DISGUSTING! New Footage Exposes A Lot, The Truth About Ludwig, Pentland, Chauvin, & Today's News

15. april. 2021
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00:00 - Keeping my word
00:43 - Soldier Arrested For Shoving Black Man
03:35 - Coinbase Debuts On Stock Market & Retail Boost
06:21 - Ludwig Breaks Ninja’s All Time Twitch Sub Record
08:31 - Sponsor
09:27 - Internet Freaking Out Over New White Claw
10:06 - Ever Given Seized
10:50 - Overdoses Surged During Pandemic
11:38 - Chauvin Trial Nearing End
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Soldier Charged After Viral Incident:
Coinbase Reaches $86 Billion Valuation on Day One of Trading:
Retail Sales Jump as Unemployment Claims Fall:
Ludwig Breaks Ninja’s Sub Record on Twitch:
White Claw Unveils White Claw Surge:
Ever Given Held Amid $916 Million Claim:
Overdoses Increased in 2020:
Defense Rests in Chauvin Trial:
BBC Diversity Chief Sparks Backlash After Saying “Luther” Wasn't an Authentic Black Lead:
Child Safety Advocates Urge Facebook To Scrap Plans for Instagram Kids
House Panel Approves Commission To Study Reparations:
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg, Maxx Enright
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Brian Espinoza
Production Team: Zack Taylor
#DeFranco #Ludwig #Ninja

  • The name of the ship is Ever Given. The name of the shipping company is Evergreen Marine. So many of y’all gaslit me I was starting to doubt if I said the right thing or not lol Bye I’m gonna sleep. I had to clean up dog poop at 3am 👍

    Philip DeFrancoPhilip DeFranco21 dag siden
    • I’m not really happy about that suburban story nor the riots. I leave that up to police and nobody seemed to be in immediate harm so...idk I didn’t see what lead up to it I only saw things when tensions were high

      brutalhonesty07brutalhonesty0710 dager siden
    • Are you going the cover the Free Speach Award Susan Wojcicki got??

      Aaron BAaron B17 dager siden
    • Alex Jones was right. That's the scary part

      Ghøst DataGhøst Data18 dager siden
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      Putra YasaPutra Yasa18 dager siden
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      Epul SaifulEpul Saiful18 dager siden
  • Woke ass army. Fuck that! It had nothing to do with race.

    Joshua LeeJoshua Lee11 timer siden
  • This first video has this guy clearly trying to cause trouble and trying to get hit, so as to get others in trouble! Obviously

    John DeereJohn Deere17 timer siden
  • That was a piece of s*** racist black kid looking to stir up trouble in a neighborhood he did not even live near

    DDDag siden
  • I've never been happier to be called an incel.

    megaman is cool right guysmegaman is cool right guys2 dager siden
  • Hell yeah white people finally getting taken down a peg!

    karramia14karramia142 dager siden
  • 0:44 __white men in the Pennsylvania suburbs won't necessarily shove u ...they just make evil faces ...he's actually lucky ...the P.A burbs ever since Trump is pretty much a *No-Black Guy Zone* these days 😬

    π iKROODUM ππ iKROODUM π3 dager siden
  • Karma you hot pieces of garage. You knew better at age 5 when you understood the Golden Rule. 🇺🇸 citizens can not experience anything like this from an individual paid for with Public taxes $ (our sacrifice and trust in the system funds the system). Be gone. The young man that had to deal with the goon Army soldier showed levels higher intelligence, maturity, awareness. Levels. Great role model.

    Matthew M. Stevick, CFPMatthew M. Stevick, CFP4 dager siden
  • blm woke blacks are acting as a gang now. "If you abuse one of us you abuse all of us" "Approach one of us, you approach all of us" A push is 3rd degree battery?? WTF?? its really *A push against a black man, alphabet person* is worse than pushing a white man.

    SandmanSandman6 dager siden
  • You're not going to report about Deandre...was facing charges of sexual assault, trying to steal a baby in the neighbourhood prior...

    Scott ManScott Man7 dager siden
  • So the kid gets a pass for a mental condition BUT the Vet doesn’t get a PTSD pass🤷‍♂️

    Allen WattsAllen Watts8 dager siden
  • The video was immediately posted to Tiktok. The Kid legitimately lives in the neighborhood and all he did was respond to someone in their yard while the young man stayed off the property. Yet somehow threatening to physically move someone is okay? Especially since we know the situation would be different if the young man wasn’t a person of color! Unacceptable.

