Corpse Husband Spotify Controversy, Evan Rachel Wood Marilyn Manson Accusation, Myanmar, & More News

1. feb.. 2021
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00:00 - CorpseHusband Calls Out Spotify
02:43 - Evan Rachel Woods Names Marilyn Manson As Her Abuser
04:37 - Robinhood And Where I'm Moving My Money
05:50 - Sponsor
06:56 - 5,100 People Detained In Russia Protests
07:58 - Myanmar's Military Coup
10:39 - Biden's Stimulus And Republican Counter Offer
13:18 - Trump's Lawyers Leave
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Corpse Husband Claims Spotify Isn't Promoting His Music:
Evan Rachel Wood Accuses Ex-Fiance Marilyn Manson:
Joe Rogan Calls Out Robinhood:
Over 5,100 arrested at pro-Navalny protests across Russia:
Myanmar Military Launches Coup, Detains Aung San Suu Kyi:
Biden Will Meet with 10 Republican Senators as They Float Smaller $618 Billion Relief Plan:
Trump Hires 2 New Lawyers for Impeachment Trial:

Zoe Sugg Responds to Being Dropped from GCSE Curriculum:
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg, Maxx Enright
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Brian Espinoza
Production Team: Zack Taylor
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  • Y’all...we survived January! GROUP HUG!!!!

    Philip DeFrancoPhilip DeFranco26 dager siden
    • Hey Phil, am I checked as a spammer? Somebody asked me for proof of Trump corruption, and I started giving links. My comments are being black-balled.

      Dio BrandoDio Brando24 dager siden
    • I love that Corpse is your new David Dobrik, giving you the views I see Phil

      AlexAlex25 dager siden
    • @Michael LeMonda why not?

      Jared MattesJared Mattes25 dager siden
    • dont say y'all

      Michael LeMondaMichael LeMonda25 dager siden
    • @Epic Lightning That's funny we were thinking the same thing about you🤣

      Jared MattesJared Mattes25 dager siden
  • Oh shit, I can't use Public in mine country... I wanted to start to expand my income by trading stocks.

    Abraham OhlssonAbraham Ohlsson3 dager siden
  • Mike Bravo, the Marilyn Manson impersonator is really amazing. Please check it out He's participating in the imitation contest in Perú . He's the favorite to win the competition

    Gabriela OxacopaGabriela Oxacopa5 dager siden
  • It’d be nice to see phill gain a couple hundred pounds

    Mr. HubiverseMr. Hubiverse18 dager siden
  • you got hella fat man!

    DerekDerek20 dager siden
  • She's accusing him of some very disturbing abuse and I've been going down that rabbit hole and things aren't adding up.

    Gothic Moon Child 36Gothic Moon Child 3620 dager siden
    • Esme Bianco has also came out recently sharing more about her experience and has posted a few photos on instagram, one of them being of her back. If you have heard her testimony from a cpl years ago, you know what I'm talking about. The only thing she hasn't done is say his name outloud, but she said she is planning to.

      Misty VaughnMisty Vaughn20 dager siden
  • Can we please stop "the news that matter for people who care" I hate it so much. I've literally never had a complaint about your show before I've been watching for over a decade.

    Natalie KempNatalie Kemp21 dag siden
  • 15$ a hour will crush small buisnesses and a lot of people will be out of work due to employers not being able to pay that much for unskilled labor

    Dank DailyDank Daily22 dager siden

    Jordan ReedJordan Reed22 dager siden
  • Cash app won't let you buy game stop stocks either 😒

    lala3s3lala3s322 dager siden
  • Epstein was Clintons Buddy first, but you Democrats never get anything right

    hav2rollhav2roll22 dager siden
  • This is terrible to say, but it’s refreshing that the whole news isn’t: Trump is awful, but now includes more terrible things happening globally? Those things were still happening in the last 4 years but very little of it was being highlighted in the news. A general observation, not a PDS thing. Hard to hear your neighbor screaming when your house is a raging blaze.

    Tyne BakerTyne Baker22 dager siden
  • who could blame those lawyers for quitting?

    TheCreepyproTheCreepypro22 dager siden
  • Phil doesn’t love our faces anymore.

