BREAKING: Donald Trump BANNED FROM TWITTER! Lets Talk About It

8. jan.. 2021
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woah woah woah woah Lets talk about Donald Trump getting banned from Twitter and what happens from here. Like, Subscribe, & Text me after @ 813-213-4423 but nothing weird...unless its dog gifs lol

  • Wew... Some giant leaps to conclusions in this video.

    stedlystedly5 dager siden
  • What's up with the minecraft music in the background

    EverettEverett11 dager siden
  • How about we just allow everyone's opinions to be heard and allow people to think for themselves???

    grace gardgrace gard15 dager siden
  • Dude, are you gonna cry....🤣

    Patrick SantosPatrick Santos29 dager siden
  • Of course twitter didn't give an example of trump inciting violence.

    I Love EveryoneI Love EveryoneMåned siden
    • @jamie pandahugs the Democrats undermined the election too saying trump colluded with russia. He also said multiple times to peacefully protest at the capital

      I Love EveryoneI Love EveryoneMåned siden
    • Maybe trump didn't specifically say "attack the capitol in my honor', sure. But. He has continuously disregarded the legitimacy of the election, and what do you think is gonna happen? What do you think his supporters will do when they think trump has been cheated out of an election he legally lost? Of COURSE they're gonna riot! That's the danger. He can't keep peddling the misinformation and the literal lies of election fraud when every single security measure has been taken to make sure this election is safe and fair.

      jamie pandahugsjamie pandahugsMåned siden
  • Calm down, kid. Breathe. It's going to be okay. lol

    Ryan SoudelierRyan SoudelierMåned siden
  • Defranco is pro america but supports censorship of speech that wasn't calling to violence.... Right

    Sean is DemiurgeSean is DemiurgeMåned siden
  • Defranco gonna be censored soon

    Sean is DemiurgeSean is DemiurgeMåned siden
  • My uncle, a right wing trump supporter, is currently in the hospital in critical condition due to covid. He didn't wear masks, he didn't respect social distancing, he genuinely believed that the virus couldn't hurt him and that he was being manipulated into losing his freedom. He is 72, and I might lose my uncle because of trump and the misinformation around the pandemic.

    Alex TheFlowerAlex TheFlowerMåned siden
  • Hugely disappointed that you would support censoring of anyone. When social media gets to decide who the liars are we are in trouble. We haven't learned anything from Snowden.

    Phil MPhil MMåned siden
    • @vinessa wess i'm not even defending trump and YOU keep talking about him. All I said was if we're banning corrupt politicians, are you pushing for their lazy asses to be banned also? You are biased and it shows. I'm against all horrible politicians, you just seem to be against trump. I bet you think the government has our best interests at heart. 👌 🍑 Do your research.

      Phil MPhil MMåned siden
    • @Phil M Nobody said anything about not liking 1 person! the issue has nothing to do with liking or not liking someone the issue has to do with the person who's supposed to be the leader of the Free world the president of the United States and the commander-in-chief is not supposed to use social media and Twitter to violate the company's policies and incite his MAGA cult followers to storm Congress and break into the Capitol! Trump has been asked especially numerous times to not do so but he ignored & continued with everybody else got banned. Trump doesn't get a pass simply because you like him or Support him, that's not how it works!

      vinessa wessvinessa wessMåned siden
    • @vinessa wess lying and slandering? So you agree that every politician who lies should be banned? If that's the case over half the government should be banned. But here we are only banning one person they don't like.

      Phil MPhil MMåned siden
    • Trump needed to be censored and he got away with saying a bunch of crap that most people would not have been able to get away with but he got away with lying slandering and inciting mob attacks because he was the president. So he got BANNED from Twitter which unfortunately was a little too little too late

      vinessa wessvinessa wessMåned siden
  • You need to educate yourself on this man you don't know what you're talking about he did not say anything on a incitement of violence. That is not true

    lothaire Mordred shirk medialothaire Mordred shirk mediaMåned siden
    • @jamie pandahugs These MAGA trump cult followers have absolutely no idea what inciting means

      vinessa wessvinessa wessMåned siden
    • Maybe trump didn't specifically say "attack the capitol in my honor', sure. But. He has continuously disregarded the legitimacy of the election, and what do you think is gonna happen? What do you think his supporters will do when they think trump has been cheated out of an election he legally lost? Of COURSE they're gonna riot! That's the danger. He can't keep peddling the misinformation and the literal lies of election fraud when every single security measure has been taken to make sure this election is safe and fair.

      jamie pandahugsjamie pandahugsMåned siden
  • You know what shut the hell up okay. He should not be banned from Twitter cuz he didn't do anything. He wasn't stalking violence at all. That is a straight up lie

    lothaire Mordred shirk medialothaire Mordred shirk mediaMåned siden
  • Youre an advocate for censorship which is the definition of facism. Fighting facism with facism is not the way and am glad to say this was the last video I could stomach from this moron.

