DISGUSTING! You Won't Believe What These Dirty Socialists Want Now! Tim Boyd, Texas, Rush Limbaugh

17. feb.. 2021
856 004 Ganger

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00:00 - Tim Boyd Is Our D-Bag of the Day
03:21 - Texas Power Outages, ERCOT, & The Blame Game
09:58 - Sponsor
10:55 - Disney Releases First Cruella Trailer
11:32 - GameStop Stock Market Lawsuit
13:09 - Workers Strike For $15 Minimum Wage
15:00 - Rush Limbaugh Dies At 70
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Texas Mayor Tells “Lazy” Residents “No One Owes You” Anything Amid Power Outages:
Top Texas officials Call Investigations at Electrical Grid Operator:
Millions Go Without Power in Texas While Republicans Cast Blame at a Nonexistent Green New Deal:
Resources for Texans Affected by the Storm: www.texastribune.org/2021/02/16/texas-power-outage-help-warming-shelter/
How You Can Help Others:
Disney Releases Emma Stone “Cruella” Trailer:
Reddit User Behind GameStop Saga Releases Opening Statement Ahead of Hearing:
Workers in 15 Cities Strike for $15 Minimum Wage as Lawmakers Continue Debate:
Rush Limbaugh Dead at 70:
Mexico City Bans Most Tampons Without Replacement Lined Up
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg, Maxx Enright
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Brian Espinoza
Production Team: Zack Taylor
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  • You dirty socialists all thinking everyone deserves to not freeze to death.

    Philip DeFrancoPhilip DeFranco10 dager siden
    • Phil is a fake joke.

      Ralph HarrisRalph Harris2 dager siden
    • I'm usually good at sussing sarcasm out. He's being SARCASTIC when he calls us "dirty", right?? I feel so confused/stupid RN 🤔

      Rayna KuzioRayna Kuzio2 dager siden
    • @Flooskoo bullshit. I saw plenty of upper class neighborhoods blacked out for most of that week

      S0CD0CS0CD0C3 dager siden
    • capitalism is CORRUPT 😠 (it really is tbh)

      dogeiandogeian4 dager siden
    • I actually think he's got a point. The mayor saying we shouldn't depend on the government is completely acceptable. I don't understand why everyone thinks that the government needs to or can completely take care of them. I depend on it and I know other people do too, but we do need to be aware of a situation arising in the future where that may not happen. He has a point, but he didn't have to be an asshole about it. A lot of people say this is a reason the government needs more power, so they can take care of us, but I think this is a reason for the government to have less power and for us to start relying on ourselves and our communities.

      metfreak101metfreak1015 dager siden
  • Tim Boyd’s post sounds like a copy pasta dude holy shit

    TalsbynTalsbyn6 timer siden
  • Upstate New York resident here. Our wind turbines and solar panels work just dandy during our infamous freezing winters.

    Mev McMahonMev McMahon14 timer siden
  • I mean...I kind of agree with some of what Mr. Boyd said. Yes, it is our responsibility to provide for our families and not the Governments. But...a basic service like electricity during a freak once in a lifetime event is NOT the time to push the macho man crap.

    Mr. ToodlesMr. ToodlesDag siden
  • Its hilarious that they went after wind powered energy when coal produced far less in the same time

    Muhammad khanMuhammad khanDag siden
  • Thanks for covering the Texas ercot issue Phil! The damage and chaos that has happened here due to ercot and the storm is vast. There also were deaths from the hypothermia, very tragic.

    Cilia EsquivelCilia EsquivelDag siden
  • "Only the strong will survive", baby boy.

    Cami PetersonCami Peterson2 dager siden
  • Does he not see the hypocrisy that he's complaining about HIS hurt feelings and wife's job loss?