    Ray MarieRay Marie9 dager siden
  • How about this intro 1 2 3 4 Welcome to the philip defranco show .the show that is the best show.thats not really a show but its me talking to a camera for 3-4 minutes ya...ya

    Olympus MonsOlympus Mons9 dager siden
  • My man would have had more than some underlying medical issues if he come up on me like that.

    BC 4467BC 446710 dager siden
  • The first video with the soldier really hit different. First off, the young man looked like my cousin which is scary, and I have a lot of friends and family members that have been harassed by white neighbors who don't recognize them, thinking they're "sketchy " or trespassing in the neighborhood. And the way he was just putting his hands on him and getting in this young man's face was stressful to watch. One of my girl cousins was walking her dog with a friend, in the friend's neighborhood (both Black), and a white woman drove up in a minivan and started harassing her about not only "trespassing" but even went as far as to tell her that she couldn't afford her dog and must have stolen him??? She even had to gall to not only threaten to call the cops but to said she was going to take the dog away from my cousin because " there's no way you can afford to take care of a dog like that" 😒 Mind you, my cousin has a pure bred Welsh terrier (he's got paper's and everything 😂) and while she did not purchase him from the original breeders she did adopt him from an abusive family that abandoned him. Regardless, she can definitely afford to take care of a 20lb dog and there was no issue with them walking the dog in a neighborhood where her friend owned a home. Suburban white people just be doing the most, change my mind. I can't deal with them, makes me grateful my neighborhood is quiet, filled with mostly old retired people and young families, and about 90% Black & Latino.

    SavannahSavannah11 dager siden
    • I heard different.

      JdlcJdlc8 dager siden
  • S'up, Phil?! I'm Natalie and my birthday just passed on Earthday! 🥳🎉 I've been a subscriber for years. I've watched you and your channel evolve and grow. I'm a true long-time subscriber and lurker, as I often don't comment but I watch and follow discussions! Grade A content! As I enter my 25th year, I am saving to apply to and attend Physician Assistant (PA) school, which you can imaging is very expensive. I am building my way to a career and saving every penny I earn to pay off applications and eventually school. I know everyone can use $5,000 but, in lieu of your giveaway announcements, I just want to say that I'm here. To be honest, I am really only commenting now because I like to plant hope in my brain--this is invigorating, just like that feeling you get when you buy a lotto ticket! Above anything else, I'm grateful that dreaming is free. I don't expect anything but hello, if you read this! Thanks for giving me newsy-type stuff that matters not only to you but me, and for loving my face without ever having seen it. Really, that's always enough. I'll enjoy the little spark of hope ignited by this comment. I'll keep on dreaming about making a difference as a PA. And, of course, I'll keep on watching your show! I'm happy to be here.

    Natalie GuerraNatalie Guerra12 dager siden
  • It's like everyone who talks about ludwigs payout doesn't add everything in ever. It's always about half. Lol

    DragoonRyRsDragoonRyRs13 dager siden
  • It was the fact he chases him as he’s walking away and then pushes him and says “walk away” and the racist undertones in the “you’re in the wrong neighborhood” like it just rubs me the wrong way

    NIA LoveNIA Love14 dager siden
  • Re: The Army guy - The contact/shove itself was fine. The guy was stepping towards his wife. He was protecting her. Everything else in the video, however, is not ok. He was clearly racist with remarks such as "you're in the wrong neighborhood."

    Jeff OhJeff Oh14 dager siden
  • "Hello, it's me. Your favorite PDF: Philip DeFranco"

    taurnguardtaurnguard15 dager siden
  • 👍👍👍👍

    Saturn_DevouringSaturn_Devouring15 dager siden
  • I'm very tired of your clickbait videos to be honest.

    ghost v3ghost v315 dager siden
  • 1:11 *starts walking away* Guys walks up to him and pushes: "You better walk away..."

    KellerKeller15 dager siden
  • I dont know who is in the right, but Pentland looks like a real life Neanderthal brain.

    TeaMasterSenTeaMasterSen15 dager siden
  • Sidewalk Karen's life is now ruined and he got his wife to thank for it. She egg him on and film the crime. LoL

    Ysabel PeacockYsabel Peacock15 dager siden
  • Will Phil mention that the man being yelled allegedly was touching women without their permission and picking up babies and walking away also without permission? Sounds like hes just purposefully trying to get a reaction if true. The old Phil would definitely mention something that important, today's Phil I don't have a much or really any confidence in. Lets see. Hes not unidentified, Phil. We know both of their names. But good job trying to keep those previous incidents as vague as possible. What would you do If I touched your wife and then picked up your kid and walked away several times?

