DISGUSTING Buckkerz Freakout Video Exposes Horrible Dad... (Part 1 Friday PDS)

22. jan.. 2021
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WATCH PART TWO NOW: notown.info/two/video/mrmdeKRooqplyK8.html
Part 2 of the Friday PDS will be up soon. I was going to post this to my second channel but I feel like it needs to be seen by more people so hopefully, someone who knows this guy can report him to the proper authorities to be looked into further.

  • Was going to post this to the DeFrancoDoes channel but changed my mind at the last second because it deserves more eyes on it. See you in a few hours with the full show.

    Philip DeFrancoPhilip DeFrancoMåned siden
    • hey Philip I did a cover of this news on my other channel however I got a copyright strike for showing this clip, as its insights violence against children any idea why this happened and not on your or other channels?

      Sweet SolosSweet Solos24 dager siden
    • @Coyote Blue I'm just going to dispute the part where you say child abusers are abused children. My mothers husband wasn't abused in any way as a child, heck, his own mother and brothers were shocked at how abusive he was to me and my brother (we weren't his). Not all had an abusive childhood, many are just pos. I broke that cycle, however, my brother turned to drugs/alcohol and was/is an addict (which, I totally understand, to escape the reality of our childhood, was the only way he could cope--not saying it's ok or right, just that I understand the addiction), my brother was an abusive parent at times. He ended up getting his kids taken away from him. But you are right in that many abused kids grow up to be abusers. It does not excuse them though. Thank You for bringing that point up.

      CarolCarol25 dager siden
    • Dear god, I hope CPS saves that poor baby

      saltbhoysaltbhoyMåned siden
    • Can I be at the flight of stairs discussion please

      bigauditdaddybigauditdaddyMåned siden
    • @Nikki Dunham Classic narcopath. Raging. Abusing. Justifing. Denial.

      sixth sense ameliasixth sense ameliaMåned siden
  • Sorry chat but I really wanna hurt him so bad im a dad of 4 kids and I love them and would protect them from anything even me thats my job nothing comes before your kids asshole and this kid will see this at some point and say wow this is my dad I really hope we meet someday

    formerclient06 formerclient06formerclient06 formerclient066 dager siden
  • What an absolute piece of garbage

    Kellie O'SullivanKellie O'Sullivan10 dager siden
  • If you were to look up the definition of coward, then this guy would not be there because to call this guy a coward is an insult to cowards.

    Captain CookCaptain Cook13 dager siden
  • If you can't take care of a child then just don't have one

    CI-T0IDICI-T0IDI14 dager siden
  • Nice Invisalign Phil!!

    DX2tIDX2tI17 dager siden
  • You don't know buckkerz. Your yammering is based on what your followers want you to say. He is a good guy but you base your opinion on his one lack of judgement. As for the hypocrites, how would you like to be judged on one mistake you made? And as for the part of you want to talk to him on a flight of stairs sounds like a threat.

    Don MooreDon Moore18 dager siden
  • That was disturbing to watch

    Helmet Chuck VideosHelmet Chuck Videos19 dager siden
  • Where is the hoodie your wearing from?

    sladea19sladea1920 dager siden
  • Ok

    Purple StrikePurple Strike23 dager siden
  • Mhhhh this is Amerika

    Marcus poyrazMarcus poyraz23 dager siden
  • All mothers aren't mothers some of then are just egg donners.

    Noah PinaNoah Pina23 dager siden
  • Why I truly believe everyone should be able to just have children whenever they want.

    T. ShawT. Shaw24 dager siden
  • My heart hurts for him

    Shannon Fielder-WinklessShannon Fielder-Winkless24 dager siden
  • No lie as soon as he smashed the controller so close to that baby my heart dropped a piece could have bounced back and hit the baby. Also him throwing the baby could have jerked his neck and last but not least him screaming at the top of his lungs and that poor baby's ears God knows what kind of damage could be done from that. I hope the mom stay strong and keeps him away from that baby and take him to court

    Soma the gamerSoma the gamer24 dager siden
  • Wow, what a pathetic pos. I would love to get my hands on him

    Hercules RebornHercules Reborn25 dager siden
  • Are there any updates about this pos? Has he been arrested? Has the child been placed with a family who will actually care and love them? Please tell us.

    Mark PalmerMark Palmer26 dager siden
  • Any update on this?

    Sam ToddSam Todd26 dager siden
  • If that is what he does on camera can’t imagine what happen off camera

    Gabriela BermúdezGabriela Bermúdez27 dager siden
  • He plays Madden ofcourse... FIFA and Madden Players are the same sub species.