    ZakZakMåned siden
  • this is a terrible take on censorship. not only you banned speech on that man, you just opened up possibility of you getting banned from the platform if you don't line up your ideas with mainstream

    zaak186zaak186Måned siden
  • Incredibly disappointed in you Phil. For someone who uses social media as much as you, I would think you'd take censorship more seriously.

    Neil DeesNeil DeesMåned siden
  • Philip Defraudo supports censorship? Wow, I'm shocked!

    Step broStep broMåned siden
  • HOW much wrong you are!Tell me what you would do when twitter decides to block Biden .

    wvh wcvwvh wcvMåned siden
  • Always had a negative gut feeling about you. Supporting censorship like this seals it.

    JoshJoshMåned siden
    • @Clayton Reeves every single article is using this quote. Point out what tweets I'm skipping over, but it's okay if you wanna cop out since not wanting to argue such a dumb and objectively wrong position makes sense.

      JoshJoshMåned siden
    • @Josh Cherry-picking as usual. You're not worth the time.

      Clayton ReevesClayton ReevesMåned siden
    • @Clayton Reeves “The 75,000,000 great American Patriots who voted for me, AMERICA FIRST, and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, will have a GIANT VOICE long into the future. They will not be disrespected or treated unfairly in any way, shape or form!!!” If you're so smart, explain how this is incites violence and breaks twitters TOS. Your smugness is gross btw, talk normally.

      JoshJoshMåned siden
    • That sound? That's everybody laughing at your Trumplican insanity. You do not get to say whatever you want and not face consequences. You will abide by terms of service, or you will be banned. Comprende?

      Clayton ReevesClayton ReevesMåned siden
  • So by user logic if ur a Trump supporter or not pro America.

    John RichmondJohn RichmondMåned siden
    • If u dont like Trump that's fine I'm also not condoning what happend on the 6th. But while there were acts violence there was also just as many examples of non violence and ppl literally waltzing in uncontested and unchallenged by law enforcement. You r just feeding and fueling fire just as every other news media outlet saying that all Trumps supports are bad, evil, or un American. I hope you and everyone else will hold our new president just as accountable as the last. I hope we can call out bs when we see whether its blue or red, Democrat or Republican.

      John RichmondJohn RichmondMåned siden
  • So the mainstream media doesn't constantly lie to us. So Hinter Biden story never happend. And that story was blocked till after the election.

    John RichmondJohn RichmondMåned siden
    • Yes, yes, and no. Do you have any questions about things that actually happened?

      Clayton ReevesClayton ReevesMåned siden
  • So BLM is right to insight violence. Ok

    John RichmondJohn RichmondMåned siden
  • you are a joke!

    JeffJeffMåned siden
  • Yeah, but when you remove someone like this then you are in a censored world.

    George HennenGeorge HennenMåned siden
    • @Clayton Reeves That's what censorship is stupid, when you censor someone, even if it's not what you wanna hear or isn't true it's still censorship. Learn.

      George HennenGeorge HennenMåned siden
    • We're not in a censored world. We're in a world where lies and fraud are met with consequences.

      Clayton ReevesClayton ReevesMåned siden
    • @George Hennen I know that last part was to PD not u I'm saying he never has to worry about being banned or removed.

      John RichmondJohn RichmondMåned siden
    • @John Richmond im not philip defranco.

      George HennenGeorge HennenMåned siden
    • If ur only concern and joy in life is to finally own Trump ur a sad small minded individual and I just feel sry for u. And it wasnt Trump that was censored band or kicked off this platform it was him and 100s of individuals anyone and everyone that had the faintest amount of support for him. But u dont have to worry about that do u cuz ur Philip Defranco

      John RichmondJohn RichmondMåned siden
  • Deleted Twitter as soon as I heard.