    7 Time YouTube Outlaw7 Time YouTube Outlaw15 dager siden
  • So fck the man defending women? Or just make sure you get the harasser on video before saying something to him?? Ugh. This race baiting crap has got to stop. I hate that if the races were reversed, this would be a completely different story...

    Jamie RitcheyJamie Ritchey15 dager siden
  • These super soft protestors and rioters are getting really pathetic. Nothing negative is allowed to happen to a black person anymore because if it does it's presumed direct or systematic racism. Shitty things happen, people get in fights. It's not all racism. Only bad things can naturally happen to white people now?

    Jessica P.Jessica P.16 dager siden
  • Crypto is cancer.

    James BJames B16 dager siden
  • Just white privilege that's it. Just like that trigger happy cop from that recent video. You don't own the neighborhood or the country so lower your privlage. Yeah medical condition sure.

    Ivan VIvan V16 dager siden
    • First of all, you're a racist. Second, Phil was attmepting to excuse the blk man for HIS incidents of touching women without consent and walking away with people's babies without their permission. So I guess thats actually "blk-privlage", huh racist?

      7 Time YouTube Outlaw7 Time YouTube Outlaw15 dager siden
  • I like you Phil. In fact, I've liked you for quite some time - subscribed finally

    AustinFilmsItAustinFilmsIt16 dager siden
  • 900 million?!? Crazy amount of money

    Mike BerardiMike Berardi16 dager siden
  • New subscriber, love your content! 📢📣Love yo face back!

    Sarah JaneSarah Jane16 dager siden
  • ♡ u phil

    Lisa AnneLisa Anne16 dager siden
  • I remember trying to watch Phillip in class and my earbuds weren't in and rip sad

    Shaheer MaqboolShaheer Maqbool17 dager siden
  • Am i the only one shocked at how much those mods made a day? 5000$ a day. Damn!!

    DezaDeza17 dager siden
  • I am a beautiful bastard and I want you to call me that!!!!!!

    Dina Abu SoufehDina Abu Soufeh17 dager siden
  • Does this dude know he's allowed to just leave at any point? What possible positive outcome could ever be achieved in that situation? I've had like 2 dudes in my life walk up on me like that. Guess what I did? I got the fuck out of there. Escaping crazy people doesn't make you weak my dude.

    Roger TrahanRoger Trahan17 dager siden
  • I miss “Sup Nation!”

    mrssnooch06mrssnooch0617 dager siden
  • I’m currently interning with my local health department. I’m working with a team who is working on the CDC grant called Overdose Data To Action (OD2A) and it has been disturbing to see the surges in overdose and abuse rates since the pandemic.

    ArtifyingArtifying17 dager siden
  • Stimulus check = Universal basic income. Get on with it, world.

    LoveisinportantLoveisinportant17 dager siden
  • That soldier did zero wrong. We don't know the full story, but even tho he was angry still didn't get violent.

    EZ PZEZ PZ17 dager siden
    • Well that's a hot take. But in point of fact, we all saw him shove the man. Which in any jurisdiction is simple assault. So he did, in fact, get violent, no matter what the full story is.

      The Virtual TravelerThe Virtual Traveler16 dager siden
  • I'm just hoping that we can have this intro for our kids in their classrooms 😆

    Stacey JanewayStacey Janeway17 dager siden
  • Losing money in the short term to gain in the very long term is always great. Smart business move.

    Sean JohnsonSean Johnson17 dager siden
  • "Stop using tear gas and rubber bullets..." Ok. So during a riot, should the police use live rounds or stand by and say, "Please, go away?"

    urfaesurfaes17 dager siden
  • Lol Four Loko messed people up. Some of my worst drinking memories were from drinking that crap. It was like a semester of college in a can

    razzen88razzen8817 dager siden
  • Phil please I need the Monday show now. How else am I supposed to know what is going on in the world? It's not like there's another news show that gives me access to the news AND calls me a bastard. CNN just ain't that cool.😕

    The TrainmobileThe Trainmobile17 dager siden
  • Honestly you shouldn’t been an ass to others because they are different.

    StealthyArcher1StealthyArcher117 dager siden
  • It's never a win if you're not making money.