    Andrew SchulerAndrew Schuler22 dager siden
  • Grab popcorn, let watch how america burn this year.

    durian111durian11122 dager siden
  • Marilyn M what a tosser hah

    Nikko PikkoNikko Pikko22 dager siden
  • I love you

    Avery ElliottAvery Elliott23 dager siden
  • Who knows Corpse from his scary videos 👋🏻

    Jaclyn HoweJaclyn Howe23 dager siden
  • Tch tch tch so he's still pushing the lies and asking them to argue that he won the election. Maaaan! That guy is a rotten sore loser. The other argument makes more sense as the other Republicans thought the same

    MLG GAMERMLG GAMER23 dager siden
  • I swear the Myanmar military sound like they're copying Trump. "calls for fraud in election"? Please

    MLG GAMERMLG GAMER23 dager siden
  • Ok I heard about that Marilyn Manson story and I'm gonna be honest I'm not surprised. I mean he looks like someone who would abuse and I mean my mom after hearing his type of rock was like "Sounds demonic" classic parents but I never liked his rock either so it's unsurprising that this would eventually come to light

    MLG GAMERMLG GAMER23 dager siden
  • I can't believe it's already February

    MLG GAMERMLG GAMER23 dager siden
  • Never thought I’d see Corpse Husband and Joe Rogan in the same thumbnail

    RynoverseRynoverse23 dager siden
  • My public account never received a free stock so that false promise is some bullshit

    KyleKyle23 dager siden
  • That M. Manson news was not surprise. I hope this would wake up media and record labels to check their positive attitudes towards many other rock stars and bands who have history of that classic drugs, women and Rocknroll life

    HourujunaHourujuna23 dager siden
  • My fr birthday was Sunday (January 31) #JustinTimberlake

    Jessy SharkeyJessy Sharkey23 dager siden
  • Happy happy Unbirthday!! 😂😂🤪🤪🐰 #AliceinWonderland

    Jessy SharkeyJessy Sharkey23 dager siden
  • LOL @ the USA criticizing ANYONE for how they treat their own citizens.

    M. CollierM. Collier23 dager siden
  • Public isnt available in canada 😩

    Zack RobertZack Robert23 dager siden
  • I love how celebrities are being held accountable for sexual abuse and rape but when I detailed how my ex raped me for months, emotionally manipulated me continuously to be stuck there, when I couldn’t financially afford to leave his house for a time after breaking up with him. I had my son (7ish at the time I left) from my previous marriage and a son in common (5ish at the time) with him. He’d follow me from bed to bed and to the couch and back to a bed and would force himself on me. He left the home in disrepair with rats, fecal matter, dog urine, broken kitchen floor tiles, mold from water damage all over... his parents abused my kids and we were not safe. He also stole thousands of dollars from me so I couldn’t leave for even longer until I confided in a friend who took me in immediately to her home with her husband and kids 😭. This is our “justice system,” - I’m in northern CA. I couldn’t afford a lawyer and my ex could. No one listened to me or read my pleading - he’s roaming about about to get married to someone he got pregnant and I’m left with the trauma. He has half custody of both the children. 🤷This. Is. Our. Justice. System. His father hit my eldest son in face with a book recently & a CPS report was filed yet they still allow him to take the kids.... 0_0 if you have no money for a lawyer... you get lost through the cracks and no one cares so it’s great how Marilyn Manson is being called out and the women rightfully believed but it shines a bright light on the fact that the common folk do not get this luxury. I’ve got so little faith or expectation of our court systems 🤷

    ArmedCadaver illustratesArmedCadaver illustrates23 dager siden
  • 888,588 views•Feb 2, 2021 .... so close to 888.888

    Alin FarcasAlin Farcas23 dager siden
  • Philip....Unmask corpse!!

    Rebecca SanabriaRebecca Sanabria23 dager siden
  • So proud of you Phil for creating this news platform in this time of fake news

    bobatron71bobatron7123 dager siden
  • Sounds like she was kinky and regretted it after 🤣

    Steven MarshallSteven Marshall23 dager siden
  • Lol @ the USA condemning how Russia treats protesters 🙄

    Nikita SimonaNikita Simona23 dager siden
  • Phased out at $40k 😑 I just watched a video where mommyvloggers got $50k in PPP loans, Joel Osteen got Millions. Fuck the poor I guess.. You got single parents busting ass to make 50k and lost 1 of their 3 jobs due to COVID.. Keep the $75k threshold and allow people that made $75k but lost income due to COVID, qualify too.

