Banned From Youtube! Belle Delphine Outrage, PewDiePie, AOC, Trump Impeached Again, & More News

13. jan.. 2021
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00:00 - HatGate 2020
01:01 - Belle Delphine
03:16 - Valkyrae
04:33 - Pewdiepie
05:46 - NOtown Bans Trump
06:14 - Drivers Say Prop 22 Is Illegal
08:50 - Sponsor
10:02 - India's Farmers Protesting
11:25 - Negative COVID Test Needed To Enter US
11:58 - Huge Mob Trial In Italy
13:09 - Trump Impeached Again
15:31 - Republicans Don't Like New Capitol Security Measures
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Belle Delphine Responds to Controversy:
Valkyrae Edges Out Pokimane as Most Watched Female Streamer:
PewDiePie Heading to Facebook:
NOtown Suspends Trump
FDA Recalls Sportsmix Pet Food Products
Uber and Lyft Drivers Sue To Overturn California’s Prop 22
India puts three contentious farm laws on hold following nationwide protests
U.S. to Require Negative Tests From International Air Passengers
Italy Starts Largest Mob Trial in Decades
House Impeaches Trump:
Security Ramps Up After Capitol Attack:
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg, Maxx Enright
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Brian Espinoza
Production Team: Zack Taylor, Luke Manning
#DeFranco #PewDiePie #Impeachment

  • How do you do, fellow kids?

    Philip DeFrancoPhilip DeFrancoMåned siden
    • I may never sleep again

      Lit FireLit Fire4 dager siden
    • I feel like AOC is very thankful for the police about now, and rightfully so.

      Beren WelterBeren WelterMåned siden
    • Ty for doing what you do. Please stay forever!

      Vi SVi SMåned siden
    • @ZekeStaright hmm he does look like an elder Ash

      EGPMHEGPMHMåned siden
    • I like the Ash Ketchum comparison.

      ZekeStarightZekeStarightMåned siden
  • Bro. That hat looks fine. You're good.

    Sasha CarrollSasha Carroll14 dager siden
  • Belle is so overrated. . . Some people need to just whack off and move on.

    DyslogixDyslogix15 dager siden
  • Bro at last don’t pull your hair thru the hole. It looks like preteen Bieber

    David HumphreyDavid Humphrey23 dager siden
  • How she genetically look? With purple hair?

    Robert BrowneRobert Browne24 dager siden
    • @This Random Person i mean from what i’ve seen i think she looks really young without makeup on but i’m not that familiar with her, i was just explaining her response idk

      Dani JonesDani Jones15 dager siden
    • @Dani Jones Lol that is NOT how she looks at all. If you’ve seen pictures of her without her cosplay makeup she looks like a grown woman

      This Random PersonThis Random Person16 dager siden
    • lmao she means young. people were accusing her of trying to look young/underage to appeal to predators when that’s just how she looks.

      Dani JonesDani Jones24 dager siden
  • This part at 8:43 was the first genuine laugh I've had in a while, thank you

    SnowSnow26 dager siden
  • Phil has become msnbc. Rip.

    Brittany GoosmanBrittany Goosman26 dager siden
  • Forget trigger warning, it directly violates the tos of twitter. That type of content is NOT for that site, period. And I will absolutely shame you for having a r*pe kink, cause that's weird af. It's an abusive, traumatizing violation of another human being, and you make it into sport. Disgusting.

    Lux GammaLux Gamma27 dager siden
  • Phil lose the Hat it makes you look like your 5

    The Thinking Cat aka Neo NormieThe Thinking Cat aka Neo Normie27 dager siden
  • I know I'm late to this, so much happening, if people think that Belle delphine is just one step to far, try look up Kenzie Reeves, just saying 😉

    RagglockRagglock28 dager siden
  • Have you tried a cowboy hat?