    Cami PetersonCami Peterson2 dager siden

    Brody BBrody B2 dager siden
  • I'm a wind turbine technician currently working in South Dakota. When that storm went through Texas, it was well below 0 here. The turbines still worked the entire time. Ice is a well known problem that has been engineered around for years and there's even heaters for the hydraulic systems installed in the turbines that you'll hear kick on regularly throughout the work day. I've worked on turbines in West Texas and at least those I've worked in (mainly by General Electric) are designed with the usual Texas climate in mind. I won't sugar coat it, reliability is considered the main problem with renewables because the wind just doesn't blow 24/7 nor does the sun shine its brightest at all times, but the industry is quickly innovating and with emerging battery technologies it's more than fair to say that by the time we build all the turbines we need to power the country on renewables we'd have a solution to the reliability problem and at the very least could dramatically reduce fossil fuels in the power grid. Texas is going to kick and scream the entire time because they have always had a booming oil industry and that's just a fact. Also, are you going to tell me that the 10% of the power grid that's renewable down there was the ONLY reason the grid failed? 10%? Fuck out of my face dude.

    William HallWilliam Hall2 dager siden
  • I wonder if we had a REAL energy source like... nuclear, we wouldn't have had all these problems. Nuclear is more powerful an puts out less pollutants.

    LissiLissi2 dager siden
  • Phil is a disgusting Commie !!!

    Regional RangeRegional Range2 dager siden
  • If that mayor was the captain of a sinking ship, he would be pushing women and children out of the way to be the first one on a life boat

    Hault360Hault3603 dager siden
  • You're the garbage person Phil, but I like you regardless

    Stephen DavidsonStephen Davidson3 dager siden
  • MY thing with the $15 plan is its a bit too high. Its doubling the minimum wage. How are small businesses supposed to suddenly make twice as much money to pay that? Half the staff would be let go and then everyone would be overworked. Where I grew up the "minimum" was $10 an hour. People wouldnt work at the places that sold actual minimum wage, and so the store slowy raised their pay to $10 an hour at almost every store. $15 is alot, I think $10 is a bit more reasonable. It also depends on where you live. If youre in the middle of a huge city, yeah $15 makes sense because cost of living is huge. If you live in the middle of no where where cost of living is halved, it doesnt make sense.

    ShadowKnight SoulShadowKnight Soul3 dager siden
  • He’s so true!!! Do what you have to do to keep your family, house, plants, pets.. you name it!! SAFE I know everybody pay taxes and stuff, but we are so used to be comfortable with the tecnology and all that. I fell sorry for the people that lost something with the storm . We knew was coming.. Did you prepare yourself? Did you think ahead? Didyou invest time to check around your house to fix/pactch whatever?? Did you colect water before? And so many other thing we could do to avoid this desaster to be even worse!..

    Manuel BecerraManuel Becerra3 dager siden
  • Disliked.....oh wait... Nvm..

    Le SovietLe Soviet3 dager siden
  • Arrr, the magic, nay the miracles, of the invisible hand of the free market

    Johnny ThousandJohnny Thousand3 dager siden
  • Why didn't you talk about David Dobrik?

    Lili SunLili Sun3 dager siden
  • I love how they used their failure in wind power as an example that wind is not reliable, except wind power exists in states much colder than Texas right now without issue. Texas is failing so hard right now.

    Bound4EarthBound4Earth3 dager siden
  • Aye don't fuck with DFV. They really tryna say a guy on the internet providing his own insight on a stock cost many millions. We just gonna forget about robinhood?

    UnluckyTechUnluckyTech4 dager siden
  • Sounds like Tim Boyd did what everyone wants to do if they win the lottery. Go in to work and just say " Fuck y'all I quit." Only this guy didn't win the lottery, he's just an asshole.

    Taylor ScottTaylor Scott4 dager siden
  • Tim Boys forgot alot of his funds come from tax payers money. Absolute cock head.

    JfanzJfanz4 dager siden
  • Never in my years of watching you have a felt like you were suppressing something, but you must know about the David Dobrik situation

    Tirzah JoyTirzah Joy4 dager siden
  • Why are you talking about the David Dobrik situation

    Tirzah JoyTirzah Joy4 dager siden
  • I live close enough to an emergency medical center that I had power the entire time, didn't make much of a difference since we still lost heat and water.