    Cortney FrenchCortney French24 dager siden
  • Robinhood is poor... They didn't have the liquid money to have so many buys. That's why I use E-Trade. Any of these small platforms can't handle what was happening because they don't have the legal liquid capital.

    Payed ProcessingPayed Processing24 dager siden
  • Republicans without the majority: aw come on, let's all work together Republicans with the majority: *yeah we're doing whatever the ffck we want* (to be fair, the Democrats may not be much better, but at least we're not electing QAnon members)

    Kilibubble CataKilibubble Cata24 dager siden
  • Absolutely DISGUSTING way to profit off of a controversy. This is a new low even for you

    Del StewartDel Stewart24 dager siden
  • why is PDF a mouthpuiece of the "democrat" party?

    XyzzyxXyzzyx24 dager siden
  • I feel like Robinhood is getting way too much blame. People are acting like this is the first time they've done this. The majority of the retail investors involved in the whole GME and AMC fiasco lost money, and blaming Robinhood only for that is kind of pathetic, if you want to be get into the stock market you need to do some research. It was full of people who had no idea how the stock market works. Obviously people have the right to be mad but just be careful moving brokerages. I'm very skeptical of huge indorsements like this when they've been using the service for less than a week. I don't know of any other brokerage that gives you .3% interest on any cash you have in you're portfolio. It's layout is also great for new investors, it has a very small learning curve compared to say TD Ameritrade. I'm also highly skeptical of brokerages and exchanges like Public and Etoro because the way their system works encourages you to make potentially life altering financial decisions based off of hype and other peoples ideas depending on how loud they are, even if they have zero experience or were just very lucky for a month or two. I have no love for hedge funds but I'm pretty sure most of the people sticking it to the hedge funds would be doing the EXACT SAME THING if they knew how.

    Felix The CatFelix The Cat24 dager siden
  • wow, allegations come out and people instantly drop Marilyn Manson. Don't even bother to see if they are true or not.

    Gam3rSheepGam3rSheep24 dager siden
    • @Cryptic Sheep correct, because jumping to conclusions like that is the dumbest thing you could do.

      Gam3rSheepGam3rSheep23 dager siden
    • @Gam3rSheep so if a terrible person with a history of being an abusive toxic guy gets outed as an abuser, you don't jump the very possible conclusion????

      Cryptic SheepCryptic Sheep23 dager siden
    • @Cryptic Sheep And?

      Gam3rSheepGam3rSheep23 dager siden
    • He has a shit history to go along with those allegations.

      Cryptic SheepCryptic Sheep23 dager siden
  • It felt so good to hear you call us a beautiful bastards again oh my God I miss that

    Enix RaghunathEnix Raghunath24 dager siden
  • Meanwhile the World Ignores the Biggest Farmer Protests in neighboring India. 🤷‍♀️

    Ratna ManiRatna Mani24 dager siden
  • artists don’t make shit from streams, which is partially why Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris removed their music from there a few years ago. smaller artists are harmed more than the bigger artists but it’s still trash. apple music pays slightly more per stream but i feel bad for anyone wanting to be a musician in the streaming era - the idea of a starving artist is near impossible and promotes the mediocrity of industry plants/who has connections in the industry and who doesn’t.

    AlyshaAlysha24 dager siden
  • public is getting review bombed on the play store. methinks robinhood afoot

    Mikias AbebeMikias Abebe24 dager siden
  • The receipts for the Marylin Manson thing are available on Insta, they are pretty damning, and they have been about for years. I'm confident the label dropped him this quickly because they know the allegations are very credible.

    Anya TrounceAnya Trounce24 dager siden
  • Well said

    Amber NilesAmber Niles24 dager siden
  • So police brutality against peaceful protesters isn’t ok if it’s not the US doing it? Hmmm.

    Ray LubyRay Luby24 dager siden
  • They probably don't put him on any playlists because his music sucks ass

    iEggSavioriEggSavior24 dager siden
  • "The U.S. condemns the persistent use of harsh tactics against peaceful protesters" LOLOLOLOL

    Toxic ParadiseToxic Paradise24 dager siden
  • As a Canadian, I laughed OUT LOUD when you read out that bit from the USA about the protests in Russia. “We denounce the excessive use of force against peaceful protesters”. I think they mean to say “we consistently use excessive force against peaceful protestors to the point there is a national movement protesting it and being tear gassed every step of the way”.