    Tim KaercherTim KaercherMåned siden
  • Notice how when NOtown says trump incited violence they don't give an example

    I Love EveryoneI Love EveryoneMåned siden
  • the return of backwards cap Phil

  • What the fuck is with this hat and hair combo? Terrible.

    AJ RAJ RMåned siden
  • I work at petsmart and geez am I glad we don't sell Sportmix pet food.... I would feel awful if I sold someone a bag of food that resulted in the death of their pet

    Alex TheFlowerAlex TheFlowerMåned siden
  • I would be in the camp of ALWAYS PUT A TRIGGER WARNING someone might not follow you, but when other people repost or quote your tweet, they will be exposed to the triggering content with no trigger warnings.

    Alex TheFlowerAlex TheFlowerMåned siden
  • Have you tried turning it round

    brasco18brasco18Måned siden
  • Trump will be on odysee

    Onslaughter 306Onslaughter 306Måned siden
  • Some people say she is dressed like a little girl. Umm that’s her thing. Lol

    Onslaughter 306Onslaughter 306Måned siden
  • That backwards hat makes him look the pitcher of a ragtag baseball team in a 90’s kid sports movie

    Pumpkin EscobarPumpkin EscobarMåned siden
  • Yay Bella Delphine for repping rape fetishists! ❤️🥰

    NomadicClericNomadicClericMåned siden
  • Social media is destroying Society. It's what led to Trump. Never heard of most of these idiots you're talking about and I'm really glad that I haven't.

    Wendy Lynn PierceWendy Lynn PierceMåned siden
  • Why do you look like an adult dressing like a middle schooler now? It's embarrassing.

    Ben SnyderBen SnyderMåned siden
  • this is the first time i'd agree with belle delphine

    Tyler GeeTyler GeeMåned siden
  • Thats some bs. We ALL lose it sometimes but that is unacceptable.

    38tech38techMåned siden

    LastbutNotFirstLastbutNotFirstMåned siden

    Zachary BowenZachary BowenMåned siden
  • I seen the Acronym "AOC" and thought there was gonna be news about that new Ashes of Creation MMO RPG in the works. Sadly, it was referring to something else with the same Acronym.

    Derek MoonDerek MoonMåned siden
    • yah stop using the googs

      LastbutNotFirstLastbutNotFirstMåned siden
  • 9:25 the exact spot I need it for

    Christen McDanielChristen McDanielMåned siden
  • Yeaa pekora top 4 streamer!

    Lightmonarch 1Lightmonarch 1Måned siden
  • Yo I just checked back in after like three months AND WHAT THA FUCK!!!

    Joshua BaileyJoshua BaileyMåned siden
  • I will say this, I am all for the sentiment of making drivers/gig workers employees with benefits, but I just don't see that as a sustainable business model for the ride-share services. The bureaucracy alone for standing up an HR department would be crippling and immense, not to mention the salary demands that this would add along with the increase in compensation/benefits to the drivers. So the result will be one of two things, either it's not profitable period and the services just leave the state outright, OR they do the necessary work to make it happen and the cost of rides/deliveries more than double to the point where nobody is willing to use them anymore and the services are forced to shutter their service in CA. I mean Taxi's have existed here forever, but nobody ever used them because they were expensive as hell and inconvenient. Solution 1) de-couple health insurance from employers, and provide universal health CARE, fuck insurance. Solution 2) Don't allow Uber/Lyft to employ drivers full time. It's called ride SHARING, not Taxi replacement It was never designed to be people's sole source of income, so don't allow it to be...

    Tre916Tre916Måned siden
  • Him rolling the sponsored cooler looked really funny... 😳😳

    Jon CortesJon CortesMåned siden
  • 12:14 wow im Italian and feel suprirsed to be included here (btw Calabria is pronounced Ka-là-bree-a! its the region that makes the tip of the boot)

    Emica CensiEmica CensiMåned siden
  • Porn star posts porn content. I'm offended. Also, these girls have to follow her to see it 😂

    whickmantwhickmantMåned siden
  • The girls hatting Belle are the one who dont get attention and are insecure about themselves. Its all about women empowerment until it doesnt fit your standard. Get over yourself.