    AmandaAmandaMåned siden
  • Of course you would support it. If it was a liberal person you would be going nuts about all this. You use to be a great neutral source of news

    Mitch SchellingerMitch SchellingerMåned siden
  • I don't like Trump but both sides need to stop this censorship now!!

    Elijah SaboElijah SaboMåned siden
  • Keep doing what you do. I appreciate your efforts, and all that follow you

    placeofzenplaceofzenMåned siden
  • I disagree with the censorship if they can banned the president which is the most powerful man in america there no telling what they can do

    Christina SmithChristina SmithMåned siden
    • Yeah exactly! And if they impeach the president, imagine what they can do to anyone else!! They could start arresting people, and infringing on our rights to do what whatever we want

      Drowssap EmanresuDrowssap EmanresuMåned siden
  • This is the video that shows the true disturbing life. Seeing every news network, every internet celebrity, all bought and sold for the tyrannical powers that be. Now they‘re rolling out thousands of military troops to every state capitol and shutting down every alternative to the tech giants all in the name of "safety" They‘re taking all your rights and all you can do is smile and give them up for "safety" The american people should grow up. Stop being so scared of losing your meaningless life. We‘re already failing as a country. And these cowards don‘t care as long as they get their paycheck.

    HeroesToKings SpecialHeroesToKings SpecialMåned siden
  • why did they not ban Islamic dictators who referred to Jews as termites on twitter or Chinese communist propaganda that put down and made derogatory comments about women who believe in Islam. if twitter is going to ban Trump then they need to ban others who are extreme as well in all fairness. There are other hate platforms on twitter and I have personally seen it, you can't just ban Trump, but at the same time allow other racist twitter accounts to stand that is just hypocritical.

    Ralana JohnsonRalana JohnsonMåned siden
  • Good job. You censored him and now much worse violence is much more probable. What a stupid thing to support.

    nagol1000nagol1000Måned siden
  • Why is they ayatollah still allowed on twitter for literal calling for the death of Jews.

    Steven KmiecikSteven KmiecikMåned siden
  • Unsubscribed

    Daniel SDaniel SMåned siden
  • Why do you look so different ?? MKUltra ? Clone? wtf?

    Amanda AdamzAmanda AdamzMåned siden
  • Well said. Too many friends and family believe his BS. And then site wealth as their validation.

    Carmen PavoneCarmen PavoneMåned siden
  • “You’re pro trump? I’m pro America” that was so spot on

    topb3182ifytopb3182ifyMåned siden
  • Fvkc Jack Dorsey

    Cory PhaeusCory PhaeusMåned siden
  • Breaking news.....WE MUST DELETE TWITTER.... FACEBOOK .... Cut ties with companies that HATE US. They are biting the hand that feeds them. There are MORE of us then them. They just don’t want you to know this. TWITTER IS FINE WITH ISIS .....

    Kaylynn BeignKaylynn BeignMåned siden
  • I'm pro 1st amendment, you can say whatever the fuck you want to Philip, but, everybody else should be allowed to as well

    Dip DingerDip DingerMåned siden
    • To quote the first amendment: "Congress shall make no law...". Meaning the first amendment does not apply to private companies.

      M. RM. RMåned siden
  • Why did I get a notification now, 6 days later?

    WaywardWaywardMåned siden
  • You are simply horrifically misguided, Phil

    Carson CornellCarson CornellMåned siden
  • Freedom of speech is at risk. This level of censorship should be illegal

    Gods AutobiographyGods AutobiographyMåned siden
  • A company (or collection of) who are able to silence one of the most powerful people in the world because they disagree is dangerous. I don't like what he says or how he thinks but if its not a crime, its a case of 'we dont like or agrees with what he says so shut up'. When most European companies side against Twitter (from poland to germany and russia) you know theres an issue with free speech

    samuel bouchersamuel boucherMåned siden
    • @general550 The legality is not debatable. He repeatedly stated to keep it civil and peaceful and even told the people to go home the moment it turned into a "riot" as you so eagerly call it. He was not responsible for the people who "rioted" period. There was no incitement. He was banned because they could do it. Because they‘re trying to censor every dissenting voice. They immediately started an attack on parlor and completely shut it down the MOMENT someone brought up going to there. They say to make alternatives but take away your alternatives. This is a coup. This is how you lose your rights.