    Jimmy SimmonsJimmy Simmons4 dager siden
  • The conservative view is to minimise governments impact on our lives. So paying less in state tax and less regulation obviously means more personal responsibility. This is literally what you vote for

    TheSkeimoTheSkeimo4 dager siden
  • So does this mean wind mill manufactures get to sue Fox new for defamation too?

    jinflipjinflip4 dager siden
  • if the government isn't here to provide assistance for the community then what are we paying taxes for lol

    Courtnie KomCourtnie Kom4 dager siden
  • Tim Boyd just tweeted the Republican Manifesto.

    Ditko SanchezDitko Sanchez4 dager siden
  • Deep fucking value *

    Rafael MurtaRafael Murta4 dager siden
  • "the state owns you nothing!" Cool then I'm not paying you fuckers taxes

    HellishHellish4 dager siden
  • Timmy Boy is not a socialist but republican

    general electricgeneral electric4 dager siden
  • I'm a conservative and what people are asking for in Texas isn't even socialism lol. That's literally what your taxes are for. Situations like this. People act like if you even remotely help someone with THEIR OWN MONEY that its somehow asking for radical socialism lol.

    Servant OfGodServant OfGod4 dager siden
  • Let this be a lesson to people on both sides, that the government doesn't give a fuck about you, and never will.

    ExireHGExireHG4 dager siden
  • Hey Phil, Thank you for not sinking down to the Rest in piss mentality its refreshing to see someone in your position that can speak openly about their differences with someones ideologies in a respectful and mature manner. More people need to adapt this approach.

    Nick ContabileNick Contabile4 dager siden
  • Keep going backwards Texas.

    Julie WaningerJulie Waninger4 dager siden
  • Love Texas

    Portland4114Portland41144 dager siden
  • Lol...load shedding, those who know, know...

    Xen XenXen Xen4 dager siden
  • Agendas don't show meeting participation; that's what minutes do.

    Edwin FishEdwin Fish4 dager siden
  • So now water and electricity are socialist? They’re unknowingly advertising for socialism lol.

    HodossHodoss4 dager siden
  • min wage should be like....11

    Jason KrantzJason Krantz4 dager siden
  • Id love if Cruella wasn't the villain im SO in to these" the villain was actually the hero you where lied too" stuff

    Call me TwistedCall me Twisted4 dager siden
  • You people are fucked. Nice job American voters.

    Gmail ServicesGmail Services4 dager siden
  • Disney are scum who thank those that run concentration camps where rape, sterilization and forced abortions are conducted. Your faux outrage on here about BS pop culture issues and minor government employees acting like jackasses, while still discussing one of the most reprehensible companies in existence give truth to the phoney you are.

    Siris101Siris1014 dager siden
  • I live in the home of HydroQuebec 🤨 we have snow, we hydro and wind power electricity. Texas is just isn't frost ready.

    TronnyverseTronnyverse4 dager siden
  • How's that libertarian dream for power sources going Texas? Reap what you sow.

    Aging Casually Late GamerAging Casually Late Gamer4 dager siden
  • So bored of American news... just a constant bickering between left and right like a bad couple that never improves

    Ashton HoganAshton Hogan4 dager siden
  • Feeling terrible for Texans, especially the elderly and those with kids. But it's ridiculous to blame Green Energy. I am from the UK, here 40% of energy production is from renewable resources and 6% of usage. Our provider is a solely green energy provider. We had 3 weeks of snow where I live and no power outage. Also that facebook post of the governor of texas disgusts me

    Beautifully TravelledBeautifully Travelled4 dager siden
  • Raising the middle finger to those in need is what you get when capitalist propaganda is shoved down your throat

    Boris DaspiderBoris Daspider4 dager siden
  • Can we get a warning before springing Fucker Carlson on us like that? Ruined my day. (Mostly /s...)

    8thlvlMage8thlvlMage4 dager siden
  • I'm sad this sale is over because that model with the glasses may be the most gorgeous woman I've ever seen.