    Doomy_DoomyDoomy_DoomyMåned siden
  • bro cruppz snn wr 3 months ago

    WayneTheGamer69WayneTheGamer69Måned siden
  • Bring back TIA. It's my highlight of the day.

    TrwSeamaTrwSeamaMåned siden
  • I'm sorry but Belle is in the wrong, rape is legitimately terrifying, its the stuff of nightmares and her using games as a reference its just lame, we all know games promote violence but you're a real life person roleplaying a real life problem

    Nafisa HeartNafisa HeartMåned siden
    • @yolee91 those movies really aren't glorifying it tho, ppl are supposed to be scared of those movies, she's glorifying it by putting it in a sexual, attracting way

      Nafisa HeartNafisa HeartMåned siden
    • @yolee91 shut up coomer

      Spudd of WarSpudd of WarMåned siden
    • Very hypocritical, I'm not even a fan of Belle but I get her point. So what's your view on Movies/Series which include graphic scenes of Rape/Murder etc? it's an even more real-life-like visualization/representation than her fetish/kink content.

      yolee91yolee91Måned siden
    • silence coomer

      Spudd of WarSpudd of WarMåned siden
  • CNC is my kink, and I look very young. As long as its consensual its fine. A CW would be a good idea though.

    Bethany LoveBethany LoveMåned siden
  • Wow news for the first time in a long time. Did I miss a video where the roiters were scary???? And then cancel culture comes for you...... Called it several years ago. I will miss you. Ps. no more texts?

    notlobrfnotlobrfMåned siden
  • The argument that content does not require a trigger warning because it's the common theme of the creator does not apply once you understand that new people can stumble upon her content for the first time and be triggered. Not everyone that views the content will b e a long-time consumer, people do curiously click on profiles and due to her popularity, her name gets around - so not everyone is going to be aware of what she produces.

    fier huhfier huhMåned siden
    • @fier huh that’s not why people were mad though. Her “looking young” isn’t a good argument either because she purposely tries to look as young as possible. There’s pictures of her wearing CHILDS clothing and cosplaying as a child, it’s not her first time sexualizing children either.

      This Random PersonThis Random Person16 dager siden
    • I don't agree with accusations of c/p though. I am an adult who is often mistaken for being younger than I am, and I enjoy 'cutesy' clothing. I shouldn't be accused of sexualization of minors for just existing as an adult, and neither should Belle Delphine. I think that is reaching.

      fier huhfier huhMåned siden
  • Phil looks like a 50 year old who missed out on his teenagehood and making up for it now.

    ZeeTheFutureZeeTheFutureMåned siden
  • 13:53 Woah! Trigger warning DUDE! You need to warn people before you show gory accident scene pics.

    Jesse PetroneJesse PetroneMåned siden
  • You missed AB-5 which killed gig labor to begin with before 22.

    Corey MolletCorey MolletMåned siden
  • Trump 2020

    dominic liuzzodominic liuzzoMåned siden
  • Your hair goofy but your teeth look real nice 👍 gotchu

    Andrew J. SantucciAndrew J. SantucciMåned siden
  • What is this boomer on about. Facebook has nothing on youtube. Literally if you use internet you use youtube. Only people that wouldnt, are people that wouldnt find pewds content interesting

    Just DomJust DomMåned siden
  • Is it difficult to get your hair cut in California right now? Here in Nebraska, the salons only closed down for a month in March...

    Lisa LundgrenLisa LundgrenMåned siden
  • also i think one thing why pewdiepie is going to fb is because hes already have a old group there with a huge number of member .. and hes more comfortably using that platform and also more successful than his twitter account.

    ovicovicMåned siden
  • I am happy that you are giving news in a fun and friendly format

    Reed MihelichReed MihelichMåned siden
  • The hat, the greasy barnet...... Shave it off. The Hat is holding his hair hostage... I'm triggered! 🙄

    RottweilerRottweilerMåned siden
  • 2:41 I mean that's the white women of South Africa in general. I know several South African women who look underage despite bing almost 30!