    Mad LadMad Lad27 dager siden
  • If there's an update on this please PLEASE report on it

    YT yelloYT yello27 dager siden
  • It’s been a week and there’s no update -whether or not, the authorities have been alerted about this. I guarantee he’s abused the child...

    Aimee BAimee B27 dager siden
  • And it's stuff like that (not my dad, but my mom and her monster of a "family" 🙄) is exactly why I have BPD. Someone save that kid please.

    Malia MidnightMalia Midnight28 dager siden
  • This.... gives me throwbacks to what my dad would do when I was a little kid

    Faint-Ado7Faint-Ado728 dager siden
  • I had an ex who was JUST like this.. I am so glad I left. My heart goes out to those kids 💞

    Savanna WilliamsSavanna Williams28 dager siden
  • It's amazing how the people who shouldn't have children have never seem to have an issue creating them, but the ones who do want children can't.

    GeekExtremistGeekExtremist28 dager siden
  • What keeps going through my mind is WHAT happened after that video cut off? Do you guys think as heated as he was at that child that he didn’t do anything worse once offline? That is terrifying. He should have had balls removed. I hope that poor baby never has to be around him again.

    Whitney BWhitney B28 dager siden
  • O my, you shouldn’t be playing the game if your that pissed, your right phill, there are fathers and then there are dads

    Michael StoylesMichael Stoyles28 dager siden
  • Why don't you help this man instead of making AD revenue off this?

    Chad EllettChad Ellett28 dager siden
  • that clip gave me so much anxiety, growing with an abusive father im so worried about the kid

    Ezz eldin AbdelazimEzz eldin Abdelazim28 dager siden
  • Imagine being a grown-ass man and doing this shit over a fucking Madden game.

    Shannon HShannon H29 dager siden
  • ... 😳 Wtf... Wow. Someone needs to take that child somewhere safe like now.

    vidanoirvidanoir29 dager siden
  • how can you treat a child like this? 🥺

    Der richtige MannDer richtige Mann29 dager siden
  • 😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬

    Jodi TurgeonJodi Turgeon29 dager siden
  • yikes this is giving me addiction violence vibes. instead of it being alcohool or drugs its gaming... this was hard to watch wtf if wrong with this guy its just a game, you're gonna treat your kid like this for a fucking game?

    TdogTdog29 dager siden
  • I do not possess the word or words to describe the feelings I have for this cowardly shitbag. Hopefully his wife leaves him and takes her child and finds her happily ever after with a REAL man. That baby and her deserve so much better.

    Mr. Jack N CokeMr. Jack N Coke29 dager siden
  • What can we do to help? I can't find anything online RE reporting what happened etc

    Tiffany TTiffany T29 dager siden
  • So, not a fan. But this gets a like. Fuck that guy. Please keep exposing people like this. From an abuse survivor, I'm telling you that you do no more important work than this. Thank you.

    Timothy HockemeyerTimothy Hockemeyer29 dager siden
  • Exactly

    JJ SavageJJ SavageMåned siden
  • So right

    JJ SavageJJ SavageMåned siden
  • Omg that was triggering 😳😳🥺

    ✨Awkwardly Awesome ✨✨Awkwardly Awesome ✨Måned siden
  • Feel so sorry that child has to grow up with this unstable baby shouting at his child over a video game lol🤣 pathetic

    PampersPampersMåned siden
  • This gave me horrible childhood flashbacks.

    Cassie KruseCassie KruseMåned siden
  • You can just see the hurt. That broke that baby's heart. Absolute garbage parent moment. The first response to a scared baby is apology. They don't comprehend most sentences yet, they only hear tone of voice. So if you sound stressed or angry, baby assumes something is wrong. His kid is smarter than he is, because the child's reaction was appropriate, and his was the opposite. F*cking hilljack

    Jenna VedaJenna VedaMåned siden
  • I agree 100%. I bet he blames the kid for him losing his streaming “career” too. I get my fair share of angry at games as well, but I would NEVER, ever, dream of treating my kid like that. What a loser.

    Josh MJosh MMåned siden
  • That's incredibly distressing and words fail me.

    Jenny PJenny PMåned siden
  • I’m so confused you said you can’t / wouldn’t show it but then did 😂😅

    Daniel CascalesDaniel CascalesMåned siden
  • What he just did 2 this little baby, is what my mom and stepdad did 2 me for 7 years before I escaped from that hell - among other things... I’m crying along with this little baby 😢 I hope he gets removed from that psycho of a so-called “dad”!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    Melissa RehmeierMelissa RehmeierMåned siden
  • This made me literally go pick up my sleeping child and tell her how much I love her

    Bree CaninoBree CaninoMåned siden
  • I guess I'm lost. So the yelling was over the top but wow... I wonder how y'all would judge how my parents and those around me got raised lol It's probably the way I was raised but that seemed tame to me.