    IvanGotYokesIvanGotYokes17 dager siden
  • Unfortunately not everyone that files for unemployment claims qualifies for assistance , I myself have been unemployed since May 2020 yet I don’t qualify and still can’t find a job

    Olga Avina AguirreOlga Avina Aguirre17 dager siden
  • Hey philip, You have great sponsors over the recent years yet most of them don’t offer international shipping!!! I honestly feel you will never read this but you will never know 😉 Anyway; this just a thought from a old fan (since the monkey into) All the best my friend

    saudbarcesaudbarce17 dager siden
  • can't wait to see how the trail pans out

    TheCreepyproTheCreepypro17 dager siden
  • Pentland didn't do anything wrong, in fact I'd do the same if anyone was being sketchy and talking to my wife or neighbor and they felt uncomfortable. Sometime force is the only tool to get the job done. The guy should've kept walking, but instead tried to pick a fight (which would've been hilarious to actually see pan out)

    gongshow20gongshow2017 dager siden
  • Chauvan is a moron, not a killer. The Prosecution has even admitted that Floyd death wasn't due to lack of oxygen. It doesn't really matter, ANTIFA/BLM are going to riot anyway.

    TheMeJustMe75TheMeJustMe7517 dager siden
  • I don't condone someone being shoved. I do agree with someone being questioned if they live near by especially if that person is harassing a neighbor. If that person refuses to cooperate then call the cops and let them ask the questions.

    TheMeJustMe75TheMeJustMe7517 dager siden
  • Leon lox looks like blark from blark and son lmaooooo

    Junior BuniorJunior Bunior17 dager siden
  • That attitude is beat into soldiers over time, basically encouraged in the military... Racism is NOT...but that kind of toxic overly masculine attitude definitely is

    andrew engelandrew engel17 dager siden
    • that has nothing to do with masculinity

      Julio LJulio L6 dager siden
  • The problem with this video is it only shows the end. While I can’t stand watching that video it does have to be said that we don’t get to see the whole interaction.

    No3ll3 Mayb3rryNo3ll3 Mayb3rry17 dager siden
  • why is the white guy mad at the black guy? like... did he do something sir?...........

    JulieJulie17 dager siden
  • Stop adding in streamers getting richer and put something news worthy there. I'm not a "Just talking" viewer

    Ricardo BoykinRicardo Boykin17 dager siden
  • This is not racism. This is about a neighborhood being terrorized by a madman and the neighborhood 'taking a stand' with a forceful member. Why does anyone get a free pass for bad behavior because of the color of their skin and their state of mind? Medical conditions are not an excuse to run around trying to take someone else's child, intimidate neighbors and scream at people. The marine is clear, crystal clear, about him leaving the area. If the man did have a medical condition, he was under no doubt about whether his behavior was acceptable or not. The protestors are no better than the KKK in that they seek to spread fear and hate. (They've become worse than the very monster they claim they are fighting against). They ought not get a free pass either. It looks really bad all the way around. Neighborhood terrorized by a crazy man, then further terrorized by protestors. And you all want to think this is about racism? What is wrong with you?

    Esmerelda ClovingtonEsmerelda Clovington17 dager siden
  • What you clearly saw was Fentanyl Floyd overdosing and like the worthless piece of shit he was, his final selfish action was to destroy a good mans life on his way to hell.

    AvykinsAvykins17 dager siden
  • Well we hear that the black guy pick up a fight with an old lady so I'd like to know more about that.

    James MasterJames Master17 dager siden
  • Man I am so mad I've been subscribed since the beginning and NOtown unsubscribed me :(

    fmlemokidfmlemokid17 dager siden
  • I had a dream last night that I won the 5K, but the coolest part of the dream was that PD came to my house to deliver the check and had dinner and chilled with my family for the evening

    Hannah BurchHannah Burch17 dager siden
  • Another instance of the wrong races at the wrong time. Seriously it is ridiculous what people are getting upset about these days. That guy was in the wrong for following the other guy as he walked away. But that's it. That instance happens hundreds if not thousands of times throughout the world everyday. The only reason why people care in this case is because the races fit the narrative.

    Connor PerezConnor Perez18 dager siden
  • Trust me, the only schools that are gonna be showing your vids are alt schools & I can’t tell you right now they do no give a single shit if you call their students beautiful bastards

    Paige ShurtleffPaige Shurtleff18 dager siden
  • That sweater is shit FYI...noboday wants to wear that.