    Anton IvanovAnton IvanovMåned siden
  • so your impeaching trump right and he leaves office tomorrow jan the 20th people so what was the point in it all

    robert23456789robert23456789Måned siden
  • I bought a new phone today, I appreciate covid.

    John RankinJohn RankinMåned siden
  • Commenting for algorithm

    Kyle ParentKyle ParentMåned siden
  • You guys do realize that Phill got new veneers and a hair transplant, right? Like, it's not hard to get a haircut anymore in L.A..

    Robert FryeRobert FryeMåned siden
  • Worship me, thank you 😂😂😂

    Zoie TranquillaZoie TranquillaMåned siden
  • What happens if you get cancelled on Twitter, but you don't have a Twitter account?

    HowardHowardMåned siden
  • Where is TIA... Done are the VLOGs, the intros, the hair, the friday shows and now TIA?!

    Tarquinius999Tarquinius999Måned siden
  • Lauren Boebert is a national treasure and a hero.

    Jonathan SuberJonathan SuberMåned siden
  • None has the resposibility of censoring themselves because some unknown person might not like what you put out in the world. Instead of censoring others, why don't you work on yourself eh?

    ZakurnZakurnMåned siden
  • Phil question how can you take AOC seriously she over embellishes everything she says and does.

    Eric HiginbothamEric HiginbothamMåned siden
  • Trigger warnings don't exist in the real world. People who need them online need to go outside and grow up. It's pathetic to expect anything less.

    RhunicRhunicMåned siden
  • Nice Kyle Rittenhouse cosplay.

    kevin dellatorekevin dellatoreMåned siden
  • Pandering Phil. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Uncensored AmericanUncensored AmericanMåned siden
  • The photos she posted were pretty graphic, even though they were censored minimally. In my opinion, she had to know it was going to cause controversy. How could she not? It looked like a porn thumbnail post. I'm guessing she's going the "any press is good press" route, but not sure what she was expecting as a result.

    RiOT76ADRiOT76ADMåned siden
  • It’s not the fact that belle delphine being a seggs worker, her other pictures are fine but a lot of people have had that stuff happen and it was consensual. She should of still added a TW. There was nothing showing what it was, if that’s what gets you off then you do you. That’s just a really traumatizing event for people that it was forced on... she doesn’t understand that it’s not what she does, it’s the lack of warning...

    danea garciadanea garciaMåned siden
    • I think that’s exactly right people that are saying she is glorifying terrible things don’t get that it’s not that it’s part of lots of bdsm dynamics. I think the issue I have is she didn’t warn people on Twitter she just posted bdsm content that can hurt people. The people complaining about her onlyfans I don’t get tho it’s a paid thing that people paying for want to see and I don’t see a problem with it. I think part of the backlash from onlyfans is just the general issues people have with sex work and with bdsm content because it’s not “normal” to them. Having a CNC kink or being part of a ddlg dynamic has nothing to do with actually wanting those events to really happen and encouraging them and many trauma victims even use it as an outlet. The biggest problem I’m seeing is she just didn’t warn people about it on Twitter which is a public platform but her onlyfans content shouldn’t be an issue.

      hallie harveyhallie harveyMåned siden
  • Seeing Phil in a backwards cap is giving me mid 2000s NOtown flashbacks.

    Vince OmegaVince OmegaMåned siden
  • AOC is lying as usual

    Raffi GRaffi GMåned siden
  • Trump and his supporters did nothing wrong You'd know this if you were a real American

    Raffi GRaffi GMåned siden
  • why does phil look like my high school bully lmao

    TwisterTwisterMåned siden
  • Nobody should require trigger warnings. If you choose to get offended that’s on you. You shouldn’t expect anyone to care about you being offended. Stop being so fragile. World full of delicate flowers that expect everyone else to change for them. Get real...