    ParadoxdelaPaladinoParadoxdelaPaladinoMåned siden
  • My son was sleeping while I watched this, he's 11 months old. He's sleeping in my bed tonight because this made me cry and I wanted my baby to be close and safe.

    Mickie LeeMickie LeeMåned siden
  • This clip makes me want to cry. I have a 20 month old kids. That is absolutely unacceptable. Hope someone calls CPS

    Hailey NichollsHailey NichollsMåned siden
  • If anyone wanted to know how anxiety and personality disorders develop.... this is how.

    Koven MaitreyaKoven MaitreyaMåned siden
  • Can I join you at the top of that flight of stairs? I wanna join in that conversation

    Stupid WebcamStupid WebcamMåned siden
  • As someone who has struggled with anger issues and continuing working on it, this horrifies me.

    SwimmydudeSwimmydudeMåned siden
  • This was literally my household!! I had to testify in court as a teen when I could finally get out..

    Beth AndersonBeth AndersonMåned siden
  • Oh gosh... I'm pregnant and I couldn't help but cry for this baby. That is horrible. I wish I could steal the baby and give it a good home.

    CoffeecatssCoffeecatssMåned siden
  • Philip always gives me the best Dad energy I never knew I needed in my life.

    Alondra JaschkeAlondra JaschkeMåned siden
  • Lol

    AWESOMEGAMER183546 GamingAWESOMEGAMER183546 GamingMåned siden
  • I hope the mother of this kid NEVER, under ANY circumstances leaves this kid alone with this pathetic wannabe gamer again. And he should NEVER be given the opportunity to stream on ANY platform again.

    Melissa WilsonMelissa WilsonMåned siden
  • Guy has a man bun. That should tell u all u need to kno bout this pos

    Miggy23Miggy23Måned siden
  • this reminds me of the DaddyOFive situation

    Szymon BednarczykSzymon BednarczykMåned siden
  • I have no words to what I just watched. I literally started shaking in worry for the child.

    A JA JMåned siden
  • This video gets me so fucking mad, what a fucking bum, it’s a game man, grow tf up and be a father. Call up CPS📞

    romayoromayoMåned siden
  • I don't want want to defend this behavior in anyway, but I would like to mention that male/secondary care giver post pardum depression is very real and that instead of ripping him a part and amplifying the problem, a better solution would be providing information on resources such as counseling or medications. Parenthood is difficult, your learning to be a parent while teaching a tiny human how to be a person, and with a lack of communication to help parents and babies learn together, it is extremely frustrating. The behavior is inexcusable but the fix is not dragging this man across the internet to be flogged, it's too provide him with the proper resources to seek the appropriate help he needs to be a better dad.

    Your plain friendYour plain friendMåned siden
  • Please use an ab*se trigger warning for those of use who were that child getting screamed at. Thank you for making a video on this ❤️

    Catt CCatt CMåned siden
  • A controller is replaceable your child’s upbringing, mental/physical health is not. Choices and that certainly was a disgusting vile one

    JettabooJettabooMåned siden
  • This broke my fucking heart. What the fuck... some people should give up their parental rights cus they arent fucking fit... wtf is he doing off stream?? 🤬🤬

    Danyel RockowDanyel RockowMåned siden
  • When he says "I'm about to lose it" the baby starts crying like he knows what to expect next. If I got yelled at like that I'd be crying too, I'm a 27 year old female. That dad has issues.

    •dottedlotus••dottedlotus•Måned siden
  • I’m glad this story is getting the coverage it needs

    L DL DMåned siden
  • well. this made me so angry. fuck.

    DawnDawnMåned siden
  • Dude, he should have delayed the stream when there is nobody at his home instead of himself to take care of his baby.

    GameHasheZGameHasheZMåned siden
  • That kid's ears must hurt. I don't even think I'm being dramatic. He needs his hearing protected to sit on his dad's lap. This made me cry watching the second time.

    sarahwithstarssarahwithstarsMåned siden
  • CPS needs to be called. This is horrific, that poor baby. I really hope someone knows this dude... and can report it. Horrible. Abbusive. Disturbing.

    Bri EsseffBri EsseffMåned siden
  • I'm not a father but I have nephews and I wanted hurt that guy for how he was treating the kid

    OdysianOdysianMåned siden
  • Jesus...

    Rocket City GamerzRocket City GamerzMåned siden
  • I felt my soul leave my body through my stomach. What an asshole

    fifiwozerefifiwozereMåned siden
  • UPDATES???? I want to know whether this POS was jailed and had his kid taken away yet.