      HeroesToKings SpecialHeroesToKings SpecialMåned siden
    • @general550 true true, twitter is a private company. They can ban whoever they want and imo, if there is anyone to ban i see why they chose trump. The worry is that the media (TV and social media) are now choosing what to publish, who to silence, who to promote and its all to push the same agenda. They sell themselves to the people as news and education, but its mostly propaganda. Whether its treating the left and the right differently, silencing republicans or promoting left extremists as heroes, there is a clear bias and many will gobble it up without looking at different perspectives. They dont encourage discussion

      samuel bouchersamuel boucherMåned siden
    • @samuel boucherThe legallity of it is completely debatable and irrelevant, even if he didn't directly cause a riot, he did it indirectly and for that reason twitter can ban him.

      general550general550Måned siden
    • @general550 ye did not tell people directly to storm the building. Therefore, he can't be legally responsible for the riot

      samuel bouchersamuel boucherMåned siden
    • He literally incited a riot

      general550general550Måned siden
  • Trump will execute order 66 on the democrats very soon.

    Chad EllettChad EllettMåned siden
    • @Gary Brown 25,000 stormtroopers defending the capital. Great time to order 66 and wipe out the leftists.

      Chad EllettChad EllettMåned siden
    • No he won’t man. I don’t like how everything turned out , but he’s not going to do that. No matter what biased people like Phil here are saying.

      Gary BrownGary BrownMåned siden
  • Glad to see a vast ocean of Fascist scum celebrating the censorship and silencing of a political leader of the largest super power in the world by private companies. Lmao and for 3 years you all cried that he was a fascist.

    Zhon HoboZhon HoboMåned siden
  • When Social Media controls 50% of political discourse and outreach from the ages of 18-40 and they all enact censorship and political manipulation and Amazon (while owning 40% of all web hosting) also censors and eliminates based on political affiliation. And the people on the *Right* are the bad guys while we all ignore the biggest Fascist takeover of our time. But hey, if your on their side you just live life as usual. "Bu-but they're private! They can do what they want!", "Make your own!" 1: Easy for you to say because you are either oblivious or on their side. 2: Yeah, they could make their own, oh wait... 3: Try and touch gun control in any way (bans, national registry, forced buy backs, more red flag laws, etc) you will not like the result. Discourse is the key to peace but if you keep actively trying to take away rights or silence political opposition, you will see civil war. Social Media has an IMMENSE and visible affect on how people vote and allowing these votes to be manipulated and curated towards the ideas of corporations directly then you must be empty-minded.

    Zhon HoboZhon HoboMåned siden
  • We don't live in a free country anymore, nor do I wish to contribute towards your vision or economy.

    AdamAdamMåned siden
    • @Adam good

      general550general550Måned siden
    • @general550 I have before, and I will very soon.

      AdamAdamMåned siden
    • then leave the country

      general550general550Måned siden
    • Im going to forget this dumbass comment.

      Zhon HoboZhon HoboMåned siden
  • Watched you years. Stopped about 10 months ago thought I’d come back to check out what you would say you didn’t let me down. I don’t know what you said about the dems promoting violence all summer. But I thought someone that had their views censored by big tech and loss of money you would come through from a better view point. But seriously you dropped far from any anything video-able. Maybe you had to change your “news” reporting to make it friendly for NOtown and what they want put out. Good luck.

    Cameron BuschCameron BuschMåned siden
    • Just FYI he dragged his feet with the first autonomous zone in Portland. But he dropped on this story right away. Gee I wonder why?

      Gary BrownGary BrownMåned siden
  • fucking THANK YOU, PHILIP. no more ambiguous, inconspicuous language and vernacular surrounding today and the political landscape for the past four years. just genuine, real, raw emotions of horror and disgust. as he should

    Parker KimParker KimMåned siden
  • Awful how you support this

    LucreaceLucreaceMåned siden
  • No, you look like Kyle Rittenhouse.

    Pimp PoppyPimp PoppyMåned siden
  • Sorry phil. But the left is being just as crazy as don or any other republican says, they just are and anybody who denies it doesn't have a working brain. Anybody on the left has lied 1 million times more then Donald Trump, which is imaginably crazy in and of itself. It sucks that this will be the second time in American history that democrats were on the wrong side of history in a major event it must suck to be apart of the most heinous and disgusting group EVER in the united states

    bloodarmyproductionsbloodarmyproductionsMåned siden
  • If Trump would say the right things. If he was actually a good guy, I would probably have voted for him.