    RNGesusRaidsRNGesusRaidsMåned siden
  • 6,666 Comments. There are now 6,667

    CozykageCozykageMåned siden
  • Y'all ain't ready for 2027.

    AstralTempestAstralTempestMåned siden
  • Obviously, we can't make them change their thoughts -- but I would be totally down for strict Germany-esque, Harry Potter "He who shall not be named" rules about white supremacy where if you're at all found guilty of being a white supremacist, then there are tangible, legally sanctioned repercussions to your reputation and so forth.

    ThaumusThaumusMåned siden
  • I can understand both sides of the argument with Belle Delphine. Yeah there are pretty raunchy content in NOtown as she said WAP. However I look at her posts and be like "😬😬😬😬 although I agree with her this kinda thing does justify there choice to ban. Splits me down the middle"

  • Damn dude that first one got me in a spin I was like "Well, I get where you're coming fro-- ah okay so THEY make a good poi -- oh right okay then in that case -- oh I see ye -- hm good point -- ah excellent counter argument" If you ask me, there should be some sort of warning for NEW things -- I would imagine, if she has posted content like that IN THE PAST, this exact situation would have happened IN THE PAST -- so if she's bringing on a new fantasy then perhaps a warning is in order, just to make sure the specific viewer is cool with it. You have to accept or block certain trigger warnings when newly subscribing, the warnings are all listed out then and there -- and new warnings are asked once on the first viewed post then automatically categorized from there.

    ThaumusThaumusMåned siden
  • Thanks for saving some of our furry friends!

    Jeanne MorrisJeanne MorrisMåned siden

    CJ BrowneCJ BrowneMåned siden
  • Oh, he just couldn't get a haircut, I thought he was balding.

    Clickbait CancerClickbait CancerMåned siden
    • He does ads for balding treatment, if he covered up he would be false advertising.

      Kevlar Vrus 57Kevlar Vrus 57Måned siden
  • Was on my recommended and I sub to u so ur good philly d

    Tank PositiveTank PositiveMåned siden
  • Belle - don’t like her stuff- don’t follow her. That’s all I got.

    Samantha ChristySamantha ChristyMåned siden
    • You want the link?

      UnmericaUnmericaMåned siden
  • 16:16 "speaker is NOT in location" phil: totally tweeting where she is. What is wrong with you Phil? you disproved what you said the moment you said it.

    X7373ZX7373ZMåned siden
    • 1. By knowing where someone is not you can deduce where someone is 2. By saying from where someone was the options where someone can be right now are even more reduced

      Pia WeißPia Weiß20 dager siden
  • Uhm, you think Trump is Evil, but believe everything Biden and AOC says? You've lost it dude. They are all liers.

    Leo ØdegaardLeo ØdegaardMåned siden
    • He lost it awhile ago dude. I used to watch him every day years ago but for some reason this popped up on my recommended.... Thought I'd give him a chance.... He didn't even provide a single example of what in Trump's video suggested "inciting violence" (even though he usually throws AT LEAST one jump cut snippet of *this person said "X"*). It's almost as if he didn't do anything like that! But once he (and his millions and millions of fans are, for all intents and purposes silenced, across ALL major platforms), there is no longer a way for anyone to make a counter defense to their outright hateful and blatantly untrue delusions of ORANGE MAN BAD. It's disgusting. Imagine being on trial for "x", but the only side that gets to speak is the prosecution and then you are thrown into prison for life JUST LIKE THAT. Trump said it best: "They aren't after me....They are after YOU! I'm just in the way. God bless that man. 99.9% of people wouldn't have the courage or heart to do what he's done for us, or to endure the vile hatred and soul crushing, non-stop torrent of vile rhetoric that is spewed in his general direction EVERY SINGLE DAY. He's an inspiration, truly! *American Flag Emoji* *Black Hand doing Peace Sign Emoji*

      SINNIKSINNIKMåned siden
  • "My name is Philip De Franco, you've just been filled in, I love your faces and I'll see you tomorrow..." phew... that's better 😅

    MissNancyLondonMissNancyLondonMåned siden
  • Can someone explain to me what is the purpose of impeachment if Trump hasn't been re-elected? I don't get it.