    Michael BrownMichael BrownMåned siden
  • WHAT!!! This is literally so scary!!! I want to comfort that little baby. I hope the baby is permanently removed from that home. He is NOT SAFE!!

    MorrocanZweenMorrocanZweenMåned siden
  • Oh my god, soooooooo satisfying to hear DeFranco say out loud exactly what we're all feeling towards this monster! THANK YOU!

    KatsPurrKatsPurrMåned siden
  • Now I’m literally crying. This is sickening, all this immature guy cares about is games. This is disgusting, immature, horrifing, and more. I’m copy and pasting to every video about this, so sorry if you get annoyed by seeing this in every comment. This needs to be heard, this guy needs to get karma, please comment on this on the latest update on this, god I pray you keep this amazing child safe. This child doesn’t deserve to be traumatized or yelled at. Look at the face on the poor child’s face!! That what made me cry, he couldn’t breath on how much he was terrified, HES JUST A LITTLE KID, A LITTLE CHILD THAT JUST CAME INTO THIS WORLD, he doesn’t know better! This immature guy should shut the heck up. This is disgusting, bukkerz or whatever the heck your name is, G.R.O.W U.P.

    Simply UnistarSimply UnistarMåned siden
  • Arrest Buckkers

    Eloy CastanedaEloy CastanedaMåned siden
  • You can’t be a lame gamer and be a father lol just cause you lose Bc you suck doesn’t mean you have to take it out on your kid

    Ur momUr momMåned siden
  • When you watch this and realize holy fuck this is exactly what happened to me as a kid and I repressed it completelg

    Vivian VossVivian VossMåned siden
    • Your dad freaked out on you while playing video games?

      PickingwilddaisiesPickingwilddaisiesMåned siden

    Wolf RayneWolf RayneMåned siden
  • Wow you got to be kidding me!!!???

    Caleb SmootCaleb SmootMåned siden
  • This broke my fucking heart. That woman needs to take herself and that baby and RUN.

    Stevie DangerStevie DangerMåned siden
  • Phil... what is going on with your hair? lol

    Patricia WagerPatricia WagerMåned siden
  • *slow clap it out for Phil's response*

    StephanieStephanieMåned siden
  • I opened a charity for shit people like this, spending condom's, hopefully no more people like this on our Planet

    The FinisherThe FinisherMåned siden
  • also who the hell spends 300 dollars on a controller

    EGPMHEGPMHMåned siden
  • This guy needs to listen to “Gunshot To the Head of Trepidation” by Trivium; as the lyrics state “you’re abuse will end right, no longer will your family fear; a gunshot to the head of trepidation I promise if you ever lay a finger”

    EGPMHEGPMHMåned siden
  • Omg. Wow. I can’t see that and be okay

    Meia SoloMeia SoloMåned siden
  • Holy fucking shit

    wildmidnightfoxwildmidnightfoxMåned siden
  • Please. Please. Please fucking tell me the police or at least social services, are going to get involved. We all get anger, but and it's a big but how we handle that anger matters the most to children. I honestly hope this individual shit bag gets help and his son is safe.

    Emma JayneEmma JayneMåned siden
  • As a father this is disgusting hopefully he sees how stupid and careless he was being and shape up.

    Richard SalazarRichard SalazarMåned siden
  • I put my baby in a trebuchet we had in the desert once, I didn't know it was loaded. Watched that thing go so high and so far. Found my baby's splattered remains on a plate of slate and granite 1200 feet away. Nothing was recognizable except an eye next to a piece of brain.

    Eddy A.Eddy A.Måned siden
  • The worst thing about this, is the mother was in the other room. When all of this blew up, she still stuck by him and supported him.

    Dylan JamesDylan JamesMåned siden
    • I heard she left him but I’m not sure if that’s true. I saw that his sister was defending him though saying that people don’t know the real him and it was just emotions in the moment, like huh? That’s child abuse. There’s a literal reason for people speaking up about this.

      emma huynhemma huynhMåned siden
  • Oh nuh uh. My husband struggles with ADHD influenced anger issues. He has lost his shit multiple times, has slammed and broke controllers over videogame frustration, etc HOWEVER he has NEVER screamed, threatened, or hurt me and he is able to control ALL of this (even if it means just walking away from the activity) when our daughter is awake and ESPECIALLY present. She turned off his pc while he was playing games, causing him to loose multiple hours of game play, and he NEVER raised his voice or even blamed her! There is NO excuse for treating your child this way. None at all.

    InvisibleGamerInvisibleGamerMåned siden
  • As someone who grew up in this type of home, this sickens me and sent me to a memory I thought I had suppressed far enough. I hope the child gets help.

    Brett HebertBrett HebertMåned siden