    Acoma SlipAcoma Slip18 dager siden
  • Regardless of race/sex/whatever, if ur in front of my house and especially if my wife's saying ur harassing people then u take a step at her...... This guy was nice. The message was "I live here, get out of my sight now". If he wanted to hurt him, he would have. Y'all without property or things to protect might not realize but the head of household has a obligation to protect their family and property. You don't walk by a bear cave and fk with her cub. Some might rip you apart for even being there, let alone taking a step forward after a warming. I'm from South Carolina, most of us are used to having alot more privacy then let's say, NYC folks. A community that size, I'd know all my neighbors for a few blocks and who's moving out, so I disagree that it's a race thing. Let's focus on the actual problems like that Lieutenant getting maced then the chief of police saying the lieutenant should have listened better. That whole department needs to be retrained

    BeefieeeeBeefieeee18 dager siden
  • “Phillip de Franco here. Coming at you to fickity fickity fackin Phil you in on the latest internet and world news”

    Colleen JeffsColleen Jeffs18 dager siden
  • Ludwig shared a spreadsheet of his possible income that some fans put together, during his stream. obviously wasn't perfectly accurate, but it took a lot into account. I think it might be available somewhere.

    SheebSheeb18 dager siden
  • It would be great and do so much in our favor if people that joined protests did not participate in violence/looting/destruction of property but also I know there are some people out there who will just take advantage of any situation to get away with something and there's also the piece of what if it was just the other side doing these things to make our side look bad and it's a vicious cycle and circle without knowing the whole truth and you'll never be able to know the whole truth unless you were actually there and were able to see these things happen and who did them and ugh my brain and my heart

    mOnKeYsNsAnItYmOnKeYsNsAnItY18 dager siden
  • If chauvin isn’t convicted or worse, he gets a slap on the wrist, then shit is going to burn

    Gary ThomasGary Thomas18 dager siden
    • @Çerastes floyd OD'ed, Chauvin is walking

      ReddishCarp 123ReddishCarp 12318 dager siden
    • @Gary Thomas : Well you usually cannot convict people for things they have not committed ... Chauvin most likely did something wrong, but did he do the things he's being prosecuted for? Noooope. So obviously he will not be convicted.

      ÇerastesÇerastes18 dager siden
  • I wonder how many people having an opinion on the Chauvin trial actually watched the trial & heard ALL of the evidence & ALL of the testimony, or are they relying on bits & pieces they hear on news & news shows?

    Lucy GraceLucy Grace18 dager siden
  • Does @PhilipDeFranco have a "rainy season"?

    Edwin FishEdwin Fish18 dager siden
  • the first story - you can hear someone who asks his name and says something like “cmon you don’t want any trouble” all nice. she sounded black. a sad example of another poc trying to appease a dangerous white person to save a life.

    Maddy ChupickMaddy Chupick18 dager siden
  • loving the lil homages to the oldest shows in youtube, gives me joy even with the news ugh

    Charlie DinosaurCharlie Dinosaur18 dager siden
  • What’s wrong with your hands dude?

    John DwyerJohn Dwyer18 dager siden
  • Dude he was 16 years old. A kid. A grown man shoved a kid.

    Mali AdamsMali Adams18 dager siden
  • You should cover the Philip Donziger case. Really messed up.

    That Nintenja You KnowThat Nintenja You Know18 dager siden
  • Just saying I've been a Subscriber since 2008 and never got a single giveaway. ;) I'll stay regardless though =P

    Autumn BozarthAutumn Bozarth18 dager siden
  • I been subscribed for more then 8 years! I love the Philip DeFranco news! 💪

    PhaeTvPhaeTv18 dager siden
  • sounds to me like that dude went looking to bait some karens, and found an easy mark... I think these sjw kids need to get real fucking jobs and start paying tax... Not Gaslighting and destroying everything... It's hard to value the world around you when you have contributed nothing to it...

    axiomvpaxiomvp18 dager siden
  • That guy is a great example of how (some) soldiers tend to act when they are home. Obviously it's the meatheads. They think that because they "served" our country that they can bully civilians. You are not a cop. You are not automatic authority and you cannot assault people in the streets. They think life is one big game of army and everyone is under their rank. No one owes you answers or compliance. You serve the country and it's people not the other way around.

    Nichol KolaNichol Kola18 dager siden
  • Switch it around... what if a black man had pushed a white man in such a confrontational manner?

    Johann MuellerJohann Mueller18 dager siden
  • I like being a beautiful bastard. While growing up I had a dog that my dad called little bastard.