    Mario QMario QMåned siden
    • @Mario Q Facts aren‘t bait, and I‘m not the one acting emotional. I‘m simply calling out a coward when I see one. And it‘s funny you "know what you‘re getting into" with sentences simply stating the truth. If you go into someone‘s house trying to rob them, like mine, you‘re going to get shot. That‘s self defense. The statement is self defense and cannot be read otherwise. You‘re putting nothing first, as you don‘t bother to read or listen to those around you. You can stick with the voices in your head telling you that you‘re always in the right forever, it won‘t change anything. And for someone who "didn‘t want to waste their time going in circles" You sure do like responding don‘t you?

      HeroesToKings SpecialHeroesToKings SpecialMåned siden
    • @HeroesToKings Special People like you put Trump first and America second. I won't waste my time with people that make their own truth, rather than look at the evidence than is presented.

      Mario QMario QMåned siden
    • @HeroesToKings SpecialDon't get so emotional. Judging by your first few sentences, i knew what i was going to get into. I did not want to go in circles with you, and waste my time. I think your a little butt hurt i didn't go for the bait. Understandable.

      Mario QMario QMåned siden
    • @Mario Q So basically you refuse to actually listen to anyone other than the voices in your head. Good to know you‘re openly a coward. You talk about being a good guy and saying the right things yet refuse to listen to others, pathetic through and through. When you lose everything just know you brought it on yourself.

      HeroesToKings SpecialHeroesToKings SpecialMåned siden
    • @HeroesToKings Special Don't waste your time writing essays, first few sentences told me everything i needed to know. Don't even know what your saying.

      Mario QMario QMåned siden
  • Hiya i haven't watch you in a long time DiFranco 😅 . You look like your stuck in a moment and you can't get out of it.😂😂

    peter piperpeter piperMåned siden
  • I remember when Phil was against censorship

    Pedro Luis Lozada EstradaPedro Luis Lozada EstradaMåned siden
  • Arguably 2:40. The people with the most power are big business, they've been funding politics the last while haven't they?

    olutobiiolutobiiMåned siden
  • This ban just adds fuel to the fire.

    olutobiiolutobiiMåned siden
  • I see you're a far left kook now eh. You're a joke.

    David HarrowDavid HarrowMåned siden
  • Extremely disappointed. Don't cry about it when someone you agree with (or even you) is censored

    Radhia DeedouRadhia DeedouMåned siden
    • Just remind him about his little statement at the end here. I’m sure he’ll love it.

      Gary BrownGary BrownMåned siden
  • You all don’t get it do you? Trump is a piece of shit, but de platforming him only makes him a martyr for his supporters. This will galvanize his followers and make the divide deeper in our country. Most people here seem too short sighted to see this and think that banning him from social media is going to solve problems that run much deeper than Trump.

    MrTravisCSMrTravisCSMåned siden
  • This is a dumb take

    bob Mobbob MobMåned siden
  • So Twitter gets rid of the crazy orange man for potentially feeding into violence and the raid on the capital, but groups of people that openly admit that they are pedophiles and people that support the BLM riots are allowed to stay? That doesn’t seem right to me. Not to mention that now that Twitter has banned Trump the door is now open for them to ban anyone else they don’t like. Imagine if one day they just go “Obama has done x,y, and z and we don’t like that and we are banning him”

    Gabriel WrightGabriel WrightMåned siden
    • The BLM riots were for actual justice, while the capital riot was a bunch of Qanon lunatics trying to kidnap Nancy Pelosi

      general550general550Måned siden
    • Blm riots? That tells me you bought into the propaganda. Those riots were done by various different groups. One of those being antifa, who is left leaning.

      Mario QMario QMåned siden
  • Meanwhile in Night City 2077: History Teacher: Alright class, today we’re going to go over the ban of the 45th president of the United States...

    Devils AdvocateDevils AdvocateMåned siden
  • I don't get how can love communist Biden, who obviously cheated with massive evidence that they refuse to look at because of their one sided bias hate, that's NOT American. Big tech loving Dems who can control what people say and shut accounts, how can you not see how dangerous that is? If twitter, facebook and NOtown favored Republicans and deleted Biden and Nancy's accounts, (freedom of speech) you would complain too, democrats are too stupid to see that's not right, no matter what side your on that should make realize that's communism, like China, that's control, not Freedom. Plus I can believe you dems love killing babies in a womb, your disgusting. Trump helped people, did a lot for this country, and you didn't even give him credit for the great things he has done, what ignorant people, that don't care about what's right.