    Laura NobleLaura Noble24 dager siden
  • Please cover Ariel Robinson

    Savanna ThunderSavanna Thunder24 dager siden
  • US only 😞

    Alex ManAlex Man24 dager siden
  • are you going to talk about dr mike partying

    Emma KaiserEmma Kaiser24 dager siden
  • I like your videos but you can go from talking about youtube drama to global news, it's just not that great

    NightmareNightmare24 dager siden
  • So we’re more focused on creating unity with people who are complicit in the deaths and displacement of millions instead of actually helping those folks? Got it... all is normal

    mssongremainsthesamemssongremainsthesame24 dager siden
  • I’m liking Public, BUT just so you know. A free stock, ISN’T A FREE SHARE. It’s only a fraction. Aka $1 in Tesla which is 0.00126% of a share

    TheInsomniacWriterTheInsomniacWriter24 dager siden
    • I received nothing when i joined using his link

      KyleKyle23 dager siden
  • I thought everyone already knew Marilyn Manson abused Evan Rachel Wood. Like that's fully the only reason I know who Evan Rachel Wood is

    Dan the DudeDan the Dude24 dager siden
  • Not a fan of corpse husband I don't like his voice

    Sh4dowsTheNameSh4dowsTheName24 dager siden
    • congratulations?

      Lauren WhiteLauren White23 dager siden
  • Am I the only one who absolutely loves that Phil is spending time during his sponsorship just to shit all over Robinhood?

    Neeek KoNeeek Ko24 dager siden
  • aren't you the guy who said Nick Sandmann was despicable before actually watching the full video that showed he was behing harrassed by the fake vet indian dude? not sure why I should believe anything you say when you dont fact check anything first?

    Mr.BeetleBumMr.BeetleBum24 dager siden
  • The way Americans pronounce robin hood is so weird, why u emphasising the first name lol

    Luxio 420Luxio 42024 dager siden
  • Stop with the punch you in the throat. its so stupid

    JoeRandom11JoeRandom1124 dager siden
  • Marilyn Manson now. Why must everyone be a dick

    MccreediocreMccreediocre24 dager siden
  • Oh please raise the minimum wage. Please.

    floofybunnyzfloofybunnyz24 dager siden
  • Sorry, am I imagining it or is that a swatstika on Marilyn Manson's chest? And I mean the Nazi version. Not the original version.

    floofybunnyzfloofybunnyz24 dager siden
  • you know things are rough when i agree with joe rogan

    linda shrug emojilinda shrug emoji24 dager siden
  • I don't like how he uses Joe Rogan as clickbait

    Gladiator PenguinGladiator Penguin24 dager siden
    • He puts joe rogan in a bunch of thumbnails even though he is often a very minor piece of the video. I understand wanting to capitalize on opportunities for views but it’s just annoying. He puts joes face their so that his fans will think, oh shit what happened to joe, and click out of concern. Understandable but annoying.

      Gladiator PenguinGladiator Penguin23 dager siden
    • Wait what?

      Ruby RogaRuby Roga23 dager siden
  • Funny how bts fans have been talking about the privilege of playsiting and how much it affects the music industry for YEARS and no one took them seriously and just made fun of them. Probably because majority of them are woc, and theyre fans of non englisk speaking asian artists... The second a white man says the same thing everybody agrees.

    -Amel--Amel-24 dager siden
  • Don't work with them Biden, in fact tell them we don't negotiate with terrorists.

    Munquis DeSadeMunquis DeSade24 dager siden
  • Lol the corrpse news sounds like a salty piece for phillip

    Addison MarksAddison Marks24 dager siden
  • I would love for you to talk about johnny depp and covering news about him and his story. i think he deserves to be talked about more! thanks

    Alanoud JarrarAlanoud Jarrar24 dager siden
  • I hope Russians hang in there and continue the fight, your country belongs to YOU not Putin!

    simplesam01simplesam0124 dager siden
  • I thought marilyn manson got known a while ago? Pretty sure I heard stuff about him being a creep a while back.