    8thlvlMage8thlvlMage4 dager siden
  • So 10% failed... But that means the other 90% fails because of that? STONKS

    Lucas RogersLucas Rogers4 dager siden
  • so texans arent prepared for climate CHANGE?? and local politicians are uncompassionate to the sudden hit of unfortunate events on their own ppl but busy protecting old money industry??? "proud" texan never thought there comes a time they dont even have boot straps to pull. just remember that sometimes god loves you so much he kills everybody except one family. seriously with a tale like noah's ark, why is it so hard to convince good conservative christians that climate change is a thing and like it or not it's coming to you?

    gomonkeyflygomonkeyfly4 dager siden
  • I mean Tim Boyd is not wrong lol. Ultimately you are responsible for your own survival, and one man in office cannot save you from the forces of nature lol. HOWEVER maybe he should've kept his mouth shut and atleast attempt to be empathetic to the people who elected him as an official.

    Christian RooksChristian Rooks5 dager siden
  • Boyd doesn't even understand the difference between the words "parish" and "perish." I think that's how he got that way. As for his wife and her job, I would suggest she ponder her husband's ideology - no one owes her anything - not even a job. He wants to preach social darwinism but simply doesn't want it to apply to him. In 2021, social darwinism has more to do with not being an idiot online than anything else. By that measure, Boyd's at the bottom of the evolutionary ladder.

    Amy ThomasAmy Thomas5 dager siden
  • It is not green energy's fault that Texas decided to use oil instead of lithium-based grease to oil the windmills. Lithium based grease is whats normally used, and those same windmills work at the poles, and on the coast of Denmark and Sweden, where it gets cold and moist and does not freeze. Phil if you get time you should look into the reasons as to why they are blaming green energy and the government, cuz it is bogus. Btw love your show, just wanna provide a little more info, I think you will like this rabbit hole :)

    katrina laundrupkatrina laundrup5 dager siden
    • oop sorry i didnt get through your whole vid haha , but still

      katrina laundrupkatrina laundrup5 dager siden
  • Hot take- Republicans now a days are dumb as fuck. Thank you and goodnight.

    kimberly wachsmankimberly wachsman5 dager siden
  • I feel like Tim Boyd only said that because he is part of the group in Texas that wants to separate from the US, and were the ones that turned down assistance from the DoE in the past because of that desire for independence......which ok I get but at least update your power grid so its not so fucked and doesn't affect your citizens

    katrina laundrupkatrina laundrup5 dager siden
  • It honestly feels like a warning for the rest of the country. Anyone that doesn't go with whatever they say, suffer. They KNEW that the grid wasn't reliable for something this severe. People need to stock up. Dont panic buy, buy logically! God Bless Texas! This is scary

    Stoner ChickStoner Chick5 dager siden
  • As a lifeguard if you tell someone too sink or swim without the knowledge too swim, they will sink. Poor people don't have the time or money too give their kids swimming lessons. The same applies too everything else, people given knowledge for free on how too survive in these times won't believe that someone doesn't know how to figure it out. It is extremely classist and very depressing.

    Lifeguard LeroyLifeguard Leroy5 dager siden
  • Mayor Tim Boyd needs to be kicked out of power. Fuck that guy.

    ChaoitcmeChaoitcme5 dager siden
  • Climate deniers got hit hard

    ali2k4ali2k45 dager siden
  • Left is stupid for resisting nuclear energy, the right is stupid for underrating renewable energy and both are stupid for not investing the time and energy in more productive directions like better battery and power transfer technologies.

    Daed LizradDaed Lizrad5 dager siden
  • Does the electric reliability counsel see the irony of their name?🤣

    Zeus & AthenaZeus & Athena5 dager siden
  • How are you all Texans dealing with the electricity bills? Are they really going to make you all pay those bills?

    FullbusterFullbuster5 dager siden
  • AOC and the Democrats have done more than Ted Cruz and the Republican governor of Texas for Texas.

    RadhoxtonRadhoxton5 dager siden
  • I've searched, then came here and did a search- I've been on a dozen sites, and half a dozen videos. *WHAT IS THIS GUYS PARTY?* Nobody has said. Thousands of words, and no one has said his affiliation. WTF?

    inthsointhso5 dager siden
  • 11:24 Who is May Zozi ? 🤣

    therandomgermanguytherandomgermanguy5 dager siden
  • Dude bussiness's cannot just raise wages that extremely in that short amount of time thousands of small businesses will go under overnight

    Ryan LeonardRyan Leonard5 dager siden
  • Cruella - gonna be trash .