    ZaoZaoMåned siden
    • Phil doesn’t see it that way. But when a major incident happens with Biden or Harris just comment it in his replies and remind him of his ending statement in this video.

      Gary BrownGary BrownMåned siden
  • Have just come back to checking on the channel. I remember 4 years ago when you seemed indifferent or just kinda "meh" about Trump being elected. While I'm glad to see there's been a change, it's far too late. Looking at the news, reviewing the "dialogue" and considering the violence, I would say we are already in a second Civil War and it's now just a matter of time. Be glad you live in a blue state, but pray for those in the red.

    Gangrel AussieGangrel AussieMåned siden
  • NOtown tried to hide this video... Every video you put out i get on my front page. this one. i found myself, when i saw 1 video not watched..

    Sloppy PotatoSloppy PotatoMåned siden
  • Wow what a shame. You've become a disgrace to this nation as this breached section 230. Good job purposely avoiding the news about parler. Trump wasn't that good but he was by far our best choice of all the options. Sure bring biden into presidency and watch undocumented children start coming up in sex trafficking more often. Watch. Biden took payments from the cartel multiple times. Trumps the only to try stopping it. RIP YA FAKE

    Russian ReactsRussian ReactsMåned siden
  • Damn I haven’t seen somebody get dragged through the wrong comment section like this in a while. Poor Philip Defranco sabotaging his own shows success.

    TheOutsidersPostTheOutsidersPostMåned siden
    • @Y0ungki11a206 There’s a lot of us who didn’t even vote for Donald Trump and have always been in the middle and that’s why we gravitated towards his ranting news net work. You should read the comments. I am not the only centralist who finds his claims of being impartial ridiculous. I have no love for the Republican party nor the Democrat party. But you cannot constantly shit on one without questioning the other.

      TheOutsidersPostTheOutsidersPost28 dager siden
    • He'll do just fine without the trumptards.

      Y0ungki11a206Y0ungki11a206Måned siden
  • He doesn’t care he’s always talked about how much he hates censorship. But has been doing nothing but promoting censorship the last five years. He has a team of researchers, Who literally just parrot the talking points from main stream media. And no I am not a conservative or a liberal. I think both parties are absolute garbage and toxic for America.

    TheOutsidersPostTheOutsidersPostMåned siden
    • @Naruto31132 he's literally hitler am I right?

      Richard StrawnRichard StrawnMåned siden
    • @Richard Strawn when people die from the idiocy that Trump shown in this latest thing - no doubt the REAL patriots are mad hard about it. He's not speaking against Republicans. He's speaking against borderline terrorists to this nation.

      Naruto31132Naruto31132Måned siden
    • i haven't watched his vids in a long time and wow, someone got to him

      Richard StrawnRichard StrawnMåned siden
  • Trump didnt incite violence, this is going against america's freedom of speech, this is censorship Phil, and its only going to get worse, you are apart of the cancel mob.

    HixxyDubzHixxyDubzMåned siden
    • @Char Bucket Stupid ass logic. You can say that you hate dogs, I go kill dogs, and then YOU get banned for it for "inciting violence". Pathetic.

      Zhon HoboZhon HoboMåned siden
    • @Char Bucket On the speech where he "incited violence" he says even says “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”

      Ray GetardRay GetardMåned siden
    • @Char Bucket Donald Trump saying he thinks the election was faked isn't inciting violence.

      Ray GetardRay GetardMåned siden
    • Before Trumps speechs next to the Capitol he tweeted "Be there. WILL BE WILD!’" . Well - it got really "wild! Five deaths