    Kabir KumarKabir Kumar24 dager siden
  • Using Rogan on the thumbnail for clicks again I see

    GreyDuckTVGreyDuckTV24 dager siden
  • So you moved from robinhood to take on a new sponsor that also reported the same issue? Lmao it wasn't the fucking brokerages. It's the clearing house. So much misinformation being spread by the illinformed.

    jaded xjaded x24 dager siden
  • The president of Burma, the state counsellor Daw Aung San Su Kyi & leaders of NLD party have now been unlawfully detained by Burmese military. We want our leaders, we want justice, we need your help. #SaveMyanmar #savemyanmardemocracy #saveaungsansuukyi #Reject_the_Mililary #aungsansuukyi #we_want_justice #we_want_democracy #help_us_and_support_our_leader #help_us #myanmarcoup

    Hnin Yee ShunHnin Yee Shun24 dager siden
  • I really don't know what to say about the MM case. I initially believed the JD and AH thing, for which i feel like a dickhead and am supporting JD as much as I can, as the real victim. I don't know what to believe anymore and would really like to see evidence when these very serious allegations are made

    Dottie NdotsDottie Ndots24 dager siden
  • *Man, Moscow and D.C. are looking pretty similar right now.*

    OneManCastOneManCast24 dager siden
  • Sharebuilder....Is anything actually new? I had fractional shares over 20 years ago. This is also part of the reason for investing is garbage these day.

    A MaA Ma24 dager siden
  • "with or with out GOP" did she get that memo about the fake unity thing?

    PainX187PainX18724 dager siden
  • Just finished mediation at my one of my girls crib 😈🙏Bout to get some food and rest up 😏 Ttyl 😉

    Dark SaviorDark Savior24 dager siden
  • Too bad public is not available in my country :(

    MarthNiMarthNi24 dager siden
  • Im just here to hear joe rogan click bait story as usual.

    MoonlapseAffinityMoonlapseAffinity24 dager siden
  • Jesus. You know something is bad when I have to agree with Joe Rogan.

    Alexis MzwaAlexis Mzwa24 dager siden
  • So, shes alleging that Manson ( a Satanist, in all his glory) was vicious and abusive? Lol, what do you expect. You want a badboy, you get a badboy, even if they're bad to you

    T MT M24 dager siden
  • And do you know what's scary? How similar his story is to the likes of Armie Hammer and even Epstein and Weinstein. The similarity is in how they groom and manipulate their victims before the abuse starts. I've dropped a video on that if anyone is interested x

    Girl GrownGirl Grown24 dager siden
  • Will all these stocks talks, how do they work ? I’m interested

    Giovanni MirandaGiovanni Miranda24 dager siden
  • Dude people delete tweets just to delete tweets. Chill out.

    Azura DragonFaetherAzura DragonFaether25 dager siden
  • A few days before his death? I think you mean a few days before Epstein didnt kill himself.

    GhostDrowGhostDrow25 dager siden
  • The earnings cutoff the GOP proposed of 75k/yr to 40k/yr for the relief checks is also a backdoor way to punish Dem voters, fewer people that live in cities will qualify for it due to the higher cost of living. Something to remember the next time the GOP tries to lowball us in the future.

    GalaarGalaar25 dager siden
  • Didn’t public. com have a stock stealing malware before?

    Gia P.Gia P.25 dager siden
  • Not even Trump's (former) lawyers can logically say the election was rigged. What a fucking circus.

    Amy DuongAmy Duong25 dager siden
  • Stop the steal bud

    Tyler RadkeTyler Radke25 dager siden
  • Happy Birthday dude!

    Anais GraceAnais Grace25 dager siden
  • I can’t process the photo used for Biden it makes me so uncomfortable

    Bella DreamBella Dream25 dager siden
  • you had money on robin hood? wow, such disappoint, many sad. put your money on Webull want my invite code so you and I can get free stocks??!?!?! let me know I will hook you up yo

    Mikej1592Mikej159225 dager siden
  • This channel has become a joke. Stick to the pop culture. Regurgitating CNN is not for you. Maybe research were most of that money goes before spouting that more is better just because its more. Also the states dont need federal money to run thier school system. I will never understand why the left thinks states have no responsibility or consequences for thier incompetence. Stop spending most of the money on administration and put it towards actual education that benefits the kids. BS social programs that eat up money without producing any results, etc etc etc... However I do understand how over a 150 million dollars to a presidential campaign (more than 52 million more than anyother presidential campaign) means academia is expecting a large influx of cash in next 4 years.

    Richard KuhlmeyerRichard Kuhlmeyer25 dager siden
  • Um... Marilyn Manson BRAGS about numerous horrendous abuses that he and his band would commit on teen girls backstage at their shows in his autobiography. He really got off on teen girls cutting his name into their bodies and featured pictures of that self harm extensively in that book.

    samiam2088samiam208825 dager siden