people hack ring cams etc. But it's very odd for a stalker to go thru such difficult and 1 could say almost impossible ways to harass them.

    Jeff EJeff EMåned siden
  • Wouldn't that just be called star wars? I like Space wars too tho.

    JoshwrbJoshwrbMåned siden
  • They as inc, us regular investors are doing it because the short sellers, mostly hedge fund managers do naked shorting causing stocks to stagnate and so they’ve gained billions from real investors so this is just kind of reverse of what they’re doing so money from their pockets is going to real investors.

    DrIVnGameDrIVnGameMåned siden
  • space battlebots when