      Dietmar WohllebenDietmar WohllebenMåned siden
    • The first Amendment doesn't protect against speech that incites violence, whether explicitly or implied. The First Amendment also doesn't mean you can say whatever you want anywhere you want, it just means that the government can't punish you for what you say so long as it's not used to incite violence etc. Twitter is not the Government, they are a private company with their own set of rules and regulations for what people can and can't say on their platform. Example: if you went into a restaurant and started yelling at the top of your lungs a lot of vulgar language, disturbing customers and disrupting their experience, the owner of that restaurant would be well within their rights to have you removed because you are disrupting their business. And if they don't stop you, their customers will start to think the owners agree with someone saying vulgar things in front of their children just trying to eat their chicken nuggets, and not only will they not come back to do business again, they will tell others not to come. It's the same for Twitter, the only difference is that it's an online space. There is nothing barring Trump from holding a press conference and a rally or hell, even starting his own website to tell people what he wants to say, therefore it's not censorship and it's not in violation of his freedom of speech. And his speech DID incite violence, not just the speech that he gave on that day, but the speech he's been giving for years now. Ted Bundy never actually killed anyone or even directly told his followers to kill anyone, but he was convicted because he mentally and emotionally twisted and manipulated the people in his cult over time to do his bidding without him even having to directly say it. Another example: mob bosses never directly order anyone to be murdered, they always tell their acolytes something vague and non-incriminating to let them know what they want them to do, this is a common issue that many prosecutors face when trying to pin crimes to crime family heads but it doesn't change that they directed it. How explicitly he directed his mob means nothing when just like Ted Bundy, he has lied and lied and lied and encouraged his followers to believe their country is being taken from them by criminals for literally years and stoked their anger and fear. He gaslit them, groomed them for this moment over time and then he gathered them together and pointed them towards the capitol, not to mention he stood by silently while Giuliani used the term 'trial by combat' which is as good as an endorsement for violence as it gets aside from his own wording. And frankly, after THAT? He deserves to be canceled. And worse. I don't like cancel culture either, but if there was ever a wrong moment to get up in arms about it being a problem, it's this one. Trump is a cancer and this country is only going to recover and heal from the damage he's done when he's GONE. Not just from office, but from the media and the internet etc.

      Char BucketChar BucketMåned siden
  • What happened in DC was a mostly peaceful protest. ;) DeFranco is a tool

    loadz03loadz03Måned siden
    • Keep commenting that and eventually people will see it.

      Gary BrownGary BrownMåned siden
  • everyone hates Trump... but free speech trumps Trump

    PoTskiiiPoTskiiiMåned siden
  • Didn’t realize Phil was such a dumb sh*t.

    Isaac OhnstadIsaac OhnstadMåned siden
    • Look up how he handled the Covington situation.

      Gary BrownGary BrownMåned siden

    mani1emani1eMåned siden
  • Tell 'em Phil

    ZeeZeeMåned siden
  • Always knew this dude couldn't think for himself lol

    El CucuyEl CucuyMåned siden
  • This trend of resending notifications for old videos really gets on my nerves. It only gets the hopes up of loyal viewers to disappoint them with an old vid. So should i turn off "all notifications"?

    Jonathan RyalsJonathan RyalsMåned siden
  • Trump is one of those crazy internet guys who makes fun of poor people and flashes their wealth and mansion in your face. Every ad of theirs is some conspiracy theory about society and how they can teach you the secret to becoming rich.

    Andrew HerreraAndrew HerreraMåned siden
  • I accidentally turned up the volume when you said “...IM PRO AMERICA” and I thought you were just very intense about it...not that you weren’t 👀

    Fiona C.Fiona C.Måned siden
  • “You’re pro-trump? I’m pro-America” is such a raw fucking line

    Milo HartMilo HartMåned siden
    • @Naruto31132 war, war never changes. Military isnt under civilian command either

      Jess ZoidelJess ZoidelMåned siden
    • @Jess Zoidel No civil war - it'd be a slaughter for stupid Trump fans since majority of Republicans I know already disavowed him last year. If such a war started, it would end fast.

      Naruto31132Naruto31132Måned siden
    • Trump being pro america is an illusion to gain support.

      Mario QMario QMåned siden
    • "There is no center, the is no middle ground when talking about a wannabe demigog, wannabe autocrat like donald trump, who tried to take over a democracy. You're pro trump? I'm pro america." trump literally did not do this. the flame hangs above the oil

      Jess ZoidelJess ZoidelMåned siden
    • is this a civil war?

      Jess ZoidelJess ZoidelMåned siden
  • oh I didn't even consider that implication about not attending the inauguration. that's messed up

    Matty80822Matty80822Måned siden
  • SOMEONE FINALLY SAID IT! He tried to take over and turn us into a DICTATORSHIP ! I called it when I found out he was elected! I KNEW this would end horrifically! Thank you phil for covering this! I have been massively confused for days- this helps a lot! ✨

    Selena HigginsSelena HigginsMåned siden
    • In what way was a Trump a dictator? Did he sign a bill allowing himself the right to execute citizens? No, that was Obama - who used it to the fullest. Trump is the first President in over 60 years to not involve us in a war. He helped more people than the previous presidents. the worst thing Trump did was talk but when it came to policy, except for maybe one thing, he was easily one of the best. Perhaps you should do some research into the things he did - outside of him spouting nonsense sometimes. His bills were on point and I think that if you looked up the things he did you might agree. Or you could, you know, keep saying shit like this while being ignorant... and that's okay too. It's your right.