    Mr. SileniuMr. Sileniu5 dager siden
  • As someone with a 17 month old child whose power got cut for days and is still boiling water - fuck Tim Boyd.

    lfleialfleia5 dager siden
  • Tim has been watching too much game of thrones in the comfort of his own warm cozy home.

    Urza.Urza.5 dager siden
  • Omg that guy should fired asap wth is he mad it will be interesting to put it up to a vote as see who shares that ideology ps im not a American.

    On the grindOn the grind5 dager siden
  • Look at right wing media on texas. They all blame the green new deal and wind mills. Allowing this to go unchecked will ensure absolutely nothing get better

    Danyal MohammadDanyal Mohammad5 dager siden
  • Ye, those dirty socialists, immediately coming to help their fellow human beings when someone is in need. What losers. Meanwhile, in Texas, people trying to keep warm are charged absurdly, because capitalism is awesome. Great logic there, mayors.

    paper kaypaper kay5 dager siden
  • Tim spelled perish wrong. Durrrrrr

    Wave CannonWave Cannon5 dager siden
  • Okay. Unpopular opinion here: I’m in MS where we got 6 inches in my town; I’ve never been in more than half an inch. I can understand why Texas was unprepared. This was a once in a lifetime snow storm. It’s hard to prepare for something that has never happened before. However, I do blame the gov for not stepping in to help and for the areas that aren’t going to make changes afterwards to prevent a reoccurrence. Why do they pay tax dollars if it is sink or swim? There’s not even the ability for utility companies to compete since they are all on the same grid and laws prevent competition. So if you create a situation where people have to be dependent on specific things from the gov and they are paying for it, then action is required to help these people whether they like it or not. Also, he calls himself a Christian but won’t help those in need? That’s the whole point of Christ. That politician makes me sick and all those that are like him.

    Lauren HowieLauren Howie5 dager siden
  • It's insanity to me that the minimum wage is that low. How can anyone hope to live off that?

    RaphtacularRaphtacular5 dager siden
  • Boyd is a classic example why you need PR. The problem with his conclusion is forgetting the fact that we pay taxes to help provide basic services such as roads and other infastrucre to allow our modern system to function. when that devolves i don't think it is totally unreasonable to seek help from that same underlining system since they should have to capital to assist in these moments. no one is asking Boyd to personally ensure every families safety. i think that is unreasonable, but I don't think it is scretch to seek aid for portable heating, Mass shelter with back up generators for people that absolutely need the electricity for medical reasons, food reserves and bottled water. You don't have to deliver this ala Amazon next day but providing the option to your citizens in a dire situation is what they are looking for. especially if it is so bad that there are travel restrictions and places are likely closed where people could even get these supplies in the first place.

    AK474000AK4740005 dager siden
  • Ok... Tim Boyd just told the town he's governing to turn to anarchy without realizing what anarchy actually is. Looking after only yourself and your interest despite of obvious public suffering ensures that there is no law. Aside from the fact that some people have violent tendencies that actually constitute something of a need (in that, they need to spend alot of time and effort in indulging those tendencies in a way that isn't hurtful), people will actively look to make their lives easier. Disregarding others is easy.

    Walter BunnWalter Bunn5 dager siden
  • Tim Boyd would hand out bootstraps but handouts are for commies!

    Calamity o.OCalamity o.O5 dager siden
  • The windmills in NY don't freeze.......

    TrollocsTrollocs5 dager siden
  • Ewe, taxes.

    Vape Ur YeetiesVape Ur Yeeties5 dager siden
  • When my father was young, wages were much lower then they are now. But he lived well, he put himself through college and earned a Masters degree, and graduated without a penny of debt. And he did that making about 6.5k a YEAR. The problem is NOT the minimum wage. When you raise wages, the entire infrastructure has to adapt, meaning that prices will go up in order to offset company losses through wages. Nothing changes for the better. The United States' problem is our exports. The cost of manufacturing in the USA is through the roof so other countries don't buy our products. And more, many American companies either produce outside of the country for lower wages or import foreign products- to make their own products in- order to keep the prices of their goods down. Raising the minimum wage will only encourage more companies to ship their workforce overseas or do more business with foreign countries, which will affect USA businesses negatively. Love it or hate it, the only solution is tariffs. When more companies are reliant on American goods, more companies will open and competition will lower prices. Raising wages will not change anything for the better. American exports bring in 2.5 trillion a year. American imports add up to 3.1 trillion a year. Do you see the problem?