    MeganMegan18 dager siden
  • Jack's intro was pretty good

    SoundSound18 dager siden
  • That intro tho hahahaha

    ashli simsashli sims18 dager siden
  • Can we get some Canadian stories ? :( feel like shit had to go beyond wrong before you care. Ontario has some terrifying covid numbers and we are locked down again would love to see anything covered about us.

    Richard MaxwellRichard Maxwell18 dager siden
  • This man talks with his hands better than I do with my mouth.

    Ghoti HookGhoti Hook18 dager siden
  • So... if you watch the actual testimony they can't prove how he actually died. The medical examiner literally said if he was found in an apartment dead they would have ruled overdose. Report news please. Not just your opinion.

    Mob1le N1njaMob1le N1nja18 dager siden
  • Pentland had no right getting involved in someone else's issues. "Someone" asked him to get involved. "Someone" sounds like the neighborhood busy body who wanted to stick their nose into it. If the woman involved in the original confrontation wanted the guy to leave the neighborhood, she should have called the police. THEY would have told her what her options were. Truth be told, unless this is a private, gated neighborhood anyone can walk on public property. The police are the only ones allowed to remove them from a public place. The only way racism is going to change is if we ALL call out people for being white supremacists/QAnoners/Trumpers/bullies. As long as Trump and all his ilk keep lying to the gullible, they're going to believe they have the right to take matters into their own hands. SMH.

    Cassie BanksCassie Banks18 dager siden
  • Didn’t Floyd overdose?

    dopes channeldopes channel18 dager siden
    • Unclear, but highly likely.

      ÇerastesÇerastes18 dager siden
  • Putting on the Uniform doesn't make you a good guy this guy is a POS who took the opportunity to try to pick on a smaller guy. real soldiers do not act like this only the POS fake tough guys.

    cjhan47cjhan4718 dager siden
  • NEXT TIME?!? ...NEXT TIME?!? What is this madness?!?

    Nat MickanNat Mickan18 dager siden
  • Phil if you're not going to honestly cover the Derek Chauvin trial, you should not comment on it. The propaganda you just pushed is both dangerous and irresponsible and will likely contribute to riots if Chauvin isn't convicted because the prosecution's case almost totally fell apart during the trial.

    Jeff WilliamsJeff Williams18 dager siden
  • if he gets off even lightly with murdering that man in cold blood on the street there will be riots literally fucking everywhere. This case will ripple through the justice system forever and it's not even like it's hard to argue. he was detained on the ground cuffed and essentially choked, if the police can somehow justify that then what happen to anyone else in the same situation. If he gets off even lightly and someone finds themselves in the same situation, cuffed and struggling to breath under a cop they're going to freak out and it'll just make the situation worse. Line has to be drawn even for police, you can't put them above the law, they're just normal people, they're not special, they're doing a dirty job that needs to be done in order for large society as a whole to function

    NockNock19 dager siden
    • @Nock : Doubt it.

      ÇerastesÇerastes17 dager siden
    • @Çerastes if anybody but a cop did it would it be murder

      NockNock18 dager siden
    • @Nock : There was no murder. Also nobody is going to choke if the knee is on the neck and in the case of Chauvin, it wasn't even on the neck most of the time ... if the knee is on the throat then sure, you will most likely choke. Maybe your Justice system learns from this, that in order to convict someone, you need to show some evidence to back the claims up .. and that overcharging is a quick way to lose the legal battle.

      ÇerastesÇerastes18 dager siden
  • I find it weird that a soldier whom he vowed to protect and serve the people go out of their way to bully a child. Also why wasn’t his wife there to stop him?

    Fazy LuckerFazy Lucker19 dager siden
  • Problem with 'white guy bad attack black person' is that people jump to extreme conclusions before knowing any of the facts. Ye, sure 'walking while black' is terrible, but sometimes it's just not so simple. I'm not saying some drunk soldier bully didn't pick on a random person of colour to bully him, I'm saying people are sooooo willing to make a riot about it, before ANYTHING is known. That can ruin lives. If justified, sure, condemn the guy. But KNOW something about the case, before coming out with a torch and a pitchfork.

    paper kaypaper kay19 dager siden
  • Out of everything you said. What was the kid doing in the neighborhood? Was he actually threatening the neighbors? Did any one loom in to that. This seems like a one side argument you just regurgitated like everyone else. What’s the other side of the story phill. Fill us in bro!

    19993gt19993gt19 dager siden