      Joshua GravesJoshua GravesMåned siden
  • I'm not the biggest fan of Trump, but even I'm surprised by your bias here. You call him a "dangerous virus" while not mentioning Trump's video calling for peace and for the riotors to go home being taken down by big tech companies. Either you didn't do your research, or you yourself have become a misinformative "virus." But good on you for using your free speech to do so.

    Niki StephensonNiki StephensonMåned siden
    • Look up how he handled Covington. That will tell you more about his history of bias.

      Gary BrownGary BrownMåned siden
  • Not the look

    GatsbyGatsbyMåned siden
  • Define misinformation and conspiracy. If it cannot be applied impartially, it is blatant censorship. And praising it is endorsing Orwellian totalitarianism.

    Stefan VeenstraStefan VeenstraMåned siden
    • Yep

      Gary BrownGary BrownMåned siden
  • Free Speech isn't free if they take it away from you. That's theft. DON'T BE STUPID...STUPID!!!!!

    Twenty PeaceTwenty PeaceMåned siden
    • But nobody takes it away.

      M. RM. RMåned siden
  • Decades of Faux news turned my Dad into a hatemonger. And, that sucks.

    BeQuickBeQuickMåned siden
  • What happened to the days when you said “if you think someone is wrong, give them the mic. Let their ignorance speak for itself”. It’s not anyone’s job to dictate what others should be allowed to say. No matter how much I may disagree with Trump I don’t think anyone should be censored. Twitter is a private company but they are afforded public protections under the law. Can’t pick and choose.

    MorganMorganMåned siden
  • This format is awesome

    Joshua RadosavleviciJoshua RadosavleviciMåned siden
  • You're a hyprocrite, and I hope you will see that someday.

    Nick JohnsonNick JohnsonMåned siden
  • Still, seems a little too late. If I got a 30 day ban for calling a Trump Supporter who was being racist a racist, then Trump should've been banned YEARS ago. Thank god he's finally gone, but it's a little too late unfortunately

    Francesca BennetFrancesca BennetMåned siden
  • Phil I like this look for you

    Kirby HenryKirby HenryMåned siden
  • Well, at least you're consistent with leftist ideology. Free speech is bad, censorship is good. If you don't like what they say, ban/deplatform them. If they move to another site like Parler, take Parler down. With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censured, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, chains us all irrevocably. The first time any man's freedom is trodden on, we're all damaged.

    The One Ton HammerThe One Ton HammerMåned siden
  • Pro America while being anti free speech, okay.

    NorthernChaosGodNorthernChaosGodMåned siden
    • he is anti hate speech. There is a huge difference.

      M. RM. RMåned siden
  • "There is no middle ground" -Phillip Defranco 2021 Aren't you all Americans? You are all human. It doesn't seem right to me. Right now 71% of repubs and 40~% of democrats think a civil war is coming. Not a good statistic. You need to remember why you are United. And no, censoring each other and distancing from each other is not the answer. Its like how payment processors and banks and other services refuse people service based on their political ideology, this will only lead to factional economies. That doesn't sound very united to me.

    AidanAidanMåned siden
  • Thank you.

    Abby_AveAbby_AveMåned siden
  • Who’s this bro with the backwards hat having a midlife crisis? Hey look everybody, *IT’S THE DOUCHE BAG OF THE DAY!* Remember when Philip used to be unbiased? Guess those days are long gone. The ban is legal, but it’s very un-American. As for you Phil... This is really disappointing because I used to admire you

    Goth Pop TVGoth Pop TVMåned siden
  • I get kicked off platforms if i said certain things,maybe a 24hr ban would have sufficed. It just feeds into the conspiracy theorists otherwise.

    RusseRusseMåned siden

    The Notorious N.O.E.The Notorious N.O.E.Måned siden
    • Cringe

      Gary BrownGary BrownMåned siden
    • cringe

      TinyCockilluminatiTinyCockilluminatiMåned siden
  • You think liberals haven't been lying? Biggest reason I can't stand most of you is how the left ignores their bad actors. Seen cities burn for year, seen the media fuel this divide and barely a peep from liberals

    Gene AnthonyGene AnthonyMåned siden