    Yes, but actually noYes, but actually noMåned siden
    • @hallie harvey thanks 💜

      Yes, but actually noYes, but actually noMåned siden
    • They can bar him from running for office again.

      hallie harveyhallie harveyMåned siden
  • i realized ur lost

    Muffled outcastMuffled outcastMåned siden
  • I honestly don’t understand why people care about this delphine chick.

    DoopDragonDoopDragonMåned siden
    • People gotta get triggered over something

      kevin dellatorekevin dellatoreMåned siden
    • well i will say she does look very cute, but i do not like the person she is in general, she looks good sure, but acts in a way i would never be interested in seeing on a daily basis hehe :D

      psyko_nik93psyko_nik93Måned siden
  • Indian Govt. has said multiple times that minimum support price will stay. And you being an international news reporter lying on NOtown help in increasing their misconception . The Wire,NDTV,,TheQuint,etc Are AntiModi Organization And Will Oppose Every Thing That His Govt. Does. If You Want Neutral Report Please Read The Economic Times And The Print.

    Vardaan SharmaVardaan SharmaMåned siden
  • Indian Farmers Couldn't Sell To Any Other State Other Then Where They Are From. And It Allows Them To Do Contract Farming Also.

    Vardaan SharmaVardaan SharmaMåned siden
  • Boebert 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    Elizabeth MoffatElizabeth MoffatMåned siden
  • I mean to be fair if you're not making enough money at your current job find a new one. All that really seems like a you problem.

    Mr JMr JMåned siden
  • Marquees just gave you a shoutout haha it was awesome

    CasualShutterCasualShutterMåned siden
  • I see the republicans point on the metal detectors. They would not have stopped the mob originally and they slow things down drastically.

    SwindlerSwindlerMåned siden
  • I have no problem with Belle being into any kink she likes. The problem is a lack of a trigger warning. NOWHERE on her page does she list herself or her content as NSFW or 18+. Also, she hasn't "always" posted content like this. She's teased and done more softcore stuff, but never hardcore bdsm or related kinks. So her saying she's always done this is a lie. She didn't release her first porno until christmas which she made a big deal about it being the first. It's easy to stumble upon her content even if you're not looking for it. You can see it if other people like or retweet it, it will show up in your feed. Especially because she was trending. She needs to add a trigger warning. She needs to add 18+ to her bio info. And it would be even better if she made the photos blurred so you can only see them if you CHOOSE to click on them.

    NuggetDollNuggetDollMåned siden
    • This is exactly what I think people accusing her of promoting horrible things is ridiculous but she definitely should have warned people. Twitter is public and anyone can accidentally stumble across her content even having never looked for her stuff.

      hallie harveyhallie harveyMåned siden
  • That dopy mitch picture pulled my soul from my body

    Lusia BalzanoLusia BalzanoMåned siden
  • With how crazy 2020 was, I think Phil should start including a few fake stories a week to keep our bullshit muscles trained. "This week, three members of intergang were arrested, transporting unusual weapons from an unknown supplier...."

    M HayneM HayneMåned siden
  • mario is sad because trump has been in peach twice

    IJustAmIJustAmMåned siden
  • On the note of Belle, get over it. You’re only being snowflakes about it cause she is a topic of present relevance. If you gonna go all pitchfork and torch on her footage then scour the whole internet for EVERYONE that’s doing it and cal them out too. Otherwise you look like a petty fuck crying over some pink hair girl cause you think ya man is drooling over her and you’re insecure.

    Uncle KaboomUncle KaboomMåned siden