    Nathan PlunkettNathan Plunkett5 dager siden
  • Ay buddy, if you pay taxes and your utilities then they absolutely owe you what you lost. How tf does someone make it that high up and no one sees them as who they are such as our previous president.

    Hayder AbdulridhaHayder Abdulridha5 dager siden
  • Well. 100% renewable energy is probably a bad idea. But 90% is viable. Electric companies rarely operate at 100% capacity, mostly at 70%. The rest is used as backup, redundancy, etc. So 90% renewable, 10% fossil fuel is perfect. We reduce emissions exponentially. As emissions will be next to 0.

    RockboyGilRockboyGil5 dager siden
  • God it's so fucking painful to hear these jokers spout off nonsense about windmills and green energy 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😩

    Joris PopplinJoris Popplin5 dager siden
  • Last i checked, it's not a handout when you pay your bills and expect the service to be there.

    DJ GamingDJ Gaming5 dager siden
  • Green tech said no workie , don't worry it'll work when the weather gets better ie not as badly cause people froze so not as much demand.

    Gorilla's in The MistGorilla's in The Mist5 dager siden
  • Blaming sustainable energy for the blackout is stupid... A) Fossil Fuel plants also have major outages B) Sustainable energy sources can be engineered to withstand most conditions. The reason the sustainable energy sources froze up in Texas, was because they were engineered for typical Texas weather conditions. As a Civil Engineer, I can attest that this is common practice. We do not over-design things, we design them for expected conditions. There is a concept, of the 100 year event (such as a record breaking storm or freeze, though I don't know if this freeze is a case of that), that could pose to be problematic when engineering things - but for the most part, these structures are not designed to go 100 years without maintenance or updates (hence we don't factor in that likely-hood much). I hate watching people us misinformation to further their agenda, stop lobbying for fossil fuels you out-of-touch sellouts...

    Wildfyre - MusicWildfyre - Music5 dager siden
  • How does someone get put in a position of power like that when they literally do not understand their own native language? How the fuck does he make that many mistakes in such a short message holy fuck.

    WagglyteffWagglyteff5 dager siden
  • to be honest , Tim B. is partially right ... but we must help those who are in need , and also we must do all in our power to be a part of the solution .

    HaimijsHaimijs5 dager siden
  • Phil, if you think what Keith Gill did was crazy, you should definitely look into what the actual "free market" is doing.

    huskytoasamoahuskytoasamoa5 dager siden
  • "Pick yourself up by your boot straps" is an old euphemism for an impossible task. When you tell somebody poor to do that you are literally saying they can do nothing to change anything and that they will always be poor.

    KyleKyle5 dager siden
  • That mayor in Texas situation really has me kind of pissed off a bit. I have never heard of this person but he is used to define a movement. He doesn't represent conservatives or the Republican party or anything like that. However, the people that do say the craziest things on the left side of the aisle are the people in charge and the people whose name's everyone knows.

    metfreak101metfreak1015 dager siden
  • Cruella: I friggin LOVE Emma Stone. And I love Disney villains. The trailer was boss. I will be watching it 😍

    Caitlyn GuthrieCaitlyn Guthrie5 dager siden
  • We have windmills in Michigan, never heard of those freezing

    MsAmandaLynnReadsMsAmandaLynnReads5 dager siden
  • People like Tim Boyd forget the reason why we elect people to hold office. He is a PUBLIC SERVANT! He signed up to serve the public! These days I swear politicians, even small town mayors like him, only see these jobs as ways to gain personal power. It’s not socialist to point out that mayors aren’t elected to serve their own individual interests

    c cc c5 dager siden
  • Have unlimited everything for just £17 a month 😂. You Americans are getting f in your a

    milbarkib the firstmilbarkib the first5 dager siden